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    Change Management Assignment Help

    Change management is best described as an organized approach for shifting or moving teams, individuals and even organizations from the present condition to a desired futuristic condition. It is defined as an organizational activity that is aimed at empowering employees to incorporate and accept modifications within their current business environment. In the field of project management, the term change management points to a project management procedure where modifications to a project are introduced and approved at a formal level. Technological changes or strategic changes related to change management are, therefore, important discussions when students seek management assignment help.

    Change Management Assignment

    Reasons for growing importance of change management

    Here are some possible reasons — elaborated in detail — due to which the concept of change management is becoming popular with time.


    •    Technological Innovation: Nowadays, technology is being innovated constantly which is leading to an evolving business environment. Factors like mobile adaptability as well as online social media have brought a revolution within business processes. This has resulted in an ever increasing need for change, leading to change management. Positive growth in technology even has a secondary effect, i.e. to increase the availability and therefore the accountability of knowledge. Easily available information has lead to an unmatched scrutiny from the media and stockholders. This has started putting pressure on managements also.

    •    Organizational Change: Since business environments are changing rapidly across the globe, organizations should also lea
    to become comfortable with changes. The capability to manage and even adapt to organizational change is needed within the workplace today. Yet, quick and huge organizational change is immensely tough since the structure, culture and even the routines of the organizations display a relentless and tough-to-eliminate “imprint” of old records that are opposed to radical change in spite of the present environment related to the organization changing quickly.

    •    Competitive Advantage: Since technology is growing at a fast pace, mode
    ized organizational change is mostly influenced by exterior innovations instead of inte
    al movements. When such developments take place, the organizations that adapt instantly create a competitive advantage for themselves. On the other hand, the firms that refuse to change are left behind in the race. This scenario can lead to a drastic profit or losses within the market share.

    •    Company Structure Improvement: Change with an organization affects all the departments in a direct manner, right from the entry level employee to the senior management. The whole company, therefore, needs to lea
    the skill of handling changes within the organization.

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    Factors leading to change management

    The following factors can lead to a successful change management:

    •    Effective Communication: This is a tool that informs numerous stakeholders of the reasons leading to change (why), the advantages of successful implementation (what are they for the firm and you) and even the details regarding the change (when, where and who is involved and what will be the cost).

    •    Specify Objectives: Proper objectives should be specified like defining of measurable stakeholder-related claims, creating and continuous update of a business case for achievement and monitoring of assumptions, dependencies, costs, ROI and cultural issues that can affect the associated work’s progress.

    •    Effective Upgrading Scheme: It is important to work on effective training, education and skills upgrading schemes regarding the organization.

    •    Countering Resistance: It is important to face and counter possible resistance from the firm’s employees. They should also be aligned towards the overall     strategic direction of the company.

    •    Personal Counseling: If it is required then counseling on a personal level should be conducted for eliminating any fears related to change.

    •    Implementation Monitoring: Lastly, it is important to focus on the monitoring of the implementation along with fine-tuning.

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    Choice of changes to be implemented

    Here are the four major factors that should be kept in mind before deciding what latest innovation or technique should be adopted:

    1. Goals, strategies and the levels
    2. The system of measurement
    3. Sequence of the steps
    4. Organizational and even implementation change

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    Steps for change management

    A number of organizational changes can take place but the critical factor is a firm’s ability to convince the employees of the organization regarding the change. Here are the four steps to manage organizational change in an effective manner:

    •    Step 1: First it is important to recognize the changes within the broader business environment.
    •    Step 2: The necessary adjustments need to be developed for the firm’s needs.
    •    Step 3: It is important to train the employees regarding the appropriate changes.
    •    Step 4: Finally, it is crucial to win the support of the employees by persuading them to accept the appropriate adjustments.

    Organizational change management

    Organizational change management is a multi-disciplinary practice that has evolved as an outcome of scholarly research. This management activity should begin with a systemic diagnosis regarding the present situation for determining both the capability as well as the need towards change. A change management plan should be then made up of parts properly specified. They can be the content, objectives and even the process of the change.

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    Examples of organizational changes

    Here are some changes that are brought within an organization through the change management process:

    •    Missionary changes
    •    Strategic changes
    •    Operational changes that include structural changes
    •    Technological changes
    •    Changes within the behaviors and attitudes of personnel
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    Expected outcomes of change management process

    Here are some outcomes that change management process should bring about in the world:

    •    Change management process should include creative marketing for enabling communication among changing audiences.
    •    Change management process should enable communication to help understand deeply the leadership styles along with group dynamics.
    •    Organizational change management must align expectations of numerous groups. Then it must communicate and attempt to integrate teams. It should even try to manage the training of people for displaying that a track is being kept on transformation projects.
    •    Change management must utilize performance metrics like financial outcomes, operational efficiency, effectiveness of communication, commitment of leadership and the recognized need for change to design suitable strategies. This must be done to avoid failures, resulting from change or to resolve troubled projects due to change.

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