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Created Documents

Document Title Created Date
FOOD602 Food Microbiology01-10-2020
BMGT5015 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship01-10-2020
ENVI211 environment and society01-10-2020
BHS004-1 Human Anatomy and Physiology01-10-2020
ENBU820 – Law for Construction Management01-10-2020
BX3181 Social Surveys and Questionnaire Design01-10-2020
MG413 Data Insights01-10-2020
BN710712 Chronic Condition and person centred01-10-2020
ENGT5219 Engineering Business Environment01-10-2020
COML302/ Employment law01-10-2020
Fin202 accounting and finance01-10-2020
38288 WAN and Global Networks01-10-2020
AMGP700 Industry project01-10-2020
TC50300E Instrumentation and Measurement01-10-2020
TEACH310 Evidence based practice in mathematics 01-10-2020
LD0473 Developing Global Management Competencies II01-10-2020
PMP 2 Healthcare Humanities 01-10-2020
ENTE1203 Academic Development and Professional Practice01-10-2020
KC7023 Research Methods and Professional Practice01-10-2020
INFS803 Cloud Computing 01-10-2020
KB7040 Sustainable Development for Engineering Practitioners01-10-2020
BUS503 Principles of Commercial Law01-10-2020
MOD003340 Developing Human Resources01-10-2020
TOUR710: Tourism hospitality01-10-2020
HLTH464 Data Analysis Research Report01-10-2020
NUR015-1 Adult Nursing Assignment01-10-2020
BSNS6352 Logistics and Supply chain management01-10-2020
COML310 Business contract01-10-2020
BUS3001 Social Responsibility of Business01-10-2020
BMGT5016 Amended Assessment Brief Ethics in Business01-10-2020
FY026 Preparing For Success Knowledge And Creativity01-10-2020
ENBU814 Project Management01-10-2020
Laws541 Law of New Zealand Business01-10-2020
BSYS855 procurement management 01-10-2020
ACCT868 Finance01-10-2020
CNL 500 Classical Theory Comparison01-10-2020
INTB603 Dynamic Environments01-10-2020
NR 643 Nursing Assignment01-10-2020
BUSS505 Consumer and Organizational Behavor 01-10-2020
BUS531 Change manegment01-10-2020
CRJ 461 : Domestic Violence01-10-2020
Acty6350 Law of Business Entities01-10-2020
CX664801A Marketing planning and control01-10-2020
BUS 8X00 Ethical Issues in Management Research01-10-2020
NURS 495A Community Practice Experience01-10-2020
MGT821 Business Communication01-10-2020
ECO570 Managerial Economics01-10-2020
ISY10212 Contemporary Issues and Information Technology01-10-2020
COP 3502C Programming Assignment01-10-2020
BSL305-Company Law 01-10-2020
ACCG3025 Cybersecurity and Privacy01-10-2020
HI6006 Competitive Strategy01-10-2020
LAWS20059-Corporations and Business Structures01-10-2020
NUR2200 Mental Health Across the Lifespan Mental State01-10-2020
HI6028-Taxation Theory, Practice and Law01-10-2020
PHE5PDE Program Development and Valuation01-10-2020
ENER20002 Mining Engineering Systems and Legislation01-10-2020
SYAD 310-Systems Analysis and Design01-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems01-10-2020
MBA631 Digital Marketing and Communication01-10-2020
MGT101 Principles of Management01-10-2020
NUR2203 Acute Care Across the Lifespan A01-10-2020
MNG72005 International Business01-10-2020
BUSM1100-Organisational Analysis 01-10-2020
ACC1AIS Accounting And Information Systems01-10-2020
BUSS604 business sustainability02-10-2020
CMPT 214 Computer science 02-10-2020
PSYC 2014 history of pyschaitry02-10-2020
Geog 206 Geography02-10-2020
HUCL1601 unit coordinating skills 02-10-2020
EDU890 Introducation to Educational Research02-10-2020
MGT 263 human resource development02-10-2020
BADM 107 Business Law02-10-2020
FNCE2120 financial management 02-10-2020
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications02-10-2020
BUSM4497 Global Human Resource Management02-10-2020
Easia 110r East Asia02-10-2020
HRES2201 introduction to human resource02-10-2020
ADMN233 Administration02-10-2020
Soci 101 sociology and social science02-10-2020
ECOMM171 Accounting02-10-2020
ENGLN 100 University Writing Strategies 02-10-2020
NURBN2015 Context of Practice 4: Acute Nursing02-10-2020
ACCTING2501 Financial Accounting02-10-2020
CSCI427 Service-Oriented Software Engineering03-10-2020
CSC 2511 Data Structure and Algorithm 03-10-2020
CN601007 Residential tendering 03-10-2020
CTEC104 Communication and Technology03-10-2020
HC1082 Marketing03-10-2020
Engl1090 Critical Reading03-10-2020
SCI 219 Environmental Issues03-10-2020
IDS 402 Natural and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences03-10-2020
INFM675: Research Methods in Health Informatics Section03-10-2020
COMM 4323: Case Studies in Public Relations03-10-2020
HLTH415 Leadership in Healthcare Organizations03-10-2020
7COM1035 Modular Masters Programme in Computer Science 03-10-2020
PHC 6000 Epidemiology for Public Health Professionals03-10-2020
MAR021-2 Marketing Communications in the Digital Age03-10-2020
CEG3401 Design of Transport Infrastructure03-10-2020
SHR007-1 Business Focus Report and Reflection03-10-2020
ENG790S2 Energy Systems03-10-2020
5COM1059 Computer Science03-10-2020
BM461 Global Business Environment03-10-2020
ICT380-Information Security Policy and Governance03-10-2020
IMAT5314 Application to Gain Ethical Approval03-10-2020
BM414 Financial Decision Making03-10-2020
MG411 Introduction to People Management03-10-2020
MN3056K-Consumer Behaviour03-10-2020
7AAD0064 Manufacturing Strategy03-10-2020
MAN7035 Course Specification03-10-2020
CFPBUS006-Integrated Professional Skills in the Digital Age03-10-2020
ACC5MCR-Management Accounting 03-10-2020
HA2042-Accounting Information Systems 03-10-2020
PSY250-Psychology Of Personality03-10-2020
MBS614-Taxation Principles03-10-2020
HIST 122 History04-10-2020
Geo210 Geography of Hazards04-10-2020
Phil1100 Introduction to Philosophy04-10-2020
COMM 1100 foundation of Communication Studies04-10-2020
POL 102 Political Science04-10-2020
Bus 340 cross culture 04-10-2020
HRP7215 Human Resource Management04-10-2020
Ldsc 207 managing change 04-10-2020
AP/HUMA 1320 Ideas of America04-10-2020
Tour2101 Tourism Industry04-10-2020
REPD 473 Development of Origin of Health and Disease 04-10-2020
LAWS 1001 Business Law04-10-2020
HUMA 137 Art Matters04-10-2020
COMM1101 Communication04-10-2020
Pcs21x Wave Optics04-10-2020
SOST 203 - Introduction to Social Research Methods04-10-2020
BUSI 1210 essentials of management04-10-2020
COMM1101 interpesonal relationships and communication skills04-10-2020
Geog 206 Geography04-10-2020
ITM410 Business Process Design04-10-2020
NURS415 Leadership Practice Paper04-10-2020
BUAD-279 industrial relations04-10-2020
ENGL 1013- Fiction analysis 04-10-2020
cmaf 1010 Fundamentals of Sound Technology04-10-2020
MKT1012 Customer Service and Satisfaction04-10-2020
4SMG1 Strategic Management05-10-2020
QGM5063 Organizational Psychology 05-10-2020
ELL301/05 Electrical and electriconic intrumentation05-10-2020
M616 Research and academic writing 05-10-2020
MGT 301 principles of marketing05-10-2020
SE210 Written Discourse05-10-2020
MM403 Strategic Planning and Management05-10-2020
MGB868 Marketing and Global Business05-10-2020
1000EXQ - Design Studies (Civil Engineering) 05-10-2020
AMU 1011 Introduction to world politics and history 05-10-2020
B2026 leadership and control05-10-2020
M019CL Retail and Services Marketing05-10-2020
NBBS1304 teaching in nursing 05-10-2020
INTM065LON Digital Marketing 05-10-2020
HRM7201E Strategy Human Resource Management05-10-2020
Onm4201 Supply chain management05-10-2020
Mgt4216 strategic management05-10-2020
BM561 Business Consulting05-10-2020
GEOG30015 Environmental Risks05-10-2020
CE00373-5-CSLT Computer Systems Low-Level Techniques 05-10-2020
ECO3007-N International Finance05-10-2020
COMP712 Database Systems05-10-2020
STA2207 Marketing Data Analysis05-10-2020
ENGT5114 Sustainable Energy05-10-2020
CMI3416 Effective Research and Professional Practice05-10-2020
BBA 4010 Entrepreneurship05-10-2020
MM320 Organisational Development and Change05-10-2020
PSCI100 Introduction to Political Science05-10-2020
BAO3309-Advanced Financial Accounting05-10-2020
REE6045 Real Estate Markets Analysis05-10-2020
NR293 Medication Teaching Plan Assignment05-10-2020
PSY 505 Intermediate Research Methods05-10-2020
HC1052 Introduction of Organisational Behaviour05-10-2020
PAD331 Public Administration Ethics and Theory05-10-2020
HA3042 Taxation Law Assessment05-10-2020
POS-2041 American Federal Government05-10-2020
MGT702 Understanding and Managing Organisational Behaviour05-10-2020
MKT303 International Marketing05-10-2020
ACCT20075 Auditing and Ethics 05-10-2020
BUSN 5025 Supply Chain Management05-10-2020
CCS101 Communicating For Cultural Safety05-10-2020
BUS3DIG Digital Business05-10-2020
BUS205-Company and Tort Law05-10-2020
COSC2536 Security in Computing and Information Technology05-10-2020
MIS603-Microservices Architecture 05-10-2020
MN3206K–Emerging Markets05-10-2020
CORP3501 Global Strategic Management05-10-2020
MGT5MPT Management Practice and Theory05-10-2020
HC3152-E-Business Applications 05-10-2020
HCR4001 Social Political Environmental Issues in International Healthcare05-10-2020
ENG473 Communication Systems05-10-2020
CMP4272 Data Structures and Algorithms 05-10-2020
NUR2102 Chronic Care Across the Lifespan B05-10-2020
LC533 Research Methods 05-10-2020
KB7046 Technology Entrepreneurship and Product Development 05-10-2020
HA3032 Auditing Assessment05-10-2020
ENGM90006 Engineering Contracts and Procurement05-10-2020
BMO5574 Supply Chain and Logistics Management05-10-2020
LC564 Citizenship Community and Welfare05-10-2020
ACF2200 Introduction to Management Accounting05-10-2020
ST4S15 Strategic Analysis and Planning05-10-2020
JUST1000 health and wellness05-10-2020
PSOL 10015 Critical Perspective and Society05-10-2020
COMP SCI3004 Operating Systems05-10-2020
Ucbs 7003 finance and accounting05-10-2020
ABPD3103 Psychology of adult and old age05-10-2020
ITC205 Professional Programming Practice05-10-2020
ABPS3103 Psychology of Entrepreneurial and Productivity05-10-2020
BUS308 credit and lending decisions05-10-2020
MGNT341 International & Comparative HR05-10-2020
EQL671 qualitative research method in education 05-10-2020
BMO2004 Business Ethics05-10-2020
MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology05-10-2020
ACW 2391 Introduction to Management05-10-2020
Mkt4229 Marketing consumer behaviour05-10-2020
BCO6007 Business Analytics05-10-2020
MGT4236 leadership in organisation05-10-2020
MPU3412 community service05-10-2020
EBTT3103 Innovation and technology management05-10-2020
SBFS1103 thinking skills and problem solving05-10-2020
MPU3313_V2 Health and Wellness 2 05-10-2020
EBMM2103 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes05-10-2020
JUST2254 Foundations of Policing05-10-2020
10197 Health Across the Lifespan: Mental Health05-10-2020
MNG00272 Business Events Management05-10-2020
LAW61104 malaysian legal system05-10-2020
BSBLDR511 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence05-10-2020
7002GIR busines and government 05-10-2020
7003MKT marketing foundations05-10-2020
TAXA2000 Australia Taxation Law05-10-2020
BMO 2203 Supply chain management05-10-2020
TOU2044 Tourism Planning and Development05-10-2020
CBFS4203 Accounting Information System05-10-2020
LAW61204 tort law06-10-2020
AMU1326 - Transformation from above: Globalisation and the stat06-10-2020
GMGA5053 Politics and Administration06-10-2020
TSE307/05 Computational Logic06-10-2020
BEO3000 Risk Management Model06-10-2020
AMU1309 Introduction to sexuality studies06-10-2020
HBEC3202 Child Psychology06-10-2020
TSE302/05 Software Requirement and Specification 06-10-2020
EDH70304 Principles and Practice of Assessment in Social Studies06-10-2020
MM320 Organisational Development and Change06-10-2020
BRD209 creativity and innovation06-10-2020
MGMT8622 managing change06-10-2020
SOCIOL334 contemporary society06-10-2020
158225 Systems Analysis and Modelling06-10-2020
CAP712 Nursing06-10-2020
MGMT211 Management Foundations06-10-2020
115.111 Communication06-10-2020
N5211 Diagnostic Principles in Psychiatry06-10-2020
NRS 493 Capstone Assignment06-10-2020
115.116 introduction to marketing 06-10-2020
HLSC 510 Homeland Security Organization and Administration06-10-2020
ACCT321 Implementation of Activity Based Costing06-10-2020
ECON1274 Business Statistics Project06-10-2020
BUS 112 Introduction to Business06-10-2020
SPD 300 Special Education06-10-2020
ACCT2213 Accounting in Organizations and Society06-10-2020
7BSP0355 International Business Strategy06-10-2020
ISEN 6906 Supply Chain Engineering06-10-2020
QAB020N502S Logistics and Supply Chain Management06-10-2020
MG411 Introduction to People Management06-10-2020
MKT6045 One Planet Business06-10-2020
CHCCCS019 Recognise and Respond to Crisis Situations06-10-2020
181CLS Contract Law06-10-2020
7BSP1245 Finance for International Business 06-10-2020
6IM511: The Business Consultancy Project06-10-2020
6HR510 Developing Leadership and Management06-10-2020
6GN502 International Entrepreneurship 06-10-2020
EDN612 Diversity and Inclusion06-10-2020
BCPM0061: Introduction to Law06-10-2020
7BSP1245 Finance For International Busines06-10-2020
ECO3CCE Climate Change Economics and Policy06-10-2020
NRSG266-Principles of Nursing Contexts of Ageing06-10-2020
BM627 Managing Innovation in Business06-10-2020
TLAW 607 Business Law06-10-2020
HA2022-Business Law06-10-2020
BUACC5936 Financial Management06-10-2020
HA3011-Advanced Financial Accounting06-10-2020
PUBH102-Foundations of Health Promotion06-10-2020
MGMT2000-Introduction to International Business06-10-2020
BUSM 1100-Organisational Analysis06-10-2020
HBEC 4203 Early Childhood Education06-10-2020
SCCI 3910 Advanced Data Analysis06-10-2020
MRKT 1199 Marketing consumer behaviour06-10-2020
CNUR860 Simulated Research Study Abstract06-10-2020
Cst8333 Computer Programming06-10-2020
Nurse 1520 nursing06-10-2020
BMKT161 Marketing06-10-2020
ELEC4150 Electronic Design Proficiency06-10-2020
EN1230 Literature in Global Perspectives06-10-2020
BSBWOR203 Work Effectively With Others06-10-2020
Bus357 Compensation and Benefit 06-10-2020
EDEL 6143: Change and Transformation (20F) Section A 06-10-2020
NR293 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice06-10-2020
KIN 105 Kinesiology06-10-2020
MGMT 4405 Talent Management06-10-2020
Pcs22x wave optics lab06-10-2020
MARK6110 Advanced Marketing Strategy06-10-2020
MGT602 Business Decision Analytics06-10-2020
MBAB5P76 Business Administration06-10-2020
DSCI 200 Foundations of Data Science06-10-2020
QDM5034 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Approaches in Organizational Leadership 06-10-2020
MIS652 Earned Value Analysis and Quality Management06-10-2020
HA2022 Business Law06-10-2020
FIN4274 Advanced financial decision06-10-2020
MKW2402 Consumer Behaviour 06-10-2020
EDP70102 Professional Practice 106-10-2020
BCO5651 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Implementation06-10-2020
COR1701 Critical Thinking in the Real World06-10-2020
ICT292 information systems management06-10-2020
ICT167 Principles of Computer Science06-10-2020
BISM1201 Transforming Business with Information Systems07-10-2020
TOU324 Tourism and Event Project07-10-2020
MKT353 Retail Management07-10-2020
Busm4697 Cross cultural management07-10-2020
MGT5PSC Foundation of Logistics and Supply Chain Management07-10-2020
MN3206K Emerging market 07-10-2020
MN3406K Emerging Market07-10-2020
BSOM046 statistical process control 07-10-2020
PRO285 Public Relations in society 07-10-2020
BE111 Management Accounting07-10-2020
BE313 – Portfolio Analysis 07-10-2020
BUSM1100 Organisational Analysis07-10-2020
BUS107 Business Project Management07-10-2020
BUSM 4555 Contemporary issues for management07-10-2020
CM3031 Organic Reaction Mechanisms and Synthesis07-10-2020
BUS100 Business Skills and Management07-10-2020
SCO201 Space, Place, People and the City 07-10-2020
TAXA2000 introduction to Australian taxation law 07-10-2020
Acc3005 Taxation07-10-2020
FBM12030 Food and beverage control 07-10-2020
BUS210 Marketing Research and Analysis 07-10-2020
Mgmt2060 Financial Markets07-10-2020
ACCT1015 Accounting behaviour07-10-2020
HPRM604 health promotion 07-10-2020
158.235 Networks, Security, and Privacy 07-10-2020
CI7200 Ebusiness Strategy and Implementation07-10-2020
LD0472 Developing Global Management Competencies 07-10-2020
MOD005912 Lifecycle Development07-10-2020
QAB020N517S Digital Marketing07-10-2020
7ENT1066 Engine in-cylinder pressure07-10-2020
7COM1029 Advanced Networking Concepts07-10-2020
234SAM Principles of Project Management 07-10-2020
ASB4115 Management Research07-10-2020
CUC100 Academic Literacies and Sustainability07-10-2020
U30076 Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise07-10-2020
QAC020N253A Network Design and Troubleshooting07-10-2020
MGT8033 Leading Organisational Change 07-10-2020
7BSP1271 Marketing Across Cultures07-10-2020
ACC30010 Impact of Coronavirus on Financial Report Audits07-10-2020
HI6006 Introduction of Competitive Strategy07-10-2020
TAXA2000-Introducation to Australian Tax Laws07-10-2020
BISY2005 Introduction of Enterprise Systems07-10-2020
NURS11162-Inclusive Practice for Nursing07-10-2020
HI5003-Economics for Business07-10-2020
ECON1020 Principles of Economics07-10-2020
BIOL121-Human Biological Science07-10-2020
N3RS3 Nursing Concept in Helath and illness 07-10-2020
comm 162 Communication skills07-10-2020
SY125 Introduction to Sociology07-10-2020
ADMN2250 Admimistrative procedures07-10-2020
Tour2101 introduction to global tourism 07-10-2020
BUSN11079 Analytical Thinking and Decision Making07-10-2020
MAN212 Organisational Behaviour07-10-2020
Bus 1010 intro to business studies07-10-2020
MGT1013 Office Management Skills07-10-2020
BHM302 Revenue Management07-10-2020
MM320 Organisational Development07-10-2020
MKG102 Consumer Behaviour07-10-2020
UJUTK-30-3 Equity & Trust Law07-10-2020
HC1072 Economics and International Trade07-10-2020
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing Contexts of Ageing07-10-2020
MOD00983 MBA -Strategic Financial Analysis07-10-2020
MMK002 The Essence Of Leadership- Draft Assignment07-10-2020
ACC60104 Accounting07-10-2020
304SE Power System07-10-2020
6MK509 Marketing across Cultures07-10-2020
NBNS3804 Nursing Theories and Models07-10-2020
ECN61404 Economics for Organisation 07-10-2020
ACC30008 Accounting Theory07-10-2020
ECN61304 Macroeconomics 07-10-2020
FIN62004 Derivatives07-10-2020
CBOP3203 Object Oriented Programming with Java07-10-2020
ACCT3005 Auditing Theory and Practice07-10-2020
SBFS1103 thinking skills and problem solving08-10-2020
COS10004 Computer Systems08-10-2020
MK3054 Marketing Communication and Advertising Practices08-10-2020
BHM305 Emerging Trends in Hospitality08-10-2020
FIN2014 Financial Management08-10-2020
BTW1042 Business Law08-10-2020
MGMT3011 managing operation08-10-2020
FIN30016 Management of Investment Portfolios08-10-2020
ESEB2063 Pedalogy in Education08-10-2020
INTM009CL Banking Regulation and Risk 08-10-2020
NURS 6053N Personal Leadership Philosophies08-10-2020
CPT497 Software Design and Analysis08-10-2020
CO4820 Critical Analysis08-10-2020
MOD003463 Undergraduate Major Project08-10-2020
ACCT862 Taxation 08-10-2020
MG624 Strategic Marketing08-10-2020
BMA4003-20 Managing Data08-10-2020
ITS831 Importance of Strategic Planning in Information Technology08-10-2020
MMP7CIH Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management08-10-2020
BUS 700 Leadership and Creative Solutions Implementation08-10-2020
SIT703 -Advanced Digital Forensics08-10-2020
JUS 499 Criminal Justice08-10-2020
MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and the Marketing Psychology08-10-2020
HIS 144: Development of the American Economy08-10-2020
HI6028-Taxation Theory, Practice and Law08-10-2020
CIS 500 Information Systems for Decision Making08-10-2020
ACCG2065 Blockchain For Business08-10-2020
LML6003-Australia’s Visa System08-10-2020
MGT604 Strategic Management08-10-2020
MAF202 Money and Capital Markets 08-10-2020
COMP2004-Computer Graphics08-10-2020
QAC020N253 Network Design and Troubleshooting08-10-2020
KC7013 Database Modelling08-10-2020
SEN728-Transportation Infrastructure Systems08-10-2020
CD5102 Cyber Security08-10-2020
6IM511 Business Consultancy Project 08-10-2020
HRM3007S-Talent Management08-10-2020
BUACC2603 Corporate Accounting08-10-2020
NURBN 2017 Health and Cultural Diversity of First Australians08-10-2020
CIS3005-N-Information Governance08-10-2020
QAB020C415H Entrepreneurial Opportunity08-10-2020
QAB020N502S Understanding Operations08-10-2020
HI6005-Management and Organisations in a Global Environment 08-10-2020
HRM360 Human Resource Strategy08-10-2020
HRPR 304 Industrial Relation in Canada08-10-2020
BUS 230 statistics08-10-2020
ENGL125 english literature 08-10-2020
Mgt 3070 Management08-10-2020
Soci103 Sociology08-10-2020
Mos 3305 Human factors in Aviiation08-10-2020
ECE204 culturally Relevant08-10-2020
ADMN-3003 Entrepreneurship108-10-2020
MBA505 Business Psychology Coaching and Mentoring08-10-2020
Mos3305A Human Factor in Aviation 08-10-2020
NUTR 116 Culinary Assignment08-10-2020
SOCIOL 2Z03 - Introduction to sociological research08-10-2020
COMP2022 Models of Computation08-10-2020
MBA623 Managerial Accounting08-10-2020
ARTS2000-Illustrative Techniques08-10-2020
ENGL 115 University Writing and Research08-10-2020
EG5200 Professional Employability08-10-2020
TCS3304 Web Authoring08-10-2020
MMM267 Business Logistics08-10-2020
HRES2203 Compensation and Benefit08-10-2020
Geog210 The Geographies of Social Differences08-10-2020
400285 Public Health08-10-2020
MGT202 Employment relations 08-10-2020
115.111 communication 08-10-2020
MM 333 CASE STUDY 08-10-2020
200740 Human Resource and Industrial Relations Strategy09-10-2020
ABPC 1103 Intro to clinical psychology09-10-2020
BBRC 4103 Research Methodology09-10-2020
MBA600 Capstone: Strategy09-10-2020
MMC3202 Research Methods in Media and Communication09-10-2020
FIN3234 Analysing financial statement 09-10-2020
QGM5094 organisational leadership 09-10-2020
MGT4101 Business Strategy09-10-2020
HI5004 Marketing Management09-10-2020
ABPK3203 Psychology of Learning09-10-2020
MGT6010 introduction of management09-10-2020
MKT 2205 Marketing09-10-2020
CBSC4103 software construction09-10-2020
UTS92847 planning and evaluating health service09-10-2020
EPID6410 clinical epidemiology 09-10-2020
QGM5094 Organisional Leadership09-10-2020
ACC60104 Introduction to accounting09-10-2020
COM61604 Business Communication09-10-2020
Hrm201 Human Resource Managment and Performance09-10-2020
BFI203 Equity Analysis 09-10-2020
BB207 management science09-10-2020
MKT101 Principles of marketing plan 09-10-2020
FIN302 Fundamentals of Finance09-10-2020
BUS2254 Business Entrepreneur 09-10-2020
OUMH1303 English for Oral Commnunication09-10-2020
ECO 4214 Issues in the Global Economy09-10-2020
SMOL5203 OSH Legislation09-10-2020
HBSE3303 characteristics and development of children with special needs 09-10-2020
KHE262 Diploma Supply Chain Management 09-10-2020
MKT4219 Marketing Research 09-10-2020
IBA301 Principles of International Business09-10-2020
OL 421 Strategic Management and Policy09-10-2020
ENG3021 Machines and Mechanisms09-10-2020
BIOL2299 Biology of Tissue Growth and Repair09-10-2020
BIDA 640 Web Data Mining09-10-2020
FY027: Preparing For Success Self Development And Responsibility09-10-2020
KNE556-Road Asset Management09-10-2020
SOE11144 Global Business Economics and Finance09-10-2020
ITECH2002 Systems Modelling09-10-2020
HRMM068 Leading and Developing Project Teams09-10-2020
ACF734 Accounting and Finance09-10-2020
LSBM312 Performance Management and Control09-10-2020
LSBM309 Financial Management09-10-2020
BUSN 232 Marketing Fundamentals09-10-2020
AAF004-2 Personal Development and Employability09-10-2020
BMG743: Innovation and Entrepreneurship09-10-2020
MBA601 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship09-10-2020
HR7003 Human Resource Managing09-10-2020
BBS003-1 Foundations of Business Communication09-10-2020
BSBWOR502-Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness 09-10-2020
CI7000 Faculty of Science Engineering and Computing09-10-2020
HC3152-E-Business Applications09-10-2020
LC564 Citizenship Community and Welfare09-10-2020
REE6327 Global Real Estate Capital Market09-10-2020
BUSN 6120 : Mangerial Economics09-10-2020
EGB376-Steel Design Design Project09-10-2020
SS290 Evaluate Data Collections09-10-2020
MBA505-Business Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring09-10-2020
NURBN3021 Diverse Populations and Nursing Practice09-10-2020
CLWM4000-Business and Corporations Law09-10-2020
CNL-500 Classical Theory Comparison Worksheet09-10-2020
EEET2498 Lab on a Chip09-10-2020
EDU3SSA Sport and Skill Analysis09-10-2020
BCO6656 Information Technology09-10-2020
ENGL1101 English Professional Writing11-10-2020
ENG2205 Business Reports/Presentation11-10-2020
GEO 3209 communication11-10-2020
Libs 7001 Critical Reading and Writing11-10-2020
CYC 111 Therapeutic activities program11-10-2020
STATS2864 R programming 11-10-2020
SOCS 1340 Developmental Service Worker11-10-2020
Econ232 Diffusion Mod Economics Growth11-10-2020
Anth123 Anthropology 11-10-2020
POLS3141 Urban Life and Politics11-10-2020
NURS-135 Contemporary Issues in Nursing11-10-2020
ELCC2505 leadership and research in early childhood education and development11-10-2020
MGMT661 Strategy management 11-10-2020
Mgmt304 Financial Accounting11-10-2020
SOC218 Policy Power11-10-2020
NIT5110 Networking Systems11-10-2020
SACR2040 Sociology of Families11-10-2020
HC3152 e-Business Applications11-10-2020
ORG30002 Leadership Practice and Skills11-10-2020
ELCC2205 school age care11-10-2020
MKTG1101 introduction to marketing11-10-2020
ECON 3100 Environmental Economics 11-10-2020
GART-1500 Effective Writing I 11-10-2020
ADMN-3003 Entrepreneurship111-10-2020
Geo210 Geography of Hazards12-10-2020
OPS908 Supply Chain Management12-10-2020
ADM 3308 Business Data Mining 12-10-2020
HSH768 Health Economics in a Global Context 12-10-2020
BIO318 Biology: Animal Behaviour 12-10-2020
400285 Public Health12-10-2020
HLTH2911 perinatal Nursing 12-10-2020
CSCI 101 Computer science12-10-2020
MGMT2022 Foundations in Human Resources Law12-10-2020
BUS298 Organisation Development and Change12-10-2020
CRM 301 Crm and management12-10-2020
BUS510 Organisational Learning and Change12-10-2020
MN3316K Brands and Branding12-10-2020
FINA1035 Strategic Financial Management12-10-2020
HLTWHS001 Participate In Workplace Health And Safety12-10-2020
BAFI1045 investment company valuation assignment12-10-2020
BUSM4505 Strategic Human Resource Development12-10-2020
SOC205 Singapore Society12-10-2020
BUS501 Organisational Behaviour and Leadership12-10-2020
SNGP3003 Clinical and Patient Education12-10-2020
MGT603 Systems Thinking12-10-2020
Econ1035 Business Statistics 12-10-2020
A202SAM communication skills12-10-2020
BE 130 Current Issues in Accounting Reporting12-10-2020
Busm4697 Cross cultural management12-10-2020
TO5101 Tourism systems analysis12-10-2020
ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals12-10-2020
bbs 200 lecture notes12-10-2020
ACCT5029 CPA Ethics and Governance12-10-2020
ICT301 Enterprise Architectures12-10-2020
MN3226K European Business12-10-2020
LC561 Race Ethnicity and Migration12-10-2020
BLS 202 work place law12-10-2020
7112IBA Globalisation and Corporate Social Responsiblity12-10-2020
BMSW6102 Developing Innovation and Creativity for Business Advantage12-10-2020
BUSM4551 Creativity Innovation and Design12-10-2020
B100 An Introduction To Business And Management12-10-2020
BBUS13 accounting for managers12-10-2020
DATA4000 Introduction to Business Analytics 12-10-2020
BAFI1045 Investment Analysis12-10-2020
CNA153 Foundations for Professional Practice12-10-2020
7COM1068 Penetration Testing12-10-2020
BSBINM601-Manage Knowledge and Information12-10-2020
U22292 School of Civil Engineering and Surveying12-10-2020
DATA4600 Business Analytics Project Management12-10-2020
CR5002 Applied Criminology and Professional Practice12-10-2020
BTW1042 business law12-10-2020
MN404 Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Programming12-10-2020
QAB020N503H Project Management12-10-2020
MGT602-Business Decision Analytics12-10-2020
SH6000 Leadership and Management in Professional Contexts12-10-2020
EHR701-Principles of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations12-10-2020
CMS3503 Machine Learning12-10-2020
NUR341 Healthy Ageing12-10-2020
PSY002-2 Biological and cognitive Psychology12-10-2020
MGNT 330-Managing Technology and Information Resources12-10-2020
B123-Managing in the Work place12-10-2020
BMS11100 Advanced Immunology12-10-2020
H8CIHRM-Contemporary Issues in HRM12-10-2020
LAW6501-Principles of Contract and Corporate Law in Business12-10-2020
Linguistics 1000 Introduction to Linguistics12-10-2020
ELCC2301 observation and documentation in earlychildhood development12-10-2020
MGMT-6063 Project Management - Procurement12-10-2020
MADS6602 Personnel Administration12-10-2020
HNSC- 4290 Food nutrition and Health Policy12-10-2020
Orgb 4870 Organizational development and change12-10-2020
DSW2310 Developmental Services Worker12-10-2020
SPA352 Auditing and Assurance12-10-2020
157394 Managing Technology Projects and Programmes 12-10-2020
MGMT3015 Managing Performance and Rewards12-10-2020
125220 Financial Institutions and Markets 12-10-2020
114761 International HRM 12-10-2020
MGMT 101 introduction of management12-10-2020
EVNT702 Contemporary issues in event management12-10-2020
MGMT721 Leadership principles, perspectives and practice12-10-2020
NURS6061 Contemporary Mental Health12-10-2020
MKTG903 Global marketing- Future Dynamics12-10-2020
DE6202 highway engineering 2 12-10-2020
INFO 234 Business Process Design12-10-2020
ECOP1003 International Economy and Finance12-10-2020
COMM602 Principles of Accounting and Finance12-10-2020
160.104 Introductory mathematics for Science12-10-2020
200864 Managing in the Global Environment12-10-2020
EED217/05 language assessment12-10-2020
BLAW5016-Fundamentals of Business and Corporations Law 12-10-2020
FIN322 Advanced Corporate Finance12-10-2020
HRM360 Human Resource Strategy12-10-2020
NBBS1104V2 Management and Medico Legal Studies12-10-2020
NURS 6051 Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Through Information Technology12-10-2020
FIN4214 Analysis of Current issues in finance12-10-2020
CSP2151-Programming Fundamentals12-10-2020
FIN959 Enterprise Risk Management12-10-2020
COM 1104: Media Law and Ethics12-10-2020
QAB020N502H Logistics and Supply Chain Management12-10-2020
BNK60104 banking12-10-2020
N580 Nursing Assignment12-10-2020
7310ELEM Digital Communications Systems12-10-2020
BBM205/05 Basic Accounting12-10-2020
7347ELEM Wireless Networks 12-10-2020
FIN959 Enterprise Risk Management12-10-2020
96023 Non-communicable Disease12-10-2020
DSA1214 Object Oriented SAD 12-10-2020
EPSY 6332: Advanced Educational Psychology13-10-2020
ACW1100 Introduction to financial Accounting13-10-2020
HA2042 Introduction of Accounting Information Systems13-10-2020
ORG30003 Organisation Theory and Practice13-10-2020
PS5001 Psychology Research Methods 13-10-2020
AAMS2613 Probability and Statistics13-10-2020
EEL 4768 Computer Architecture13-10-2020
BUS6001 Contemporary Management Issues13-10-2020
HI6028-Taxation Theory Practice and Law13-10-2020
EHM3106 employment 13-10-2020
BUSS2046 Organisational Behaviour13-10-2020
CHLD0034 Molecular Aspects of Cell and Gene Therapy13-10-2020
HA1022 Principles of the Financial Management13-10-2020
MGMT 497 Stategic Management13-10-2020
CCJ5078 Computer Applications in Criminal Justice13-10-2020
NUR3101 Primary Health Care in the Global Context13-10-2020
PSY 1101 Introduction to Psychology13-10-2020
MGMT1101 Global Business Environment13-10-2020
300711 Building Fire Services13-10-2020
BM565 Digital Business and New Technologies13-10-2020
HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility13-10-2020
LAWS8018 Research Methodologies in Law13-10-2020
NBNS3803 Nursing 13-10-2020
DSCI 200 Foundations of Data Science13-10-2020
HRMT20028 Organisational Change Management 13-10-2020
Csci251 TPCHR conceptual schema13-10-2020
COSC 6325 Policy, Strategy, and Ethical Issues in Information Systems13-10-2020
HA3021-Corporations Law13-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems13-10-2020
AD605 Operation Business Management13-10-2020
CUC107 Applying Cultural Capabilities Report13-10-2020
MIF 208 Shareholders wealth 13-10-2020
BUS605 Business Research Methodology and Data Collection 13-10-2020
LSBM200 Digital Marketing13-10-2020
ACT507-Accounting for Managers13-10-2020
PAD331 Public Administration Ethics and Theory13-10-2020
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting13-10-2020
BX3014 Auditing 13-10-2020
QSO 300 Operations Management13-10-2020
ABPC 1103 Intro to clinical psychology13-10-2020
HR9508-Employability and Career Planning13-10-2020
CVE2121 Structural Analysis I13-10-2020
ICT287-Computer Security13-10-2020
HACM9102 Finance Management and Economics in Healthcare13-10-2020
PUBH6013 Qualitative Research Methods13-10-2020
BUSM1100 Organisational Analysis13-10-2020
MGT5PMT Project Management13-10-2020
ACC30005 Taxation13-10-2020
BUS107 Business Project Management13-10-2020
OMGT2246-Global Trade Operations13-10-2020
MBA641 Strategic Project Management13-10-2020
BME40005 Advanced Medical Imaging Systems13-10-2020
SCO201 Space, Place, People and the City 13-10-2020
CITS2002 Systems Programming13-10-2020
ENCN 371 Project and Infrastructure Management 13-10-2020
BACC3004 Tax Law 13-10-2020
NURS 6630 The Sleepy woman with Anxiety13-10-2020
132313 Advanced Planning Techniques 13-10-2020
ACF2400 Accounting Information Systems13-10-2020
BSYS701 enterprise information system 13-10-2020
REHB7001 Health and rehabiliation 13-10-2020
MBA609 Leadership for Management and Business13-10-2020
FINC3017 Investments and Portfolio Management13-10-2020
ACTY 7212 Advanced Management Accounting 13-10-2020
CMSC 335 Object Oriented and Concurrent Programming13-10-2020
TO5102-Tourism and Hospitality Operations Management 13-10-2020
BSBWHS521 Diploma of Leadership and Management13-10-2020
FINA864 Financial Modelling and Analysis13-10-2020
ACCT703 Advanced management accounting13-10-2020
LB5231-Corporate Responsibility and Governance13-10-2020
COML205 Consumer Law13-10-2020
COMP SCI3012 Distributed Systems13-10-2020
CCJ5705 Research Methods in Criminology I13-10-2020
BUS606 Business Research Proposal and Literature Review13-10-2020
MKTG2004 Integrated Marketing Communications13-10-2020
CIS375 System Analysis and Design13-10-2020
ICTNWK420-Install and Configure Virtual Machines13-10-2020
ISDS 705 Information Technology for Management13-10-2020
ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting II13-10-2020
FINC20018-Managerial Finance13-10-2020
HS2021 Database Design and Use13-10-2020
HA3032 Introduction of Auditing13-10-2020
FINC 561 Investments: Principles and Practice13-10-2020
SS290 Data literacy13-10-2020
BUS3DIG Digital Business13-10-2020
TLAW603-Business and Personal Tax Planning13-10-2020
MCR010 Innovation and Commercialisation13-10-2020
FIN 320 Final Project Part III13-10-2020
PUBH6008 Applied Research Project in Public Health13-10-2020
HA2042-Accounting Information Systems 13-10-2020
PSYC2063 Psychological Approaches to Complex Problems13-10-2020
BHS30004-Biological Psychology13-10-2020
MIS100 Foundations of Information Systems13-10-2020
HA1022-Principles of Financial Management 13-10-2020
ACBUS204A Business Finance13-10-2020
NUR2300 Evidenced Based Nursing Practice13-10-2020
hist 224 History of Canada to 1867 13-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting13-10-2020
MK5011 Retail Marketing13-10-2020
HLSC1220 Food Science 113-10-2020
CS3S662 Robotics and Autonomous Systems13-10-2020
NUR2402-Healthy Ageing and Chronic Conditions 13-10-2020
MOD003507 Principles and Practices of Marketing13-10-2020
CS3S668 Intelligent Systems 13-10-2020
BULAW3731-Income Taxation Law and Practice13-10-2020
CS3S666 Parallel and Concurrent Programming13-10-2020
ENV/410 Environmental Toxicology13-10-2020
ITNE2005 Develop a security Infrastructure for a Medium Size Network13-10-2020
PF711 Personlaity Assessment13-10-2020
FIN 534 Stock Assignment13-10-2020
HUM10 schorlarly writing skills13-10-2020
ENG4110-Engineering Research Methodology13-10-2020
BIDA640 Web Data mining Question Generation13-10-2020
HLTENN001 Practise nursing within the Australian health care system13-10-2020
BSS063-6 Management Practice 13-10-2020
FINAN204 Entrepreneurial Finance13-10-2020
COUN 542 Behavioral Theory and Therapy13-10-2020
CC6001 Advanced Database Systems 13-10-2020
MN623-Cyber Security and Analytics13-10-2020
MOD006061 Event Planning and Project Management13-10-2020
HI5020-Corporate Accounting 13-10-2020
SG7001 Managing Strategy Operations And Partnership13-10-2020
HA2042 Accounting Information Systems13-10-2020
MAN306 Business Strategy13-10-2020
GSR 240 Ethical Evaluations and Actions13-10-2020
55-706556 Research Skills and Dissertation 13-10-2020
MEDI341 Research in Indigenous Health13-10-2020
CGS 2545 Database Management System13-10-2020
7COM1079 Team Research and Development Project13-10-2020
EGB273 Principles of Construction13-10-2020
7COM1069 Cyber Operations13-10-2020
PSY205 Emerging Adulthood Identity Reflection13-10-2020
CSE 3318 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures13-10-2020
7BSP1303 International and Comp HRM13-10-2020
HI6027-Business and Corporate Law13-10-2020
PHIL 224W Business Ethics13-10-2020
MGNT908 Human Resources Development13-10-2020
ACFI5020 Accounting for Managers13-10-2020
ECON8047-International Trade13-10-2020
PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology13-10-2020
INFT5021 Capstone Project Report13-10-2020
QAC020N254 Cloud Computing13-10-2020
GGPH070S4 Introduction to Human Geography13-10-2020
HC1052 Organisational Behaviour13-10-2020
QAC020N256S Web Application Security13-10-2020
SY4015 Psychosocial Work in Community Settings13-10-2020
GEND1107OL Gender Work and Society13-10-2020
POPST201 Population Studies 13-10-2020
Arts 299 Arts Portfolio13-10-2020
Engl103 english literature13-10-2020
KINS 221 physical growth and motor development13-10-2020
REPD 473 Developmental orgin of health and disease13-10-2020
ACAD 100 Writing and Research13-10-2020
Geo210 Geography of hazards13-10-2020
SOC218 Supply Management13-10-2020
TOUR2101 Introduction to global tourism13-10-2020
200484 Construction in Practice 313-10-2020
Geog101 Geography13-10-2020
NUR1299 Foundations of Nursing Practice13-10-2020
CIS8025-Big Data Analytics13-10-2020
ACC 104-Accounting for Business Decisions 213-10-2020
MGT611 International Business Strategy13-10-2020
BUSM4737-Leadership and Management13-10-2020
STA40104 Statistics13-10-2020
ECO1001 Principles of economics13-10-2020
NSG482 Promoting Healthy Communities13-10-2020
CP3404-Information Security13-10-2020
BTW1042 business law assignment 13-10-2020
ENG315 Professional Communications13-10-2020
COM 5360 Crisis Communication and Leadership13-10-2020
CM3011 Chemical Spectroscopy & Applications13-10-2020
LAW7178 -Planning Law13-10-2020
ICT170 Systems and IT Professional Practice13-10-2020
MN3226K European Business13-10-2020
BLAW 2200 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business13-10-2020
ACCTING2500 Cost and Management Accounting13-10-2020
LOG202 Managing Operations13-10-2020
ICT103-System Analysis and Design13-10-2020
7159AFE-Principles of Business and Corporations Law13-10-2020
BRS251 Wellbeing 13-10-2020
MPH 640 Biostatistics in Public Health13-10-2020
MGMT310 Sustainable Organisational Change13-10-2020
LB5228 changing business environment13-10-2020
NUR 468: Health Promotion and Wellness Across the Lifespan13-10-2020
FBL6530 Business Event Management13-10-2020
ACC300-Auditing and Assurance 13-10-2020
ACCT5015 Applied Corporate Governance and Auditing13-10-2020
Crm 389 Psychological Evidence13-10-2020
HUS 4352 Family Diversity in Human Services13-10-2020
CORPFIN 2501 Financial Institutions Management13-10-2020
HUS 3650 Administration in Human Services13-10-2020
MATH102 Mathematics Creativity 13-10-2020
31927 Application Development with NET13-10-2020
COMP2400-Relational Databases13-10-2020
TLAW607-Business Law13-10-2020
PHC6000 Epidemiology For Public Health Professionals13-10-2020
Bus489 Business Strategy13-10-2020
HS2021 Database Design and Use13-10-2020
BFW3121 investments and portfolio management14-10-2020
7906ICT Digital Forensics14-10-2020
MTH220 Statistical method and inteference 14-10-2020
BUS510 Organisational Learning and Change14-10-2020
AHS 360 Group Project Phase III: Descriptive Epidemiology14-10-2020
MA609 Business Analytics and Data Intelligence14-10-2020
PRO285 Public Relations in society14-10-2020
PSY207e Organizational Development14-10-2020
MGMT3021 Health and Safety Management14-10-2020
NURS 5210 Neuroscientific Basis in Psychiatry and Mental Health14-10-2020
ACCG3025 Cyber Security and Privacy14-10-2020
BCN 5774 Topics in International Construction14-10-2020
BN206-System Administration 14-10-2020
PUBH 6335 Public Health Law14-10-2020
MEC4104 Renewable Energy Technology14-10-2020
MN2206K Strategic Management14-10-2020
EMPL702 Site Specific Safety Plan14-10-2020
ENGL 1302 English Composition II14-10-2020
MIS2001S-Data Analysis for Decision Makers14-10-2020
BUS 501 Organisational Behaviour and Leadership14-10-2020
CPC50210 Building and Construction14-10-2020
FEM 105 material technology 14-10-2020
ELEC4150 Electronic Design Proficiency14-10-2020
M100CL Corporate Finance 14-10-2020
COS60009 Data Management for the Big Data Age14-10-2020
REE6306C Corporate Real Estate14-10-2020
7AAD0054 Automotive Dynamics And Safety14-10-2020
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing a Palliative Approach 14-10-2020
IS 372: Software Project Management14-10-2020
BUSM4547 Management In Practice 14-10-2020
BBS006-1 Managing People14-10-2020
NURS 6630 : Psychopharmacology14-10-2020
SCM60001 Operations Management 14-10-2020
BM533 Contemporary Economic Analysis14-10-2020
PSY294 clinical psychology 14-10-2020
MOD003507 Principles and Practices of Marketing14-10-2020
PGBM01-Financial Management and Control14-10-2020
ACCY302 Advanced Management Accounting14-10-2020
SCO201 Space, Place, People and the City14-10-2020
BRD251 Wellbeing14-10-2020
CO4515 Trends in Cybercrime14-10-2020
MOD003325 Academic and Professional Skills14-10-2020
PSYC580 Introduction to Psychology 14-10-2020
SAFE808 Curriculum Evaluation in Safety Education14-10-2020
BSBINN801 Lead Innovative Thinking and Practice14-10-2020
IMAT5101 Object Oriented Programming14-10-2020
BIO 295 Recommended for Biology14-10-2020
bx 3112 Taxation Law14-10-2020
MOD005912 Lifecycle Development14-10-2020
5CHMA001W Principles Strategies and Treatment14-10-2020
BSS058-6 Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment 14-10-2020
HC1072 Economics and the International Trade14-10-2020
PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology14-10-2020
MOD003507 Principles and Practices of Marketing14-10-2020
SIM337-Contemporary Developments in Business and Management14-10-2020
ACT305 Corporate Accounting14-10-2020
MOD003197 Object Oriented C++14-10-2020
HUM105 world mythology14-10-2020
HLAW701 Health Law and Policy 14-10-2020
SEC345-Non-Traditional Security14-10-2020
BU6001 Management Strategy and Organisations14-10-2020
FPC004 Introduction of Insurance Advice14-10-2020
BIOM6640 Bioedical Optics14-10-2020
40610 Master of Professional Accounting14-10-2020
BBA 3301 Financial Management14-10-2020
LCBB4004 Marketing Fundamentals14-10-2020
NUR 468 Health Promotion and Wellness Across the lifespan14-10-2020
ACFI2307 Financial Reporting14-10-2020
SNHU107 Success Strategies for Online Learning14-10-2020
SW5F01 Public Health Policy analysis14-10-2020
HI6027 Business and the Corporate Law14-10-2020
BIOL121 Human Biological Science 114-10-2020
REE6306C Corporate Real Estate Management14-10-2020
IMAT5122 Computer Systems and Networks14-10-2020
SNHU 107 Online Learning14-10-2020
CHEM106: Foundation Chemistry14-10-2020
HA3042 Introduction of the Taxation Law14-10-2020
7940AFE Business Law14-10-2020
IMAT5101 Object Oriented Programming14-10-2020
HPMM 5003 Law and Health14-10-2020
MP4706 Sensors Instrumentation and Control14-10-2020
SOE11729-Global Economic Environment and Marketing14-10-2020
FIN 650 : Managerial Finance14-10-2020
PUBH6013 Qualitative Research Methods14-10-2020
IMAT5101 Object Oriented Programming14-10-2020
Bio chem 4501 Biochemistry hometake exam14-10-2020
BMA151 Principles of Marketing14-10-2020
BUS 310-Accounting Theory and Accountability14-10-2020
HSV 515 Human Services Research14-10-2020
BUS202 Financial Decision Making14-10-2020
ACF3100 Advanced Financial Accounting14-10-2020
PUBH6008 Applied Research Project in Public Health14-10-2020
CIS 375 : Data Mining14-10-2020
BUS3005 -Strategic Management14-10-2020
LDR-600 Leadership Styles and Development14-10-2020
HA1022-Principles of Financial Management 14-10-2020
ITECH3002 Professionalism and Entrepreneurship14-10-2020
PETR 3315 Introduction to Well Logging14-10-2020
MATH 301 Applied Mathematic14-10-2020
CHC52015-Diploma of Community Services14-10-2020
ISSC 4987 Cyber Security14-10-2020
AFIN3028 Financial Risk Management14-10-2020
HC3152-E-Business Applications14-10-2020
HSv 051 Human Service14-10-2020
PSYC 301 Biological Basis of Behavior14-10-2020
ECON3000-Public Economics14-10-2020
TAXA3004 Indirect State and Employment Taxes14-10-2020
SM0269-Global and International Business Contexts14-10-2020
ECO600 Economics and Finance for Business14-10-2020
55-500678 Communication Systems and Computer14-10-2020
ACCT 720 Taxation for Individuals and Businesses14-10-2020
HRM0111-Managing Human Resources
IMAT5122 Computer Systems and Networks14-10-2020
CHCADV004 Represent Organisation in Court or Tribunal14-10-2020
HIST 1152 Amerian History14-10-2020
7COM1029 Advanced Networking Concepts14-10-2020
Ccj 5705 Research methods in Criminology14-10-2020
SPT2726 Doing Real World Sports Research14-10-2020
CLAW314 Corporate Law14-10-2020
QAB020C406A Business Psychology14-10-2020
OPSMGT258 Business Process Design14-10-2020
HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise14-10-2020
MKTG1001 Marketing Principles14-10-2020
ACC8801 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility14-10-2020
CONMGNT7001 Research Dissertation14-10-2020
6228 Contemporary Issues in Accounting14-10-2020
CPC60212 Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction14-10-2020
ENG60704 Engineering design and project management 14-10-2020
MEC60304 Computer aided engineering 14-10-2020
TCS3375 Digital Transformation strategy14-10-2020
TCS3384 Digital Business consultancy14-10-2020
INTB605 Business Strategy14-10-2020
COMP723 Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering14-10-2020
GEO231 Principles of Demography14-10-2020
PHIL-100 philosophy14-10-2020
CMNS 425 COVID assignment14-10-2020
385ACC Advance financial accounting 14-10-2020
ELEC8875 Reconfigurable Antennas and Electronics14-10-2020
BSBLDR511-Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence14-10-2020
ICT 285 Databases14-10-2020
LAWS5250 Foundations of International Commercial Law14-10-2020
BX3112 Taxation law14-10-2020
ISYS2421-Business Data Management and Analytics14-10-2020
COUN5108 Impact of Addictions14-10-2020
HC1052 Fundamentals of the Organisational Behaviour14-10-2020
MGT3SMG Strategic Management14-10-2020
COUN5336 Plan to Build Cultural Competence14-10-2020
NURBN3021-Diverse Populations and Nursing Practice14-10-2020
BLB1102 Contract Law 14-10-2020
Sclm 466 supply chain management finance14-10-2020
BRD209 creativity and innovation14-10-2020
EN361 Selection and Reader Analysis14-10-2020
MGT601 Dynamic Leadership14-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems14-10-2020
NUR3499 Clinical Reflection14-10-2020
FIN203 Essentials of Financial Management14-10-2020
HEF553 Statistical and Epidemiological Resources14-10-2020
CRS1201285-Bachelor of Community Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs14-10-2020
NBNS3803 Nursing14-10-2020
ENG101 English Assignments14-10-2020
MPK701 Research Design and Analysis14-10-2020
COUN 530 Human Growth Across Lifespan14-10-2020
MAI769-Ethics for Financial Services14-10-2020
CSIT121 Object Oriented Design and Programming14-10-2020
PSB4240 Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity14-10-2020
PAC206 Pacific Youth Contemporary Realities 14-10-2020
SOC392 methods of data analysis14-10-2020
Glst 220 Intercultural Communication and Engagement14-10-2020
HRES2101: Change Management14-10-2020
HRM203e Human Resource Management14-10-2020
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing a Palliative Approach14-10-2020
NURS 6201 System of Transition of Care14-10-2020
ACCT20076 Foundations of Management Accounting 14-10-2020
HUS 3650 Creative Teamwork14-10-2020
LOG317-Procurement Strategy and Policy14-10-2020
ICT338 Information Security Challenges In Smart Computing14-10-2020
LAW101 Business LAW14-10-2020
HFS376-Human Factors in Defence And Security14-10-2020
HLTAMB013 Contribute to Managing the Scene of an Emergency14-10-2020
HIST 1302 United States History II14-10-2020
MKTU9M3 Fundamentals of Marketing14-10-2020
ANL305 Association and Clustering14-10-2020
HRM661 Human Resources Strategies Assignment14-10-2020
HRM633 Human Resources14-10-2020
GLST 220 Intercultural Communication and Engagement14-10-2020
BIS310 Women, Culture, and Development14-10-2020
NSG1202 Bioscience Foundation14-10-2020
LEGL2002 Law of Business Organisations15-10-2020
SW 5331 Social Work with Diverse Populations15-10-2020
REE6306C Corporate Real Estate Introduction15-10-2020
SST101 Principles of Project Management 15-10-2020
CNT 4513 Data Communications15-10-2020
ICT519 Computer Security15-10-2020
BIS270 Abnormal Psychology15-10-2020
Bibl 104 Survey of Old and New Testament15-10-2020
CS478 : Software Development Projects15-10-2020
BUS107 Quantitative methods15-10-2020
SAFE 814 Ergonmics Safety15-10-2020
HC1062 Decision Making And Problem Solving15-10-2020
BCOM 231 Business Communication15-10-2020
BAFI1065 money markets and fixed income securities15-10-2020
ECON1056-Price Theory Industry Analysis15-10-2020
NRS-433V Intrduction to Nursing Research15-10-2020
Internship II (CI-606-15648-Fall 2020) : Book Study15-10-2020
ACX2900 Accounting for Sustainability15-10-2020
IBM4206 business analytics for functional area 15-10-2020
LEG500 Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance15-10-2020
52677WA Advanced Diploma of Remote Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics15-10-2020
BUSC100 Introduction to Business15-10-2020
HUS 4352 Discussion15-10-2020
BUMGT1501 Management Principles15-10-2020
PHIL110 Introduction to Philosophy15-10-2020
MGT6303 strategics management15-10-2020
MGT6544 Operations Management & Quality15-10-2020
MGT502 Business Communication Assessment15-10-2020
ITECH2000 Mobile Development Fundamentals15-10-2020
BUSI4279 UNMC 15-10-2020
CSE2SIA Data Security And Information Assurance15-10-2020
HPMM 6062 Ethics in Healthcare15-10-2020
INTB840 Global Business Perspectives 15-10-2020
ACF209 Taxation15-10-2020
ADIT201-ICT Sustainability15-10-2020
HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice and Law15-10-2020
CMPE2003 Microcomputers15-10-2020
ENG261 Introduction to Fiction15-10-2020
EEC3007CBE : Organizational Management in Early Childhood Education15-10-2020
AHS205 The Australian Healthcare System within a Global Context15-10-2020
MIS301 Introduction of Cybersecurity15-10-2020
INTB804 International Business Environment 15-10-2020
PSY2042 Personality and Social Psychology 15-10-2020
BSM658 Strategic Operations and Project Management15-10-2020
ACCT202 Financial Accounting15-10-2020
DATA4200 Data Acquisition and Management15-10-2020
202HRM-Contemporary Issues in HR Service Delivery15-10-2020
SYG 4119CBE : Sociology in the Digital World 15-10-2020
IMAT5122 Computer Systems and Networks15-10-2020
7906ICT Digital Forensics Assessment15-10-2020
ENGT5115 Sustainable Development15-10-2020
4CRIM002W Justice and Human Rights15-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business and Enterprise15-10-2020
ITIS101 IT and Business Processes15-10-2020
MOD004444 Personal Development Plan 15-10-2020
HRM3204 managing people 15-10-2020
DSRT-734 : Inferential Statistics in Decision-Making15-10-2020
CI7230 Modelling Enterprise Architectures15-10-2020
ACC518 Current Developments In Accounting Thought15-10-2020
HLTH5193 Financial and Economical Management For Health and Age Care15-10-2020
AGRI 1105 Agriculture 15-10-2020
TMGT603 Leadership and Ethical Behaviour15-10-2020
HLTH415 : Program Design and Evaluation15-10-2020
QAB020N502A Understanding Operations15-10-2020
MGT 2700 business research Methodology15-10-2020
THRS 202 Theology Portraits of Christ15-10-2020
MKTG1101 introduction to marketing15-10-2020
IY502 Pre-Final Academic Misconduct Check15-10-2020
CMIT 320 Network Security15-10-2020
LAW 6035 Legal and ethical issues15-10-2020
NUR222 Health Law and Ethics15-10-2020
BISY2002-Information Systems Networking Essentials15-10-2020
MHW 649 Mental Health15-10-2020
Admin417 International Business Management15-10-2020
CMGT 556 Security Threat Analysis15-10-2020
Nurs 322 Nursing assignment 15-10-2020
NUR 322: Pharmacotherapeutics for the RN15-10-2020
MGMT24178 Paralegal Practice Management & Workplace Skills15-10-2020
LDR800 Ethics Versus Right and Wrong15-10-2020
ICT100 Transition to IT15-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting15-10-2020
FB452 Football Principles and Practice15-10-2020
EDUC 5710 Intro to School Leadership15-10-2020
MT460 Management Policy and Strategy15-10-2020
NU-646 : Theo.Prac.ContempPsychotherap15-10-2020
TAX305-Taxation Law15-10-2020
AYB225 Management Accounting15-10-2020
SOCS0067 Social Theory and the Study of Contemporary Social Problems15-10-2020
BUSN 5024 Financial Management15-10-2020
GEOG 2520 Geography 15-10-2020
5BUSS001W Business Decision Making15-10-2020
BIO 102 Human Anatomy & Physiology II15-10-2020
ITECH2300-Mobile Network and Wireless Communication15-10-2020
BAM7008 Resource Integration Management15-10-2020
PSY 520 Graduate Statistics15-10-2020
IMAT5121 Mobile Robots15-10-2020
HI6028-Taxation Theory, Practice and Law15-10-2020
SOCI110G : Intro to sociology 15-10-2020
HI5017 Managerial Accounting Assessment15-10-2020
7030MAA Individual Project15-10-2020
HOSP703 Hospitality sale and marketing15-10-2020
EDUM07 Research Methods15-10-2020
ENGR G6601 Environmental Modeling for Earth System and Engineering15-10-2020
ITC560-Internet of Things15-10-2020
ACCM4600 Accounting theory & contemporary issues15-10-2020
SOSC106 Pedalogy15-10-2020
F28WP web technology15-10-2020
CMGT 557 : Emerging Technologies and Issues15-10-2020
168.734 Clinical pharmacology 15-10-2020
CO4515 Trends in Cybercrime15-10-2020
AMN430 International Logistics Management15-10-2020
HI6026-Audit, Assurance and Compliance15-10-2020
MBA3307 Marketing & Management15-10-2020
BSBMGT502-Manage People Performance15-10-2020
BBM208/03 business ethics15-10-2020
MGMT 746 Global Leadership15-10-2020
MKTG 3201 Business Analytics15-10-2020
MSIN0057 Strategic Human Resource Management15-10-2020
SLE720-Risk Assessment and Control15-10-2020
BSYS855 Procurement Management 15-10-2020
MAE101 Economic principles15-10-2020
SS290 Data Analysis15-10-2020
HC1082 Marketing15-10-2020
Infm 675 Research Methods in Health Informatics Section: 115-10-2020
IMAT5101 Object Oriented Programming15-10-2020
FTE3014-Reaction Technology and Process Modelling 15-10-2020
CO4752 Web Development Assignment15-10-2020
6010SSL-Principles of Strategy15-10-2020
NUM1102 Communication Skills for Nurses and Midwives15-10-2020
HI6007 Statistics for Business Decisions15-10-2020
ENGT5219 Engineering Business Environment15-10-2020
Infm 675 Research Methods in Health Informatics Section: 1W1R15-10-2020
5MARK009W: Marketing B2B15-10-2020
BMO1102 Management and Organisation Behaviour15-10-2020
ENGT5219 Engineering Business Environment15-10-2020
IMAT5167 Data Warehouse Design and OLAP15-10-2020
PUBH 6335 public health law15-10-2020
HRIR306 Remuneration & Performance Mgt 15-10-2020
MSC1003 : Music in Civilization15-10-2020
ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals15-10-2020
IPM303-IP for Technology and Innovation Industries 15-10-2020
MAR032-2 Interactive Marketing Management15-10-2020
BSOM046 managing operations and the supply chain15-10-2020
ACT 6390 Accounting Assignment15-10-2020
CO3348-Interaction design 15-10-2020
ITNW 2335 Network Troubleshooting and Su-RT-17509 6211-RT15-10-2020
MKTG2101 Consumer Behaviour15-10-2020
FNP590 : Health Promotion15-10-2020
HLTENN002 Apply communication skills in nursing practice15-10-2020
ENBU806 Off-site Construction15-10-2020
HI6028-Taxation Theory Practice and Law15-10-2020
HOSP797 Hospitality Work Integrated Learning15-10-2020
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing15-10-2020
BSM311 Operations Management 15-10-2020
BSM022 Purchasing Principles and Law15-10-2020
HBS301 Food And Nutrition Practical Skills15-10-2020
EDU 335 Digital Storytelling15-10-2020
AMN403 Marketing and Survey Research 15-10-2020
ECON361 Disasters and Economic Policy15-10-2020
COMM100 Introduction to Research and Study Skills 15-10-2020
NURS432 - Management and Leadership in Nursing Practice15-10-2020
ANTH 131 introduction to anthropology 15-10-2020
MACS221 Media and communication Studies15-10-2020
GEO 793 Geogrphy of Toronto15-10-2020
IBUSS 3511 International Business 15-10-2020
POLI1066 Public Policy15-10-2020
SOC2260 Social Problem15-10-2020
AVA20008 Aircraft Maintenance15-10-2020
BSBPMG517 Manage Project Risk15-10-2020
IHRMONL2010B International Human Resource Management15-10-2020
CNA157-Responding to Diversity: Global Perspectives15-10-2020
BBM208/03 business ethics15-10-2020
CRJ 461 : Domestic Violence15-10-2020
ACC3AFA Advanced Financial Accounting 15-10-2020
301028 Advanced Healthcare Data Environments15-10-2020
ACCG2024-Financial Accounting and Reporting15-10-2020
BM562 Consultancy in Practice15-10-2020
HLT 324 Transcultural Health Care15-10-2020
FL1144 Introduction to Contract Law15-10-2020
LSME501 Strategic Management15-10-2020
CJC 122 Community Policing ch315-10-2020
NUR2101-Chronic Care Across the Lifespan A15-10-2020
MGN431 Strategic Human Resource Development15-10-2020
CYB-438 System Vulnerability Assess15-10-2020
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice & Law15-10-2020
HLT 324 Transcultural Health Care15-10-2020
BBMG 1014 Management15-10-2020
OPS911 Strategic Procurement Management15-10-2020
PHC5410 Social and Behavioral in Sciences in Public Health15-10-2020
MN501-Network Management in Organisations15-10-2020
PUBH 6335 Public Health Law15-10-2020
NSG 482 Promoting Healthy Communities15-10-2020
BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning15-10-2020
DATA4200-Data Acquisition and Management15-10-2020
HIST 1302 : United States History15-10-2020
CMST 100: Fundamentals of Communication15-10-2020
DSCI 200 foundations of data science15-10-2020
MGTP102-Management Principles15-10-2020
bac3107 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance15-10-2020
ECON 463 International Monetary Relations15-10-2020
HUM250 : Visual and Performing Arts for Teachers15-10-2020
IFN657 Principles of Software Security 15-10-2020
ACCG8124-Taxation Law15-10-2020
SME 3023 Numerical Method15-10-2020
NURBN1005 Introduction to Research & Evidence Based Practice15-10-2020
COMP757 Data Analytics and Visualisation15-10-2020
HDD20803 Clinical Laboratory Histology15-10-2020
BIO 250 Biology of Disease15-10-2020
BUACC 5935 Auditing and Assurance Services15-10-2020
COMP1007 Programming Design15-10-2020
MOD003353 Business Environment15-10-2020
CPSS 300 Dealing with the Corrections Population15-10-2020
HA2032-Corporate and Financial Accounting15-10-2020
DIHM2103 Marketing15-10-2020
BCOM231 Business Communication15-10-2020
HUS 4352 Discussion15-10-2020
HRM4223 Staffing Management15-10-2020
HC3152 E Business Applications15-10-2020
NURS 6053N Personal Leadership Philosophy15-10-2020
ENGL 1302 composition II15-10-2020
CQC7002 Economics for Managers 15-10-2020
LA3003 Introduction To Key Legal Concepts15-10-2020
ACC302-Auditing and Assurance15-10-2020
INFT 1023 UO IT Project Management 15-10-2020
MGT502 Business Communication15-10-2020
SC200 Technology Throughout History15-10-2020
FND101 Academic Communication Skills 115-10-2020
SY3007 Crime justice and surveillance15-10-2020
HI 54001 Project Management of Health Information Systems16-10-2020
HRM 587 Managing Organizational Change16-10-2020
BAAB2023 Cost and Management Accounting16-10-2020
BUS020C416A Principles Of Marketing 16-10-2020
NUR 468 Health Promotion and Wellness Across the lifespan16-10-2020
SIT281 Cryptography16-10-2020
AD 605 Operations Management16-10-2020
MKT60104 principles of marketing16-10-2020
MLC203 Corporations Law 16-10-2020
MGNT210: Managing Across Cultures16-10-2020
NUR 468 Health Promotion and Wellness Across the lifespan16-10-2020
IBA301 Principles of International Business16-10-2020
NR3002 : Research Methodology16-10-2020
SOC103 Introduction to Sociology16-10-2020
EAB20803 Accounting and financial reporting16-10-2020
IFSM 461 System Design Specification16-10-2020
BM533 Contemporary Economic Analysis16-10-2020
BUSN3064 Financial Statement Analysis 16-10-2020
COMM 302 Mass Communication and Media16-10-2020
BBD 2123 Human Resource Management 16-10-2020
MK7041 Managing Sustainable Global Value Chains16-10-2020
AN1001 Anthropology: Cultural Diversity in Global Perspective16-10-2020
IST 1014 introduction to statistic 16-10-2020
MT358 Social Media Marketing16-10-2020
MBA404 The Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology16-10-2020
MHF4U-Advanced Functions16-10-2020
C56 Bachelor of Counselling16-10-2020
COM 536 : Strategic Social Media Communication16-10-2020
KB7008 Advanced Stress and Structural Analysis16-10-2020
TMS2813 Bid data16-10-2020
PHYC 100 the results and an analysis of recommendations for improvement or future changes of a proc16-10-2020
ACC220-Law of Business Associations16-10-2020
BB005 Economics16-10-2020
BUSN 232 Marketing Fundamentals16-10-2020
200158 Business Society and Policy16-10-2020
IST1014 Introduction To Statistics 16-10-2020
PSY 444 Senior Seminar in Psychology16-10-2020
SPC 1608 Fundamentals of Oral Communication16-10-2020
STAT20029-Statistics for Managerial Decisions16-10-2020
CO4214 Service-oriented Architectures16-10-2020
300597 Master Project 116-10-2020
MGB200 Managing People16-10-2020
BBMG1014 Management16-10-2020
BM522 Project Management 16-10-2020
LC560 Gender Sexuality and Society16-10-2020
SS-351 : Ethics & English16-10-2020
JUS 499 Criminal Justice16-10-2020
EGB481 Assets and infrastructure Management 16-10-2020
PSY173 Introduction to Psychological Research Methods16-10-2020
ACT291 Finance16-10-2020
ACBUS201A Commercial Law I16-10-2020
HR4038 Human Resource Management in Practice16-10-2020
Eqt 404 computer organization and architecture 16-10-2020
MAR013-1 Intercultural Competence in Business16-10-2020
EDU 528 Finance in Higher Education16-10-2020
HSYP8006-Inclusive Health16-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting Assignment16-10-2020
ACC3228 Financial reporting16-10-2020
EDUC 8050 Quantitative Research. Engineering Technology16-10-2020
LLW1004 Legal Interpretation16-10-2020
AMU3451 Freedom and Control in Media16-10-2020
MGT 121 - Principles Of Management16-10-2020
MGT 7201 Business Management and strategic management 16-10-2020
BLAW10001-Principles of Business Law16-10-2020
ENG 325 : From Literature to Social Media16-10-2020
HA3021 Corporations Law16-10-2020
HUM200-Applied Humanities16-10-2020
ENT3054 Social Context of entrepreneurship16-10-2020
CWV101-Christian World View16-10-2020
ECON 470 : Urban and Regional Economics16-10-2020
HI5004 Marketing Management16-10-2020
AMU1325 Introduction to world politics16-10-2020
7AAD0064 Manufacturing Strategy16-10-2020
ECN60104 Microeconomics16-10-2020
CTEC2910 Concurrent and Parallel Algorithms16-10-2020
HI6027 Business and Corporate Law16-10-2020
HNN 217 Community Nursing Practice16-10-2020
CivEng 2E03 matlab assignment 16-10-2020
MOD003353 Business Environment16-10-2020
ACC-301 : Intermediate Accounting16-10-2020
LAW1110 Legal Institutional Methods16-10-2020
TACC608 Auditing and Assurance16-10-2020
MGMT 254 Maths assignment16-10-2020
BUSN 323 Fundamental Marketing16-10-2020
MKT1001 Introduction to Marketing16-10-2020
STRM075 Social Responsibility of Business16-10-2020
HOST 4101 Finer PICO, Smart objectives16-10-2020
EDCO 740 Diagnosis and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors16-10-2020
LSBM100 Managing Information and Technology16-10-2020
DBA8104 Trends of managing international organizations16-10-2020
LC567 Ethical Issues in Health and Social Science16-10-2020
OMGT 5003 Introduction to Operations Management16-10-2020
Mgmt 638 Ethical leadership16-10-2020
EDUC3990 Professional Capability: Policy Theory Pedagogy16-10-2020
BUSA 1305 Operation Management16-10-2020
LC533 Research Methods16-10-2020
ASC110 Promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety16-10-2020
FDN015 Investigations into your Subject Area 216-10-2020
NFS301 Nutrition Literacy16-10-2020
BUSN 5024 : Principles of Financial Management16-10-2020
NR505NP Evidence Based Nursing Research16-10-2020
MKM59 Marketing Metrics16-10-2020
Cmns 1291 Introduction to personal writing16-10-2020
ACC03032 Contemporary Issues in Accounting Theory16-10-2020
WRTG 112 Digital Advertising16-10-2020
REE6306C : Corporate Real Estate Management16-10-2020
Psyc201 Psychology16-10-2020
CIN1001-Innovation and Entrepreneurship 16-10-2020
ENG 325 Advanced Writing for Social Science16-10-2020
NSB305 Leading and Learning For Building Professional Capacity 16-10-2020
MGT2700 Business Research Methods16-10-2020
UMODML-15-3 Managing Organisational Change16-10-2020
ESL 202 English as a second Language16-10-2020
ARCH 2240 Modern Architecture and the Metropolis16-10-2020
290COM-Technology and its Social, Legal and Ethical Context 16-10-2020
FIN 751 Financial Management16-10-2020
LEAD 5410 Leading globally16-10-2020
NR 643 Nursing Assignment with Methodology16-10-2020
HI6027 Business and Corporate Law16-10-2020
Syd4401 urban psychology16-10-2020
LSCM802 Customer and Demand16-10-2020
LAWS7714 Refugees Asylum Seekers and the Law: Rights and Realities16-10-2020
HIST 136 Business and Social Science16-10-2020
IFN507 Network Systems16-10-2020
MAA250 Ethics for Financial Professionals 16-10-2020
FIN 336 Multinational Corp Finance16-10-2020
HI5002 Introduction of Finance For Business16-10-2020
MBA 555 Information System and Business Strategy16-10-2020
BIOL121 Human Biological Science 116-10-2020
ENG101 Reflection Essay Assignment16-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems16-10-2020
CJA484-Criminal Justice Administration Capstone16-10-2020
ECO570 : Managerial Economics 16-10-2020
NSG482 Promoting Healthy Communities16-10-2020
BIO 3309 Advanced Genetics16-10-2020
HIS144-America after World War II16-10-2020
HRM661 : Human Resource Management16-10-2020
PSY 505 Intermediate Research Methods16-10-2020
25624 Financial Metrics for Decision Making16-10-2020
HIS3AEH Australian Environmental History: Gondwana To Global Warming16-10-2020
MKTG1423 Marketing and Society16-10-2020
MWL101 Professional Insight 16-10-2020
MAE 101 Tension Lab report16-10-2020
IBUS 311-Introduction to International Business16-10-2020
NURS 340 A Public Health Nursing Wk416-10-2020
EG5220 Advanced Asset Management and Reliability16-10-2020
NUR329 Public Health 16-10-2020
CORE1010 Introduction to Philosophy16-10-2020
BCOM 231 Conflict Management Assessment16-10-2020
24742 Product Innovation Management16-10-2020
ENGL 1302 Essay about Eugene Bullard - US History class16-10-2020
COMP3760-Enterprise Systems Integration16-10-2020
BAFI1018 International Finance16-10-2020
BUSM4689-Political Economy of International Business16-10-2020
COIT20275 Systems Science and Engineering16-10-2020
NSG 650 Opinion Editorial16-10-2020
BAC41 Management Information Systems16-10-2020
SCMT3410 : Sustainable Supply Chain Management16-10-2020
HA3042 Taxation Law16-10-2020
POIR3220 International Relations of the Middle East16-10-2020
ITIS101 IT and Business Processes16-10-2020
COMP1350 Introduction to Database Design and Management16-10-2020
LAWS19033 Taxation Law and Practice A 16-10-2020
ECON19031 Environmental Economics 16-10-2020
HI5001 Accounting for Business Decisions 16-10-2020
BIT362 Digital Forensic Investigation 16-10-2020
INTM059CL Entrepreneurship: Creating a Business Opportunity16-10-2020
COUN 75 admin and advocacy in CYC16-10-2020
ENG1001 Literature and Composition16-10-2020
Bus 1166 business law16-10-2020
HRMT44004D Leadership Development16-10-2020
EDUC 1100 Introduction to Higher Education16-10-2020
SOSC 1375 Intro to Socio-legal Studies16-10-2020
NURS 201: Community Mental Health16-10-2020
ISEC 3050 Ethics and Law 16-10-2020
COMU 4001 Thesis Proposal Interviews and Content Analysis16-10-2020
MKTG765 Marketing16-10-2020
NUR5209 Education program development16-10-2020
SNPG902 Effective Management in Health16-10-2020
EEET1464 Sensors and Measurement Technology Project : Design a suitable SCC. 16-10-2020
Man1103 Human Resource Management16-10-2020
AMB331 Direct Marketing16-10-2020
SOCI236 – Issues in Crime16-10-2020
BUS509 Stewardship and Governance16-10-2020
OODP101 Object Oriented Design and Programming 16-10-2020
HA2042 Accounting Information System16-10-2020
It 380 IT16-10-2020
GEOG 331 Geography16-10-2020
ACCG350 Financial Statement Analysis16-10-2020
WRTG 112 How have regulations, media exposure and politics affected in migration related and the pro16-10-2020
NRS433 : Introduction to Nursing16-10-2020
ITECH5403 Comparative Programming Languages16-10-2020
BIO 103 biology16-10-2020
HRES2303 Occupational Health & Safety Act16-10-2020
NURBN2017 The Health and Cultural Diversity of First Australians for Nurses16-10-2020
HIST 1302 Article Response16-10-2020
ITECH2305 Analysing the Modern Business16-10-2020
EPSY 5379: Introduction to Educational Research Order homework : Article Critiques 216-10-2020
PUBH 6552 Public Health16-10-2020
CI7250 Software Architecture and Programming Models16-10-2020
Philosophy 325 Bio-Medical Ethics16-10-2020
SYG2000 : Principles of Sociology16-10-2020
ENT 586 Informational Technology for Entrepreneurs and Leaders16-10-2020
Mgt9751 Retail Management16-10-2020
BIOL3410 Trait Environment Relationships in Australian Plant16-10-2020
BUS106 Marketing Principles16-10-2020
ASS007-2 Global Public Health 16-10-2020
ENG 122 English Composition16-10-2020
MGM316 : International Business Communications16-10-2020
BUS 7102 Applied Doctoral Studies in Business16-10-2020
MOD003353 Business Environment16-10-2020
ECE235 –Early Childhood Education and Care16-10-2020
English 1001 english assignments16-10-2020
PSY 1101 Introduction to Psychology16-10-2020
OSH7012 Research project16-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting16-10-2020
NU 646 Adv, Theo.Prac.Contemp Psychotherap16-10-2020
7EC505 Strategic Finance and Investment Behaviour16-10-2020
MIS605 Systems Analysis and Design16-10-2020
HPP 630 Social Justice16-10-2020
Jus 445 ethics in research16-10-2020
BUSM1530 Leadership and Management16-10-2020
Ipbsf20 Intro: Psyc / Behavioural Scie16-10-2020
HLTH405 : Advanced Healthcare Management16-10-2020
SPHE461 Current Issues and Trends in Fitness and Wellness16-10-2020
BIBM 432 Global supply chain Management and Logistics16-10-2020
7AG516 Strategic and Financial Performance Management16-10-2020
POS 2041 Discussion Board16-10-2020
MGMT4450 Negotiation Strategies16-10-2020
AYB219 Taxation Law 16-10-2020
Bus430 business to business marketing 16-10-2020
MN405 Data and Information Management16-10-2020
ENG 216 english assignments16-10-2020
CMGT/557 : Wk 2 - Cloud Computing Presentation17-10-2020
HRM661 Human Resources Strategies17-10-2020
MKT2030 Marketing Research17-10-2020
SPD 550 ELA Lesson Plan - Rationale and Data collection17-10-2020
BUS510 Organisational Learning and Change17-10-2020
FIN4001 Introduction to Finance17-10-2020
SPD 550 Special Education17-10-2020
MGN 423 Contemporary Strategic Analysis17-10-2020
7AG516 Strategic and Financial Performance Management17-10-2020
BCO6008 Predictive Analytics17-10-2020
ECON 3303-001 Economics 17-10-2020
SW 5331: Social Work with Diverse Populations17-10-2020
BM562 Consultancy in Practice17-10-2020
CNA153 Research or Evidence Based Practice Paper 17-10-2020
MT435 Operations Management17-10-2020
BACC3001 Auditing Risk 17-10-2020
INDS-1028 Science In the News 17-10-2020
7COM1079 Team Research and Development Project17-10-2020
COP 1000C : Intro to Programming Concepts COP17-10-2020
CSV1102 Introduction to Social Analysis17-10-2020
HIST1302 Writing Assignment about Eugene Bullard - US History Class17-10-2020
HUMN 6011 Feelings and Empathetic Responses17-10-2020
RES420 Fundamentals of Real Estate 17-10-2020
MMM223 Property Law and Practice17-10-2020
HRMG 602 Human Resource Managment17-10-2020
MSN 560 Transitions in Practice: the role of the AP17-10-2020
HNN 217 Community Nursing Practice17-10-2020
HNCB38 Personal Professional Development17-10-2020
ACCTG 331 Accounting Revenue and Cost Management17-10-2020
NR 505 Evidence Based Nursing Research17-10-2020
CJI 6112 : Forensic Analysis of Trace and Drug Design17-10-2020
MAN6936 Enterprise Architecture 17-10-2020
PSY8114 Co-Occurring Disorders17-10-2020
PSY388 Psychology: Abnormal Behaviour17-10-2020
PSYC681 Cognitive Psychology17-10-2020
ACCT 3005 Auditing Theory and Practice17-10-2020
115212 Fundamentals of leadership and teamwork 17-10-2020
HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise 17-10-2020
COM 5360 : Crisis Communication and Leadership17-10-2020
MKT3125 Service Marketing17-10-2020
MECH5305 Smart Materials17-10-2020
ACCT862 Taxation17-10-2020
DATA4600 Leadership in Operational and Discovery Analytics17-10-2020
MG410 Career Viewpoint17-10-2020
PMBA 6314 : Management in Information Technology17-10-2020
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing Contexts of Ageing17-10-2020
HI6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment 17-10-2020
BSBLED401 Develop Teams and individuals17-10-2020
INR3030 Theory and Practice of Diplomacy17-10-2020
CMST 1650 : Environmental communication17-10-2020
CIS 7008 Technology Project Management17-10-2020
300MKT Advanced Marketing Study17-10-2020
125250 Financial modelling 17-10-2020
BIOL2021 Zoology17-10-2020
UGB161 Introduction to Marketing17-10-2020
BSBWHS501 Ensure a Safe Workplace17-10-2020
BUS8X23 Analysis and Data Science for Managers 17-10-2020
MAPM8700 The Contemporary Global Business Environment 17-10-2020
HA415 : Economics of Policymaking for Health Care17-10-2020
BN109 Web and Multimedia Systems17-10-2020
MTH173 Financial Mathematics Case Study 17-10-2020
HI5003 Economics for Business 17-10-2020
MECH6840 Fluid Mechanics 17-10-2020
COP 4703 Advanced Database Systems for IT17-10-2020
MAN6302 Managing Project Quality17-10-2020
CTEC-1401 : Applied Petrochemical Technology17-10-2020
BRD209 Creativity and Innovation, 17-10-2020
ACCT19062 Intermediate Financial Accounting17-10-2020
BUMGT1501 Management Principles17-10-2020
FIN 561 Investment Decisions: Principles and Practice17-10-2020
115.111 communication in Business17-10-2020
MGT3SHR Strategic Human Resource Management17-10-2020
COMM570 Academic and Communication17-10-2020
RELI 212: Religions of Asia17-10-2020
INTB862 SME in Global Economy 17-10-2020
N491 : Concept and Theories in Nursing17-10-2020
SPHE461 Current Issues and Trends in Fitness and Wellness17-10-2020
BUSM4611 Business Project Management17-10-2020
NU 643 PCFA Adv .Psychopharmacology17-10-2020
BAO2202 Financial Accounting17-10-2020
636 Applied Management 17-10-2020
IDS403 Technology and Society17-10-2020
ODMR6013 Business Research Method and Research Proposal17-10-2020
ACT506 Accounting Information Systems Assignment Information17-10-2020
CPT497 Computer Programming Leadership17-10-2020
BUSS505 Orgnisitional behaviour 17-10-2020
7ENT1069 Procurement and Supply Chain Management17-10-2020
MKT3IMK International Marketing17-10-2020
NR293 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice17-10-2020
PRMGT300 Operations Management17-10-2020
MG411 Introduction to People Management17-10-2020
HI5015 Legal Aspects of International Business and Enterprise17-10-2020
LAW5230 Taxation Law17-10-2020
MG412 Principles of Marketing17-10-2020
NUR222 Health Law and Ethics17-10-2020
BBA 3301 Financial Management17-10-2020
HFS371 Risk Assessment and Management17-10-2020
7COM1067 Information Security Management and Compliance17-10-2020
HI6007- Statistics for Business Decisions17-10-2020
HTH 1301 Medical Law and Ethics17-10-2020
COUN 6361 : Human Sexuality17-10-2020
LSM4226 inactivated vaccines17-10-2020
CHCECE018 Nurture Creativity in Children17-10-2020
CE7013 Estimating Tendering And Procurement17-10-2020
PSYC 353 Abnormal Psychology17-10-2020
MTH211fundamentals of mathematical methods and mechanics17-10-2020
ECCDD201A Mathematics Education17-10-2020
REE6327 Global Real Estate Capital Market17-10-2020
8771 Poverty HIV and Development17-10-2020
Busm4192 Introduction to management17-10-2020
SOC2MIN Mind Madness And Society: An Introduction To The Sociology Of Mental Illness17-10-2020
MGT4242E Management17-10-2020
KF5006 Applied Programming17-10-2020
HUMN 6011 Interviewing and Case Management in Human and Social Services17-10-2020
Bus357 starting and managing a business 17-10-2020
BFA714-Australian Tax Law17-10-2020
ENGT5265 Systems Operations Management17-10-2020
25300 fundamentals of business finance17-10-2020
HI5002-Finance for Business17-10-2020
ECON5506 The Economics of Financial Markets17-10-2020
BAO5524-Professional Auditing17-10-2020
FIN 4324 Commercial Bank Management17-10-2020
BUS338 Global Strategic Management17-10-2020
BPM203 Roles and Responsibilties17-10-2020
EDUC 8050 Research design and methods17-10-2020
FINA3324 Investment Analysis17-10-2020
HUMN 6152 Human Services Administration17-10-2020
HCR 230 Health and Culture17-10-2020
HA1022 Principles of Financial Management17-10-2020
ITECH5404 Business Process Analytics and Change17-10-2020
ACCT602 financial accounting17-10-2020
MT 140 Introduction to managment17-10-2020
ASS071-1 Law Society and Controversy 17-10-2020
CSE100 : Principles of Programming with C++17-10-2020
IT163 Database Concepts Using Microsoft Access17-10-2020
BUS501 Organisational Behaviour and Leadership17-10-2020
SCI 219 Environmental Issues17-10-2020
CSE 100 Principles of Programming with C++17-10-2020
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing17-10-2020
CSE 100 Principles of Programming with C++_17-10-2020
COMPSCI4094 Distributed Databases and Data Mining17-10-2020
CSE 100 Principles of Programming with C++17-10-2020
TLAW 607-Business Law17-10-2020
GEEN1128 Engineering Professional Skills17-10-2020
IFSM 461 : Systems Analysis and Design 17-10-2020
NES8007 Critique of a Project Proposal17-10-2020
ENG10001 Engineering Design and Innovation17-10-2020
HI6026-Audit, Assurance and Compliance17-10-2020
5BUS1156 Business Life Cycle17-10-2020
BUS306 World of Work: Your Pathway to Employment17-10-2020
CNL-500 : Theories and Models in Counseling17-10-2020
MAN206-Managing Change17-10-2020
BUS500 Leadership Theory17-10-2020
BUS605 Business Research Methodology and Data Collection17-10-2020
MN503-Overview of Internetworking17-10-2020
CSB441 Quality Use of Medicines17-10-2020
340B : Drug Pricing Program17-10-2020
BULAW3731-Income Tax Law and Practice17-10-2020
BUSM4558 Work in Global Society 17-10-2020
NSG3NCI Nursing Patients With Chronic Illness17-10-2020
BH072 Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Network Engineering) 17-10-2020
ACW3220-Management Accounting 17-10-2020
EEET2254 Communication Engineering 17-10-2020
CIS3005-N-Information Governance17-10-2020
HI5015-Legal Aspects of International Trade and Enterprise17-10-2020
HA3032 Auditing Standards for Auditors Report 17-10-2020
POPH90066 Women and Global Health17-10-2020
CYB 650 : Innovation in Security Frameworks17-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting17-10-2020
ECON3520 Economics of International Finance17-10-2020
Cst8333 Computer Programming18-10-2020
ORGB 2810 Organizational Behaviour18-10-2020
Mdcp102 Web Design18-10-2020
BADM 107 Business Law18-10-2020
Sosc1510 future of work18-10-2020
PHIL 232 Ethics and Professionalism 18-10-2020
IAF330 Canadian organization18-10-2020
CSE101 Computer science 18-10-2020
ENGL2261 Short Fiction18-10-2020
ENGL2261 Short Fiction18-10-2020
LB5230 Managing Strategic Resources and Operations18-10-2020
PMC115 it project management 18-10-2020
MANU2488 Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics18-10-2020
10197 Health Across the Lifespan: Mental Health18-10-2020
MKT511 – Marketing Management 18-10-2020
POL 201 Quantitative Methods18-10-2020
MAN212 Organisational Behavior18-10-2020
8002MMGT Marketing Management - Masters level18-10-2020
ENCS 282 –Technical Writing and Communication 18-10-2020
PSY1210 Biopychology, Sensation and Perception18-10-2020
BAFI1018 International Finance18-10-2020
POLS4340 Politics of the U.S 18-10-2020
ITECH2301-Network Architecture and Design18-10-2020
ISOL 533 Information Security & Risk Management18-10-2020
HA2042-Accounting Information Systems 18-10-2020
Mk 5213 Consumer Behaviour18-10-2020
BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan18-10-2020
ISEN6906 : Supply Chain Engineering 18-10-2020
HI5001 Accounting for Business Decisions18-10-2020
PO101 Politics Within Borders 18-10-2020
MKT 607 Marketing & Management18-10-2020
COM501 Communication Negotiation and Conflict Resolution18-10-2020
HOS201-Operations and Environment Management 18-10-2020
ADMN 220 Organizational Bbehavior18-10-2020
HSV 515 : Research Methods in Human Services18-10-2020
MKT00150-Global Marketing18-10-2020
BSBLDR801 Lead Personal and Strategic Transformation18-10-2020
LAWS 1001 Business Law18-10-2020
BSBRSK501 Manage Risk18-10-2020
CH 127 Chemistry (Intro) Exam18-10-2020
LSBM200 Digital Marketing18-10-2020
CPSS 300 Working With The Correctional Population18-10-2020
LAW105-Introduction to Business Law 18-10-2020
BUS 1168 Management Communication18-10-2020
NSG2NMR Nursing and Midwifery Research18-10-2020
BBAC502-Financial Accounting Theory18-10-2020
FNCE2000 Introduction to Finance Principles18-10-2020
POLS2520-91 Modern Political thought18-10-2020
MGT526 : Managing In A Changing Environment18-10-2020
SRA 365 Statitics security and risks anaysis18-10-2020
LAW 2003 Commercial Law18-10-2020
HI6007 Statistics for Business Decisions18-10-2020
ACCT20075 Auditing and Ethics18-10-2020
PSYC 490 Cross Cultural Psychology18-10-2020
MATH1000 Introduction to Mathematical Modelling18-10-2020
REE6045 : Real Estate Markets18-10-2020
Mat 1021 Algebra18-10-2020
7722 Professional Practice in IT18-10-2020
BBF302/05 Financial Management and Analysis19-10-2020
BBM102/05 Microeconomics19-10-2020
NUR670 : Leadership in Health Care Organizations Practicum19-10-2020
SCMG 201 excel19-10-2020
PF 711 Personality Assessment19-10-2020
DBFN212 The Database Fundamentals19-10-2020
KIT714-ICT Research Principles19-10-2020
ENG101 Personal Narrative Essay Assignment19-10-2020
NRSG140 Integrating Practice19-10-2020
BUSM1137-Human Resource Development 19-10-2020
BMGT315 Sports & Recreation Award19-10-2020
FIN 336 multinational corp financial19-10-2020
IDS 402 : Final Project Part One Guidelines and Rubric19-10-2020
ENG101 Research Paper Assignment19-10-2020
ACCG3025-Cyber Security and Privacy19-10-2020
1001EHR Work and Employability19-10-2020
FIN4274 Advanced financial decision19-10-2020
BUSM3115 Ethics & Governance19-10-2020
COMP1006 Foundations of Computer Science19-10-2020
HIMA 410 : Using Healthcare Data for Decision Making19-10-2020
ACC6001 Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting19-10-2020
HUMN 6530 Forensic Application in Community Settings19-10-2020
AMU1017 Academic literacies19-10-2020
NUR2204-Acute Care Across the Lifespan B19-10-2020
96735 Fundamentals of Qualitative Research19-10-2020
STC3ICM Issues and Crisis Management 19-10-2020
ACC6002 Advanced Taxation19-10-2020
ACC6005 Strategic Management Accounting19-10-2020
5T5Z0027 Ideas Creativity Entrepreneurship19-10-2020
EEET2254 Communication Engineering 19-10-2020
SCTM-3001 Research Design19-10-2020
BMP3001 Academic Skills and PDP19-10-2020
MGMT3010-Strategic Management19-10-2020
SSWR 302-202 Commnity development19-10-2020
BMP3002 Business in Practice19-10-2020
MEC2304 Solid Modelling19-10-2020
NURSE 4520 community nursing19-10-2020
BMP4006 People and Performance19-10-2020
NIT3202 Data Analytics for Cyber Security19-10-2020
POLS3560-1 Theories: International Political Economy 19-10-2020
4SC010 Social Care Values Equality and Diversity19-10-2020
HI6006 Fundamentals of the Competitive Strategy19-10-2020
HLTH2911 perinatal Nursing19-10-2020
INTL-234 Corporate Social Responsibility19-10-2020
NRS433V : Introduction to Nursing Research19-10-2020
BM628 Corporate Strategy and Governance Management19-10-2020
BAFI3212 Portfolio Management19-10-2020
MATHS 1011 Mathematics IA19-10-2020
MD4099 Individual Academic Essay19-10-2020
PMN605 Introduction of Strategic Project Procurement19-10-2020
MKT 353-Retail Management19-10-2020
INF20012 Enterprise Systems19-10-2020
N491 : Concept and Theories in Nursing19-10-2020
Com3013 Human Resource Managment 19-10-2020
STEC6104 Evidence-based STEM Investigations19-10-2020
BUMGT5977 Innovation and Entrepreneurship19-10-2020
LITT 15586G Sport in film and literature19-10-2020
FIT2100 Operating Systems 19-10-2020
COUN 75 Admin and Advocacy 19-10-2020
LWS075 International Business and Law19-10-2020
EEET2368 Network Fundamentals and Applications19-10-2020
Bio1210 biology19-10-2020
HIST2750 : Critical Trends and Issues in the Contemporary World19-10-2020
HA1020 Accounting Principles and the Practices19-10-2020
IFN631 IT Governance19-10-2020
NURS-135 Contemporary Issues in Nursing19-10-2020
MGM316 : International Business Communications19-10-2020
200737 Marketing Systems19-10-2020
QAC020C156H Data Communication and Network Routing19-10-2020
QAC020C155H Data Modelling and SQL Language19-10-2020
BUS140 Introduction To Finance19-10-2020
EVNT-1000 Arts Foundation19-10-2020
QAC020C155H Data Modelling and SQL Language19-10-2020
PUBH6000: Social Behavioural and Cultural Factors in Public Health19-10-2020
SC200 : Applying Science Day to Day19-10-2020
NRS 451 Nursing leadership and management19-10-2020
ACC8000 Research in Accounting Practice19-10-2020
MKTU9M3-Fundamentals of Marketing19-10-2020
MKTG903 Managing the project19-10-2020
HUMN 8150 Structural Framework: Strategic Planning19-10-2020
RNSG-2160 : Mental Health-Nursing19-10-2020
MGMT 211 Organisational Behaviour and Management19-10-2020
CTEC 1401 the physics of geysers19-10-2020
115212 Fundamentals of Leadership and Teamwork19-10-2020
6NU518 Minor Injuries19-10-2020
MGMT708 organising for the future of work19-10-2020
MGT3046-Managing Change 19-10-2020
TOUR 2006 Marketing For Tourism, Events and Hospitality19-10-2020
NUR3020 Professional Transitions19-10-2020
Eng 1100 Engineering19-10-2020
MGT790 Supermarket Industry19-10-2020
IFN657-Principles of Software Security19-10-2020
UKAF1073 Business Accounting19-10-2020
MOD003486 Managing Human Resources19-10-2020
BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management19-10-2020
ECON1061 Quantitative Analysis19-10-2020
HRM11117 Management and Organisational Change19-10-2020
CJS 251 Introduction to criminal court systems19-10-2020
HAD100-Introduction to Disasters, Humanitarian Aid and Development19-10-2020
INF30015 Knowledge Management & Analytics19-10-2020
7AAD0064 Manufacturing Strategy19-10-2020
MAN201 Fundamentals of Organisational Behaviour19-10-2020
5R4Z0007 Financial Sector Responsibilities and Ethics 19-10-2020
NURS 6201 : Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare19-10-2020
ACC704 Company and Securities Law19-10-2020
HRMD 650 Organizational development and change19-10-2020
ACBUS203A Income Tax Law19-10-2020
MOD003353 Business Environment19-10-2020
BACC3003 Accounting and Financial Reporting 19-10-2020
7COM1068 Penetration Testing19-10-2020
MAN204-Organisational Behaviour19-10-2020
Psy 520 Psychology19-10-2020
SSC120 Titles and Instructions19-10-2020
NUR3101-Primary Health Care in a Global Context 19-10-2020
BIO 103 Psychology19-10-2020
MARK711 Agile Consumer Insight19-10-2020
HI6027-Business and Corporate Law19-10-2020
MGMT 700 MGMT case19-10-2020
7BU505 Sustainable Construction Methods and Materials19-10-2020
ENG1100 Introduction to engineering design19-10-2020
MBAX9132 Intrapreneurship19-10-2020
BUS 600 Scripture as a guide and comfort during a crises19-10-2020
CD121 : Introduction to Professions in Communication Disorders19-10-2020
BSS005-1 Business Practice Explored19-10-2020
FINA 6305 Managerial Finance19-10-2020
MKT303 International Marketing19-10-2020
BUSM3115 Ethics and Governance19-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise19-10-2020
LUBS5826 Operations and Information Management19-10-2020
MBA6140 Strategic Leadership and Stakeholder Management19-10-2020
SC246-7 : Unit 6 Lab Assignment 19-10-2020
MKT600 Marketing Environmental Analysis 19-10-2020
SAP103 Introduction to Welfare Law19-10-2020
IFN557 Rapid Web Development19-10-2020
CE 152 Hydraulics19-10-2020
ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory19-10-2020
MMM132 Management19-10-2020
MITS5003 Wireless Networks and Communication 19-10-2020
MBS546 Business Finance19-10-2020
His 144 U.S. History Themes19-10-2020
NUR3101 Primary Health Care in the Global Context19-10-2020
CTEC-1401 : Applied Petrochemical Technology19-10-2020
NURS 6630 : Psychopharmacology19-10-2020
HS2061 IT Project Management : Footscray Park Lawn Bowls Club19-10-2020
LC561: Race Ethnicity And Migration 19-10-2020
SITHKOP004 Develop menus for special dietary requirements19-10-2020
SYG2000 : Principles of Sociology19-10-2020
ANTH8032 Global Health19-10-2020
ENGG5103 Safety Systems and Risk Analysis19-10-2020
MIS603 Micro services Architecture19-10-2020
HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 19-10-2020
ITAP2003 Introduction to Web Application Development : Rental Company19-10-2020
ITSU2010 Technical Documentation for Software Engineers 19-10-2020
LAWS6096 Work Health and Safety and Law and Policy 19-10-2020
400777 Leadership for Quality and Safety in Health Care19-10-2020
HA2022-Business Law19-10-2020
PHRM1011 Introductory Pharmacy 119-10-2020
MMK280 Brand Management 19-10-2020
NSB204-Mental Health Self and Others 19-10-2020
HA2042-Accounting Information Systems 19-10-2020
CHEM 202 Chemistry Laboratory report19-10-2020
MGMT6012 Management Perspectives19-10-2020
8995 Software Technology 1G19-10-2020
ETS5002 Teacher as Practitioner and Researcher19-10-2020
BE132-Auditing 19-10-2020
BLO5540 Business and Company Law 19-10-2020
NRSG367-Transition to Professional Nursing19-10-2020
MMM241 Entrepreneurship and Innovation19-10-2020
HI6027-Business and Corporate Law19-10-2020
BM564 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship19-10-2020
PSY384 Policing and Criminal Investigation 19-10-2020
BCM4323-Introduction to Management19-10-2020
LC566 Understanding the Work Environment II19-10-2020
EE5527 Network Design and Management19-10-2020
BLO5540 Business And Company Law19-10-2020
HC2112-Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing 19-10-2020
ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory20-10-2020
C07215 Advance Web Technology20-10-2020
7EC503 International Economics for Business and Finance20-10-2020
CO7219 Internet and Cloud Computing20-10-2020
BSS005-1 Business Practice Explored 20-10-2020
QAB020N503A Project Management20-10-2020
MD4042 Leadership and Management20-10-2020
LC561: Race Ethnicity And Migration20-10-2020
BIO355A Human Genetics20-10-2020
POS2041 American National Government20-10-2020
PH 7275 Chronic Disease20-10-2020
HPP 630 Public Health20-10-2020
EPSY 6332: Advanced Educational Psychology20-10-2020
BUSI 313 Introduction to Entrepreneship20-10-2020
BANA 6620 Computing for Business Analytics20-10-2020
NRS 493 Capstone Assignment20-10-2020
ISSC4987 Cyber Security20-10-2020
MIS602 Data Modelling and Database Design20-10-2020
NRSG140 Integrating Practice20-10-2020
MKT202 Marketing Research Plan20-10-2020
1805ICT Human Computer Interaction20-10-2020
HI5017 Introduction of the Managerial Accounting20-10-2020
NURS9124 Advanced Thinking and Communication20-10-2020
HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice and the Law20-10-2020
Mos3313 Finanical Market and Institute20-10-2020
APIC- 2262 Operations Management20-10-2020
Geog101 Environmental Geography20-10-2020
COMS 3407 communication20-10-2020
INFO 6061 Safety Education20-10-2020
BAN 120 Analytics Case Study20-10-2020
BAB100 canadian business20-10-2020
TOUR2201 Introduction to Event Management20-10-2020
MITS5003-Wireless Networks and Communication20-10-2020
Crim252 Criminal Law 20-10-2020
Mgt 3850 Gender, Race and Leadership 20-10-2020
BSBCUS401-Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies20-10-2020
Crim252 Criminal Law20-10-2020
COMP5051 Executive Spreadsheet Apps20-10-2020
TLAW 603-Tax Law20-10-2020
BUSN 304-Working with Diversity and Conflict20-10-2020
ECON 4230 Economics20-10-2020
MGMT1101 Introduction to Management20-10-2020
BUS6057-Business Process and Systems20-10-2020
BADM 107 Business Law20-10-2020
ENG311-Thermal Engineering20-10-2020
LAW1702 Business Law 20-10-2020
MKTG1101-Introduction to Marketing20-10-2020
FINA 1135 Intro to Digital Media I20-10-2020
ISEC650-Computer and Network Forensics20-10-2020
BBAL501-Taxation Law20-10-2020
HNSC3310 Macronutrients and Human Health 20-10-2020
HI6005-Management and Organisations in a Global Environment 20-10-2020
HTR 841 Research and data analysis 20-10-2020
BU1103 Introduction to Human Resources21-10-2020
Bus380 Globalisation and international business21-10-2020
Pol201 political science 21-10-2020
Cs115 Computer Science21-10-2020
MGT2700 Business Research Methods21-10-2020
KINE4710 kinesiology 21-10-2020
ENG250 english assignments 21-10-2020
COMS 3411 communication21-10-2020
EDUC 1100 introduction to teaching and learning21-10-2020
CMPT306 Unity- Computer Scince 21-10-2020
SC/NATS1675 A human development21-10-2020
COMS 3407 communication21-10-2020
ENG100 english literature21-10-2020
WRIT 250 - Writing in Business Contexts 21-10-2020
ENG106 Writing strategies21-10-2020
MM320 Organisational Development and Change21-10-2020
ECO 4214 Issues in the Global Economy21-10-2020
FIN203 Essentials of Financial Management21-10-2020
MBA614 Cross Cultrual Management21-10-2020
MAE 903 Sociolinguistic Perspectives in a classroom 21-10-2020
NURS 4001 Nursing and Midwifery Capstone 21-10-2020
REE6327 Global Real Estate Capital Market21-10-2020
AMOB600 organizational behavior 21-10-2020
HDM 101 Hospitality Management21-10-2020
BUS 1168 Management Communication21-10-2020
Engl103 english literature 21-10-2020
ENG105 English Composition21-10-2020
THE 2180 Introduction to Theatre Pathways21-10-2020
PUBH7016 Applied research21-10-2020
NURBN 2017 Health and of First Australian For Nurses21-10-2020
BUS8X23 Analysis and Data Science for Managers21-10-2020
HLTH415 Leadership in Healthcare Organizations21-10-2020
BUSN304 Working with Diversity and Conflict21-10-2020
PUBH 6335 Public Health Law21-10-2020
HA2022 Introduction of the Business Law21-10-2020
IFSM 461 System Analysis and Design21-10-2020
MGMT 702 Research Methods21-10-2020
ECTPP301A Educational Psychology and Pedagogical Practice21-10-2020
BMP4006 People and Performance21-10-2020
MIS100 Foundations of Information Systems21-10-2020
MKT6800 Digital Marketing Strategy21-10-2020
BEA705 Research Report21-10-2020
MOD006059 Managing Quality in Hospitality21-10-2020
SHR018-2 Human Resource Management 21-10-2020
MBA641 Risk Analysis and Stakeholder Management Plan21-10-2020
SHR016-2 People Resourcing and Development21-10-2020
HA2022 Fundamentals of Business Law21-10-2020
MAR015-2 Intercultural Management in Business 21-10-2020
MANU2488 Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics 21-10-2020
LC564 Citizenship Community and Welfare21-10-2020
MMN223634 Managing Change21-10-2020
217MANSC Project Management 21-10-2020
LC561 Race Ethnicity And Migration 21-10-2020
LC566 Understanding the Work Environment II21-10-2020
MGT10002 Critical thinking in management 21-10-2020
ITS41104 Database Management System21-10-2020
MKT60604 Integrated Marketing Communications 21-10-2020
BBE2212 Venture Capitalist21-10-2020
BBM208/05 Business Ethics21-10-2020
LAW2104 foundation law21-10-2020
MAE 903 Sociolinguistic Perspectives in the classroom 21-10-2020
ICT162 Object Oriented Programming21-10-2020
Ch2107 compu met in biomed eng 21-10-2020
ACCT1054 financial accounting and reporting 21-10-2020
WRIT 250 - Writing in Business Contexts 21-10-2020
BCPT 123 Business Computing basics21-10-2020
CHC53315-Diploma of Mental Health21-10-2020
IBS810 pandemic Coronavirus 21-10-2020
SBM1203-Venture and Project Economics and Finance 21-10-2020
BUS800 Strategic Management21-10-2020
LEGL 320 Law of Business Organizations21-10-2020
ZEIT8302-Project Administration21-10-2020
ICTNWK602 Plan Configure And Test Advanced Server Based Security21-10-2020
Engl103 english literature21-10-2020
TOUR2201 Introduction to Event Management21-10-2020
11181 Relationship Marketing21-10-2020
MGMT703 Ethical Business Management21-10-2020
ACCY130-Accounting for Decision Making21-10-2020
econ205 Economics 21-10-2020
TBUS300 Business Ethics21-10-2020
TOUR704 Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development21-10-2020
EVNT702 Contemporary issues in event management21-10-2020
RES420 Fundamentals of Real Estate22-10-2020
CB9088 Business Analytics22-10-2020
HLTH 469 Health Issues in the Community 22-10-2020
REHB7001 Health and rehabiliation22-10-2020
159100 introduction to programming22-10-2020
CLSY500 Culture & Society 22-10-2020
AMPM600 Project Management 22-10-2020
SENG2250 System and Network Security22-10-2020
30.502 Basic business statistics 22-10-2020
30.502 Basic business statistics22-10-2020
ENVS801 Geographic information systems22-10-2020
COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching22-10-2020
GAST601 prescriptor22-10-2020
301163 Modern Software Architectures22-10-2020
EDU703 effective design and programming22-10-2020
MKT6205T Marketing & Management22-10-2020
D303 mobile development 22-10-2020
DE6202 highway engineering 222-10-2020
HSIP5052 Psychology 22-10-2020
MG6.05/employment relation 22-10-2020
MGMT522: Innovation and Value Creation 22-10-2020
AMRI700 resource integration22-10-2020
PUBH7016 Applied research22-10-2020
COMP810 Datawarehousing and Big Data 22-10-2020
PF711 Personlaity Assessment22-10-2020
COMM707 Media Communication III22-10-2020
COP 4703 Advanced Database for IT22-10-2020
MGT227 Corporate Governance22-10-2020
FIN 534 Financial Management22-10-2020
LAWS86 Commercial Law 22-10-2020
GEN 102 Digital Literacy for Life and the Workplace22-10-2020
ENBU806 Offsite construction22-10-2020
PSY3215 Psych Methods Analysis II22-10-2020
145.216 urban environment 22-10-2020
BUSN5027 Business Information Systems22-10-2020
NU 500 Theory Bases for Advanced Practice Nursing22-10-2020
EGR 7050 Design and Analysis of Experiments22-10-2020
IFSM 461 System Analysis and Design22-10-2020
SPA353 Taxation Law and Practice22-10-2020
HI5017 The Managerial Accounting22-10-2020
ACCT1028 Performance Analysis and Simulations22-10-2020
BUS 600 Communications Management22-10-2020
HI6006 Introduction of the Competitive Strategy22-10-2020
HI6005 Management and Organisations in the Global Environment22-10-2020
LLBQLD006 Law and Ethics22-10-2020
MGT102 Introduction to Management22-10-2020
MAN6CMC Construction Management22-10-2020
ASS033-2 Perceptions and Discourses of childhood22-10-2020
PHIL2007 Knowledge and the Justification of Belief22-10-2020
ME7713 Industrial Operation Management and Resources Simulation22-10-2020
3039EXQ Steel and Concrete Structures22-10-2020
ME7713 Industrial Operation Management and Resources Simulation22-10-2020
MOD003486 Managing Human Resources22-10-2020
MOD003507 Principles and Practices of Marketing22-10-2020
MAR021-3 Topical Practice Units 22-10-2020
BMP6005 The Work and Employment Relationship22-10-2020
MD4099 Individual academic essay 22-10-2020
COM101 Communication Skills22-10-2020
Comm 171 College Communication22-10-2020
Engl110 english literature 22-10-2020
KINS 100 introduction and principles of personal health and wellness 22-10-2020
AS110 Mass Media22-10-2020
PSW053 Cognitive Impairment and Mental Health Issues22-10-2020
Poli1110 political science 22-10-2020
CMNS1290 introduction to professional writing22-10-2020
HOST 1070 Catering 22-10-2020
CMAF1010 Media and communication 22-10-2020
COM3013 professional communication22-10-2020
IBUSS 3511 International Business22-10-2020
stat 429 statistics22-10-2020
LAW513-Corporate Law22-10-2020
LAW2457-Law of Investment and Financial Market22-10-2020
PY-149 Health career assignment 22-10-2020
HND702-Management of Diabetes22-10-2020
AFNR315-Advanced Financial Reporting22-10-2020
ACW3120 Group Assignment22-10-2020
HA2032-Corporate and Financial Accounting22-10-2020
MAT3014 Time Series and forecasting22-10-2020
BUSN3052 Leadership in Business and Society22-10-2020
BBM103/05 Principles & Practice of Management 22-10-2020
CJUS350-Criminal Justice Ethics22-10-2020
PES0024 Essental Statistic22-10-2020
CCB102 Multi Media Design 22-10-2020
ES968 Project Planning and Management Control22-10-2020
HIST222-History of Britain II22-10-2020
Adm 1340 Financial accounting22-10-2020
HLTENN004 Implement Monitor and Evaluate Nursing Care Plans23-10-2020
BIOL1131 Neuroscience23-10-2020
HRM 822 Human Resource Planning 23-10-2020
ECON3530 Labour Institutions23-10-2020
ELCC2301 observation and documentation in earlychildhood development23-10-2020
NUR3606 Contemporary Issues in Nursing23-10-2020
SOC 2390 Contemporary Theory 23-10-2020
ACC 830 Basic bookkeeping Online self study 23-10-2020
Geog210 Geography of Hazards23-10-2020
POLS2520-91 Modern Political thought23-10-2020
STAT251 Fundamentals of Biostatistics23-10-2020
IBUS 4560 International Business23-10-2020
FECM 713 – Sustainable Events23-10-2020
IPC102 Introduction To Professional Cookery Theory23-10-2020
FMS1243 Bachelor of biobiotechnology23-10-2020
LAWS10115 Small Claims Court23-10-2020
Geog210 Geography of Hazards23-10-2020
Biosci 101 biology23-10-2020
HLTH7005 work placement 23-10-2020
TEEDU300-20B Concepts of Learning and Teaching 23-10-2020
AMOB600 Organizational Behaviour23-10-2020
UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World23-10-2020
COMM570 Management Communication23-10-2020
7722 Professional Practice in IT23-10-2020
MARS604 customer behaviour 23-10-2020
TNDY407 Film and Religion History23-10-2020
CNL 500 Theories and Models of Counseling23-10-2020
RLMT500 Reverse Logistics Management23-10-2020
MOSAS2 organisations 23-10-2020
MAR301 Digital Marketing23-10-2020
CIS 375 Human Computer Interaction23-10-2020
TO5203 Hospitality and Gastronomy23-10-2020
BB841 Managing Financial Risk23-10-2020
LSCM 803 Procurement & Supply Management23-10-2020
bx 2174 research report 23-10-2020
ECON201: Intermediate Microeconomics23-10-2020
CP40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction23-10-2020
BM3507 Global Marketer 23-10-2020
INR3030 Theory and Practice of Diplomacy23-10-2020
LEG500 Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance23-10-2020
SBS200 Human Development23-10-2020
BUS210 Marketing Research and Analysis23-10-2020
MBA601 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Business Plan23-10-2020
NURBN2017 Health and Cultural Diversity of first Australians For Nurses23-10-2020
BIOL122 Human Biological Science23-10-2020
NSG2PHN Primary Healthcare Nursing23-10-2020
KIT709 Enterprise Architecture and System23-10-2020
NUR7202 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice23-10-2020
MB221 Strategic Management Case Study23-10-2020
HC1062 Decision Making and the Problem Solving 23-10-2020
REPD 473 Developmental origin of health and disease23-10-2020
MGT 3650 International Management23-10-2020
MGMT 254 Marketing Management 23-10-2020
CMIS 311 Supporting End-User Computing23-10-2020
MGMT1601 Business Law23-10-2020
CUL610-NBC China and the World 23-10-2020
SCH3 chemistry23-10-2020
CJP 2288 Investigative tecniques 23-10-2020
Biol 3120 Immunobiology23-10-2020
CSI4150 Linear Programming23-10-2020
POL3370 Qualitative Research23-10-2020
NSG1201-13 Nursing 2 Foundations of care23-10-2020
BFA713 Audit and Assurance23-10-2020
401195 Health Politics Policy and Planning23-10-2020
SOAD1013 Practice with Individuals23-10-2020
LAN6000 Teaching, Assessing and Improving Writing24-10-2020
MGT 3650 International Management24-10-2020
BUIL1264 Construction Specialisation24-10-2020
COMM -1300 Cross-Cultural Communication24-10-2020
BUSM3115 Ethics and Governance 24-10-2020
ENL1813B communication24-10-2020
LAWS14602 - Residential Landlord and Tenant Law 24-10-2020
MKTG1101 introduction to marketing24-10-2020
NFDN2007 mental health Nursing24-10-2020
CVB304 Chemistry Research Project24-10-2020
Juri3226 US: law and politics 24-10-2020
TEC 400 Technical Communications 24-10-2020
ACCT 356 - Strategic-Competitive Analysis 24-10-2020
Fina248 retirement consultant certificate24-10-2020
MOD003327 Economics for Business24-10-2020
CIS6004 Professional and Ethical Issues in IT24-10-2020
BM563 Operations and Service Management24-10-2020
PGMB136: International Human Resource Management Assessment24-10-2020
BUMKT1501 Introduction to Marketing24-10-2020
BAO5525 Financial and Corporate Accounting24-10-2020
CSI3207 Network Security Fundamentals24-10-2020
SOE11144 Global Business Economics and Finance24-10-2020
ICT 106 Technical User Support24-10-2020
BIS2018 Management Information System24-10-2020
CSC2407-Introduction to Software Engineering 24-10-2020
NRSG265 Principles of Nursing24-10-2020
ENV60001 Environmental Effects Statement Memo24-10-2020
BSS029-2 Strategy and Innovation24-10-2020
SLE254 Genetics and Genomics24-10-2020
BSS028-2 Leadership and Management 24-10-2020
PEH60001 Communicable Disease Control 24-10-2020
2810NRS-Child and Family Nursing Practice24-10-2020
BSS030-2 Planning Careers and Employability24-10-2020
MGMT8054 Managing Cultural Diversity24-10-2020
MOD003345 Operational and Project Management24-10-2020
7204THS-Competitiveness Strategy and Risk Management24-10-2020
ACC3AUD-Auditing and Assurance24-10-2020
IITC001-Introduction to Technical Communication24-10-2020
ECON1082 -International Monetary Economics 24-10-2020
ECON1025-Prices and Markets24-10-2020
SCO103-New Empires:The Reach and Frontiers of the Tech Sector 24-10-2020
BE313-Portfolio Analysis24-10-2020
HRES2401 Employee Learning and Development25-10-2020
BUSI 3703 International and Comparative Management25-10-2020
ANTH-1170 Anthropology in Developing Countries25-10-2020
CMNS 223B communication25-10-2020
HSRV 201 Human Services and social work25-10-2020
BCPT123 Business Computing Basics25-10-2020
COOK-210 Case study 25-10-2020
Trmt398 wine tourism25-10-2020
FNT104 Financial Services Regulatory Landscape and RegTech25-10-2020
DCOM-3100 Data Communications and Networking25-10-2020
2BMM01-Strategic Marketing Planning25-10-2020
SOSC1000 Introduction to social science 25-10-2020
OHSE2740-EOHS Management25-10-2020
MGMT2001 Principles of Management25-10-2020
BCPT 123 Business Computing basics25-10-2020
MGT 2110 Operation Management 25-10-2020
BCO6604 Customer Relationship Management25-10-2020
NUR3101-Primary Health Care in a Global Context 25-10-2020
BEHL1005 Applied Psychology25-10-2020
WS100 Women Studies25-10-2020
NURBN3021-Diverse Populations and Nursing Practice25-10-2020
200905 Australian Competition Law25-10-2020
HUCL1601 Unit coordination skills25-10-2020
SIT720-Machine Learning25-10-2020
Pol201 political science25-10-2020
MAN6302 Managing Project Quality25-10-2020
BUSI 1020 Business Communication25-10-2020
GEOG 2530 Geography 26-10-2020
ECON 1010-Macroeconomics 126-10-2020
INFO 6061 Safety Education26-10-2020
ECON7060-Evolution of Economic Systems26-10-2020
HUMA 4816 Critical review 26-10-2020
GART1510 Effective Writing26-10-2020
Writ 220 English26-10-2020
BUSN4100 Business Research Methods26-10-2020
BAO2204 Management Accounting26-10-2020
AMU3127 Stardom: Celebrity, society and power26-10-2020
BIZ201 Accounting for Decision Making26-10-2020
OHSE3720 law26-10-2020
158326 Software Architecture 26-10-2020
ITC1014 Business Computing26-10-2020
207SE operating system,security and network26-10-2020
BBRC4103 Research methodology26-10-2020
ACF209 Taxation26-10-2020
POLS1202 Introduction to Comparative Politics26-10-2020
HBET1203 English phoentics and phonology26-10-2020
MPU3223 Entreprenuership 26-10-2020
HCA407 Healthcare Policy and Reform26-10-2020
BDEK2203 Introductory Macroeconomics26-10-2020
BAO3403 investement portfolio and management26-10-2020
NUA 367 Population Health Nursing26-10-2020
UCBP 4004 Fundamental of Business26-10-2020
HCA400 Healthcare Delivery Systems26-10-2020
Acc30008 Accounting Theory 26-10-2020
EVEN4464 Engineering Processes26-10-2020
U30291 Data Processing and Visualisation 26-10-2020
FIN3212 Accounting & Financial Management26-10-2020
MGMT 403 Leadership in Organizations26-10-2020
HRM533 Introduction to HRM 26-10-2020
Accy200 Financial Accounting26-10-2020
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology26-10-2020
MGMT 630 Organizational Theory and Behavior26-10-2020
POLS4101 Political Science 26-10-2020
GEN102 Digital Literacy for Life and the Workplace26-10-2020
Bao3403 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management26-10-2020
BAC318 Taxation Law26-10-2020
BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organizational Change26-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems26-10-2020
HI6006 Competitive Strategy26-10-2020
HI6005 Management and Organizations in Environment 26-10-2020
MOD003379 Legal Aspects of Business 26-10-2020
MOD003325 Academic and Professional Skills26-10-2020
COMM11003 Communication in Professional Context26-10-2020
TAL038-3 Managing Safety and Security for Aviation 26-10-2020
MAN6920 Supply Chain Management26-10-2020
INF111109 Security Audit and Compliance26-10-2020
BUS635 Dissertatio26-10-2020
UGB260 Personal And Professional Development26-10-2020
BS7604 Strategy and International Entrepreneurship26-10-2020
BUSM1100 Organisational Behaviour and Management26-10-2020
ACCC5003 Network Operating Systems And Security26-10-2020
ASS007-2 Global Public Health26-10-2020
CI7250 Software Architecture and Programming 26-10-2020
Just303 Canadian Constitution26-10-2020
TOUR 259 sustainablity in recreation 26-10-2020
MKT4012 Customer base26-10-2020
bmgt 203 Operations Management26-10-2020
REM800 Real Estate Industry 26-10-2020
TOUR2204 Catered event26-10-2020
Poli 1100 Politics26-10-2020
NURS432 Leadership26-10-2020
PMC150 finance and accounting 26-10-2020
ECO332 Global Economic Impact of Tourism 26-10-2020
EDU30006 Families Community and Citizenship26-10-2020
ENGL 1106 english assignments 26-10-2020
Eng1100 english26-10-2020
BCPT123 Business Computing Basics26-10-2020
BADM403 organizational change management 26-10-2020
STA201 Scientific Statistics26-10-2020
CGEO793 Geograph of Toronto 26-10-2020
COMM171 College Communication26-10-2020
CMNS 487 Communication26-10-2020
Engl1127 english assignments 26-10-2020
ES8901 Chemical and Biological Pathways 26-10-2020
Abor 1046 Indigenous ways of knowing 26-10-2020
ACC 830 basic bookkeeping 26-10-2020
BUSM4177 Leadership and Decision Making26-10-2020
ITC516 Data Mining and Visualisation for Business Intelligence26-10-2020
mktg1045 market research26-10-2020
ENVS3610 Environmental Impact Assessment 26-10-2020
Bb835 Strategy Readings26-10-2020
CRH607 Health Informatics Research Methods26-10-2020
HR9510 Human Resource Management27-10-2020
NURS6O30 Research and Evidence27-10-2020
BAFI1012 Business finance27-10-2020
SWSP3023 Professional Practice 327-10-2020
BRD209 creativity and innovation27-10-2020
BUS210 Marketing Research and Analysis27-10-2020
CPC105 Care of Persons with a Chronic Condition27-10-2020
BARTS13 Introduction to Graphic Design27-10-2020
EC201 macroeconomics27-10-2020
MA613 Taxation Law27-10-2020
BARTS13 Introduction to Graphic Design27-10-2020
MGMT721 Leadership in Event management 27-10-2020
MGMT902 – Enterprise and information systems 27-10-2020
BBUS504 Economics and Society 27-10-2020
ENME800 Engineering27-10-2020
OHSE 3720 EOHS LAW 27-10-2020
OHSE2640 Hygiene and Toxicology I 27-10-2020
LOG202 Managing Strategic resources & operations 27-10-2020
Buss604 Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability, 27-10-2020
EDUC 7030 Educational Statistics I27-10-2020
Comlaw 201 contract law 27-10-2020
EDUC 8050 Research Design and Methods27-10-2020
115.116 Introduction to Marketing27-10-2020
EDUC 5710: Intro to School Leadership27-10-2020
BMGT315 Project Risk Management27-10-2020
CNL 500 Theories and Models of Counseling27-10-2020
ACCTG 331 Accounting Revenue and Cost Management27-10-2020
AMHS600 Health and safety 27-10-2020
BUS401 International Business27-10-2020
COH 691 Healthcare Inernship27-10-2020
Acc563: advanced accounting theory27-10-2020
ENGL 1302 English Composition II27-10-2020
CX660018 Project Proposal27-10-2020
SUSE501 sustainability leadership 27-10-2020
MS6LB56-International Trade Finance and Investment27-10-2020
162101 cell biology27-10-2020
BUSS506 Business in a Changing World27-10-2020
BS2108-Operations Management27-10-2020
GD1903-7240 International marketing and digital media 27-10-2020
GD2002 international business innovation27-10-2020
BACT105-Business Accounting27-10-2020
BSB52415-Diploma of Marketing and Communication27-10-2020
BUS301-Services Marketing27-10-2020
BMG814 E-Business 27-10-2020
HI5017-Managerial Accounting27-10-2020
QAB020C414A Introduction to Management 27-10-2020
KF6005 Network Technology 327-10-2020
ISIT332-Business Process Management 27-10-2020
CC4057 Introduction to Information Systems27-10-2020
NUR3020 Professional Transitions27-10-2020
KF6005 Network Technology 327-10-2020
ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals27-10-2020
EC3017 Applied Econometrics Coursework27-10-2020
TLAW 607 The Business Law27-10-2020
ACCC5001 Database Management Systems27-10-2020
ASS091-2 Mental Health And Society27-10-2020
CSG2344 Project Methods and Professionalism27-10-2020
BM563 Operations and Service Management27-10-2020
HI5017 Fundamentals of the Managerial Accounting27-10-2020
NRSG266 Principle of Aging Context27-10-2020
HR5051 Employment Law27-10-2020
MGT502 Business Communication Assignment27-10-2020
HR5041 Managing and Coordinating the HR function27-10-2020
BAN 120 Analytics Case Study27-10-2020
Eng-277 English essay 27-10-2020
MGT2700 Business Research Methods27-10-2020
Mgt254 Business Management27-10-2020
NURS1521 Healthcare27-10-2020
FA/DANC3322 dance27-10-2020
Hist 101 History 27-10-2020
Rec 2100 Introduction to leisure27-10-2020
Bus152 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management27-10-2020
HOSP 1101 Hospitality and Tourism27-10-2020
ACCT3000 Auditing Assurance and Risk Assessment27-10-2020
CONS8120 – Quantity Takeoff and Measurement 27-10-2020
BFA605 Financial and Corporate Accounting27-10-2020
Cmn43x business communications 27-10-2020
PRT541 Information Systems Management27-10-2020
MGMT 3030 Global Capitalism27-10-2020
HRMT 621 – International HRM27-10-2020
USS 100 university success strategies 27-10-2020
INDG100 Indegenous People27-10-2020
Educ12375 observation in early childhood27-10-2020
ACCT1971 Business Administration27-10-2020
PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management27-10-2020
ITNET305A Emerging Technologies Security27-10-2020
BIOL124 Human Body in Health and Disease 127-10-2020
PHYS1210 Advanced Physics I28-10-2020
NRSG375 Clinical Leadership28-10-2020
ARTH100.15--History of ARTS: An introduction28-10-2020
EDCX202 Curriculum Decision-Making in the Early Years28-10-2020
COMM-1300 Mass Communication Systems28-10-2020
ECON1340 Business Strategy28-10-2020
PSYC 250 Psychology28-10-2020
BUGEN5930 Business Society and the Planet28-10-2020
ACS3074 Reseacrh Project 28-10-2020
EDTE2480 Key Competencies in Inclusive Education28-10-2020
TAL038-3 Managing Safety & Security for Aviation 28-10-2020
BM564 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 28-10-2020
MP4702 Advanced Materials And Materials Selection28-10-2020
IY4S707 Network Security28-10-2020
BUS020C416A Principles Of Marketing 28-10-2020
QAB020C414A Introduction to Management 28-10-2020
QAB020C407H Business Organisations in a Global Economy28-10-2020
MOD003507 Principles and Practices of Marketing28-10-2020
BMG705 Global Business in Context28-10-2020
FY008 Ways of Learning About the Social World28-10-2020
PSYC 300 Research Methods in Psychology28-10-2020
BUS625 Employment Law28-10-2020
BA 620 Managerial Finance28-10-2020
IT163 : Database Concepts28-10-2020
BB839 Evidence-Based Progress Report28-10-2020
INDE6688 Design of Experiments28-10-2020
401362 Health Services Financing28-10-2020
NURBN3022 Application of Research in Clinical Settings28-10-2020
MBS568 Organisational Change, Management and Consultancy28-10-2020
ACC302 Auditing and Assurance28-10-2020
NUR 210 Nursing Pharmacology28-10-2020
PHI 208 : Ethics and Moral Reasoning28-10-2020
N492 Community Health Nursing28-10-2020
ITC516 Data Mining and Visualisation For Business Intelligence28-10-2020
MKT 607 Marketing and Management28-10-2020
CRJ 461 : Domestic Violence28-10-2020
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance28-10-2020
PSYN226 Social Science Research28-10-2020
3156IBA Applied Business Optimisation and Modelling28-10-2020
NUM2409 Adult Health28-10-2020
AFIN8018 Investments Assessment28-10-2020
DGTL11006 Coding Fundamentals28-10-2020
Trmt398 wine tourism28-10-2020
COMM 3102 organizational communication 28-10-2020
BAFI1029 risk management 28-10-2020
COMM 1100 Foundations of Comm Studies 28-10-2020
APPL26783 Desktop publishing 28-10-2020
Hosp 282 Human Resource Management28-10-2020
HIST1993G understanding canadian history28-10-2020
CJS207 Inclusive Community 28-10-2020
BIOL 3020 Population Genetics 28-10-2020
OUMH1203 English for Written Communication28-10-2020
CBOP3103 Object Oriented Approach in Software Development28-10-2020
FNT102 Privacy Management and Identity Theft28-10-2020
ABCC1103 Introduction to Communication28-10-2020
ABCC1103 Introduction to Communication28-10-2020
BIT303 information technology ethics28-10-2020
FIN203 Essentials of Financial Management28-10-2020
NUR09721 Management of chronic disease 28-10-2020
ICT319 Business Intelligence28-10-2020
BSL202 Workplace Law28-10-2020
TOUR 335 Strategic Management28-10-2020
ECN1180 Microeconomics28-10-2020
HNSC-3220 Food and Nutrition Literacy Education 28-10-2020
ENGL 100 University Level Strategies28-10-2020
GMS402 Intro to Managerial Economics 28-10-2020
MGHB02 Managing People and groups in organisation29-10-2020
PHY256 Quantum Physics29-10-2020
COUN6009 Trauma, Loss & Grief Counselling29-10-2020
COMP.5212 programming 29-10-2020
BMS503 Marketing & Management29-10-2020
DBN508 Leadership29-10-2020
MGT202 Employment relations29-10-2020
ENGEN112 Material science 29-10-2020
ACCT703 Cost Management29-10-2020
MECHENG 751 CAD report29-10-2020
COMP821 Information Security Technologies29-10-2020
HLTH463 Health science29-10-2020
159.234 Object-Oriented Programming 29-10-2020
TOUR711 Travel and Tourism Management and Entrepreneurship29-10-2020
HRM2001S Human Resource Management 29-10-2020
PM600 Project Management29-10-2020
MGT100 Fundamentals of Management29-10-2020
CNCL700 nursing practice 1 29-10-2020
INTB603 Dynamic Environments29-10-2020
DAM 780 Retail customer orientation29-10-2020
DAM761 Managing People and Organisational Behaviour29-10-2020
KINE4710 kinesiology29-10-2020
Cmpt306 Computer Science 29-10-2020
ELCC 105 Child growth and deveolpment29-10-2020
SPHE 314 Physiology Sports29-10-2020
HUMS 202 Choices in a Consumer Society29-10-2020
NUR3634C Community and Public Health Nursing29-10-2020
ICTICT813 Manage ICT Services29-10-2020
MKT574 Strategic Marketing Plan29-10-2020
CYB650 Executive Summary of the Risk Assessment29-10-2020
IDC 5602 Cybersecurity29-10-2020
ENGL 1302 English Composition II29-10-2020
BUSN603 Corporate Governance and Risk Management29-10-2020
HIS144 History Theory29-10-2020
NUR 513 Research Measurement29-10-2020
MIS605 Systems Analysis and Design29-10-2020
HC3152 E Business Applications29-10-2020
ICT 505 Knowledge Management29-10-2020
BIO3821 Food Quality Assurance29-10-2020
LAW 6001 Taxation Law29-10-2020
MBA63 Digital Marketing and Communication 29-10-2020
HI6007 Statistics For the Business Decisions29-10-2020
ECON 1274 Business Statistics29-10-2020
GSBS6003 Globalisation29-10-2020
ICTNWK608 Configure Network Devices for a Secure Network Infrastructure29-10-2020
MGT604 Strategic Management29-10-2020
LAW6001 Taxation Law29-10-2020
7055CLS Research Skills29-10-2020
PSY611 Work and Well-being29-10-2020
ECCDD202A Communication Language and Literacy29-10-2020
BSS030-2 Planning Careers and Employability29-10-2020
MD4058 Research and study skills29-10-2020
NUR1101 Nursing in the Australian Healthcare System29-10-2020
BM563 Operations and Service Management29-10-2020
BM565 Digital Business and New Technologies 29-10-2020
BUS020X645S Accounting For Decision Making29-10-2020
MS70081E Brand Management In Differet Culture29-10-2020
MS70092E Strategic Marketing29-10-2020
BUS649 Strategic Thinking29-10-2020
ACCC5003 Network Operating Systems and Security29-10-2020
CSCI 101 Computer science29-10-2020
GEOG 2270 Geographic Information Systems29-10-2020
CLAS-3756 Letter Writing in Antiquity29-10-2020
ORGB1135 Organisational Behaviour29-10-2020
PSY100 introduction to psychology29-10-2020
BUSI 1210 essentials of management29-10-2020
Busi2800 Entrepreneurship 29-10-2020
Comm-171 communication 29-10-2020
CMAF1010 Media and communication29-10-2020
Geog201 Geography29-10-2020
TRMT398 management of tourism29-10-2020
CJP2293 Organizational Awareness 29-10-2020
KIN170 kinesiology29-10-2020
FNCE 4006 Applied Corporate Finance29-10-2020
HTR 841 Research Methodology29-10-2020
SOC 320 - Sociology29-10-2020
LAWS622 Law of Contract29-10-2020
MMPA510 Auditing 29-10-2020
VAPM101 Introduction to Property29-10-2020
Hosp704 Strategic Perspectives for Hospitality and Tourism Organisations29-10-2020
PSCI 253 Introduction to Public Policy29-10-2020
CMNS 425 Real World” Communication: Problem-Solving Assignment 29-10-2020
POLS2520-91 Modern Political thought29-10-2020
COMM 1106 Introduction to Business and Technical 29-10-2020
BMG708 Business Strategy Management30-10-2020
BUSM3200 Strategic Management30-10-2020
BSHE32003A Falling From Height While Using A-Frame Ladder30-10-2020
OHSE2630 Occupational Health30-10-2020
OHSE2720 Ergonomics for OHS 30-10-2020
BBPW3203 Finance & Investment 30-10-2020
MN3216K Asia Pacific Business30-10-2020
Geog101 Human Geography 30-10-2020
Bbac1014 Financial Accounting 30-10-2020
Law0115 Renovation Work30-10-2020
MOD004054 Healthcare Environment30-10-2020
ASS007-2 Global Public Health30-10-2020
KF7032 Big Data and Cloud Computing30-10-2020
BRG-12 EC1 econmics assignment 30-10-2020
MOD003345 Operational and Project Management30-10-2020
BM5812 - Business Process Management 30-10-2020
BMP3002 Business in Practice30-10-2020
hr 1313 Motivational Theory30-10-2020
RCB20203 Pharmaceutical Technology30-10-2020
BEC 226 E-commerce Company30-10-2020
MGMT 640 Financial Decision Making for Managers30-10-2020
CIS 4620 Fintech: Principles and Applications30-10-2020
ENG 315 : Professional Communication30-10-2020
APC313 Financial Market 30-10-2020
BUS370 Responsible Consulting30-10-2020
CHCECE019 Facilitate Compliance in an Education and Care Service 30-10-2020
MGT810 Leading Innovation and Change30-10-2020
SCS 100 Social Science30-10-2020
MOD003353 Business Environment30-10-2020
NETW 250 Windows Server Administration30-10-2020
ACCG2024 Accounting and Financial Reporting30-10-2020
SHR018-2 Human Resource Management30-10-2020
BSS017-2 Sustainable Business Management30-10-2020
NURS6501N Advanced Pathophysiology30-10-2020
LCBB400 Accounting Fundamentals30-10-2020
NURS 6201 Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare30-10-2020
FYS001-0 Individuals in Society 30-10-2020
MKT306 Marketing Strategy30-10-2020
ITSA 2005-Planning and Implementing Server30-10-2020
HA2032-Corporate and Financial Accounting30-10-2020
ITC556 Database Systems30-10-2020
ENGIN5201-Surface Water Hydrology30-10-2020
MECM90010 Strategic Political Communication30-10-2020
AGRI3003 Advanced Cropping Systems and Precision Agriculture30-10-2020
ACCT20074-Contemporary Accounting Theory30-10-2020
MKT203-Services Marketing30-10-2020
LAW0115-Business Law30-10-2020
BEE2026-Macroeconomics II30-10-2020
MAN703 Revenue Management Model30-10-2020
COMP2350 Database Design and Manipulation30-10-2020
BLAR13040 Building Lifecycle Maintenance30-10-2020
MECH4410-Mechanics of Solids 2 and FEA30-10-2020
NURS1000 Foundations of Nursing Practice30-10-2020
BLW17-Business Law30-10-2020
Engl108 english literature30-10-2020
CCFO1500 Critical care foundations30-10-2020
Comp106 Industry and Career Research30-10-2020
HS 121 Infection control 30-10-2020
Comm-171 communication30-10-2020
SBLC 7008 Managing Human Capital and Entrepeneurship 30-10-2020
AMM5213 Managing Organizational Strategy 30-10-2020
ECEB463 Coronavirus Pandemic30-10-2020
MGF 3684 Business Stratey 30-10-2020
RES70104 Research Methodology 30-10-2020
LW4023 Introduction to Law30-10-2020
AAPP003-4-2 Introduction to Software Engineering 30-10-2020
BAFI 1018 International Finance30-10-2020
MKT6205T Marketing & Management30-10-2020
LAW 2104 Foundation of business law30-10-2020
SOCI10003 Inequalities: Future Challenges30-10-2020
NBNB3623 Bachelor of Science30-10-2020
FIN 322: Advanced Corporate Finance 30-10-2020
TSN301/05 Network Programming 30-10-2020
UKAF1073 Business Accounting30-10-2020
LAW60104 business law30-10-2020
PPB3063 Business Statistics30-10-2020
Eng4u English30-10-2020
BMMK5103 Marketing Management30-10-2020
BF1 101 Principles of Banking30-10-2020
CIQGM700 Strategic Management and Leadership31-10-2020
OUMH1303 english for oral communication31-10-2020
2810NRS-Child and Family Nursing Practice31-10-2020
ENG60104 Computing Applications for engineering 31-10-2020
LA1010/ Criminal Law 31-10-2020
SS21603 Energy resources31-10-2020
CIQGM703 Strategic Change Management 31-10-2020
MEC 60503 Mechanical Engineering 31-10-2020
MAF605 Accounting and Finance for Managers31-10-2020
BBPW3103 financial management31-10-2020
BBEK4203 Principles of Macroeconomics31-10-2020
LAW2104 Foundation of business law 31-10-2020
BBPM2103 Marketing Management31-10-2020
MAT422 Mathematical Proof31-10-2020
CBCT2203 Information Technology31-10-2020
BLB10151-5 Marketing in Practice31-10-2020
COEM546 management 31-10-2020
CSC435 Course Information31-10-2020
MAT 2044 Introduction to Statistics 31-10-2020
BBDM1043 Leadership 31-10-2020
GAM5023 Operations Management 31-10-2020
sos 678 International SOS31-10-2020
COMM1101 interpersonal relationships and communications skills31-10-2020
NURS 333 Nursing assignment 31-10-2020
FINC 421 Financial Analysis31-10-2020
BUS375 Project Management31-10-2020
BSS029-2 Preparation for the Specialist Project31-10-2020
CC6004 Network and Cloud Security31-10-2020
ACCT 310 Cost Accounting31-10-2020
BIO337 Assessed Course work 131-10-2020
BBS003-1 Foundations of Business Communication31-10-2020
GWAR 300 Business Communication31-10-2020
MG410 Career Viewpoint31-10-2020
MOD006060 Customer Service Management for Tourism and Hospitality31-10-2020
AD605 Operation Management31-10-2020
ITS831 Importance of Strategic Planning in Information Technology31-10-2020
ECON 6912 Microeconomic Theory31-10-2020
NRS 493 Professional Capstone and Practicum Assignment31-10-2020
MRKT6310 Marketing Management31-10-2020
FYS001-0 Individuals in Society31-10-2020
HC1072 Economics and International Trade31-10-2020
LAW004-1 Public Law31-10-2020
SHR018-2 Human Resource Management 31-10-2020
BSS017-2 Sustainable Business Management31-10-2020
BSS065-3 Business in Practice31-10-2020
ACCG3040 Auditing and Assurance Services31-10-2020
MIS605 Systems Analysis and Design31-10-2020
CUC100 Oral and Visual Presentation31-10-2020
DAM3040-Arts and Cultural Policy31-10-2020
LAW 6001 Taxation Law31-10-2020
EEET2498 Lab on the Chip31-10-2020
MGMT 800431-10-2020
INF60007-Introduction to Business Information Systems31-10-2020
HI5004 Marketing Management31-10-2020
ACC520-Legal Regulation of Business Structures31-10-2020
SOC20020 Deviance Difference and Conformity31-10-2020
HA3032 Auditing Assignment31-10-2020
IFN644-Network Operations and Security31-10-2020
LML6002-Australian Migration Law31-10-2020
BSBPMG514 Manage Project Cost31-10-2020
MGMT6009 Managing People and Teams31-10-2020
SNPG945 Community Development Nursing: Theory and Practice31-10-2020
ACCT3000 Auditing Assurance and Risk Assessment31-10-2020
EEH315 Teaching Sexuality and Relationship Education31-10-2020
EPID1000 Foundations of Biostatistics and Epidemiology31-10-2020
BUS600 Foundational Skills for Academic Research31-10-2020
D3PM1B Project Management and Attitude Towards Risk01-10-2020
MGMT20132 Innovation and Sustainable Business Development 401-10-2020
2FE107 Accounting Auditing and Control D01-10-2020
MKTG313 Colletz: CD catalogue Website in ASP.NET01-10-2020
SMF3090 Transportation Economics01-10-2020
3028MKT Metrics For Marketing Performance For Racial Minority Neighbourhoods01-10-2020
ITC560 Internet of things01-10-2020
BUS020N521 Business Planning01-10-2020
MKT102 Reduction of Plastic Bag Usage Through Advanced Technology01-10-2020
EVNT703-Commercial Viability of Event Management Products01-10-2020
ENGL 1301 English Composition01-10-2020
H9CGBE : Corporate governance & ethics01-10-2020
MICR1611 Human Resources Metrics and Data Analytics01-10-2020
SOWK225-Disruption of Ethnic Harmony due to Fear of Radicalization01-10-2020
MST124 Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics01-10-2020
BUSI0011 Human Resource Management For Work and Performance01-10-2020
ITC 563 JHC System Design01-10-2020
080608E : International Business01-10-2020
TU836 Property Economics01-10-2020
CS 255 Introduction to Cryptography Assignment01-10-2020
CIS527-Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan01-10-2020
BCH2011 Laboratory Manual01-10-2020
SOCI 1301 Poverty and Its Dimensions For Economic and Cultural Reasons01-10-2020
HRMG 4203 Analysis of Human Resource Management01-10-2020
SCMT319 Global Terrorism01-10-2020
SIXWHS002 Risk Analysis Matrix For the Hazard Consultation01-10-2020
BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management Method01-10-2020
ORG20003-Understanding Employees and Rewarding them in the Workplace01-10-2020
EVNT 702 Event Management01-10-2020
MATH 203 Vartiation in the Use of Tobacco Across Gender For Alternative Hypothesis01-10-2020
MM4513-Corporate Social Responsibility of Exxon Mobil Corporation01-10-2020
L500 Social Work Method01-10-2020
IBU5HRM Human Resource Managment 301-10-2020
ACC203 Managerial Accounting 101-10-2020
BSMAN3009-Accounting for Managers01-10-2020
115SAM Strong Trousers Limited For the Senior Management01-10-2020
ITC561 Cloud Computing 601-10-2020
BUSN221 Real Estate Appraisal 201-10-2020
UGB262-Understand Total Quality Management01-10-2020
LM39 : Sociological and theological study of criminals01-10-2020
HSA535 Applications of Epidemiology 301-10-2020
BUSM3200-Strategic Management of Samsung | Case Study01-10-2020
BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work01-10-2020
COIT20267 Computer Forensics01-10-2020
MGT301-Importance of Organizational Culture01-10-2020
ED 331 Classroom and Behavior Management01-10-2020
PPMP20011 Contract And Procurement Management0101-10-2020
HNN750 Inquiry Into Specialty Nursing Practice01-10-2020
ENGG851 Systems Design and Engineering 01-10-2020
7045IBA Business Plan Proposal For Biotic Axis and Strategic Business01-10-2020
ACC204 Corporate Accounting and Reporting 301-10-2020
AC3059 : Financial Project management 01-10-2020
PSYCH201-Significance of Dreams01-10-2020
2005IBA Comparative Management01-10-2020
SS6P32 Education Studies For the Perceptions and Experience 01-10-2020
PRLG737 Immigration Law01-10-2020
MMH709-Employment Relations for Organisational Effectiveness01-10-2020
MGTP102 Management Principles01-10-2020
HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 401-10-2020
HCS510-Advanced Pathophysiology for Health Professionals01-10-2020
NUR1112 Searching Evidence in Practice Assignment01-10-2020
ICT706 Data Analytics Assessment For Structural Equation Modelling01-10-2020
BBA103 Business Communication For Employee Commitment in Organizations01-10-2020
14CFR Aircraft Flight Recorders01-10-2020
HLSS154 Mind of a Terrorist01-10-2020
HIM 6667 Foundation in Management Information Systems For Patient Data01-10-2020
MIS772 Predictive Analytics01-10-2020
COIT 20268 Responsive Web Design (RWD)01-10-2020
CIS8501 Applied Information Systems Research Project01-10-2020
LAW 401 Company Law For General and Limited Partnership01-10-2020
ICT700 Systems Analysis0101-10-2020
BHM16 Hospitality Service Marketing For the Stores and Supermarkets01-10-2020
AH 275 Art in Context Indian epic01-10-2020
CSE5DWD Data Warehouse Concepts and Design101-10-2020
6CC549 Web Development For Creating Effective Applications01-10-2020
ENVS8000F Masters Dissertation 201-10-2020
PSYC 6430 : Interpersonal skills Psychology01-10-2020
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 01-10-2020
MN504 Networked Application Management For the Wireshark Network01-10-2020
HSH744 Epidemiology 101-10-2020
MENG500 Energy and Society 01-10-2020
MN504 Networked Application Management 201-10-2020
SBLC7012 Research Methodology01-10-2020
OMGT 707 Transportation Systems and LogisticsProcesses01-10-2020
BC3B04 : Corporate Accounting01-10-2020
BIO14 Human Cardiovascular System01-10-2020
FNS40615 Certificate IV in Accounting0101-10-2020
CHCDIV001: Work with diverse people0101-10-2020
BULAW5914 Commercial Law 201-10-2020
BAB 140 Introducing to Financial Accounting01-10-2020
PUBH8475 Advanced Program Implementation and Evaluation01-10-2020
ENG8208 Advanced Engineering Project Management0101-10-2020
ACC102 Fundamentals of Accounting II01-10-2020
PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement 501-10-2020
300597 Master Project 101-10-2020
PPMP20011 Contract And Procurement Management0201-10-2020
NJW10 Human Resource Development 01-10-2020
BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design And Development201-10-2020
HI5002 Finance for Business of Fundamental ratios01-10-2020
BCO1049 Assignment 3 Business Process Modelling01-10-2020
HI6007 Statistics for Business Decision Making 801-10-2020
BMGT5021 Research Methods of Leadership 01-10-2020
SBLC5003 Business Research Methodologies 01-10-2020
MBA502 Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity and Individual Design of a Professional Workshop01-10-2020
SBLC5002 Individual Presentation and Academic Report01-10-2020
NRS222-Reflection on Mental Health Nursing02-10-2020
BUSN2024-Sustainability Practices of Monsanto Company02-10-2020
PGBM12 Financial Management and Control02-10-2020
NUR640-Advanced Pathophysiology02-10-2020
BUS 520 Psychology : Fried Green Tomatoes02-10-2020
DWHP1200-Dimensions of Wellness02-10-2020
MBA 610 Management Information System02-10-2020
MARK101-Market Segmentation Techniques of Uber02-10-2020
BSBINN502 Build and Maintain an Innovative Learning Environment02-10-2020
MN604 IT Security Management02-10-2020
2860 : Unilever Study Case 02-10-2020
HA3042 Taxation Law Assignment Method02-10-2020
SPMG421-Sport and Condition Science into Practise 02-10-2020
NL21 Business Economics02-10-2020
PGBM03-Operations Management of IKEA02-10-2020
IMAT 5209 Human Factors in Systems Design02-10-2020
FNSCU 5505 Diploma of Financial Planning 02-10-2020
ITS 630 Organization Leadership and Decision Making02-10-2020
BUMGT2606-Importance of Motivation on the Workplace02-10-2020
BUSM143- The Development of Crypto-Currencies02-10-2020
MTH410 Probability Distribution Application: Hockey02-10-2020
ENRP20001 Engineering research project planning102-10-2020
MGT602 Reflective Responses on the Statements of the Students02-10-2020
HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities02-10-2020
BUS3050-Fundamentals of Organization Communication02-10-2020
HES6793 Construction Law02-10-2020
NUR4455 Nursing Assignment02-10-2020
PPMP20012 Program And Portfolio Management Information0103-10-2020
MGT 209 Women with Mental Illness in Los Angeles03-10-2020
QCH527 Reflection Assignment03-10-2020
ACC3015 Accounting and Finance for Managers03-10-2020
ENG 102 English Composition and Writing Assignment03-10-2020
FNCE2121 Financial Management03-10-2020
BIBL105 : Biblical Studies03-10-2020
BUSI 2113 Operations Management: Hard Rock Cafe03-10-2020
NURS1002 Assessment 4 Communication & Reflection03-10-2020
HIMT 310 Health Care Systems03-10-2020
COMMGMT7001-Business Communication03-10-2020
PUBH8475 Advanced Program Implementation And Evaluation103-10-2020
BUACC5932-Corporate Accounting03-10-2020
ENG8208 Advanced Engineering Project Management System03-10-2020
STT100 Statistics for Business03-10-2020
NIT1104: Computer Networks03-10-2020
ACC518 Current Developments In Accounting Thought03-10-2020
SM550 Creative Business Planning03-10-2020
HN144-Human Behavior and the Environment03-10-2020
HC1041 IT for Business0103-10-2020
ITECH3301: Electronic Commerce Systems and Technologies03-10-2020
ENGT5220 Low Impact Manufacturing03-10-2020
ITECH7406 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing System03-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting03-10-2020
HMS0003-Health Safety and Environment 03-10-2020
BUSS 1602 Cost Accounting03-10-2020
SOWK 260 : Reflective paper on self- help group03-10-2020
MN604-IT Security Management Report03-10-2020
CME306 Construction Planning and Scheduling03-10-2020
BSBADM504 Plan and Implement Administrative Systems03-10-2020
1203AFE Money, Banking & Finance03-10-2020
ENCIV7060 Road and Traffic Engineering03-10-2020
IFP020B013S-Quantitative Methods03-10-2020
BUECO5903 Business Economics and Statistics03-10-2020
PPMP20012 Program And Portfolio Management Information2203-10-2020
ACT505-Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues03-10-2020
NURBN1005 Introduction to Research & Evidence-Based Practice03-10-2020
MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communications103-10-2020
WMGM102-Principles of Management 03-10-2020
COIT20265 Networks and Information Security Project03-10-2020
HI5002 Finance for Business 603-10-2020
ACCT20074 Final Assignment03-10-2020
ECON1110 : Economy of Australia03-10-2020
7928IBA Cross Cultural Management03-10-2020
NRS312 Essential Nursing Care: Managing the Deteriorating Patient03-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues 403-10-2020
NUR721 Research Proposal Template03-10-2020
BN107 : Multimedia Systems03-10-2020
MN503 Overview of Internet working103-10-2020
H508 Management Accounting03-10-2020
HA2032 Corporate & Financial Accounting 03-10-2020
RELS201-Jews Christians and Muslims03-10-2020
FIN3CSF Case Studies in Finance03-10-2020
HIST340-19 Century Europe03-10-2020
CRJ502-Criminology and Criminal Justice03-10-2020
BCO6185 Mobile and Executive Computing development03-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems03-10-2020
FIN200 COrporate Financial Management 303-10-2020
ACC200 Effervescent Tablets 03-10-2020
MBA641 Strategic Project Management 203-10-2020
CPC40110 : Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)03-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting 803-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research Project 603-10-2020
ACCT204 Management Accounting03-10-2020
BN202 Internetworking Technologies 203-10-2020
00219C : Consolidated Portfolio03-10-2020
PPMP20010 Executing and Closing Project Assignment03-10-2020
BUACC5937 Information Systems Design and Development for Accountants03-10-2020
CEE 102A : Construction Management03-10-2020
MKT303 International Marketing 203-10-2020
ITC 506 Information Technology Ethics03-10-2020
QU018328 Interpersonal Skills03-10-2020
IT190M3 System Software03-10-2020
BSBLDR501 Develop Emotional and Use of Emotional Intelligence03-10-2020
PHIL1101 Introduction to Philosophy03-10-2020
200432 Commercial Law 203-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory Current Issues and Its Implications03-10-2020
IHP 510 Module Six Worksheet03-10-2020
BMGT5021 The Leadership Project:03-10-2020
HG67-Aviation Management | Teamwork Across Organizational Boundaries04-10-2020
NIT6130 Introduction to Research Management04-10-2020
PACC6002 Auditing and Assurance Services04-10-2020
MKT302-Digital Marketing Strategy for the Brand04-10-2020
7101ICT Professional Issues in Computing For Ethical Factors04-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business04-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting04-10-2020
CIS212 : Network Security04-10-2020
CSE34 VIS Visual Information Systems For Eigenface Techniques04-10-2020
LB5229 Economics for a Sustainable World0104-10-2020
BAO6714-Computerized Accounting in ERP04-10-2020
COIT20267 Computer Forensics 204-10-2020
MN601 Network Project Management Plan04-10-2020
HAT202 Hospitality and Tourism Market 04-10-2020
BUSS5065 Managing Change04-10-2020
ARBE1306-Construction Management Fundamentals04-10-2020
ACC701 Accounting Financial204-10-2020
COIT20250 E-Business Systems technologies04-10-2020
LST2LBA: Law Of Business Association04-10-2020
BUS700-Macroeconomic Performance of Australia04-10-2020
ICT221 Java Programming Assignment04-10-2020
HI5002 Finance for Business of Debt Ratios04-10-2020
MN603 Wireless Networks and Security 204-10-2020
HRMT 3125 EMPLOYMENT LAW04-10-2020
MD4044 Thinking Out of the Box For Evaluation and Curiosity04-10-2020
BUS203-Business Law and Ethics04-10-2020
MGTS7604 Human Resource Management and Remuneration04-10-2020
ITECH2250 Developing a Customized Finance Application04-10-2020
MJD-ECNSM : Economics Assignment04-10-2020
PSYCH 1 Introduction to Psychology04-10-2020
HPRS2301 Pathophysiology | The Clinical Testing Conducted for the Child04-10-2020
ICA60315 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology04-10-2020
ICT700 System Analysis For the Dynamic Software Development Method04-10-2020
MOD003319 Business Finance Management04-10-2020
PUBLG001 Public Management Theories and Innovations04-10-2020
ACC5AAS Advanced Auditing and Assurance For Vectus Biosystems04-10-2020
BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy 304-10-2020
BG007 Project Management Method04-10-2020
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance04-10-2020
TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development04-10-2020
SBM4304-IS Security and Risk Management Report04-10-2020
NIT6130 Introduction to Research data04-10-2020
77-703600 Research proposal and application for ethics approval 04-10-2020
ECON 121 Economics For Monetary Base and Demand Deposit04-10-2020
BUS107 Commercial Law Assignment04-10-2020
ECO2104 Principles Of Macroeconomics04-10-2020
HI5017-Managerial Accounting Report04-10-2020
CSP 649 Case Conceptualization For Mortality, Personhood and the Paradox04-10-2020
MBA502 Cultural Intelligence and Diversity 04-10-2020
CSI5212 Network Security Fundamentals04-10-2020
MN503 Overview of Internetworking Design05-10-2020
PPMP20013 Project Management For Operators105-10-2020
N107 : Project management05-10-2020
BIT503 Cyber Security System05-10-2020
BLO5540 Business and Company Law05-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting05-10-2020
HGE401 Hotels and the Guest Experience description05-10-2020
ICTPMG804 Evaluate and Use Telecommunications Management Networks05-10-2020
LD52 : Employee Engagement05-10-2020
ISY2001 System Analysis and Design05-10-2020
AN58G Security Features05-10-2020
CRSE108 Corporate Responsibility and Ethics 205-10-2020
COIT20247 Database Design and Development0205-10-2020
PGBM15-Marketing Management | Business Expansion of Yum05-10-2020
CBE6581 Business Economics05-10-2020
BUS130 Statistics Assignment05-10-2020
BUS703 Managing Research0105-10-2020
COMP8761 Object Database For the DreamHome Hotel05-10-2020
ICT80011 Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology05-10-2020
ECO511 Economics for Business (8)05-10-2020
BUMGT2621 Business Communications05-10-2020
BCO3447-Information Systems Project05-10-2020
SOC 955 The Era of 1920S05-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues in world05-10-2020
HA1011 Applied Business Statistics For the Training and Recruitment05-10-2020
BAO1101 Accounting for Decision Making05-10-2020
BUS708 Statistics and Data Analysis0205-10-2020
CST617 Talent Management | Unilever Case Study05-10-2020
ITEC466 Information Assurance Management05-10-2020
7COM1066-Information Security Management and Compliance05-10-2020
N420 : Contemporary Issues in Accounting05-10-2020
B991 Health and Social Care05-10-2020
ITECH5404 Business Process Analytics And Change 205-10-2020
BUSN20019 Professional Project For Individual Tax Payers in Australia05-10-2020
LST5CCL-Company and Commercial Law05-10-2020
HC2091 : Business Finance 05-10-2020
SNPG962: Promoting Clinical Excellence05-10-2020
PPMP20014-Complex Project Management05-10-2020
ICT700 Systems Analysis Method05-10-2020
MN507 Software Engineering For Online Accommodation Booking System05-10-2020
CST617 Talent Management | Nurse Leader Influences05-10-2020
PUR6616 Corporate Reputation Management05-10-2020
EMDV8008 Research Proposal 205-10-2020
BG007 Project Management Assignment05-10-2020
MEC461 : IC Engines, Mercedes Progress Report 05-10-2020
MMSL6000-Values and Beliefs in Relation to Leadership05-10-2020
EECT056 Oil and Gas Management05-10-2020
PGBM15 Marketing Management Assessment05-10-2020
N110 International Business and Foreign Trading05-10-2020
B6022 Business Analytics 205-10-2020
MRK101 Introduction to Marketing 305-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting 505-10-2020
HI6007 Statistics And Research Methods For Business Decision Making 05-10-2020
GN51 : IT for Business05-10-2020
TNE80006 Secure Networks For the Network Administration Purpose05-10-2020
ACC211 Business Finance05-10-2020
BE301 Design Of Gsm Cellular Mobile Radio Base Station Network05-10-2020
AAF040-6 Financial Markets and Portfolio Management05-10-2020
MANG1014 : corporation and commercial law 05-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting sections05-10-2020
NSAB541B23 Integrated Marketing Communications For Target Markets05-10-2020
INT0028 Study Skills | Introduction of the Basic Income Within the Country05-10-2020
NURS1102-Primary Health Care05-10-2020
5UIN02 Organizations HR Business Practice Analysis For Career Management05-10-2020
BN205 Project Management05-10-2020
IMAT 5209 Human Factors in Systems Design For Amazon Website05-10-2020
ITNE2005 Develop a security Infrastructure for a Medium-Size Network05-10-2020
COML 203 Business Law For the Commercial or a Domestic Agreement05-10-2020
ICT705 Data and System Integration 205-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues 505-10-2020
PROJ6004 Veterans Treatment Courts For Royal Adelaide Hospital05-10-2020
BE202 Local and Wide Area Network Technologies05-10-2020
BO1BLAW204 Business Laws For Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Ltd05-10-2020
N202 Management and Leadership05-10-2020
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting 1005-10-2020
HRMT310 Occupational Health and Safety 205-10-2020
BUS5BIM Business Information Systems Management 205-10-2020
NIT6110 Advanced Wireless network05-10-2020
CO1851 Practitioner Skills05-10-2020
HUCL1301 Fundamental or Medical Order05-10-2020
HI6028 Taxation Law describe05-10-2020
NUR3299 Transition to Professional Practice05-10-2020
BSBWOR301 Organize personal work priorities and development05-10-2020
8SK020 Leadership and Change, Leadership Skills, Strategic Management05-10-2020
MGT4230-International Business Management05-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting and IFRS05-10-2020
ENGG5812 : Project Delivery Approaches05-10-2020
IHP 510 Module Six Worksheet 205-10-2020
ACCG923 : Accounting Standards and Practice05-10-2020
BULAW1503 Commercial Law 05-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting and IFRS Implications05-10-2020
MAT10251 Statistical Analysis Project0205-10-2020
BLO1105-Business Law | Case Study05-10-2020
BCO5501-Importance of Business Process Engineering in the Organisation05-10-2020
NUR345 Transition to Practice 105-10-2020
ACC204 Corporations Law05-10-2020
MGT723 Research Project 05-10-2020
U22408-Strategic and General Management05-10-2020
STAT20029 Statistics For the TPG Telecom Limited Company05-10-2020
BUS600 Economics for Business05-10-2020
ACC707 Advanced Financial Accounting For Key Audit Matters05-10-2020
AFNR315 Advanced Financial Reporting Accounting05-10-2020
AM5107 Organisation and Management05-10-2020
TM_JC1 : Criminal justice05-10-2020
FIN3CSF Independent Expert Report For Investment in Santos Limited05-10-2020
CIV2773-Construction Project Management05-10-2020
ITECH2250 IT Project Management Techniques Technology05-10-2020
ITECH7406 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing05-10-2020
QMTH104 Quantitative Methods105-10-2020
MMK280-Channel and Brand Images05-10-2020
LTM 311 Tour Operations Management05-10-2020
BN203 Reflective Report For Networking Fundamentals and CCNA Security05-10-2020
LST5CCL : Company and Commercial Law05-10-2020
ITECH 2201 Cloud Computing05-10-2020
ICT706 Data Analytics05-10-2020
BUECO5093 Business Economics For Structural Unemployment and Policymakers05-10-2020
BG012 Developing Better Teams05-10-2020
HI5004 GMP Paper05-10-2020
COIT2024 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology05-10-2020
MEC2402 Stress Analysis05-10-2020
MKTG332-International Marketing | Market Expansion of Zokoko 05-10-2020
ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice For the Sustainable Development05-10-2020
MN506 Training and Development : ADDIE Model05-10-2020
SOC 352 : Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 05-10-2020
LAW514 Law of Negligence05-10-2020
7IB005-Managing Across Borders05-10-2020
PUBH 6555-002 Topics in Health Economics05-10-2020
ACCG950 Contemporary Accounting05-10-2020
BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans System05-10-2020
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects05-10-2020
WPDD202 Webpage Design and Development Method05-10-2020
BO1BLAW204 Business Law For Legal Intention, Consideration and Capacity05-10-2020
ICT701 Relational Database Systems0205-10-2020
MN405 Database and Information Management05-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research0306-10-2020
ISY3001 E-Business Fundamentals and Systems Services06-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting0306-10-2020
NURS1103 Clinical Nursing Practice 2 06-10-2020
BIT415 Project Management06-10-2020
HA1022 Principals of Financial06-10-2020
ISY2004 Information Systems Project Management Report06-10-2020
49309 Quality Planning and Analysis For the English Training06-10-2020
IBUS50007-International Culture and Communication06-10-2020
HBH440079 Understanding and Evaluating The Evidence06-10-2020
BN202 Internetworking Technologies 306-10-2020
ACC707 Auditing, Assurance and Services Assignment06-10-2020
ACC331 Auditing And Assurance Services06-10-2020
MGT501 Effective Planning Tools for Managing Accounts06-10-2020
MST124 Essential Mathematics06-10-2020
NUR504 Summary of the Research Nurshing06-10-2020
NBS8074 Global Perspectives on Human Resource Management06-10-2020
HI5003 : Economics Assignment06-10-2020
CSI3207 Network Security Fundamentals06-10-2020
COIT20246T ICT Services Management For Meltdown Processor Security Flaws06-10-2020
ICTSUS501 Implement Server Virtualisation for a Sustainable06-10-2020
HIMT 370 Design the Perfect Healthcare System06-10-2020
7928IBA-Cross-Cultural Management | Report06-10-2020
U22408 Enginuity Management Software For Capital Base and Business Strategy06-10-2020
CMN6020 Ethical Issues in Organizational Communication06-10-2020
CS302 Software Design06-10-2020
300487 Mechatronic Design major Project06-10-2020
ACCT868 Financial and Managerial Decision Making For Stakeholders 06-10-2020
AGEC 1003 Introduction to Agricultural Business 06-10-2020
BMO6630 Business Research Methods0206-10-2020
CIS5200 Professional Skills for Systems Criteria06-10-2020
ACCT20074 : Classical Political Economy Theory06-10-2020
MGT723 Carbon Disclosure For Standard Deviation and Variance06-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research and Analyses06-10-2020
7117IBA Business Intelligence Systems 206-10-2020
BISM2202 Business Information System06-10-2020
MHC607 Business Research Methods06-10-2020
MRKT19031 Consumer Behaviour | Car Purchasing Decisions06-10-2020
ACT204 Financial Accounting06-10-2020
MGTS7603 Strategic Human Resource Management 206-10-2020
MME 80003 Asset Management Decision Making For Power Production06-10-2020
INF8001-Advanced Business Analysis06-10-2020
ACC707 Auditing, Assurance and Services Individual Assignment06-10-2020
MD4044 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice For Technology and Innovations06-10-2020
BUS424 Investments06-10-2020
ACCTING7023-Understand Advanced Financial Accounting 06-10-2020
ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution 0106-10-2020
IMAT5211 E Commerce System For Research Plan and Methodology06-10-2020
HLTH518-Application of Clinical Pharmacology Principles06-10-2020
L250 International Relations06-10-2020
BN208 Analyse Network Performance For Wireshark Network Monitoring06-10-2020
MGB305 Accounting and Finance06-10-2020
BIBM 789 Accounting Research Project For Research Objectives06-10-2020
PGSP11300-Foreign Policy Analysis06-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting06-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting06-10-2020
HC2121-Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Report06-10-2020
ACC511 Managerial Finance For the Capital Budgeting Tools06-10-2020
ITECH1102 Application Layer For Cloud Based Architecture and Network Protocols06-10-2020
LA017510 Childcare For Personal Philosophy Statement and Long Term06-10-2020
ITC505 ICT Project Management06-10-2020
COMP3740 Project Work in Computing06-10-2020
BAO2001 Standard Deviation of Corporate Finance 06-10-2020
STAT20029 Statistics for Managerial Decisions206-10-2020
BN204 : Database Technologies06-10-2020
HAT301 Attraction and Event Management0106-10-2020
PPMP20008 Initiating and Planning Projects 206-10-2020
ITECH1103 Big Data and Analytics 606-10-2020
ACCG950-Contemporary Accounting Practice06-10-2020
ENEG20001-Australian Engineering Practice and Skills06-10-2020
ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory for Research and Practice. 06-10-2020
HUM1020 Introduction to Humanities06-10-2020
BUS233-Micro and Macro Economics06-10-2020
BUS104-Introduction to Marketing | Marketing Aspects of Body Shop06-10-2020
ALR733 - Advertising Theory and Practice06-10-2020
HI5020-Financial Statements Analysis of Wesfarmers Limited06-10-2020
STA 101L Data Analysis and Statistical Inference06-10-2020
PA301 Corporate Financial Management06-10-2020
MGMT1601 Business Law06-10-2020
LAW 101 BUSINESS LAW06-10-2020
HI5003 Economics for Business06-10-2020
M780 Master of International Accounting06-10-2020
CSCT 0110 : Employability Skills 06-10-2020
ICT110 Introduction to Data Science06-10-2020
CLWM 4000 Business & Corporations Law Assignment 06-10-2020
B991 Health and Social Care 206-10-2020
HC1041 Information Technology for Business 206-10-2020
FNSACC504 Prepare Financial Reports for Corporate Entities06-10-2020
MGT5ARP Advanced Remuneration And Performance Management 306-10-2020
N300 : Corporate Finance and Reporting06-10-2020
ICT706 Machine Learning06-10-2020
MAN7AIM : Analysis of Market Environment 06-10-2020
3002111 Bachelor of Information Technology 06-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting06-10-2020
N122 : Global Management06-10-2020
MAN6304 Project Leadership06-10-2020
BFA506 Business Law06-10-2020
2315THS Event Marketing and Sponsorship06-10-2020
ACC610 Strategic Management Accounting06-10-2020
ITSU1003 IT Professional Practice 206-10-2020
ACC200 Introduction to Management Accounts06-10-2020
NUR2320-Nursing Ethics and Legal Issues06-10-2020
BBM 203 Business Statistics For Expenses Per Week of the Students06-10-2020
ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice For Future Generation06-10-2020
MEM501-Project Management | Aspects Related to the Term Negotiation06-10-2020
SEB711 Managing and Developing Innovations For Market Research06-10-2020
PPMP20008 Lessons Learnt Presentation06-10-2020
PUBH8475 Advanced Program Implementation And Evaluation206-10-2020
KIT203-ICT Project Management and Modelling Report06-10-2020
TLAW202 Corporations Law06-10-2020
7001ENG Research Methods for Engineers206-10-2020
NUR201 Medical Surgical Nursing II06-10-2020
MN692 Network Intrusion Detection System06-10-2020
SPC1315-Fundamentals of Public Speaking06-10-2020
HI5002 Finance for Business For Renu Energy Limited06-10-2020
COIS12036 Human Computer Interaction206-10-2020
E91 : Mental Health - Bipolar Disorder Stigmas06-10-2020
BUS104 Introduction to Marketing For Apple Inc American International Company06-10-2020
MGMT20143 Think Big | Electric Guitar Pedal Board06-10-2020
THH3113 Cost and Performance Management for Tourism and Hospitality06-10-2020
MBA401 People Culture And Contemporary Leadership1006-10-2020
IMAT 5209 Human Factors in Systems Design evaluation06-10-2020
BSNS7730-Sustainability Strategy of Westpac06-10-2020
MIS772 Predictive Analytics1206-10-2020
MNG 93217 Industry Research06-10-2020
ENEG20001-Engineering Professionalism in the Australian Contexts06-10-2020
NIT3274 IT Business Solution For Marketing Planning and Online Community06-10-2020
COIT20249 Professional Skills in Information Communication06-10-2020
BM202-The Role of Motivation in Understanding Organisational Behaviour06-10-2020
LGST101 BUSINESS LAW06-10-2020
MLC301 Business Law06-10-2020
PRM701 Project Management Principles For Defects and Inefficiencies07-10-2020
IMAT 5211 E Commerce System07-10-2020
BM7913 Performance Management Reviews07-10-2020
BLO5540 Business and Company Law107-10-2020
BBAC501 : Management Accounting07-10-2020
UZWSVS203 Identifying and Managing Exacerbations in COPD07-10-2020
HA3032 Auditing | Financial Statement Analysis of Amani Gold Limited07-10-2020
MGMT1601 Business Law : Tort Assignment07-10-2020
MKT306 Strategy Management Of Human Resources07-10-2020
ENC 3241 Technical Writing07-10-2020
CS5052-Professional Issues Ethics and Computer Law07-10-2020
BAO5522 Managerial Accounting For Analysis and Reporting Company07-10-2020
LIDA100: Annotated Bibliography Assignment07-10-2020
BUS107 Commercial Law0307-10-2020
HR5001-Managing a Global and Diverse Workforce07-10-2020
SMB3206 Project Management For Custom Woodworking Company Ltd07-10-2020
PPMP 20008 Education Hub Management07-10-2020
MB0053 Strategic International Business Management07-10-2020
MGT601 Dynamic Leadership For Strengths and Personality Preferences07-10-2020
WACO1002-Academic Communication in Science07-10-2020
6FFLX014 Human Rights Law07-10-2020
BCOM101 Business Communication0107-10-2020
41660 Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations07-10-2020
CNA253 Clinical reasoning 07-10-2020
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law For Common and Statute Law07-10-2020
B01SYAD310 Systems Analysis and Design107-10-2020
BUS600 Finance for Business07-10-2020
HC1041-Impact of IT on Business Operation | Case Study07-10-2020
ACC544 Decision Support Tools for Accounting and Finance07-10-2020
ACCT 7020 Financial Reporting07-10-2020
ECON20020 Economic Policy Frameworks and Markets For Australian Economy07-10-2020
LAWS 312 : Equity and Succession07-10-2020
MNGT4780 Strategic Management07-10-2020
B01AUDT317 Auditing Assignment07-10-2020
HES6793 Construction Law For Waltons Stores Interstate Ltd v Maher07-10-2020
PNUR124 Practical Nursing Theory 207-10-2020
PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management107-10-2020
MHC607 Business Research Methods 207-10-2020
MN621 Advanced Network Design Assignment07-10-2020
EPM5600 Principles of Project Management107-10-2020
BUACC5932 Corporate Accounting For Core business of Qantas Airways07-10-2020
MNG81001 Management Communication07-10-2020
BNV6115 Honours Research Project 07-10-2020
BEAM071 : Advanced Corporate Reporting07-10-2020
MKT521 Marketing Analytics For Thunder Bolt Development LLC 07-10-2020
PE7003 The Business Environment 207-10-2020
CHM601 Marketing Plan Template07-10-2020
BSD113 Economics | Demand and Supply Model for the Australian Economy07-10-2020
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources07-10-2020
ISYS1055 Database Concepts07-10-2020
VTP299 Emerging Leadership Development07-10-2020
CO4509 Computer Security0207-10-2020
ACC707-Reporting of Key Audit Matters07-10-2020
MGMT2102 Managing Across Cultures07-10-2020
MSP200 Building Enterprise 207-10-2020
BO1COAC318 Corporate Accounting07-10-2020
B1317A Marine Biology07-10-2020
ETEN6000 Control Systems07-10-2020
ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice For Learning Skills07-10-2020
GRAD 695 Masters in Project Management07-10-2020
ACCT 2503 Accounting Information System07-10-2020
ENGL1301 Rhetorical Self Analysis For Perceive Technology in the Current World07-10-2020
INFO386-Information Technology Architecture07-10-2020
BUACC5937 Information Systems Design and Development for Accountants 507-10-2020
BBA402 Management Accounting Method07-10-2020
HES6793 Construction Law For the Consultancy and Design Services07-10-2020
PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management 207-10-2020
HR4005 Managing People | Analysis of HRM Functions07-10-2020
SOC 101 : Essentials of Sociology07-10-2020
BUHRM2603 Stuffing and Attracting Candidates For Recruitment Process07-10-2020
LLB452 Corporations Law07-10-2020
COR109 Intercultural communication competence is essential for successful communities07-10-2020
BUS102 Introduction to Microeconomics | Production Possibility Frontier07-10-2020
BUSS1060 Career Development for Professionals07-10-2020
E84 :Human Resource Management 07-10-2020
ICT701 Relational Database Systems 307-10-2020
HA3032 Auditing07-10-2020
ITC505 ICT Project Management07-10-2020
BSBADV507 Develop a Media Plan07-10-2020
HC1010 Accounting for Business study07-10-2020
300728 Construction Planning07-10-2020
ITC505 ICT Project Management07-10-2020
BSBINN301 : Promote innovation in a team environment07-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting 907-10-2020
BACC114 Financial Accounting07-10-2020
ACC 511 Investment Analysis07-10-2020
BUS700 Economics 807-10-2020
BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability07-10-2020
7106IBA Managerial Problem Solving07-10-2020
CSIS 340 Studies in Information Security07-10-2020
BN208 Networked Applications 307-10-2020
MGT601 Dynamic Leadership Awareness07-10-2020
BN208 Networked Applications 407-10-2020
MGMT19126 Operations Management Inventory Management and Supply Chain Logistics07-10-2020
LAWS4005 Company Law07-10-2020
BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change 207-10-2020
ENGL 1301 English Composition 207-10-2020
ECON 1101 - Macroeconomics07-10-2020
BSBCNV506A Establish and Manage a Trust Account07-10-2020
COMR2002 : Business Information Systems 07-10-2020
MGMT19126 : Inventory Management07-10-2020
MBA603 Video Presentation-Review and Assess Investment Opportunities 07-10-2020
HI5002 Finance for Business and Financial analysis 07-10-2020
ITECH5003 Networking For Wireshark Capture Filter Assessment07-10-2020
ECN601 Economics | Unemployment and Inflation Rates for Australia07-10-2020
Soc320 Social Theory07-10-2020
ACCG 926 Corporate Accounting07-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research For Context of the Work Environment in Australia07-10-2020
MKT2500-Marketing Plan for the XMC Company07-10-2020
ITC506 Topics in Information Technology Ethics07-10-2020
SC003 Health Care Policies For the Centre of Disease Control 07-10-2020
BUS3ENT-Business Model and Plan of Power Ltd07-10-2020
BSB61015 Provide Leadership Across Business Organization For Traditional Media07-10-2020
THE101 Introduction to Tourism07-10-2020
ACCT19082 Accounting Assignment07-10-2020
SAP101-Australian Society Systems and Policies07-10-2020
COIT 20261 Network Routing and Switching controls07-10-2020
MMH356 Change Management07-10-2020
MMH356 Change Management07-10-2020
MMH356 Change Management07-10-2020
BM6107 Financial Management of Corporate Projects and Programmes07-10-2020
ACCTING7023-Advanced Financial Accounting | Integrated Reporting in Australia07-10-2020
EMSK5012 Employability Skills0207-10-2020
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Activities07-10-2020
ACC202 Financial and Managerial Accounting0207-10-2020
ACC707 Communicating Key Audit Matters For the Woolworths Limited07-10-2020
IMT 581: Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc07-10-2020
CSE4025-Academic and Business Research 07-10-2020
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance07-10-2020
HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance07-10-2020
ACCT11081 Introductory Financial Accounting 307-10-2020
BL9412 Role of Public Health in Health and Social Care07-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting07-10-2020
HC1041 IT for Business database07-10-2020
BUSN20016 | Factors Influencing the Success for Brand Value07-10-2020
ITC505 Ict Project Management107-10-2020
PROJ6016 Employer Based Project Management07-10-2020
MLC101 Business Law For the Case of Lampleigh v Braithwaite 07-10-2020
EC204 | Economic Factors to Start Business07-10-2020
BUS301 Managing Human Resources Performances07-10-2020
ACC202 Management Accounting for Multinational Transfer Pricing 07-10-2020
BUS708 Statistics and Data Analysis307-10-2020
BUS7300-Leadership Styles and its Impacts07-10-2020
PUBH200 Food Mapping System For Norms, Cultures and Traditions07-10-2020
PRT562 Data Analytics and Visualisation07-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting07-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting07-10-2020
HA3021 Corporations Law | Case of ASIC v Padbury Mining Limited07-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting07-10-2020
HOS302A Resort and Spa Management07-10-2020
NPR 1025 Learning Disability Nursing07-10-2020
ACCG950-Analyzing the Global Reporting | Report08-10-2020
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance For Corporate Governance08-10-2020
SIT718 Making Choice Between Q Power Boat and S Powerboat08-10-2020
BUSN11081-Creativity and Business Wealth08-10-2020
ICT352 Project Management08-10-2020
BCOC 134 Statistics Assignment08-10-2020
HI6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment108-10-2020
THT3111-Environmental and Cultural Tourism08-10-2020
ACC331 Auditing For Solvency,Efficiency and Profitability Position08-10-2020
HI6027 Business and Corporations Law Method08-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues208-10-2020
NUR670 leadership In Health Care Organizations Practicum08-10-2020
BUACC5932 Corporate Accounting For the Qantas Airways Limited08-10-2020
HAT301-Attraction and Event Management | Case Study Analysis08-10-2020
GBMT 1001 Global Business Management08-10-2020
IFN 505 Analysis of Programs For Better Calculation and Productivity Change08-10-2020
MN506 System Management and Configuration08-10-2020
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects08-10-2020
JUS-506 Criminal Behavior Analysis08-10-2020
NUR670 Nursing Leadership For the Physicians and Patients08-10-2020
ACCT2114 : Real Options Analysis 08-10-2020
BSBMKG501 Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities08-10-2020
ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice108-10-2020
ACC2014 Principles of Accounting08-10-2020
HA 3011 Advanced Financial Accounting For Understandability08-10-2020
BUS503 Principles of Commercial and Corporations Law08-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues System08-10-2020
ACC307 Accounting Theory108-10-2020
B01BAVA320 Self Reflected Summary For Domestic and Global Presence08-10-2020
BUSN11078 Integration of Business Functions 208-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business08-10-2020
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting For Financial Performance08-10-2020
NURS09179-Supporting People Facing Loss08-10-2020
BG007 Project management 208-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting708-10-2020
ACCT 225 Cost Accounting For Characteristics of Accounting Ethics08-10-2020
ACCT618 Managerial Accounting 208-10-2020
LAWS20058 -Australian Commercial Law | Case Study08-10-2020
ACCT204 Management Accounting208-10-2020
BAFI 1014 : Personal Wealth Management08-10-2020
HRM530 Compensation and Benefit For Employee Compensation and Benefit Packages08-10-2020
HI6007 Group Assignment 0108-10-2020
BN106 Networking Fundamentals08-10-2020
ITECH7406 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing For Water Reduction08-10-2020
BAO5734 Financial Analysis08-10-2020
Phil 1000 : Introduction to Philosophy08-10-2020
J508 Product and Service Development08-10-2020
CSE4DBF Database Fundamentals08-10-2020
BFA612 Management and Cost Accounting08-10-2020
HI 6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment 108-10-2020
HA3021 Corporations Law | ASIC v Cassimatis Case Study08-10-2020
ACC707-Auditing and Assurance | Analysis of Annual Report of Sirtex08-10-2020
ECE 300212 : Spring in the IMS Lab 08-10-2020
ACC331 Audit Assessment For Planning Analytics and Risk Assessment08-10-2020
FIN5003 Decision Support Tools 208-10-2020
ACCT3005 Auditing Theory and Practice 208-10-2020
NRS429-Community Health Care Program Comparison08-10-2020
MN503 Overview of Internetworking 108-10-2020
NRSG355 Clinical Integration08-10-2020
BSBHRM513 : Manage workforce planning08-10-2020
GOVT2306 Texas Government 208-10-2020
IF3062 Culture, Family and Power08-10-2020
HS2021 Database Design and Use08-10-2020
BN206 System Administration 208-10-2020
BUSN1001 Business Reporting and Analysis08-10-2020
BUS3100 Research Practices For Business For Consumer Preferences 08-10-2020
HA3021 Corporations Law 208-10-2020
CMSE11240 : Economics of Strategy08-10-2020
ACT202 Management Accounting08-10-2020
ACT202 Management Accounting08-10-2020
MAN6301 Project Risk Management08-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business08-10-2020
ENTREP3000 Innovation and Creativity08-10-2020
ACT 505 Principles and Ethics of Accounting08-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting 1008-10-2020
HI6028 Taxation Law and Assessment Policy108-10-2020
PHIS 104 Advancements in Science and Physics08-10-2020
IT133M2 Word Processing Skills08-10-2020
PPMP20008 Initiating and planning project for students08-10-2020
BUS708 Statistics and Data Analysis 108-10-2020
BUS700 : Economics Paired-Assignment08-10-2020
INF30003 Business Information Systems Analysis 308-10-2020
ENGG958 Life Cycle and Risk Management08-10-2020
NUR09722 Exploring the Theory and Application of Law and Ethical Reasoning in Nursing Practice08-10-2020
MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems 308-10-2020
DMQA500 Site Safety and Quality Assurance08-10-2020
SEC440 Security Of Information Systems And Technology08-10-2020
Bio 112 Lecture Research Paper Rubric 08-10-2020
ECON2410 Economics of Business Strategy 508-10-2020
MGT604 Managing in Global Context08-10-2020
P58901 Managing People Across Cultures08-10-2020
NIT2201 : IT Profession and Ethics08-10-2020
COM 261 : Foundations of Organizational Communication08-10-2020
LAWS5065 : Taxation Law08-10-2020
HLTENN003 Performing Clinical Assessment and Contribute to Planning Nursing Care08-10-2020
CSI3207 Network Security and Fundamentals08-10-2020
SBLC5004 The Role of Global Institutions in Promoting International Trade08-10-2020
FINM202 Financial Management and Risk Management08-10-2020
MKTM028-Strategic Marketing08-10-2020
208LON Business in Europe For Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities08-10-2020
MD4044 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice Assignment08-10-2020
7001MKT-Corporate Communication08-10-2020
BUSN2019 Mallacoota Marina Limited08-10-2020
MIS101 Management Information System For Data Administration Subsystem08-10-2020
MBA502 Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity understanding08-10-2020
BSBMKG419 Analyse Consumer Behaviour08-10-2020
AFIN353 Advance Corporate Finance08-10-2020
BCO1049 Business Process Modelling For the Fulfilment Order08-10-2020
BUACC5935 Auditing and Assurance Services System08-10-2020
ACC80005 Financial Accounting Theory For Modernization Directive08-10-2020
301004 Research Preparation in Post Graduate Studies08-10-2020
BSS058-6-Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment Report08-10-2020
ITC508 Car Park System08-10-2020
LEAD 9351 Leadership Challenge For Safe and Trusting Environment 08-10-2020
2084EDN Youth Health and Wellbeing08-10-2020
LAW 2105 Company Law08-10-2020
KIN 3700 Oral History Paper08-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting08-10-2020
HAT201 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism For Political Stability 08-10-2020
ACC5AAS-Advance Auditing and Assurance08-10-2020
ACCT 2402 Principles and Managerial Accounting08-10-2020
HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 508-10-2020
NUR4201 Project Identification08-10-2020
ACCT3000 Auditing Assignment08-10-2020
NR501-Grand Nursing Theorist Report08-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting08-10-2020
IMAT5209 Human Factors in Systems Design308-10-2020
MB0052 Strategic Management Assignment08-10-2020
BCO2041 Systems Analysis and Design For Client Information Recording08-10-2020
HG67-Rituals and Values of the Organization08-10-2020
HA 3011 Advanced Financial Accounting For Report and Management Brief08-10-2020
ACCT 3501 Corporate Accounting08-10-2020
ENGL 1302 Event Evaluation Opportunities09-10-2020
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance09-10-2020
ISYS6009 Enterprise Network Security For Particular Convention Analyzations09-10-2020
343.611 : Advanced Operations Management 09-10-2020
ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice209-10-2020
FINC330-Business Finance09-10-2020
PROJ 6002 Project Management For the Quality Management Plan09-10-2020
HRM 360 Current Strategic Situation of Coca-Cola Company09-10-2020
BSBRSK501 Manage Risk information09-10-2020
NUT06 Nutrition & Eating Patterns09-10-2020
UGB106 Budgeting Process in Management Accounting For Crucial Functions09-10-2020
MGMT6019 Engineering Risk Management Report09-10-2020
BUSM1278 Project Management Practice For Water Delivery Dervice 09-10-2020
ISY2001 System Analysis and Design Method09-10-2020
BSB50415 Diploma of Business 09-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting : Securities Exchange09-10-2020
C100 : Biological science09-10-2020
ITECH 2201 Cloud Computing For Data Visualization and Practical Application09-10-2020
ACT 204 Financial Accounting Method09-10-2020
HUMN4001 Case Management for Persons in Need09-10-2020
MGMT90127-Personal Leadership Theory 09-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting09-10-2020
WTD143 Critical Incident Response09-10-2020
NURS521-Ethics in Healthcare System09-10-2020
PGBM02 Managing and Leading People09-10-2020
MHI 01 Assignment on Ancient Times09-10-2020
ENGG100 Tensile Test Lab Report For the Aluminium and Mild Steel09-10-2020
IT133-Microsoft Office Applications on Demand09-10-2020
ECO101 Principles of Economics09-10-2020
ECO101 Principles of Economics09-10-2020
PPMP20015: Research Proposal09-10-2020
HI6008-Business Research Reflective Journal09-10-2020
MGTS7604 Human Resource Management209-10-2020
PPMP20008 Initiating and Planning Projects0609-10-2020
PPMP20008 Initiating and Planning Projects0609-10-2020
ACC2350 Cost Accounting For Cost of Goods Transferred Out09-10-2020
BLO1105 Business Law 209-10-2020
ME503 Telecommunication System Engineering09-10-2020
ECON1030 The Emergence Of Translational Epidemiology09-10-2020
NURS540 : Home Healthcare Patients 09-10-2020
NSC508-Fundamental of Nursing Informatics09-10-2020
COIS13034 Cloud Based Smart Application Management For IBM Blue mix09-10-2020
CP5634 Data Mining09-10-2020
HCA465-Incorporation of Management Theory into Practice09-10-2020
BP252 : Coke No Sugar Marketing 09-10-2020
7211AFE Corporate Finance 109-10-2020
ENGG440 Strategic Management of Engineering09-10-2020
ACC511 Managerial Finance Learning109-10-2020
LAW 401 Commercial and Corporation Law For Business Structure09-10-2020
BU461-Human Resources Management09-10-2020
CSE5DWD Data Warehouse Concepts and Design209-10-2020
ISY2001 System Analysis and Design109-10-2020
PPMP20013 Project Management For Operations Of Large Assets09-10-2020
W1X1 Secondary Initial Teacher Education Art and Design09-10-2020
IHP510-Healthcare Service of Bellevue Hospital09-10-2020
BSB123 : Data Analysis09-10-2020
MAN3612: Project Management09-10-2020
ENGR3701 Computer Organisation and Design09-10-2020
ME605 Cloud Engineering09-10-2020
FN2191 : Principles of Corporate Finance09-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting09-10-2020
NIP3331 Nursing Practice Enquiry09-10-2020
MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communication For Short Teem IMC Plan09-10-2020
5129COMP Programming Language Theory09-10-2020
COIT20246 Information and Communications Technology ICT Services Management09-10-2020
CSE5BIO Bioinformatics Technologies09-10-2020
HC1041 Understand the Need of IT for Business09-10-2020
BUS700 Economics109-10-2020
BUS700 Economics109-10-2020
ITC563 IT Management Issues | Case Study of World University09-10-2020
COIT11226 Systems Analysis09-10-2020
BUS7300 Evaluation of Internet Sources For National Advocacy Groups09-10-2020
MG7.02 Advanced Operations Management09-10-2020
UUEC5100 Economics for Decision Makers09-10-2020
HA2022 Business Law0109-10-2020
BLO1105 : Business Law 09-10-2020
PH1SD-Supply Chain and Logistics Management 09-10-2020
ECO20004 Macroeconomic Conditions that Influence the Environment of Doing Business in the USA 09-10-2020
HI5002 Finance for Business09-10-2020
UUAC5300 Accounting and Finance for Executives09-10-2020
FINC400 Principles of Financial Management 209-10-2020
1310 Master of Nursing Research09-10-2020
CHC53315 Diploma of Mental Health09-10-2020
G53 : Health and Wellbeing in East Sussex09-10-2020
IBU5IBE International Business09-10-2020
MKT302 Digital Marketing Strategy Portfolio09-10-2020
ICT706 Data Analysis09-10-2020
INB30011 International Investment and Economic Development09-10-2020
BK004 Essential E-marketing Strategy09-10-2020
MKT500 Marketing Management 209-10-2020
NU631 Healthcare of Women across the Lifespan09-10-2020
DTB91001 Data Management Systems 109-10-2020
PGRM8-100 Applied Research Methods09-10-2020
IMAT5167 Data Warehouse Design and OLAP09-10-2020
PUBH6001 Health Policy and Advocacy 209-10-2020
ASS072-1 Introduction to Health and Social Care09-10-2020
CO4515 Trends in Cybercrime 209-10-2020
NURS 6501 Nursing Leadership and Management Field Experience09-10-2020
PUB014-6 : Ethics and Professionalism in Healthcare09-10-2020
L508 : Community Care09-10-2020
ITC508 Object Modelling: Collins ATM09-10-2020
LML6002 : Australia Migration law09-10-2020
LML6002 : Migration And Visa Law 09-10-2020
SOC101 Introduction To Sociology and Environmental Ethics Justice and Worldviews09-10-2020
MAN6935 IT Value Realisation09-10-2020
LAW5CNB-Contract Law B11-10-2020
MGMT20132 Innovation and Sustainable Business Development For Health Sector11-10-2020
M2A2 Challenges New Managers May Face For Safe Working Environment11-10-2020
ACC700 Principles of Accounting For Accountant Skills and Ethics11-10-2020
BCO6007 Data Visualisation For Housing Policy to Curb Homelessness11-10-2020
GSBS6060 Strategic Management 111-10-2020
ANTH 104 Anthropology in the News 11-10-2020
ECON 1086 International Trade For Exports of Goods and Services 11-10-2020
NRSG353 Acute Care Nursing 211-10-2020
SBLC5002 Personal Managerial Effectiveness11-10-2020
LAWS2040 : Land Law11-10-2020
NIT5120-Software Engineering-111-10-2020
ITC306 Project Preparation11-10-2020
NURS2001 Understanding People and the Healthcare Environment11-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting11-10-2020
BBA3201 Principles of Marketing For the Target Consumer Group11-10-2020
GSBS6003 Globalisation 211-10-2020
MKTG3040 Services Marketing111-10-2020
ICT705-Data and System Integration 111-10-2020
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law 0111-10-2020
HLTH 4011: Issues in Health Care11-10-2020
CX554001 Introduction to Accounting11-10-2020
HI5014 International Business across Borders11-10-2020
HI5017 Managerial Accounting111-10-2020
HC1041 IT for Business POS System12-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research For the Gross Domestic Product of Nation12-10-2020
BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement a Business Plan12-10-2020
BSBINN601 Lead And Manage Organisational Change112-10-2020
BSD113-Economics 112-10-2020
ICTNWK505 Design, Build and Test a Network Server For Customers12-10-2020
BN208 : Networked Applications 12-10-2020
HI5003 Economics for Business12-10-2020
CE6106-Project Management12-10-2020
PROJ6004 Project Management For the Case Study of Royal Adelaide12-10-2020
CP5631 Networking Case Study12-10-2020
CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction code12-10-2020
LL45-Public Health and Community Studies12-10-2020
TTM4137 : Network Security in Wireless Communication Network12-10-2020
MG4002 Data Analytics For Life Satisfaction,Income and Religion12-10-2020
BUSN20019-Professional Project 112-10-2020
BHO6001 Digital Marketing12-10-2020
BULAW5914 Commercial Law For Law of Negligence and the Legal Principles 12-10-2020
ITECH5003 Networking Assignment12-10-2020
BLO5540 Business and Company Law For Lakes Pty Ltd12-10-2020
HUMN 4001 : Case Management for Persons in Need12-10-2020
ITECH1102 Networking and Security112-10-2020
MGMT1601-Business Law 112-10-2020
ISYS3375 Business Analytics12-10-2020
BAO 5534 Business Finance For Consumption and Investment Opportunity12-10-2020
BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management1112-10-2020
TM_JC1 : Criminology And Criminal Justice 12-10-2020
LAWS20058-Australian Commercial and Corporation Law12-10-2020
MN603 Wireless Networks and Security For Network System Deployment12-10-2020
BN710712-Chronic Conditions and Person Centred Care12-10-2020
EGN-3333 Health, Safety and Environment For Mechanical Hazards12-10-2020
ITC595-Information Security 112-10-2020
ANLY 510 Principles and Applications For Impact of Education on Income12-10-2020
ACCG399 Capstone Simulation Assessment12-10-2020
L541-Integrated Mental Health and Social Care12-10-2020
ACCT6003 Financial Accounting Process For the Proprietary Business12-10-2020
N200 Business Management BA Honours12-10-2020
MBA502 Emotional Intelligence & Cultural Intelligence and Diversity12-10-2020
HI5017 Managerial Accounting1112-10-2020
ICT706-Data Analytics | Case Study12-10-2020
BBMK504 Brand Management For the Mazda Motor Corporation12-10-2020
BHR3565 Employment Law12-10-2020
2527NSC Aviation Research Methods12-10-2020
BUS5POE Principles Of Economics12-10-2020
ITC505 ICT Project Management12-10-2020
AME6003 Management and Enterprise in Engineering12-10-2020
MGT4057 Services Marketing12-10-2020
BSS201 : Personality Development12-10-2020
HRMT407 Human Resource Management12-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting12-10-2020
BSBLED501-Develop a Workplace Learning Environment12-10-2020
FE4329 : Ecommerce Strategy12-10-2020
NR501 Nursing Theory12-10-2020
SEB711 Managing and Developing Innovation112-10-2020
BX3112 Taxation Law12-10-2020
ENN523-Advanced Network Engineering12-10-2020
BUACC5932 Corporate Accounting 12-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues312-10-2020
BMO6630 : Business Research Methods12-10-2020
HI6025-Accounting Theory and Current Issues Report12-10-2020
ICT60215 Advanced Diploma of Network Security12-10-2020
IBUS90001-Global Corporate Strategy12-10-2020
BO1BLAW204 Business Law12-10-2020
RSCH5700 Research and Inquiry12-10-2020
MPK713 Consumer Behaviour12-10-2020
JUS632 Crime Prevention and Public Relations12-10-2020
BIOTECH 7001-Drug Design and Development12-10-2020
HI5017 Managerial Accountancy12-10-2020
MKT302A-Digital Marketing Report12-10-2020
3110MED : Global Climate Change and Health 12-10-2020
ENGT5220 Low Impact Manufacturing products12-10-2020
English 205 Business Writing12-10-2020
MA619 Accounting Research12-10-2020
English 205 Business Writing 112-10-2020
BN105 Information Technology for Users in Organisations 212-10-2020
MILH510 American Military History12-10-2020
BA313 Auditing12-10-2020
PPMP 20011 Commercial Project Negotiation for Project Managers.12-10-2020
NRS433V Introduction to Nursing Research12-10-2020
NURS1125 Principles and Practice of Nursing 112-10-2020
NIP4015 Working in Partnership in Healthcare12-10-2020
ACC204 Corporations Law rules12-10-2020
BX3112 Taxation Law of Marias Tax Account12-10-2020
CT5047 Network Design and Configuration 312-10-2020
BUSL250 Business Law12-10-2020
HA 3011 Advanced Financial Accounting Introduction12-10-2020
8034 International Workplace Relations12-10-2020
HAT202 Business Plan for an Eldo Center Cafeteria12-10-2020
HIST645 Russia and the Soviet Union12-10-2020
ICT352 ICT Project Management12-10-2020
NAT160 Natural Science: Nutrition 212-10-2020
HLS470 Evaluating Risk in Critical Infrastructure12-10-2020
ASS065-1 Skills for the Social Sciences12-10-2020
BUS310 Strategic Compensation 212-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting12-10-2020
ITEC6630 Computer Law Crime and Investigation12-10-2020
J508 Product and Service Development 212-10-2020
SOC472 Sociology Internship12-10-2020
MHK220957 Construction And Project Commercial Management12-10-2020
17840 Artificial Intelligence 112-10-2020
083306F Master of Project Management 112-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting12-10-2020
MGTS1301 Introduction to Management 512-10-2020
HC1072 Economics and International Trade12-10-2020
CPSY707-Models of Stress and Adaptation12-10-2020
BUACC5933 Cost and Management Accounting For Corporate Governance12-10-2020
HI6026-Audit Assurance and Compliance-1012-10-2020
MA503 Business Economics For Equilibrium Price of Cell Phone12-10-2020
PHE3GHI-Global Health Initiatives12-10-2020
MN503 Overview of Internetworking For Primary School Network Design12-10-2020
NUR670-Leadership in Health Care Organizations Practicum-112-10-2020
ICT320 Database Programming For the De Normalization Strategies 12-10-2020
LAW 1091 Business and Company Law12-10-2020
CSCE101-Leadership Development12-10-2020
MN502 Overview of Network Security12-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business12-10-2020
BUS 101 Introduction to Business12-10-2020
MGT 589: Strategic Management12-10-2020
IMAT5209-Human Factors in Systems Design-112-10-2020
HA 3011 Advanced Financial Accounting for investors12-10-2020
MGT 589: Strategic Management112-10-2020
PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management612-10-2020
ACC707 Auditing, Assurance & Services12-10-2020
PHIL 108 Philosophy Assignment15-10-2020
BLO1105 Business Law15-10-2020
BN305 Virtual Private Networks115-10-2020
2807ICT Programming Principles19-10-2020
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects19-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research19-10-2020
BUS 101 Introduction to Business19-10-2020
NBS8265 Managing Change in Organisations19-10-2020
MGMT20143 Think Big19-10-2020
NMIH101 Effective Communication in Health Care Relationship19-10-2020
ACC200 Introduction To Management Accounting19-10-2020
Management Communication19-10-2020
COIT20251 Knowledge Audits for Business System19-10-2020
TNE60003 Introduction to Network Programming19-10-2020
MGMT 6009 Managing People & Teams19-10-2020
ACC705 Corporate Accounting and Reporting19-10-2020
NSAB550B23 Integrated Marketing Communications19-10-2020
B761 : Children with Learning Disabilities19-10-2020
SIS40512 Certificate IV Sports Coaching19-10-2020
CE2T2 IT Ethics20-10-2020
CP5634 Data Mining20-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting20-10-2020
MN621 Advanced Network Design20-10-2020
PPDI 5039 Project/Placement Design and Implementation20-10-2020
BUS80017: Quantitative Research Methods20-10-2020
NLX 48 : Pearson BTEC level 5 HND Diploma in Business20-10-2020
HI5020-Corporate Accounting20-10-2020
C11269 Graduate Certificate in Business Practice20-10-2020
EDU400 The Authority of Scripture20-10-2020
CRIM1019-Introduction to Criminal Justice20-10-2020
NRS30005 : Complex Challenges in Nursing Care20-10-2020
5IK50E Prescribing System20-10-2020
BUS 105 Computing Assignment20-10-2020
MOD003486-Managing Human Resource20-10-2020
IMAT5211 E Commerce Systems20-10-2020
1303AFE Economics for Decision Making20-10-2020
EC4009 The Corporate Environment20-10-2020
BN 206 System Administration20-10-2020
IMAT5211-E-Commerce Systems20-10-2020
ACC211 Business Finance20-10-2020
MKT 466 International Marketing20-10-2020
IHP 510 Marketing Communication20-10-2020
BUS0119-Principles of Marketing20-10-2020
HI5002: Finance for Business20-10-2020
CRIN6009 Creativity and Innovation20-10-2020
C7281 Understanding Specific Needs In Health and Social Care20-10-2020
HA3011-Advanced Financial Accounting20-10-2020
MBA 635 Employees and Financial Investors20-10-2020
ACC211 Business Finance20-10-2020
LAW205-Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants20-10-2020
LSCH6037 Leadership, Strategy and Change in Human Resources20-10-2020
ITC505 ICT Project Management20-10-2020
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law20-10-2020
SIM336-Strategic Management20-10-2020
SNPG 955 Dementia Care Across Settings20-10-2020
ICTSAD601 IT Business Analysis20-10-2020
NUR201 Medical Surgical Nursing20-10-2020
NUR522 Improvement Model Rubric20-10-2020
NRS 2806 Research in Nursing20-10-2020
USB140-Imagine Property20-10-2020
ACC702 Managerial Accounting20-10-2020
BUS501 Business Analytics and Statistics20-10-2020
MGT322-Logistics and Supply Chain Management20-10-2020
TLH302 Strategic Planning for Tourism Industry20-10-2020
ACC202 Management Accounting20-10-2020
NUR4455 Capstone20-10-2020
LML6002 : Migration Law20-10-2020
INTBUS 1000 International Business Environment20-10-2020
BUS107-Commercial Law20-10-2020
ISY3001 e-Business Fundamentals and Systems20-10-2020
IMAT 5209 Human Factors in Systems Design20-10-2020
BAO5522 Managerial Accounting20-10-2020
BS39 : Philanthropy20-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business20-10-2020
ACCT2127 Accounting For Management Decisions20-10-2020
MN503 Overview of Internetworking20-10-2020
COD545 Community Development Theory and Practice20-10-2020
ENG121-English Composition I20-10-2020
COIT20249 : Professional skills in Information Communication Technology20-10-2020
BAP53 Corporate Finance Assignment20-10-2020
7IM998 Independent Studies20-10-2020
SMCH6061-Strategic Management and Change20-10-2020
INFS 5091 : IT Procurement and Vendor Management20-10-2020
ITC508 Object Modelling20-10-2020
ACCG950 Sustainability Reporting20-10-2020
MOD004054-Healthcare Environment20-10-2020
MNG93210 Strategy and Case Analysis20-10-2020
EC4009-The Corporate Environment20-10-2020
CI7230 Modelling Enterprise Architectures20-10-2020
EC4009 The Corporate Environment20-10-2020
HMED 3002W Healthcare in History II20-10-2020
ICT211 Database Design20-10-2020
ITC597 : Digital Forensics20-10-2020
PUBH8475 Advanced Program Implementation And Evaluation20-10-2020
FNSACC506 Implement And Maintain Internal Control Procedures20-10-2020
ACC 301 : Accounting Theory & Contemporary Issues20-10-2020
EDMG 110 Work Based Portfolio20-10-2020
MAN6935-IT Value Realisation20-10-2020
ITC597 Digital Forensics (8)20-10-2020
BP162 Bachelor of Information Technology20-10-2020
IMAT5262 Research Ethics and Professionalism in Computing20-10-2020
BSBADV604 Execute an advertising campaign20-10-2020
ITC57 Emerging Technology and Innovations20-10-2020
ICT110 Introduction to Data Science20-10-2020
ICT110 Introduction to Data Science20-10-2020
BUSM4591-Employment Law20-10-2020
NUR2320 Nursing Ethics and Legal Issues20-10-2020
AAA5002 Research methods20-10-2020
HUMN 4001 Case Management for People in Need20-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues20-10-2020
KB7038 Integrated Building Information Modelling Project20-10-2020
LEAD6257-Strategic Leadership20-10-2020
7002MSC Advanced Engineering Design20-10-2020
BSBADM502 Business Management20-10-2020
ACC567 Financial Accounting20-10-2020
MBA502-Emotional Intelligence Cultural Intelligence and Diversity20-10-2020
TABL5810 Dissertation Proposal20-10-2020
MGMT2998 Business Strategy20-10-2020
HI6007 Statistics For Business Decisions20-10-2020
COIT20247 Database Design and Development20-10-2020
CT074-3 Reliability Management20-10-2020
EVSP342 Population Ecology20-10-2020
HA 3011 : Advanced Financial Accounting20-10-2020
HIM 500 Healthcare Informatics20-10-2020
MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communications20-10-2020
ACCT868 : Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision Making20-10-2020
3002111 Bachelor of Information Technology20-10-2020
MSW063 : Corporate Social Responsibility20-10-2020
MOD004054 Healthcare Environment Module20-10-2020
AME6001 Design And Individual Project20-10-2020
PJM 6000 : Project Management20-10-2020
ACC4029 Managing Operations and Finance20-10-2020
BSBMGT608 Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement20-10-2020
ICT546 Local Area Network Design20-10-2020
SITXFIN004 Prepare and Monitor Budgets20-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research20-10-2020
MGT737 Research Proposal20-10-2020
BN305 Virtual Private Networks20-10-2020
ACT450 Auditing Assignment20-10-2020
FIN60003 Business Modelling and Analysis20-10-2020
BCO1049 Business Process Modelling20-10-2020
401077 Introduction to Biostatistics20-10-2020
BHR 3565 Employment Law20-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting20-10-2020
BAO2202 Financial Accounting20-10-2020
ENG1002 Design Proposal20-10-2020
BLO5540 Business and Company Law20-10-2020
ENGG941 Sustainability for Engineers, Scientists and Professionals20-10-2020
PUBH8475 Desalination System For The Rural Village20-10-2020
BUS 101 Introduction to Business20-10-2020
COIT20260 Cloud Computing for Smart Applications20-10-2020
ACCM4400 Auditing and Assurance20-10-2020
IMAT5262 Research Ethics and Professionalism in Computing20-10-2020
MKTG 3003 Brand Extension20-10-2020
MAN6935 IT Value Realisation20-10-2020
MDCA 1343 : Medical Insurance20-10-2020
BUSM4407: Advanced Project Risk Management20-10-2020
MKT306 Marketing Strategy21-10-2020
ITDA1001 Database Fundamentals21-10-2020
NURS1125 Foundations for Nursing Practice21-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems21-10-2020
CS8791 Cloud Computing21-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research21-10-2020
HA2022 Business Law21-10-2020
CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction21-10-2020
ITDA1001 Database Fundamentals21-10-2020
ICTICT511 IT Strategy21-10-2020
MORG4038 Management and Organisations21-10-2020
ACC511 Managerial Finance21-10-2020
HRMT 200 : Recruitment & Selection Plan21-10-2020
MANF4100-Design and Analysis of Product Process Systems21-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting21-10-2020
FINM7046 Finance for Business21-10-2020
IMAT 5211 E Commerce System21-10-2020
ACFl5056-Global Supply Chain Management21-10-2020
ICTPMG804 Evaluate and use Telecommunications Management Networks21-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting21-10-2020
EIBS7302 : Entrepreneurship Venture’s21-10-2020
ED1201-Introduction to Education Studies21-10-2020
BMAN74011 Implementing Strategy and Change21-10-2020
42908 Engineering Project Preparation21-10-2020
ACT505 Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues21-10-2020
COM7003D Technology and Trend Monitoring21-10-2020
ARCH 1024 Australian Architecture21-10-2020
ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution21-10-2020
HI5003 Economics for Business21-10-2020
ECON101 : Monopolistic Competition21-10-2020
MG601 Supply Chain Management21-10-2020
ISY3001 E-Business Fundamentals and Systems21-10-2020
HCA455-Organizational Behavior and Culture21-10-2020
MIS171 Business Analytics21-10-2020
COIT11239 Professional Communication Skills For ICT21-10-2020
BAO5535 Issues in Contemporary Accounting21-10-2020
5BU012-Operations and Supply Management21-10-2020
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting21-10-2020
GLIS 661 : Information and Knowledge Management21-10-2020
BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work21-10-2020
BAO6714-Computerised Accounting in an ERP21-10-2020
ITC211 Systems Analysis21-10-2020
ACC00712 Business Accounting21-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues21-10-2020
PPMP20013 Project Management21-10-2020
G700 : Computer Automated Coding21-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting21-10-2020
ITC597 Digital Forensics21-10-2020
ITECH7407 Real Time Analytic21-10-2020
BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organizational Change21-10-2020
ECON60401 Financial Economics I21-10-2020
MKTM028 : Strategic Marketing21-10-2020
HC1041-IT for Business21-10-2020
BUS301 Integrated Capstone Project21-10-2020
ETEN 6000 Control Systems21-10-2020
C489 : Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership21-10-2020
7201ENG-Project Management21-10-2020
ACCT 451 Financial Accounting21-10-2020
HA 3011 : Advanced Financial Accounting21-10-2020
PROJ592 Course Project Tasks And Deliverables21-10-2020
BIO3011 Research Methods in Biology21-10-2020
BB103 Management Principles21-10-2020
ACC 200 Introduction to Management Accounting21-10-2020
ANTH321-Comparative Religion21-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research21-10-2020
9369 Social Media21-10-2020
LAW 1111: Statutory Interpretation21-10-2020
ST0305 Project Management Report21-10-2020
L510 Communication in a health and social care organisation21-10-2020
LEGL 601 Commercial and corporations Law21-10-2020
HAT201 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism21-10-2020
MOD001160-Leadership and Management21-10-2020
ECON399 Econometrics Assignment21-10-2020
CLWM4000-Business and Corporations Law21-10-2020
HLTWHS002 Follow Safe Work Practices For Direct Client Care21-10-2020
MGT3201 Global Business Strategy21-10-2020
BUACC 5933 Cost and Management Accounting21-10-2020
300958 Social Web Analytics21-10-2020
BN106 Networking Fundamentals21-10-2020
HA3011-Advanced Financial Accounting21-10-2020
ACC1AIS Individual Assignment21-10-2020
MARK101 Principles of Marketing21-10-2020
ACC5215 Corporate Accounting21-10-2020
BUSL251 Business and Corporations Law21-10-2020
ITECH7410 Software Engineering Methodologies21-10-2020
MAT1DM Discrete Mathematics21-10-2020
SWB108 Australian Society Systems and Policies21-10-2020
ACCT2127 Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility Report21-10-2020
MN604-IT Security Management21-10-2020
CS6368 - Telecommunication Network Management21-10-2020
PMO201 Project Management21-10-2020
BIOL251-Principles of Ecology21-10-2020
MGMT5602-Cross Cultural Management21-10-2020
MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communications21-10-2020
SCEN5068-Stakeholder and Community Engagement21-10-2020
BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development21-10-2020
QMTH 104 Quantitative Methods21-10-2020
ICT706-Machine Learning21-10-2020
A200SAM Essential Skills for the Project Manager21-10-2020
ICT352 Project Management21-10-2020
PHIL108 Moral and Social Problems21-10-2020
CLWM400 Business & Corporations Law21-10-2020
7515ENG : Computer System21-10-2020
NIT2201 IT Profession and Ethics21-10-2020
ENGG806 : Engineering Error Reporting21-10-2020
MKT301 Consumer Behaviour21-10-2020
PHIL 108 : Event Concept and Design21-10-2020
JNB537 Strategic Procurement Management21-10-2020
PSYC200 Research Methods in Psychology21-10-2020
ACCT11059 Accounting Learning and Online Communication21-10-2020
MN503 Overview of Internetworking21-10-2020
HAT202 The Hospitality and Tourism Market21-10-2020
BSBPUB403 Develop Public Relations Documents21-10-2020
GCNCP3 Clinical Project21-10-2020
GEEN0041 Strategy and Management21-10-2020
LAW200 Commercial and Corporation Law21-10-2020
HRMT308 Labor Relations21-10-2020
MAA303 Auditing Assignment21-10-2020
MIS771 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation21-10-2020
MOD003327 Economics For Business21-10-2020
LAW 2000 Business Law21-10-2020
Econ7002 Economics for Commerce21-10-2020
MIS771 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation21-10-2020
BCO3446 Project Management21-10-2020
EDMG600 : Cyber Security21-10-2020
PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control21-10-2020
BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment, Selection and Induction Processes21-10-2020
ACC202 Corporate Accounting21-10-2020
EWHC 3059 Contract Law in Construction21-10-2020
IFN 700 Project Management21-10-2020
MUS 1102 : Music21-10-2020
CSE5DSS Decision Support Systems21-10-2020
Art 101 : Art & Visual Culture21-10-2020
PGBM15 Marketing Management Assessment21-10-2020
MGMT19128 Strategic Plan and Presentation21-10-2020
FNS50315 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management21-10-2020
MN405 Data and Information Management21-10-2020
NR302 Health Assessment21-10-2020
BUS401: Management Leadership22-10-2020
TE265 WiMAX Networks22-10-2020
PPMP20013 Project Management for Operators of Large Assets22-10-2020
BEA111 Principles of Economics 122-10-2020
BM627 Managing Innovation in Business22-10-2020
ACC202 Management Accounting22-10-2020
INF70005 Strategic Project Management22-10-2020
HI6007 Data Analysis22-10-2020
BUS101 : Introduction to Business Law22-10-2020
IAB203 Business Process Modelling22-10-2020
KF7028 Research & Project Management22-10-2020
BAO3309A-Advanced Financial Accounting22-10-2020
PROJ6000 Principles Of Project Management22-10-2020
ENCIV4090 Surface Water Hydrology22-10-2020
ACC202 Management Accounting22-10-2020
ITC 508 Object Modelling22-10-2020
ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting22-10-2020
HMD302 Franchising22-10-2020
NBK235120 Quality of Life Alternative Assignment22-10-2020
ECO10004 Economic Principles22-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting22-10-2020
ECON5257 Introductory Statistics and Data Analysis22-10-2020
PPMP20013 Project Management22-10-2020
MGMT704-Management and Leadership22-10-2020
C229 : Social Media Campaign22-10-2020
SS6058 Housing Issues and Housing Solutions22-10-2020
ITECH 5404 Business Process Modeling22-10-2020
HI6007 Statistics For Business Decisions22-10-2020
BUS599-Strategic Management22-10-2020
BSB50615 Diploma of Human Resource Management22-10-2020
CSI5212 Network Security Fundamentals22-10-2020
CSG6206 Advanced Scripting22-10-2020
PSYC200 Lifespan Development22-10-2020
HLST196-Health Psychology22-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting22-10-2020
EPM5710-Project Procurement Management22-10-2020
MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership22-10-2020
TLAW202 Corporations Law22-10-2020
ITSU2004 Systems Analysis and Design22-10-2020
CHCCOM005 Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services22-10-2020
ITC563-IT Management Issues22-10-2020
RMET6053 Research Methods22-10-2020
MGB335 Managing Projects22-10-2020
MAN4011 Introduction to Entrepreneurship22-10-2020
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance22-10-2020
HC2091 Business Finance22-10-2020
HA3032 Auditing Assessment22-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting22-10-2020
COIT20252 Business Process Management22-10-2020
ECON1030 Business Statistics 122-10-2020
PRT551 Project Management Risk and Reliability22-10-2020
OLET1208 : Cryptocurrency22-10-2020
BTM 406 Project Management For Marketers22-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research22-10-2020
HI5004 Marketing Magaement22-10-2020
ITECH5402 Enterprise Systems22-10-2020
ITC508 Object Modelling22-10-2020
ENG8208 Advanced Engineering Project Management22-10-2020
MA514 : Business Finance22-10-2020
BUSM1269 Introduction to Project Management22-10-2020
ISYS6004 Green Information Technology and Sustainability22-10-2020
NIT5120 Software Engineer22-10-2020
ICTICT511-IT Strategy22-10-2020
UCBS7038-Marketing Management22-10-2020
C700 : Agriculture Biochemistry22-10-2020
BUS707 Applied Business Research22-10-2020
DDD10001-Twentieth Century Design22-10-2020
KF7028 Research And Project Management22-10-2020
ITECH1103 Big Data and Analytics22-10-2020
HC1041 IT For Business22-10-2020
CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction22-10-2020
PHC6016-Social Epidemiology in Public Health22-10-2020
ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory22-10-2020
COIT20267-Computer Forensics22-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting22-10-2020
ACCTING 3501 - Corporate Accounting22-10-2020
EECT029-Cyber Security22-10-2020
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects22-10-2020
COIT 20252 Business Process Management22-10-2020
BM627 Managing Innovation in Business22-10-2020
ICT393-Advanced Business Analysis and Design22-10-2020
EPM5600 Principles of Project Management22-10-2020
BLO1105-Business law22-10-2020
BACT105 Business Accounting22-10-2020
COM102-Introduction to Interpersonal Communication22-10-2020
N225 : Business Marketing Strategies22-10-2020
HA3021-Corporations Law22-10-2020
ACC707-Auditing Assurance and Services22-10-2020
APTE7105 Industry Investigation22-10-2020
COAC216 Cost Accounting22-10-2020
HI5017-Managerial Accounting22-10-2020
MKT1600 Marketing Principles and Practices22-10-2020
NURS1000 Foundations Of Nursing Practice22-10-2020
M37COM Research methods in Computing22-10-2020
PPMP20014 Complex Project Management22-10-2020
BSMAN3005 Project Management22-10-2020
MN507 Software Engineering22-10-2020
MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communications22-10-2020
HA3032 Auditing Trimester 122-10-2020
HRM0001 Working Ethically22-10-2020
LAW2446 : The ‘IRAC’ Approach to Answering Law Problems22-10-2020
ISY2001 System Analysis and Design22-10-2020
PPMP20014 Complex Project Management22-10-2020
COMM6019 Advanced Professional Communication22-10-2020
GSBS6008 Global Business Management22-10-2020
ITECH2250 IT Project Management Techniques22-10-2020
LA1040 : Contract law22-10-2020
ECON8069 Business Economics22-10-2020
PSY3150 Community Psychology22-10-2020
MGMT 2800 : Integrated Supply Chain - Coca Cola Amatil Case study22-10-2020
HI5002 Finance for Business22-10-2020
CID133 Project Management22-10-2020
SIT772 Database and Information Retrieval22-10-2020
COMP5349 Cloud Computing22-10-2020
H0S6504 Global Hospitality Operations Management22-10-2020
NIT5120 Library System Analysis22-10-2020
CSC00240 Data Communications and Networks22-10-2020
ACCG 950 Sustainability and Integrated Reporting22-10-2020
ISY2001 System Analysis and Design22-10-2020
ISY3001 E-Business Fundamentals and Systems22-10-2020
SIT206 iOS Programming Assignment22-10-2020
PPMP 20012 Program and Portfolio Information Systems22-10-2020
300585 Systems Analysis And Design22-10-2020
ICT710 : Professional Practice and Ethics22-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues22-10-2020
HA2022 Business Law22-10-2020
CS229 Teaching and Learning22-10-2020
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing22-10-2020
ICT 705 Data and System Integration22-10-2020
ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems22-10-2020
NURS3002 Advanced Decision Making and Practice22-10-2020
ITECH 7401 Leadership in IT Project Management22-10-2020
GSB014 Business Decision Making Analysis22-10-2020
PRT551 Project Management, Risk and Reliability22-10-2020
BUSN11079 : Analytical Thinking and Decision Making22-10-2020
HC1041 IT for Business22-10-2020
ACCT 3501 Corporate Accounting22-10-2020
BN314 System Architecture22-10-2020
ICT284 Systems Analysis and Design22-10-2020
BIOL460 Molecular Genetics22-10-2020
BLO1105 : Business Law22-10-2020
HIM 220 Research on a Healthcare Organisation22-10-2020
MKT302 Digital Marketing22-10-2020
3033IBA Managing People in Asia and Pacific Regions23-10-2020
PSY 4955 Human Factors Project23-10-2020
ECON 7221 : Climate Change Economics and Policy23-10-2020
CPK 36 HND Health and Social Care23-10-2020
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance23-10-2020
MOD006063 Hospitality Management23-10-2020
CSG5308 Wireless Security23-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research23-10-2020
ENN515 Total Quality Management23-10-2020
HA3032 : Auditing and Assurance Services23-10-2020
ISY202 Information Systems Networking Essentials23-10-2020
ITECH7410-Software Engineering Methodologies23-10-2020
CHCDIV001 Work With Diverse People23-10-2020
INF30029 Information Technology Project Management23-10-2020
OGBH201 Organisational Behaviour23-10-2020
SNPG905 Minor Project Proposal23-10-2020
BG005-Developing Your Leadership Style23-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting23-10-2020
BUS2SUS Sustainability23-10-2020
CO4514 Digital Forensic Technology23-10-2020
COIS13013 Business Intelligence23-10-2020
HI6008 Challenges in Cyber Security For Business23-10-2020
BUS106 Accounting for Business23-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting23-10-2020
BEA 674 Data and Business Decision Making23-10-2020
HA 3011 Advanced Financial Accounting23-10-2020
MBA600-MBA Capstone23-10-2020
MA514 : Business Finance23-10-2020
Law 401 Information Access and Privacy Protection23-10-2020
SCG 1015 Quantitative Reasoning23-10-2020
FIN200 Corporate Finance23-10-2020
HI6008 Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Business Functions23-10-2020
NSG2NMR Nursing and Midwifery Research23-10-2020
FIN4001 Introduction to Finance23-10-2020
MGT 670 : Technology Solution23-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business23-10-2020
CEIL829 Management Leadership Skill23-10-2020
ACCG950-Contemporary Accounting23-10-2020
ICT706 Data Analytics23-10-2020
HC2091 Business Finance23-10-2020
ENGLI0490 Basic Writing23-10-2020
M221PINTCML : Commercial Law LLM23-10-2020
BSBWOR404-Develop Work Priorities23-10-2020
MPE781 Economics for Managers23-10-2020
BBAL401-Company Law23-10-2020
BAO3309 Research Assignment23-10-2020
MA503 Business Economics23-10-2020
BUS106 Marketing Principles23-10-2020
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law23-10-2020
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects23-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research23-10-2020
BP252 : Business and Marketing23-10-2020
PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management23-10-2020
NUR3101 Primary Health Care23-10-2020
BUSN20019 Professional Project23-10-2020
92887 Organisational Management in Healthcare23-10-2020
49309 Quality Planning and Analysis23-10-2020
ITDA1001 Database Fundamentals23-10-2020
N12071 : Strategy and International Management23-10-2020
BN206 System Administration23-10-2020
BLO5540 Business and Company Law23-10-2020
COIT20249 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology23-10-2020
COIT20247 Database Implementation23-10-2020
LA310 Law of Business Organisations23-10-2020
BE334-Financial Markets and Monitory Policy23-10-2020
INF80031 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization23-10-2020
BUS5KMS Knowledge Management Systems23-10-2020
ITC505 ICT Project Management23-10-2020
HI5002 Finance For Business23-10-2020
ECON2001 Economic Policy and the Global environment23-10-2020
ITECH7407 Data Analytics23-10-2020
ARCH1021-Design Culture and Environment23-10-2020
LE5102 Event Operations Management23-10-2020
U24353 Media Contexts23-10-2020
BFA213-Corporate Regulation and Accountability23-10-2020
CIS3002 Business Analysis23-10-2020
BUS201 Consumer and Channel Relations23-10-2020
400777 Leadership for Quality And Safety in Health Care23-10-2020
HI6007 Statistics For Business Decisions23-10-2020
ENGL121E Composition: Social Issues23-10-2020
15317-Advanced Project Risk Management23-10-2020
EN897 : Critical Reading23-10-2020
MKTG224 Market Research23-10-2020
BUS700 ECONOMICS23-10-2020
NMDF211 Nutritional Biochemistry23-10-2020
HC1041-IT for Business23-10-2020
FIN 2328 : Tax Planning23-10-2020
BB107-Commercial Law23-10-2020
NIT2213 Software Engineering23-10-2020
LLW3000 Australian Administrative Law23-10-2020
ICTPRG502-Manage a Project using Software Management Tools23-10-2020
MPA901 Ethics and Governance23-10-2020
7001ENG Research Methods for Engineers23-10-2020
RSCH8110 Research Theory Design and Methods23-10-2020
BUSL204 Business Ethics and Risk Management23-10-2020
BAO3404-Credit and Lending Decisions23-10-2020
INF80001 Advanced Business Analysis23-10-2020
W213 : Advertising & Branding23-10-2020
MAA753-Professional Research and Analysis23-10-2020
BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace Relationships23-10-2020
NIT5140 Information Security23-10-2020
COMM2233 Industry Consulting Project23-10-2020
ITMK208-International Marketing23-10-2020
HRE4M Religious Education23-10-2020
DSWP2011 Inclusion and Community Development23-10-2020
ICT393-Advanced Business Analysis and Design23-10-2020
BIOL121 Human biological science23-10-2020
ACC512 : Management Accounting for Costs & Control23-10-2020
PHL137-Critical Thinking23-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business23-10-2020
79708-Contemporary Business Law23-10-2020
PUBH6006 Community Health and Disease Prevention23-10-2020
SOCI1301 Sociology of Aging23-10-2020
MGT5OBR : Organizational Behavior23-10-2020
MIS772 Predictive Analytics23-10-2020
MANG6122 Simulation23-10-2020
NUR1299 Foundations of Nursing Practice23-10-2020
ECON102 : Principles of Macroeconomics23-10-2020
PPMP20009 Project Management Methodologies23-10-2020
BUS101 Business Analytics23-10-2020
COMM110 Introduction To Oral Communication23-10-2020
ATS1701 Terrorism and political violence: An introduction23-10-2020
AF4S31 Strategic Financial Management23-10-2020
HR4005 Managing People23-10-2020
ACCTING2501 Financial Accounting23-10-2020
BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service23-10-2020
DBN509 Operations Management23-10-2020
MGT670-International Human Resource Studies23-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business23-10-2020
ACC200 Accounting Systems23-10-2020
FIN2001S Economic Policy and Global Environment23-10-2020
7324MED-Health Finance and Project Management23-10-2020
ISY202 Information Systems Networking Essentials Assignment23-10-2020
HA2022-Business Law23-10-2020
ACC00152 Business Finance23-10-2020
ICT321 Architecture and Systems Integration23-10-2020
UWSCFS Introduction to Academic Communication23-10-2020
COM 102 Self Concept23-10-2020
BEO1105 Economics Assignment23-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research23-10-2020
ENGT5220-Low Impact Manufacturing23-10-2020
ACC 203 Financial Accounting 223-10-2020
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems23-10-2020
HUSO2073 Democracy and Governance23-10-2020
BUS708 Statistics and Data Analysis23-10-2020
SITXMPR007 Develop and Implement Marketing Strategies23-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business23-10-2020
RWA2B Reflective Journal23-10-2020
DBN 603 Strategic Management23-10-2020
ACCT2507 : Accounting Research23-10-2020
FIN201-Fundamentals of Corporate Finance23-10-2020
ACC 211 Principals of Accounting23-10-2020
BCO6656 IT Project Management23-10-2020
COMP 0004 System Analysis and Design23-10-2020
EVT101A Event Concepts and Design Client Brief23-10-2020
PHIL 110 Philosophy23-10-2020
MN3102-Organisation Studies23-10-2020
MRKT20054 Service Industry Marketing24-10-2020
BO1BLAW204 Business Law24-10-2020
HA2042 Accounting Information Systems24-10-2020
JURI 540 : Legal Memorandum24-10-2020
ICT321 Architecture and Systems Integration24-10-2020
HI6008 Business Research Report24-10-2020
HC1041 IT for Business24-10-2020
BCO3446 Project Management24-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business24-10-2020
FINC20018 Managerial Finance24-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting24-10-2020
FIN445-International Financial Management24-10-2020
SWK4110 Law and Social Work24-10-2020
135ZXA Notice for paragraph24-10-2020
ACCY111 : Globalization on Accounting24-10-2020
HRTM12 Strategic Pricing and Revenue Management24-10-2020
TLAW 303 Taxation Law24-10-2020
HI5002: Finance for Business24-10-2020
CS115-Foundations of a Bible-based Christ Centered Worldview24-10-2020
HA 3011 Advanced Financial Accounting24-10-2020
2527NSC Aviation Research Methods24-10-2020
ACC 566 Financial Analysis24-10-2020
BN321 Advanced Network Design24-10-2020
MD4060-New Enterprise Venture Development24-10-2020
COIT20250 E-Business Systems24-10-2020
CSV1103 Interpersonal and Helping Skills24-10-2020
MKT201-Integrated Marketing Communications24-10-2020
4075 Independent Research24-10-2020
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communication24-10-2020
VV20 : Developing your Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management24-10-2020
300728 Construction Planning24-10-2020
HA3011-Advanced Financial Accounting24-10-2020
COIT 20268 Responsive Web Design24-10-2020
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law24-10-2020
MGT5PSC Procurement and Supply Chain Management24-10-2020
IMAT5211-E-Commerce System24-10-2020
GOVT3672 : American Foreign Policy24-10-2020
BUS1003 Business Communication and Academic Writing24-10-2020
BET201 Mechanics of Structures 224-10-2020
BSBHRM403 Support Performance Management Processes24-10-2020
BCO5501 Business Process Engineering24-10-2020
MGMT1601 Employment Assignment24-10-2020
DBN608: Modern Business Practices24-10-2020
UGB108-Quantitative Methods for Business24-10-2020
FIN80005 Corporate Financial Management24-10-2020
RSK80007 Quantified Risk Modelling24-10-2020
MKT2BBM Digital Branding and Retailing24-10-2020
306SE Control and Instrumentation 224-10-2020
LAW250-Constitutional Law24-10-2020
5BUS1032 Marketing Planning24-10-2020
INFT2150 Business Analysis24-10-2020
ENN515 TQM Group Research Project24-10-2020
PPMP20012 Program and Portfolio Management Information Systems24-10-2020
PHAR15288-Pharmacology for Nurses24-10-2020
BSBHRM513 Manage workforce planning24-10-2020
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance24-10-2020
BN202 Internetworking Technologies24-10-2020
B90075 Applied Health Studies24-10-2020
CON 234 Joint Contingency Contracting24-10-2020
PPMP20012 Program and Portfolio Information Systems24-10-2020
OB&GYNAE 3001: Human Reproduction24-10-2020
SUM104-Project Planning and Control24-10-2020
BM7913 Performance Management24-10-2020
HC1041 Information Technology for Business24-10-2020
ACC300 Financial Accounting24-10-2020
ICT110 Introduction to Data Science24-10-2020
NIT5130 Database Analysis and Design24-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting24-10-2020
COMP1008-E Commerce24-10-2020
BUACC5933 Cost and Management Accounting24-10-2020
CON7CMC Management of Construction24-10-2020
LML6004 Australias Visa System 224-10-2020
BUSS1004 Business Law24-10-2020
BEO1105 Economics Principals24-10-2020
PUBH 610 : History and Principles of Public Health24-10-2020
ARBE2309 Construction Procurement and Tendering24-10-2020
BUSI 2301 Business Law24-10-2020
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources24-10-2020
BUSN652 Operational Quality in Healthcare24-10-2020
COMLAW 203 : Commercial and Corporation Law24-10-2020
QAB020C414 Introduction To Management24-10-2020
CSEP60312 Research Ethics24-10-2020
UXB110 Residential Construction24-10-2020
2701ICT Interactive Application Development24-10-2020
TOUR335 Strategic Management In Tourism24-10-2020
IMAT 5211 The E Commerce Growth24-10-2020
ECM211 : Health and Physical Education24-10-2020
SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management24-10-2020
CEMG-949 Enterprise Resource Planning24-10-2020
HIST 1301 : History of the United States24-10-2020
CMNS3240 Advanced Professional Communication24-10-2020
BCOM101 Business Communication24-10-2020
ANTH1300 Archaeology24-10-2020
CEMG-102 : Purchasing and Inventory Control24-10-2020
IMAT 5209 Human Factors in Systems Design24-10-2020
ECON 3539 Political Economy24-10-2020
C5834 Introduction to Urban Computing24-10-2020
AC3093 : Audit Assurance and Compliance24-10-2020
ICT706 Data Analytics24-10-2020
MG620 Statistics for Managers24-10-2020
ENGL1110 Introduction to Prose Fiction24-10-2020
M211 : Law and Criminal Justice24-10-2020
CIS105 Introduction to Information Systems24-10-2020
PHA6632 Foundations of Medication Therapy Management II24-10-2020
MGT801 Critical Issues in Management24-10-2020
ENGL103 H : Writing from Sources24-10-2020
CIS2002 Database Design and Implementation24-10-2020
ACCT3502 Auditing24-10-2020
C04287 Master of Management24-10-2020
3002100 Bachelor of Business24-10-2020
CB738 Buyer Behaviour24-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business24-10-2020
BSBRES801 Initiate and Lead Applied Research24-10-2020
HIST1301 History of the United States24-10-2020
ITECH3301 Electronic Commerce Systems and Technologies24-10-2020
ACT102 Introduction to Accounting24-10-2020
PGBM02 Managing and Leading People24-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research In Business25-10-2020
LAW 1507 Tort Law25-10-2020
300598 Master Project25-10-2020
ITECH7407 Real Time Analytic25-10-2020
IBU5IBE International Business25-10-2020
EDUC 2110 - Critical/Contemporary Issues in Education25-10-2020
UTS 16467 Built Environment Law and Ethics25-10-2020
CIVL 0014 : Railway Engineering25-10-2020
200187 Taxation Law25-10-2020
CORPFIN 1002 Business Finance25-10-2020
IMAT5211 Electronic Healthcare Application25-10-2020
ITC571: Emerging Technology and Innovations25-10-2020
IMAT 5209 Human Factors in Systems Design25-10-2020
BB101 Business Communication25-10-2020
BEO6600 Business Economics25-10-2020
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communication25-10-2020
ACC307 Accounting Theory25-10-2020
HNCB6 Construction Information25-10-2020
COMM411 Public Relations Plan25-10-2020
DP43 Communication, Computing, Environmental Issues25-10-2020
301116 Social Media Intelligence25-10-2020
BN208 Networked Applications25-10-2020
BUECO5903 Business Economics26-10-2020
MN503 : Overview of Internetworking26-10-2020
ACC200 Accounting Systems26-10-2020
HSC230 Cultural Safety in Healthcare26-10-2020
ITECH 5404 Business Process Analytics and Change26-10-2020
B01BITA308 Business Information Analysis26-10-2020
ICTICT511 IT Strategy26-10-2020
ACCM 4600 Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues26-10-2020
HLTENN013 Implement And Monitor Care Of The Older Person26-10-2020
JND519 Quality Systems Management26-10-2020
ICT706 Data Analytics26-10-2020
BHO6001 Digital Marketing26-10-2020
BUS5WB Data Warehousing and Big Data26-10-2020
PUBH8475 : Advanced Program Implementation and Evaluation26-10-2020
MBA403 Financial and Economic Interpretation and Communication26-10-2020
HC1041 IT for Business26-10-2020
BUS 301 Integrated Capstone Project26-10-2020
COIT20251-Knowledge Audits for Business Analysis26-10-2020
BSBADM405A Organise Meetings26-10-2020
ISY2004 Information Systems Project Management26-10-2020
BBA204 Marketing Management26-10-2020
MA619 Accounting Research26-10-2020
HRT 225A : Basic Floral Design26-10-2020
BUS303 Group Simulation Report26-10-2020
ITC571 Emerging Technology and Innovations26-10-2020
BAO3309S117 Advanced Financial Accounting26-10-2020
NURS 3044 Research Methodologies26-10-2020
ENG115 Stance Essay26-10-2020
ACT505 Accounting Theory26-10-2020
BUS102 Introduction to Microeconomics26-10-2020
SM6052-Media Power and Politics26-10-2020
SBM4201 System Analysis and Design26-10-2020
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects26-10-2020
PPMP20009 Project Management Methodologies26-10-2020
KMF 1053 Cognitive Neuroscience26-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting26-10-2020
AS6022-China Foreign and Security Policy26-10-2020
BSBLDR502 Team Work26-10-2020
SRM752 Advanced Project Management26-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting26-10-2020
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues26-10-2020
ITECH 5404 : Business Process Analytics and Change26-10-2020
HUMNT1101 Introduction to Humanities26-10-2020
MG4002-Data Analytics26-10-2020
BUS5ATE Advanced Time-Series Econometrics26-10-2020
HRM530-Strategic Human Resource Management26-10-2020
BUSN20019 Professional Project26-10-2020
ITECH5404 Business Process Analytics And Change26-10-2020
ITC505 ICT Project Management26-10-2020
ITDA1001 Database Fundamentals26-10-2020
CD 09S Marketing Management26-10-2020
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources26-10-2020
HUM1020 Introduction to Humanities26-10-2020
BN106 Networking Fundamentals26-10-2020
ITECH5404 Business Process Analytics And Change26-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting26-10-2020
BALW 20150 : Business Law26-10-2020
HI3042-Cross Cultural Management and Communication26-10-2020
EDU704 Pedagogies for Engagement26-10-2020
YSS1203 Principles Of Economics26-10-2020
MAF759 Analytical Methods26-10-2020
ACCTING 3501 :Corporate Accounting26-10-2020
MA619 Accounting Research26-10-2020
TRA6157-Supply Chain Management26-10-2020
ENGG3500 Managing Engineering Projects26-10-2020
PROJ6008 Leadership For The Contemporary Organisation26-10-2020
MAT1DM Discrete Mathematics26-10-2020
ENGT5220 : Low Impact Manufacturing26-10-2020
CSE5DWD Data Warehouse Concepts and Design26-10-2020
MPK713-Consumer Behaviour26-10-2020
HI 5020 Corporate Accounting26-10-2020
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communication26-10-2020
HUSO2079 Research Strategies Assessment26-10-2020
MIS771-Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation26-10-2020
RES6101 Research Preparation: Methods of Research26-10-2020
BUMAR202A Buyer Behaviour26-10-2020
BO1BLAW204 Business Law26-10-2020
5129COMP Programming Language Theory26-10-2020
BLO1105 Business Law26-10-2020
INF30005-Business Process Management26-10-2020
CS3505 Software Practice II26-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting26-10-2020
Website Design & Development26-10-2020
ARBE1102-Construction Ecology 126-10-2020
21797 Strategic Supply Chain Management26-10-2020
T8497 : Human Nervous System & Endocrine System26-10-2020
BUS1003 Business Communication and Academic Writing26-10-2020
LST5CCL Company and Commercial Law26-10-2020
BLO1105-Business law26-10-2020
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting26-10-2020
BCO2000 Business Process Modelling26-10-2020
ACC539-Accounting Information Systems26-10-2020
OSOT1210 Client Support Skills26-10-2020
HC1041-IT for Business26-10-2020
US1162 Financial Analysis for Managers26-10-2020
EDU20005-Sustainable Education and Perspective26-10-2020
ICT701 Relational Database Systems26-10-2020
ECON7460-Health Economics26-10-2020
UGB008 Introduction to Organisational Management26-10-2020
HIM 6114 integrated Electronic Health Records26-10-2020
MMM343-Business Ethics26-10-2020
SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management26-10-2020
HA1011 Applied Quantitative Methods26-10-2020
ENGT5114-Sustainable Energy26-10-2020
MGT723 Research Project26-10-2020
BUSN4100 : Business Research26-10-2020
OCT101 Occupational Therapy Orientation26-10-2020
LAW205-Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants26-10-2020
GENC3004 Personal Finance26-10-2020
HC2121-Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility26-10-2020
NURS2007 Healthy Ageing26-10-2020
ACC605 Auditing26-10-2020
VETS90096 Veterinary Professional Practice26-10-2020
H402 : Aerospace Company26-10-2020
BSBHRM602 Manage human resources strategic planning26-10-2020
MKG2150 Marketing Sales26-10-2020
600ESC Importance of Research Planning26-10-2020
6S3H : Hotel & Hospitality Management26-10-2020
FNSTPB503 Apply Legal Principles In Contract and Consumer Law26-10-2020
EDMG600 : Cyber Security Emergency Management26-10-2020
BN314 System Architecture26-10-2020
BP276 : Human Resource Management26-10-2020
BFA506 Business Law26-10-2020
LML6002 : Immigration Law26-10-2020
3220THS Real Estate and Property Development Law26-10-2020
UGB110 Business Law26-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting26-10-2020
ICT110 Introduction to Data Science26-10-2020
MKTG1100 Marketing Management26-10-2020
ECON1009 International Financial Institutions and Markets26-10-2020
BIOSTATS6004 Design of Randomised Controlled Trials26-10-2020
BUACC5933 Cost and Management Accounting26-10-2020
TLH301 Strategic Planning for Tourism and Leisure26-10-2020
IRHR3540-International Human Resource Management26-10-2020
BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management26-10-2020
BRPN102-Therapeutic Communication26-10-2020
CS115 Foundations of a Bible-Based Christ Centered Worldview26-10-2020
MMP111-Introduction to Property26-10-2020
HI6008-Business Research26-10-2020
FAS001 Foundation Studies Australian Studies26-10-2020
HC1041 : IT for Business26-10-2020
MITS5003 Wireless Networks and Communication26-10-2020
BN321 Advanced Network Design26-10-2020
NIT6130 Introduction to Research26-10-2020
BEO6600-Business Economics26-10-2020
ENGT 5214 Research Methods26-10-2020
DAT601 Invoice Funders Database Design26-10-2020
GSBS6100 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution26-10-2020
BUSN20016 Research in Business26-10-2020
BUSN4100 Business Research Methods26-10-2020
BUSM4407-Advanced Project Risk Management26-10-2020
76015 Labour Law26-10-2020
MA514 : Business Finance26-10-2020
LEGL300 Taxation Law26-10-2020
MILH510 : American Military History26-10-2020
7108IBA Supply Chain Modeling26-10-2020
PREP1122 Applied English Essay Writing26-10-2020
MAN6935 IT Value Realisation26-10-2020
ELEC345 Communication Network26-10-2020
MGMT121 Principles of Management26-10-2020
HA3032 Auditing26-10-2020
FNSACC507-Provide Management Accounting Information26-10-2020
ACFl5056 Global Supply Chain Management26-10-2020
ACC605 Auditing26-10-2020
BA205 Accounting Systems and Applications26-10-2020
LAWS5065 : Taxation Laws26-10-2020
HI5020 Corporate Accounting26-10-2020
MGT723 Research Project Assignment26-10-2020</