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Created Documents

Document Title Created Date
ENG4U English01-03-2021
ENG4U1 English01-03-2021
IBUS3510 International Business01-03-2021
BIBM490 Global Business Strategy01-03-2021
LAW 509 Canadian Adminstrative Law01-03-2021
NURS 205.77 Community Health Nursing01-03-2021
BUS8570 E-commerce01-03-2021
Tour2205 Event Marketing01-03-2021
MKTG 1219 Professional Sales01-03-2021
FSO315 Emergency Ground Operations01-03-2021
MGMT 254 Financial Management01-03-2021
MBA621 Competitive Intelligence01-03-2021
PHIL 380 Intro to Biomedical Ethics01-03-2021
SDO 511 Administrative Law01-03-2021
BUSI 888 Applied Doctoral Research Project II01-03-2021
B207 Shaping Business Opportunities01-03-2021
ACC 650 Managerial Accounting01-03-2021
BMP5004 Project Management01-03-2021
MOD003353 Business Environment01-03-2021
MOD006960 Personal Development in Professional Settings01-03-2021
GA 506 Business and Company Law01-03-2021
MKT3012 International Marketing01-03-2021
BMA506 Foundations of Marketing01-03-2021
PAQM321 Project and Quality Management 01-03-2021
EBUS634 Service Operations Management01-03-2021
NMS11189 Leadership and Finance for Effective Service Delivery01-03-2021
SPA232 Accounting Information System01-03-2021
TAL034-1 Managing People in Aviation01-03-2021
TAL033-1 Introduction To The Airline Industry01-03-2021
ACCG3020 Taxation Law and Practice01-03-2021
BBUS1003 Business Communication01-03-2021
ACC304 Taxation Law01-03-2021
BUSM2449 International Human Resource Management01-03-2021
TACC613 Mergers and Acquisitions01-03-2021
1202AFE Financial Planning01-03-2021
200488 Corporate Financial Management01-03-2021
MGMT8004 International Business Strategy01-03-2021
NURS1201 Clinical Reasoning Cycle01-03-2021
NUR345 Strategies For Transition into Practice01-03-2021
JNB514 Transformational Leadership01-03-2021
HLT35015 Certificate III in Dental Assisting01-03-2021
NRSG372 Chronic Illness and Disability01-03-2021
SAP101 Australia Society Systems and Policies01-03-2021
EDMA262 Mathematics: Learning and Teaching 101-03-2021
BSBLEG415 Apply The Principles Of Contract Law01-03-2021
NUR1101 Nursing in the Australian Healthcare System01-03-2021
MAN5902 Business Systems Analysis01-03-2021
BUS 221 Professional Selling01-03-2021
BUS 201 Business Law01-03-2021
ETHC3311 Ethics fundamentals01-03-2021
WRI363 Communicating in a World of Data01-03-2021
WRI340 Critical Reading and Listening 01-03-2021
PSY391 Psychology of Pain01-03-2021
PSY328 Psychology and the Law01-03-2021
FOLK2114 Philosophy01-03-2021
TMGT1110 Introduction to Tourism01-03-2021
COMM 1034 Professional Communication01-03-2021
EARTH 270 Earth Science 01-03-2021
CESD2996 Finance Accounting01-03-2021
CRM-241 Introduction to Corrections01-03-2021
ORGB1135 Organisational Behaviour01-03-2021
NURS614 Nursing01-03-2021
ACCT1115 Introductory Financial Accounting01-03-2021
PSCI100 Introduction to Political Science01-03-2021
SGMT 3000 Strategic management 01-03-2021
Hist110 History 01-03-2021
ELCC0105 Nutrition Assignment01-03-2021
ADMN-310 Strategic Marketing01-03-2021
CSCI 3130 Software Engineering01-03-2021
BIOCH200 Introductory Biochemistry01-03-2021
GEOG 2640 Geographies of Culture and Inequality01-03-2021
BICG9603 Legal Issues, International Trade01-03-2021
WIR208 Settlement Work 01-03-2021
Comm3321 Communication01-03-2021
BUSD 2026 Process Improvement 01-03-2021
WIR247 Communication Skills in Social Work and Human Services01-03-2021
Eng103 College Writing and Reading01-03-2021
MKT3680 Professional Selling01-03-2021
INTL-233 Fundamental of Freight Forward01-03-2021
COMM 1007 English Skills01-03-2021
HMSV3301: Mental Heath in the workplace 01-03-2021
FINE 4050 Personal Finance01-03-2021
OPMT 2275 Operation Management01-03-2021
Bus285 Workplace Proffesionalism02-03-2021
PMC240 Project Management02-03-2021
Writ 200 Workplace Writing Skills02-03-2021
MFA 204 Introduction to financial accounting02-03-2021
PLD2113 Business Law02-03-2021
DBPY 1063 History & Philosophy of Psychology 02-03-2021
Mgmt3016 Business Ethics 02-03-2021
CBCP2202 Computer Programming II02-03-2021
BUSM4547 Management in Practice02-03-2021
HIST 106 Australian Indigenous Peoples Past and Present02-03-2021
HRES2401 Employee Learning and Development02-03-2021
ECSFC101A Professional Cultural and Academic Practice02-03-2021
SCMT 4350 Global Sourcing and Innovation02-03-2021
ECE 353 Cognitive Development of Infants and Young Children02-03-2021
BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement a Business Plan02-03-2021
MAR015-2 Intercultural Management in Business02-03-2021
BULAW 3731 Foundations of Tax Law02-03-2021
MOD003325 Academic and Professional Skills02-03-2021
ACC6003 Financial Management02-03-2021
ASS115-3 Independent Project02-03-2021
BIOL122 Human Biological Science 202-03-2021
ISY3006 Information Security02-03-2021
LAWS6090 Health Law02-03-2021
HA2042 Accounting Information Systems 02-03-2021
ANTH2003 Food Across Cultures02-03-2021
MG413 Data insights For Business Decisions02-03-2021
MGT600 Management, People and Teams02-03-2021
TLAW603 Taxation Law and Practice02-03-2021
LAW003-1 Criminal Law 02-03-2021
HC2112 Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing 02-03-2021
CP201 Principles and Practices in Child Protection02-03-2021
SNUG103 Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses02-03-2021
QAB020N503S Project Management02-03-2021
COU103A Human Development Across the Life Span 02-03-2021
SITHCCC018 Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements02-03-2021
BSS018-2 Entrepreneurship and Leadership of Business Ventures02-03-2021
GSB004 Managing Developing and Implementing Strategy02-03-2021
MGT605 Business Capstone Project02-03-2021
ENGL 3048 Australian Classics: Literature and Film02-03-2021
HTL303 The Leadership Experience02-03-2021
NCS6100 Nursing Cultural Studies02-03-2021
NRSG258 Principles of Nursing Surgical02-03-2021
HRM2001S Human Resource Management02-03-2021
ENGL 245 English Assignments 02-03-2021
PHIL300 Philosophical Thought and Leisure 02-03-2021
PNR400 Nursing02-03-2021
HRM845 Human Resources and Industrial Relations02-03-2021
COMU 3200 Community Practice02-03-2021
SOSC 2000: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Social Inquiry02-03-2021
APA3122: Physical Activity And Health 02-03-2021
ORGB 601: Human Interfaces02-03-2021
BIOL 4736 Developmental Biology02-03-2021
CRM 400 Indegenous Governance02-03-2021
Cs340 Algorithms and data structure 02-03-2021
EARTH 270 Earth Science02-03-2021
N2NN3 Evidence Based Nursing Research02-03-2021
HMSV3505 Teaching Health and Human Service Professional 02-03-2021
Psych1010 Psychology02-03-2021
BIO 102 Principles of Biology02-03-2021
BIO314 Laboratory in Cell and Molecular Biology02-03-2021
HRES2202 Recruitment & Selection 02-03-2021
Hosp3042 Sales and Revenue Group Sales Assignment02-03-2021
IST530 Information Systems Management02-03-2021
HRM742 Introduction to Business and Organizational Behaviour02-03-2021
CMN3105 : Media Ethics02-03-2021
CPSY614 Psychology of Sport02-03-2021
MGMT1201: Business Communication02-03-2021
BLG111 Anatomy and Physiology II 02-03-2021
Eng 204 English Business Writing02-03-2021
GER235 gerontology02-03-2021
UBAF3023 Corporate Reporting and Current Issues 02-03-2021
COMP1631 Information Analysis02-03-2021
BFE301_Monetary Economics 02-03-2021
NBNS1503 Nursing assignment02-03-2021
LE7154 risk management02-03-2021
ABDT2043 Fundamentals of Marketing02-03-2021
ICT284 System Analysis and Design02-03-2021
BUSM4547 Management In Practice03-03-2021
Buss226 Talent Acquisition03-03-2021
MIS3006S Digital Business and Social Media Strategy03-03-2021
BRD 205 Crime Through the Ages03-03-2021
SCO201 Space Place People and The City 03-03-2021
HBC201 Research Methods for the Social and Behavioural Sciences03-03-2021
BSC203 Introduction to ICT Research Methods03-03-2021
Psy390 Research Methods03-03-2021
BSL202 Workplace Law03-03-2021
SH5203 Emergency Planning 03-03-2021
MBS537 Strategic Marketing Management03-03-2021
NURS6501 Advanced Pathophysiology03-03-2021
BUS 430 Operations Management03-03-2021
MGT468 Organizational Behavior03-03-2021
BUS475 Business and Society03-03-2021
NSG 502 Critique of Qualitative Research03-03-2021
TC60054E Power System03-03-2021
STA101 Statistics Assignment03-03-2021
BUS3DIG Digital Business03-03-2021
AYB227 International Accounting03-03-2021
BUS203 Business Law03-03-2021
GSBS6060 Strategic Management03-03-2021
BSBMGT615 Contribute to Organisation Development03-03-2021
BMA609 Sales Management and Personal Selling03-03-2021
NSG1201 Nursing For Foundations of Care03-03-2021
FINC3017 Investments and Portfolio Management03-03-2021
KIT709 Enterprise Architecture and System 03-03-2021
BSBINM301 Organise Workplace Information03-03-2021
BISY2003 Object Oriented Programming03-03-2021
7102NRS Managing Complex Clients03-03-2021
TH70052E Strategic Management for the Tourism and Aviation industry03-03-2021
FY026 Preparing For Success Knowledge and Creativity03-03-2021
BSS018-2 Entrepreneurship and Leadership of Business Ventures03-03-2021
MOD006960 Personal Development in Professional Settings03-03-2021
AF4S31 Strategic Financial Management03-03-2021
FYS004-0 Contemporary Society in a Global World03-03-2021
BU7411 International Marketing Strategy03-03-2021
10200 Health Across the Lifespan: Healthy Ageing03-03-2021
BSS004-1 Using Data to Build Business Practice03-03-2021
MD4042 Leadership And Management03-03-2021
BSS018-2 Entrepreneurship and Leadership of Business Ventures03-03-2021
6389 Designing Human Computer Interaction03-03-2021
MCR001 Economics03-03-2021
MNP6107 Nursing Research Project03-03-2021
ITIS101 IT and Business Processes03-03-2021
Poec 393 Political Science03-03-2021
NRSG 5027 BIEN Nursing In Ontario 03-03-2021
Bio 111 Introduction to Modern Biology03-03-2021
WMST 1216 – Exploring Women’s Lives: An Introduction 03-03-2021
RSLT 100 Religious Studies 03-03-2021
ENGL1101 Literature and Composition 203-03-2021
BUSI101 Canadian Business Management03-03-2021
CULT 13796G Languages of the World03-03-2021
LAWS224 Wills and Estate03-03-2021
MGMT 703 Ethics and StakeholderMangement03-03-2021
MGMT1102 Corporate Social Responsibility03-03-2021
MGMT8250 Management and Leadership Skills03-03-2021
MGMT 703 Ethics and StakeholderMangement03-03-2021
WRIT-2220 Writing to Influence03-03-2021
LABR1260 Labour studies 03-03-2021
BSCN2144 Nursing Case study03-03-2021
CMNS223 Writing03-03-2021
HREQ 3450 Legal Institutions and Social Justice 03-03-2021
CPSC 217 Introduction to Computer Science03-03-2021
BUSI2013 Business Decision Analysis 03-03-2021
Comp 2511 C programming 03-03-2021
ORGB 601: Human Interfaces03-03-2021
Cois4310 Networks03-03-2021
ICS3U1 - Introduction to Computer Science03-03-2021
ACC2344 Taxation 1 03-03-2021
Bus1103 Supply Chain Management03-03-2021
CMNS 112: Professional Writing 03-03-2021
FNCE 623 Finance04-03-2021
COMP 1010 Introduction To Computer Science 1 04-03-2021
BCPT 123 Computer Information System04-03-2021
BUSI 2073 Management of Technology and Innovation04-03-2021
BUS 227 New Business Development 04-03-2021
BSC203 - Introduction to ICT Research Methods04-03-2021
BBS301 Applying Mixed Methods Research to business04-03-2021
BAFI1029 Risk Management04-03-2021
ECON1045 Macroeconomics04-03-2021
ANL203 Analytics for Decision-Making 04-03-2021
MBA7061 MBA-Operations Management04-03-2021
CST8284 Object Oriented Program04-03-2021
LTO 201 Discrete Mathematics04-03-2021
ENG123 English Composition II04-03-2021
BUSM4694 Political Economy of International Business04-03-2021
MKT3690 Business to Business04-03-2021
RLGN1324 Introduction to Western Religion 04-03-2021
PSY211 Developmental Psychology04-03-2021
NSG 2313 Nursing04-03-2021
BSB42415 Marketing and Communication04-03-2021
COMPSCI 330: Design and Analysis of Algorithms04-03-2021
BBS301 Applying Mixed Methods Research to Business04-03-2021
GOVT512 Managing Public Resources04-03-2021
GENE60 Cells, Genes & Molecules04-03-2021
NRS222 Mental Health04-03-2021
ACBUS108A Applied Economics04-03-2021
EST503 Teaching Indigenous Learners04-03-2021
200008 Torts Law04-03-2021
92460 Nursing Care of the Older Person04-03-2021
SHR079-6 Leading People in Creative Teams 04-03-2021
312MAN Strategy and Change Management04-03-2021
ISY3006 Introduction of Information Security 04-03-2021
CUMC90026 Conservation Professional Practices04-03-2021
CCMT20384 Professional Development in the Food Industry04-03-2021
MGT2002 Managing Operations04-03-2021
BU7404 Leading and Managing Ethically04-03-2021
PROJMGNT 7038 Project Leadership and Communications04-03-2021
MUS1521 Genres of Composition04-03-2021
7CC003 Distributed and Mobile Computing Portfolio04-03-2021
FIN 955 International Banking04-03-2021
ENGT5152 Composite Materials04-03-2021
HSC230 Cultural Safety in Health04-03-2021
BUS6061 E-Business04-03-2021
NUR226 Preparation for Practice 204-03-2021
CO7225 Service Design04-03-2021
ICTNWK503 Install And Maintain Valid Authentication Process04-03-2021
DSRS9069 Mental Health, Disability and Rehabilitation04-03-2021
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing: Contexts of Ageing04-03-2021
NIT2222 Networking Technologies04-03-2021
CNCL800: Nursing Practice04-03-2021
BUS430 Business Management04-03-2021
ELCC 0103 Block Play04-03-2021
LSO400 Immigration and Belonging 04-03-2021
MRKT 1000 Introduction to Marketing04-03-2021
COM101 Draft Letter & Annotated Bibliography 04-03-2021
MGMT1601 Business Law04-03-2021
KINE3318 Kinesiology04-03-2021
PHSL 371 Harelquin Ichthyosis 04-03-2021
ART212 Art and Design04-03-2021
HNSC-3330 Ingredient Technology for Designed Food 04-03-2021
LD7166 Project Implementation in a Multinational Context04-03-2021
ENG205 Applied Communication for Business and Industry 04-03-2021
QAC020X352S Cyber Security04-03-2021
BMG935 International Human Resource Management04-03-2021
FINA 350 Taxation and financial Pan04-03-2021
Eng151 English04-03-2021
CMNS 253 Introduction to Information Technology04-03-2021
CTCH 203 Introduction to Media and Communication 04-03-2021
MKT819 Introduction to Marketing04-03-2021
CE7012 Legal Obligations and Conditions of Contract04-03-2021
MOD003353 International Business04-03-2021
EG7034 Mental Wealth Engineering Management and Project Organisation04-03-2021
PHIL1100 Philosophy: Ethics, Social & Political Philosophy04-03-2021
ASS066-1 Understanding the Human Services04-03-2021
SOC208: Crime and Organization 04-03-2021
SH6000 Leadership and Management in Professional Contexts04-03-2021
CS5810J Programming for Data Analysis04-03-2021
SSW4501 Social Justice04-03-2021
BMP4006 People and Performance04-03-2021
LAWS16206 Ethics and Professional Practice04-03-2021
CPSC 1045 Introduction to Programming04-03-2021
ORGB 601: Human Interfaces04-03-2021
CMIS-550 Fundamentals of Big Data05-03-2021
RSCH600 Business Research Methodolgy05-03-2021
PHIL300 Philosophical Thought and Leisure05-03-2021
HLT301 Mental Health05-03-2021
CVNU322 Computer and Information Management in Nursing05-03-2021
ISYS2059 Business Information Systems05-03-2021
NDB501 Introduction to Management05-03-2021
ACCT20070 Accounting in Australisa05-03-2021
BUACC 3741 Auditing05-03-2021
ACT305 Corporate Accounting05-03-2021
MGNT922 Business Research05-03-2021
HC1010 Accounting For Business Assignment05-03-2021
MITS6005 Big Data05-03-2021
BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness05-03-2021
NIT 6130 Literature Review05-03-2021
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise05-03-2021
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and Improve own Professional Practice05-03-2021
401016 Professional Practice Experience 505-03-2021
201038 Behavioural Finance05-03-2021
BSB61315 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication05-03-2021
BSS058-6 Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment05-03-2021
BIOLOGY 1401 Concepts in Biology05-03-2021
NURS2187 Leadership, Supervision and Mentoring in Health Care05-03-2021
BSBPMG504B Apply Principles of OHS Risk Management05-03-2021
ICTNWK603 Plan, Configure And Test Advanced Internetwork Routing Solutions05-03-2021
MBAF 501: Business and Academic Writing05-03-2021
COMM101 Introduction to Communication05-03-2021
BC 306 Ethics and Leadership05-03-2021
OPMT 620 Operations Management05-03-2021
PMGT 729 Project Management05-03-2021
USS 100 Introduction to University Success Strategies05-03-2021
BUS426 Business Analysis Project05-03-2021
MGMT1101 Introduction to Management05-03-2021
NURS 4525 Community Consultation & Health Promotion/Social Justice Initiative05-03-2021
INTM004CL ROCE and NPV Method05-03-2021
OUMH1203 English for Written Communications05-03-2021
ABPD1303 Adolescent Psychology05-03-2021
MGT2104 IInternational Business05-03-2021
UBML1013 Corporate and Business Law05-03-2021
AAMS3184 Discrete Mathematics05-03-2021
7COM1068 Penetration Testing05-03-2021
ABCR2103 Principles of Corporate Communication 05-03-2021
BHS001-2 Human Metabolism and Genetics05-03-2021
DHM1214 Food and Beverage Management 05-03-2021
FYS002-0 Contemporary Society in a Global World05-03-2021
TM6002 Sustainable Tourism Development and Planning05-03-2021
PHS112 Core Skills for Chemistry05-03-2021
BBS013-1 Foundations of Business Management05-03-2021
PHIL2015ORB Philosophy Beauty05-03-2021
LAW011-1 Law for Business Managers05-03-2021
BBS003-1 Foundations of Business Communication05-03-2021
SCO201: Space, Place, People and The City05-03-2021
MS70086E Digital and Social Media Marketing05-03-2021
BAFI1045 Finance & Investment05-03-2021
BBS301 Applying Mixed Methods Research to Business05-03-2021
IC284 System Analysis and Design05-03-2021
BUS211 International Logistic 06-03-2021
PSY305 Cognitive Psychology06-03-2021
BUSM4306 Work, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Module06-03-2021
MBS537 Strategic Marketing Managment06-03-2021
BBS301 Applying Mixed Methods Research to business06-03-2021
NUR2901 Nursing Assignment 06-03-2021
MN3626K Corporate Entrepreneurship 06-03-2021
BUS 308 Credit Lending Decison06-03-2021
BUSM4546 Management in Practice 06-03-2021
MTH220 Statiscal Method and Inference06-03-2021
BUS357 Starting and Managing a Business06-03-2021
HBC201 Research Methods for Social and Behavioral Sciences06-03-2021
BUS211 International Logistic06-03-2021
309JA Information Sciences Research Methodology06-03-2021
B839 Evidence-Based Scoping Proposal06-03-2021
BULAW 3731 Income Taxation Law and Practice06-03-2021
MBA6140 Strategic Leadership and Stakeholder Management06-03-2021
HKIN161 Human Kinteics06-03-2021
SBAPP1 Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution06-03-2021
BN321 Advanced Network Design06-03-2021
MMS201 Sport in Society06-03-2021
Soci319 Sociology 06-03-2021
NSB204 Mental Health Self and Others 06-03-2021
HIST309 Historical Writing06-03-2021
BN502 Professional Nursing 06-03-2021
BUS705 Management Strategy Planning and Implementation06-03-2021
902 Applied management 06-03-2021
FSC521 The Financial Services Industry06-03-2021
COMM 202 Media and Society06-03-2021
GEOG 221 Geography06-03-2021
BUS1002 Fundamentals of Management06-03-2021
BIS2001 IT Infrastructure and Networking06-03-2021
ENW 3070 Health and Science Writing06-03-2021
BUSI 1323 Leadership in Organisation06-03-2021
SBM1204 Project Delivery Systems06-03-2021
BUSM 4095 Human Resource Management06-03-2021
MKTG3123 Strategic Social Marketing06-03-2021
401016 Professional Practice Experience 506-03-2021
PBHL5006 Healthcare Professional Portfolio A06-03-2021
BIO152 Cell Biology06-03-2021
IND301A Industry Consulting Project06-03-2021
ICT103 System Analysis and Design06-03-2021
NUR226 Preparation for Practice 206-03-2021
SITXFIN003 Manage Finances Within a Budget06-03-2021
MAC007 Strategic Management Accounting06-03-2021
ISL353 World Religions Australia06-03-2021
HLTENN008 Apply Legal and Ethical Parameters To Nursing Practice06-03-2021
HMSV2501 Social Policy07-03-2021
GINS 2000B – Ethics and Globalization07-03-2021
TELE33324 Data Network07-03-2021
WRIT 220 Technical Writing07-03-2021
COMM 250 English Essay07-03-2021
NURS 6051 The Nurse Leader as Knowledge Worker07-03-2021
BSN 733 Travel Tourism07-03-2021
SGMT 3000 Strategic management07-03-2021
RLST 201 Ghost, Monstors and Demons07-03-2021
MGT 3640 Cross- Cultural Management Practices 07-03-2021
ECON 2120 Intermediate Statistical Method07-03-2021
7COM1068 Penetration Testing07-03-2021
Engl 1000 English Essay07-03-2021
5ME510 Manufacturing Engineering07-03-2021
SSW4501 Social Justice07-03-2021
7COM1074 Applied Data Science And Analytic07-03-2021
6ME508 Manufacturing Automation and Control07-03-2021
NURS 6051 Transforming Nursing & Healthcare Through Information07-03-2021
COMM 1034 Professional Communication07-03-2021
ELCC2213 Language Literacy and Communication in Early Years07-03-2021
Bus8580 International Business Strategy07-03-2021
CEM13B Principles and Practice of Project Management07-03-2021
MRKT 625 Marketing Promotion07-03-2021
INTL 220 The Impact of Globalization and International Business07-03-2021
M25291 Financial Management07-03-2021
ADVE2004 Public Relations07-03-2021
ENGL1201 English Composition07-03-2021
ASS066-1 Understanding the Human Services07-03-2021
7DIBU002W Customers and Competition in the Digital Era07-03-2021
WRTG 101 English Assignments 07-03-2021
COMM160 College Communication07-03-2021
LAW003-1 Criminal Law07-03-2021
SOSC1000 Social Science07-03-2021
BUSD 2027 Quality Management07-03-2021
BUSD-2026 Lean Systems08-03-2021
BUSD-2025 introduction to logistics08-03-2021
MGMT601 Leadership in the Global Context08-03-2021
GEOG221 Geography08-03-2021
MADS 6609 Privatizing the Cafeteria 08-03-2021
COMM171 English Essay08-03-2021
BUS433 – Strategic Services Management08-03-2021
BBM204/05 Business Law08-03-2021
TSI2241: System Integration and Architecture08-03-2021
BBM511/03 Quantitative Techniques 08-03-2021
CAI 3024 Intelligent Systems 08-03-2021
BAC306 Advanced Financial Accounting 08-03-2021
ACF305 Advanced Financial Accounting08-03-2021
UBML1013 Corporate and Business Law08-03-2021
BUS356 Contemporary Financial Accounting08-03-2021
STAT200 Introduction to Statistics08-03-2021
BB107 Commercial Law08-03-2021
ACC650 Managerial Accounting08-03-2021
Geog376 Human Geography08-03-2021
HPAM 620 Public Health Management08-03-2021
HSL 1800 Human Development08-03-2021
CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People Assignment08-03-2021
CHC53415 Diploma in Leisure and Health08-03-2021
BUACC5932 Corporate Accounting08-03-2021
MGT8022 Project Based Management08-03-2021
BUSS3104 Organisational Entrepreneurship08-03-2021
MBA502 Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity08-03-2021
BFA714 Australian Tax Law08-03-2021
3521NSC Contemporary Aviation Management08-03-2021
BUS357 Starting and Managing a Business08-03-2021
NURS3201Transition to Professional Practice08-03-2021
ICT50118 Information Technology08-03-2021
COU155 Counselling08-03-2021
10205 Integrating Nursing Concepts 308-03-2021
ITECH3100 Mobile and Cloud Security08-03-2021
LAWS507 Australian Visa System08-03-2021
MGMT7061 Delivering Team Results 08-03-2021
1002PSY Introduction to Psychology08-03-2021
BUS303 Organisational Development and Change Management 08-03-2021
ICT501 Business Analysis and Systems Development Approaches 08-03-2021
HLSC6106 Foundations in Family Studies08-03-2021
Busn1179 Professional Relations08-03-2021
RELS 100 Religion of the East08-03-2021
MRK413 Digital Marketimg and Social Media 08-03-2021
Busi 210 HR Management Foundations08-03-2021
NURS432 Management and Leadership in Nursing08-03-2021
STATS 2060 statistics08-03-2021
WRTG 101 English assignments 408-03-2021
SM9632 Contemporary Issues in International Buisness08-03-2021
MBA 530 Leading people and Organization 08-03-2021
BUSD-2018 Business Values and Ethics08-03-2021
QAC020N253S Network Design and Troubleshooting08-03-2021
Mngt157 Management08-03-2021
ACC2830 Financial Project Management08-03-2021
MBAF 501: Business and Academic Writing08-03-2021
MGMT8370 Project Risk and Management08-03-2021
MBA 515 Leadership08-03-2021
SE115-4 Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Sports Therapy Practice08-03-2021
PGBM146 Value Chain Analysis08-03-2021
BUS 221 New Business Development 08-03-2021
LSBM201 Ethics Sustainability and Social Impact08-03-2021
CMNS125 Communicating Professionally08-03-2021
IMAT5238 Data Mining08-03-2021
CIS4037-N Object Oriented Programming08-03-2021
MLO632 Leadership and Organisational Change08-03-2021
CTEC2910 Concurrent and Parallel Algorithms08-03-2021
CBMT2103 Introduction to Multimedia Technology08-03-2021
QAP 20202T Musckoloskeletal System08-03-2021
HBEF1203 Health and Physical Education08-03-2021
GEOG6005 Arid Zone Environments08-03-2021
RES420 Fundamentals of Real Estate 08-03-2021
MGT201 Marketing Operations 08-03-2021
Res421 Law of Real Estate09-03-2021
EC 722 The Early Childhood Curriculum 09-03-2021
MGT902 Applied Management09-03-2021
COMPSCI330 Design and Analysis of Algorithms09-03-2021
PG2101-8220 Economics and Quantitative Analysis 09-03-2021
BAM7.020 Professional Practice B09-03-2021
MGT806 Applied Management09-03-2021
COMP1631 Information Analysis09-03-2021
BUS357 Starting and Managing a Business09-03-2021
ECON1025 Prices and Markets09-03-2021
Geog380 Human Geography 09-03-2021
7324 MED Health Finance and Project Management 09-03-2021
Biol 288 Cell Biology09-03-2021
COMP2132 Web Development Javascript09-03-2021
CRJ 220 Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice09-03-2021
ELM537 Elementary Education09-03-2021
MGMT4480 Business Strategy09-03-2021
CPSY614 Psychology of Sport09-03-2021
PSY 326 Research Design09-03-2021
ISIT207 Front End Web Programming09-03-2021
BMG701 Strategic Management and Leadership09-03-2021
ICT284 System Analysis and Design09-03-2021
SG7250 Strategic Leadership 09-03-2021
HOS804 Visitor Behaviour and Management09-03-2021
SBM4304 IS Security and Risk Management09-03-2021
MHIS 2000 A History of Terrorism09-03-2021
BUSD-2018 Business Values and Ethics09-03-2021
ELCC2213 Language Literacy and Communication in Early Years09-03-2021
Smb800 Carbon Footprint09-03-2021
BUSI3124 Statistics09-03-2021
PILS1101 Democracy09-03-2021
Tour2205 Event Marketing09-03-2021
EET-125 Drawing and Installation Methods 09-03-2021
BUSD-2025 Introduction to Logistics09-03-2021
BUSD-2027 Quality Management09-03-2021
BUSD-2021 Lean Systems09-03-2021
BUSI3623 Project Planning09-03-2021
COMM3321 Communication09-03-2021
BUSI1187 Business Office Procedures09-03-2021
NAT542SYB The Blue Planet09-03-2021
ENG 206 English Assignments 09-03-2021
EE101 Natural Environments: The Atmosphere 09-03-2021
RSCH 600 Research Methodologies and Inquiry09-03-2021
NURS 434 Nursing Assignment09-03-2021
ECE 657A Data and Knowledge Modeling and Analysis09-03-2021
COMM 3321 - Patient-Provider Communication09-03-2021
BIOL2400 Evolution09-03-2021
Comm99 English09-03-2021
COMP2132 Web Development Javascript09-03-2021
PMGT708 International Project09-03-2021
ITM102 Business Information Systems09-03-2021
DBPY1063 History & Philosophy of Psychology10-03-2021
MEC604 Managerial Economics10-03-2021
TEB1033 System Analysis And Design10-03-2021
COMM160 College Communication10-03-2021
COMP 132 Computer Science10-03-2021
TOUR205 Tourism and Travel10-03-2021
MAFD 4202 Mainframe Development10-03-2021
MIST3620 Business Applications10-03-2021
7305MED Health Workforce 10-03-2021
SOC207 Social Stratification10-03-2021
ASB3309 Behaviorial Finance10-03-2021
ANL203 Analytics for Decision-Making10-03-2021
MNGT3011 Leading Organisational Change10-03-2021
RES420 Fundamentals of Real Estate 10-03-2021
156700 Essential of Marketing 10-03-2021
MKTG601 Marketing Consumer Behaviour 10-03-2021
ISYS 40151 New Business Venture 10-03-2021
MBIE/PGDBIE2003 - 8173 Innovation and design thinking 2 10-03-2021
BUS 496 International Business Management10-03-2021
POL 100 Political Science 10-03-2021
MHF4U Arithematic10-03-2021
NURS25361 Care Plan10-03-2021
CPS688 Advanced Algorithm 10-03-2021
ASIA 1111 Asia the Religion of India10-03-2021
PMGT 707 Business Analysis10-03-2021
2030A Blursbegone10-03-2021
BMGT 4010 Financial Times10-03-2021
HIST-2090 Mennonites in Canada and the United States10-03-2021
SWP 402 Social Service10-03-2021
PSYC 4030 Psychology10-03-2021
GEOG221 Geography10-03-2021
ECS-425 Developmental Milestones10-03-2021
MGT - 3650 Introduction to International management10-03-2021
Me309 Eng Thermodynamics 11-03-2021
BUSD-2026 Lean Systems11-03-2021
ELCC0105 Health Nutrition and Safety11-03-2021
SHRM 3430- Strategic Human Resources Planning11-03-2021
PPA 404 Covid 19 11-03-2021
ENGR-392 Impacts of Technology on Society11-03-2021
Smb800 Carbon Footprint11-03-2021
THE2123 Wild Duck Brief Introduction11-03-2021
COMP1010 Business Computer Application11-03-2021
CSD 3354 C#. Net11-03-2021
HTM215 Housekeeping Management 11-03-2021
ENSC 415 Risk Management 11-03-2021
BUS852 Business Strategy11-03-2021
Econ 2030 Intermediate Micro11-03-2021
ECON2102 Intermediate Macroeconomics 11-03-2021
MGMT 1101 - introduction to Management 11-03-2021
COE691 Software Requirements11-03-2021
BMS 650 Biomedical Science11-03-2021
BUSA537 Advanced Analytics11-03-2021
BUSI100 Business11-03-2021
SMB800 Sustainable Workplace Productivity Tools II11-03-2021
ITM102 Business Information Systems11-03-2021
CMIS2250 Management Information System14-03-2021
MGMT5010 International Logistics Customs and Regulations 14-03-2021
COMM1101 Communication14-03-2021
TECH104 C Programming 14-03-2021
COMP1010 Introduction to Computer Science 14-03-2021
OPMT 620 Operations Management14-03-2021
FNCE 623 Finance14-03-2021
PSYC1200 Psychology14-03-2021
CS 050 College Writing14-03-2021
HKIN112 Health and Human Nutrition14-03-2021
HIST300 History of Sports 14-03-2021
MBAF 504 Economics From A Business Perspective14-03-2021
FILM2200 Introduction to Film Studies14-03-2021
BUS100 Introduction to Business14-03-2021
CS201 Computer Science 14-03-2021
LAW 220 Civil Law14-03-2021
ENG205 Applied Communication for Business and Industry14-03-2021
KINS 150 Kinesiology15-03-2021
PUBH 842 Current Biostatistical Methods and Computer Applications15-03-2021
GEOG 2251 Quantitative Methods in Geography15-03-2021
INTL-234 Corporate Social Responsibility15-03-2021
ATST3134 Structures15-03-2021
COMP123 Computer Programming15-03-2021
NURS 434 Nursing Assignment15-03-2021
P3330 Health Psychology15-03-2021
CBDB4103 Intermediate Database 15-03-2021
HBEF1103 Sociology and Philosophy of Education in Malaysia15-03-2021
BBUS2103 Company Law 15-03-2021
CBSE4103 Software Engineering15-03-2021
PTPPN 6314 - Physiotherapy Practice in Neurology II15-03-2021
NBNS3804 Nursing Theories and Models15-03-2021
TEB1213 Knowledge Discovery15-03-2021
UCCD2513 Mini Project15-03-2021
DOM5014 Operations Management15-03-2021
MGT1602 Digital Marketer15-03-2021
GSRM7223 Marketing & Management15-03-2021
PSY 500 Foundations of Psychology15-03-2021
MKT6013 Sustainable Marketing 15-03-2021
ANL203 Analytics for Decision-Making15-03-2021
FNCE 623 Financial Management15-03-2021
PSY259 Personality and Individual Differences 15-03-2021
LW40049E English Legal System15-03-2021
WEB278 Web Strategy 15-03-2021
ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics15-03-2021
HCA 320 Healthcare Politics and Economics15-03-2021
FIN3CSF Case Studies in Finance15-03-2021
ACCT207 Financial Accounting15-03-2021
EDUC 7021 Introduction to Quantitative Research15-03-2021
HTL302 Revenue Management15-03-2021
ITECH3215 Information Security15-03-2021
BMA250 Managerial Social Responsibility15-03-2021
200828 Diversity, Labour Markets and Workforce Planning15-03-2021
MGT5PMT Project Management15-03-2021
MAN515 Operations Management15-03-2021
BUSI2143 Business Plan Case Analysis 15-03-2021
CYC 157 Child and Adolescent Development15-03-2021
CNCL 800 Nursing Practice II15-03-2021
ENGL100 English Assignments15-03-2021
COMP2132:: Web Development Javascript15-03-2021
BUS314 Recruitment and Selection15-03-2021
CUL710 The World of Art 15-03-2021
SEC002 Supply Chain Risk Management15-03-2021
PHY408 Physics15-03-2021
MGMT6012 Management Perspectives 15-03-2021
CAD503 Dementia15-03-2021
BSBLDR801 Lead Personal and Strategic Transformation15-03-2021
PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control15-03-2021
HS440 Financial Reporting in Healthcare15-03-2021
BFA 713 Audit and Assurance Reflection16-03-2021
RLMT 305 Cost and Benefit Analysis of Reverse Logistics 16-03-2021
SOCI422 Sociology of the Law16-03-2021
GCST2630 Consumer Culture16-03-2021
NURS 6053N Leadership Theories in Practice16-03-2021
SBM2103 Mathematics and Statistics16-03-2021
MG4205 Project Management 16-03-2021
CHCCOM003 Community Services16-03-2021
COMP6770 Management of IT Systems and Projects 16-03-2021
HBET3403 Listening and Speaking in ESL16-03-2021
AVA 80012 Introduction to Aviation Trasnport 16-03-2021
HE2001 Intermediate Microeconomics 16-03-2021
SBFS1103 thinking skills and problem solving16-03-2021
ARTS1826 Political Science 16-03-2021
ESOL100 English16-03-2021
KB7056 Mechanical Engineering16-03-2021
NRSG636 Health Problem16-03-2021
EED307/05 Readings and Research Paper on Teaching English16-03-2021
MGMT310 Management Organisational Change for Sustainability16-03-2021
EDST541 ICT and Digital Technology Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 1 16-03-2021
MGT 204 Asian Entrepreneurship & Innovation16-03-2021
MGT303 Corporate Policy & Strategy 16-03-2021
NUR2102 Chronic Care Across Lifespan B16-03-2021
BUS329 Investment Analysis16-03-2021
BSBPMG505A - Manage Project Quality16-03-2021
MPMB2020 Project Delivery and Contract Management16-03-2021
ICT379 Security Architectures and System Administration16-03-2021
BUS4013 Organization Structure16-03-2021
MGT502 Business Communication16-03-2021
COU102A Theories of Counselling16-03-2021
CCJ6993 Global Justice and Policing16-03-2021
NUR3101 Primary Health Care in a Global Context16-03-2021
BUS475 Business and Society16-03-2021
MAT10251 Stastistical Analysis16-03-2021
RLMT 307 Food and Beverage Reverse Logistics16-03-2021
SNUG 203 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology for Nurses16-03-2021
CSE3PE Professional Environment 16-03-2021
ACCT20080 Ethics and Governance16-03-2021
HOTL6004 Disruption in Global Hospitality16-03-2021
NUR120 Introduction to Professional Nursing16-03-2021
HOM00001 The Events and Hospitality Ecosystem16-03-2021
NURS1066 Context of Mental Health Nursing16-03-2021
FY028 Inquiry Based Learning 16-03-2021
KKB342 Work Integrated Learning 216-03-2021
BUS305 Ethical Business Management16-03-2021
5CV001 Structural Applications16-03-2021
NURS1042 A Reflective Communication Episode Report 16-03-2021
MBA7013 Strategic Management16-03-2021
RCM301 Risk and Crisis Management16-03-2021
IMA7001 International Marketing Management16-03-2021
ICT284 Systems Analysis and Design16-03-2021
6ME507 Industrial Engineering16-03-2021
BIOLOGY 1401 Concepts in Biology16-03-2021
BHS008-2 Physiology Haematology and Transfusion Science16-03-2021
SBI241 Pathophysiology for Healthcare16-03-2021
BU7002 Business Research Methods16-03-2021
BIOL 101 Concepts of Biology16-03-2021
CIS017-3 Undergraduate Project16-03-2021
MNGT3012 Strategic and Operations Management16-03-2021
7605ENG Industry Affiliates Program16-03-2021
IFN591 Principles of User Experience16-03-2021
PHIL201: Introduction to Philosophy 16-03-2021
PRL8005 Management Communication16-03-2021
CNA 242 Nursing Practice 316-03-2021
CRM 219 Transcriminal16-03-2021
ISYS6001 Pervasive and Immersive User Experience16-03-2021
ISYS6008 IT Enterprenership Inovation 16-03-2021
NURS 6051 Advanced Pathophysiology16-03-2021
MOD003319 Business Finance16-03-2021
QUMT 6310 Business Research Foundation16-03-2021
7BSP1247 Managing People and Organisations16-03-2021
MMK217 Services Marketing 16-03-2021
Comm3321 Communication16-03-2021
SOE11105 Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management16-03-2021
ACCG8048 Business Ethics 16-03-2021
312MANSC Strategy and Change Management16-03-2021
7COM1068 Penetration Testing16-03-2021
CXA243 Pathophysiology 16-03-2021
PNP401 Pathophysiology 17-03-2021
EG3222 Digital Communications17-03-2021
LA3005 Legal Communications17-03-2021
BMP3006 Practical Digital Marketing 17-03-2021
LC473 Making Sense of Society17-03-2021
HTM621 Active Learning Sheet - Branding17-03-2021
HCR6001D Global Health and Sustainability17-03-2021
ELE 884 Engineering Design Assignment17-03-2021
ADDC101 Introduction to Addiction Studies17-03-2021
GSBS6060 Strategic Management17-03-2021
EDP4200 The Reflective Practitioner17-03-2021
CM6019 Risk and Crime17-03-2021
BIOSCI 109 Biological Sciences17-03-2021
CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies17-03-2021
SPW103 Safety and Protection in the Workplace17-03-2021
MIS607 Cybersecurity17-03-2021
EDES100 Understanding Learning and Teaching17-03-2021
MDIA 2302 Media Research Methods17-03-2021
3102AFE Governance, Auditing and Analytics17-03-2021
MGT5PLS Project Leadership17-03-2021
COMP SCI 1300 Exchange Studies: Computer Science17-03-2021
NURS1131 Advanced Clinical Nursing17-03-2021
BFC5130 Case Studies in Banking and Finance17-03-2021
HTF 601 Research Paper - Brewery 17-03-2021
SODV2203 Introduction to Game and Simulation17-03-2021
BIOL101 Biology17-03-2021
PSY-3870 Social psychology 17-03-2021
ENG200 English Literature 17-03-2021
BU4001 Managing People and Organisations17-03-2021
REL200 World Religions in Practice 17-03-2021
TM4021 Understanding International Tourism17-03-2021
MBA630 Norms and Nations and International Expasion Case 17-03-2021
6BUS1025 Global Marketing Ethics and Culture17-03-2021
ACT2119 Accounting Behavioural & Organisation17-03-2021
HRM335 Leadership Development17-03-2021
MN3626K Corporate Entrepreneurship17-03-2021
MAR026-3 Crisis Management and Communication17-03-2021
CO2209 Database systems17-03-2021
BUSM4194 Leadership and decision making17-03-2021
BMG743 Innovation and entrepreneurship17-03-2021
CO2222 Data Communications and Enterprise Networking17-03-2021
7COM1068 Penetration Testing17-03-2021
HOTL6005 Applied Hotel Research17-03-2021
4BU006 Learning for Business Success17-03-2021
HIST 2261 Tropical Health and Global Wealth18-03-2021
BUSM4306 Work, Health, Safety and Wellbeing18-03-2021
MIS101 Information Systems for Business 18-03-2021
NRSG263 Principles of Nursing Mental Health18-03-2021
HOM00005 Design Successful Client Experiences18-03-2021
BUSSI3603 Introduction to Project Management 18-03-2021
EDUC5990 Inquiry Across Curriculum 18-03-2021
BUS-1500 Business Information Systems18-03-2021
HSCE3000 Culture Diversity and Health18-03-2021
ACCG31709 Auditing18-03-2021
RLGN1324 Introduction to Western Religion18-03-2021
INTL3410 Intelligence18-03-2021
LIBS1580 Multiculturalism:The Canadian Diversity Project18-03-2021
Nurs4546 Health and Healing: Global Context of Nursing18-03-2021
INFO20172 IT Project Management using PMP18-03-2021
WNW 2135 IP Telephony18-03-2021
HRM2055 Food and Beverage Management18-03-2021
CSRV15436 Criminal Law18-03-2021
CFPBUS003 Introduction to Information Technology 18-03-2021
DM607 Marketing & Management18-03-2021
WEB278 Web Strategy18-03-2021
MBS662 Business, Society, and the Environment18-03-2021
CRJ 3000 Constitutional Law18-03-2021
BM7201 Exam Questions Entrepreneurship and Innovation18-03-2021
ENT201 Economices Eterprenuship18-03-2021
MGB339 Performance and Reward18-03-2021
BMG743 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 18-03-2021
CVEN9611 Urban Hydrology18-03-2021
ITNPBD3 Relational and Non-Relational Databases18-03-2021
MKTG6002 Marketing Plan18-03-2021
MBS520 Research Preparation for Business18-03-2021
MHNS5002 Mental Health Across Lifespan18-03-2021
ECON101 Business Economics 18-03-2021
HCLS122 Evidence in Practice18-03-2021
NUR231 Drug Therapy18-03-2021
BSBMGT608 Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement18-03-2021
MGT421 Communication Management18-03-2021
MGT424 Quality Management18-03-2021
MOD006960 Research Skills18-03-2021
ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice18-03-2021
MANAGEMT 7044 Strategic Management18-03-2021
4110EDN English Education 418-03-2021
HRM501 Labour Market Studies18-03-2021
N300 Equity and Investment18-03-2021
BUS5001 Managing Across Cultures18-03-2021
ENGL 2133 Introduction to Literature 18-03-2021
POL 671 Public Policy Analysis 18-03-2021
INTB605 Business Strategy Management18-03-2021
Bio133 General Biology I with Lab18-03-2021
HLSC120 Indigenous Health and Culture 18-03-2021
CMRJ101 Research Paper18-03-2021
NUR560 Nursing18-03-2021
HRMN 362 Labor Relations18-03-2021
MOD003327 Economics for Business18-03-2021
BMP4003 Business Environment18-03-2021
ACC330 Intermediate Accounting 18-03-2021
RBP020L063S Leadership and Change Management18-03-2021
ART101 Annotated Bibliography-part 2 18-03-2021
MKTG1001 Marketing Principles18-03-2021
MGT5IPM International Project Management 18-03-2021
308BMS Medical Microbiology18-03-2021
RBP020L062S Financial Performance Management18-03-2021
BSBLDR801 Lead Personal and Strategic Transformation19-03-2021
7FNCE011W Financial Markets and Institutions19-03-2021
RBP020L050S Business Research Method19-03-2021
MPU 33183 Engineer in Society 19-03-2021
QHO422 Business Finance for Managers19-03-2021
SBFS1103 Thinking Skills and Problem Solving19-03-2021
MKT2013 Digital Marketing and Branding19-03-2021
MGT 522 Business Communication19-03-2021
PHC208 Bachelor of Nursing 19-03-2021
TSM2111 Introduction to Hospitality19-03-2021
BUSM4306 Work, Health, Safety and Wellbeing19-03-2021
NG4S416 Aircraft Management and Operation19-03-2021
IMAT5262 Research,Ethics and Professional Computing19-03-2021
MG104 Financial Statements19-03-2021
ENST 201 Science Behind Global Warming19-03-2021
BSC301 Written Communication19-03-2021
PROJ6012 Managing Information System and Technology Project19-03-2021
CS 280 Computer Science19-03-2021
MD4059 Management Consultancy19-03-2021
CST3550 Forensic Computing 19-03-2021
MN 7404 Marketing Management 19-03-2021
EG7323 Cost Engineering19-03-2021
HRIR301 Workplace Wellbeing19-03-2021
156.231 Strategic Marketing Management 19-03-2021
STATS 101 Statistics 19-03-2021
HEAL997 Practice Project 19-03-2021
CS330 Computer Science19-03-2021
Geog216 Human Geography19-03-2021
MIS604 Requirements Engineering19-03-2021
LEGALS574 Legal Impact19-03-2021
FIN600 Financial Management19-03-2021
MGT 811 Contemporary Management Capabilities 19-03-2021
NN15104 Health Issues in Gerontology19-03-2021
BIZ101 Business Communications19-03-2021
LAWS8097 Business Law19-03-2021
MEC3203 Material Technology19-03-2021
GSB014 Sensor Technology19-03-2021
UGB371 Managing and Leading Change19-03-2021
HI6005 Business Research Report19-03-2021
N940 Legal and Professional Issues in Nursing19-03-2021
200739 Reward and Performance Management19-03-2021
ACC5MCR Management Accounting19-03-2021
MEC4104 Renewable Energy Technology19-03-2021
BM533 Contemporary Business Economics 19-03-2021
ITECH1104 Cloud and Enterprise Computing19-03-2021
NUR251 Medical Surgical Nursing19-03-2021
BISY1001 Information Technology Ethics19-03-2021
DATA4400 Data Driven Decision Making and Forecasting19-03-2021
COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching19-03-2021
CSIT940 Research Methodology19-03-2021
MKTG7027 Brand Strategy19-03-2021
SCY1118 Security Foundations19-03-2021
NRSG372 Principles of Nursing: Chronic Illness and Disability19-03-2021
COU6503 The Role of the Counsellor19-03-2021
MARKETNG 2501 Consumer Behaviour19-03-2021
MKTG1001 Marketing Principles19-03-2021
DATA4000 Introduction to Business Analytics19-03-2021
MATH131 Regression Analysis19-03-2021
GEO 200 Geography19-03-2021
ENGG8103 Engineering Management and Communication19-03-2021
BUS510 Fundamentals of Innovative Business19-03-2021
BIOL 2177 Microbiology Lab Paper 19-03-2021
NURBN 2021 Health Promotion 19-03-2021
BUS509 Stewardship and Governance 19-03-2021
CPSS/370: Intake, Assessment, And Classification19-03-2021
ECON231 Emergence of the Modern Industrial Economy 19-03-2021
MGT598 Business Research19-03-2021
CHCADV002- Provide advocacy and representation services19-03-2021
NU560-8E Nursing19-03-2021
PUBH6000: Social, Behavioural and Cultural Factors in Public Health19-03-2021
FINC 440 Security Analysis and Valuation 19-03-2021
ADVE2004 Public Relations19-03-2021
BMSI520 Database Management19-03-2021
HRD 335 Understanding Group Dynamics 19-03-2021
Film 102 Canada Cinema19-03-2021
MHNS6003 Master in Mental Health19-03-2021
BSBCOM603 Plan and Establish20-03-2021
ITECH314 Information Technology20-03-2021
PHYSIO 241 Human Physiology 20-03-2021
MIS 2100 Principles of Management20-03-2021
EDSS516 Self Audit Reflection 20-03-2021
C04302 Social Perspectives in Public Health 20-03-2021
SE 3050 Database Management 20-03-2021
HLTENN008 Apply Legal and Ethical Parameters to Nursing Practice 20-03-2021
BIOL40322 Biological Sciences20-03-2021
PSY 230 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 20-03-2021
7141COMP Ethical Hacking20-03-2021
CMPR311 History & Development of TCM20-03-2021
Phy-251 Physics I20-03-2021
MEM30008A Basic Economics and Ergonomics20-03-2021
MGMT 690 Strategic Management and Globalization 20-03-2021
BUS305 Ethical Business Management20-03-2021
ITECH3000 Engagement Activity20-03-2021
BMG 3201 Management20-03-2021
HBEC2903 Behaviour Management For Young Children20-03-2021
PSY216 Psychology20-03-2021
BBRC 4103 Research Methodology20-03-2021
CSNB2223 USB Flash Drives20-03-2021
SBFS1103 Thinking Skills and Problem Solving20-03-2021
Psy1115 Psychology20-03-2021
MN3626K Corporate Entrepreneurship20-03-2021
Crm 219 Human Trafficking20-03-2021
STAT193 Statistics20-03-2021
MKTG903 Global Marketing-Future Dynamics20-03-2021
CIP013 Insurance Against Liability 20-03-2021
BU7030 Managing Innovation 20-03-2021
HCM 213 Financial Management for Healthcare20-03-2021
SNUG207 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health20-03-2021
IFN591 Principles of User Experience20-03-2021
MP214 Managerial Accounting Assignment20-03-2021
HI6005 Organisations in a Global Environment 20-03-2021
ACCT209 Corporate Accounting20-03-2021
COM4005 Computer Science20-03-2021
OENG1204 Creative Engineering Computer Aided Design20-03-2021
NRSG263 Principles of Nursing20-03-2021
MBS688 Acquisition of Human Resources 20-03-2021
4203CIV Surveying and CAD 20-03-2021
MGMT-704 Management and Leadership20-03-2021
FY021 Introduction to Business Studies20-03-2021
AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Assessment20-03-2021
MGT 601 Dynamic Leadership20-03-2021
HOTL6005 Applied Hotel Research20-03-2021
KGA513 Professional Placement20-03-2021
65111 Chemistry 120-03-2021
MWC5202 Wound Assessment20-03-2021
MG628 International Marketing Management21-03-2021
6ME504 Advanced Operations Management21-03-2021
MOD003463 Undergraduate Major Project21-03-2021
MOD006066 Hospitality and Venue Management21-03-2021
7TRAN010W Freight Transport and Logistics Services21-03-2021
4COSC011 Web Design and Development21-03-2021
MOD006065 Global Hospitality and Tourism Issues21-03-2021
QAB020N516A Entrepreneurial Opportunity21-03-2021
LLB101 Introduction to Law22-03-2021
ITPRD202A Professional issues in IT22-03-2021
BISY3001 Data Mining22-03-2021
3803NRS Interprofessional Practice and Patient Safety22-03-2021
PUBH6006 Community Health and Disease Prevention22-03-2021
PUBH6001 Health Policy and Advocacy22-03-2021
EPE211 Written Critique of Learning Design22-03-2021
LC663 Body, Culture and Society22-03-2021
NRSG138 Transition to Nursing22-03-2021
BUSS 5399 Workplace Health and Safety Management22-03-2021
MGT510 Strategic Management22-03-2021
EL120 English Phonetics and Linguistics 22-03-2021
U214B The Politcs and Policies of Global English22-03-2021
NRS83004 Acute Mental Health Assessment22-03-2021
ACC5AAS Advanced Auditing and Assurance22-03-2021
ISY201 System Analysis and Design22-03-2021
COMM331 Integrative Business Capstone22-03-2021
8774 Introduction to Biology22-03-2021
MED3PRC Practical Skills in Biomedical Science22-03-2021
BZ102 Accounting Principles22-03-2021
MLS101 Foundations in Medical Science22-03-2021
NURS6061 Contemporary Mental Health22-03-2021
HLTAAP003 Analyse And Respond To Client Health Information22-03-2021
SBI241 Bioscience For Healthcare Practice22-03-2021
ENG101 Conceptual Design and Communication22-03-2021
COMP8230 Mining Unstructured Data 22-03-2021
N940 Legal and Professional Issues in Nursing22-03-2021
MKT600 Priniciples of Marketing22-03-2021
PHIL-100 Philosophy22-03-2021
EVT300 Promotions and Sponsorship22-03-2021
DBFN212 Database Fundamentals22-03-2021
MGMT311 Entrepreneurship Project22-03-2021
COMM 4400 Social Justice22-03-2021
NURBN2022 Person Centered Nursing Practice 22-03-2021
BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development 22-03-2021
6AAD006 Automotive Chassis and Powertrain Technology22-03-2021
MGT 400 Apple’s Success22-03-2021
TC70021E Construction Risk Management22-03-2021
NURS 6053N Leadership Theories in Practice22-03-2021
MGMT1102 Corporate Social Responsibility22-03-2021
CIS022 Adept Fighting Fitness22-03-2021
TC70022E Sustainable Development of the Built Environment22-03-2021
NSB334 Integrated Practice22-03-2021
MOD006061 Event Planning and Project Management22-03-2021
NRS212 Nursing Report 22-03-2021
QHO421 Formative Assessment Brief22-03-2021
MKT501 Distribution and Marketing Plan22-03-2021
AGR3RDTA Digittal Technologies in Agriculture22-03-2021
SPOR20032 Practical Applications in Sport Psychology22-03-2021
MNO 6218 Global Leader Complex World22-03-2021
GWB 1011 Introduction To Business22-03-2021
BSBMGT608 Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement22-03-2021
Bus8580 International Business Strategy23-03-2021
BUS341 Business Negotiations 23-03-2021
ECON 290 Environmental Economics23-03-2021
BUS 205 Company and Tort Law23-03-2021
BUSM 4551 Creative Innovative and Design 23-03-2021
MGT607 Innovation, Creativity and Enterpreneurship 23-03-2021
SBM3103 Mathematics and Statistics23-03-2021
CSC3400 Database Systems23-03-2021
COMP715 Network Security23-03-2021
KF7028 Research & Project Management23-03-2021
CPSY614 Psychology of Sport23-03-2021
PROJ6000 Project Management23-03-2021
NURS 11166 Health and Assessment in Nursing 23-03-2021
BAIT2083 - Info Assurance & Security 23-03-2021
MAC6063 Accounting And Finance For Managers23-03-2021
BEC 1101 Computer Programming23-03-2021
MARK343 Euro Disney23-03-2021
TH60102E Brexit: Challenges23-03-2021
BUIL-1170- Building Integrated Systems and Technologies23-03-2021
HLTH6001 - Primary Health Care 23-03-2021
AFE135 Business Data Analysis23-03-2021
NDB501 Introduction to Management23-03-2021
PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C23-03-2021
Geog380 Human Geography23-03-2021
DBFN212 Database Fundamentals23-03-2021
NURBN3032 Transitioning to Nursing Practice23-03-2021
CON101 Communication in Construction Industry 23-03-2021
CHCECE013 Early Childhood Education and Care23-03-2021
MGMT 430 Strategic Management23-03-2021
HS3041 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management23-03-2021
MGMT 395 Business Law23-03-2021
HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise Assessment23-03-2021
MA611 Master of Professional Accounting23-03-2021
FINM4000 Finance23-03-2021
48370 Roads and Transport Engineering23-03-2021
MAC007 Strategic Management Accounting23-03-2021
CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People23-03-2021
MBA642 Project Initiation Planning and Execution 23-03-2021
HLTENN011 Implement And Monitor Care For a Person With Acute Health Problems23-03-2021
ICT713 Advanced Database Design and Development23-03-2021
BUSM4591 Employment Law23-03-2021
EDUC30211 Strategic Management 23-03-2021
SNPG925 Effective Leadership in Health23-03-2021
HI6005 Managing People and Organisations23-03-2021
MFA501 Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence23-03-2021
MIS201 Database Fundamentals23-03-2021
MITS4004 IT Networking and Communication23-03-2021
HSE104 Research Methods and Statistics in Exercise and Sport23-03-2021
BUSN617 Research Methods23-03-2021
ELCC0105 Safety Evaluation23-03-2021
NRSG263 Principles of Nursing23-03-2021
MGMT605 Strategic Management for Sustainability23-03-2021
ACCT-234 Government and Not for Profit Accounting23-03-2021
LCBB5002 Management Accounting23-03-2021
STAT 201 Elementary Statistics23-03-2021
BM522 Project Management23-03-2021
BUSM3125 Strategic Management 23-03-2021
BHS022-2 Skills in Science23-03-2021
English 111 Practice Critical Reading Annotations 23-03-2021
NIP1802 Summative Digital Presentation23-03-2021
PROG6001 Managing Software Develepment Project 23-03-2021
COMP630 Network Security23-03-2021
HLSC3711U Dystopian Novel Ethics23-03-2021
SPOR20112 Observational Analysis fr Spor23-03-2021
BECN-300 Labour Economics23-03-2021
6CV005 Transport Technologies and Planning23-03-2021
7043SSL Organisations and Strategy23-03-2021
MGMT3313 Public Administration23-03-2021
HNN320 Leadership and clinical governance23-03-2021
TH40059E Introduction to Accounting and Finance23-03-2021
EG7034 Engineering Management and Project Organisation23-03-2021
NURS 2003 Nursing23-03-2021
MGN560 Strategic HRM23-03-2021
EME-215 Mitigation Techniques23-03-2021
BUS363 Total Quality Management23-03-2021
CCA 610 Final Report Evaluating AWS and Azure Providers 24-03-2021
HCA-680 Strategic Plan Development24-03-2021
BUS3ENT Entrepreneurship24-03-2021
CSE5DWD Data Warehouse Concepts and Designs24-03-2021
COU103A Understanding Lifespan and Human Development24-03-2021
LAW283 Property Law 24-03-2021
MHR002 Leading Innovation and Change24-03-2021
POLI1052 Policy Making24-03-2021
BUSN3050 International Human Resource Management24-03-2021
ECON303 Economics24-03-2021
115112 Accounting for Business Decisions 24-03-2021
DMG5163 Quality Management Technique24-03-2021
BBS301 Applying Mixed Methods Research to business24-03-2021
GRD263 Web Design24-03-2021
ME4212 Aircraft Structures24-03-2021
MKT355 Multivariate Analysis24-03-2021
ECON 290 International Economics 24-03-2021
ICT340 Application Analysis and Design 24-03-2021
MGMT20148 Strategic Solutions for Sustainable Organisations24-03-2021
BUSM3125 Strategic Management24-03-2021
BAC7005 Contemporary Issues in Accounting24-03-2021
PMAN7001: People, Leadership & Organisations24-03-2021
EG7036 Business Procurement and Contractual Practices 24-03-2021
NUR252 Nursing24-03-2021
EPM4100 Mathmematics in Context 24-03-2021
BLDG3016 Construction Planning and Scheduling 24-03-2021
BHM303 Capstone Project 1 24-03-2021
CSD237 Healthcare24-03-2021
BMA604 Consumer Decision Making 24-03-2021
MRKT1299 Marketing24-03-2021
HOTL5006 Issues in Contemporary Hospitality24-03-2021
MGT 498 Strategic Management24-03-2021
BUS2190 Quantitative Business Analysis24-03-2021
MKT574 Strategic Marketing Plan24-03-2021
MKT001 Brand Development24-03-2021
MGT 540 International Business24-03-2021
BAFI1045 Finance Portfolio Management24-03-2021
ICT375 Web Programming24-03-2021
BULAW2611 Organisations Law Assessment24-03-2021
BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work24-03-2021
92434 Professional Identity24-03-2021
BFA714 Australian Tax Law24-03-2021
KGA520 Qualitative Research Methods24-03-2021
HA1022 Principles of Financial Management Assignment24-03-2021
200292 Building Law24-03-2021
ECON1010 Macroeconomics Assignment 24-03-2021
MAN6935 IT Value Realisation24-03-2021
BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning Assignment24-03-2021
HLTENN002 Apply Communication Skills In Nursing Practice24-03-2021
25721 Investment Management24-03-2021
BSBPMG616 Manage Program Risk24-03-2021
HR7002 Organisational Behaviour and Global Strategy24-03-2021
BSBPMG511 Manage Project Scope24-03-2021
6015 Organisational Behaviour24-03-2021
BSBMKG607 Manage Market Research24-03-2021
HIS31 History Essay24-03-2021
BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change24-03-2021
HIST/CLAS 209 Introduction to South Asian History 24-03-2021
EDHE 5313 Comprehensive Community College24-03-2021
NURS 463 Practice Leadership24-03-2021
CPSS/385 Case Management Overview Paper24-03-2021
CIVI1079 Construction Management and Technology24-03-2021
ACCT2005 Annual Report Analysis and Interpretation 24-03-2021
MD4042 Leadership and Management24-03-2021
CNCL 800 Nursing Practice II24-03-2021
ANTH 164 North America Before 1492 24-03-2021
HR6010 Leadership for Sustainability24-03-2021
MIS603 Microservices Archtecture24-03-2021
BUS306 World of Work24-03-2021
BAF5FOF Fundamentals of Finance24-03-2021
MGMT641 Organizational Behavior and Dynamics24-03-2021
NUR3101 Primary Health Care in a Global Context24-03-2021
MN2315 Individual Project Outline24-03-2021
U30817 Equity And Trusts24-03-2021
IS675 Customer Relationship Management 24-03-2021
MB759 Dissertation 24-03-2021
HOTL6003 Talent and Culture24-03-2021
ENC1102 Rhetoric and Academic Research24-03-2021
BUS 1807 Customer Service 24-03-2021
HR9737 Leadership and Management25-03-2021
LAWS19032 Company Association Law25-03-2021
Laws19033 Taxation Law 25-03-2021
NUR241 Health Alterations 25-03-2021
INF60010 System Analysis and Design 25-03-2021
COMP1010 Introductory Computer Science25-03-2021
CSE 590 Computer and Cyber Security25-03-2021
HI5003 Economics for Business25-03-2021
ACT6005 Company Accounting 25-03-2021
Engl110 English Literature25-03-2021
BADM311 Business analytics25-03-2021
HUM200 Humanities25-03-2021
TAXA2000 Introduction to Australian Taxation Law25-03-2021
COMP2750 Application Modelling and Development 25-03-2021
HSSW401 Social Work Direct Practice Skills25-03-2021
CMNS 110 Communication25-03-2021
BUSM3125 Strategic Management25-03-2021
BUS 202 Internatinal Business 25-03-2021
MIP763 Industrial Psychology25-03-2021
MM403 Strategic Planning and Management25-03-2021
BUS356 Contemporary Financial Accounting25-03-2021
MGMT6367 International Operations and Supply Chain Management 25-03-2021
ACCG8048 Business Ethics25-03-2021
MG5596 Strategic Management25-03-2021
BMA501 Fundamentals of Management25-03-2021
HI5003 Economics For Business Assignment25-03-2021
MG5596 Strategic Management25-03-2021
ICT115 Introduction to System Design25-03-2021
7COM1085 Research Methods25-03-2021
ACCT 302 Intermediate Accounting II25-03-2021
MC110 Billing and Coding25-03-2021
NRSG 140 Integrating Practice25-03-2021
NUR341 Healthy Ageing Assignment25-03-2021
BLAW 3050 Business Law25-03-2021
MKTG207 Marketing Toolkit25-03-2021
BUS 483 Business Ethics25-03-2021
NUR 3169 Evidence and Research in Nursing Practice25-03-2021
PVVAL103A Planning and Spatial Analysis25-03-2021
MGM 210 Human Resource Functions25-03-2021
ITPRD202A Professional Issues in IT25-03-2021
NUR1111 Global Health and Cultural Competence in Nursing and Midwifery Practice25-03-2021
NSB202 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples25-03-2021
NURS1103 Clinical Practice 25-03-2021
ECON2003 Microeconomic Analysis and Applications25-03-2021
MAN6302 Managing Project Quality25-03-2021
AIG103 Human Geography25-03-2021
ELA513 English as An Additional Language25-03-2021
BSBFIA401 Prepare Financial Reports25-03-2021
BUS306A Innovative Disruption25-03-2021
EPM5730 Project Stakeholder Management25-03-2021
BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service25-03-2021
NURS8731 Diabetes Health Promotion25-03-2021
PER1205 Officiating25-03-2021
200919 Innovation and Professional Practice25-03-2021
ECOM2000 Econometric Principles25-03-2021
NURS 6501 Advanced Pathophysiology 25-03-2021
NRP 473 Quality Care For Vulnerable Population25-03-2021
ENG200 Introduction to Linguistics25-03-2021
COMP2132:: Web Development Javascript25-03-2021
TOU501 Introduction to the Tourism Industry 25-03-2021
ADM 481 Business Administration25-03-2021
8005CGOV Corporate Governance25-03-2021
BBA 4201 Financial Institutions25-03-2021
BMGT 380 Business Environment 25-03-2021
MIS607 CyberSecurity25-03-2021
ENG105 World Litterature25-03-2021
PSY 3500 Psychology25-03-2021
BUSM4687 Managing International Business25-03-2021
MBA 600 Normative Ethics25-03-2021
CGW4U8 World Issues25-03-2021
MBA6150 Working Across Cultures25-03-2021
ECON-723 Economics Assignment 25-03-2021
BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability25-03-2021
HRMT20025 International Human Resource Management25-03-2021
MBA1073 MBA Global Business25-03-2021
NRSG372 Chronic Illness and Disability26-03-2021
MGT7203E Issues on Global Business26-03-2021
LAW5206 Corporate Law26-03-2021
HIS 170 History26-03-2021
MIS 301 Cyber Security26-03-2021
GEOG 2640 Geographies of Culture and Inequality26-03-2021
MKT363 Services Marketing 26-03-2021
BMG709 Business Project Management26-03-2021
MKT3004S Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing26-03-2021
BSC302 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods26-03-2021
NURS 6053N Your Leadership Profile 26-03-2021
Proj6006 Organisational Behaviour and People Management26-03-2021
MGT301A Ethics and Sustainability26-03-2021
PUBH6004 Leadership and Effective Change in Public Health 26-03-2021
AERO2322 Airline Marketing26-03-2021
BIOL 3202 Biology26-03-2021
PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control26-03-2021
NUR131 Professional Practice26-03-2021
COMM1101 Communication26-03-2021
HI5004 Marketing Management26-03-2021
HIS101 History26-03-2021
Nur 2204 Acute Care Across the Lifespan B29-03-2021
NURBN2023 Nursing Context29-03-2021
TOUR1003 Sustainability in Tourism, Hospitality and Events29-03-2021
ACC 650 Managerial Accounting 29-03-2021
CI 502 Learniing Exceptionalities29-03-2021
BUSA3020 Advanced Analytics Techniques 29-03-2021
MGTS7618 Wise Leadership29-03-2021
STATS 2060 Statistics29-03-2021
SYS380 Managing Organisational Change29-03-2021
NURS7007 Nursing29-03-2021
MUS505 Genre and Songwriter29-03-2021
MG5622 Digital Creativity and New Media Management 29-03-2021
PRF 810 Performance Enahncement and Injury Prevention29-03-2021
FNSACC312 Administer Subsidiary Accounts and Ledgers 29-03-2021
ENGL250 Communication29-03-2021
MGT157 Management29-03-2021
ADM 405 Business Administration29-03-2021
BUSI-1630 Management29-03-2021
FIN6063 Accounting for Managers 29-03-2021
MGT5205 Contemporary Issues In The Malaysian Economy29-03-2021
BBPS4103 Strategic Management 30-03-2021
MT140 Introduction to Management30-03-2021
BUS 496 International Business Management30-03-2021
COIT20251 Knowledge Management30-03-2021
8005CGOV Corporate Governance30-03-2021
NUR2204 Acute Care Across Lifespan B 30-03-2021
MKTG3006 Marketing Management30-03-2021
ITC 561 Management30-03-2021
ICT284 System Analysis and Design30-03-2021
PSY259 Personality and Individual Differences30-03-2021
MBS 664 Strategies for Growth & Excellence30-03-2021
HSC210 Health Sociology30-03-2021
ENGR8732 Biomechanics GE30-03-2021
MNG10476 Professional Development For the Workplace30-03-2021
NRSG258 Principles of Nursing Surgical30-03-2021
ICT631 Advanced IT Study Project30-03-2021
MN623 Cyber Security and Analytics30-03-2021
401367 Patient Centred Digital Health Care30-03-2021
PDCV101 Foundation Legal Knowledge30-03-2021
MGMT8051 Comparative Human Resource Management30-03-2021
SL617 Funding for Sport30-03-2021
300725 Construction Technology30-03-2021
MANG2064 Business Research30-03-2021
7102AFE Auditing30-03-2021
HCR5002 Health Promotion30-03-2021
CSIT314 Software Development Methodologies30-03-2021
HNCB18 Civil Engineering Technology30-03-2021
ACACT201A Accounting Information Systems30-03-2021
BUSN07023 Business in the 21st century30-03-2021
BUSM4306 Strategy and Sustainability in the Global Economy30-03-2021
ICTPRG529 Apply Testing Techniques For Software Development30-03-2021
MGT2HRM Human Resource Management30-03-2021
NRSG258 Nurisng30-03-2021
ENT/588 Performance Evaluation30-03-2021
NURBN2023 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology30-03-2021
LWS101 Ethics Law and Health Care 30-03-2021
NSB202 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wellbeing 30-03-2021
ITNET302A Advanced Network Security30-03-2021
MGT-424 Quality Management 30-03-2021
BBA 4201 Financial Instuitions 30-03-2021
DNP 545 Doctoral Course in Nursing30-03-2021
SOC 2010 Sociology Cultural Geography 30-03-2021
JSB208: Gender, Crime and the Criminal Justice System 30-03-2021
MN4001QA Business And Enterprise30-03-2021
BSB119 Global Business30-03-2021
EDUC653 Educational Philosophies 30-03-2021
BM461 Global Business Environment30-03-2021
HUMA-1100 Humanitarian30-03-2021
MG412 Principles of Marketing30-03-2021
BSOM083 Digital Business30-03-2021
ICT50615 Project Management/30-03-2021
NS5330 Persuasive Communication30-03-2021
Crim-251 Criminology30-03-2021
HR6010 Leadership for Sustainability30-03-2021
ADMS 3541 Finance30-03-2021
HR6015 Employment Relations and Employee Engagement30-03-2021
PUBH6013 Qualitative Research methods 30-03-2021
7COM1067 Digital Forensics30-03-2021
MGMT243 Human Resource Management30-03-2021
BEA321 Banking and Financial Institutions30-03-2021
NURS2118 Therapeutic Initiatives In Mental Health Nursing30-03-2021
QSP7BEC Building Economics30-03-2021
HREQ3650 Liberal Arts and Professional Studies30-03-2021
NURS-2524 Nursing Assignment31-03-2021
MGEC37 Economics and Law 31-03-2021
WRIT 206 Wrokplace Writing31-03-2021
PSYB38H3 Introduction to behaviour modification 31-03-2021
BX2751 Evidence Based Decision Making31-03-2021
LE 7134 Research Methodology31-03-2021
ACCY305 Financial Accounting III31-03-2021
STIX3923 NT Design31-03-2021
GENT5113 Entrepreneurship31-03-2021
ENG40001 Final Year Research Project 131-03-2021
MED1033 Sociology of Education 31-03-2021
MEE30002 Control Engineering31-03-2021
MBS662 Business Society and the Environment31-03-2021
BSC203 Introduction to ICT Research Methods31-03-2021
WPG2101 Managing Organizations and Leading People31-03-2021
HPS773 Psychology31-03-2021
NURS2119 Dual Diagnosis and Community Work31-03-2021
CO4703 Database Implementation 31-03-2021
RMCS1 Remedial Massage Clinical Science31-03-2021
ENG 102 Romanticism vs. Modernism31-03-2021
PROG2002 Web Development 231-03-2021
BSB119 Global Business 31-03-2021
MKT501 Distribution and Marketing Plan31-03-2021
MANU1054 Engineering Economic Strategy 31-03-2021
BANK3014 Private and Investment Banking31-03-2021
HNN320 Leadership and Clinical Governance31-03-2021
BULAW1503 Commercial Law31-03-2021
NURBN 3030 Nursing Practice 6: Management of Deteriorating Patient31-03-2021
UEE50411 Diploma of Electrical Enginerering31-03-2021
CNA154 Nursing Practice Assignment31-03-2021
PRT580 Discrete Structures Assignment31-03-2021
KIT107 Programming Assignment31-03-2021
52810WA Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology31-03-2021
BFA503 Introduction to Financial- Management31-03-2021
COMP1002 Foundations of Computing31-03-2021
ENS3105 Mechanical Design and Development31-03-2021
GHS5841 Research And Evidence for Practice31-03-2021
PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement31-03-2021
OGL 340: Artificial Intel Human Side31-03-2021
NURS 3044 Application of Pneumatics31-03-2021
EDUU 661 Stakeholder Interview Reflection31-03-2021
GINS2000B Ethics and Globalization31-03-2021
PHL201 Philosophy 31-03-2021
HRES 3278 Managing Employee Relations31-03-2021
ITM706 Enterprise Architecture31-03-2021
BMP3004 World of Work31-03-2021
GER235 Gerontology31-03-2021
BUSM4306 Strategy and Sustainability in the Global Economy31-03-2021
7BSP0389 Accounting and Finance in the Organisation31-03-2021
LOG305 International Trade Law31-03-2021
BMP5006 Financial Management and Decision Making31-03-2021
MKT6035 International Marketing Planning31-03-2021
ENGT5301 Individual Project31-03-2021
BUS107 Quantitative Methods31-03-2021
MOD004062 Leadership and Change Management31-03-2021
MG5615 Understanding Business and Management Research Methods31-03-2021
MIS603 Microservices Architecture31-03-2021
PGBM151 Organisational Development and Change31-03-2021
AGRI20042 Agriculture Economics 31-03-2021
INT102 Interpersonal Communication Skills31-03-2021
ACCT3002 Advanced Management Accounting 31-03-2021
NURS6623 Leadership and Management in Practice31-03-2021
ECCDD202A Communication31-03-2021
MIS205 Building Information Systems31-03-2021
3101AFE Accounting Theory and Paractice31-03-2021
BMA610 Digital Marketing and Social Media31-03-2021
SITXCCS006 Provide Service to Customers01-03-2021
GEN103 Information Literacy01-03-2021
CTEC5722 Software Engineering for Dependable Systems01-03-2021
PSY172 Psychological Health and Wellbeing01-03-2021
BUS 421 Business Administration Capstone01-03-2021
MKT600 Marketing Plan01-03-2021
INFT 5020 Enterprise Architecture01-03-2021
N600 Human Resource Management01-03-2021
COIT20246 ICT Services Management01-03-2021
NRS427VN Community and Public Health01-03-2021
M9M1 Law with Criminology01-03-2021
BUS5POE Principles Of Economics01-03-2021
MGT502 Organizational Behaviour01-03-2021
MGT310 Operations Management01-03-2021
MAN501 Management Fundamentals01-03-2021
6310 Operations Management01-03-2021
FOR10001 Introduction to Forensic Psychology01-03-2021
REE4111 Religious Education Studies01-03-2021
ICT30005 Professional Issues in Information Technology01-03-2021
BUSN662 Applied Advanced Analytics01-03-2021
AF4S31 Strategic Financial Management Assignment01-03-2021
PEH30004 Occupational Health and Safety01-03-2021
PGBM03 Operations Management01-03-2021
MAN202 Business Ethics01-03-2021
ITECH5404 Business Process Analytics and Change01-03-2021
ACCTING 3500 Accounting Theory01-03-2021
ISYS3374 Business Analytics01-03-2021
MHC501 Foundations of Counseling01-03-2021
HRA 330 Occupational Safety and Health01-03-2021
1028HSV Equity and Diversity01-03-2021
ENGL 4100 Honours English Research Essay01-03-2021
NUR2102 Chronic Care across the Lifespan B01-03-2021
NIT6130 Introduction to Research01-03-2021
MKTG555 Technology Marketing01-03-2021
MKTM028 Strategic Marketing01-03-2021
MNO3323 Management of Employee Relations01-03-2021
HIST101 American History01-03-2021
BET408 Major Engineering Project01-03-2021
HSN715 Understanding Human Nutrition Research Studies01-03-2021
7003ICT Database Management01-03-2021
EDUC1055 Foundations of Child Development01-03-2021
NUST08011 Nursing Care and Decision Making01-03-2021
LD0389 Global Marketing and Communications01-03-2021
MGT600 Management People and Teams01-03-2021
MGT302 Strategic Management01-03-2021
ITC506 Topics in Information Technology Ethics01-03-2021
MGX3121 International Business Strategy01-03-2021
IST337 Network Operating Systems01-03-2021
7407ENG Environmental Management System01-03-2021
HRM502 Human Resource Management01-03-2021
ECU103 Geography for Schools01-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader01-03-2021
N561 Marketing Communications01-03-2021
CSI5208 Ethical Hacking and Defence01-03-2021
MKG721 Food Marketing01-03-2021
MN503 Overview of Internetworking01-03-2021
COMP5005 Fundamentals of Programming01-03-2021
MGT510 Strategic Management01-03-2021
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing 101-03-2021
ECE 509 Cyber Security Concept Theory Practice01-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project01-03-2021
OHS3404 Medical and Health01-03-2021
PUBH6002 Global and Environmental Health Issues01-03-2021
ER3S75 International Business01-03-2021
ENTREP 3003NA Ethics and Cultural Aspects of Entrepreneurship01-03-2021
11174 Introduction to Management01-03-2021
IBU5IBE International Business01-03-2021
BHM109 Introduction to Research and Communications for Hospitality01-03-2021
INFO812 Management of Information Systems01-03-2021
CME703 Advanced Project Planning and Control01-03-2021
B6007 International Business01-03-2021
ARCH 7041 Advanced Architecture Technologies01-03-2021
ITC544 Computer Organisation and Architecture01-03-2021
101644 Community Management and Organisations01-03-2021
COIT20250 Emerging Technologies in E-Business01-03-2021
BIT231 Database Systems01-03-2021
ICT707 Data Science Practice01-03-2021
LAW384H1F Intellectual Property01-03-2021
BUS710 Digital Branding01-03-2021
INFO30006 Information Security and Privacy01-03-2021
MOD003353 Business Environment01-03-2021
CORPFIN 7051 Behavioural Finance01-03-2021
CNA750 Healthy Ageing01-03-2021
7002ICT Systems Development01-03-2021
COIT20264 Network Design01-03-2021
MGT632 Operations Management01-03-2021
MARK6105 Customer Relationship Management01-03-2021
LAW10003 Contract Law01-03-2021
SCA3200 Crew Resource Management01-03-2021
HI5020 Corporate Accounting01-03-2021
ACC 202 Accounting Information Systems01-03-2021
MGMT1101 Global Business Environment01-03-2021
CUC107 Cultural Intelligence and Capability01-03-2021
POPLHLTH 760 Principles of Public Health01-03-2021
SBM4102 Data and Information Management01-03-2021
EMP5630 Project Management and People01-03-2021
MGMT20132 Innovation and Sustainable Business Development01-03-2021
ZAT215 Ethical Hacking01-03-2021
HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care01-03-2021
HS1011 Data Communication and Networks01-03-2021
BUMGT5928 Strategic Enterprise Planning01-03-2021
MKT30016 Marketing Strategy and Planning01-03-2021
SOY00411 Tourism Theories and Practices01-03-2021
NUR1102 Literacies and Communication for Health Care01-03-2021
ENGR8762 Networks and Cybersecurity GE01-03-2021
HLTC19H3 Chronic Diseases01-03-2021
MRE5003 Industrial Techniques01-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting01-03-2021
QMTH 104 Business01-03-2021
ICT60115 Information Technology01-03-2021
POL208H1 International Relations01-03-2021
ITC596 IT Risk Management01-03-2021
WUC 116 Mathematics01-03-2021
BANK2011 Banking and the Financial System01-03-2021
HLSC122 Evidence for Practice01-03-2021
ICT90003 Applied Research Methods01-03-2021
CNA205 Research And Evidence Based Practice in Nursing01-03-2021
HC2112 Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing01-03-2021
SIT325 Advanced Network Security01-03-2021
CXA310 Bioscience 201-03-2021
IBS321 International Business Strategy01-03-2021
ACC202 Management Accounting01-03-2021
INFS7450 Social Media Analytics01-03-2021
3BM170 Strategic Human Resource Management01-03-2021
BBA 102 Principles of Management01-03-2021
SOCA2065 Environment and Society01-03-2021
COMMGMT 2500 Organisational Behaviour01-03-2021
PSYCH 549 Physiological Psychology01-03-2021
BHB2005 Research Methods01-03-2021
OSOT 1250 Aging01-03-2021
THCT501 Jesus the Christ01-03-2021
BAA704 Research Methods and Analysis01-03-2021
HCA 465 Analysis and Evaluation of Health Care Services01-03-2021
AED5023 E-Learning01-03-2021
HRMT11011 Human Resource Management01-03-2021
BUS 4402 Organizational Behavior01-03-2021
BIS7001 Enterprise Systems Strategy01-03-2021
MN601 Network Project Management01-03-2021
NUR1201 The Patient Experience Partnering in Care01-03-2021
MBA402 Governance Ethics and Sustainability01-03-2021
SCL1002 Exercise Physiology01-03-2021
BUS500 Accounting for Managers01-03-2021
COMP9812 Operating Systems01-03-2021
BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement a Business Plan01-03-2021
ACC514 Financial Accounting01-03-2021
MKT5AMR Applied Marketing Research01-03-2021
HLTAAP003 Analyse and Respond to Client Health Information01-03-2021
OHSS3617 Ergonomics in Occupational Health and Safety01-03-2021
CPC50210 Building and Construction01-03-2021
TACC203 Financial Accounting and Reporting01-03-2021
200869 Principles of Taxation01-03-2021
NSEI 6600 Foundations of Health Informatics01-03-2021
HME711 Health Law and Ethics01-03-2021
BCO 5501 Business Process Engineering01-03-2021
BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships01-03-2021
HLST259 Mental Health Nursing01-03-2021
AFIN328 Financial Risk Management01-03-2021
CB69 Hospitality Management01-03-2021
ACC100 Introduction to Accounting01-03-2021
BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships01-03-2021
HRM325 Strategic Human Resource Management01-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers01-03-2021
BUS104 Introduction to Marketing01-03-2021
MBA503 Operations Management and Decision Making Models01-03-2021
THT2105 Tourism and Transport01-03-2021
ECON90015 Managerial Economics01-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader01-03-2021
MIS781 Business Intelligence01-03-2021
ACC518 Current Developments In Accounting Thought01-03-2021
MGMT2725 Career Management01-03-2021
COMMGMT 2500 Organisational Behaviour01-03-2021
BAC101 Accounting Principles01-03-2021
HDS799 Dissertation01-03-2021
ITC563 IT Management Issues01-03-2021
MKTG3040 Services Marketing01-03-2021
ACC306 Financial Statement Analysis01-03-2021
ACC2002 Accounting Information Systems01-03-2021
ITC544 IT Fundamentals01-03-2021
ITECH7413 Supply Chain Operations and Management01-03-2021
TRV204 Costing01-03-2021
H9BRM Business Research Methods01-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technology and Innovations01-03-2021
ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution01-03-2021
ACCTING 3500 Accounting Theory01-03-2021
MGMT1601 Property Law01-03-2021
IRHR3035 Managing Diversity01-03-2021
PS 240 Introduction to Political Theory01-03-2021
SOCI3410 Early Sociological Theory01-03-2021
COMM2283 Foundations of Public Relations01-03-2021
NMIH308 Transition to Professional Practice01-03-2021
BUS 108 Introduction to Canadian Business01-03-2021
FINA6000 Managing Finance01-03-2021
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice01-03-2021
BCO5501 Business Process Engineering01-03-2021
ABA1003 Introduction to Sociology01-03-2021
MGT501 Contemporary Management01-03-2021
MMH733 Ethics and Corporate Sustainability01-03-2021
BUSN7045 Corporate Governance01-03-2021
CHCDIV002 Promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety01-03-2021
THH3102 Resort Development and Management01-03-2021
ACC307 Accounting Theory01-03-2021
32146 Graph Visualization Design01-03-2021
MNG81001 Management Communication01-03-2021
CRI3120 Criminal Justice System01-03-2021
GHS5850 Nursing Leadership and Patient Safety01-03-2021
CHC52015 Community Services01-03-2021
MGT502 Business Communication01-03-2021
PUBH 202 Health Promotion01-03-2021
PUBH6005 Epidemiology01-03-2021
MKG203 Digital Marketing Communications01-03-2021
MKT202 Marketing Research Essentials01-03-2021
401076 Introduction to Epidemiology01-03-2021
ISSC 4987 Cyber Security01-03-2021
HLT100 Anatomy and Physiology01-03-2021
LML6003 Australia Visa System01-03-2021
A204ID Global Sustainability and Innovation01-03-2021
NSB204 Mental Health: Self and Others01-03-2021
MKTG1001 Marketing Principles01-03-2021
PUBH6013 Qualitative Research Methods For Public Health01-03-2021
AGRC2001 Agricultural Biochemistry01-03-2021
22210R Public Law01-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting01-03-2021
BCHM 281 Practical Biochemistry01-03-2021
DBA 8100 Business Administration01-03-2021
ITC203 Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design01-03-2021
BMO6624 Organisation Change Management01-03-2021
ECO2103 Macroeconomics01-03-2021
MGT726 Managerial Project01-03-2021
BUMGT5980 Managerial Decision Making01-03-2021
401209 Health Variations01-03-2021
3205MED Healthcare Systems02-03-2021
BUS 330 Principles of Marketing02-03-2021
HLSC606 Resource Management02-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project02-03-2021
ME395 Portfolio Assignment02-03-2021
AYB225 Management Accounting02-03-2021
BULAW 5916 Taxation Law and Practice02-03-2021
93006 Clinical Practice in Diabetes02-03-2021
MARK1151 Integrated Advertising and Planning02-03-2021
BUSM4409 Information and Technology Management02-03-2021
MN3365 Strategic Finance02-03-2021
N302 Business Management Finance02-03-2021
COIT20264 Network Design02-03-2021
MGMT7024 Project Monitoring and Control02-03-2021
MGT202 Organizational Behavior02-03-2021
SO 110 Sociological Imagination02-03-2021
BSB51319 Work Health and Safety02-03-2021
NUR1120 Health and Illness02-03-2021
MKG721 Masters of Business Administration02-03-2021
MAN5410 Project Integration and Procurement Management02-03-2021
HI5020 Corporate Accounting02-03-2021
BFA526 Financial Reporting and Analysis02-03-2021
EDCU623 Social Justice Identity and Curriculum02-03-2021
301129 Forensic Research 102-03-2021
ICT596 IT Risk Management02-03-2021
JST545 Money Laundering02-03-2021
CSE 6242 Data and Visual Analytics02-03-2021
HI6006 Competitive Strategy02-03-2021
COIT12201 Electronic Crime and Digital Forensics02-03-2021
BUS 430 Operations Management02-03-2021
PSYCH21 Child Development02-03-2021
HUMN303 Introduction to the Humanities02-03-2021
MMS773 Sport Broadcasting02-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting02-03-2021
COMP1631 Information Analysis02-03-2021
300817 Molecular Biology02-03-2021
PHYS1101 Physics I02-03-2021
CVE80001 Research Paper02-03-2021
HA 3011 Advanced Financial Accounting02-03-2021
NURSING 1004 Communication and Professional Nursing I02-03-2021
LAWS5030 Jurisprudence02-03-2021
ACCT19083 Corporate Governance & Ethics02-03-2021
BRD209 Creativity and Innovation02-03-2021
LNG11706 Intercultural Business Communication02-03-2021
ICTNWK614 Managing IT Security02-03-2021
IIBM7001 Human Resource Management02-03-2021
ACCTING3500 Accounting Theory02-03-2021
BA100 Introduction to Business02-03-2021
IBUS3104 Ethical International Business Decisions02-03-2021
ACC91210 Finance for Managers02-03-2021
PROJMGNT 5021 Project Management Fundamentals02-03-2021
CMSE11279 Corporate Governance02-03-2021
CNCO3003 Mobile Cloud Computing02-03-2021
BSS057 6 Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship02-03-2021
NIT6042 Thesis Assignment Help and Solution02-03-2021
MGMT6003 Operations Management02-03-2021
ICT30009 IT Professional and Ethical Issues02-03-2021
BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership Across the Organisation Assessment02-03-2021
PPMP20014 Complex Project Management02-03-2021
HNBS 306 Managing Successful Business02-03-2021
MKC1200 Principles of Marketing02-03-2021
LAW 2599 Criminal Law02-03-2021
MGT601 Dynamic Leadership02-03-2021
SMB4102 Data and Information Management02-03-2021
UUIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy02-03-2021
HRMT602 Employment Law02-03-2021
HA 3950 Health Economics02-03-2021
BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change02-03-2021
6693 Client Server Computing02-03-2021
BMO1102 Management and Organisation Behaviour02-03-2021
SIT202 Computer Networks02-03-2021
NSB204 Mental Health02-03-2021
ISY1002 Database Management For Business02-03-2021
ISY3001 E-Business Fundamentals and Systems02-03-2021
DMKT5008 Digital Marketing02-03-2021
GEN124 Genetics02-03-2021
NCS 3101 Child and Adolescent Health02-03-2021
NIT5140 Information Security02-03-2021
TRV303 Tourism Research and Development02-03-2021
BBR502 Logistics Management02-03-2021
AMB336 International Marketing02-03-2021
ISYS5001 Business Project Management02-03-2021
COMMGMT 7001 Business Communication02-03-2021
ALC302 Digital Media Entrepreneurship02-03-2021
OODP101 Object Oriented Design and Programming02-03-2021
BO1BLAW204 Business Law02-03-2021
FIN 331 Financial Institutions and Markets02-03-2021
POGO8138 Science, Technology and Public Policy02-03-2021
MAN506 Organizational Behaviour02-03-2021
200568 Contemporary Management Issues02-03-2021
B920 Occupational Therapy02-03-2021
TOUR2003 Global Tourism Management02-03-2021
92436 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing02-03-2021
92917 Decision Making02-03-2021
ACCT20080 Ethics And Governance02-03-2021
MGMT2035 Managing Organisational Change02-03-2021
INTL 710 Corporate Social Responsibility and International Development02-03-2021
COIT20247 Database Design and Development02-03-2021
BMGT 365 Organizational Leadership02-03-2021
HFS203 Environmental Hazards and Toxiocology02-03-2021
MRE5003 Maintenance Management02-03-2021
CMNS2530 Strategic Communication02-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers02-03-2021
PSY 1101 Psychology02-03-2021
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting02-03-2021
BUMGT2601 Managerial Skills02-03-2021
ARTS2094 Visual Communication02-03-2021
BLO5540 Business and Company Law02-03-2021
NM11 Business Laws02-03-2021
MNG00785 Project Management02-03-2021
MNGT3012 Strategic Business Management02-03-2021
ISYS90048 Managing ICT Infrastructure02-03-2021
MGT601 Dynamic Leadership02-03-2021
SCI2010 Scientific practice and communication02-03-2021
COIT20267 Computer Forensics02-03-2021
MKTG2101 Consumer Behaviour02-03-2021
BSBRSK401 Identify Risk and apply Risk Management Processes02-03-2021
COMM11003 Communication in Professional Contexts02-03-2021
ACCT30001 Financial Accounting Theory02-03-2021
PROJ 6010 Project Management Application02-03-2021
1399EDN Education and Society02-03-2021
EDUC 716 Education and Diversity02-03-2021
LAWS50023 Legal Method and Reasoning02-03-2021
ACC307 Accounting Theory02-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers02-03-2021
HEAL818 Leadership and Management02-03-2021
3144IBA Quality Management02-03-2021
102507 The Gothic02-03-2021
BMO6624 Organisation Change Management02-03-2021
ABOR6004 Community Development02-03-2021
EDU765 Professional Orientation02-03-2021
NRS93004 Supporting Behaviour Change in Mental Health Contexts02-03-2021
CPSY 102 Introduction to Psychology02-03-2021
COMP2782 Social and Information Networks02-03-2021
BAO5522 Managerial Accounting02-03-2021
NUR104 Essential of Nursing Care02-03-2021
3034PHM Evidence Based Practice02-03-2021
BMA547 Organisational Behaviour02-03-2021
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice02-03-2021
HC2091 Business Finance02-03-2021
ISYS5001 Business Project Management02-03-2021
COMM 291 Interpersonal Communications02-03-2021
HC2112 Services Marketing02-03-2021
ENS3201 Technology Project02-03-2021
300391 Occupational Health Management02-03-2021
21003K Engineering Science02-03-2021
SBM3101 Professional Development and Business Communication02-03-2021
NIT5130 Database Analysis and Design02-03-2021
WELL 433 Organizational Development02-03-2021
HRM3007 Strategic Human Resource Management02-03-2021
FIN203 Corporate Finance02-03-2021
SIT772 Database and Information02-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader02-03-2021
BMA701 Leadership and Change Management02-03-2021
SEM711 Product Development Technologies02-03-2021
ITECH 1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution02-03-2021
HTL301 Managing Hotel and Resort Facilities02-03-2021
NRSG370 Clinical Integration Specialty Practice02-03-2021
ACC566 Accounting Systems and Processes02-03-2021
GSBS6481 International Business Strategy02-03-2021
CON 321 Health Related Research02-03-2021
HSC230 Cultural Safety in Health02-03-2021
ASE1201 Population Health02-03-2021
INFS5604 Business Process Management02-03-2021
NMIH307 Leadership in Health Care Practice02-03-2021
AL2000 American Literature02-03-2021
EMSK5012 Employability Skills02-03-2021
APO009-6 Managing Human Capital and Entrepreneurship02-03-2021
BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change02-03-2021
ECON334 Financial Econometrics02-03-2021
SIT191 Problem Solving Task02-03-2021
MGT307 International Human Resource Management02-03-2021
COMMGMT 2500 Organisational Behaviour02-03-2021
ITEC 640 Project Management02-03-2021
NURS 438 Trends and Issues in Nursing and Health Systems02-03-2021
LAW 1284 Employment Law02-03-2021
3805NRS Health and Illness in the Older Person02-03-2021
MGT5PMT Project Management02-03-2021
BUSI 2013 Business Decision Analysis02-03-2021
FIN331 Financial Institutions and Markets02-03-2021
2PE535 Comparative Education02-03-2021
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice02-03-2021
OHSE6070 Workplace Health and Safety Management02-03-2021
BFM223 Sustainability Accounting and Accountability02-03-2021
CT074-3 Reliability Management03-03-2021
ACC515 Accounting and Finance03-03-2021
FBL5030 Fundamentals of Value Creation in Business03-03-2021
MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology03-03-2021
BX660113 Applied Management03-03-2021
LAW505 Taxation 103-03-2021
RSM426H1 Critical Thinking03-03-2021
VISA5005 Reviewing Literature in Art and Design03-03-2021
COHE 6310 Health Care Accounting03-03-2021
HSH725 Research Literacy for Health Practice03-03-2021
MGT5300 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management03-03-2021
WP 1111 Integrated Academic Writing and Ethics03-03-2021
ACC515 Accounting and Finance03-03-2021
BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service03-03-2021
0302361 Operations and Supply Chain Management103-03-2021
ACFI3005 Auditing and Assurance03-03-2021
OTMA018 Operations and Technology Management03-03-2021
INFT 5033 Operating Systems and Application Security03-03-2021
INFT3100 Project Management03-03-2021
FDS308 Food Technology03-03-2021
SIT123 Data Capture Technologies03-03-2021
GNED101 Arts and Sciences03-03-2021
ICT30009 IT Professional and Ethical Issues03-03-2021
HCA465 Healthcare Administration and Management03-03-2021
HCA465 Healthcare Administration and Management03-03-2021
PY3107 Introductory Psychometrics, Assessment and Ethics03-03-2021
POLS213 Political Science03-03-2021
EMDV8008 Research Proposal03-03-2021
NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing03-03-2021
GRAD 695 Research Methodology and Writing03-03-2021
NUR1201 The Patient Experience03-03-2021
OSOT 1250 Occupational Therapy03-03-2021
BAO2202 Financial Accounting03-03-2021
HI5020 Corporate Accounting03-03-2021
BUS 300 Business Ethics and Sustainability03-03-2021
INF70005 Strategic Project Management03-03-2021
MGMT600 Organizational Management03-03-2021
MKTG5004 Business Research Methods03-03-2021
BUS7049 Cross Cultural Management03-03-2021
INTL 705 International Business Law03-03-2021
ACC00724 Accounting for Managers03-03-2021
CHCADV001 Facilitate the Interests and Rights of Clients03-03-2021
HI6008 Business Research03-03-2021
ITC563 IT Management Issues03-03-2021
401209 Health Variations 203-03-2021
HLSC647 Quantitative Research Methods03-03-2021
CUA50118 Professional Writing and Editing03-03-2021
C04235 Architecture03-03-2021
CBCP2101 Computer Programming03-03-2021
JNB508 Research Methods03-03-2021
MGMT13151 Entrepreneurship Innovation and Start ups03-03-2021
MAN 314 Organizational Behavior03-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation03-03-2021
MKT3017 Principles of Marketing Management03-03-2021
TAXA5004 GST and Indirect Taxation03-03-2021
ACCT 3420 Intermediate Managerial Accounting03-03-2021
CSM80004 International Construction03-03-2021
BX3112 Taxation Law03-03-2021
CHDV 1200 Intimate Relationships in a Diversified Society03-03-2021
MGT704 Global Business Management03-03-2021
ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP03-03-2021
BMG638 Organisational Behaviour03-03-2021
ISY2001 System Analysis and Design03-03-2021
MKTG3040 Services Marketing03-03-2021
BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development03-03-2021
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting03-03-2021
HSH303 Public Health And Health Promotion Practicum03-03-2021
EDF 5400 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Applications03-03-2021
ACC210 Financial Accounting03-03-2021
CJS 448 Global Perspectives in Crime and Justice03-03-2021
8168 Global Social Movements03-03-2021
MMK739 Strategic Brand Management03-03-2021
CUC107 Applying Cultural Capabilities Report03-03-2021
ACG23 Business Finance03-03-2021
PPMP20012 Program and Portfolio Management Information Systems03-03-2021
MGT5DPP Developing People and High Performance Organisations03-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers03-03-2021
NURSING 7030 Nursing Research03-03-2021
ACCY962 Professional Practice Auditing and Risk Assurance03-03-2021
MGNT803 Organisational Behaviour and Management03-03-2021
UNCC100 Self and Community03-03-2021
MAN501 Cross Cultural Management03-03-2021
HBS108 Health Information and Data03-03-2021
CTEC5806 Digital Forensics Principles and Practice03-03-2021
3121MED First Peoples Health and Practice03-03-2021
MBA8000 Applied Business Research and Ethics03-03-2021
MGMT1101 Global Business Environment03-03-2021
FIN303 Financial Management03-03-2021
QAB020C416H Principles of Marketing and Communication03-03-2021
CPCCBC4009B Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects03-03-2021
UNCC100 Self and Community Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society03-03-2021
ANL201 Data Visualisation for Business03-03-2021
MKG315 Marketing Consumer Behavior03-03-2021
PRL60304 Professional Media Workshop03-03-2021
HLTH 524 Health Leadership and Management03-03-2021
HIM 220 Research on a Healthcare Organisation03-03-2021
MAN5410 Project Integration and Procurement03-03-2021
ACCT19060 Management Accounting03-03-2021
ACCT19060 Management Accounting03-03-2021
ACCT19060 Management Accounting03-03-2021
ACCT19060 Management Accounting03-03-2021
ACCT19060 Management Accounting03-03-2021
ACCT19060 Management Accounting03-03-2021
HSDV6242 Human Rights Social Justice and Advocacy03-03-2021
ENCOR 4010 Research Project 103-03-2021
ITC513 Wireless Networking Concepts03-03-2021
ACCG835 International Accounting03-03-2021
EDUC6773 The Reflective Secondary Teacher03-03-2021
INB10002 Foundations of International Business03-03-2021
BM627 Managing Innovation in Business03-03-2021
NMIH107 Nursing Care Plan03-03-2021
BUS51AF Introduction to Accounting and Finance03-03-2021
INTBUS 1000 International Business Environment03-03-2021
BUSN3033 Occupational Health and Safety03-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers03-03-2021
UNCC100 Self and Community03-03-2021
SITHKOP002 Plan and Cost Basic Menus03-03-2021
EPM5710 Project Procurement Management03-03-2021
BEA703 International Trade03-03-2021
MGMT6003 Operation Management03-03-2021
COIT20247 Database Design and Development03-03-2021
S6002 Environment and Sustainability03-03-2021
MS120A Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship03-03-2021
ASIA 100 Introduction to Traditional Asia03-03-2021
LAW 7157 Introduction to Business Law03-03-2021
PSYC3026 Personality Psychology03-03-2021
COMM1380 Professional Writing Skills for Business03-03-2021
MKTG2033 Advertising03-03-2021
HHS4U Families in Canada03-03-2021
SAP101 Australia Society Systems and Policies03-03-2021
ACC539 Accounting Information Systems03-03-2021
92917 Using Health Care Data For Decision Making03-03-2021
FIT5166 Information Retrieval Systems03-03-2021
NSB204 Mental Health03-03-2021
ACC520 Legal Regulation of Business Structures03-03-2021
MGT200 Organizational Behavior03-03-2021
BMA202 Business Strategy03-03-2021
TRM73001 Revenue and Yield Management for Tourism and Hospitality03-03-2021
11217 Contemporary Issues in Accounting03-03-2021
MGMT5602 Cross Cultural Management03-03-2021
TOUR2003 Global Tourism Management03-03-2021
BMGT7010 Strategic Management03-03-2021
HSH728 Health Equity and Human Rights03-03-2021
ICT30005 Professional Issue in IT03-03-2021
FIN200 Corporate Financial Management03-03-2021
BAC115 Quantitative Methods03-03-2021
ENEG20003 Sustainability Studio03-03-2021
BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service03-03-2021
BUS105 Statistics03-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big03-03-2021
ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution03-03-2021
MKT570 Integrated Marketing Communications03-03-2021
CMIT 350 WAN and SOHO Skills Implementation03-03-2021
BBMK605 Advertising03-03-2021
ACCTN101-8B Accounting for Management03-03-2021
200825 Understanding Contemporary Organizations03-03-2021
POGO815 Foreign Direct Investment Policy03-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project03-03-2021
NIT3222 Virtualisation in Computing03-03-2021
92447 Navigating Transition03-03-2021
MGMT 490 Strategic Management03-03-2021
ENGLISH 101S The Art of Reading03-03-2021
ISY00243 Systems Analysis and Design03-03-2021
BSBRSK501 Manage Risk03-03-2021
HIST 170 American History03-03-2021
HA3042 Taxation Law03-03-2021
CON 321 Health Related Research03-03-2021
ECMM163 Sustainable Engineering03-03-2021
TKP4165 Process Design03-03-2021
MGT5PLS Project Leadership03-03-2021
HA1011 Applied Quantitative Methods03-03-2021
IRHR2270 Introduction to Human Resource Management03-03-2021
SOCI 3015 Quantitative Research Methods in Social Sciences03-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management03-03-2021
ECO202 Economic Ideas and Models for Business03-03-2021
PSYC3200 Foundations of Applied Neuropsychology03-03-2021
BUS287 Management Accounting03-03-2021
NSB203 Inquiry into Clinical Practice03-03-2021
ECON 1150 Economic Issues03-03-2021
BUS707 Applied Business Research03-03-2021
BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans03-03-2021
MGMT5006 Global Leadership03-03-2021
MKT202 Marketing Research Essentials03-03-2021
BUS703 Problem Definition03-03-2021
SOC312 Sociology of Adolescence03-03-2021
MKT3017 Principles of Marketing Management03-03-2021
LAWS5065 Taxation Law03-03-2021
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing03-03-2021
LB 5235 Practical or Research Project03-03-2021
NU416M3 Factors that Influence Chronic Illness03-03-2021
PPMP20012 Program and Portfolio Management Information Systems03-03-2021
MOD001102 Leadership and Management03-03-2021
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing03-03-2021
ENG 201 World Literature03-03-2021
BUSN11079 Analytical Thinking and Decision Making03-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers03-03-2021
COMMGMT 2500 Organisational Behaviour04-03-2021
BIZ104 Customer Experience Management04-03-2021
ECON847 International Trade04-03-2021
SENG6350 Systems Analysis and Design04-03-2021
NRS 433V Introduction to Nursing Research04-03-2021
BUS302 Marketing Plan Project04-03-2021
ACC00132 Taxation Law04-03-2021
ITECH5402 Enterprise Systems04-03-2021
BC98 Biomedical Sciences04-03-2021
AK1058 International Hospitality Management04-03-2021
HIST 302 Indian Rebellion04-03-2021
NUR329 Public Health04-03-2021
MGT723 Research Project04-03-2021
3034PHM Evidence Based Practice04-03-2021
BCO6656 Information Technology Project Management04-03-2021
RES605A Research Paper04-03-2021
BEH 352 Human Development Through Life Cycle04-03-2021
HRMT387 Human Resource Management04-03-2021
COMP8711 Finances and Administration04-03-2021
HUM10004 Reflective Practice04-03-2021
PROJ6003 Control Techniques and Tools04-03-2021
HOSP3003 Food and Beverage Management04-03-2021
OMDP861 Finance and Budgeting Basics04-03-2021
CIS 601 Computer Information Science04-03-2021
PUBH 6005 Epidemiology Assignment04-03-2021
ITC560 Internet of Things04-03-2021
ACC566 Accounting Systems and Process04-03-2021
ITMG630 Project Management for E Business04-03-2021
ICT700 System Analysis and Design04-03-2021
MGT540 Management of Change04-03-2021
MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments04-03-2021
MNGT1001 Introduction to Management04-03-2021
MGT 202 Organizational Behavior04-03-2021
PHCA9504 Critical Practice In Indigenous Health04-03-2021
HISTORY 21 World History04-03-2021
CO320 Object Oriented Programming04-03-2021
MGMT20144 Management and Business Context04-03-2021
GEOG 862 Global Positioning System04-03-2021
401081 Organisational Governance and Performance Management04-03-2021
ANTH 277 Ancient Cities Sacred Land04-03-2021
INF70005 Virtual Digital Assistance for JB Hi-Fi04-03-2021
HSH709 Health and Social Impact Assessment04-03-2021
NUR1201 The Patient Experience and Partnering in Care04-03-2021
BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business04-03-2021
BM627 Managing Innovation in Business04-03-2021
MNGT6275 Managing People and Organisations04-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management04-03-2021
ECE 531 Internet of Things04-03-2021
BX3082 International Marketing04-03-2021
MEDI7285 Introduction to Digital Health04-03-2021
ASW1001 Introduction to Social Work04-03-2021
EDU10010 Language Learning and Discipline04-03-2021
ACCT209 Corporate Accounting04-03-2021
MUS3521 New Music Practicum04-03-2021
MAS 110 Introduction to Digital Media04-03-2021
FIT5107 Recordkeeping Informatics04-03-2021
MSN6103 The Nurse Educator Role04-03-2021
SIT725 Software Engineering04-03-2021
ENT210 Entrepreneurship and Innovation04-03-2021
SOC370H1 Immigration and Employment04-03-2021
CME404 Facilities Management04-03-2021
NRSG257 Child Adolescent and Family Nursing04-03-2021
ITC505 Project Management04-03-2021
ENCOR 4010 Research Methodology04-03-2021
ACCT101 Principles of Accounting04-03-2021
MKTG2101 Consumer Behaviour04-03-2021
ACC3101 Accounting Information Systems04-03-2021
MOD004062 Leadership and Change Management04-03-2021
7207MKT Market Research Project04-03-2021
HRMT20025 International Human Resource Management04-03-2021
7404ENG Advanced Water And Wastewater Engineering04-03-2021
ENTP40075 Management Skills04-03-2021
MGF5640 Cross Cultural Management Communication04-03-2021
BUSN3032 Business04-03-2021
PRO285 Public Relations in Society04-03-2021
AGRI5004 Management of Food Waste and Loss04-03-2021
CFPBUS004 Business Communication04-03-2021
MGMT6011 Strategic Management Capstone04-03-2021
ICT521 IT Professional Practice04-03-2021
NURSING 7030 Nursing Research04-03-2021
MN603 Wireless Networks and Security04-03-2021
MKTG3040 Services Marketing04-03-2021
MRKT19037 International Marketing04-03-2021
J508 Planning for Growth04-03-2021
CIS8008 Business Intelligence04-03-2021
MGMT 4220 Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses04-03-2021
BSBMKG501B Identify And Evaluate Marketing Opportunities04-03-2021
MER501 Entrepreneurship04-03-2021
PACC6002 Auditing and Assurance Services04-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader04-03-2021
FMCS1100 Communication and Culture04-03-2021
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance04-03-2021
2888ENV Environmental Protection04-03-2021
ACC303 Contemporary Issues in Accounting04-03-2021
BMSK5003 Understanding and Engaging in the Customer Experience04-03-2021
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law04-03-2021
N5366 Principles of Research Nursing04-03-2021
COMMGMT 7001 Business Communication04-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader04-03-2021
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law04-03-2021
COMMLAW 3501 Business Tax and GST04-03-2021
MANAGEMT 7087 Managing Contemporary Organisations04-03-2021
MGT302 Strategic Management04-03-2021
364JA Nursing04-03-2021
ITC506 Topics in Information Technology Ethics04-03-2021
ITS834 Emerging Threats and Countermeasures04-03-2021
ITC561 Cloud Computing04-03-2021
ACC510 Financial Reporting04-03-2021
COMP SCI 3001 Computer Networks and Applications04-03-2021
BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems04-03-2021
EL857 Biometric Technologies04-03-2021
LAW100 Business Law04-03-2021
MMS713 Sport Policy and development04-03-2021
ELEC3550 Wireless Communications04-03-2021
GSBS6003 Globalisation04-03-2021
INT235 International Relations Theory and Practice04-03-2021
EHR303 Performance Management04-03-2021
PSYL10102 Critical Analysis04-03-2021
BM312 Entrepreneurship04-03-2021
NRS 451 VN Nursing Leadership and Management04-03-2021
PPMP20015 Research in Project Management04-03-2021
100298 Youth Cultures and Moral Panics04-03-2021
MEC604 Managerial Economics04-03-2021
MN3216K Asia Pacific Business04-03-2021
ENG10002 English for Academic Purposes04-03-2021
SRM776 Introduction to Construction Management04-03-2021
MNG01222 Facility and Risk Management For Hospitality Operations04-03-2021
3004IBA Intercultural Management04-03-2021
200468 Estimating 104-03-2021
MGNT803 Organisational Behaviour and Management04-03-2021
MARK321 Retail Marketing04-03-2021
INF80043 IS/IT Risk Management04-03-2021
ENS 5111 Engineering Practicum04-03-2021
HUBS2505 Human Pathophysiology04-03-2021
BBMK504 Brand Management04-03-2021
400844 Health Services and Facilities Planning04-03-2021
BSBPMG521 Manage Project Integration04-03-2021
401077 Introduction to Biostatistics04-03-2021
BBS303 Marketing Systems04-03-2021
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy04-03-2021
MGT 677 Leading Motivating and Empowering Others04-03-2021
SNPG950 Reflection For Practice04-03-2021
HCA 460 Healthcare Accreditation04-03-2021
LB5230 Managing Strategic Resources and Operations04-03-2021
ECO3EGS Economic Growth and Stability04-03-2021
MITS5502 Developing Enterprise Systems04-03-2021
COIT20270 App Development for Mobile Platforms04-03-2021
OMIS 690 Information Technology Project Management04-03-2021
PADM 210 Introduction To Public Administration04-03-2021
BAP53 Corporate Finance04-03-2021
JNB514 Transformational Leadership04-03-2021
CLAW1001 Foundations of Business Law04-03-2021
GEOG3006 Quantitative Methods04-03-2021
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice04-03-2021
BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organization04-03-2021
MBAX9130 Enterprise Risk Management04-03-2021
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources04-03-2021
NR506 Healthcare Policy04-03-2021
MNG81001 Management Communication04-03-2021
COMU1030 The Psychology of Communication04-03-2021
LB5235 Applied Research Project04-03-2021
ACCTING 7019 Accounting Concepts and Methods04-03-2021
MGT712 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility04-03-2021
BULAW 5916 Taxation Law and Practice04-03-2021
IHP 501 Global Health and Diversity04-03-2021
BUS600 Communications Management04-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project04-03-2021
MAN3612 Project Management04-03-2021
FIN201 Investment Management04-03-2021
NIT1104 Computer Networks04-03-2021
ACCTING 3501 Corporate Accounting04-03-2021
HI6006 Competitive Strategy04-03-2021
PUAD 610 Public Administration Capstone04-03-2021
CSM80009 Procurement and Risk Management in Projects04-03-2021
6LW047 The Law of Trusts04-03-2021
HEA564 Clinical Specialisation 204-03-2021
BIT231 Database Systems04-03-2021
ACCTING 2501 Financial Accounting04-03-2021
MITS5001 IT Project Management05-03-2021
NEF2251 Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering05-03-2021
PREP1012 Research Skills and Project Proposal05-03-2021
PUBH 6835 Public Health Policy05-03-2021
AFAM 152 American History05-03-2021
FIN203 Banking and Finance05-03-2021
EPM5700 Project Management and Information Technology05-03-2021
HIST 5469 Civil Right Movement05-03-2021
NIT6160 Data Mining05-03-2021
HI6008 Business Research Report05-03-2021
ELEC3500 Telecommunications Networks05-03-2021
LW6606 International Human Rights Law05-03-2021
TECHCOMM 7022 Creativity and Innovation05-03-2021
SIM 335 Project Management05-03-2021
7595QCA Social Innovation05-03-2021
BSBPMG512 Manage Project Time05-03-2021
BMAN73561 International Business Strategy05-03-2021
MNG81001 Management Communication05-03-2021
EPMANC320 Business Organisation and Management05-03-2021
HRPD 710 Alternative Dispute Resolution05-03-2021
BU224 Microeconomics05-03-2021
MGB305 Accounting and Finance05-03-2021
MN502 Overview of Network Security05-03-2021
CMP71001 Cybersecurity05-03-2021
PubH 6112 Environmental Health Risk05-03-2021
SIT202 Computer Networks05-03-2021
ISSC411 Application Security05-03-2021
MNG82001 Organisational Behaviour05-03-2021
MGT8038 Leadership Development05-03-2021
PHE101 Social Determinants of Health05-03-2021
FIN20014 Financial Management05-03-2021
GMBA6007 Managing Across Cultures05-03-2021
BUS328 Organizational Leadership05-03-2021
COIS 12036 Human Computer Interaction05-03-2021
MGMT 410 Strategic Management05-03-2021
INB2101 Cultural Framework of Business05-03-2021
EH 101 Reflective Essay05-03-2021
B90075 Applied Health Studies05-03-2021
MKT5MMA Marketing Management05-03-2021
NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice05-03-2021
BUS 344 International Management05-03-2021
APT5005 Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault05-03-2021
PHM212 Organisational Management05-03-2021
SMB 1105 Strategic Project05-03-2021
BSMAN3009 Accounting for Managers05-03-2021
MKTG5004 Business Research Methods05-03-2021
HI6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment05-03-2021
BIZ202 The Business Environment05-03-2021
MN506 System Management05-03-2021
HRMT415 Human Resource Management Information Systems05-03-2021
ITC596 IT Risk Management05-03-2021
BSBADM504 Plan and Implement Administrative Systems05-03-2021
PMBA 6314 Information Technology05-03-2021
AGRO100 Agriculture in Practice05-03-2021
PH3002 Innovation in Global Health05-03-2021
CMNS3470 Data Visualisation in Journalism05-03-2021
AC561 Taxation of Estates and Trusts05-03-2021
CMIS 102 Hands On Lab05-03-2021
NUR332 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety05-03-2021
ACC305 Auditing and Professional Practice05-03-2021
BBA124 Business Information Systems05-03-2021
MR510 Early Childhood Education05-03-2021
SM0381 Applied Business Ethics05-03-2021
SMB4102 Data and Information Management05-03-2021
BUHRM5913 Managing People05-03-2021
MGT604 Strategic Management05-03-2021
MHPE 505 Introduction to Health Professions Education05-03-2021
NURS11162 Inclusive Practice for Nursing05-03-2021
1803ICT Information Systems Foundations05-03-2021
COIT20246 ICT Services Management05-03-2021
GEOP816 Evidence Based Planning05-03-2021
CSB601 Introduction to Clinical Therapeutics for Health05-03-2021
HCR 230 Culture and Health05-03-2021
EMPL702 Workplace Health Safety and Conflict Management05-03-2021
BUSM4534 Design Thinking For Business05-03-2021
BCO6653 Management of Information Technology05-03-2021
102086 Designing Teaching and Learning05-03-2021
SCO201 Space, Place, People and the City05-03-2021
BUMGT5980 Managerial Decision Making05-03-2021
ITECH7407 Real Time Analytics05-03-2021
COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design05-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big05-03-2021
MOD006063 Hospitality Management05-03-2021
BUS 005 Managing People and Organisation05-03-2021
101374 Community Management and Organisations05-03-2021
48572 Power Circuit Theory Assignment05-03-2021
PPMP20008 Initiating and Planning Projects05-03-2021
S73 Occupational Health and Safety05-03-2021
MKTG1047 Market Research05-03-2021
ENGL 637 African American Literature05-03-2021
ICT115 Introduction to Systems Design05-03-2021
BAA215 Business and Corporate Law05-03-2021
HISTO1110 History05-03-2021
BMAN73421 Comparative Business and Management05-03-2021
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and Improve own Professional Practice05-03-2021
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law05-03-2021
BUS354 Customer Relationship Management05-03-2021
51259 Purchasing and Materials Management05-03-2021
HI5015 Legal Aspects of International Trade and Enterprise05-03-2021
SITXFIN004A Manage Finances within a Budget05-03-2021
GSBS6300 Integrated Marketing Communications05-03-2021
CHIN 344 Chinese Language and Culture05-03-2021
COIT12208 ICT Project Management05-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovations05-03-2021
B6020 Regulation and Compliance05-03-2021
MKT3761D Sustainability Marketing05-03-2021
BSBCOM603 Plan and Establish Compliance Monitoring System05-03-2021
POPP5013 Project Management05-03-2021
SBM4304 IS Security and Risk Management05-03-2021
ACC233 Audit and Assurance05-03-2021
FNSACC504 Prepare Financial Reports for Corporate Entities05-03-2021
ELEC3550 Wireless Communications05-03-2021
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology05-03-2021
CSE3PEX Professional Environment05-03-2021
COIT20275 Systems Science and Engineering05-03-2021
ALR710 Marketing Communication05-03-2021
MEDI8112 Introduction to Professional Development05-03-2021
COMM 8000 Communication Pedagogy05-03-2021
SIT763 Cyber Security Management05-03-2021
NURS13137 Outward Bound Nursing Studies05-03-2021
NUR4169 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice05-03-2021
MK4S34 Strategic Marketing05-03-2021
SOC100H1 Sociological05-03-2021
EDUC501 Human Growth and Development05-03-2021
ICT700 System Analysis and Design05-03-2021
41160 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering05-03-2021
PRDV002 Professional Writing05-03-2021
MAA753 Professional Research and Analysis05-03-2021
BUSL250 Business Law05-03-2021
NURSING 5109 An Introduction to Evidence Based Health Care05-03-2021
PROJMGNT 7038 Project Leadership and Communication05-03-2021
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems05-03-2021
101677 Research Proposal05-03-2021
VBS111 Motivation05-03-2021
ACC8802 Strategic Applications of Management Accounting05-03-2021
NSG1204 Nursing Skills II05-03-2021
BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management05-03-2021
HBSE4203 Living Skills For Special Education05-03-2021
ORG80014 Ethical Leadership05-03-2021
NRS 433V Introduction to Nursing Research05-03-2021
MB 510 Strategic Marketing of Service05-03-2021
BSBFIM801 Manage Financial Resources05-03-2021
AVA10001 Introduction to Aviation05-03-2021
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues05-03-2021
THT2114 Sustainable Operations and Destinations05-03-2021
IRHR2270 Introduction to Human Resource Management05-03-2021
PREP1122 Essay Writing05-03-2021
7205MKT Brand Strategy and Management05-03-2021
MBA 670 Strategic Decision Making05-03-2021
EFB344 Risk Management and Derivatives05-03-2021
NURS 700 Advanced Nursing Theory05-03-2021
CNA573 Contemporary Renal Replacement Therapy05-03-2021
NURSING 6205 Mental Health05-03-2021
HRMG 4203 Analysis of Human Resource Management05-03-2021
5BUS1085 Enhancing Employability05-03-2021
BMO 6624 Organisation Change Management05-03-2021
PUBH6003 Health systems and Economics05-03-2021
FINC300 Foundations in Financial Management05-03-2021
HRM6103 Employment Law05-03-2021
TO5102 Tourism and Hospitality Operations Management05-03-2021
PUN632 Leadership in Health Management05-03-2021
AGLC3 Legal Citation05-03-2021
HK2042 Retail Management05-03-2021
BUS501 Business Analytics and Statistics05-03-2021
CMP73001 Cybersecurity Management05-03-2021
LAW106 Legal Research and Writing05-03-2021
C139 Health Information Management05-03-2021
BIT232 Systems Design and Development05-03-2021
MKT570 Integrated Marketing Communications05-03-2021
MGMT3025 International Human Resource Management05-03-2021
BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy05-03-2021
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications05-03-2021
MARKETNG 2503 Marketing Communications II05-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management05-03-2021
MGT5PSC Logistics and Supply Chain Management05-03-2021
BIO3011 Research Methods in Biology05-03-2021
NIT2222 Wide Network Area Technologies05-03-2021
BHM16 Hospitality Management06-03-2021
COGS101 Delusions and Disorders of the Mind and Brain06-03-2021
300886 Construction in Practice06-03-2021
BCO6653 Management of Information Technology06-03-2021
BUS5POE Principles Of Economics06-03-2021
HR0275 Personal and Organisational Development06-03-2021
MKT202 Marketing Management06-03-2021
EECT020 Principle of Construction06-03-2021
COIT20275 Systems Science and Engineering06-03-2021
HS1011 Data Communication and Networks06-03-2021
MGB103 Human Resource Management06-03-2021
BFA501 Accounting Information Analysis06-03-2021
ACC705 Corporate Accounting and Reporting06-03-2021
GSBS6041 Global Marketing Strategy and Planning06-03-2021
VTP321 Introduction to Mental Health Services06-03-2021
MBHT5001 Diabetes Management06-03-2021
INST 715 Knowledge Management06-03-2021
IDEC8022 Economic Development06-03-2021
HI6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment06-03-2021
ALR710 Marketing Communication06-03-2021
MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management06-03-2021
NURS 2023 Health of Adults06-03-2021
SOC1030 Introduction to Sociology06-03-2021
FILM1001 Hollywood Art Industry Entertainment06-03-2021
21877 Strategic Procurement06-03-2021
OM202C Operations Management06-03-2021
PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management06-03-2021
CUAWRT404 Perform Writing And Editing Tasks06-03-2021
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice06-03-2021
BSBFIM601A Manage Finances06-03-2021
QCD111 Communication06-03-2021
EARTH 1102 Physical Geology of Earths Surface06-03-2021
ACC3AFA Advanced Financial Accounting06-03-2021
6601 Legal Methods and Skills06-03-2021
BUSN1001 Business Reporting and Analysis06-03-2021
FIN 480 Financial Models06-03-2021
HWB401 Health and Wellbeing06-03-2021
BX3112 Taxation Law06-03-2021
B991 Health and Social Care06-03-2021
BUSM4497 Global Human Resource Management06-03-2021
MAT274 Probability and Statistics06-03-2021
BUS206 Management Information Systems06-03-2021
PUBHLTH515 Population Health06-03-2021
AGRC2001 Agricultural Biochemistry06-03-2021
MS4660 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property in Materials Science and Engineering06-03-2021
ICT703 Network Technology and Management06-03-2021
MARK 1800 Marketing Essentials06-03-2021
BFA714 Australian Tax Law06-03-2021
HI5020 Corporate Accounting06-03-2021
MUSIC 119 Introduction to Music Theory and Musicianship06-03-2021
BUS303 Business Project06-03-2021
HNN108 Understanding Research Evidence06-03-2021
DMKT5008 Digital Marketing06-03-2021
92441 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing06-03-2021
COMM11003 Communication in Professional Context06-03-2021
ALR103 Introduction to Public Relations06-03-2021
DBN509 Operations Management06-03-2021
MKG315 Marketing Consumer Behaviour06-03-2021
U23367 Business Analysis And Decision Making06-03-2021
P15CS51 Cloud Services for Smith Security Limited06-03-2021
LAWS19034 Taxation Law and Practice B06-03-2021
ACC 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting06-03-2021
BIZ202 The Business Environment06-03-2021
ACC4410 Auditing06-03-2021
BNV7089 Cost Management06-03-2021
MBA503 Operations Management06-03-2021
FEM207 Event Planning Creation and Management06-03-2021
HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care06-03-2021
UUMK5400 Marketing in Practice06-03-2021
MBA730 Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Business and Management06-03-2021
MGMT206 Organisational Behaviour06-03-2021
MGT510 Strategic Management06-03-2021
MERR5030 Managing Energy Resources and Regulations06-03-2021
STAT6000 Statistics for Public Health06-03-2021
SPE2103 Analysis of Speech and Language06-03-2021
NURS 123A Mental Health Theory06-03-2021
HUMA111 Arts Advantage06-03-2021
HC3141 International strategic management06-03-2021
COMP5349 Cloud Computing06-03-2021
BUACC5933 Cost and Management Accounting06-03-2021
BIS2500 Decision Support Systems06-03-2021
ACCM4100 Management Accounting06-03-2021
BUA5CG Corporate Governance06-03-2021
MKTG2002 Sustainable Marketing06-03-2021
AC561 Taxation of Estates and Trusts06-03-2021
MMS712 Marketing Analysis06-03-2021
NSG1101 Communication in Nursing Practice06-03-2021
MGB105 Business Management06-03-2021
BUSN20016 Research in Business06-03-2021
NUR241 Contexts of Practice Health Alteration06-03-2021
MGT502 Organizational Behavior06-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers06-03-2021
FILM1001 Hollywood Art Industry Entertainment06-03-2021
CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People06-03-2021
NCS2102 Mental Health and Illness06-03-2021
HUM150 Introduction to Film Studies06-03-2021
102096 Researching Teaching and Learning06-03-2021
3212HSL Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hotels06-03-2021
ACCT 1111 Assurance and Forensic Accounting07-03-2021
MBAX9138 Financial Analysis07-03-2021
LAW301 Taxation Law07-03-2021
MGMT674 Human Resource Management07-03-2021
ELEC3550 Wireless Communications07-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management07-03-2021
MKTG313 Marketing Strategy and Planning07-03-2021
BUSN7045 Corporate Governance07-03-2021
BUSM 4504 Professional Human Management Resource Practices07-03-2021
MD4044 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice07-03-2021
HRMT407 Human Resource Management07-03-2021
BUMGT6973 Project Management07-03-2021
BAA525 Community Development Theory and Practice07-03-2021
OHSE3740 Risk Assessment and Management07-03-2021
MNGT7483 Strategic Management07-03-2021
COIS 12036 Human Computer Interaction07-03-2021
IT163 Database Concept Using Microsoft Access07-03-2021
MNTL 405 Case Management for Mental Health07-03-2021
TSM2105 Tourism Planning and Development07-03-2021
BUSN20016 Research in Business07-03-2021
GEOG 2142 Climate Change07-03-2021
ISYS3303 Business Information Technology Project07-03-2021
MBA41 Strategic Project Management07-03-2021
INFS5604 Business Process Management07-03-2021
U08040 Network Construction and Administration07-03-2021
MKT203 Service Marketing07-03-2021
MARKETNG 3004 Marketing Planning Project07-03-2021
MGT5PMT Project Management07-03-2021
BSB51918 Leadership and Management07-03-2021
BUS5PA Predictive Analytics07-03-2021
BX2093 Sports Management07-03-2021
HDS310 Human Rights and Advocacy07-03-2021
COMMGMT 3506 Managing Conflict and Change07-03-2021
ISY3001 E Business Fundamentals and Systems07-03-2021
BUSM4497 Global Human Resource Management07-03-2021
ENEG20003 Sustainability Studio07-03-2021
INFS 1021 Systems Analysis07-03-2021
ITC240 IT Infrastructure Management07-03-2021
BN321 Advanced Network Design07-03-2021
CJ468 Correctional Systems07-03-2021
OHS6205 Health, Safety and Workplace Environment07-03-2021
MKTG5561 Marketing Management07-03-2021
MGF5690 Service and Operation Management07-03-2021
OPS 935 Project Management07-03-2021
MAN 4894 Applied Case Studies in Management07-03-2021
LAW 7057 Corporate Governance07-03-2021
ENV3LEC Landscape Ecology and Conservation07-03-2021
401021 Being a Professional Nurse07-03-2021
KIT717 Internet of Things and Web Applications07-03-2021
BUMGT5928 Strategic Enterprise Planning07-03-2021
HST5120 Epidemiology07-03-2021
MGT5STR Strategic Management07-03-2021
MITS5003 Wireless Networks and Communication07-03-2021
STAT20029 Statistics for Managerial Decisions07-03-2021
BHB3002 Strategic Management08-03-2021
APP DATA 1010 Ethics and Data Management I08-03-2021
EGH404 Research in Engineering Practice08-03-2021
INFO5060 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence08-03-2021
AGLC3 Legal Citation08-03-2021
MGN409 Management Theory and Practice08-03-2021
MNGT5990 Corporate Responsibility and Society08-03-2021
CHCMHS013 Implement Trauma Informed Care08-03-2021
OPER1160 Company Research Project08-03-2021
BIO30004 Molecular Biotechnology08-03-2021
BN203 Network Security08-03-2021
INTP204 International Relations Theory08-03-2021
CS5860 Advanced Distributed Systems and Communication Networks08-03-2021
GMBA6020 Social Dimensions of Innovation08-03-2021
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing08-03-2021
ENRP20001 Engineering Research Project Planning08-03-2021
NSG2NCI Nursing Patients with Chronic Illness08-03-2021
OP7080 Bachelor of Applied Management08-03-2021
5BUS1032 Marketing Planning08-03-2021
BU1112 Business Law08-03-2021
NRS 433V Introduction to Nursing Research08-03-2021
BUS403 Negotiations and Conflict Management08-03-2021
SOC472 Sociology Internship08-03-2021
ICT703 Network Technology and Management08-03-2021
200484 Construction in Practice 308-03-2021
ISY00243 Systems Analysis and Design08-03-2021
PMGT107 Project Cost Management08-03-2021
DUC6165 Critiquing and Designing Research08-03-2021
MKT110 Marketing Fundamentals08-03-2021
BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan08-03-2021
MUSEP 7005 Pedagogy Research08-03-2021
BBA204 Marketing Management08-03-2021
PSY019-1 Health and Wellbeing Psychology08-03-2021
MPA702 Financial Interpretation08-03-2021
HI6006 Competitive Strategy08-03-2021
ENCI 436 Behaviour and Design of Structures 208-03-2021
BUS-A 460 Information Systems Security Assurance08-03-2021
CHC43315 Mental Health08-03-2021
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects08-03-2021
COMS0001 Communication Skills08-03-2021
BIZ201 Accounting for Decision Making08-03-2021
ENG 412 Professional Writing08-03-2021
NRSG366 Partnerships in Chronicity08-03-2021
MGMT6059 Global Sustainable Corporate Strategy08-03-2021
MBA631 Digital Marketing and Communication08-03-2021
TSM09701 Hospitality Business Development08-03-2021
BUS301 Human Resource Management08-03-2021
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law08-03-2021
MAF307 Equities and Investment Analysis08-03-2021
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources08-03-2021
CHC30113 Early Childhood Education and Care08-03-2021
ISY2004 Information Systems Project Management08-03-2021
7310NSC Food Security08-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project08-03-2021
FIN342 Applied Corporate Finance08-03-2021
PEH60001 Communicable Disease Control08-03-2021
NIT2213 Software Engineering08-03-2021
CSCI814 IT Project Management08-03-2021
MBA501 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation08-03-2021
MRKT20057 Global Business Marketing08-03-2021
ITICT202A Wireless Networks08-03-2021
HRES 2101 Individual Reflection Assignment08-03-2021
ACCT20077 Practical and Written Assessment08-03-2021
CBK91087 Internetworking Core Options08-03-2021
FINM202 Financial Management08-03-2021
PAM100 Global Issues for the Financial Professional08-03-2021
MBA631 Digital Marketing and Communication08-03-2021
FIN320 Tax and Estate Planning08-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader08-03-2021
ENG473 Fundamentals of Communication Systems08-03-2021
NRS433 Introduction to Nursing Research08-03-2021
FINM202 Financial Management08-03-2021
ICT703 Network Technology and Management08-03-2021
8034 International Workplace Relations08-03-2021
HRMG200 Human Resource Management08-03-2021
LAWS20060 Taxation Law Of Australia08-03-2021
FINC615 Applied Managerial Finance08-03-2021
PHCM9441 Healthcare Economics and Financial Management08-03-2021
BUS 311 Small Business Management08-03-2021
MBAD611 Managerial Economics08-03-2021
MSWPG7102 Professional Social Work Practice08-03-2021
GSBS6060 Strategic Management08-03-2021
SOC445 Case Management08-03-2021
FINA600 Financial Management08-03-2021
GSBS6008 Global Business Management08-03-2021
ISYS90049 Business Analysis Modelling and Design08-03-2021
NURBN1005 Introduction to Research & Evidence –based practice08-03-2021
BUSN20016 Research in Business08-03-2021
COMP1702 Big Data08-03-2021
MKMR303 Marketing Research08-03-2021
MKTG801 International Marketing Plan08-03-2021
COIT20249 Professional Skills In Information Communication Technology08-03-2021
EDU20004 Understanding and Supporting Behaviour08-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers08-03-2021
MKT00128 Tourism and Hospitality Sales and Promotion08-03-2021
BUS708 Statistics and Data Analysis08-03-2021
HA3042 Taxation Law08-03-2021
PUN016 Risk Assessment08-03-2021
NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing08-03-2021
IFN663 Enterprise Architecture08-03-2021
200739 Reward and Performance Management08-03-2021
GWP 900 International Workplace Practice08-03-2021
BUS106 Marketing Principles08-03-2021
CRM105 Introduction to Criminal Justice08-03-2021
LAW 6000 Business and Corporate Law08-03-2021
HCS 131 Business Communication Skills08-03-2021
NURSING 6205 Mental Health08-03-2021
RGIS615 Project Management08-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management08-03-2021
MGT600 Management, People and Teams08-03-2021
ACCG828 Management Control Systems08-03-2021
SPH10002 Sports and Exercise Science08-03-2021
401005 Human Relations and Life Transitions08-03-2021
6342 Regulatory Compliance Management08-03-2021
ME56300 Mechanical Vibration08-03-2021
SBM4305 IS Project Management08-03-2021
BMA328 Leadership in Organisations08-03-2021
MGMT3016 Business Ethics08-03-2021
ECON111 Microeconomic Principles08-03-2021
CHC30113 Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care08-03-2021
BFT212 Business Franchising and Licensing08-03-2021
CRM105 Introduction to Criminal Justice08-03-2021
ITC506 Topics in Information Technology Ethics08-03-2021
MIS171 Business Analytics08-03-2021
CHC50113 Early Childhood Education and Care08-03-2021
MGMT20130 Operations Management and Business Analytics08-03-2021
HLST207 Global Health Care Management08-03-2021
MAT 142 Mathematics08-03-2021
PSY235 Developmental psychology08-03-2021
FINA600 Financial Management08-03-2021
POL3IPC International Politic of Climate Change08-03-2021
GRNS 400 Population Based Health for APN08-03-2021
MGT600 Management People and Teams08-03-2021
GEOP830 Sustainable Urbans Regions08-03-2021
BMAN70232 Advanced Management Accounting08-03-2021
RMET6053 Research Methods08-03-2021
PSYC 220 Introduction to Psychobiology08-03-2021
MKT 6000 Marketing Concepts08-03-2021
ACC203 Managerial Accounting08-03-2021
CHEE6420 Safety and Risk Management08-03-2021
CPSC 3600 Information Security and Assurance08-03-2021
HBEHED591 Planning and Implementing Health Promotion Programs08-03-2021
ACC3201 Accounting Information Systems08-03-2021
385ACC Advanced Study for Accounting and Finance08-03-2021
CHE10007 Introduction to Forensic Science08-03-2021
MGT4023 Strategic Management08-03-2021
400870 Population Health and Society08-03-2021
COMP1002 Cyber Security and Networks08-03-2021
MGT604 Management and Strategy08-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management08-03-2021
PSYC 317 Marriage and Family08-03-2021
INFO 731 Managing Health Informatics Projects08-03-2021
AMU1017 Academic Literacies08-03-2021
CSLG 6104 Counseling Across the Lifespan08-03-2021
PHIL 312 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion08-03-2021
PBHE315 Health Economics and Finance08-03-2021
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law08-03-2021
MGMT5050 Professional Skills and Ethics08-03-2021
ACC203 Management Accounting08-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting08-03-2021
ANP8010 Situational Practice: clinical and critical decision making skills08-03-2021
BAO5522 Managerial Accounting08-03-2021
N600 Human Resource Management08-03-2021
MBA402 Governance Ethics and Sustainability08-03-2021
MSWPG 7107 Social Work with Children Young People and Families08-03-2021
HRM3007 Strategic Human Resource Management08-03-2021
300569 Computer Security08-03-2021
NUR3299 Transition to Professional Practice A08-03-2021
NIT5150 Advanced Object Oriented Programming08-03-2021
SOC100 Introduction to Sociology08-03-2021
ACC621 Issues in Auditing Practice08-03-2021
GMBA6007 Managing Across Cultures08-03-2021
COMPGW02 Web Economics08-03-2021
MKTG2031 Consumer Behaviour08-03-2021
ITECH7407 Real Time Analytics08-03-2021
HST5120 Epidemiology08-03-2021
200831 Integrated Business Experience 109-03-2021
NIT6150 Advanced Project09-03-2021
BIO 112 Principles of Biology 209-03-2021
MAN515 Operations Management09-03-2021
YNG10 Exercise for the Young09-03-2021
ACCG924 Taxation Law09-03-2021
MKT230 Market Research09-03-2021
BUSN635 Business Plan Development09-03-2021
ARCT1130 Introduction to the Constructed Environment09-03-2021
MMH701 Human Resource Strategy09-03-2021
SBM4304 IS Security and Risk Management09-03-2021
PSYCH5029 Physiological Psychology09-03-2021
COMMERCE 7039 Business Research Methods09-03-2021
NURS2006 Chronic Illness and Nursing Care09-03-2021
ECO600 Economics and Finance for Business09-03-2021
SRQ764 Building Project Evaluation09-03-2021
RELS422 The Teachings of Jesus09-03-2021
PSY375 Health and Wellbeing09-03-2021
BIO152 Cell Biology09-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting09-03-2021
ITEC 640 Project Management09-03-2021
LL4401 Law Professional Readiness and Skills09-03-2021
BUS501 Business Analytics and Statistics09-03-2021
BMA202 Business Strategy09-03-2021
6303BUSBS Strategic Decision Making09-03-2021
ISY3003 Information Systems Project09-03-2021
STAT600 Data Analysis and Interpretation09-03-2021
IFN515 Fundamentals of Business Process Management09-03-2021
INF70005 Strategic Project Management09-03-2021
NIT5150 Advanced Object Oriented Programming09-03-2021
ACC539 Accounting Information Systems09-03-2021
B6018 Global Business09-03-2021
MAN6325 Project Management Capstone09-03-2021
BRE810 Business Research09-03-2021
LB5220 Entrepreneurship in International Emerging Economies09-03-2021
NUST08011 Nursing Care and Decision Making09-03-2021
HSC210 Health Sociology09-03-2021
CHCECE013 Use Information about Children to Inform Practice09-03-2021
SOCI111 Introduction to Sociology09-03-2021
MGT502 Organizational Behaviour09-03-2021
ECON311 Macroeconomic Policy09-03-2021
CSM80002 Environmental Sustainability in Construction09-03-2021
CHME300 Introduction to Chemical Engineering09-03-2021
MKT 550 Global Marketing09-03-2021
STA510 Business Statistics09-03-2021
ECONO 1110 Consumer Economics and Personal Finance09-03-2021
BBMK504 Brand Management Strategy09-03-2021
ENGL2311 Technical And Business Writing09-03-2021
401209 Health Variations 209-03-2021
BN104 Operating Systems09-03-2021
HSC210 Health Sociology09-03-2021
9008INMT Investment Management09-03-2021
HA1011 Applied Quantitative Methods09-03-2021
GEOG3006 Quantitative Methods09-03-2021
GSBS6060 Strategic Management09-03-2021
ACC515 Accounting and Finance09-03-2021
ACC5AAI Advanced Accounting Issues09-03-2021
PREP1122 Applied English09-03-2021
BMO1102 Management and Organisation Behaviour09-03-2021
MPM735 International Business Management09-03-2021
CURR319 Science Education for Young Child09-03-2021
STATS 101 Introduction to Statistics09-03-2021
MB6110 Fundamentals of Statistics and Data Analytics09-03-2021
GSBS6301 Brand Development and Marketing09-03-2021
NUR4169 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice09-03-2021
MGMT90016 Performance and Reward Management09-03-2021
BSBINN601 Manage Organisational Change09-03-2021
CS2S562 Secure Software Development09-03-2021
ENS6136 Mechanics of Solids09-03-2021
PRVT2652 Business Law09-03-2021
HLSC647 Quantitative Research Methods09-03-2021
1803NRS Foundations of Professional Nursing09-03-2021
BUSN1009 Quantitative Methods09-03-2021
BO1BLAW204 Business Law09-03-2021
MKTG862 Understanding Consumers09-03-2021
COMM 140 Essential English Skills09-03-2021
MGMT311 Organizational Behavior09-03-2021
BMO6624 Organisation Change Management09-03-2021
IMAT5262 Research Ethics and Professionalism in Computing09-03-2021
ICT704 Cloud Database Systems09-03-2021
CIS117 Digital Microwave and Optical Communications09-03-2021
ACC620 Contemporary Issues in Accounting09-03-2021
INF70005 Strategic Project Management09-03-2021
HRM514 International Human Resource Management09-03-2021
ITECH2004 Data Modelling09-03-2021
MNG81001 Management Communication09-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation09-03-2021
859AA Business Research09-03-2021
MGMT20132 Innovation and Sustainable Business Development09-03-2021
BUS6237 Organisational Leadership09-03-2021
401077 Introduction to Biostatistics09-03-2021
BX3082 International Marketing10-03-2021
HCMT512 Health Care Marketing10-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers10-03-2021
BUS304 Accounting Theory and Accountability10-03-2021
COM 330 Interpersonal Communication10-03-2021
BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work10-03-2021
BUS 557 Business Plan10-03-2021
ITECH7410 Software Engineering Methodologies11-03-2021
7146 Coding Theory11-03-2021
BN4410 Health and Safety Management11-03-2021
MBA41 Strategic Project Management11-03-2021
MGMT20144 Management and Business Context11-03-2021
MN3365 Strategic Finance11-03-2021
MAN6905 Databases and Business Intelligence11-03-2021
LAWS2205 Equity and Trusts11-03-2021
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communication11-03-2021
MGT302 Strategic Management11-03-2021
BSBPMG411 Apply Project Quality Management Techniques11-03-2021
ITC561 Cloud Computing11-03-2021
ITNET202A Enterprise Security11-03-2021
MGMT20132 Innovation and Sustainable Business Development11-03-2021
BUS709 Communication in Business11-03-2021
WACT101 Finance11-03-2021
MGT340 International Management11-03-2021
URP 6542 Urban Land Economics11-03-2021
ECF1110 Economics11-03-2021
INFO30006 Information Security and Privacy11-03-2021
ENGL 1930 Special Topics11-03-2021
HI2011 International and Global Business11-03-2021
PHI 413V Ethical and Spiritual Decision Making in Health Care11-03-2021
NIT2201 IT Profession and Ethics11-03-2021
COMM 276 Advanced Digital Media Journalism11-03-2021
PI306 C++ Programming11-03-2021
EAPB3017 English for Academic Purposes11-03-2021
BUS200 Company Law11-03-2021
BUACC2613 Management Accounting11-03-2021
BUS105 Business Communication11-03-2021
ISYS2421 Business Data Management and Analytics11-03-2021
6303BUSBS Strategic Decision Making11-03-2021
INFT2150 Business Analysis11-03-2021
ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security11-03-2021
GSBS6008 Global Business Management11-03-2021
WRI 1200 Social Research11-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management11-03-2021
HPS202 Annotated Bibliography11-03-2021
MNG81001 Management Communication11-03-2021
BUSM4504 Professional Human Resource Management11-03-2021
FBLT086 International Human Rights Law11-03-2021
IDEC8022 Economic Development11-03-2021
BSBPMG511 Manage Project Scope11-03-2021
BUSN221 Organizational Behavior11-03-2021
22421 Management Decisions and Control11-03-2021
COIS 12036 Human Computer Interaction11-03-2021
DPIPEF04 Cancer Epidemiology11-03-2021
400871 Professional Health Competencies11-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers11-03-2021
HIST1301 United States History I11-03-2021
ACCTING 3501 Corporate Accounting11-03-2021
MKT10725 Strategic Marketing11-03-2021
ACC321 Auditing and Professional Practice11-03-2021
SET721 Sustainable Engineering11-03-2021
MGT300 Logistics Management11-03-2021
CIVL2280 Geomechanics11-03-2021
ACC00714 Managerial Accounting14-03-2021
APT7002 Professional Counselling Project A14-03-2021
GSBS6008 Global Business Management14-03-2021
MBAF 504 Economics from a Business Perspective14-03-2021
CNA750 Healthy Ageing14-03-2021
ICS 211 Introduction to Computer Science II14-03-2021
BAA111 People and Organisations14-03-2021
ENGGEN 730 Management Skills for Project Professionals14-03-2021
MAN6905 Databases and Business Intelligence14-03-2021
BIOL2131 Ecology14-03-2021
HI6026 Audit Assurance and Compliance14-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big14-03-2021
CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People14-03-2021
1506 Engineering Management14-03-2021
MGT301A Ethics and Sustainability14-03-2021
ENGL 1302 English Composition II14-03-2021
ICT703 Network Technology and Management14-03-2021
ICT 596 IT Risk Management14-03-2021
11011 Professional Orientation Business14-03-2021
SWK501 Advanced Social Work Practice Theory14-03-2021
ACC550 Cost Accounting15-03-2021
COMMGMT 7001 Business Communication15-03-2021
BMO6624 Organisation Change Management15-03-2021
NUR 308 Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice15-03-2021
ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security15-03-2021
200869 Principles of Taxation15-03-2021
CS580 Data Mining15-03-2021
MKT 100 Introduction to Marketing15-03-2021
CID460 Health and Social Care15-03-2021
ACCT300 Auditing and Assurance Services15-03-2021
EECT046 Supply Chain Management and Logistics15-03-2021
ACCTING 2501 Financial Accounting15-03-2021
MKTG605 Advanced Strategic Marketing15-03-2021
SPMG 275 Leadership and Coaching15-03-2021
LAW6000 Business and Corporate Law15-03-2021
ENG3U English15-03-2021
MKT600 Principles of Marketing15-03-2021
MUSI 2060 History and Analysis of Rock Music15-03-2021
BUSI 428 Strategic Management and Marketing in Healthcare15-03-2021
BUMGT5970 Leadership15-03-2021
MKTG3000 Strategic Marketing Management15-03-2021
7928IBA Cross Cultural Management15-03-2021
HEALT 1111 Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals15-03-2021
401081 Organisational Governance and Performance Management15-03-2021
BSB42015 Leadership and Management15-03-2021
PRPA 602 Public Relations Techniques15-03-2021
MBA 560 Healthcare Management15-03-2021
HLTH 1036 Global and National Health15-03-2021
8762 Rural Development and Agro-forestry15-03-2021
ISSC351 Computer Forensics15-03-2021
HSC230 Cultural Safety in Healthcare15-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting15-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project15-03-2021
BUSN3033 Occupational Health and Safety15-03-2021
11217 Contemporary Issues in Accounting15-03-2021
PSYC3026 Personality Psychology15-03-2021
1803NRS Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice15-03-2021
CHS 232 Health sciences15-03-2021
BSS064-6 Leading and Managing Organisational Resources15-03-2021
FBLT086 International Human Rights Law15-03-2021
TRA 6157 Supply Chain Management15-03-2021
ENGLISH 102 English Composition II15-03-2021
MGMT 701 Information Systems for Business Management15-03-2021
2806NRS Research in Nursing15-03-2021
MGT501 Business Environment15-03-2021
HRM201 Human Resource Management15-03-2021
MGT517 Organizational Behavior15-03-2021
NURS 3046 Nursing Project15-03-2021
HCMG101 Health Care Systems15-03-2021
COMLAW 101 Law in a Business Environment15-03-2021
SCM20003 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management15-03-2021
BSBWOR502 Undertake Project Work15-03-2021
MNGT3012 Strategic Business Management15-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project15-03-2021
AM5106 Introduction to Marketing15-03-2021
ITC544 Computer Organisation and Architecture15-03-2021
SBM4101 Foundation of Information System15-03-2021
NUR 0066 Nutrition For Clinical Practice15-03-2021
FBLT086 International Human Rights Law15-03-2021
CIS 5675 Project Management15-03-2021
CP5603 Advanced E-Security15-03-2021
MGMT 4140 Marketing Management15-03-2021
ITC563 IT Management Issues15-03-2021
L89 International Hospitality Management15-03-2021
COIT20252 Business Process Management15-03-2021
CRKC7002 Marketing Management15-03-2021
BHB2005 Research Methods15-03-2021
DBN509 Operations Management15-03-2021
NUT301 Community and Public Health15-03-2021
NAT160 Natural Science: Nutrition15-03-2021
H2K171 Energy and Sustainable Building Design15-03-2021
MGMT1101 Global Business Environment15-03-2021
ECON7030 Economics Research Project15-03-2021
THEO 2430 Jesus and Salvation15-03-2021
BSB61015 Advance Diploma of Leadership Management15-03-2021
HI2011 International and Global Business15-03-2021
N205 Management and Leadership15-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers15-03-2021
BMA701 Leadership and Change Management15-03-2021
SIT223 Information Technology Professional Skills15-03-2021
7311MED Social Determinants of Health15-03-2021
INF203 Information Literacy15-03-2021
BFA522 Risk Management15-03-2021
MGSM906 Project Based Management15-03-2021
ACC2006 Company Law15-03-2021
SBM4101 Foundations Of Information Systems15-03-2021
CHEM 465 Biochemistry15-03-2021
HA1022 Principles of Financial Management15-03-2021
COIT20249 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology15-03-2021
HNB3209 Nursing and the Community15-03-2021
ENV60001 Environmental Management15-03-2021
BSB52415 Diploma of Marketing and Communication15-03-2021
ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security15-03-2021
MHW 649 Mental Health and Wellness Capstone15-03-2021
NMIH306 Challenges of Ageing15-03-2021
BCO5651 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Implementation15-03-2021
GEOG 1110 Introduction to Human Geography15-03-2021
OPS 935 Project Management15-03-2021
PHC 281 Health Behavior15-03-2021
LEIS3100 Volunteer Management15-03-2021
HI6007 Group Assignment15-03-2021
MGMT 335 Organizational Change Management15-03-2021
POGO8015 Foreign Direct Investment Policy15-03-2021
FSN 321 Food Microbiology15-03-2021
TECHCOMM 7022 Creativity and Innovation15-03-2021
GCNNK1 Nursing Knowledge 115-03-2021
UGR7002 Research Design and Proposal Development15-03-2021
MKT203 Service Marketing15-03-2021
MDIA 7004 Social Media Management15-03-2021
8511 International History of the 20th Century15-03-2021
CSE2ISD Information System Development15-03-2021
FASS7002 Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing15-03-2021
INFS5870 Operations Management15-03-2021
ACCY801 Accounting and Financial Management15-03-2021
ENTP205 Entrepreneurship15-03-2021
MKTG2203 Selling and Customer Experience15-03-2021
EDU4UET Understanding English for Teaching15-03-2021
BPD3100 Applied Business Challenge15-03-2021
BUS555 Business Strategy15-03-2021
MGT5PMT Project Management15-03-2021
200891 Property Portfolio Analysis15-03-2021
ICT702 Data Visualisation15-03-2021
HI6007 Statistics For Business Decision15-03-2021
C10348 Economics15-03-2021
BIO 101 Introductory Biology15-03-2021
COMM5902 Leadership for Social Impact15-03-2021
PSYCH317 Organisational Psychology15-03-2021
FNS40615 Financial Transactions15-03-2021
ITC506 Topics in Information Technology Ethics15-03-2021
ACCT 5013 Advanced Accounting16-03-2021
MGT726 Managerial Project16-03-2021
EDU20021 Understanding Indigenous Education and Perspectives16-03-2021
MGN409 Management Theory and Practice16-03-2021
CHC43015 Ageing Support16-03-2021
HI6007 Statistics For Business Decision16-03-2021
HU200 Humanities16-03-2021
21440 Management Skills16-03-2021
MOD006934 Managing Finance in Health and Social Care Organisations16-03-2021
ITEC 640 Project Management16-03-2021
ITC540 IT Infrastructure Management16-03-2021
COMMERCE 7016OL Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics16-03-2021
N1584 Law for Accounting and Finance16-03-2021
MGMT20144 Management and Business Context16-03-2021
HG67 Aviation Management16-03-2021
IFN503 Fundamentals of Computer Systems16-03-2021
CHC30113 Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care16-03-2021
DD102 Introducing the Social Sciences16-03-2021
BUSS 5300 Global Business Environment16-03-2021
PUAD 610 Public Administration Capstone16-03-2021
BIT112 Mathematics for Information Technology16-03-2021
CHTH224 Theology and the Environment16-03-2021
SOC445 Social Research Methods16-03-2021
PHE101 Social Determinants of Heath16-03-2021
WKEMP100 Work, Employment and Society16-03-2021
MN503 Overview of Internetworking16-03-2021
HI6007 Statistics for Business Decision Making16-03-2021
MUSIC 1101 Music Theory I16-03-2021
BLDG0007 International Construction16-03-2021
HM303 Project Management for the Hospitality Industry16-03-2021
C04018 Business Administration16-03-2021
7001MKT Corporate Communications16-03-2021
BISC 438 Nutritional Biochemistry16-03-2021
ACC10707 Accounting and Finance for Business16-03-2021
ITC596 IT Risk Management16-03-2021
PPMP20012 Unit Portfolio16-03-2021
ECP 5705 Economics of Business Decisions Syllabus16-03-2021
EDUC3026 Special Education16-03-2021
INFS2631 Innovation and Technology Management16-03-2021
EPPK6094 Business Plan for New Enterprise16-03-2021
TOUR 371 Applied Service Management in North America16-03-2021
N822 Global Events Management16-03-2021
BUSN4100 Business Research Methods16-03-2021
L44 Professional Communication16-03-2021
92441 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing16-03-2021
UNCC100 Self and Community Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society16-03-2021
BUS700 Economics16-03-2021
MARKETNG 7032 Strategic Marketing16-03-2021
LAW 510 International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law16-03-2021
LIT200 Writing About literature16-03-2021
NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing16-03-2021
MBA621 Healthcare Systems16-03-2021
CO4752 Web Development Assignment16-03-2021
CHC52115 Community Development16-03-2021
0302375 Marketing Communications16-03-2021
BX3112 Taxation Law16-03-2021
7040QCA Visual Analysis and Critical Reflection16-03-2021
MGMT1601 Business Law16-03-2021
BSBWOR403 Manage Stress in the Workplace16-03-2021
MAN201 Organisational Behaviour16-03-2021
IMT 500 Foundations of Information Management16-03-2021
HUMNT 1101 Introduction to Humanities16-03-2021
MGIT02 Information Technology16-03-2021
BSMAN3009 Accounting for Managers16-03-2021
KMGT 633 Business Leadership16-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader16-03-2021
BSBPMG511 Manage Project Scope16-03-2021
THT3111 Environmental and Cultural Tourism16-03-2021
PUBH746 Program Planning and Evaluation16-03-2021
BUS5POE Principles Of Economics16-03-2021
EBUS3030 Business Intelligence16-03-2021
ACCT20075 Auditing and Ethics16-03-2021
MBA8000 Applied Business Research and Ethics16-03-2021
PPMP20012 Program and Portfolio Management Information Systems16-03-2021
COMP 790 Operating System Implementation16-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big16-03-2021
MG7101 Engineering Development Project16-03-2021
MGT712 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility16-03-2021
ITC560 Internet of Things16-03-2021
MECH ENG 4100 Aerospace Engineering16-03-2021
SBM1101 Project Management Fundamentals16-03-2021
ENG92050 Engineering for a Sustainable Future16-03-2021
FINC400 Principles of Financial Management16-03-2021
PACC6002 Auditing and Assurance Services16-03-2021
HCA 465 Orientation and Professional Development Programs16-03-2021
CIS515 Fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Optimization16-03-2021
BP260 Early Childhood Education16-03-2021
PUA 5305 Public Finance and Budgeting16-03-2021
C04324 Strategic Supply Chain Management16-03-2021
49029 Environmental Policy for Energy Systems16-03-2021
KIT707 Knowledge and Information Management16-03-2021
MKTG 620 Research Methods for Marketing16-03-2021
GSBS6003 Globalisation16-03-2021
HRM523 Advanced Studies in Industrial Relations16-03-2021
CIVL4404 Structural Steel16-03-2021
AD699 Data Mining for Business Analytics16-03-2021
U08040 Network Construction and Administration16-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting16-03-2021
SOCA3666 Consumption and Everyday Life16-03-2021
CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing16-03-2021
GSP187 Performance Management16-03-2021
ACCT6003 Financial Accounting Process16-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers16-03-2021
HC2091 Finance for Business16-03-2021
BUS707 Applied Business Research16-03-2021
MKT103 Introduction to Marketing16-03-2021
CQ26 Occupational Health and Safety16-03-2021
GCNRN4 Research in Nursing16-03-2021
ELEC4840 Engineering Project16-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking For Managers16-03-2021
ECON 1004 Principles of Microeconomics I16-03-2021
MGT723 Research Project16-03-2021
NURS13135 The Professional Nurse16-03-2021
PICT845 Intelligence Theory and Practice16-03-2021
LGST101 Business Law16-03-2021
NATS 1750 Earth and Its Atmosphere16-03-2021
NATS 1750 Earth and Its Atmosphere16-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers16-03-2021
HLT33115 Certificate in Health Services Assistance16-03-2021
NUT301 Community and Public Health16-03-2021
IRLS400 Human Rights16-03-2021
LAWS6106 Advanced Communication Skills16-03-2021
UNCC100 Self and Community16-03-2021
MGT4023 Strategic Management16-03-2021
BUSS 5300 Global Business Environment16-03-2021
MGMT3027 Entrepreneurship and Innovation16-03-2021
LAWS2272 Comparative Law16-03-2021
CNA419 Monitoring and Measuring Performance16-03-2021
MGMT2013 International Business16-03-2021
ICT60215 Network Security16-03-2021
LB5230 Managing Strategic Resources and Operations16-03-2021
ICT702 Data Wrangling16-03-2021
LGST101 Business Law16-03-2021
ENGL 308 Technical Writing16-03-2021
TAEDES401 Design and Develop Learning Program16-03-2021
BUS305 Small Business Management16-03-2021
9276 Corporate Strategy and IT Governance16-03-2021
NUR331 Contexts of Practice Complex Care16-03-2021
MKT01907 Tourism and Hospitality Management16-03-2021
B2036 Marketing16-03-2021
BMA709 Strategic Marketing Management16-03-2021
HEA8404 Sexual and Reproductive Health16-03-2021
ACC80008 Managerial Accounting16-03-2021
ELEN100 Introduction to Electrical Engineering16-03-2021
MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management16-03-2021
GSBS6008 Global Business Management16-03-2021
B761 Learning Disabilities Nursing16-03-2021
400218 Mental Health Nursing Practice 116-03-2021
BUS349C Strategic Management16-03-2021
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy16-03-2021
HZT4U Philosophy16-03-2021
ENGR6005 New Product Development16-03-2021
OP7080 Applied Management16-03-2021
8002MMGT Marketing Management16-03-2021
BO1BLAW204 Business Law16-03-2021
PREP1122 Essay Writing16-03-2021
BUS5IAF Introduction to Accounting and Finance16-03-2021
MORG 4038 Management and Organisation16-03-2021
ENGLISH 101S The Art of Reading16-03-2021
BSBITU306 Design and Produce Business Documents16-03-2021
INFO6030 Systems Analysis and Design16-03-2021
FNSSINC601 Apply Economic Principles16-03-2021
1803NRS Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice16-03-2021
UZWS4V40M Dissertation16-03-2021
ECON 2514 Managerial Economics II16-03-2021
L99 Project Management16-03-2021
LFS103 Introductory Bioscience16-03-2021
MGT 603 Business Operations Management16-03-2021
BUS101 Business Communication16-03-2021
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications17-03-2021
7401ENG Air Quality Monitoring and Control17-03-2021
SCI00419 Food and Beverage Management17-03-2021
401005 Human Relationships17-03-2021
HSH769 Comparative Health Systems17-03-2021
ACCT3013 Financial Statement Analysis17-03-2021
ACCT618 Management Accounting17-03-2021
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology17-03-2021
ACC702 Managerial Accounting17-03-2021
AS106 Academic Writing17-03-2021
8427 Project Management17-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big17-03-2021
HLTH 410G World Health Issue17-03-2021
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology17-03-2021
STA5092Z Exploratory Data Analysis17-03-2021
7060HSV Social Work Practice17-03-2021
POLS1201 Introduction to International Relations17-03-2021
DTN309 Advances in Nutritional Science and Nutrigenomics17-03-2021
HLS 500 Terrorism and Homeland Security17-03-2021
MGB104 International Business17-03-2021
ACCT300 Auditing17-03-2021
HLTENN005 Contribute to Nursing Care of a Person17-03-2021
KF7028 Research Methods and Project Management17-03-2021
BSBADV602 Develop an Advertising Campaign17-03-2021
SOC370 Immigration and Employment17-03-2021
LFS112 Human Physiology17-03-2021
SYG 1000 Principles of Sociology17-03-2021
BIOL 206 Evolutionary Genetics For Horses17-03-2021
MAORIHTH 709 Transformational Research for Mäori Health17-03-2021
MNG72005 International Business17-03-2021
MGT 550 Leadership Strategies17-03-2021
MITS5003 Wireless Networks and Communication17-03-2021
MKG721 Food Marketing17-03-2021
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice17-03-2021
IT273M1 Networking Concepts17-03-2021
BMA202 Strategic Management17-03-2021
ETL523 Digital Citizenship in Schools17-03-2021
BP260 Early Childhood Education17-03-2021
M34A12 Commercial Law17-03-2021
92441 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing17-03-2021
PUBH6003 Health systems and Economics17-03-2021
HMSV3301 Mental Health in the Workplace17-03-2021
INFO6030 Systems Analysis and Design17-03-2021
BSB51918 Leadership and Management17-03-2021
MRKT20019 Marketing Management17-03-2021
BIOL 406 Molecular Mechanisms of Infectious Disease Biology17-03-2021
HLTENN004 Implement Monitor and Evaluate Nursing Care Plans17-03-2021
MKTG7028 Digital Marketing Communications17-03-2021
BSBRSK501 Manage Risk17-03-2021
MAF713 Futures Options and Other Derivatives17-03-2021
THE201 Christian Ethics17-03-2021
LITT14310G Memoir: Life in Story17-03-2021
PSYCHOL 7134 Health Psychology17-03-2021
ICT508 IT Project Management17-03-2021
7001ENG Research Methods for Engineers17-03-2021
48360 Geotechnical Engineering17-03-2021
HAT304 Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism17-03-2021
BSMAN3007 International Business Management17-03-2021
NURS 6002 Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing17-03-2021
PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control17-03-2021
MITS5502 Developing Enterprise Systems17-03-2021
STAT101 Statistics17-03-2021
7421ENV Environmental Pollution17-03-2021
HIST 477 History and New Media17-03-2021
PACC6002 Auditing and Assurance Services17-03-2021
FIN20013 Banking Operations and Governance17-03-2021
71343 Marketing Research17-03-2021
ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security17-03-2021
ITECH7406 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing17-03-2021
102143 Families and Intimate Life17-03-2021
CISC 600 Scientific Computing I17-03-2021
HESA6024 Health and Safety17-03-2021
HIST215 American History17-03-2021
BUS707 Applied Business Research17-03-2021
MMM267 Business Logistics17-03-2021
TECO401 Principles of Economics17-03-2021
PPMP20014 Complex Project Management17-03-2021
MKT202 Marketing Management17-03-2021
PROJMGNT 3003 Project Procurement and Resourcing17-03-2021
HSM315 Emergency Planning17-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers17-03-2021
300994 Waste Management17-03-2021
MGT502 Organizational Behaviour17-03-2021
ISY10212 Contemporary Issues in Information Technology17-03-2021
21643 Innovation Lab17-03-2021
POLS210 American Government17-03-2021
NURS 5051 Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Through Information Technology17-03-2021
MGMT7007 Managing for Sustainability17-03-2021
HRM523 Investment Management17-03-2021
101552 Applied Social Research17-03-2021
BUSI0011 Dissertation17-03-2021
400235 Leadership in Clinical Practice17-03-2021
HI6008 Business Research17-03-2021
MN502 Overview of Network Security17-03-2021
MBA6203 Project Management17-03-2021
FOO3702 Food and Beverage Management17-03-2021
MDIA 7004 Social Media Management17-03-2021
CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction17-03-2021
TSM314 Event Management Plan17-03-2021
N200 Business Management17-03-2021
COMP9732 Enterprise Cloud Systems17-03-2021
MARKETNG 2501 Consumer Behaviour17-03-2021
AGRO100 Agriculture in Practice17-03-2021
SIT707 Software Quality and Testing17-03-2021
BO1BLAW204 Business Law17-03-2021
PUBH6150 Quality and Safety in Health Care17-03-2021
ATS3715 Sexuality and Society17-03-2021
EECT016 Disaster Management and Resilience17-03-2021
PSYC105 Introduction to Psychology17-03-2021
ENG 102 English Composition Research and Writing17-03-2021
3034PHM Evidence Based Practice17-03-2021
BUSN11079 Analytical Thinking and Decision Making17-03-2021
PHE5PUH Principles of Public Health17-03-2021
EDGI904 Online Learning and Teaching17-03-2021
HI6007 Group Assignment17-03-2021
BN205 Project Management17-03-2021
MKTG-450 Marketing Research and Analytics17-03-2021
BUSN20016 Research in Business17-03-2021
ISSC411 Application Security17-03-2021
ITECH7407 Real Time Analytics17-03-2021
SAMA4053 Stakeholder and Account Management17-03-2021
ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution17-03-2021
SIT40516 Certificate in Commercial Cookery17-03-2021
COMP8772 Web-Based Systems Development17-03-2021
COU102A Theories of Counselling17-03-2021
CSI1101 Computer Security17-03-2021
BAFI1002 Financial Markets17-03-2021
BUSN332 Business Strategy17-03-2021
MCOM4040 Marketing and Communications17-03-2021
HLSC4300 Literature Review17-03-2021
BUS287 Management Accounting17-03-2021
MBA641 Strategic Project Management17-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big17-03-2021
NBC4001 Procurement Management17-03-2021
MGT680 Strategic Management17-03-2021
ITC595 Information Security17-03-2021
ITC561 Cloud Computing17-03-2021
N630M2 Human Resource Management17-03-2021
LAW00720 Legal Studies17-03-2021
ENGL001 English Composition17-03-2021
EDUC 5261 Foundations of Learning and Development17-03-2021
BUS501 Business Analytics and Statistics17-03-2021
AHT033 Peace and Conflict Studies17-03-2021
COMMGMT 2500 Organisational Behaviour17-03-2021
NUR1201 The Patient Experience and Partnering in Care17-03-2021
OLRN1328 Digital Communication17-03-2021
MGMT2007 Organisational Behaviour17-03-2021
ITC548 System Analysis17-03-2021
SBM4301 Innovation and New Technologies17-03-2021
ACCT6003 Financial Accounting Processes17-03-2021
BFA522 Risk Management17-03-2021
BMAN71951 Professional Skills for Organisational and Business Psychologists17-03-2021
NUT301 Community and Public Health17-03-2021
21654 Socio-political Context of Management17-03-2021
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy17-03-2021
ENVS1008 Sustainable Development17-03-2021
NIT6042 Applied Information Technology17-03-2021
MGT5PMT Project Management17-03-2021
MGT603 Business Operations Management17-03-2021
MKT5IMM International Marketing Management17-03-2021
CED 361 Business Management Internship I17-03-2021
LAWS3281 Statutory Interpretation17-03-2021
MBS664 Strategies for Growth and Excellence17-03-2021
SOCA1200 Health Sociology17-03-2021
EMDV8124 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management17-03-2021
INT101 Introduction to International Relations17-03-2021
HRMT19014 Human Resources Planning Recruitment and Selection17-03-2021
HLSC4300 Literature Review17-03-2021
SBM1206 Advanced Risk and Uncertainty Management17-03-2021
MKT00720 Marketing and Management17-03-2021
NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing17-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation17-03-2021
MEF306 Managing of Equipment and Facilities17-03-2021
FIN 575 Financial Modeling17-03-2021
CMNS 112 Professional Writing17-03-2021
BUHRM1501 Introduction to Human Resource Management17-03-2021
HSM 315 Emergency Planning17-03-2021
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting17-03-2021
INFS5978 Accounting Information Systems17-03-2021
ElE2704 Electricity Supply Systems17-03-2021
PBAD301 Grant Writing Basics18-03-2021
BBHM 304 Macroeconomic18-03-2021
MGMT672 Strategic Management18-03-2021
PUB272 Health Promotion Settings and Advocacy18-03-2021
BUS700 Economics18-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big18-03-2021
NR361 Information Systems in Healthcare18-03-2021
KMGT 604 Strategic Operations Management18-03-2021
MN613 Computer Forensics18-03-2021
PHS 503 Public Health and Human Rights18-03-2021
ACCT20073 Company Accounting18-03-2021
BSCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service18-03-2021
CF94 Biological and Forensic Science18-03-2021
ACCTING 2500 Cost and Management Accounting18-03-2021
GCNNK1 Nursing Knowledge18-03-2021
CNA256 Mental Health18-03-2021
9005FRAN Franchising18-03-2021
WIN 151 Introduction to Food and Wine Pairing18-03-2021
ENG234 Analog Electronics18-03-2021
HA1022 Principals of Financial Markets18-03-2021
MGT4023 Strategic Management18-03-2021
MGT517 Organizational Behavior18-03-2021
9276 Corporate Strategy and IT Governance18-03-2021
101115 Entrepreneurship18-03-2021
ACT305 Corporate Accounting18-03-2021
BUSN-350 Business Ethics18-03-2021
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources18-03-2021
MNG00314 Entrepreneurship and Innovation18-03-2021
HSA 530 Health Services Human Resource Management18-03-2021
BUSN20016 Research in Business18-03-2021
ACC102 Fundamentals of Accounting II18-03-2021
BO1BLAW204 Business Law18-03-2021
ESM706 Leading and Managing People18-03-2021
ACC204 Corporate Accounting and Reporting18-03-2021
MECH ENG 2020 Materials and Manufacturing18-03-2021
MANM024 Organisational Behaviour18-03-2021
PROJMGNT2001 Project Management Methodologies and Concepts18-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project18-03-2021
PREP1122 Essay Writing18-03-2021
MMM267 Business Logistics18-03-2021
SBM4304 IS Security and Risk Management18-03-2021
BBS302 Business Planning18-03-2021
MBA530 Managing Strategic Business Projects18-03-2021
STA 101 Statistics18-03-2021
11174 Introduction to Management18-03-2021
NSG2NMR Nursing and Midwifery research18-03-2021
HRMT387 Human Resource Management18-03-2021
MMH356 Change Management18-03-2021
MGT680 Strategic Management18-03-2021
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy18-03-2021
B90075 Applied Health Studies18-03-2021
HPS202 Child and Adolescent Development18-03-2021
MGT501 Contemporary Management18-03-2021
MU0016 Performance Management and Appraisal18-03-2021
NURSING 7105 Acute Care Nursing I18-03-2021
IM511 Insurance Management18-03-2021
HRMN 300 Human Resource Management18-03-2021
ITECH7413 Supply Chain Operations and Management18-03-2021
SNPG917 Evidence into Practice18-03-2021
SHR039-6 Project Management18-03-2021
400285 Public Health18-03-2021
HI6007 Statistics for Business Decisions18-03-2021
SCM6005 Supply Chain Management18-03-2021
NET 289 Networking Project18-03-2021
PHIL 201 Modern Philosophy18-03-2021
7512NSC Aviation Leadership and Communication18-03-2021
BIOET 401Q Science Ethics Policy and Law18-03-2021
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting18-03-2021
LAWS8167 Australian Migration Law18-03-2021
EH8000 Environmental Humanities18-03-2021
ECTPP302A Reflective and Professional Practice18-03-2021
HC2022 Market Research18-03-2021
BUSM2909 Managing Workplace Communication18-03-2021
CS229 Teaching and Learning18-03-2021
HRMT11011 Human Resource Management18-03-2021
EHR301 Applied Human Resource Management and Change18-03-2021
ACC707 Auditing and Assurance Services18-03-2021
MMHA 6400 Healthcare Financial Management and Economics18-03-2021
GENE 150 The True Good and Beautiful18-03-2021
GCST1603 Screen Cultures and Gender18-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting18-03-2021
EH 102 English Composition18-03-2021
HI5003 Economics for Business18-03-2021
HST6106 Health Science Research18-03-2021
NUR341 Healthy Aging Assignment18-03-2021
BFA506 Business Law18-03-2021
MOD004641 Pilot Testing and Development18-03-2021
HSH728 Health Equity and Human Rights18-03-2021
HRMN 3840 01 Unfair Labour Practices18-03-2021
HGA502 Global Issues in Tourism18-03-2021
401209 Health Variations 218-03-2021
CHEM 2410 Analytical Chemistry18-03-2021
AINV12004 Investigation Domain Contexts18-03-2021
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology18-03-2021
IRHR2270 Human Resource Management18-03-2021
BUS1BFX Business Fundamentals18-03-2021
HRMT 3125 Employment Law18-03-2021
BMO6624 Organisation Change Management18-03-2021
Q311 English Literature18-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation18-03-2021
7623ICT Information and Security Management18-03-2021
MGT723 Research Proposal18-03-2021
SAH1200 Media and Culture18-03-2021
HSH725 Research Literacy For Health Practice18-03-2021
THH3102 Resort Development and Management18-03-2021
MBA505 Business Psychology Coaching and Mentoring18-03-2021
BIOL4110 Biology Honours 41118-03-2021
INF80043 IT Risk Management18-03-2021
INF10003 Business Information System18-03-2021
HUMNT1101 Introduction to Humanities18-03-2021
COM 305 The Politics of Mass Communication18-03-2021
COMM1380 Communications Department18-03-2021
HUMNT 1101 Humanities18-03-2021
PPMP20012 Unit Portfolio18-03-2021
PSY 520 Psychology18-03-2021
NIT2122 Server Administration and Management18-03-2021
BUACC5931 Research and Statistical Methods for Business18-03-2021
MOD004047 Innovative Product Design and Manufacture18-03-2021
COMMGMT 7001 Business Communication18-03-2021
PubH 6034 Program Evaluation for Public Health Practice18-03-2021
101625 Inclusive Practices18-03-2021
LING6521 Child Language Acquisition18-03-2021
BUS5SMM Sustainable Management and Marketing18-03-2021
BIOE765 Global Environmental Changes18-03-2021
ACC303 Contemporary Issues in Accounting18-03-2021
BUSN20016 Research in Business18-03-2021
IND301A Industry Consulting Project18-03-2021
CRS1201285 Community Service Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs18-03-2021
NSG2ANB Bachelor of Nursing Assignment18-03-2021
SCLM 436 Supply Chain and Logistics Management18-03-2021
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care18-03-2021
ITM 707 Strategy, Management and Acquisition18-03-2021
41160 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering18-03-2021
BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan18-03-2021
POPH90209 Comparative Health Systems18-03-2021
BUSN7045 Corporate Governance18-03-2021
SBLC7008 Managing Human Capital and Entrepreneurship18-03-2021
ITC563 IT Management Issues18-03-2021
MGMT2007 Organisational Behaviour18-03-2021
MKT304A Brand and Product Management18-03-2021
NUR113 Nursing Concepts18-03-2021
AGRI3003 Advanced Cropping Systems and Precision Agriculture18-03-2021
CSEP60312 Research Ethics18-03-2021
SIT221 Data Structures and Algorithms18-03-2021
CSM80002 Environmental Sustainability in Construction18-03-2021
M1021 Sociology18-03-2021
FIN101 Financial Markets and Economic Principles18-03-2021
B210 Pharmacology18-03-2021
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law18-03-2021
ACC508 Informatics and Financial Applications18-03-2021
ITC595 Information Security18-03-2021
ETF2480 Business Modelling18-03-2021
SOC101 Sociology18-03-2021
ACC00714 Managerial Accounting18-03-2021
ENGG8104 Engineering Project Implementation18-03-2021
ACT301 Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues18-03-2021
94972 Public Relations Writing18-03-2021
ENEG20003 Sustainability Studio18-03-2021
PUBH5430 Public Health Advocacy18-03-2021
NUR241 Challenge and Response to Body Integrity18-03-2021
HLTH463 Whanau and Community Health18-03-2021
HS5381 Health Education and Self Management18-03-2021
MGB105 Business Management18-03-2021
BSBPMG520 Manage Project Governance18-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation18-03-2021
LAWS5065 Taxation Law18-03-2021
FINC400 Principles of Financial Management18-03-2021
MBA604 Management Across Cultures18-03-2021
MGMT436 Strategic Management18-03-2021
ACC3201 Accounting Information System18-03-2021
PSYC512 Psychology and Self-Control18-03-2021
MGMT2035 Managing Organisational Change18-03-2021
POLS1201 Introduction to International Relations18-03-2021
MATH 115 Mathematics for Liberal Arts18-03-2021
HOSP6126 Employability Skills18-03-2021
ECON 1086 International Trade18-03-2021
MKTG2101 Consumer Behaviour18-03-2021
ICT60415 Advanced Information Technology Project Management18-03-2021
BUS7110 The Business Environment18-03-2021
ENGT5220 Low Impact Manufacturing18-03-2021
EIN 6905 Human Factors in Systems Design18-03-2021
7115EDN Health and Physical Learning in the Primary Years18-03-2021
COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching18-03-2021
MBA503 Operations Management and Decision Making Models18-03-2021
IMAT 5209 Human Factors in System Design18-03-2021
SURV6720 Land Valuation18-03-2021
SOC 341LEC Environment and Society18-03-2021
LAW2453 Taxation18-03-2021
CHC50113 Early Childhood Education and Care18-03-2021
PSY 802 Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Theory18-03-2021
MIS770 Foundation Skills in Data Analysis18-03-2021
TLH 314 International Hospitality Management18-03-2021
DTT601 Contemporary Tourism Operation18-03-2021
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing18-03-2021
PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management18-03-2021
CO874 Networks and Network Security18-03-2021
ENGN8180 Thesis Project18-03-2021
SITXGLC001 Research and Comply with Regulatory Requirements19-03-2021
NUR342 Evidence Based Health Research and Practice19-03-2021
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance19-03-2021
HUM 101 Introduction to Human Services and Social Work19-03-2021
ACCG101 Accounting and Governance19-03-2021
NPU3505 Nursing Practice 519-03-2021
MGMT206 Organisational Behaviour19-03-2021
MAN201 Organisational Behaviour19-03-2021
ITC560 Internet of Things19-03-2021
ELEN90003 Network Design and Optimisation19-03-2021
EC2066 Microeconomics19-03-2021
NURS90092 Emergency Nursing 219-03-2021
ACCT20077 Accounting for Management Decision Making19-03-2021
PHED4501 Contemporary Health Issues19-03-2021
MGT4028 Ethics and Business19-03-2021
PHE1IDH Individual Determinants of Health19-03-2021
3779 Information Governance19-03-2021
BSBSUS401 Implement and Monitor Environmentally19-03-2021
BX3194 Destination Management and Planning19-03-2021
ACC202 Management Accounting19-03-2021
INTBUS 7501 Contemporary Issues in Business And Marketing19-03-2021
ACC311 Accounting Theory and Current Issues19-03-2021
7207ENG Engineering Management19-03-2021
ENVS805 Air and Water Quality19-03-2021
SBM4304 IS Security and Risk Management19-03-2021
MA 619 Accounting Research19-03-2021
MAA716 Financial Accounting19-03-2021
IRDR0003 Emergency and Crisis Management19-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers19-03-2021
301004 Research Preparations19-03-2021
COM10007 Professional Communication Practice19-03-2021
MNG81001 Management Communication19-03-2021
NURS90092 Emergency Nursing19-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management19-03-2021
EPID 6430 Advanced Epidemiology19-03-2021
BUSS 3103 International Business Environments19-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers19-03-2021
ASIA1001 Asian Societies and Cultures19-03-2021
NUR3005 Chronic Illness Management in Primary Care19-03-2021
200488 Corporate Financial Management19-03-2021
TR198 Economics19-03-2021
NURS3201 Transition to Professional Practice19-03-2021
MGT 603 Business Operations Management19-03-2021
MAN506 Organisational Behaviour19-03-2021
HI6008 Business Research19-03-2021
FMST 01 Film And Media Studies19-03-2021
HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice and Law19-03-2021
MGMT8110 Global Perspectives19-03-2021
MGT3214 Project Management19-03-2021
SWE30011 IoT Programming19-03-2021
ACCTING 2501 Financial Accounting19-03-2021
MECH2250 Materials Science and Engineering19-03-2021
BMA314 Organisational Change and Development19-03-2021
NSG2ANB Nursing Assignment19-03-2021
EH 102 English Composition19-03-2021
MAN3147 Business Plan19-03-2021
HRM6103 Employment Law19-03-2021
ENGLISH 740 Middle English Literature19-03-2021
BUS700 Economics19-03-2021
FIT5097 Business Intelligence Modelling19-03-2021
NUR345 Transition To Practice19-03-2021
HLSC4300 Literature Review19-03-2021
PSY 520 Psychology19-03-2021
ACCTING 2501 Financial Accounting19-03-2021
NRSG370 Clinical Integration19-03-2021
MBA503 Operations Management and Decision Making Models19-03-2021
CXA 110 Principles of Health and Community Care19-03-2021
HLSC4300 Literature Review19-03-2021
MGT726 Managerial Project19-03-2021
ENGL 1302 English Composition II19-03-2021
ITC596 IT Risk Management19-03-2021
ECOM90009 Quantitative Methods For Business19-03-2021
ENTREP 7036 Digital Media Entrepreneurship19-03-2021
BUS302 Entrepreneurship19-03-2021
ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution19-03-2021
MGMT3016 Business Ethics19-03-2021
HI6008 Business Research19-03-2021
NUR346 Transition to Practice 219-03-2021
EDUC 8050 Research design and methods19-03-2021
SWO-475 Narrative Approaches to Social Work Practice19-03-2021
LAWS2045 The Law of Torts19-03-2021
NSB204 Mental Health19-03-2021
MNG72005 International Business19-03-2021
ECON1102 Macroeconomics19-03-2021
HRMD320 Human Resources Management19-03-2021
BNURS20 Nursing19-03-2021
101190 American Psychological Association19-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big19-03-2021
MGMT20143 Marking Rubric19-03-2021
SIT703 Advanced Digital Forensics19-03-2021
7415MED Global Health, Equity and Human Rights19-03-2021
ITC504 Interface Useability19-03-2021
7113IBA Enterprise Mobility19-03-2021
BUA5CG Corporate Governance19-03-2021
BEO1106 Business Statistics19-03-2021
SOE11410 Research Skills for Managers19-03-2021
LW305 Current development in Pacific Law19-03-2021
ACCT20075 Auditing and Ethics19-03-2021
MGT502 Business Communication19-03-2021
QCD111 Communication19-03-2021
QMTH 104 Quantitative Methods19-03-2021
LING 2037 Language in a Global Society19-03-2021
PSYCH 211 Developmental Psychology19-03-2021
ENGR589 Industry Project19-03-2021
PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management19-03-2021
MAT 243 Discrete Mathematical Structures19-03-2021
NSG1204 Nursing Skills II19-03-2021
EAT119 Electrical and Electronic Principles19-03-2021
LEMT305 Leadership for Managers19-03-2021
PA260 Criminal Law19-03-2021
ECON3511 Money, Banking and Financial Markets19-03-2021
LDRS 612 Leading Change and Innovation19-03-2021
BH3602 HR Technologies Metrics and Performance Management19-03-2021
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing19-03-2021
MNG01222 Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Operations19-03-2021
EXSS2050 Exercise Testing and Prescription19-03-2021
SBM4304 IS Security and Risk Management19-03-2021
MA619 Accounting Research19-03-2021
LING10002 Intercultural Communication19-03-2021
NMS11176 Healthcare Management19-03-2021
21510 Strategy19-03-2021
EEET5004 Engineering Research Practice19-03-2021
ACF2200 Introduction to Management Accounting19-03-2021
ENG 455SEM Cultural Theory19-03-2021
MGMT22 Information Security19-03-2021
HK2042 Retail Management19-03-2021
HS1011 Data Communication and Networks19-03-2021
401006 Bioscience19-03-2021
BMO6624 Organisation Change Management19-03-2021
FBL5030 Fundamentals of Value Creation in Business19-03-2021
7303AFE Economics Assignment19-03-2021
FINM3402 Investments and Portfolio Management19-03-2021
HC2091 Finance For Business19-03-2021
BFA522 Risk Management19-03-2021
ACSC100 Academic Communication in Science19-03-2021
MGMT3335 Enterprise Systems19-03-2021
MKTG600 Marketing Management19-03-2021
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing19-03-2021
700011 Database Design and Development19-03-2021
SIT763 Cyber Security Management19-03-2021
K271 Social work law19-03-2021
CSM80002 Environmental Sustainability in Construction19-03-2021
FINM036 Financial Decision Making19-03-2021
NURS 3303 001 Concepts of Professional Nursing19-03-2021
HS717 Health Economics19-03-2021
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice19-03-2021
MIS203 Managing Information in the Digital Age19-03-2021
GEOG 7005 Community Engagement19-03-2021
HUMNT 1101 Introduction to Humanities19-03-2021
ACW3028 Gender Community and Social Change19-03-2021
HLTINF001 Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Procedures19-03-2021
MAA262 Management Accounting19-03-2021
BO1BLAW204 Business Law19-03-2021
NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare19-03-2021
BMG638 Organisational Behaviour19-03-2021
ACC508 Informatics and Financial Applications19-03-2021
BFC3540 Modelling in Finance19-03-2021
ISYS631 Web Page Design19-03-2021
400418 Health Advancement and Health Promotion19-03-2021
BX2082 Integrated Marketing Communications19-03-2021
MAN6905 Databases and Business Intelligence19-03-2021
PHL 242 H5S Science Fiction and Philosophy19-03-2021
MMM132 Management19-03-2021
NURBN3020 Nursing People Living With Chronic Illness19-03-2021
CHEM1010 Introductory Chemistry I19-03-2021
MGMT 20143 Think Big19-03-2021
HC1041 Information Technology for Business19-03-2021
CX552001 Economics19-03-2021
ACCTING 2500 Cost and Management Accounting19-03-2021
CSIS3270 Advanced Networks19-03-2021
ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP19-03-2021
MLJ707 Criminal Procedure And Policy Research19-03-2021
MGIT02 Information Technology19-03-2021
BMO5501 Business Ethics and Sustainability19-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting19-03-2021
ITC556 Database Systems19-03-2021
ARTH200 Art Appreciation19-03-2021
MC240 Sustainable Practice19-03-2021
MBA6115 Business in a Global Context19-03-2021
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice19-03-2021
INFT1000 Information Technology in Business19-03-2021
MGMT2705 Industrial Relations19-03-2021
SOCI 1003 Introduction to Sociology19-03-2021
BMAC5203 Accounting For Business Decision Making19-03-2021
BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations19-03-2021
7311MED Social Determinants of Health19-03-2021
PSY802 Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Theory19-03-2021
T05101 Tourism Systems Analysis19-03-2021
INFT 6500 Accounting Information Systems19-03-2021
COMP2782 Social and Information Networks19-03-2021
ENGN3410 Engineering Sustainable Systems19-03-2021
SCAN08003 Social Anthropology19-03-2021
BUSN7005 Contemporary Issues in Accounting19-03-2021
MGMT 704 Management and Leadership19-03-2021
HST 071 Human Reproductive Biology19-03-2021
HS3203 Eldercare and Care Transition19-03-2021
MGT811 Contemporary Management Capabilities19-03-2021
OGBH201 Organisational Behaviour19-03-2021
GSBS6008 Global Business Management19-03-2021
FNSFPL504 Financial Planning19-03-2021
HS450 Strategic Training of Healthcare19-03-2021
LB5241 Leadership19-03-2021
MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management19-03-2021
BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy19-03-2021
PUN219 Leadership of Quality and Safety in Health19-03-2021
IRHR2270 Human Resource Management19-03-2021
MRK3025 Innovation and Business Development19-03-2021
ECO 100 Principles of Economics19-03-2021
HUMN2200 Advanced Humanities19-03-2021
COMM 13431 Principles of Legal Writing19-03-2021
TO5102 Tourism and Hospitality Operations19-03-2021
HI6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment19-03-2021
ACCT 632 Information Systems Auditing19-03-2021
BO1BLAW204 Business Law19-03-2021
RES351 Business Research19-03-2021
MITS5502 Developing Enterprise Systems19-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader19-03-2021
EMPL3270 Negotiation Theory and Practice19-03-2021
SIT103 Data and Information Management19-03-2021
ITC544 Computer Organisation and Architecture19-03-2021
MKTG3060 International Marketing20-03-2021
BBR502 Logistics and Supply Chain Management20-03-2021
CP2405 Collective Intelligence and Entrepreneurship20-03-2021
ENRP20003 Engineering Research Project Implementation20-03-2021
MT219 Marketing20-03-2021
101676 Human Learning20-03-2021
TAXA2000 Australian Taxation Law20-03-2021
BIO112 Lecture Research Paper20-03-2021
MRKT20053 Advertising and Integrated Communication20-03-2021
NCS2202 Culture and Health20-03-2021
IRHR3540 International Human Resource Management20-03-2021
GEOG 2142 Climate Change20-03-2021
HLSC122 Critical Appraisal Scenarios20-03-2021
ACC202 Management Accounting20-03-2021
COMMERCE 7037 Research Methodology20-03-2021
NURS6711 Palliative Care Practice20-03-2021
ANT 100Y Introduction To Anthropology20-03-2021
MAT 243 Discrete Mathematical Structures20-03-2021
22743 Business Valuation and Financial Analysis20-03-2021
POLS210 American Government I20-03-2021
SCY1130 Terrorism and International Security20-03-2021
TLAW202 Corporations Law20-03-2021
MKT600 Marketing Plan20-03-2021
MARK3081 Distribution Strategy and Retail Channels20-03-2021
49127 Decentralised Environmental systems20-03-2021
ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP20-03-2021
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology20-03-2021
ACCY112 Operational Management Accounting20-03-2021
K90012 Construction Project Management20-03-2021
ACCT1110 Financial Reporting and Analysis20-03-2021
GEOG 5010 Research Methods20-03-2021
PSYC 2113 Qualitative Research Methods20-03-2021
M2012 Public Health20-03-2021
TSL688 Applied Research Project20-03-2021
MGMT 344 Strategic Management20-03-2021
COMM1380 Communications20-03-2021
BMA735 Management Ethics20-03-2021
ACCT1009 Accounting Principles For Business Decisions20-03-2021
BUHRM5912 Human Resource Management20-03-2021
200909 Enterprise Law20-03-2021
MGB105 Business Management20-03-2021
MUS 424 Music, Sexuality, and Gender20-03-2021
AB 217 Finance20-03-2021
CHC30113 Early Childhood Education And Care20-03-2021
MIET2421 Applied Thermodynamics20-03-2021
HC1041 Information Technology for Business20-03-2021
ACT305 Corporate Accounting20-03-2021
ENGG851 Systems Design and Engineering20-03-2021
ACCY903 Theoretical Foundations of Accounting20-03-2021
STAT 100 Statistics20-03-2021
MGMT2100 Communication for Business20-03-2021
LAWS912 Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights20-03-2021
TNE60006 Networks and Switching20-03-2021
MGT802 Design Thinking and Innovative Entrepreneurship20-03-2021
KSA702 Literature Review20-03-2021
BIOL22332 Motor Systems for Human Computer Interaction20-03-2021
KT4002 Therapeutic Recreational20-03-2021
BSB51415 Project Management20-03-2021
CAM209 Chronic Disease20-03-2021
MHW 640 Mental Health Wellness and Health Care Integration20-03-2021
GSBS6002 Foundations of Business Analysis20-03-2021
HLTH100 Communication Practice20-03-2021
PUBH7000 Public Health Research Methods20-03-2021
IBS220 Cross-Cultural Management20-03-2021
MKT110 Marketing Fundamentals20-03-2021
ATW 202 Business Research Method20-03-2021
MGT4018 Research Methods20-03-2021
NRSG366 Partnerships in Chronicity20-03-2021
AUTO1025 Masters of International Automotive Engineering20-03-2021
MNG93003 Industry Research Project20-03-2021
DC344 Management of Information Technology20-03-2021
BAO5522 Managerial Accounting20-03-2021
CHM357 Computational Chemistry20-03-2021
MGT540 Change Management Process20-03-2021
ISSC364 IT Security Access Control20-03-2021
STAT6003 Statistics For Financial Decisions20-03-2021
TR174 CIFE Technical Report20-03-2021
SCIE 2230 Science of Health and Wellness20-03-2021
ELEC ENG 3107 Autonomous Systems20-03-2021
RELIGION 941 Philosophical Theology I20-03-2021
EMTH6013 Emerging Themes20-03-2021
ECO130 Business Economics (8)20-03-2021
SNPG902 Effective Management in Health20-03-2021
6PS542 Family Health Across the Lifespan20-03-2021
CNA576 Self Management in Renal Nursing20-03-2021
WN2N International Fashion Management and Marketing20-03-2021
MGMT 1101 Global Business Environment20-03-2021
EEET2339 Power System Analysis and Control20-03-2021
CP5520 Advanced Databases and Applications20-03-2021
SECB704 Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure20-03-2021
ENG 205LEC Writing for Change20-03-2021
COM 201 Speech20-03-2021
CHEM ENG 3029 Material Science and Engineering20-03-2021
MAN6325 Project Management Capstone20-03-2021
BUSI 2013 Business Administration20-03-2021
FIN202 Financial Management20-03-2021
BIOL3100 Microbiology20-03-2021
25300 Fundamentals of Business Finance20-03-2021
NUR250 Medical Surgical20-03-2021
EEE80017 Minor Project20-03-2021
TM8213 Foundations of Trinitarian Theology External20-03-2021
MUS 410 Jazz History20-03-2021
CXA184 Foundations of Health Literacy20-03-2021
BACC16 Accounting information Systems20-03-2021
PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement20-03-2021
SIT114 Artificial Intelligence20-03-2021
MGMT10002 Principles of Management20-03-2021
BENVGGP4 Research Method20-03-2021
GRDE5002 Advanced Art and Design Concepts and Contexts20-03-2021
ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics20-03-2021
HLTH1047 First Peoples Health20-03-2021
TOUR 2005 The Hospitality Experience20-03-2021
MGT 640 Entrepreneurial Innovation20-03-2021
ITC240 IT Infrastructure Management20-03-2021
BAO5543 Accounting Systems and Processes20-03-2021
HLSC4300 Literature Review20-03-2021
BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications20-03-2021
BFA742 Advanced Financial Accounting20-03-2021
MGT190 Entrepreneurship20-03-2021
ECON 5500 Macroeconomics20-03-2021
NUR 508 Cost and Quality Analysis20-03-2021
PRVT462 Intellectual Property Laws20-03-2021
PSYCH 101 Introductory Psychology20-03-2021
ITPG300 Research in Information20-03-2021
ICTSUS601 Integrate Sustainability in ICT Planning and Design Projects20-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management20-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers20-03-2021
MGN412 Organisational Behaviour20-03-2021
MAN310 New Venture Planning and Development20-03-2021
PSY216 Psychology of Ageing20-03-2021
CEBN0906 Psychoactive Drugs Brain Body Society20-03-2021
HISTO 1130 History of the United States to 186520-03-2021
ELEC ENG 4100 Business Management Systems20-03-2021
C493 Leadership and Professional Image20-03-2021
BGEN 320E Business Ethics and Social Responsibility20-03-2021
FIN5FSA Financial Statement Analysis20-03-2021
MGMT2726 Business Ethics and Sustainability20-03-2021
MN691 Research Methods and Project Design20-03-2021
MN691 Research Methods and Project Design20-03-2021
MKTG1275 Strategic Marketing20-03-2021
FIR 3302 Building Construction For Fire Protection20-03-2021
MKTG 223 Professional Selling20-03-2021
UUMG8500 Entrepreneurship and Innovation20-03-2021
MKT01907 Tourism and Hospitality Management20-03-2021
HRM523 Applying IR Theories20-03-2021
MNG93100 Stakeholder Engagement in Engineering20-03-2021
MGMT20143 Think Big20-03-2021
F85071 Energy and Sustainable Development20-03-2021
ITC560 Internet of Things20-03-2021
MNGT5232 Data Analysis and Decision Making20-03-2021
HNN108 Understanding Research Evidence20-03-2021
21927 Management Research Project20-03-2021
ACX701 Communication Concepts 20-03-2021
ENTREP 7022 Creativity and Innovation20-03-2021
HIST 649 U.S. History20-03-2021
POLS 1480 Theory of International Relations20-03-2021
INFS2024 Information Systems Analysis20-03-2021
LB5230 Managing Strategic Resources and Operations20-03-2021
ITC560 Internet of Things20-03-2021
BAO3309 Advanced Financial Accounting20-03-2021
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources20-03-2021
HLSC120 Indigenous Health and Culture20-03-2021
BUS351 Operations Management20-03-2021
OPM 230 Management Information Systems20-03-2021
400844 Health Services and Facilities Planning20-03-2021
RSCH5700 Business Information and Decision Making20-03-2021
NCS1101 Health and Healthcare Systems20-03-2021
PHAR 1004 Drugs and Society20-03-2021
COIT20251 Knowledge Audits for Business Analysis20-03-2021
ACCT5919 Business Risk Management20-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation20-03-2021
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting20-03-2021
MRKT 1199 Marketing20-03-2021
OPS937 Managing and Leading Project Teams21-03-2021
FDSC 210 Principles of Food Science21-03-2021
GEOG 7005 Community Engagement21-03-2021
ACC510 Financial Reporting21-03-2021
MGT4100 Supply Chain Management21-03-2021
AF6000 Contemporary Corporate Reporting21-03-2021
CPH 531 Contemporary Health Issues and Research21-03-2021
PREP1122 Essay Writing21-03-2021
BHA 3002 Health Care Management21-03-2021
MGMT436 Strategic Management21-03-2021
BUS600 Communications Management21-03-2021
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology21-03-2021
SBM1201 Presentation For Group Work21-03-2021
MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology21-03-2021
MGMT 1101 Global Business Environment21-03-2021
KIT708 ICT Systems Strategy and Management21-03-2021
FINM202 Financial Management21-03-2021
BSB51415 Project Management21-03-2021
CRST 290 History of Life21-03-2021
ENTE5003 Business Consulting Project21-03-2021
MGMT70035 Leadership in a Team Environment21-03-2021
PRL1542 The Public Relations Business Environment21-03-2021
BUS710 Marketing in an International Environment21-03-2021
SE6247 Psychology in Sport Health and Education21-03-2021
LGST101 Business Law21-03-2021
L1S4 Development Management21-03-2021
BUSM4611 Business Project Management21-03-2021
MNG91211 The Positive Leader21-03-2021
HI5003 Economics for Business21-03-2021
COIT20275 Systems Science and Engineering21-03-2021
ITECH1400 Foundations of Programming21-03-2021
ELEC4740 Internet of Things22-03-2021
MARK1202 International Logistics and Supply Chain Management22-03-2021
GEN 103 Information Literacy22-03-2021
HLTH 3501 Foundations in Healthcare Information Management22-03-2021
L250 International Relations22-03-2021
HA3032 Auditing22-03-2021
INFT6304 Project Planning and Management22-03-2021
HIST 676 U.S. Environmental History22-03-2021
MITS5003 Wireless Networks and Communication22-03-2021
BSB51415 Project Management22-03-2021
ASS061-3 Innovation and Service Development in Practice22-03-2021
ACCT618 Managerial Accounting22-03-2021
AM802002 Research and Enquiry22-03-2021
BU1112 Business Law22-03-2021
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting22-03-2021
CP5633 Database Modelling22-03-2021
BUAD880 Marketing Management22-03-2021
BG007 Project Management22-03-2021
NSB203 Inquiry Into Clinical Practice22-03-2021
COMMGMT 2500 Organisational Behaviour22-03-2021
MGT5PMT Project Management22-03-2021
200862 Creating Change and Innovation22-03-2021
BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning22-03-2021
LSB665 Transfusion And Transplantation22-03-2021
AGR402 Reading in Science and Agriculture22-03-2021
N191 Business Entrepreneurship22-03-2021
PMGT3857 International Project Management22-03-2021
7210MKT Advanced Consumer Behaviour22-03-2021
2221ENV Environmental Politics and Policy22-03-2021
PSY020C162S Social Research Methods and Statistics22-03-2021
MKT00075 Marketing Principles22-03-2021
PA260 Criminal Law22-03-2021
HC3152 E-Business Applications22-03-2021
EPMANC320 Business Organisation and Management22-03-2021
THT2114 Sustainable Operations and Destinations22-03-2021
HDS310 Human Rights and Advocacy22-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project22-03-2021
ICT704 Non-Relational Database Systems22-03-2021
AAM4 Aircraft Maintenance22-03-2021
CHCMHS001 Work With People With Mental Health Issue22-03-2021
FINS5547 Cryptocurrency and Decentralised Finance22-03-2021
HS1011 Data Communication and Networks22-03-2021
ICT700 Systems Analysis22-03-2021
SSC312 Substance Use and Society22-03-2021
MANAGEMT 7100 Accounting for Managers22-03-2021
NRSG 1024 Clinical Experience 122-03-2021
BX3112 Taxation Law22-03-2021
COMM1380 Professional Writing Skills for Business22-03-2021
SNPG939 Psychoactive Substance and Mental Health22-03-2021
LAWS5029 Work Health and Safety Legislation22-03-2021
0302464 Leadership and Management22-03-2021
3218 Sustainability and Agri food Supply22-03-2021
MSWPG7102 Professional Social Work Practice22-03-2021
PSY374 Physiological Psychology22-03-2021
BGMT 365 Succession Planning22-03-2021
PPMP20008 Lessons Learnt Presentation22-03-2021
ISYS 1117 Software Engineering Fundamentals22-03-2021
ITMG321 Information Technology Project Management22-03-2021
BUSN22 Business Analysis22-03-2021
NURS 3046 Nursing Project22-03-2021
PSY 540 Human Factors in Systems Design22-03-2021
CNA514 Oncology Nursing 322-03-2021
ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security22-03-2021
M106IAE Human Resource Development in a Global Context22-03-2021
POLS2009 Bureaucracy and Public Policy22-03-2021
PGBM73 MBM Dissertation Module22-03-2021
NURS 3402 Evidence Based Nursing Research22-03-2021
ACCM4200 Financial Accounting and Reporting22-03-2021
NIT2201 IT Profession and Ethics22-03-2021
4818EDN Contemporary Issues in Computing22-03-2021
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing22-03-2021
MKT82210 Marketing Strategy and Plan22-03-2021
MNG10253 Sustainable Business Management22-03-2021
INFS2631 Innovation and Technology Management22-03-2021
COMMERCE 7016OL Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics22-03-2021
NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing22-03-2021
MBA505 Business Psychology Coaching and Mentoring22-03-2021
MMH753 Human Resource Management in the Global Context22-03-2021
ENGN6250 Professional Practice 122-03-2021
MGT340 International Management22-03-2021
NURS2004 Inquiry for Professional Practice22-03-2021
IRHR3540 International Human Resource Management22-03-2021
SCM 07 Supply Chain Management22-03-2021
EMTH6013 Emerging Themes22-03-2021
BIOL 101 Introductory Biology22-03-2021
BSB50815 International Business22-03-2021
ITAP3009 Software Analysis, Design and Architecture22-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project22-03-2021
200376 Managing and Developing Careers22-03-2021
4206 Fundamentals of Food Science22-03-2021
304JA Acting and Performance22-03-2021
SRR721 Construction Research Project22-03-2021
MKTG313 Marketing Strategy and Planning22-03-2021
HNSC4290 Food Nutrition and Health Policies22-03-2021
2026 Managing Human Resources22-03-2021
MGMT20144 Cultural Differences and Communication22-03-2021
200458 Building in Bushfire Prone Areas22-03-2021
MSIN0144 Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice22-03-2021
BUS302 Business Language and Culture22-03-2021
GSBS6481 International Business Strategy22-03-2021
ISY10212 Contemporary Issues in Information Technology22-03-2021
ITEC 640 Project Management22-03-2021
FBLT086 International Human Rights Law22-03-2021
BUSN 318 Small Business Management22-03-2021
MKTG2033 Advertising22-03-2021
EMCA5103 Project Cost Analysis And Appraisal22-03-2021
IDEC8011 Research Essay22-03-2021
HRMT11011 Human Resource Management22-03-2021
MNG03236 Tourism and Hotel Professional Development22-03-2021
BLDG1012 Construction Project Safety Management22-03-2021
TAX305 Taxation22-03-2021
ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution22-03-2021
ENGL 306 Advanced Composition22-03-2021
ACC106 Introduction to Financial Accounting22-03-2021
CB69 Hospitality Management22-03-2021
ITC561 Cloud Computing22-03-2021
GEOG 7005 Community Engagement22-03-2021
MN506 System Management22-03-2021
MUSIC 116 Elementary Music Theory22-03-2021
LAW5230 Taxation Law22-03-2021
ACCY962 Professional Practice Auditing And Risk Assurance22-03-2021
L6008 Digital Law22-03-2021
NIT1104 Computer Networks22-03-2021
EDAD 659 Strategic Planning in Education22-03-2021
ENGL1105 Introduction to Film Studies22-03-2021
NURS3002 Advanced Decision Making and Practice22-03-2021
HI6006 Competitive Strategy22-03-2021
7207ENG Advanced Topics in Engineering Management22-03-2021
CSSS5220 Cyber Security Threat Detection22-03-2021
M221 Business law22-03-2021
GH401 Global Health22-03-2021
MBA501 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation22-03-2021
HAT303 Hotel Operations Management22-03-2021
MIS781 Business Intelligence22-03-2021
AGRI90012 Agribusiness Management Economics22-03-2021
400418 Health Advancement and Health Promotion22-03-2021
NURS 3100 Issues and Trends22-03-2021
C04275 Engineering Management22-03-2021
MKT600 Principles of Marketing22-03-2021
EDU5SLL Second Language Literacies22-03-2021
MGTS7604 International Human Resource Management22-03-2021
HNB2205 Nursing and Acute Care 222-03-2021
MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments22-03-2021
DENT1050 Dental Practice I22-03-2021
21644 Law and Ethics for Managers22-03-2021
10150 Networks and Social Media22-03-2021
HUM 1020 Introduction to Humanities22-03-2021
HLT362 Statistics22-03-2021
ISYS2109 Business Analysis Report22-03-2021
SBM3304 Accounting Theory22-03-2021
HLTH5001 Leading Change in Healthcare22-03-2021
ENGL 1302 English Composition II22-03-2021
MIS 426 Management Information Systems22-03-2021
MKT 550 Global Marketing22-03-2021
700156 Crime Deviance and Society22-03-2021
LS311 Business Law22-03-2021
MKTG90007 Customer Experience Management22-03-2021
BUACC3701 Financial Management22-03-2021
LAW 533 Administrative Law22-03-2021
49134 Structural Dynamic and Earthquake Engineering22-03-2021
LLBP 3002 Social Justice22-03-2021
ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems22-03-2021
TEC 437 Quality And Organizational Excellence22-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers22-03-2021
POL 325 International Relations22-03-2021
COMP1631 Information Analysis22-03-2021
NURBN1004 Fieldwork Workbook and Community Profile22-03-2021
ACC3004 Portfolio of Business Finance Issues22-03-2021
CIV5705 Pavement Design and Analysis22-03-2021
HLTH 1037 Mental Health22-03-2021
COIT20275 Systems Science and Engineering22-03-2021
BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability22-03-2021
HIST477 History and New Media22-03-2021
MA514 Accounting23-03-2021
EUB206 Arts Curriculum Studies23-03-2021
LIT301 Advanced American Literature I23-03-2021
NURS 3005 Clinical Case Conference Report23-03-2021
0302362 International Business23-03-2021
BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plans23-03-2021
BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems23-03-2021
10362NAT Spoken and Written English23-03-2021
PY3101 Psychological Research Methods and Interpretation23-03-2021
HUMNT 1101 Introduction to Humanities: The Arts23-03-2021
N14512 International Management23-03-2021
MKTG3060 International Marketing23-03-2021
401076 Introduction to Epidemiology23-03-2021
MGMT436 Strategic Management23-03-2021
COMMERCE 7039 Business Research Methods23-03-2021
PPMP20008 Initiating and Planning Project23-03-2021
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology23-03-2021
B791 Public Relations23-03-2021
HI5003 Economics for Business23-03-2021
PY3101 Advanced Behavioural Research Design and Analysis23-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers23-03-2021
CHCDIV002 Promote Aboriginal and Torres Islander Strait Cultural Safety23-03-2021
BUS 4024 Business Decision-Making Through Advanced Analytics23-03-2021
DDBA 8006 Contemporary Challenges in Business23-03-2021
B6019 Project Leadership23-03-2021
MBAX9138 Financial Analysis23-03-2021
NURS3005 Transition To Professional Practice23-03-2021
ITC539 Android App Development23-03-2021
ACC321 Auditing Theory and Practice23-03-2021
GCST1603 Screen Cultures and Gender23-03-2021
HLTH1037 Mental Health23-03-2021
BBS302 Business Planning23-03-2021
ULMS867 Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation23-03-2021
CNA427 Mental Health Well Being and Dementia Care23-03-2021
GBUS521 Supply Chain Management23-03-2021
BFA221 Accounting Information Systems23-03-2021
ENGL 4100 Honours English Research Essay23-03-2021
HCMG101 Health Care Systems23-03-2021
21745 Services and Network Productivity with Data Analytics23-03-2021
NIT6130 Introduction To Research23-03-2021
BMGT3001 Governance and Business Ethics23-03-2021
7414MED Project Planning and Design in International Health23-03-2021
MKTG3002 Digital and Social Media Marketing23-03-2021
KF7011 Systems Analysis and Design with UML23-03-2021
300053 Professional Practice23-03-2021
MBA 640 Project Milestone23-03-2021
QSM2463 Quantitative and Statistical Method23-03-2021
FIN205 Business Finance23-03-2021
INFS 1021 Systems Analysis23-03-2021
A5005 Family Violence Prevention23-03-2021
GEOP604 Environment and Society23-03-2021
POLSCI 101 Introduction to Political Science23-03-2021
ITC306 Project Preparation23-03-2021
LAWS1020 Criminal Law23-03-2021
3121MED First Peoples Health and Practice23-03-2021
MN405 Data and Information Management23-03-2021
INFS 5112 Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance23-03-2021
CH4060 Construction Management23-03-2021
MNG 0321 Positive Leader Presentation23-03-2021
BSB51415 Project Management23-03-2021
MAN 200 Principles of Management23-03-2021
ECON5310 Development Economics23-03-2021
MIS761 Enterprise Information Management And Security23-03-2021
NURS 563 Evidence Based Practice For Quality and Safety23-03-2021
ACC 568 Auditing23-03-2021
TMA 05 Business23-03-2021
101591 The Economics of Cities and Regions23-03-2021
COIT12203 Workflow Analysis and Management23-03-2021
SRR721 Construction Research Project23-03-2021
ITECH 1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution23-03-2021
BUS287 Management Accounting23-03-2021
DEFM410 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program23-03-2021
MGT 491 Business Policy and Strategy23-03-2021
ENG701 Engineering Project A23-03-2021
ECO20004 Macroeconomics Policy23-03-2021
SOC 360 Introduction to Social Stratification23-03-2021
CSE2ISD Information Systems Development23-03-2021
CPH 531 Contemporary Health Issues and Research23-03-2021
TLAW303 Taxation Law23-03-2021
BLD505 Strategic Business Planning23-03-2021
BUSN4100 Business Research Methods23-03-2021
MAT1DM Discrete Mathematics23-03-2021
ACC204 Introduction To Financial Accounting23-03-2021
TMGT 458 Project Management23-03-2021
CS 435 Computer Science23-03-2021
SBM4201 System Analysis and Design23-03-2021
IFN503 Fundamentals of Computer Systems23-03-2021
MKT01760 Tourism Planning Environments23-03-2021
49002 Managing Projects Spring23-03-2021
MGT3RPM Remuneration and Performance Management23-03-2021
HLTAAP002 Confirm Physical Health23-03-2021
ACC701 Accounting Financial23-03-2021
FYOO2 Faculty of Design Media and Management23-03-2021
CIE5005 Ground And Water Studies 223-03-2021
SIT223 Information Technology Professional Skills23-03-2021
NURS563 Evidence Based Practice for Quality and Safety23-03-2021
FIN303 Financial Management23-03-2021
QSM2463 Quantitative and Statistical Method23-03-2021
PHCA9518 Food Democracy for Public Health23-03-2021
IRHR2270 Human Resource Management23-03-2021
PHAR 621 Pharmacy Law and Ethics23-03-2021
B2007 Business Administration23-03-2021
GEEN1128 Engineering Professional Skills 123-03-2021
PUBH1080 Studies in Population Health23-03-2021
COUN5841 Family Counselling23-03-2021
MANAGEMT7104 Marketing Management23-03-2021
ENGR9704 Project Management and Innovation23-03-2021
NZD642E Marketing Research23-03-2021
FIN 6310 Finance23-03-2021
LAWS5065 Taxation Law23-03-2021
ENGL 4001 Honours English Critical Thinking23-03-2021
BIT504 Programing 123-03-2021
101644 Community Management and Organisations23-03-2021
MANAGEMT 7044 Strategic Management23-03-2021
MARK101 Marketing Principles23-03-2021
MGT301A Ethics and Sustainability23-03-2021
BMO3418 Transport and Logistics Management23-03-2021
HI6007 Statistics for Business Decisions23-03-2021
ACC511 Managerial Finance23-03-2021
MGT4097 Management of Innovation and Emerging Technology23-03-2021
7153AFE Ethics and Governance23-03-2021
GSBS6060 Strategic Management23-03-2021
PHIL 2045 Professional Ethics23-03-2021
MXB343 Modelling Dependent Data23-03-2021
GSBS6060 Strategic Management23-03-2021
CNA308 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care23-03-2021
SOL415 Strategic Management23-03-2021
SBLC4003 Business Accounting23-03-2021
MHA 626 Strategic Planning and Marketing in Health Care23-03-2021
STH TR 802 The Sociology of Religion23-03-2021
MGT5IPM International Project Management23-03-2021
BRD202 Drugs in Society23-03-2021
LCBS5042 Business Across Cultures23-03-2021
SCM20003 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management23-03-2021
BH074 Engineering23-03-2021
BUSN19024 Graduate Employability Skills23-03-2021
ENEC20003 Numerical Analysis23-03-2021
ICT704 Non-Relational Database Systems23-03-2021
700011 Database Design and Development23-03-2021
AMLE513 Leadership23-03-2021
HDAT9500 Health Data Analytics24-03-2021
ECTPP302A Reflective And Professional Practice24-03-2021
LGST101 Business Law24-03-2021
TECO101 Microeconomics Principles24-03-2021
MSCA 32005 Real Time Analytics24-03-2021
HI5002 Finance for Business24-03-2021
ACCFIN4014 International Financial Accounting24-03-2021
LSM106 Logistics Managemment24-03-2021
APES110 Code of ethics for Professional Accountants24-03-2021
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting24-03-2021
HI6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment24-03-2021
MKTG7035 Global Marketing24-03-2021
CMNS1000 Introduction to Digital Communication24-03-2021
COM 484 Cultural Codes in Communication24-03-2021
MBA606 Ethics for Business Professionals24-03-2021
F602 Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills24-03-2021
ITC513 Wireless Networking Concepts24-03-2021
PPMP20014 Complex Project Management24-03-2021
ACC204 Financial Accounting24-03-2021
NURS 3046 Nursing Project24-03-2021
CEWR 103 Grammar for Writing Professionals24-03-2021
COMP9120 Database Management Systems24-03-2021
ICT310 System Analysis and Design24-03-2021
DD3012 Research Methods in Art and Design24-03-2021
PHI 413V Ethical and Spiritual Decision Making in Health Care24-03-2021
NIT1201 Introduction to Database Systems24-03-2021
NURS500 Research and Evidence Based Practice24-03-2021
92434 Professional Identity24-03-2021
BUSM4420 Research Design and Methods24-03-2021
SOCI 1003OL Introduction to Sociology24-03-2021
LAWS8277 International Business Transactions24-03-2021
BIBM678 Strategic Planning for Small Business24-03-2021
MGMT 20134 Business Ethics and Sustainability24-03-2021
LWD101 Ethics Law and Health Care24-03-2021
MPA702 Financial Interpretation24-03-2021
MKT1600 Marketing Principles & Practices24-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation24-03-2021
401021 Being a Professional Nurse or Midwife24-03-2021
MKG721 Food Marketing24-03-2021
CHEE6420 Safety and Risk Management24-03-2021
NUREG-1513 Integrated Safety Analysis Guidance24-03-2021
102207 The Brain and Learning24-03-2021
MEPO0104 The Media and Politics24-03-2021
MSIN0018 Business Research Methods24-03-2021
HRT 6560 Organizational Culture24-03-2021
MGMT5602 Cross Cultural Management24-03-2021
ACC705 Corporate Accounting and Reporting24-03-2021
ORG10001 Organising Handbook24-03-2021
400845 Health Financial Management24-03-2021
BUSS 5308 Australian Industrial Relations24-03-2021
BUSI 2301 Business Law24-03-2021
MAT2ALC Algebra Linear Codes and Automata24-03-2021
P8501 Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology24-03-2021
S215 Chemistry: Essential Concepts24-03-2021
OPS 910 Supply Chain Analytics24-03-2021
301004 Research Preparation24-03-2021
HLSC4300 Literature Review24-03-2021
HI6008 Business Research24-03-2021
MKG721 Food Marketing24-03-2021
MSDS475 Project Management24-03-2021
ACFI3005 Auditing and Assurance24-03-2021
200470 Construction Technology24-03-2021
EGN 4323 Vibration Synthesis and Analysis24-03-2021
ENRP20001 Engineering Research Project Planning24-03-2021
CMT3991 Research Repository24-03-2021
HS2101 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing24-03-2021
FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting24-03-2021
HAT304 Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism24-03-2021
CUC100 Academic Literacies Through Exploring Sustainability24-03-2021
PU84 Health Management24-03-2021
COM215 Interpersonal Communication24-03-2021
ACCT1106 Accounting Accountability and Society24-03-2021
RES401 Postgraduate Research and Writing24-03-2021
MGMT13151 Entrepreneurship Innovation and New Venture24-03-2021
CAR10001 Planning for career success24-03-2021
ITC505 ICT Project Management24-03-2021
1010PSY Positive Psychology24-03-2021
MKT00150 Global Marketing24-03-2021
BUSN20019 Professional Project24-03-2021
00233E Writing a Case Study24-03-2021
ICT120 Introduction to Computer Networks24-03-2021
POPH8108 Social Determinants of Health24-03-2021
BUS200 Special Elective In Business24-03-2021
NURS1006 Law and Ethics for Professional Practice24-03-2021
MGT5STR Strategic Management24-03-2021
YMED1003 General Biology24-03-2021
SOCA6670 Social Change and Development Research Project24-03-2021
BCO6676 Business Intelligence24-03-2021
ACC515 Accounting and Finance24-03-2021
ENGL 281 A Intermediate Expository Writing24-03-2021
ALC301 Contemporary Media Industries24-03-2021
GM704 International Marketing Managemet24-03-2021
BEO2001 Commercial Banking and Finance24-03-2021
HI5017 Managerial Accounting24-03-2021
MGMT20144 Management and Business Context24-03-2021
INFT6800 Professional Practice in IT24-03-2021
MGM2111 Understanding and Managing Diversity24-03-2021
STAT1060 Business Decision Making24-03-2021
COIT20253 Business Intelligence using Big Data24-03-2021
EPM5652 Project Management Research project24-03-2021
MICR331 Food Microbiology24-03-2021
MEDI4015 Womens Adolescents and Childrens Health24-03-2021
MN503 Overview of Internetworking24-03-2021
COIT20248 Information System Analysis and Design24-03-2021
HI6008 Business Research24-03-2021
ITC513 Wireless Networking Concepts24-03-2021
BFA728 Finance for Managers24-03-2021
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources24-03-2021
GHS5850 Nursing leadership and patient safety24-03-2021
BUSN7005 Contemporary Issues in Accounting24-03-2021
MA503 Master of Professional Accounting24-03-2021
EDUC 716 Education and Diversity24-03-2021
INFS5604 Business Process Management24-03-2021
CO4509 Computer Security24-03-2021
SDIM71-201 Risk Management24-03-2021
GSBS6100 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution24-03-2021
BUSN20016 Research in Business24-03-2021
INFS5870 Operations Management24-03-2021
HNB1205 Foundations in Nursing24-03-2021
SIT202 Secure Networking24-03-2021
OMIS 690 Information Technology Project Management24-03-2021
HI6006 Competitive Strategy24-03-2021
ENGL1000 Academic Writing24-03-2021
BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership Across the Organisation Assessment24-03-2021
HNN108 Understanding Research Evidence24-03-2021
PO848 Negotiation and Mediation24-03-2021
CHC50113 Early Childhood Education and Care24-03-2021
BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy24-03-2021
NSG1204 Nursing Skills II24-03-2021
BUSI 310 Principles of Management24-03-2021
DATA201 Data Analytics and Decision Making24-03-2021
CNA256 Mental Health24-03-2021
SOCW 0069 Contemporary Issues In Health and Social Care24-03-2021
PSY375 Health and Wellbeing24-03-2021
ECO3ITR International Trade24-03-2021
PPMP20007 Project Management Concepts24-03-2021
STAT 518 Theoretical Statistics24-03-2021
COMMGMT 2500 Organisational Behaviour24-03-2021
COMM 180 College Communications24-03-2021
ME 375 Heat Transfer24-03-2021
FIN205 Business Finance24-03-2021
ISY2005 Enterprise Systems24-03-2021
COM10007 Professional Communication Practice24-03-2021
PS20167 Cognitive Neuroscience24-03-2021
BSB51918 Leadership and Management24-03-2021
MAT 142 Calculus for Business and Social Science24-03-2021
MBA501 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation24-03-2021
PUAD 610 Public Administration Capstone24-03-2021
GSBS6301 Brand Development and Marketing24-03-2021
ENGG953 Simulation Based Decision Making24-03-2021
INFT6304 Project Planning and Management24-03-2021
MKTG715 Social Media Marketing24-03-2021
25300 Fundamentals of Business Finance24-03-2021
BEMM120 Understanding Consumer Behaviour25-03-2021
ARBE2308 Cost Planning and Estimating25-03-2021
MKT 210 Principles of Marketing25-03-2021
FIN201 Corporate Finance25-03-2021
MANAGEMT7104 Marketing Management25-03-2021
THT3114 Tourism Research and Analysis25-03-2021
MNG 93003 Industry Research Project25-03-2021
NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing25-03-2021
DATA201 Data Analytics and Decision Making25-03-2021
EDUC 3003 Teaching the Diverse Classroom25-03-2021
MKT203 Services Marketing25-03-2021
CORPFIN 1002 Business Finance25-03-2021
700209 Introduction to Academic Communication25-03-2021
1803ICT Information Systems Foundations25-03-2021
BIO3CBH Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology25-03-2021
ENGL001 English Composition I25-03-2021
INTL729 Project Report25-03-2021
C6007 Artificial Intelligence25-03-2021
MGMT101 Introduction to. Management25-03-2021
HSH766 Economics and Health Policy Analysis25-03-2021
MKTG801 International Marketing25-03-2021
BIS3004 IS Security and Risk Management25-03-2021
ARCH 7020 Professional Practice25-03-2021
NURS 3046 Nursing Project25-03-2021
SOC108 Sociology of Health and Health Care25-03-2021
ECON 3506 International Trade III25-03-2021
BN104 Operating Systems25-03-2021
BN104 Operating Systems25-03-2021
BUSN226 Business Analysis25-03-2021
HHH1000 Interpersonal Skills and Communication25-03-2021
ASE1201 Population Health25-03-2021
7407ENG Environment Management System25-03-2021
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues25-03-2021
LD7012 Database Modelling25-03-2021
MGT5STR Strategic Management25-03-2021
MED5523 Advanced Epidemiology25-03-2021
BNURS20 Nursing25-03-2021
SWRK 615 Introduction to Social Work Research25-03-2021
ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security25-03-2021
MBA503 Operations Management and Decision Making Models25-03-2021
PSY7543 Business Strategy25-03-2021
STAT 503 Design of Experiments25-03-2021
CPRL 520 Applied Public Relations Communication25-03-2021
MNG93100 Stakeholder Engagement in Engineering25-03-2021
NSG 301 Functional Health Patterns Adults I25-03-2021
TIO4180 Innovation Management and Strategy25-03-2021
EDL 567 Community Relations25-03-2021
MGTS1301 Introduction to Management25-03-2021
ABOR1040 Cultural Competency in Health Services25-03-2021
BSBLDR511 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence25-03-2021
BUS110 Workplace Learning25-03-2021
NUDI3220 Clinical Nutrition25-03-2021
SBM4201 System Analysis and Design25-03-2021
OPS 935 Project Management25-03-2021
HLSC4300 Literature Review25-03-2021
CNA250 Nursing Practice 225-03-2021
CS 634 Data Mining25-03-2021
ITC516 Data Mining and Visualisation for Business Intelligence25-03-2021
MNG20006 The Sustainable Hotel Environment25-03-2021
COIT20250 E Business Systems25-03-2021
HAT203 Hospitality and Tourism Management25-03-2021
BAA311 Business Strategy25-03-2021
EGB273 Principles of Construction25-03-2021
EGH404 Research in Engineering Practice25-03-2021
SCM20003 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management25-03-2021
BBMK504 Individual Critical Reflective25-03-2021
ACC00146 Management Accounting25-03-2021
COMMGMT 2500 Organisational Behaviour25-03-2021
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources25-03-2021
NURSING 2006 Chronic Disease and Disability25-03-2021
MAF760 International Finance25-03-2021
IBU5IBE International Business25-03-2021
MAC002A Accounting Information Systems25-03-2021
INF10003 Business Information System25-03-2021
ICT700 System Analysis and Design25-03-2021
CSA288 Evidence Based Health Care25-03-2021
ITS320 Basic Programming25-03-2021
CSCI203 Introduction to Computer Science25-03-2021
PUBH7027 Introduction to Environmental Health25-03-2021
NIT5150 Advanced Object Oriented Programming25-03-2021
ICA70112 Information Technology and Systems25-03-2021
INFO812 Management of Information Systems25-03-2021
MAN501 Project Management25-03-2021
MGT601 Dynamic Leadership25-03-2021
CHC40413 Community Services Health and Lifestyle25-03-2021
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation25-03-2021
1804NRS Psychosocial Development Across the Lifespan25-03-2021
BUSI 2083 Introduction to Managerial Accounting25-03-2021
IDS 404 The Four General Education Lenses25-03-2021
GSBS6060 Strategic Management25-03-2021
AMRI700 Resource Integration Management25-03-2021
ACC00146 Management Accounting25-03-2021
INT4801 International Business25-03-2021
ICT378 Cyber Forensics and Information Technology25-03-2021
COIT13235 Enterprise Software Development25-03-2021
MGT60035 Risk Management Spectrum25-03-2021
HME711 Health Law and Ethics25-03-2021
CUS104 International Trade Terms and Documentation25-03-2021
GSJ 205 Gender Technology and Social Justice25-03-2021
CHEE6420 Safety and Risk Management25-03-2021
PSYC6501 Professional and Ethical Practice25-03-2021
CMNS 112 Professional Writing25-03-2021
UGB004 Word Processing and Electronic Communication25-03-2021
ECO100 Introduction to Economics25-03-2021
ITC563 IT Management Issues25-03-2021
BSS064 Leading and Managing Organizational Resources25-03-2021
BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement25-03-2021
ENG4173 Renewable and Sustainable Energy25-03-2021
MKTG5004 Business Research Methods25-03-2021
MD4 8710 Neurologic Sleep Disorders25-03-2021
HUM 1020 Introduction to Humanities25-03-2021
MGMT 353 Management and Organizational Behavior25-03-2021
BSBCNV502 Read And Interpret a Legal Document And Provide Advice25-03-2021
1611ICT Emerging Technologies25-03-2021
HI5020 Corporate Accounting25-03-2021
LING1000 Introduction to language25-03-2021
MGT5PMT Project Management25-03-2021
PUAD 610 Public Administration Capstone25-03-2021
ISYS224 Database Design and Implementation25-03-2021
7421ENV Environmental Pollution25-03-2021
CHC40313 Certificate IV in Child Youth and Family Intervention25-03-2021
MAN6920 Supply Chain Management25-03-2021
NUR231 Challenge and Response to Body Integrity25-03-2021
MN405 Data and Information Management25-03-2021
SOC333 Sociology Of The Civil Rights Movement25-03-2021
MKTG5004 Business Research Methods25-03-2021
PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement Management25-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers25-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers25-03-2021
BUSL251 Business and Corporations Law25-03-2021
GEOG 7002 Environmental Planning and Governance25-03-2021
N122 Global Business Management25-03-2021
CSCI203 Algorithms and Data Structures25-03-2021
SIT703 Advanced Digital Forensics25-03-2021
INF80042 Technology Essential for Managers25-03-2021
FNSPRM603 Grow the Practice25-03-2021
POL101 Introduction to Political Science25-03-2021
ITC596 IT Risk Management25-03-2021
BUSI 2301 Business Law25-03-2021
BUS328 Organizational Leadership25-03-2021
A ANT 100 Culture Society and Biology25-03-2021
MICR 464 Medical Microbiology and Immunology25-03-2021
SWRK2003 Interpersonal Skills for Professional Practice25-03-2021
ENG 302 Professional Business Writing25-03-2021
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy25-03-2021
1803ICT Information Systems Foundations25-03-2021
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources25-03-2021
COHE 6310 Health Care Accounting and Financial Administration25-03-2021
BMO5501 Business Ethics and Sustainability25-03-2021
PROJMGNT 2001 Project Management Methodologies and Concepts25-03-2021
MGT726 Managerial Project25-03-2021
ITSU2004 Systems Analysis and Design25-03-2021
OLRN1732 Overview of Dementia Care25-03-2021
COMP5216 Mobile Computing25-03-2021
FNSACC507 Provide Management Accounting Information25-03-2021
MGMT13151 Entrepreneurship Innovation and Start Ups25-03-2021
GBUS 511 Global Business Environment25-03-2021
MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers25-03-2021
ECON 7044 International Finance25-03-2021
BUS 336 Marketing Strategy25-03-2021
MIS781 Business Intelligence25-03-2021
NURSING105 Nursing in Practice25-03-2021