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Created Documents

Document Title Created Date
300884 Pharmacology02-01-2022
MBA 6053 Economics for Managers02-01-2022
MGL1201 Integrated Business and Legal Perspectives02-01-2022
ACCT-322 Management Accounting02-01-2022
NUR256 Research and Evidence Based Practice02-01-2022
COMM204 Public Speaking02-01-2022
BSBRSK501 Manage Risk02-01-2022
FIN640 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management02-01-2022
LS204 Legal Research and Writing02-01-2022
BSB50420 Diploma Of Leadership And Management02-01-2022
ARTH 002 The Western Tradition02-01-2022
MITS6002 Business Analytics02-01-2022
NU 525 Nursing Informatics02-01-2022
MKT744 Global marketing And sales development 02-01-2022
B740 Adult Nursing02-01-2022
HRM201 Food and Beverage Cost Control02-01-2022
QQ3C English Language and Linguistics02-01-2022
BSC20921 Database Storage and Database Management02-01-2022
MBA5008 Applied Business Analytics02-01-2022
96337 Foundations of the Australian Healthcare System02-01-2022
EST305 Socially Inclusive Pedagogy02-01-2022
ENVL 2001 Analysis of Spatial Data02-01-2022
CHFD210 Childhood Educational Development02-01-2022
6853 Group Work 02-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles Of Nursing A Palliative Approach02-01-2022
102086 Designing Teaching and Learning02-01-2022
ENG 111 College Composition02-01-2022
SIT223 Professional Practice in Information Technology02-01-2022
MCR001 Economics02-01-2022
PBHE111 Introduction to Health Care Administration02-01-2022
BSBSTR503 Develop Organisational Policy02-01-2022
MGMT6004 Performance Management02-01-2022
BUS5116 Operations Management02-01-2022
MGT5ELS Emerging Trends in Supply Chain02-01-2022
BA501 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence02-01-2022
MGNT922 Business Research Capstone02-01-2022
NUR1800 Foundations of Expansive Learning02-01-2022
BIOL 101 Introductory Biology02-01-2022
HRMG600 Human Resource Managment02-01-2022
GSBS6042 Employment Relations02-01-2022
700867 Marketing Management in Action02-01-2022
BU3631 Corporate Finance And Equity Valuation02-01-2022
NU525 Informatics and Healthcare Technology02-01-2022
MGMT 2130 Management Principles and Practices02-01-2022
ENGL 1100 Introduction To University Writing02-01-2022
BSB123 Data Analysis02-01-2022
ANL488 Business Analytics Applied Project02-01-2022
SMA0002 Instrumental Methods02-01-2022
SOCS 185 Culture and Society02-01-2022
BL11 Small Business Environment02-01-2022
BUSM4615 Managing Project Teams02-01-2022
COUN6543 Substance Abuse Counseling02-01-2022
COMP250 Introduction to Computer Science02-01-2022
HSYP8104 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion02-01-2022
HRM 570 Human Resource Management02-01-2022
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy02-01-2022
MA6081 Fundamentals of Project Management​02-01-2022
HIST1001 Europe And The World02-01-2022
PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy02-01-2022
MKT30016 Marketing Strategy and Planning02-01-2022
MGMT510 Business Environment02-01-2022
ISIT919 Knowledge Engineering02-01-2022
HCS307 Research Project02-01-2022
NURBN3033 Primary Health02-01-2022
ACCTG 225 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting02-01-2022
CSEP60312 Research Ethics02-01-2022
BUS304A Project Management02-01-2022
MSIN0018 Business Research Methods02-01-2022
MGMT5904 Managing Organizational Change02-01-2022
GV214-5 International Relations : Theories and Approaches02-01-2022
FIT9132 Introduction to Databases02-01-2022
MGMT20132 Innovation and Sustainable Business Development02-01-2022
NRS433 Introduction to Nursing Research02-01-2022
CHEE2003 Fluid and Particle Mechanics02-01-2022
MHCP201 Introductions of Mental Health02-01-2022
FIN640 Multinational Financial Management02-01-2022
THCT202 Christian Symbol Ritual and Sacrament02-01-2022
POPH90297 Preventing Violence Against Women02-01-2022
EECT054 Engineering Project Management02-01-2022
RSG266 Principles Of Nursing02-01-2022
BUACC2613 Management Accounting02-01-2022
BBA212 Knowledge Management02-01-2022
COM-30185 Advertising Communication02-01-2022
ITEC 640 Project Management02-01-2022
700848 Financial Markets02-01-2022
MITS5001 IT Project Management02-01-2022
STAT2000 Quantitative Analysis02-01-2022
BUSN 331 Business Law02-01-2022
PUBH6300 Public Health02-01-2022
CS402 Computer Communications and Networks02-01-2022
SIT114 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence02-01-2022
ECE6001 Early Childhood Development Learning and Teaching02-01-2022
BSBMGT402 Implement Operational Plan02-01-2022
ENGL 190 Introduction to Creative Writing02-01-2022
MNP6101 Evidence Based Practice and Research Design02-01-2022
NUR256 Research and Evidence Based Practice02-01-2022
AC4052 Financial Accounting02-01-2022
BAM315 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship02-01-2022
MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology02-01-2022
EDEC202 Bachelors in Early Childhood02-01-2022
JNB518 Finance For Decision Making02-01-2022
LAW355 Civil Procedure02-01-2022
POIR2580 Political Violence02-01-2022
BUAD 390 Properties Management 02-01-2022
BUSN-119 Fundamental of Business02-01-2022
BJC2115 Ethics in the global context02-01-2022
BUSN10285 Business Process and Management02-01-2022
6112MECH Manufacturing Processes and Industrial Automation02-01-2022
MMB724491 Advanced Research Methods02-01-2022
IAS332 North Australia In The 20th Century02-01-2022
AFIN7008 Corporate Finance02-01-2022
MECM10005 Academic Writing and Communication02-01-2022
ENG2D English Assignments02-01-2022
PUBH6004 Leadership And Effecting Change In Public Health02-01-2022
COP4338 Systems Programming03-01-2022
MGT9029 Engineering Management03-01-2022
CHE 165 Plant Design03-01-2022
INF60010 Requirements Analysis and Modelling03-01-2022
ENGL-100 English Composition03-01-2022
BUS020X629 Sales, Advertising and PR03-01-2022
ICT501 Business Analysis and Systems Development Approaches03-01-2022
TACC606 Accounting Theory and Applications03-01-2022
H2130C Food and Beverage Management03-01-2022
HLSC111: The Person Health and Wellbeing03-01-2022
CS4348 Operating Systems03-01-2022
BUSN331 Business Law03-01-2022
LC242 Property Valuation and Management03-01-2022
ENGL002 English Composition II03-01-2022
400218 Mental Health Nursing03-01-2022
MULTI 1035 Sustainability in Helping Professions03-01-2022
INFS6015 Business Process Management03-01-2022
FINM075 Business Research Project03-01-2022
BUS405 Business Law03-01-2022
DWIN309 Developing Web Information Systems03-01-2022
MGMT3006 Business Ethics03-01-2022
DSRS9060 Intellectual Disability03-01-2022
ACCT 112 Financial Accounting 03-01-2022
FIN550 Corporate Financial Management03-01-2022
COMM5004 Business Capstone Project03-01-2022
CN7021 Advanced Software Engineering03-01-2022
EEE3002 Electrical Machines03-01-2022
ACCT1300 Managerial Accounting03-01-2022
THMT 2301 Tour Operations and Management 03-01-2022
CS2040S Data Structures and Algorithms03-01-2022
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care03-01-2022
TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs03-01-2022
BIOL122 Human Biological Science03-01-2022
MAN 371 Management Theory03-01-2022
SCIE4402 Data Management and Analysis in the Natural Sciences03-01-2022
ADM 4215 Advanced Financial Accounting03-01-2022
LB5230 Managing Strategic Resources and Operations03-01-2022
MRTY5091 Multiplanar Anatomy03-01-2022
PLA1520H Project Management and Conflict Resolution03-01-2022
ENGL24A Creative Writing03-01-2022
INT103 Human Development Across the Lifespan03-01-2022
EBMT6004 Final Business Management Project03-01-2022
SITXHRM004 Recruit select and Induct Staff03-01-2022
ITC561 Cloud Computing03-01-2022
CPC30611 Painting And Decorating03-01-2022
NUR536 Communication Health Informatics and Technology03-01-2022
LAW1501 Foundations Of Law03-01-2022
SW478 Social Work Practice In Health Care03-01-2022
CS 1010 Computer Essentials03-01-2022
ITEC323 Web and Mobile Development03-01-2022
DSRS1215 Introduction to Communication Diversity and Support Needs03-01-2022
HI5003 Economics For Business03-01-2022
SOS 150 Self Assessment and Career Exploration03-01-2022
HR9611 HR Resourcing and Development03-01-2022
SHR007 Human Resource Management Foundations03-01-2022
NIT5084 Cyber Security Law Regulation and Policy03-01-2022
SITHKOP004 Develop Menus For Special Dietary Requirements03-01-2022
ITC506 Topics in Information Technology Ethics03-01-2022
COMM204 Public Speaking03-01-2022
BSBWHS521 Ensure a Safe Workplace Work03-01-2022
TM9636 Innovation and Creativity in Tourism, Hospitality and Events03-01-2022
BSBMKG507 Interpret Market Trends and Developments03-01-2022
AYB311 Financial Accounting Issues03-01-2022
FPX 4000 Dev Health Care Admin Perspective03-01-2022
SM9636 Strategic Management for Sustainable Leadership03-01-2022
BUS2SMV Social Media and Visualisation03-01-2022
PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects03-01-2022
ACC80020 Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Research03-01-2022
ARCG 314 Theory of Architecture I03-01-2022
GEES506 Climate Change03-01-2022
GLB336 International Business03-01-2022
PMGT3857 International Project Management03-01-2022
HI5004 Marketing Management03-01-2022
BUSI 3007 Auditing03-01-2022
NURS3027 Clinical Reasoning and Judgement03-01-2022
RSM230H1 Financial Markets03-01-2022
CN7026 Cloud Computing03-01-2022
NURS 8410 Best Practices In Nursing Specialties03-01-2022
MGT 4336 Human Resource Management03-01-2022
N20F12 Business with Supply Chain Management03-01-2022
NUR133 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health03-01-2022
NS4103 Promoting Health and Preventing03-01-2022
MG 408 The Graduate Challenge03-01-2022
BSBPEF502 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence03-01-2022
SCM20002 Procurement Management03-01-2022
ISSC363 IT Security Risk Management03-01-2022
35911 Use Basic Construction In Engineering03-01-2022
BUMKT2604 Social Media Marketing03-01-2022
AVI50119 Diploma of Aviation03-01-2022
ICIR 215 Thai Foreign Policy03-01-2022
NRS-434VN Health Assessment03-01-2022
BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance03-01-2022
107724H Human Geography and Planning03-01-2022
GL100a Journal Entry03-01-2022
MBA651 Managing Service Based Industries03-01-2022
ENG 111 English Composition03-01-2022
CAM624 Non Communicable Disease Prevention03-01-2022
JNB512 International Trade03-01-2022
CS 253 Web Security03-01-2022
777N1 Leading Managing and Developing People03-01-2022
UNV503 Contemporary And Ethical Issues In Psychology 03-01-2022
CO3102 Mobile and Web Applications03-01-2022
ACCT 300 Management Accounting03-01-2022
THS3DMM Destination Marketing And Management03-01-2022
HIST2301 History Of The United States03-01-2022
COM742 Postgraduate Study And Research Methods03-01-2022
AC60053E Performance Management And Control03-01-2022
92482 Introduction to Specialty Practice Womens Health03-01-2022
FIN 640 Derivative Securities03-01-2022
HST5120 Epidemiology03-01-2022
NURS 324 Concepts and Theories in Nursing Practice03-01-2022
HAR6030 Introduction to Research Methods03-01-2022
CBEH 3002 Engineering Mathematics03-01-2022
H3629C Wellness and Medical Tourism Management03-01-2022
ADM 4828 Performance Management03-01-2022
RMET6053 Research Methods03-01-2022
NSB236 Integrated Nursing Practice 03-01-2022
SK14001 Skills for Learning in Care03-01-2022
BIDA100 Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics03-01-2022
NURSING7203 Introducing Professional Nursing03-01-2022
HI6026 Audit Assurance and Compliance03-01-2022
PSY3019 History and Systems of Psychology03-01-2022
CIVL6037 Project Management03-01-2022
PGBM127 Marketing and Markets in a Digital World03-01-2022
ECE6005 Early Childhood Development Learning and Teaching03-01-2022
FIN201 Corporate Finance03-01-2022
PUBH6305 Global Health Systems and Policy03-01-2022
ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation03-01-2022
NR 705 DNP Project03-01-2022
ECE312 Embedded System Design03-01-2022
FSHN3010 Food Processing and Quality Management03-01-2022
MNO2302 Human Resource Management03-01-2022
PBHL 510 Public Health Foundations and Systems03-01-2022
ENC 1101 Writing Academic Arguments03-01-2022
PSC094 Budgeting and Financial Analysis for Small Businesses03-01-2022
EDUC4203 Health and Physical Education03-01-2022
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting03-01-2022
CSIS 3860 Data Visualization03-01-2022
N291 Risk Management03-01-2022
ENSN201 Enterprise Social Networks03-01-2022
MBA504 Accounting & Financial Management03-01-2022
EECT044 Data Science and Computational Intelligence03-01-2022
BMP4001 Professional and Academic Skills Development 03-01-2022
HUM102 Cultural Traditions03-01-2022
HA2011 Management Accounting03-01-2022
SPED 598 Research in Special Education03-01-2022
BBS6SML Strategy, Change and Leadership03-01-2022
IT-FP4070 Cyber Defense and Countermeasures03-01-2022
FIT4005 Research Methods In Information Technology03-01-2022
MGT605 Business Capstone Project03-01-2022
BSBWHS401 Implement and Monitor WHS Policies03-01-2022
IT3358 Information Security Concepts For The Information Technology Professional03-01-2022
NUR4166 Nursing Research03-01-2022
PSYC5901M Advanced Research Methods03-01-2022
ECON 1012 Principles of Economics03-01-2022
INDS545 Misinformation and Society03-01-2022
ECED 3044 The Reflective practitioner03-01-2022
BUS102 Introduction to Management03-01-2022
ACCT 405 Accounting of Financial Institutions03-01-2022
GEND1020 Gender and Power 03-01-2022
BUS 310 Human Resource Management03-01-2022
ATPHIS002 Modern History03-01-2022
ENGL101 Introduction to Expository Writing03-01-2022
PSYC1108 The Psychology of Surviving and Thriving03-01-2022
TM5019 Tourism Planning And Management 03-01-2022
BIOINF3010 Genomics Applications03-01-2022
EEET2609 Engineering Design 303-01-2022
NURS 6521 Advanced Pharmacology03-01-2022
BCO213 Human Resources Management03-01-2022
CSIA300 Cybersecurity Management03-01-2022
CNA250 Nursing Practice03-01-2022
UW6762002 Bachelor of Counselling With Honours03-01-2022
5FO503 Forensic Anthropology03-01-2022
N100 Business Studies03-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing03-01-2022
JNB534 Commercial Ship Management03-01-2022
ENG1100 English03-01-2022
MARK936 Consumer Behaviour03-01-2022
BUSN1009 Quantitative Methods03-01-2022
NRS72009 Health Maintenance and Restorative Nursing Care03-01-2022
ACCC5F02 Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care Management03-01-2022
XM0171 Linguistics and English Language03-01-2022
ENGG101 Foundations of Engineering03-01-2022
HRM 4034 Leadership and Management Development03-01-2022
MBA2011 Cultural Diversity03-01-2022
BISM 100 PC Business Essentials03-01-2022
ACCT 422 Tax and Zakat Accounting03-01-2022
BSBLDR602 Provide Leadership Across the Organisation03-01-2022
HC3131 Integrated Business Management Project03-01-2022
MGMT310 Organisation Change for Sustainability 03-01-2022
BUSN08040 Operations Management03-01-2022
HSSM72 Social Determinants of Health and Health Systems03-01-2022
MATH 1066 Applied Mathematics for Decision Making03-01-2022
6COM1033 Computer Systems Security03-01-2022
MP2714 Computer Aided Design and Simulation03-01-2022
CHEM101 General Chemistry I03-01-2022
REL 110 World Religions03-01-2022
COMP8770 Information Systems Project and Risk Management03-01-2022
6COM1041 Artificial Life03-01-2022
5BU010 Business Intelligence, Information Systems and Digital Capability03-01-2022
LD4008 International Business03-01-2022
NURS 6521 Advanced Pharmacology03-01-2022
LGMT 331 Transportation Principles03-01-2022
HURM3001 Performance Management03-01-2022
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law03-01-2022
7HR524 Strategic Management and Leadership03-01-2022
7BSP1303 International and Comparitive HRM03-01-2022
INB112 Data Science03-01-2022
CNS6010 Counseling Skills and Techniques03-01-2022
ENG 557 Engineering Project03-01-2022
HI6006 Competitive Strategy03-01-2022
GNDR200 Introduction to Gender Studies03-01-2022
ACT202 Management Accounting03-01-2022
NURS8740 Foundations for Responding to Clinical Deterioration Across the Lifespan03-01-2022
HFS371 Risk Assessment and Management03-01-2022
BUS-7112 Business Strategy And Innovation03-01-2022
HHB1204 Australian Health and Social Care Systems and Policy03-01-2022
C8551 Cognitive Psychology03-01-2022
NUR134 Primary Health Care03-01-2022
COMP2311 Database Systems03-01-2022
FIN203 Banking and Finance03-01-2022
BUA4003 Principles Of Economics03-01-2022
BUS344 International Management03-01-2022
MAF707 Investments and Portfolio Management03-01-2022
ENGR 430 Soil Mechanics03-01-2022
MGMT7007 Managing for Sustainability03-01-2022
BM461 Global Business Environment03-01-2022
INFS5700 Introduction to Business Analytics03-01-2022
5BU010 Business Intelligence and Digital Capability03-01-2022
NURS2015 Nursing03-01-2022
5FC003 International Financial Institutions and Markets03-01-2022
SOSC3025 Social Science Research Methods03-01-2022
DEMR 1316 Basic Hydraulics03-01-2022
LSC302 Professional Studies03-01-2022
BSBHRM613 Contribute To The Development Of Learning And Development Strategies03-01-2022
MGMT 35200 Strategic Management03-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing03-01-2022
GLS101 Introduction to Global Studies03-01-2022
ELEC6242 Cryptography03-01-2022
CS 1010 Computer Science03-01-2022
9939 Applied Entrepreneurship: Concept Development and Validation03-01-2022
COMM28883 Reports and Presentations03-01-2022
MGT604 Strategic Management03-01-2022
H300 Mechanical Engineering03-01-2022
NUR231 Drug Therapy03-01-2022
BHM206 Financial Management03-01-2022
MUSI 1114 Introduction to World Music03-01-2022
GEOP3000 Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene03-01-2022
NET102 Digital Culture and Everyday Life 03-01-2022
MGMT 640 Financial Decision Making for Managers03-01-2022
ENGR100 Interdisciplinary Engineering Design03-01-2022
TO5101 Tourism Systems Analysis03-01-2022
ECON2560 Economics of Globalisation and Development03-01-2022
EDU1001 Education Children and Society03-01-2022
NB30116 Leadership in Practice03-01-2022
EAP1850 Critical Thinking03-01-2022
MGT498 Business Management and Strategic Management03-01-2022
MKG315 Marketing Consumer Behaviour:03-01-2022
BSBHRM404 Review Human Resource Functions03-01-2022
ARTS1000 Humanities And The World03-01-2022
BUS2TBS Trends in Modern Business and Society03-01-2022
MBA 637 Operations And Supply Chain Management03-01-2022
BUSI7280 Managing in a Global Context03-01-2022
ACCT 326 Accounting Information Systems03-01-2022
HI530 Project Management03-01-2022
NURS 8700 DNP Project Mentoring03-01-2022
DIDT110 Introduction to Interior Design03-01-2022
MKT303A International Marketing03-01-2022
CIS200 Programming for Information Systems03-01-2022
GSBS6014 Digital Marketing03-01-2022
COUN 503 Group Counseling03-01-2022
SOCI1003 Introduction To Sociology03-01-2022
ISSC362 IT Security Attack and Defense03-01-2022
MGN512 Strategic Management03-01-2022
TACC601 Principles of Accounting03-01-2022
BBS6MLS Managing and Leading SMEs03-01-2022
BUU22591 Personal and Professional Development Programme03-01-2022
IT104 Introduction to Computing03-01-2022
ENGL001 English Composition03-01-2022
NURS6061 Contemporary Mental Health03-01-2022
FIN6063 Accounting For Managers03-01-2022
EDES105 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledges Histories and Cultures03-01-2022
FINM2001 Corporate Finance03-01-2022
OENG1167 Engineering Capstone Project03-01-2022
M451 Supply Chain Management03-01-2022
ACCT2110 Intermediate Financial Accounting03-01-2022
AAF004-2 Personal Development And Employability03-01-2022
ITECH3215 Information Security03-01-2022
5CO01 Organizational Performance and Culture in Practice03-01-2022
CIS416 Data And Information Management03-01-2022
RES421 Law for Real Estate Licensee 03-01-2022
ENG 101 English Composition03-01-2022
H430 Bachelor of Social Work03-01-2022
K2101 Building Information Modelling03-01-2022
MN4057 Digital Business Management and Emerging Technologies03-01-2022
BUS1AFB Principles of Accounting and Finance03-01-2022
EEET2427 Computer and Network Security03-01-2022
SOCS1000 Introduction to Sociology03-01-2022
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law03-01-2022
STATS7061 Statistical Analysis03-01-2022
LAWS50130 Advanced Torts03-01-2022
B6020 Regulation and Compliance03-01-2022
7BUSS016W.1 Management03-01-2022
TCHR2002 Children, Families and Communities03-01-2022
NUR1120 Health and Illness03-01-2022
ACCT618 Managerial Accounting03-01-2022
CCJ 4004 Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice03-01-2022
MIS221 Database System03-01-2022
HRM771 Business Research Methodology03-01-2022
BUS206 Management Information Systems03-01-2022
ISIT906 Information Design and Content Management03-01-2022
ENGL 1101 Introduction to English Literature03-01-2022
HCS475 Leadership and Performance Development03-01-2022
CIS560 Security Access And Control Strategies03-01-2022
MAF707 Investments and Portfolio Management03-01-2022
BTTM4870 Cross Cultural Intelligence03-01-2022
ENGINEERIN 48660 Dynamics and Control03-01-2022
ITECH3209 Information Technology03-01-2022
MBA687 Strategic plannining03-01-2022
6N4329 Supervisory Management03-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing: a Palliative Approach03-01-2022
CMIS5103 Methodology of Information System Development03-01-2022
UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World03-01-2022
CPCCBC4005A Produce Labour And Materials Schedules For Ordering03-01-2022
9487 Academic English03-01-2022
WLR 443 Industrial Development Consultants v Cooley03-01-2022
DATA4900 Innovation and Creativity in Business Analytics03-01-2022
BUACC3714 Advanced Management Accounting03-01-2022
CTEC5803 Host and Network Security03-01-2022
ACC 202 Management Accounting03-01-2022
STAT6003 Statistics for Financial Decisions03-01-2022
BUS310 Strategic Management For Creating Competitive Advantages03-01-2022
ELM 200 Child And Early Adolescent Development And Psychology03-01-2022
BUS7B13 Research Method 03-01-2022
MGT603 Systems Thinking03-01-2022
7BSP1303 International and Comp HRM03-01-2022
HRM210 Human Resource Management03-01-2022
BUMGT1501 Management Principles03-01-2022
BMA534 International Business Management03-01-2022
BMP4005 Information Systems and Big Data Analysis03-01-2022
HZT4U Philosophy03-01-2022
PSYCH101 Psychology03-01-2022
HNB3004 Nursing for Chronic Illness and Continuing Care03-01-2022
PX5514 Case Studies In Data Science03-01-2022
ENG 2102G3 English Composition03-01-2022
UJGT85-60-M Dissertation03-01-2022
COMP1680 Clouds, Grids and Virtualization03-01-2022
7906ICT Digital Forensics03-01-2022
NRSG266 Principles Of Nursing03-01-2022
BIOL122 Human Biological Science03-01-2022
EDEC105 Educational Psychology for Early Learners03-01-2022
HS2041 Enterprise System03-01-2022
6BUS1025 Global Marketing 03-01-2022
ECCDD302B Science, Technology and Engineering03-01-2022
N20B12 Business Management03-01-2022
ECON60401 Financial Economics I03-01-2022
B9DA101 Statistics for Data Analytics03-01-2022
CPPREP4003 Access And Interpret Legislation In Real Estate03-01-2022
HP3603 Sensation and Perception03-01-2022
BSBLDR502 Lead And Manage Effective Workplace Relationships03-01-2022
BUSN350 Business Ethics03-01-2022
BUS390 International Financial Markets and Institutions03-01-2022
BUS206 Management Information Systems03-01-2022
BSBRSK501 Manage Risk03-01-2022
MN621 Advanced Network Design03-01-2022
7BSP0353-0901 Global Economy03-01-2022
70327 Introduction to Property and Commercial Law03-01-2022
ARBE6202 Architectural Practice03-01-2022
SBI242 Pharmacology for Clinical Practice03-01-2022
ICSI402 Systems Programming03-01-2022
LLM 900 Introduction to the United States Legal System03-01-2022
CU1010 Effective Writing03-01-2022
7312MED Epidemiology Principles and Practices03-01-2022
NURS 6512 Advanced Health Assessment And Diagnostic Reasoning03-01-2022
MATH601 Introduction to Analytics03-01-2022
MRKT305 Consumer Behaviour03-01-2022
SITXWHS003 Implement And Monitor Work Health And Safety practices03-01-2022
701048 Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer03-01-2022
PGN122 International Business Management03-01-2022
MGMT 4842 Strategic Management03-01-2022
NDB503 Learning For Business03-01-2022
EDUC 1016 Academic English03-01-2022
MA250 Statistics03-01-2022
301219 Building Science03-01-2022
ANTH 216 Cultural Anthropology04-01-2022
NRS4004 Principles of Nursing Practice04-01-2022
MGT605 Business Capstone Project04-01-2022
DC910 MSc in Management of Operations04-01-2022
GSPH 5329 Issues In Rural Health04-01-2022
ASB3210 Advanced Corporate Finance 04-01-2022
SAP101 Australia Society, Systems and Policies04-01-2022
ENG10004 Digital and Data Systems04-01-2022
MATH-40017 Calculus04-01-2022
BM627 Managing Innovation in Business04-01-2022
MGMT28081 Project Management in Business04-01-2022
BINF 711 Information Security04-01-2022
MATH1300 Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning04-01-2022
EDUC3066 Early Childhood Education And Care04-01-2022
NG4U English04-01-2022
ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics04-01-2022
IT-FP4803 Systems Assurance Security04-01-2022
HRM6001 Managing Self and Others04-01-2022
HISC67 Early Islam04-01-2022
BCO1102 Information Systems For Business04-01-2022
CRKC7045 Tackling Global Local Challenges in Ethics Responsibility and Sustainability04-01-2022
B01BAVA320 Business Analysis and Valuation04-01-2022
Z41000093 Big Data04-01-2022
MAN4011 Introduction to Entrepreneurship04-01-2022
ICT303 Professional Ethics in Computing04-01-2022
B920 Occupational Therapy04-01-2022
THEO107 Intro to Religious Studies04-01-2022
DDD10009 Introduction to Digital Imaging04-01-2022
BUMKT3702 Marketing Strategy and Analysis04-01-2022
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing04-01-2022
ITC560 Internet Technologies04-01-2022
ASS1343 Health Services Planning and Management04-01-2022
BUSN20016 Research in Business04-01-2022
NURS 3402 Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice04-01-2022
MKT1040 Marketing04-01-2022
MBA 502 Emotional Intelligence Cultural Intelligence and Diversity04-01-2022
APM022 Pathophysiological Principles for Advanced Practice04-01-2022
MSC412 Public Opinion04-01-2022
EB4204 Research Methods04-01-2022
A2H049 Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education04-01-2022
ISSC452 Cybersecurity04-01-2022
AIT91001 Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning04-01-2022
HI5003 Economics for Business04-01-2022
1101IBA Management Concepts04-01-2022
ENGL 2131 American Literature04-01-2022
6LEAD002W Business Marketing04-01-2022
MIBM701 Managing International Business and Culture04-01-2022
HLTENN008 Apply Legal And Ethical Parameters To Nursing Practice04-01-2022
NSE11A Theoretical Foundations Of Nursing04-01-2022
BFA312 Management Accounting04-01-2022
AC52012 Research Methods04-01-2022
HI5002 Finance for Business04-01-2022
BIOL122 Human Biological Science04-01-2022
K219 Critical Issues in Health and Wellbeing04-01-2022
MTH116 Statistics 04-01-2022
ECON1008 Principles of Economics04-01-2022
IT FP4071 Cyber Attacks and Ethical Hacking04-01-2022
MMK251 services marketing 04-01-2022
ACC301 Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues04-01-2022
BUS6900 Management Practicum04-01-2022
SFTY 330 Aircraft Accident Investigation04-01-2022
MCR 006 Financial Management04-01-2022
CAR20001 Future Work Skills04-01-2022
FBLT086 International Human Rights Law04-01-2022
CMCE 4471 Quality Assurance04-01-2022
ITC563 IT Management Issues04-01-2022
CRIM 3335 Human Rights And Civil Liberties04-01-2022
FBLT040 Project Management04-01-2022
ACCG8048 Business and Professional Ethics04-01-2022
STMT500 Strategic Management 04-01-2022
CHC52015 Diploma Of Community Services04-01-2022
HI5017 Managerial Accounting04-01-2022
PRNG1101 Communication and Professional Values for Health04-01-2022
CEPI0913 Introduction to Nanotechnology04-01-2022
NSG 471 Leadership and Management in Health Care04-01-2022
CIN 3303 Network Security04-01-2022
CATE1147 International Events Management04-01-2022
SIT716 Computer Networks and Security04-01-2022
HLTH 415 Leadership in Healthcare Organizations04-01-2022
CS521 Programming in Python04-01-2022
HC3131 Integrated Business Management Project04-01-2022
CHL5700H Global Health04-01-2022
MBA 6053 Economics For Managers04-01-2022
ECF2731 Managerial Economics04-01-2022
I9001 Cyber Security04-01-2022
COMP1002 Data Structures and Algorithms04-01-2022
ECON1010 Macroeconomics04-01-2022
INTL711 Global Business Management04-01-2022
7BSP0353 The Global Economy04-01-2022
7605ENG Industry Affiliates Program - Dissertation 04-01-2022
HUBS2203 Introductory Pharmacology04-01-2022
OMGT709 Integrated Logistics04-01-2022
FY028 Project Management04-01-2022
MKTG807 Advanced Brand Management04-01-2022
LECON 2041 International Trade04-01-2022
MIS603 Microservices Architecture04-01-2022
BA3129 Business Research Methods04-01-2022
MAC001A Financial Accounting and Reporting04-01-2022
EMK110 Esports Experience04-01-2022
NUR2300 Nursing Assignment 04-01-2022
MAN304 Issues in International Business04-01-2022
MIS602 Data Modelling and Database Design04-01-2022
BSBWRT401 Write Complex Documents04-01-2022
400218 Mental Health Nursing04-01-2022
LAWS 1001E Introduction to Legal Studies 104-01-2022
LAW3426 Evidence Law04-01-2022
101557 The Individual in Society 04-01-2022
CHEM40221 Drug Discovery Analysis and Screening04-01-2022
MGT3RPM Remuneration And Performance Management04-01-2022
MGMT317 Organizational Behavior04-01-2022
EST503 Teaching Indigenous Learners04-01-2022
CHEM1127 Introduction to Materials Chemistry04-01-2022
POL30018 Cyber Crime and Security04-01-2022
FMT203 Procurement And Contract Management04-01-2022
GLB336 International Business04-01-2022
INFO498 Information Technology04-01-2022
860G1 Cryptography04-01-2022
NURS 225 Introduction to Nursing Theory04-01-2022
HTL301 Managing Hotel and Resort Facilities04-01-2022
IPB101 Industry Placement One04-01-2022
MAA103 Accounting for Decision Making04-01-2022
NURBN1006 Foundational Nursing Practice04-01-2022
SOCI332 Statistics for Social Science04-01-2022
ACBUS104A Finance and Investment 04-01-2022
BEMM166 Integrated Marketing Communications04-01-2022
CS 1010 Computer science04-01-2022
BUU44501 Strategic Management04-01-2022
COMP2350 Database Systems04-01-2022
ECOM1000 Analytics for Decision Making04-01-2022
MGMT1020 Management Decision Making04-01-2022
DATA4700 Digital Marketing and Competitive Advantage04-01-2022
ENGL1102 English Composition04-01-2022
NURSING 7204 Clinical Nursing Practice I04-01-2022
ENG 122 English Composition 04-01-2022
MGBBT0UBN Understanding Business Organization04-01-2022
INF10004 Database Analysis and Design04-01-2022
NURBN2025 Primary Health04-01-2022
BIOL1131 Neuroscience04-01-2022
SOCI 2012 Introduction to Social Research04-01-2022
SURV3350 Analysis of Observations04-01-2022
ACBUS107A Financial Planning Fundamentals04-01-2022
FBLT040 Project Management04-01-2022
MOD001120 Organisational Behaviour04-01-2022
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy04-01-2022
ACCT105 Financial Accounting04-01-2022
BAS324 Human Resources Management04-01-2022
PSY111 Introduction to Psychology04-01-2022
CS 6750 Human-Computer Interaction04-01-2022
BMAN73561 International Business Strategy04-01-2022
MAST90139 Statistical Modelling for Data Science04-01-2022
IB377 Advanced Financial Reporting04-01-2022
GEO103 Principles of Geography04-01-2022
B940 Biomedical Science04-01-2022
ESL 41A Introduction to English in Conversation04-01-2022
HSA 505 Health Services Strategic Marketing04-01-2022
2004GIR Government Business Relations04-01-2022
PC404 Professional Social Care04-01-2022
EDUC2066 Teaching Learning and Play in Early Childhood04-01-2022
COSC2391 Further Programming04-01-2022
ICSI402 Systems Programming04-01-2022
NURS 6051 Transformation and Informatics04-01-2022
BSB61315 Marketing and Communication04-01-2022
BFA503 Introduction to Financial Management04-01-2022
SCB001 Bachelor of Justice Studies04-01-2022
301062 Environmental Building Design04-01-2022
HRMT3001 The HRM Expert Practitioner04-01-2022
BUSI4H2JN Contemporary Marketing Communication04-01-2022
CSC2410 Computational Thinking with Python04-01-2022
TGEN123 Introduction To Information Technology04-01-2022
BSBMGT608 Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement04-01-2022
COMPSCI1016 Computational Thinking04-01-2022
HI5004 Marketing Management04-01-2022
MGMT208 Operations Management04-01-2022
PHM215 Pharmacy Practice 104-01-2022
HLSC 220 Health Care Ethics04-01-2022
BN321 Advanced Network Design04-01-2022
MIS602 Data Modelling and Database Design04-01-2022
CS178 Digital Photography04-01-2022
LAW06035 Legal Issues in Marketing04-01-2022
MIET2422 Fluid Mechanics of Mechanical Systems04-01-2022
FIN600 Financial Management04-01-2022
BUS209 Organizational Behavior04-01-2022
BUS6900 Master of Human Resource Management04-01-2022
BUSN 3620 Managing Project Time And Scope04-01-2022
NURSING 7125 Cardiovascular Disease04-01-2022
ISIT946 Project and Change Management04-01-2022
ENGL 0101 English Composition 04-01-2022
ENGL4100 Honours English Research Essay04-01-2022
ACCTING1004 Accounting Foundations04-01-2022
BX2082 Advertising, Promotions and Mobile Marketing04-01-2022
BIO00048I Neuroscience04-01-2022
MT450 Marketing Management04-01-2022
SO3201 Social Theory04-01-2022
MBA502 Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity04-01-2022
MG6810 Project Management04-01-2022
INF80050 Blockchain: Business Models and Applications04-01-2022
EDUC4014 Diverse Abilities 04-01-2022
MGT404 Organization Design and Development04-01-2022
ALC1O Integrated Arts04-01-2022
HRMN467 Global Human Resource Management04-01-2022
EEET1138 Satellite Communication Systems Engineering04-01-2022
ENGL-147 Advanced English Composition04-01-2022
HWEL2006 Social and Emotional Wellbeing04-01-2022
STAT 101 Introduction to Statistics04-01-2022
EDUC3066 Early Childhood Education and Care04-01-2022
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology04-01-2022
BUS1SBY Sustainability04-01-2022
SOSC102 Doing Sociology04-01-2022
ACCG3001 Organisational Planning and Control04-01-2022
7PROP006W Law For Property Professionals04-01-2022
COMM10096 Civil Engineering Technology04-01-2022
401055 Sport and Exercise Psychology04-01-2022
MATH1061 Mathematics04-01-2022
NUR 302 Nursing04-01-2022
BET310 Construction Law04-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing04-01-2022
ITICT302A Secure Programming04-01-2022
5CN001 Brownfield Regeneration and Construction Technology04-01-2022
ACC220 Law of Business Associations04-01-2022
BSBMKG417 Apply Marketing Communication04-01-2022
COM 115 Interpersonal Communication04-01-2022
BUS 401 Strategic Management04-01-2022
MHF4U Advanced Functions04-01-2022
COMPSCI4011 Operating Systems04-01-2022
H300 Mechanical Engineering 04-01-2022
N221 Business Management 04-01-2022
COM6001 Management in IT04-01-2022
11170 Business Communication04-01-2022
MKTG1045 Market Research04-01-2022
NURS330 Legal and Ethical Issues04-01-2022
202LEG Tort Law04-01-2022
UFCFVN-30-M Computer And Network Security04-01-2022
ASS0981 Introduction to Sociology of Health04-01-2022
ENN524 Mobile Network Engineering04-01-2022
BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships04-01-2022
CP70066E Machine Learning04-01-2022
EMNO693 Management of Non Profit Organizations04-01-2022
HLT54115 Nursing04-01-2022
IT190M2 Software Applications04-01-2022
CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance04-01-2022
CHEM1049 Chemistry04-01-2022
NUM1203 Health Assessment04-01-2022
ACOM 012 ACE Communications English04-01-2022
ZLX05 HND in Computing 04-01-2022
HI5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design04-01-2022
I9001 Cyber Security04-01-2022
5K4Z1008 Governance Ethics And Law04-01-2022
STAT220 Statistical Reasoning04-01-2022
CORP 3501 Global Strategic Management04-01-2022
BIOL 3431 Plants and People04-01-2022
NURS-8400 Evidence Based Practice04-01-2022
ENGL-1003-002 Introduction to Topics in Literature04-01-2022
HZT4U Philosophy04-01-2022
BSBPMG514 Manage Project Cost04-01-2022
PGGE11009 Environmental Impact Assessment 04-01-2022
CAPS265 Career Development III: Capstone04-01-2022
MIS604 Requirements Engineering04-01-2022
PCN211 Physics of Medical Imaging04-01-2022
BM3034 Business Statistics04-01-2022
ECON1001 Microeconomics for Business Decisions04-01-2022
BN4430 Project Management04-01-2022
COMM3250 Communication law and ethics 04-01-2022
MGMT436 Managing Organizational Change04-01-2022
MT450 Marketing Opportunities04-01-2022
7COM1012 Operating Systems and Networks04-01-2022
HRM3018 Workforce Management 04-01-2022
7BSP1350 Project Risk and Commercial Management04-01-2022
MBA509 Artificial Intelligence Programming04-01-2022
AME4064 Projects and Systems04-01-2022
STAT6200 Statistics for Public Health04-01-2022
ENGL1123 Introduction To Academic Writing04-01-2022
5CC515 Network and Security04-01-2022
CYB 250 Cyber Defense04-01-2022
MT450 Marketing Management04-01-2022
MGMT303 Principles Of Management04-01-2022
BSOM072 Logistics and Supply Chain Management04-01-2022
ENG 1101 English Composition04-01-2022
BMA328 Leadership In Organisations04-01-2022
BUU44501 Strategic Management04-01-2022
ICT201 DataBase System04-01-2022
LCBB5000 Data Handling and Business Intelligence04-01-2022
N1503 Managing Projects and Technologies04-01-2022
CULT3007 Contemporary Social Issues and Professional Practice04-01-2022
DATA4000 Introduction to Business Analytics04-01-2022
MGMT3016 Business Ethics04-01-2022
FIN 100 Introduction to Finance04-01-2022
2309ENG C and Unix Programming04-01-2022
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law04-01-2022
MOD006960 Professional Communications Skills04-01-2022
COMM19999 Essential Communication Skills04-01-2022
RSK80007 Quantified Risk Modelling04-01-2022
SOCI332 Statistics For Social Science04-01-2022
ENG1066 Thermodynamics04-01-2022
QAC020N253A Network Design and Troubleshooting04-01-2022
MIS609 Data Management and Analytics04-01-2022
BSHE32104A Statistical Analysis04-01-2022
7563LHS Research Methods04-01-2022
MBA 6951 Managing Complex Projects04-01-2022
CRIM2042 Explaining Crime04-01-2022
ECON1066 Basic Econometrics04-01-2022
ENG 101 English Composition04-01-2022
SOC 110 Survey of Sociology04-01-2022
WEBD311 Internet Concepts04-01-2022
NSG3NRC Nursing Reflection and Consolidation04-01-2022
IT104 Introduction to Cyber Security 04-01-2022
MGMT20132 Innovation and Sustainable Business Development04-01-2022
HM411 Healthcare Management04-01-2022
FBLT041 Accounting and Financial Management04-01-2022
LLBP2045 Law of Tort04-01-2022
MSOL-5000 Leader-Member Exchange and Path-Goal Theory04-01-2022
ENG101 English Composition04-01-2022
5050EXQ Urban Design and Planning04-01-2022
ICT521 It Professional Practice04-01-2022
MIS602 Data Modelling and Database Design04-01-2022
EDU6132 Early Childhood Education Studies04-01-2022
PNUR124 Practical Nursing Theory04-01-2022
IHP430 Healthcare Quality Management04-01-2022
INFO20003 Database Systems04-01-2022
ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics04-01-2022
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise04-01-2022
BUS 1166 Business Law04-01-2022
NURS3402 Evidence Based Nursing Research04-01-2022
LONT033 International Hospitality and Tourism Management04-01-2022
NURSING 3004 Mental Health Nursing04-01-2022
ENGL001 English Composition04-01-2022
CRI10002 Fundamentals of Criminology04-01-2022
BE334 Financial Markets and Monetary Policy 04-01-2022
BMGT3007S Supply Chain Planning and Control04-01-2022
FIN5FMA Financial Management04-01-2022
HRM 1100 Human Resource Management04-01-2022
NURS324 Pathophysiology For Nursing04-01-2022
MGT602 Business Decision Analytics04-01-2022
COMP0143 Cryptocurrencies04-01-2022
MDM4U0 Data Management04-01-2022
ENG 112 Writing and Research in the Disciplines04-01-2022
PHY 2048 General Physics With Calculus04-01-2022
NRS493 Professional Capstone and Practicum04-01-2022
FIN3160 Investment Analysis04-01-2022
6ENT1053 Automotive and Motorsport Engineering04-01-2022
ACCT 525 : Current Issues in Accounting 04-01-2022
PNUR105 Practical Nursing Clinical Applications04-01-2022
PUBH6005 Epidemiology04-01-2022
BSBLED805 Plan and Implement a Mentoring Program04-01-2022
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology04-01-2022
MAN6706 Developing Individuals Leaders and Organisations04-01-2022
CNT 4713 Net centric Computing 04-01-2022
BEA703 International Trade04-01-2022
ACFI1003 Introduction to Finance04-01-2022
GB102 Principles of Entrepreneurship for Non Specialists04-01-2022
ENGR101 Introduction to Engineering04-01-2022
MULT1015 Applications in Context04-01-2022
BM629 Managing Innovation in Business04-01-2022
H2K171 Energy And Sustainable Building Design04-01-2022
COMP 1730 Programming for Scientists 04-01-2022
SITXFIN004 Prepare and Monitor Budgets04-01-2022
6N3750 Human Resources04-01-2022
BM630 Corporate Strategy and Governance04-01-2022
BUS503 Foundations Of Management04-01-2022
L512 Health and Social Care04-01-2022
LA2001 Tort Law04-01-2022
PPMP20014 Complex Project Management04-01-2022
PHYS1210 Advanced Physics I04-01-2022
NURSING 1012 Aboriginal Healthcare04-01-2022
BX3082 - International Marketing 04-01-2022
CP5636 E Strategic Management04-01-2022
EMBA 502 Economic Analysis for Business Decisions04-01-2022
MGT2EMR Employment Relations04-01-2022
NSG2ANB Bachelor of Nursing04-01-2022
DBA905 Introduction to Business Research04-01-2022
BUS351 Operations Management04-01-2022
TMGT3303 Communications and Conflict Resolution for Technical Managers04-01-2022
HC2101 Performance Management HR04-01-2022
M26488 Applied Data and Text Analytics04-01-2022
BIO 139 Human Anatomy And Physiology04-01-2022
REAL321 Real Estate Development04-01-2022
NATS 1745 History of Astronomy04-01-2022
BUSI 1110 Fundamentals of Business04-01-2022
EG7031 Intelligent Transport System 04-01-2022
CIS153 Microcomputer Operating Systems and Utility Software04-01-2022
BSBLED805 Plan and Implement a Mentoring Program04-01-2022
MBA7002 Strategic Management04-01-2022
ACCT755 Advanced Financial Management04-01-2022
HA2011 Management Accounting04-01-2022
PHCM9781 Evidence Informed Decision Making04-01-2022
BUS 6070 Organizational Culture04-01-2022
200471 Construction Technology04-01-2022
COMM 204 Logistics and Operations Management04-01-2022
CP5805 Programming and Data Analytics using Python 04-01-2022
ESST 300 Curriculum Content in Secondary School Social Studies04-01-2022
3012CCJ Social Science Research Methods04-01-2022
FBLT050 Human Resource Management04-01-2022
PYC1001 History of Psychology04-01-2022
MTLH9210P Mental Health Nursing04-01-2022
TMGT3303 Communications and Conflict Resolution for Technical Manager04-01-2022
NUR535 Bioscience for Nursing Practice04-01-2022
Marketing C212 Global Market04-01-2022
BUS207 Principles of Management04-01-2022
6HL006 Appraising Health Policy and Practice05-01-2022
BMS107 Foundations Of Vertebrate Form And Function05-01-2022
SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management05-01-2022
LCBB5001 Entrepreneurship05-01-2022
SWEN90009 Software Requirements Analysis05-01-2022
NURS 350 Research in Nursing05-01-2022
EDES103 Understanding Learners and their Contexts05-01-2022
NURBN2025 Primary Health05-01-2022
NUR231 Drug Therapy05-01-2022
BUSI1702 Organisational Decision Making05-01-2022
7260THS Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Control05-01-2022
BMP6001 Dissertation05-01-2022
SPCH101 Public Speaking05-01-2022
EDUC2102 Learners and the Learning Process05-01-2022
MGT5179 Global Business Environment05-01-2022
MBA641 Strategic Project Management05-01-2022
LAW5CNB Contract Law B05-01-2022
CST0003 Digital Health Information Technology05-01-2022
BMP4001 Professional and Academic Skills Development05-01-2022
ENGL101 English Composition I05-01-2022
LAW309 Criminal Law Procedure and Evidence05-01-2022
MKTG-UB 1 Introduction to Marketing05-01-2022
MGMT8051 Comparative Human Resource Management05-01-2022
BIOL20932 Pharmacology RSM05-01-2022
PUBH746 Program Planning And Evaluation In Public Health05-01-2022
MOD005910 The Healthcare Professional05-01-2022
MA61400 Product and Brand Management05-01-2022
MGT 601 Dynamic Leadership05-01-2022
BUSS 3053 International Management Ethics and Values05-01-2022
BMP4005 Information Systems and Big Data Analysis05-01-2022
MISY2311 Introduction to Management Information System05-01-2022
MAN204 Organisational Behaviour05-01-2022
BFA201 Financial Accounting05-01-2022
ACCT7102 Financial Accounting05-01-2022
ENG 105 Introduction to Literature05-01-2022
L1031 Microeconomics 05-01-2022
274JA Bachelor Of Sport And Exercise Science05-01-2022
CHLT 1309 Community Ethics05-01-2022
NRNP 6540 Advanced Practice Care of Frail Elders05-01-2022
ECOM201 Introduction to E-management05-01-2022
MITS5507 Business Process Management05-01-2022
SMA5CSM Construction Site Management05-01-2022
23706 Economics for Management05-01-2022
ENGL 306 Advanced Composition05-01-2022
H6OBR Organisational Behaviour05-01-2022
CSCI312 Big Data Management 05-01-2022
BSBLED805 Plan and Implement a Mentoring Program05-01-2022
HRI1002 Human Resources Management05-01-2022
CIVL3180 Theory of Structures 205-01-2022
NURS415 Introduction to Community Health and Nursing05-01-2022
ICT612 Human Factors in Information Technology05-01-2022
11398 Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences05-01-2022
NURSING 7030 Nursing Research05-01-2022
7026CEM Security of Emerging Connected Systems05-01-2022
THT2106 Festivals and Events Management05-01-2022
ITT 430 Security Driven Systems Administration05-01-2022
ART287 Introduction To Printmaking05-01-2022
BMP4002 Business Law05-01-2022
IS111 Introduction to Programming05-01-2022
BFA221 Accounting Information Systems05-01-2022
MIB 130 Diseases of the Human Body05-01-2022
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law05-01-2022
ACCTING 7023 Advanced Financial Accounting05-01-2022
MGMT230 Principles Of Management05-01-2022
POLS0043 International Political Economy05-01-2022
MGT210 Organisational Behaviour05-01-2022
LAW011-1 Law for Business Managers05-01-2022
SITXHRM006 Monitor Staff Performance05-01-2022
DECS743 Operations and Supply Chain Management05-01-2022
CPP40516 Strata Community Management05-01-2022
BFA504 Accounting Systems and Processes05-01-2022
NRSG138: Transition to Nursing05-01-2022
ELEE1166 Individual Research Project05-01-2022
LAW116 Writing and Communication for Legal Professionals05-01-2022
IRHR2270 Introduction to Human Resource Management05-01-2022
PSYL10004 Dissertation in Psychology05-01-2022
MGMT2002 International Business Operations05-01-2022
SAP303 Developing Social Policy05-01-2022
RED 585 Foundations of Economics For Planning and Real Estate05-01-2022
RES860 Doctoral Research Principles of Research and Writing05-01-2022
PBHE209 Wellness Health Promotion and Disease Prevention05-01-2022
1303AFE Economics Assignment 05-01-2022
CSE 5392 Topics In Computer Science05-01-2022
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing05-01-2022
HA2042 Accounting Information Systems05-01-2022
200825 Understanding Contemporary Organizations05-01-2022
HC1072 Economics and International Trade05-01-2022
MBA402 Governance, Ethics, and Sustainability05-01-2022
BSW3923 Disability And Social Work Practice05-01-2022
PSY 208 Theories of Personality05-01-2022
ARTH241 Film and Literature05-01-2022
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy05-01-2022
GSBS6008 Global Business Management05-01-2022
ARTH 002 The Western Tradition05-01-2022
ITECH2305 Analysing the Modern Business05-01-2022
SPED753 Assessment in Early Education05-01-2022
BC98 Biomedical Sciences05-01-2022
MN5073 Developing Inclusive Organisations05-01-2022
BAA215 Business And Corporate Law05-01-2022
NUR2102 Chronic Care Across the Lifespan B05-01-2022
CS521 Programming in Python05-01-2022
PRE 100 Academic Achievement05-01-2022
NURS6351 Nursing Assignment 05-01-2022
MKT602 Sales Management05-01-2022
NUR135 Primary Health Care05-01-2022
MN4002QA Fundamentals of Management05-01-2022
SCIE20001 Thinking Scientifically05-01-2022
200864 Managing in the Global Environment05-01-2022
CS4049 Introduction To Machine Learning And Data Mining05-01-2022
HC1021 Interpersonal and E-Communication05-01-2022
ASR100 World Religions05-01-2022
ENVS6555 Water Management05-01-2022
MATHS1005 Data Literacy05-01-2022
SOC201A Mediation and Conflict Management05-01-2022
PHC 121 Introduction to Biostatistics05-01-2022
HC2121 comparative business ethics & social Responsibility 05-01-2022
HI6008 Business Research Project05-01-2022
125350 Financial Risk Management05-01-2022
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing05-01-2022
PCC302 Palliative Care and Life Limiting Conditions05-01-2022
COR415 Major Works in Corrections 05-01-2022
HLT100 Anatomy and Physiology05-01-2022
6MG001 Organisation Behaviour05-01-2022
ACCT 301 Cost Accounting05-01-2022
LAW 1507 Tort Law 05-01-2022
BUSM 3005 Creating Change And Innovation05-01-2022
EUN674 Understanding Large Scale Assessments05-01-2022
HA3042 Taxation Law05-01-2022
GSBS6014 Digital Marketing05-01-2022
ENGLV01A English Composition 05-01-2022
COMP3300 Data Privacy and Information Security05-01-2022
LAWS13 Advanced Dispute Resolution05-01-2022
ACCG2065 Blockchain For Business05-01-2022
MDSC 160 Advanced Practice in Palliative Care05-01-2022
ENGL472 Language Learning05-01-2022
SWE6202 Agile Programming05-01-2022
HLSC111 Health And Wellbeing05-01-2022
CRIM303 Crime, Media and Culture05-01-2022
NRSG375 Clinical Leadership05-01-2022
7050CRB Entrepreneurial Practice05-01-2022
IB261 Enterprise Information Systems05-01-2022
BUSN20026 Accounting for Business Decisions05-01-2022
CSE2DBF Database Fundamentals05-01-2022
EECT022 Civil Engineering05-01-2022
ACCT2002 Corporate Accounting05-01-2022
MARK3054 - Marketing Analytics and Big Data05-01-2022
NURS10016 Human Growth and Development05-01-2022
English 101 Freshman Composition05-01-2022
ENT10002 Creativity and Innovation05-01-2022
ISYS1005 Systems Analysis And Design05-01-2022
SPTH2102 Paediatric Language05-01-2022
CSC-148 Introduction to Computer Science05-01-2022
LLW2008 Commercial Law05-01-2022
FNSACC312 Administer Subsidiary Accounts and Ledgers05-01-2022
CSI3207 Network Security Fundamentals05-01-2022
CEG2136 Computer Architecture I05-01-2022
MARK3374 Social Media and Marketing05-01-2022
TLAW603 Taxation Law and Practice05-01-2022
92638 Foundations Of The Australian Healthcare System05-01-2022
ACF3900 Global issues in Accounting05-01-2022
SOCI1155 Social Issues05-01-2022
NURBN3034 Diverse Populations And Nursing Practice Report05-01-2022
COMP1609 Network and Internet Technology and Design 05-01-2022
MGT209 Business Law05-01-2022
NURS3002 Clinical Practice05-01-2022
CIS 5675 Project Management05-01-2022
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology05-01-2022
SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations05-01-2022
FBLT040 Project Management05-01-2022
CRJS 315 Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Theory05-01-2022
EDUC 3001 Reflective Practice05-01-2022
NURS 6401 Informatics in Nursing and Healthcare05-01-2022
ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals05-01-2022
MKTG90012 International Marketing Management05-01-2022
ENIN 301 Creative Entrepreneurship05-01-2022
MO4010 Basic Molecular Biology05-01-2022
PSYX3333 Social Interaction in the Modern World05-01-2022
ENGL584 Reading Crime 05-01-2022
ASS136-3 Health Issues in Gender Age and Ethnicity05-01-2022
BMA506 Foundations of Marketing05-01-2022
ACC302 Auditing and Assurance05-01-2022
ACCG888 Investigation Engagements05-01-2022
300885 Building Regulations Studies05-01-2022
WM102 Electrical and Electronic Principles05-01-2022
FY008 Ways of Learning About the Social World05-01-2022
INFO321 Database Management System05-01-2022
EVT201A Event Management and Operations05-01-2022
MN4057 Digital Business Management and Emerging Technologies05-01-2022
EDEC11029 Policy and Research in Early Childhood05-01-2022
UMOCB6-15-M Leadership05-01-2022
K90012 Construction Project Management05-01-2022
SCI-210 Introduction to Science for Elementary Educators05-01-2022
BUS8421 Leadership Management and Social Responsibility05-01-2022
BMO6624 Organisation Change Management05-01-2022
FIN20014 Financial Management 05-01-2022
INF70008 Business Analytics and Visualisation05-01-2022
FAM1246 Introduction to Children with Exceptionalities05-01-2022
4CCYB010 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology05-01-2022
AFM324 Small Business Management05-01-2022
NUR104 Contexts of Practice05-01-2022
LING2008 How Language Shapes Society05-01-2022
BSB50215 Diploma of Business05-01-2022
EVN101 Introduction To Events05-01-2022
COMPSCI5084 Distributed and Parallel Technologies05-01-2022
ENGG5811 Critical and Systems Thinking05-01-2022
RES421 Law for Real Estate Licensees05-01-2022
BIS3004 IS Security and Risk Management 05-01-2022
HIST101 American History To 187705-01-2022
L590 Health and Social Care05-01-2022
BEO1106 Business Statistics05-01-2022
PNUR129 Foundations of Research and Evidence Based Practice for Practical Nurses05-01-2022
NURS 4005 Topics in Clinical Nursing05-01-2022
CSC 425 Integrated Project05-01-2022
MKTG2001 Marketing Research05-01-2022
SEC290 Introduction To Programming With Python05-01-2022
MGT 6318 Strategic Management05-01-2022
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care05-01-2022
MBA7061 Operations Management05-01-2022
HWSS2212 Professional Project05-01-2022
ENG4U English05-01-2022
PHI2604 Crticl Thnkng/Ethics05-01-2022
1013CCJ Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice05-01-2022
BUHRM1501 Human Resource Management05-01-2022
BUSM3122 Work Health Safety and Wellbeing05-01-2022
MSWPG7203 Law and Ethics in Social Work Practice05-01-2022
CEM 512 Value Engineering05-01-2022
ENGL1100 Introduction to University Writing05-01-2022
MAN00099M Practising Strategy05-01-2022
MGT502 Business Communication05-01-2022
PSYC2505 Foundations of Psychology and Sociology for Health Professionals05-01-2022
COMM99 Essential Communication Skills05-01-2022
LAW201 Corporate Law05-01-2022
AEK1106 Reconciling Australian Humanities Education05-01-2022
MOD003353 Business Environment05-01-2022
BSB61218 Advanced Diploma of Program Management05-01-2022
EEC 3011 Empowering Contemporary Families05-01-2022
UGB 262 Quality Management for Organisational Excellence05-01-2022
PHT806 Clinical Affiliation05-01-2022
PUBHEPI 2410 Introduction to Epidemiology05-01-2022
MGT5STR Strategic Management05-01-2022
CRKC7020 Strategic Management 05-01-2022
JNB204 Port and Terminal Mangement05-01-2022
STAT 2112 Quantitative Methods for Business05-01-2022
CAR20001 Future Work Skills05-01-2022
NURBN3035 Research 2: Application of Evidence-Based Practice and Research05-01-2022
DGMANA001 Use Web Analytics Tools to Gather Data On Marketing Performance05-01-2022
BEA471 Macroeconomics05-01-2022
ITECH1001 Communications and Technology05-01-2022
COIT20275 Systems Science and Engineering-Emerged Accordingly05-01-2022
BUSI1700U Intro to Entrepreneurship05-01-2022
PROG6001 Managing Software Development Projects05-01-2022
MU123 Discovering Mathematics05-01-2022
PHIL 11103 Confronting Moral Issues: Introduction to Ethics05-01-2022
ENGL 1101 Introduction to English Literature05-01-2022
NURS 8400 Follow up Doctorate in Nursing 05-01-2022
HBS107 Understanding Health 05-01-2022
CIS450 Informatics in Healthcare05-01-2022
ST5053 Biomechanics and Control of Human Movement 05-01-2022
MGMT499 Project Capstone05-01-2022
EBE1073 History Of Economics Thought05-01-2022
COMN3517 Doing Bodies and Doing Technology05-01-2022
PSYC 325 Abnormal Psychology05-01-2022
PHI322 Epistemology05-01-2022
CHEM096 Chemical Calculations05-01-2022
ECE6004 Languages and Literacy in Early Childhood05-01-2022
SO128 Sociology05-01-2022
GEOG101 Introduction To Geography 05-01-2022
G404 Computing05-01-2022
EPM5700 Project Management and Information Technology05-01-2022
BLAW 3750 Employment Law05-01-2022
BUSN1011 Accounting for Managers05-01-2022
ACCT 3003 Contemporary Issues in Accounting05-01-2022
MGMT 4583 International Management 05-01-2022
LG1180 Constitutional law05-01-2022
401021 Being A Professional Nurse Or Midwife05-01-2022
COMPSCI5004 Algorithms And Data Structures05-01-2022
NURS2001 Pharmacology and Therapeutics05-01-2022
TC70024E Construction Innovation and BIM05-01-2022
MIS6110 System Analysis And Design05-01-2022
PROJ 6002 Project Planning and Budgeting05-01-2022
SS1111 Introduction to Counselling05-01-2022
CMNS2530 Strategic Communication05-01-2022
SOC 6040 Globalization People And Society05-01-2022
5343 MSc Business Project Management05-01-2022
BSBMGT516 Facilitate Continuous Improvement05-01-2022
ENVS3102 Urban Climate and Air Quality05-01-2022
NURS 6051 - Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Through Technology05-01-2022
CSE1IOX Intermediate Object Oriented Programming05-01-2022
CN7000 Computer Science Dissertation05-01-2022
NURS 1082 Electronic Documentation and Nursing Informatics05-01-2022
INTBUS 7501 Global Business Analysis05-01-2022
SOCI212 Social Problems05-01-2022
NURS523 Advanced Nutrition:Molecular Basis of Nutrition05-01-2022
M059CL Entrepreneurship Creating A Business Opportunity05-01-2022
H018 Planning An Effective Performance Appraisal05-01-2022
SOS-320 The Management of Stress and Tension05-01-2022
English 101 Composition 105-01-2022
ENGL231 Australian Literature05-01-2022
SITXHRM006 Monitor Staff Performance05-01-2022
ENG4U1 English05-01-2022
ESM740 Educating Students With Dyslexia And Learning Difficulties05-01-2022
ENGL 101 English Composition05-01-2022
ENGL 101 Understanding Literature05-01-2022
MAF 707 Investments and Portfolio Management05-01-2022
TLIX4028 Apply Knowledge of Logistics05-01-2022
FNCE5014 Corporate Finance for Managers05-01-2022
ECON1000 Introductory Economics05-01-2022
7133EXQ Drilling Engineering05-01-2022
CSCI435 Computer Vision Algorithms and Systems05-01-2022
BNURS20 Nursing05-01-2022
MBA 645 Optimizing Brands05-01-2022
CIE6003 Geotechnical Engineering and Ground Improvement05-01-2022
ICT203 Human Computer Interaction05-01-2022
BUS 501 Organisational Behaviour And Leadership05-01-2022
PYB203 Developmental Psychology05-01-2022
C736 Quality Management In Health Services05-01-2022
MGMT70014 Business Facilitation And Communication05-01-2022
JUS-470 Benchmark - TAP Part VI: Behavioral Analysis 05-01-2022
KB7052 Masters Research Project05-01-2022
MATHS 3026 Cryptography III05-01-2022
EDU6CEG Contextualising Education Globally05-01-2022
TECH 1005 Cyber Security05-01-2022
CA4052 Airport Management05-01-2022
MOD006960 Communication Skills 105-01-2022
HC3031 Trends in the Global Business Environment05-01-2022
ACCT105 Financial Accounting05-01-2022
BMG935 International Human Resource Management05-01-2022
IBS221 Trade And Finance In A Global Economy05-01-2022
MGMT 6170 - Managing Human Resources and Behavior05-01-2022
CHSO 404 Advanced Pathophysiology05-01-2022
COMM204 Public Speaking05-01-2022
ETX1100 Business Statistics05-01-2022
BMO5501 Business Ethics and Sustainability05-01-2022
POLI1003 An Introduction to Democracy and Government05-01-2022
MNGT1001 Introduction to Management05-01-2022
7141 EXQ Process Safety and Reliability Engineering05-01-2022
SOC 100 Introductory Sociology05-01-2022
CORPFIN 2504 Options Futures and Risk Management05-01-2022
PSPETH003 Promote The Values And Ethos Of Public Service05-01-2022
AST 205 Business Communications05-01-2022
LAW2450 Company Law05-01-2022
16266 Sustainable Urban Design and Development05-01-2022
HI5017 Managerial Accounting05-01-2022
MG6405 Applied Strategic Marketing05-01-2022
ACCG2051 Business and Corporations Law05-01-2022
21510 Introduction to Strategy05-01-2022
BPA12403 Principles of Economics05-01-2022
2804NRS Human Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 105-01-2022
MAST90083 Computational Statistics and Data Science05-01-2022
WIB601 Preparation For Professional Practice05-01-2022
BEO5539 Business Statistics05-01-2022
MGMT410 Strategic Management05-01-2022
B325 Managing across organisational and cultural boundaries05-01-2022
NURS602 Long Term Care and Disability05-01-2022
CHEE1000 Process Engineering Principles05-01-2022
OMGT2087 Supply Chain Modelling And Design05-01-2022
CSB464 Person-centred care: Neurology05-01-2022
7TRAN026W Sustainable Supply Chains With Focus on Freight Transport05-01-2022
MATH399N Statistics05-01-2022
MAE101 Economic Principles 05-01-2022
KF7011 Systems Analysis and Design with UML05-01-2022
BSBSUS401 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices05-01-2022
BUS301 Human Resource Management05-01-2022
SCIN131 Introduction to Chemistry05-01-2022
NURS 2024 Health of Older Adults05-01-2022
ASS1102 Research Collecting Data05-01-2022
LA1027 Human Rights Law05-01-2022
ENGL001 English Composition 05-01-2022
MARKETNG2503 Marketing Communications II05-01-2022
MGT712 Corporate Governance Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility05-01-2022
SCIE 480 Research Methods in Science05-01-2022
FINA 469 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management05-01-2022
MANG6542 Computational Methods for Logistics05-01-2022
UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World05-01-2022
AM811001 Analytics for Managers05-01-2022
BLDG3021 Property Development05-01-2022
NRSG7065 Foundational Concepts Of Professional Nursing05-01-2022
HRMM055 Managing And Organisational Behaviour05-01-2022
401006 Bioscience05-01-2022
ICS211 Introduction To Computer Science05-01-2022
CYB 200 Project Three Milestone05-01-2022
PHYS1003 General Physics for Engineers05-01-2022
MAN6305 Contemporary Approaches to Project Management05-01-2022
400285 Public Health05-01-2022
5N2770 Care Skills05-01-2022
HUM-204 Introduction to American Cultural Studies05-01-2022
FBLT040 Project Management05-01-2022
NURSING 1010 Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice05-01-2022
GSBS6484 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility05-01-2022
SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology05-01-2022
BUSI 1073 Business Writing and Communications05-01-2022
ACCT620 Forensic Accounting05-01-2022
PBHE607 Epidemiology05-01-2022
PSYCO 104 Basic Psychological Processes05-01-2022
HA3042 Taxation Law05-01-2022
MOD3327 Economics for Business05-01-2022
G400 Computer Science05-01-2022
BSC302 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods05-01-2022
ACCT 309 Federal Taxation Accounting05-01-2022
BSBMKG609 Develop A Marketing Plan05-01-2022
PHIL 202 American Philosophy06-01-2022
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing06-01-2022
AC3093 Auditing and assurance06-01-2022
ACCTING 2501 Financial Accounting06-01-2022
RBP020L056A Strategy in Practice06-01-2022
BMO1102 Management and Organisation Behaviour06-01-2022
N400 Accounting and Finance06-01-2022
MIS609 Data Management and Analytics06-01-2022
311MANSC International Business and Globalisation06-01-2022
5X7V0037 Marketing Masters Level Learning06-01-2022
LSBM309 Financial Management06-01-2022
XN7201 Obesity Epidemic06-01-2022
COMM5202 Social and Environmental Sustainability06-01-2022
MUSI30004 Music and Film since 190006-01-2022
NX0470 Applied Management Work Investigation06-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing06-01-2022
NURBN 1016 Determinants of Health06-01-2022
AYB232 Financial Services Regulation and Law06-01-2022
ANATSC1102 Human Biology IA 06-01-2022
HUMN 1052 Australian Politics and Active Citizenship06-01-2022
UNV108 Navigatingthe Online Environment06-01-2022
MPH5002 Foundations Of Health Promotion And Program Planning06-01-2022
ECO3CCE Climate Change Economics And Policy06-01-2022
NUR3605 Nursing Leadership Governance and Culture06-01-2022
MUSC1251 Applied Music Voice06-01-2022
LEIS1000 Leisure Behaviour and Organisation06-01-2022
SHR0123 Dissertation In Human Resource Management06-01-2022
ISY305 Knowledge Management06-01-2022
CHM 1025C Introductory Chemistry06-01-2022
ZLX05 HND in Computing06-01-2022
HZT 4U1 Philosophy06-01-2022
CS229 Teaching And Learning06-01-2022
SAP102 Welfare Systems and Services in Australia06-01-2022
GWP 900 International Workplace Practice06-01-2022
BUMKT5902 Marketing Management06-01-2022
NEUR1020 Brain and Behavioural Sciences06-01-2022
328CSS3 Human and Computer Interaction06-01-2022
LAW B868 Corporate Law06-01-2022
ENGL001 English Composition06-01-2022
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing06-01-2022
CHE 360 Methods and Strategies for Health Education06-01-2022
MGMT701 Strategic Management06-01-2022
NURS4001 Nursing and Midwifery Capstone06-01-2022
BLAW1002 Markets and Legal Frameworks06-01-2022
B120 Medical Physiology06-01-2022
NURSING7011 Leadership and Management in Nursing06-01-2022
MANM434 Strategic Marketing06-01-2022
GMED2001 Applied Bioscience for Health Instability06-01-2022
301227 Building Science And Technology06-01-2022
PROJ6000 Principles Of Project Management06-01-2022
B291 Management Accounting06-01-2022
COMP9752 Computer Game Development06-01-2022
MGBBT0UBN Understanding Business Organisation06-01-2022
BUSN410 Critical Thinking Strategies for Business Decisions06-01-2022
FINE 441 Investment Management06-01-2022
4421NS Nursing 06-01-2022
ITECH2004 Data Modelling06-01-2022
BUS-7112 Business Strategy and Innovation06-01-2022
MOD003353 Business Environment06-01-2022
MIS201 Business Requirements Analysis06-01-2022
PSY5302 Psychological Issues in Gender and Emotion06-01-2022
7004IBA Trade Strategy and Risk06-01-2022
FPX5006 Business Strategy06-01-2022
FINM4100 Data Analytics in Accounting Economics and Finance06-01-2022
MECH1082 Mechanical Principles06-01-2022
ACCM4300 Financial Reporting 06-01-2022
SOFT40091 Real Time A&D Half Year 106-01-2022
BIOL455 General Microbiology06-01-2022
BS3387 Economics of Entrepreneurship06-01-2022
BMA328 Leadership in Organisations06-01-2022
CHEM101 General Chemistry I06-01-2022
LES101 Introduction to Leisure and Health06-01-2022
NURS 7023 Evidence Based Health Care06-01-2022
MATH22558 Integral Calculus06-01-2022
MA3074 Introduction To Actuarial Mathematics06-01-2022
DSS10354 Introduction to Leisure and Tourism Management06-01-2022
SIT50416 Diploma Of Hospitality Management06-01-2022
QAB020X603H Applied Corporate strategy06-01-2022
FINA-343 Marketing Financial Services06-01-2022
ITNE2003R Network Configuration And Management06-01-2022
EVNT 1102 Principle of Business Law06-01-2022
SHR016-2 People Resourcing and Development06-01-2022
HLTH645 Performance Nutrition For The Physically Active06-01-2022
SOC350 Cultural Diversity06-01-2022
BUS2210 Fundamentals of Marketing06-01-2022
NU 606 Advanced Pathophysiology06-01-2022
ACC301 Tax Law06-01-2022
MBA631 Digital Marketing and Communication06-01-2022
MAN5402 Project Scheduling and Control06-01-2022
MN1016 Marketing06-01-2022
BI1BM12 Key Skills in Biomedicine06-01-2022
HRMN 2821 Human Resources Management06-01-2022
POLS1101 Understanding Politics and Policy06-01-2022
ACCG3008 Corporate Accounting and Business Advisory06-01-2022
HC1010 Accounting for Business06-01-2022
SNPG 905 Minor Project06-01-2022
TPP107 Critical Thinking In Society06-01-2022
CMN 279 Introduction to Professional Communication06-01-2022
COMP507 IT Project Management06-01-2022
BHS004-2 Environmental Impact Assessment06-01-2022
200865 Managing Operations06-01-2022
ACBUS108A Applied Economics06-01-2022
COM3013 Computational Intelligence06-01-2022
HIST102W Canada since Confederation06-01-2022
MBA 5401 Management Information Systems06-01-2022
BMA799 Strategic Management06-01-2022
ELE 538 Information Theoretic Security06-01-2022
SCM110 Business Forecasting and Data Analytics06-01-2022
CHE4173 Sustainable Processing 2 06-01-2022
M1N226418 Background And Organisation Of Rail Operations06-01-2022
307CPD Health Promotion06-01-2022
ENGL 250 Report Writing06-01-2022
NMIH202 Developing Nursing Practice06-01-2022
COMP6300 Applied Cryptography06-01-2022
HLT1RAE Research And Evidence In Practice06-01-2022
PSYC 3806 Social Psychology 06-01-2022
POLIS2134 Applied Thinking For Complex Problems06-01-2022
M1N226418 Background And Organisation Of Rail Operations06-01-2022
AMB200 Consumer Behaviour06-01-2022
NURS 422 Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Ethics and Law06-01-2022
NURS3106 Leading Teaching Mentoring and Clinical Supervision for Health Professionals06-01-2022
WELF2003 Trauma Informed Practice06-01-2022
NRSG375 Clinical Leadership06-01-2022
2825 Marketing Management06-01-2022
ECON1950 Macro Economics06-01-2022
ACC201 Financial Accounting06-01-2022
GLOB41122 Gender Diff and Int Dev06-01-2022
1805ICT Human Computer Interaction06-01-2022
ACCT5017 Taxation06-01-2022
CHCLEG001 Work Legally and Ethically06-01-2022
CORPFIN2503 Business Data Analytics06-01-2022
BSOM046 Managing Operations And Supply Chain06-01-2022
BUS6300 Sustainable Business Management06-01-2022
INDG 100 Intro to Indigenous Studies06-01-2022
PRVT2652 Business Law06-01-2022
BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resources Services06-01-2022
1007THS Tourism Travel and Technology06-01-2022
EARTH1001 Eearth Science06-01-2022
KGA381 Environmental Impact Assessment06-01-2022
SNPG 935 Philosophies of Mental Health Care06-01-2022
INF80028 Business Process Management06-01-2022
MGMT5604 Asia Pacific Business and Management06-01-2022
BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service06-01-2022
LSC1006 Operations Management for Logistics06-01-2022
PMO 201 Project Management06-01-2022
MKTG2033 Advertising06-01-2022
HLTH1011 Health and Healing06-01-2022
TLIX4028 Apply Knowledge of Logistics06-01-2022
ACCT1110 Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting06-01-2022
BSBADM502 Manage Meetings06-01-2022
BU3570 Human Resource Management06-01-2022
LS298 Legal Support and Services Capstone06-01-2022
ICTCYS610 Protect Critical Infrastructure For Organisations06-01-2022
EDEN102 Childrens Literature for Early Reading06-01-2022
BBUS 250 Business Negotiating Skills06-01-2022
ENGL 1101 English Composition06-01-2022
BIOL1181 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology06-01-2022
PSYCH 11 Child Growth and Development06-01-2022
CZ2002 Object Oriented Design and Programming06-01-2022
G6017 Program Analysis06-01-2022
CMDBST101 Contemporary Business Environment06-01-2022
10191 Foundations for Professional Practice06-01-2022
IFSM 310 3D Printing06-01-2022
CRIM 1100 Introduction To Criminal Justice06-01-2022
ENCOR7010 Research Project06-01-2022
ECON1010 Macroeconomics 106-01-2022
NURS3005 Transition to Professional Nursing06-01-2022
C10004V6 Bachelor of Design In Architecture06-01-2022
5CRIM006W Forensic Criminal Psychology06-01-2022
HEBCHSI104 Bachelor of Community Mental Health06-01-2022
HA 3032 Auditing06-01-2022
BM 565 Digital Business and New Technologies06-01-2022
ENS5543 Engineering Management06-01-2022
FIN510 Finance for Management06-01-2022
SIS40215 Fitness06-01-2022
EPM 5600 Principles of Project Management06-01-2022
COMM1016 Communication Essentials06-01-2022
ECON 101 Principles Of Microeconomics06-01-2022
MBA637 Operations And Supply Chain Management 06-01-2022
ICT285 Databases 06-01-2022
EEET2099 Variable Speed Drives06-01-2022
PMO201 Project Management06-01-2022
2803ICT System and Distributed Computing06-01-2022
CHCPOL003 Research And Apply Evidence To Practice06-01-2022
HI5013 Managing Across Borders06-01-2022
PACC6009 Business Law06-01-2022
TLIX4028 Apply Knowledge of Logistics06-01-2022
MANAGEMT7064 Advanced Marketing06-01-2022
MEM604 Engineering Management Capstone06-01-2022
GSBS6041 Global Marketing Strategy and Planning06-01-2022
SBI209 Design And Analysis Of Biological Studies06-01-2022
BUS 220 Ethics in Contemporary Organizations06-01-2022
MPP703 Leadership Research Project06-01-2022
HOS-200 Introduction to Hospitality06-01-2022
COHS718 Systems Management I06-01-2022
MEM604 Engineering Management Capstone06-01-2022
ELEC5616 Computer and Network Security06-01-2022
MPA501 Accounting Principles06-01-2022
NURS 2023 Health of Adults06-01-2022
BLO2206 Taxation Law and Practice06-01-2022
CIS562 Computer Forensics Planning 06-01-2022
NUTR2005 Lifespan Nutrition06-01-2022
HLTHPS006 Assist Clients With Medication06-01-2022
HIST2223 Myth and the Ancient World06-01-2022
TLIP5008 Manage a Transport and Logistics Business06-01-2022
ACC 933 Financial Management06-01-2022
AFIN3010 Issues in Applied Finance06-01-2022
BUS202 Principles of finance06-01-2022
JUST 2005 Human Service Workers and the Law06-01-2022
7004MKT Marketing for Social Change 06-01-2022
GCST2610 Intimacy Love and Friendship06-01-2022
MGMT223 Business Strategy06-01-2022
WACO1002 Academic Communication in Science06-01-2022
MKTP103 Marketing Principles06-01-2022
ECL300 Literacy Planning06-01-2022
BUS306 World of Work: Your Pathway to Employment06-01-2022
CHEM1010 Introductory Chemistry06-01-2022
401418 Optimising Contribution of Older People06-01-2022
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing Contexts of Ageing06-01-2022
BUSN7005 Contemporary Issues in Accounting06-01-2022
GWP901 Professional Workplace Practice06-01-2022
92441 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing06-01-2022
FIN355 Equity Securities06-01-2022
101664 Working with Cultural Differences06-01-2022
NUR131 Professional Practice06-01-2022
SCCHM1002 Chemistry06-01-2022
NURSING7011 Leadership and Management in Nursing06-01-2022
COMP630 Network Security 06-01-2022
SOC 719 Modern Discourses In Policy And Practice For Working With Experiences Of Alcohol And Other D06-01-2022
MKT80010 Marketing Strategy and Planning06-01-2022
BUS330 Research Methodology06-01-2022
BISY1001 Professional and Ethical Practice06-01-2022
D081 Innovative and Strategic Thinkin06-01-2022
SITXHRM006 Monitor Staff Performance06-01-2022
5IB005 Contemporary Issues in International Business Management06-01-2022
HI540 Project Management of Health Information Systems06-01-2022
7BUSS010W Managing Operation Information and Knowledge06-01-2022
EBP107 Evidence Based Practice06-01-2022
SHR018-2 Human Resource Management06-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing06-01-2022
3723ICT Interaction Design06-01-2022
NBC3005 Construction Law06-01-2022
UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World06-01-2022
BEE205S Transformers and Switchgears06-01-2022
MIS607 Cybersecurity06-01-2022
BI 121 Microbiology06-01-2022
CEOL-206 Criminal Investigative Analysis Introduction06-01-2022
CIS8500 Applied Research for Information System Professionals06-01-2022
GEN124 Genetics06-01-2022
TSJH9P2 International Human Rights Law06-01-2022
PSB510 Organisational Culture06-01-2022
NURS 8410 Best Practices In Nursing Specialties06-01-2022
LST5CCL Foundations of Company and Commercial Law06-01-2022
BUS5WB Data Warehousing and Big Data06-01-2022
NUR500 Research06-01-2022
CHC50113 Early Childhood Education and Care06-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing06-01-2022
MAR042-6 Dissertation 06-01-2022
BSOM046 Managing Operations06-01-2022
CAM404 Research and Evaluation Practicum 06-01-2022
Nursing 769 Contemporary Issues in Health Care06-01-2022
401206 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health06-01-2022
SBI241 Pathophysiology for Healthcare06-01-2022
ICTSAS526 Review and Update Disaster Recovery and Contingency Plans06-01-2022
PSYC2132 Foundational Perspectives Lifespan Development06-01-2022
6LLAW062W EU Law06-01-2022
SITXFIN004 Prepare and Monitor Budgets06-01-2022
PUBH3005 Influencing Health Behaviours06-01-2022
BSBESB301 Investigate Business Opportunities06-01-2022
GGX3200 Geography 06-01-2022
BUS300 Operations Management06-01-2022
PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement06-01-2022
ENG102 Introduction to English Studies06-01-2022
7902AFE Economics for a Sustainable Future06-01-2022
NPU2303 Nursing Practice06-01-2022
200865 Mananging Operations06-01-2022
BISY2006 Management Information Systems06-01-2022
BSM823 Capstone06-01-2022
SWTP339 Law and Social Work06-01-2022
6HW109 Environmental Management and Sustainable Health06-01-2022
200627 Financial Planning06-01-2022
JNB330 Supply Chain Management06-01-2022
COMP8110 Distributed Systems06-01-2022
SOCS2400 Applied Social Research06-01-2022
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy06-01-2022
FNCE 203 Advanced Corporate Finance06-01-2022
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues06-01-2022
HI6008 Business Research06-01-2022
HLTH421 Foundational Mental Health Assessment Skills06-01-2022
6002PHM Pharmaceutical Analysis06-01-2022
SMGT3309 Corporate Governance06-01-2022
MKTG3002 Digital and Social Media Marketing06-01-2022
IFN557 Rapid Web Development06-01-2022
CCF501 Cloud Computing Fundamentals06-01-2022
CUL255 Rock and Roll A Cultural History06-01-2022
CMHL1000 Foundations for Professional Health Practice06-01-2022
BSS074-6 Personal Professional Development06-01-2022
HRMT3321 Human Resource Management06-01-2022
BUST08026 Introduction to Business 06-01-2022
7033MKT Evaluating Marketing Performance06-01-2022
ICT113 Programming Fundamentals06-01-2022
MGT4202 Project Risk Management06-01-2022
HI5004 Marketing Management06-01-2022
ENRP20003 Engineering Research Project Implementation06-01-2022
LCBB5001 Entrepreneurship06-01-2022
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology06-01-2022
HI5002 Finance for Business06-01-2022
SOC301A Qualitative Research Methods06-01-2022
CITS2002 Systems Programming06-01-2022
NURS 3340 RN-BSN Evidence-Based Practice06-01-2022
DDHA 8203 Advanced Healthcare Operations Management06-01-2022
PS407 Social Psychology06-01-2022
MGT264 Industrial Relations06-01-2022
HLAD8108 Strategic Planning and Marketing for Health Administration06-01-2022
PHAR1101 Introduction to Pharmacy and Formulation Sciences06-01-2022
LAW 1507 Tort law06-01-2022
BSBLDR801 Transformational Leadership06-01-2022
HI6027 Business and Corporate Law06-01-2022
XPD003 English Three06-01-2022
IFSM 310 3D Printing Stage06-01-2022
BSB123 Data Analysis06-01-2022
BUS344 International Management06-01-2022
BM9718 Research Methods and Analytics for Business06-01-2022
92433 Professional Identity06-01-2022
ABOR1040 Cultural Competency in Health Services06-01-2022
SOWR1101 Introduction to Social Work06-01-2022
FIN 223 Investment Analysis06-01-2022
ICT321 Architecture and System Integration06-01-2022
9011PMGT Project Management06-01-2022
QAB020X619A Retail Issues and Applications06-01-2022
ABORIG1001 Indigenous People Country and Protocols06-01-2022
BAO2203 Corporate Accounting06-01-2022
BUS508 Business Analytics06-01-2022
ADM1000 Analytics for Decision Making06-01-2022
B207A Shaping Business Opportunities06-01-2022
BIZ101 Business Communications06-01-2022
GEOG101 Introduction to Geography06-01-2022
DDHA 8203 Advanced Healthcare Operations Management06-01-2022
11247 Architectural History And Theory06-01-2022
OHSE2720 Ergonomics for OHS06-01-2022
PUBH1402 Indigenous Health06-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing06-01-2022
MOD001093 Entrepreneurship and Innovation06-01-2022
GSBS6014 Digital Marketing06-01-2022
7DIBU004W Leading the Digital Transformation06-01-2022
SIS50115 Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management 06-01-2022
SHR0182 Human Resource Management06-01-2022
QAB020X613A Entrepreneurial Development06-01-2022
BAT303 Integrated Production Management06-01-2022
COMP SCI 7327 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning06-01-2022
HLTH 1047 First Peoples Health06-01-2022
IST614 Project Management and Scheduling06-01-2022
ITI581 Cyber Security Fundamentals06-01-2022
CP5631 Internet Fundamentals06-01-2022
BX2016 Data Analytics and Business Modelling06-01-2022
FIN 925 Banking Theory and Practice06-01-2022
MNG00703 Organisational Change and Development06-01-2022
ENG113 Writing And Communication06-01-2022
SM9636 Strategic Analysis for Sustainable Leadership06-01-2022
HLTENN013 Implement and Monitor Care of the Older Person06-01-2022
MENH805 Interventions for Addictions in Mental Health06-01-2022
BSB61315 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication06-01-2022
SOC30005 Creativity And Innovation06-01-2022
MHN1803 Foundations of Mental Health Nursing Knowledge06-01-2022
CO4512 Information Security Management06-01-2022
LLBP3007 Commercial Law06-01-2022
ICT100 Foundations of Information Systems07-01-2022
LONT033 International Hospitality And Tourism Management07-01-2022
CHEM1127 Colloids and Nanoparticles07-01-2022
SO245 Social Impact of Technology07-01-2022
COMS 302 Media Ethics and Law07-01-2022
COMM 101 Introduction to Communication07-01-2022
HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting07-01-2022
INF30003 Business Information Systems Analysis07-01-2022
ACCT242 Accounting and Business Analysis07-01-2022
NUR5325 Clinical Leadership in Nursing07-01-2022
EDU301 Foundations of Education07-01-2022
HLTENN001 Nursing Aged Care And Health07-01-2022
HSBH3022 Health Promotion07-01-2022
NR439 Evidence Based Practice07-01-2022
ME201 Manufacturing Processes07-01-2022
BA7032 Financial Modelling and Research Methods07-01-2022
FNCE 623 Financial Management07-01-2022
ECE598HH Wireless Networks And Mobile System07-01-2022
PRM701 Project Management Principles07-01-2022
MNG81001 Management Communication07-01-2022
MEC3102 Fluid Mechanics07-01-2022
DDHA 8203 Advanced Healthcare Operations Management07-01-2022
ECON1020 Prices and Market07-01-2022
MGT531 Business Ethics07-01-2022
FSHN1030 Introduction to the Nutritional Physical and Psychological Aspects of Wellness07-01-2022
SOC301A Mediation and Conflict Management07-01-2022
NURS2004 Inquiry for Professional Practice07-01-2022
ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory07-01-2022
COMP6441 Security Engineering And Cyber Security07-01-2022
UNCC300 - Justice and Change in a Global World07-01-2022
PER2102 Professional Communication07-01-2022
KCOM328 Marketing Communication07-01-2022
FIN510 Small Business Finance07-01-2022
OCCT1201 Introduction to Occupational Therapy Practice07-01-2022
MIS713 Digital Transformation of Supply Chains07-01-2022
BANK3003 Financial Risk Analysis07-01-2022
HCMG101 Health Care Systems07-01-2022
NUR332 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety07-01-2022
NRSG375 Clinical Leadership07-01-2022
ECON 1010 Macroeconomics07-01-2022
BAT4M Financial Accounting Principles07-01-2022
BIOL 357 Bioinformatics07-01-2022
SENG2260 Human Computer Interaction 07-01-2022
REL108 Religion And Society in West07-01-2022
NFSM108 Introduction to Food Services07-01-2022
BSBCMM511 Communicate with Influence07-01-2022
AME4061 Engineering Environment07-01-2022
SITXWHS003 Implement and Monitor Work Health and Safety Practices07-01-2022
ITC595 Information Security07-01-2022
BMS 565 Cardiopulminary Physiology07-01-2022
B9L5 Guidance and Counselling07-01-2022
NUTR3110 Food Security07-01-2022
BUS106 Accounting for Business07-01-2022
ITAP1004 Website Development 07-01-2022
SNPG903 Developments Nursing Care07-01-2022
SOE11147 Global Logistics And Supply Chains07-01-2022
B991 Health and Social Care07-01-2022
PSYC3016 Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience07-01-2022
GNED101 Arts And Sciences 07-01-2022
MS4S08 Applied Statistics for Data Science07-01-2022
BUSMGT 751 Marketing Management07-01-2022
ITECH1103 Big Data and Analytics07-01-2022
401206 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health07-01-2022
CIND3000 Entrepreneurship 07-01-2022
ACCT5021 Accounting for Managers07-01-2022
HIMA600 Listing of Salaries07-01-2022
H300 Mechanical Engineering07-01-2022
FIN3074 Risk Management Applications of Derivatives07-01-2022
ANTH111 Cultural Anthropology07-01-2022
KIT714 ICT Research Principles07-01-2022
MGT4017 Project Management07-01-2022
300570 Human Computer Interaction07-01-2022
COM0004NFBNM Using Numeracy Data and IT07-01-2022
7ENT1135 Poisson’s Ratio07-01-2022
ICT321 Architecture and System Integration07-01-2022
BUS320 Business Governance and Society07-01-2022
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law07-01-2022
NSG3204 Readiness For Practice07-01-2022
NURS 8310 Epidemiology and Population Health07-01-2022
HUMA 1315 Fine Arts Appreciation07-01-2022
HLTH 1038 Introduction to Public Health07-01-2022
NSE111 Foundations for Nursing Practice07-01-2022
BIOLOGY 20 General Biology07-01-2022
BIT371 Capstone Experience 107-01-2022
AM7303 Advanced Management Accounting07-01-2022
ACCT 209 Advanced Taxation07-01-2022
MMCC1040 Introduction to Media and Mass Communications07-01-2022
FINA501 Introduction to Finance07-01-2022
UCBS7037 Financial Management07-01-2022
300725 Construction Technology07-01-2022
PHIL1040 World Religions 07-01-2022
NSG3EPN Engagement in Professional Nursing 07-01-2022
CHC43215 Alcohol and Other Drugs07-01-2022
MKT3019 Data Driven Marketing Decisions07-01-2022
GEOL3338 Environmental Hydrogeology07-01-2022
MAN5402 Project Scheduling and Control07-01-2022
MBA601 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship07-01-2022
ACCT2005 Financial Accounting 07-01-2022
ECON236 Advanced Microeconomics07-01-2022
NURS2007 Clinical Practice in Mental Health07-01-2022
DEFM311 Program and Acquisition Management II07-01-2022
PSY8711 Industrial Organizational Psychology07-01-2022
FIN 5203 Finance for Engineers07-01-2022
BSBMKG501 Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities07-01-2022
CNA450 Understanding Nursing Research07-01-2022
ENL 1813 Communications07-01-2022
ILST4210 Religion And International Society07-01-2022
CNA535 Neuroscience Nursing07-01-2022
INFM109 Imformatics Fundamentals07-01-2022
CMSE11245 Strategic Marketing07-01-2022
INFM109 Information System07-01-2022
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing: Contexts of Ageing07-01-2022
MTH319 Mathematical Methods07-01-2022
2030IBA Global Business07-01-2022
COMM171 College Communication07-01-2022
QAB020N501A Managing People and Careers07-01-2022
BHR4601 Staffing Organizations07-01-2022
700030 Managing People at Work07-01-2022
3FV374 Public Health07-01-2022
CRM 215 Criminology and Criminal Justice Field Exploration07-01-2022
BSBPEF501 Manage Personal And Professional Development07-01-2022
1393AFE Economics For Decision Making07-01-2022
EET111 Canadian Electrical07-01-2022
CRIM3335 Human Rights And Civil Liberties07-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing07-01-2022
PSY207 Developmental Psychology07-01-2022
BUSA 4000 Global Business 07-01-2022
DATA4100 Data Visualisation Software07-01-2022
PMGT 574 Agile Lean Product Development07-01-2022
COMP1317 Information Technology07-01-2022
HIST111 History of Western Civilization07-01-2022
MN692 Capstone Project07-01-2022
FINANCE761 Portfolio Theory And Investment Analysis07-01-2022
SNUG207 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health07-01-2022
HS2121 Professional Issues in IS Ethics and Practice07-01-2022
MAN6920 Supply Chain Management 07-01-2022
GEEN0049 Engineering Enterprise07-01-2022
POLI 203 International Politics07-01-2022
BUSN9047 Leadership And Management07-01-2022
MC258 Mechanical Engineering07-01-2022
EDU40001 The Healthy And Active Child07-01-2022
MAN6936 Enterprise Architecture 07-01-2022
CLTR-1093 Truth and Reconciliation07-01-2022
BIS17 Bachelor of Information Systems07-01-2022
CHEE2010 Engineering Investigation and Statistical Analysis 07-01-2022
BSBCMM411 Make Presentations07-01-2022
HLTH 1036 Global and National Health07-01-2022
BCOM 301 Business Communications07-01-2022
COMP1002 Data Structures and Algorithms07-01-2022
BUS301 Services Marketing07-01-2022
PM202 Human Resources Management07-01-2022
CPSY 102 Introduction to Psychology07-01-2022
BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans07-01-2022
HUM 370 Cultural Pluralism07-01-2022
BSBPMG522 Undertake project work07-01-2022
SITXINV001 Receive and Store Stock07-01-2022
BU206 Business Law07-01-2022
MATH146 An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography07-01-2022
INTE2553 Digital Innovation07-01-2022
NURSING 3004 Mental Health Nursing07-01-2022
5N3769 Palliative Care07-01-2022
ACIS215 Accounting Information Systems07-01-2022
MAR002-2 Marketing Planning07-01-2022
FBLT092 Risk Management07-01-2022
PRL5002 Strategic Issues And Crisis Management07-01-2022
NURBN3034 Global Health Issues07-01-2022
ENTR903 Business Innovation Plan07-01-2022
NUT208 Nutritional Therapeutics07-01-2022
MGT608 Business Law And International Contexts07-01-2022
CSM731 Development and Construction Economics07-01-2022
MBS538 Organisational Behaviour and Management07-01-2022
ITS 405 Intermediate Networking 07-01-2022
NSB305 Leading And Learning Building Professional Capacity07-01-2022
H300 Mechanical Engineering07-01-2022
FNCE2003 Business Analysis For Investment07-01-2022
BUSI2173 Information Technology for Managers II07-01-2022
OADM 1219 Business Communication07-01-2022
HRM201 Human Resource Management07-01-2022
GMBA6009 Competitive Dynamics and Global Strategy07-01-2022
NUM1205 Legal and Ethical Requirements in Nursing07-01-2022
LACM17J International Commercial Arbitration07-01-2022
200909 Enterprise Law07-01-2022
ICT225 Management Information System07-01-2022
PGBM16 Global Corporate Strategy07-01-2022
NM11 Business and Law07-01-2022
CS193X Web Programming Fundamentals07-01-2022
HC2022 Marketing Research07-01-2022
300725 Construction Technology07-01-2022
4007775 Leadership for Quality Effectiveness and Safety in Health Care07-01-2022
QHO-536 Global Challenges07-01-2022
MBAS903 Business Analytics for Economic and Market Environments07-01-2022
ACC460 Government and Non-profit Accounting07-01-2022
Psy383 Health Psychology07-01-2022
FBLT050 Human Resource Management07-01-2022
101597 Family Violence Policy and Practice07-01-2022
COM231 Public Speaking07-01-2022
HLTINF001 Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures07-01-2022
INCSG5 Introduction to Information and Cyber Security07-01-2022
NFDN 2004 Nursing Foundations07-01-2022
MN3915 Marking Criteria and Rubric07-01-2022
NUR534 Primary Health Care07-01-2022
BUSN08033 Professional Development Experience 107-01-2022
IND301A Industry Consulting Project07-01-2022
PUBH5763 Health Leadership and Management07-01-2022
CSI2102 Information Security07-01-2022
ELP1101 Teaching Grammar and the Four Skills07-01-2022
MGT 4206 International Project Management07-01-2022
NURSING7122 Primary Health Care07-01-2022
SIT50316 Diploma of Event Management07-01-2022
BUS 2110G International Business Management07-01-2022
LAWS503 Introduction to Australian Migration Law07-01-2022
BUS705 Innovation Management and Professional Development07-01-2022
JNB261 Ship Operations Management07-01-2022
AMB200 Consumer Behavior07-01-2022
200096 Marketing Planning Project07-01-2022
ECO3BWE Business in the World Economy 07-01-2022
ISY503 Intelligent Systems07-01-2022
BAF1012 Financial Accounting07-01-2022
LMOL 643 Regional Assessment07-01-2022
MKT600 Marketing Plan07-01-2022
MGM3115 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality07-01-2022
ECO107 Economics and The Modern Business Enterprise07-01-2022
HURM1100 Human Resource Managment07-01-2022
ORGB 601 Human Interfaces07-01-2022
MAN303 Innovation and Entrepreneurship09-01-2022
GPHY102 Physical Geography09-01-2022
MGMT410 Strategic Analysis09-01-2022
SBLC7012 Research Methodology09-01-2022
TMGT601 Strategic Management Theory and Practice 09-01-2022
PSYCH101 Introduction to Psychology09-01-2022
AB 217 Finance09-01-2022
3673 Bachelor of Medical Science09-01-2022
KB7030 Research Methods09-01-2022
11491 Software Systems Architecture09-01-2022
COEN 346 Programming Assignment09-01-2022
B208 Developing Leadership09-01-2022
EDUC504 Historical And Philosophical Foundations Of Education09-01-2022
MA1580 Foundations of Data Science09-01-2022
BMA583 Managing People and the Employment Relationship09-01-2022
BULD8030 Commercial Management09-01-2022
BEE2026 Macroeconomics09-01-2022
CRST 290 History of Life09-01-2022
BIS17 Bachelor of Information Systems09-01-2022
BUS401 Management Leadership09-01-2022
C1450P Emerging Technologies09-01-2022
ACCT620 Forensic Accounting09-01-2022
MIS 501 Management Information Systems09-01-2022
SPS304 Mental Health In the Community09-01-2022
MBA687 Statistics for Business Analytics09-01-2022
SOWK303 Mental Health09-01-2022
NIT1203 Introduction to Project Management09-01-2022
NURS330 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing09-01-2022
MBA 637 Operations and Supply Chain Management09-01-2022
ACCT1080 Financial Accounting Theory09-01-2022
ACMA6010 Structural And Fluid Analysis09-01-2022
PROG2053 Web Technologies09-01-2022
ECU501 Humanities and Social Science09-01-2022
GSBS6060 Strategic Management09-01-2022
MIS310 Information Systems Analysis09-01-2022
MGMT100 Fundamentals of Management09-01-2022
INFO 320 Healthcare Informatics 09-01-2022
NSG2201 Nursing 4 Clinical Care B09-01-2022
IBS850 Legal Environment of International Business09-01-2022
MGT6025 Project Quality Management09-01-2022
HEALT1113 Communication for Health Professionals09-01-2022
MKTG6154 Social Media Marketing09-01-2022
300MKT Advanced Marketing09-01-2022
PROJMGNT 2021 Project Management09-01-2022
CCCS 300 Programming Techniques09-01-2022
IST 603 System Analysis Methods09-01-2022
MENH805 Interventions For People With Addictions09-01-2022
1913 Tourism Operations and Innovation09-01-2022
BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement A Business Plan09-01-2022
INT0413 Academic English09-01-2022
AVI50119 Aviation Management09-01-2022
NSB203 Inquiry in Clinical Practice09-01-2022
PHIL 101 Philosophy09-01-2022
PROG6003 Programming Mobile and Cloud Systems09-01-2022
N821 Event Management09-01-2022
COMM2017 Work Environment Comm09-01-2022
BUSM4413 Strategic Project Delivery09-01-2022
HC3152 E- Business Applications09-01-2022
AFIN8011 Business And Global Environmental Change09-01-2022
SBI4U Grade 12 Biology09-01-2022
BU7411 International Marketing Strategy09-01-2022
MPA701 Accounting09-01-2022
BIO 122 Introductory Biology09-01-2022
INF80006 Business Analysis Practice09-01-2022
ENG101 English Comprehension09-01-2022
ECON602 Managerial Economics09-01-2022
ECON60401 Financial Economics I09-01-2022
EDF3030 Diversity in Child Development09-01-2022
HKUB60015 Promoting Public Health09-01-2022
IFB102 Introduction to Computer Systems09-01-2022
PHIL 347 Critical Reasoning09-01-2022
BGP7730 Business Research Project09-01-2022
MNGT1001 Introduction to Management09-01-2022
BS2SX2 Business Analytics for Management and Financial Decision Making09-01-2022
BSBTWK201 Work Effectively with Others09-01-2022
84274 Project Management PG09-01-2022
TH50117E Sales and Marketing09-01-2022
ENGL001 English Composition09-01-2022
ENG_4_CCE Computing for Chemical Engineering09-01-2022
MECE10009 Polymers and Composite Materials 409-01-2022
BSBRSK501 International Business09-01-2022
GEOP2070 Urban Dynamics Population Housing and Regeneration09-01-2022
NSB305 Leading And Learning Building Professional Capacity09-01-2022
FINA501 Introduction to Finance09-01-2022
6672 Database Design09-01-2022
UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World09-01-2022
HRMT415 Human Resource Management Information Systems09-01-2022
PHIL 200 Philosophy09-01-2022
CHC42015 Community Services09-01-2022
ITECH7410 Software Engineering Methodologies09-01-2022
BUSN 221 Organizational Behaviour09-01-2022
MUS 111 History of Popular Music09-01-2022
16SMRB210 Business Research09-01-2022
NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Research09-01-2022
LAW0063 Aviation Law09-01-2022
MHF4U Advanced Functions09-01-2022
CS301 Computer Architecture09-01-2022
INF 201 Introduction to Web Technologies09-01-2022
FINA 314 Borrowing and Lending In Canada09-01-2022
ENG 1100 Essay Writing 09-01-2022
SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict09-01-2022
FIT2100 Process Scheduling Simulation09-01-2022
ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security09-01-2022
HI5017 Managerial Accounting09-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing09-01-2022
101644 Community Management and Organisations09-01-2022
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing09-01-2022
7001HSV Foundations Of Research Inquiry09-01-2022
BM18411 Business Research Method Research Proposal09-01-2022
BUSN 9122 Leadership And Change Management09-01-2022
401006 Bioscience09-01-2022
BUSS604 Ethics Responsibility and Sustainability09-01-2022
HIST222 African American History09-01-2022
AMP450 Effective Decision Making09-01-2022
MX3020 Group Theory09-01-2022
900010 Accounting Fundamentals09-01-2022
BSBXCS402 Promote Workplace Cyber Security Awareness And Best Practices09-01-2022
ENVS2115 Climate Change Energy And Our Future09-01-2022
BSB51918 Diploma Of Leadership And Management09-01-2022
ECON 1250 Principles of Macroeconomics09-01-2022
ACCG3055 Information Systems For Management09-01-2022
D081 Innovative and Strategic Thinking09-01-2022
ASC 207 Introduction to Research09-01-2022
TSM3500 Business Events Management09-01-2022
CLAM6008 Application of Leadership and Management Skills 09-01-2022
CS 520 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence09-01-2022
BBPS 4103 Strategic Management09-01-2022
MPR271 Simulation of Production Systems09-01-2022
MA619 Accounting Research09-01-2022
BIZ301 Organizational Creativity And Innovation10-01-2022
7BUIS004W Business Optimisation10-01-2022
BP276 Human Resource Management10-01-2022
SOC101 Introduction To Sociology10-01-2022
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law10-01-2022
MARK2060 Event Management and Marketing10-01-2022
CMIS 141 Introductory Programming10-01-2022
CS229 Machine Learning10-01-2022
MNE2601 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management10-01-2022
NURS8743 Critical Care Nursing Practice10-01-2022
EDU40011 Teaching the Humanities10-01-2022
ISYS3001 Managing Software Development10-01-2022
BIO103 Biology10-01-2022
BUSM3125 Strategic Management10-01-2022
MOD006064 Tourism Management10-01-2022
INF4820 Human Computer Interaction10-01-2022
K9N21 Project Management10-01-2022
SENG1050 Web Technologies10-01-2022
B205A Exploring Innovation And Entrepreneurship10-01-2022
ITECH 7400 IT Service Management and Professional Culture10-01-2022
102037 Perspectives In Criminology10-01-2022
MIS302 Agile Business Analysis10-01-2022
AMIM700 International Marketing10-01-2022
KSA702 Literature Review 10-01-2022
304MKT Contemporary Marketing Issues10-01-2022
ACC3AUD Auditing And Assurance10-01-2022
NUR2004 Health Assessment10-01-2022
HI5002 Finance For Business10-01-2022
ENS5543 Engineering Management10-01-2022
HLTH 1037 Mental Health10-01-2022
COMP2350 Database Design And Manipulation10-01-2022
BSBHRM602 Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning10-01-2022
B205B Exploring Innovation And Entrepreneurship 10-01-2022
BSB50215 Diploma of Business10-01-2022
MGT720 Global Business Strategy10-01-2022
71735 Systems Project and Quality Management10-01-2022
ASS114-2 Inter Professional Working In Health And Social Care10-01-2022
ITNE3013 Advanced Network and Infrastructure Security10-01-2022
MGMT610 Risk Management10-01-2022
CH5007 Practical and Research Skills in Pharmaceutical Science10-01-2022
BUSD 1005 Business Communications 10-01-2022
SOCIOL 713 Social Inequality10-01-2022
MNG03236 Tourism and Hotel Professional Development10-01-2022
ACCG2051 Business and Corporations Law10-01-2022
MATH 1031 Statistics for Business10-01-2022
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing10-01-2022
CHSUG1002 Interpersonal Communication for Professional Practice10-01-2022
MBAX9152 Digital Strategy10-01-2022
MBA600 Capstone Strategy10-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing A Palliative Approach10-01-2022
ECS3703 International Finance10-01-2022
ANTH110 Cultural Anthropology10-01-2022
CN6000 Computer Science10-01-2022
MIS775 Decision Modelling for Business Analytics10-01-2022
COUN 5335 Career Counseling And Assessment10-01-2022
MHR 6451 Human Resource Management Methods10-01-2022
Phil330 Professional and Business Ethics 10-01-2022
NURS2001 Pharmacology And Therapeutics10-01-2022
BFA503 Introduction to Financial Management10-01-2022
HNCB033 Civil Engineering Technology10-01-2022
BUSI 601 Business Environment, Strategy And Ethics10-01-2022
5BU010 Business Intelligence Information Systems and Digital Capability10-01-2022
OENG1204 Creative Engineering Computer Aided Design10-01-2022
FBLT041 Accounting and Financial Management10-01-2022
ENGG5020 Masters Research Theory And Practice10-01-2022
ENG 101  English Composition10-01-2022
BMA583 Managing People and the Employment Relationship10-01-2022
NSG220220 Integrated and Supportive Care10-01-2022
NURSING 7124 Management of Chronic Illness10-01-2022
MGMT 203 Principles of Management10-01-2022
CHEM1149 Polymers and Structured Materials 10-01-2022
NUR443 Nursing Public Health10-01-2022
ACC7043 Advanced Management Accounting10-01-2022
BSBWHS616 Safe Design Principles To Control WHS Risk10-01-2022
HMG7220 Culture and Society in Public Health10-01-2022
MGF 1106 Liberal Arts Mathematics10-01-2022
ICT724 Intelligent System10-01-2022
BUSA2020 Fundamentals of Business Analytics10-01-2022
MICRB 201 Introductory Microbiology10-01-2022
ENM200 Reservoir Engineering10-01-2022
CML5035 Dissertation10-01-2022
CHCDIS008 Facilitate Community Participation and Social Inclusion10-01-2022
BUS702 Business Law10-01-2022
ECON2330 Economics And Business Statistics10-01-2022
FIN640 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management10-01-2022
NSB305 Leading and Learning: Building Professional Capacity10-01-2022
PACC6009 Business Law10-01-2022
INB 5827 Import Export Principles and Practices10-01-2022
BM1984 Staffing International Operations10-01-2022
MGMT3112 Comparative Industrial Relations10-01-2022
LBU3078 Advanced Global Strategy10-01-2022
BSBSUS511 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability10-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing10-01-2022
BSBDAT501 Data Analysis10-01-2022
TH60116E Service Industries Dissertation10-01-2022
HLB103 Bachelor Of Health Science10-01-2022
HLSC122 Evidence for Practice10-01-2022
MP4701 Design and operation of sustainable systems10-01-2022
300885 Building Regulation Studies 10-01-2022
G402 Computing HND10-01-2022
K100 Architecture10-01-2022
GEN 499 General Education Capstone10-01-2022
F720 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Finance10-01-2022
SWSP3003 International Social Work10-01-2022
300885 Building Regulations Studies10-01-2022
ENG4066P Final Year Project10-01-2022
LC460 Wellbeing in Society10-01-2022
ENG2D English 10-01-2022
NURSING7204 Clinical Nursing Practice10-01-2022
GSBS6481 International Business Strategy10-01-2022
BUSMAN 701 Managing People and Organisations10-01-2022
PSYC125 Psychology of Personal Adjustment10-01-2022
CSCM1713 Introduction to Psychology10-01-2022
FINA 1084 Financial Markets and Risk10-01-2022
HI6007 Statistics for Business Decisions 10-01-2022
MBA641 Strategic Project Management10-01-2022
NUR3605 Nursing Leadership, Governance and Culture10-01-2022
MGMT205 Evidence Based Decision Making10-01-2022
PDR201 Product Distribution and Revenue Management10-01-2022
ENG 105 English Composition10-01-2022
HC3031 Trends in a Global Business Environment10-01-2022
NURS 5160 Skills for Recovery Practice in Mental Health Nursing10-01-2022
300885 Building Regulations Studies10-01-2022
ENG 122 English Composition10-01-2022
MMP122 Introduction to Property Development 10-01-2022
HLTENN015 Nursing Practice in Primary Health10-01-2022
MNGT1001 Introduction To Management10-01-2022
BUS 366 International Business10-01-2022
NURS8310 Epidemiology and Population Health10-01-2022
NUR133 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health10-01-2022
MDIA2306 Approaches to Media10-01-2022
PGB92A Occupational Health and Safety10-01-2022
102203 Comtemporary Social Issues And Professional Practice10-01-2022
BI121 Microbiology10-01-2022
HI6008 Business Research10-01-2022
IBS220 Cross-Cultural Management10-01-2022
ENG3003 Engineering Management10-01-2022
INTB H3022 Human Resource Management10-01-2022
HOSP609 Customer Services and Healthcare Marketing10-01-2022
MBA622 Comprehensive Healthcare Strategies10-01-2022
SNPG905 Minor Project10-01-2022
PSY3456 Mental Health And Psychological Interventions10-01-2022
JND323 Managerial and Leadership Skills10-01-2022
EDFD467 Wellbeing and the Development of the Whole Person10-01-2022
1043SCG Introduction To Environmental Sustainability10-01-2022
BAO5522 Managerial Accounting10-01-2022
THS3GAS Principles Of Gastronomy10-01-2022
MBHT5003 Obesity and Pre Diabetes Prevention and Care10-01-2022
CXA310 Bioscience10-01-2022
BIT355 Business Intelligence10-01-2022
MKT 201 Integrated Marketing Communications10-01-2022
SMM467 Corporate Finance and Valuation10-01-2022
7117IBA Business Intelligence Systems10-01-2022
QAC020N251A Mobile App Design And Development10-01-2022
CS3111 Computer Ethics10-01-2022
BFA601 Business and Corporate Law10-01-2022
NUR222 Health, Law and Ethics10-01-2022
7FNCE044W Predictive Analysis For Decision Making10-01-2022
BAC221 Business Finance10-01-2022
CNA308 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care10-01-2022
INTBUS7501 Contemporary Issues in Business10-01-2022
CSC 598 Computer Science Project10-01-2022
UPLMBAM20 Consultancy Management10-01-2022
ICT106 Technical User Support10-01-2022
NSG3204 Professional Studies Readiness for Practice 10-01-2022
HLSC122 Evidence for Practice10-01-2022
112012 Creative and Critical Thinking for Problem Solving10-01-2022
MGT600 Management People and Teams10-01-2022
AMCM700 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Practice10-01-2022
42003 Engineering Graduate Project10-01-2022
EDKL202 Language and Literacy Teaching The Constrained Skills In Context10-01-2022
NSN728 Health Care Context and Service Provision10-01-2022
INFT3100 Project Management10-01-2022
NRS311 Life Stage Considerations Child Adolescent and Family Health10-01-2022
RES420 Fundamentals of Real Estate10-01-2022
BIOL122 Human Biological Science 210-01-2022
BUU44670 Audit And Assurance10-01-2022
MAN101 Introduction to Management10-01-2022
MGB108 Bachelor Of Business Sport Management10-01-2022
MGT304 Strategic Marketing Management10-01-2022
ASS110-2 Research 1: Collecting Data10-01-2022
ECON4410 Environmental and Resource Economics10-01-2022
ENGL 108B Global English Literatures10-01-2022
1016231 Ethical Futures10-01-2022
301224 Contract Administration10-01-2022
MGT2002 Managing Operations10-01-2022
ACFI1003 Finance 10-01-2022
AMB200 Consumer Behaviour10-01-2022
ACCT3000 Auditing Assurance and Risk10-01-2022
BUAD 390 Properties Management 10-01-2022
MGT8002 Strategic Management10-01-2022
PHCM9788 Outbreak Investigation & Intelligence10-01-2022
ASB4403 International Financial Markets: Business Finance10-01-2022
5N0690 Communications10-01-2022
TQM101 Quality Customer Service10-01-2022
BUAD 308 Multicultural Management10-01-2022
CYB 250 Cyber Defense10-01-2022
CSIT883 System Analysis and Project Management10-01-2022
NUR331 Contexts of Practice: Complex Care10-01-2022
NR 501 Leadership and Public Communications10-01-2022
PHYS 192 Experimental General Physics For Engineering10-01-2022
HIST 10 World History10-01-2022
FIN10002 Financial Statistics10-01-2022
EDF3218 Curriculum Assessment And Evaluation10-01-2022
96001 Introduction to Pharmacy10-01-2022
HIS 205 Modern World History10-01-2022
COMP9120 Database Management Systems10-01-2022
NR411 Nursing10-01-2022
BUS226 Talent Acquisition10-01-2022
HIST 121 World History10-01-2022
NUR369 Nursing Practice Project10-01-2022
INFS2621 Enterprise Systems10-01-2022
FIN 306 Corporate Finance10-01-2022
BCO111 Foundations of Business Management10-01-2022
BUS501 Strategic Management10-01-2022
EDUC1300 Effective Learning Strategies10-01-2022
BME 215 Biomedical Mechanics Laboratory10-01-2022
BIZ101A Business Communications10-01-2022
6TE500 Independent Project Engineering10-01-2022
ACCT3005 Auditing Theory and Practice10-01-2022
BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan10-01-2022
W330 European Union law10-01-2022
ECON425 Introduction to Econometrics10-01-2022
ORG100 Organisational Behaviour and Analysis10-01-2022
LB5233 Innovation and Entrepreneurship10-01-2022
MN3104 Orientation for Success in Higher Education10-01-2022
4204CIV Introduction to Geotechnics10-01-2022
CST 3170 Developing Artificial Intelligence10-01-2022
SEC 290 Introduction to Programming with Python10-01-2022
BIZ101 Business Communications10-01-2022
MD7001 Evidence Based Medicine10-01-2022
BEH100 Survey of the Behavioral Science10-01-2022
LAW8049 Key Concepts in Corporate and Commercial Law10-01-2022
ENG121 English Composition10-01-2022
MTG2000 Integrated Marketing Communications10-01-2022
FIN201 Investment Management10-01-2022
7BDIN010W Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence10-01-2022
GBUS 514 Accounting for Managers10-01-2022
CDS1000 Community Welfare and Development 10-01-2022
UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World10-01-2022
NIT3112 Advance Web Application Development10-01-2022
BNURS20 Nursing10-01-2022
COMM 10337 Communicating Negative News Assignment10-01-2022
ENGL1201 English Composition10-01-2022
BLY121 General Biology I10-01-2022
7LLAW046W1 Public International Law10-01-2022
BUSS213 Business Law10-01-2022
TECH 1005 Cyber Security10-01-2022
ENGL 106 English Compostion10-01-2022
NUR1201 The Patient Experience10-01-2022
ACCT3070 Management Information Systems10-01-2022
MKT358 Integrated Marketing Communications10-01-2022
EDFD653 Social And Cultural Contexts Of Education 10-01-2022
ICAM401 Sustainable Food System Practices10-01-2022
LAW-667-001 Cyber Law10-01-2022
PH101 Introduction to Public Health10-01-2022
FMPH 101 Epidemiology10-01-2022
ITT455 IT Project10-01-2022
SM44 International Management10-01-2022
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology10-01-2022
NIT2222 Networking Technologies10-01-2022
NATS2015 Evidence and Crime Scene Management10-01-2022
HA3032 Auditing10-01-2022
SWSP6024 Public Policy And Civil Society10-01-2022
IFSM310 3D Printing Stage10-01-2022
ENGL225 Business Writing10-01-2022
ISYS3375 Business Analytics10-01-2022
ENSN201 Enterprise Social Networks10-01-2022
HI5002 Finance for Business10-01-2022
ECON2101 Microeconomics10-01-2022
CYB250 Cyber Defense10-01-2022
HLTAMB012 Communicate in complex situations to support health care10-01-2022
HRM40670 Human Resource Management10-01-2022
ITECH2000 Mobile Development Fundamentals10-01-2022
BCI433 IBM Business Computing10-01-2022
N202 Management and Leadership 10-01-2022
MATHS1010 Applications of Quantitative Methods in Finance I10-01-2022
FBLT050 Human Resources Managment10-01-2022
PL4S143 Psychological Responses to Societal Challenges10-01-2022
LLBP 2205 Land Law10-01-2022
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 10-01-2022
IT648 Risk Management10-01-2022
NSG3NCI Nursing Patients with Chronic Illness10-01-2022
UGB262 Quality Management for Organisational Excellence10-01-2022
INFO6245 Planning and Managing Information Systems Development10-01-2022
MSCM2180 Dissertation10-01-2022
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing10-01-2022
IBM7001 Fundamental Principles of Business10-01-2022
ENGL539 Antenna Design10-01-2022
CSCI 526 Parallel Computing10-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing10-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing10-01-2022
H130 Tourism And Hospitality Management10-01-2022
401366 Digital Health Management10-01-2022
EFN405 Applied Economics10-01-2022
COMP2250 Data Communications10-01-2022
MGMT415 Strategic Management10-01-2022
MGT 295 Business Management Capstone10-01-2022
EDEC203 Developing Mathematical Concepts in Early Childhood10-01-2022
NRS 221 Care For Older Person10-01-2022
EG6101 Structural Analysis and Design10-01-2022
ACCG892 Blockchain for Competitive Advantage10-01-2022
PUBH5033 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion10-01-2022
6N4165 Finance10-01-2022
BX3082 International Marketing in the Global Village10-01-2022
NURSING 3004 Mental Health Nursing10-01-2022
5FC003 International Financial Institutions and Markets10-01-2022
MBA502 Cultural Intelligence and Diversity10-01-2022
STAT103 Statistics for Management10-01-2022
10904NAT Diploma Of Social Media Marketing10-01-2022
ISY305 Knowledge Management10-01-2022
NUR 434 Community Health Promotion10-01-2022
NUR332 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety10-01-2022
PNUR-250 Practical Nursing Pregraduate Clinical Applications10-01-2022
BUSI3157 Business Ethics and Sustainability10-01-2022
HLTH8551 Preparing for Dissertation10-01-2022
SBLC7012 Research Methodologies10-01-2022
XAB021 Academic Writing10-01-2022
3121MED First Peoples Health And Practice10-01-2022
HOSP1120 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing10-01-2022
ASA1024 Applied Human Rights10-01-2022
ITECH 5500 Professional Research and Communication10-01-2022
ACCTING 7014 Management Accounting 10-01-2022
ITC560 Internet of Things10-01-2022
BMNG6212 Business Management 2B10-01-2022
COMM2202 Business and Technical Correspondence10-01-2022
301044 Data Science10-01-2022
MKTG1275 Strategic Marketing10-01-2022
STA10003 Foundations of Statistics10-01-2022
PU5922 Masters Research Project10-01-2022
CRIM 1150 Introduction to Criminology10-01-2022
ITNET101A Introduction To Cryptography10-01-2022
BSS0576 Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship10-01-2022
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing10-01-2022
N600 Human Resource Management10-01-2022
ADVT7508 Fundamentals of Advertising10-01-2022
B721 Nursing10-01-2022
SOCWORK 101B Social Work and Social Justice10-01-2022
MGT295 Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior10-01-2022
MG5616 Corporate Brand Theory And Issues10-01-2022
BUMAN201A Business Maths And Statistics10-01-2022
CYB 200 Cybersecurity Foundations10-01-2022
L508 Social Work10-01-2022
HCR5002 Health Promotion10-01-2022
MIS 3302 Management of Information Systems10-01-2022
NURS1008 Acute Care Nursing Practice10-01-2022
SNPG916 Applied Analysis in Health Research10-01-2022
HRM470 Strategic Human Resource Management10-01-2022
GG4N Cyber Security10-01-2022
ACCTING 7023 Advanced Financial Accounting10-01-2022
ESET328 Energy Storage and Management10-01-2022
BADM735 Compartive Economics10-01-2022
FBLT040 Project Management10-01-2022
BFA201 Financial Accounting10-01-2022
ECON8047 International Trade10-01-2022
MGT 526 Managing in a Changing Environment10-01-2022
CNA256 Mental Health10-01-2022
HPS201 Psychology Research Methods Introductory10-01-2022
MN404 Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Programming10-01-2022
SWSP3053 Social Work Theory And Practice10-01-2022
MATH26367 Statistical Methods10-01-2022
MGMT3011 Entrepreneurship Project10-01-2022
HIS 301 History10-01-2022
ALR104 Strategic Communication And Writing10-01-2022
MKT511 Lesure and Lifestyle Marketing10-01-2022
DBA905 Introduction to Business Research10-01-2022
BFA715 Accounting Perspectives and Research10-01-2022
MN601 Network Project Management10-01-2022
CHC42015 Community Services10-01-2022
ACCT5019 Contemporary Accounting Issues11-01-2022
IOP4864 Organisational Development and Change Approaches11-01-2022
ENGR7891 Fatigue and Fracture Analysis11-01-2022
92445 Integrated Nursing Practice11-01-2022
ENG3U English11-01-2022
CSC425 Integrated Project11-01-2022
MKTG205 Services Marketing And Management11-01-2022
BISY2002 Information Systems Networking Essentials11-01-2022
KGG509 Professional Practice11-01-2022
300053 Professional Practice11-01-2022
MTEC503 Numeracy For 5 To 8 Year Olds11-01-2022
MHC303 Bachelor of Nursing11-01-2022
ARIN2610 Internet Transformations11-01-2022
200995 Hospitality and Tourism in Practice11-01-2022
7CNMN004W Construction Dissertation11-01-2022
COM4807 Organisational Communication Theory11-01-2022
BUS101 Business communication11-01-2022
CMPH609 Introduction to Public Health11-01-2022
SWK 318 Skills For Regional and Remote Practice11-01-2022
ITECH1100 Understanding The Digital Revolution11-01-2022
TACC301 Auditing and Professional Practice11-01-2022
BUS 500 Accounting For Managers11-01-2022
ACCT20080 Ethics And Governance11-01-2022
25574 Commercial Bank Management11-01-2022
MGMT2801 International Business11-01-2022
HC1010 Accounting for Business11-01-2022
HPAM1830 Introduction to Health Policy and Management11-01-2022
PSY2235 Behavioral Science Research Methods11-01-2022
SITXINV003 Purchase Goods11-01-2022
ACCY4107 Advance Accounting11-01-2022
NUR135 Nursing Practice11-01-2022
NUST08011 Nursing Care and Decision Making11-01-2022
CET 351 Research11-01-2022
BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service11-01-2022
CRJ330 Comparative Criminal Justice11-01-2022
MKM706 Marketing Fundamentals11-01-2022
INFO5060 Data Analytics And Business Intelligence11-01-2022
ACR302 Criminology Research11-01-2022
HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance11-01-2022
HUN1201 The Principles of Nutrition11-01-2022
ECON101 Introduction to Economics 11-01-2022
6AAD0022 Vehicle Engineering Design11-01-2022
ENG100H5F Effective Writing11-01-2022
IC700 Humanities and Business11-01-2022
APPL8270 Reading Development and Disorders11-01-2022
EG-219 Statistical Methods in Engineering11-01-2022
MA5800 Foundations for Data Science11-01-2022
ACCG8048 Business and Professional Ethics11-01-2022
HE20524 Bachelor Of Information Technology11-01-2022
INFR11098 Secure Programming11-01-2022
LAW513 Corporate Law11-01-2022
B6018 Global Business11-01-2022
3BM170 Strategic Human Resource Management 11-01-2022
DBA905 Introduction to Business Research11-01-2022
NURS3102 Clinical Practice11-01-2022
PSY2061 Positive Psychology11-01-2022
ECE6007 Professional Issues11-01-2022
7001EHR Principles of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations 11-01-2022
CSE2ICX Internet Client Engineering11-01-2022
PSY700 Workplace Psychology11-01-2022
NURS2000 Behavioural Responses To Chronic Illness11-01-2022
MARKETNG2501 Consumer Behaviour11-01-2022
7127SOH The Research Process and Evidence11-01-2022
PSYC3000 Indigenous and Cross Cultural Psychology11-01-2022
200909 Enterprise Law11-01-2022
UNCC100 Self and Community11-01-2022
CRKC7045 Tackling Global Local Challenges11-01-2022
KF7031 Wireless Networks and Security11-01-2022
ECON 211 Macroeconomics11-01-2022
200488 Corporate Financial Management11-01-2022
HSC1000 Introduction to Health Care11-01-2022
HAT201 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism11-01-2022
3121MED First Peoples Health and Practice11-01-2022
ACF351B Career Skills in Accounting and Finance11-01-2022
MAN6702 Attracting and Retaining People11-01-2022
MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership11-01-2022
FI6101 Global Finance And Capital Markets11-01-2022
BSBOPS505 Manage Organisational Customer Service11-01-2022
EDEC328 Children as Sustainable Scientists11-01-2022
SOC 1013 Introductory Sociology11-01-2022
BSBADM502 Manage Meetings11-01-2022
B404 Taxation11-01-2022
CRKC7002 Marketing Management11-01-2022
NURS8751 Dimensions of Emergency Nursing11-01-2022
DSAA204 Data Structure and Algorithms11-01-2022
ACCT5015 Contemporary Issues in Accounting M11-01-2022
BMA151 Principles of Marketing11-01-2022
NN12 Business Management11-01-2022
NURS30033 Professional Practice Transition11-01-2022
BISM2206 Accounting Information and Software Applications11-01-2022
NEC3102 Geotechnical Engineering11-01-2022
SL460 Sport and Society11-01-2022
MGMT 6057 Contemporary Business Management11-01-2022
NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice11-01-2022
IBUS205 SME Internationalisation11-01-2022
CCCS 452 Security Program Architecture and Engineering11-01-2022
BMA777 International Human Resource Management11-01-2022
NURS9123 Population And Epidemiology Study11-01-2022
MIBM 721 International Marketing Strategies11-01-2022
OSCM5130 Productivity Innovation and Lean Systems11-01-2022
MM295 Ethical Theories11-01-2022
MIE312H1 Fluid Mechanics I 11-01-2022
BUS315 SolarCal Case Analysis11-01-2022
BUSS 5080 Entrepreneurship and Innovation11-01-2022
MCD4140 Computing For Engineering11-01-2022
NUR256 Research and Evidence Based Practice11-01-2022
MNGT3012 Strategic Business Management11-01-2022
STAT 141 Introduction to Statistics11-01-2022
CSC425 Introduction To Computer Programming11-01-2022
BB108 Business Statistics11-01-2022
BSBLDR801 Lead Personal and Strategic Transformation11-01-2022
HRMG203 Human Resource Management11-01-2022
SOCI8980 Values Ethics and Diversity11-01-2022
LAW2001 Australian Business Law11-01-2022
EC31 Introduction To Macro And Micro Economics11-01-2022
STAT6200 Biostatistics11-01-2022
CEG3136A Computer Architecture11-01-2022
HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues11-01-2022
MNGT3002 Knowledge Management11-01-2022
LA3021 Company Law11-01-2022
ILROB 1220 Introduction to Organizational Behavior11-01-2022
PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy11-01-2022
MGT603 Systems Thinking11-01-2022
RMET6053 Research Methods11-01-2022
HUM 200 Applied Humanities11-01-2022
NX0422 Business Dissertation Proposal11-01-2022
LSP 121 Quantitative Reasoning and Technological Literacy11-01-2022
200911 Enterprise Innovation and Markets11-01-2022
BSBITU306 Design and Produce Business Documents11-01-2022
COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching11-01-2022
EC7075 International Money and Finance11-01-2022
B2270C Consumer Behaviour11-01-2022
BSBPMG511 Manage Project Scope11-01-2022
QAC020N254A Cloud Computing11-01-2022
HI5004 Marketing Management11-01-2022
ELEC3500 Telecommunication Networks11-01-2022
PSY 520 Research Method in Psychology II11-01-2022
CIS0162 Object Oriented Programming and Software Engineering11-01-2022
PSYU 398 Pediatric Neuropsychology11-01-2022
AFA2202 Integrated Business Finance11-01-2022
ACCT 3231 Income Taxation11-01-2022
EDU4TR2 Teacher as a Researcher11-01-2022
FBLT039 International Business Management11-01-2022
MGMT 802 Management Theory11-01-2022
PS455 Introduction to Counselling Psychology11-01-2022
CHS232 Health sciences11-01-2022
L702 Geography11-01-2022
ABM7120 Marketing Managment Strategy11-01-2022
SOCW 8110 Advanced Social Work Theory and Practice11-01-2022
ORGB 3811 Organizational Theory and Design11-01-2022
CSI_5_BDD Big Data and Database Systems11-01-2022
MN5067 Consumption Markets and Cultures11-01-2022
MNG 4106 Staffing and Performance Management11-01-2022
NRSG 375 Clinical Leadership11-01-2022
MGMT8055 International Business Project 11-01-2022
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology11-01-2022
HPS772 Child and Adolescent Development11-01-2022
RESM 202 Research Methodology11-01-2022
MKT3012 Social and Viral Marketing11-01-2022
ACC3700 Financial Accounting, Theory and Practice11-01-2022
BIPX202 Community Engagement11-01-2022
200096 Marketing Planning Project11-01-2022
FNSACC412 Prepare Operational Budgets11-01-2022
SC6051 Serious and Serial Offenders11-01-2022
703897 Project and Quality Management11-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing11-01-2022
BSBMKG605 Evaluate International Marketing Opportunities11-01-2022
ECSFC102A Sustainability In Early Childhood11-01-2022
CRN 41146 Molecular Biology And Proteomics11-01-2022
HIST111 History of Western Civilization11-01-2022
HCMG101 Health Care Systems11-01-2022
CNA417 Exploring Nursing Leadership11-01-2022
NURS3001 Care Management And Leadership11-01-2022
ACCT602 Financial Accounting For Companies11-01-2022
MN2008 Digital Marketing11-01-2022
CSCD4052 Professional Issues11-01-2022
48360 Geotechnical Engineering11-01-2022
BMAN 70301 International Business Analytics and Research Skills11-01-2022
BUSN688 Quantitative Business Analysis11-01-2022
ANTH101 Introduction to Anthropology11-01-2022
BUSN9122 Leadership and Change Management11-01-2022
SOS150 Self Assessment and Career Exploration11-01-2022
401076 Introduction to Epidemiology11-01-2022
MHF4U Advanced Functions11-01-2022
MKTG1003 Consumer Behaviour11-01-2022
ACCTING7014 Management Accounting11-01-2022
SIT317 Information Technology Innovations and Entrepreneurship11-01-2022
5BUSS003W International Business Practice11-01-2022
EDUC 7555 Education for Inclusion11-01-2022
BUS 375 Project Management11-01-2022
HIM 317 Principles of Health Information Management11-01-2022
BE955 Research Methods11-01-2022
92050 Policy Power and Politics in Health Care11-01-2022
PSY302 Brain and Mind11-01-2022
COMM5004 Business Capstone Project11-01-2022
ET1HE590 Industrial Engineering11-01-2022
8997 Professional Practice in Health11-01-2022
SG7003 Business Simulation with Professional Development11-01-2022
NURS 440 Issues and Trends in Nursing11-01-2022
BSBHRM614 Contribute To Strategic Workforce Planning11-01-2022
NURS 330 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing11-01-2022
CC4057 Introduction to Information Systems11-01-2022
ACCT1080 Financial Accounting Theory11-01-2022
FIN7900 Cyber security, privacy and Reg Tech11-01-2022
5BU010 Business Intelligence, Information Systems and Digital Capability11-01-2022
MM256 Management Skills11-01-2022
BSBLDR522 Manage People Performance11-01-2022
MGT4336 Human Resource Management11-01-2022
CAS101 Community Development11-01-2022
ABOR2245 Aboriginal People and Law11-01-2022
MARKETNG 2501 Consumer Behaviour11-01-2022
BIAN3124 Evolution and Human Behaviour11-01-2022
ENG10002 English For Academic Purposes11-01-2022
ISYS1002 Cybersecurity11-01-2022
NSG3NCR Consolidating Reflective Clinical Practice11-01-2022
BUS2PMX Project Management11-01-2022
CM1020 Discrete Mathematics11-01-2022
PSYC 7113 Practicum11-01-2022
AP0607 Molecular Cell Interactions11-01-2022
GEOG 5001 Research Design and Methods11-01-2022
154.202 Advertising and Consumer Society11-01-2022
300053 Professional Practice11-01-2022
CPSS 405 Treatment Based on Risk11-01-2022
ENS5543 Engineering Management11-01-2022
CIV3GTD Geotecnical Design11-01-2022
PEMA01-9 People Management11-01-2022
ITECH 5401 Business Process Analytics and Change11-01-2022
CBE6194 Managing People in Organisations11-01-2022
SNPG903 Developments Nursing Care11-01-2022
CSE 572 Data Mining11-01-2022
CSE2ICX Internet Client Engineering11-01-2022
FY026 Preparing for Success Knowledge and Creativity11-01-2022
ECON6302 International Economics11-01-2022
BUSI7280 Managing in a Global Context11-01-2022
HI5020 Corporate Accounting11-01-2022
MAN 4723 Strategic Management Capstone11-01-2022
PROJMGNT 2001 Project Management Methodologies and Concepts11-01-2022
SOWK926 Social Work and Health Care11-01-2022
NSG3202 Principles for Nursing Practice11-01-2022
MGT 531 Business Ethics11-01-2022
ECON1045 Macroeconomics11-01-2022
HLTENN003 Perform Clinical Assessment11-01-2022
16423 Procurement and Contract Management11-01-2022
1506LHS Communication and Culture11-01-2022
ECON 705 Economics Analysis For Management11-01-2022
BFA504 Accounting System and Processes11-01-2022
PMO201 Project Management11-01-2022
BSBHRM501B Manage Human Resource Services11-01-2022
BNV6200 Individual Honours Project11-01-2022
ACC305 Auditing and Professional Practice11-01-2022
FNST101 Introduction to First Nations Studies11-01-2022
HUS261 Latin American Literature in a Global Context11-01-2022
CFIN 515 Behavioural Finance11-01-2022
ACCT618 Managerial Accounting11-01-2022
ENGL0101 English Composition 111-01-2022
ENG10002 English for Academic Purposes11-01-2022
3708 Master of Bushfire Protection11-01-2022
OL140 Leadership Foundation11-01-2022
APN105 Applying Nursing Practice11-01-2022
ECON 152 Principles of Economics11-01-2022
ENG8434 Introduction to Materials Welding and Joining11-01-2022
BUSM4499 Key concepts in Human resourse management11-01-2022
BUACC3741 Auditing 11-01-2022
HI6007 Statistics for Business Decisions11-01-2022
NUR 510 Healthcare Across the Population11-01-2022
RHET 1102 Academic Writing11-01-2022
BMA151 Principles of Marketing11-01-2022
BIZ104 Customer Experience Management11-01-2022
IC212 Financial Midelling11-01-2022
POIR8320 Europe and the World11-01-2022
NURBN3034 Nursing Practice 711-01-2022
401012 Professional Practice Experience11-01-2022
10198 Health Across The Lifespan Adult Acute Health Issues11-01-2022
INHS 100 Introduction to Indigenous Health Studies11-01-2022
NURS-6051 The Role of the Nurse Informaticist in Systems Development and Implementation 11-01-2022
NURS 6521 Advanced Pharmacology11-01-2022
ENG3112 Electric Drive Systems11-01-2022
BMA701 Leadership and Change Management11-01-2022
ICT50120 Information Technology11-01-2022
MKT355 Green Marketing 11-01-2022
HI6006 Competitive Strategy11-01-2022
HIS 121 US History to Reconstruction11-01-2022
116351 Communication Workplace Learning PG11-01-2022
CSA103 Pharmacy Skills in Practice11-01-2022
10202 Concepts in Pharmacology11-01-2022
INFM 109 Informatics Fundamentals11-01-2022
COM1029 Data Structures and Algorithms11-01-2022
MBA504 Introduction to Data Analytics For Business11-01-2022
BUS225 Services, Relationship and Retail Marketing11-01-2022
HI6005 Managing Organisations In a Global Environment11-01-2022
MKTG 634 Integrated Mktg Comm Mgmt11-01-2022
EHR205 Organisational Behaviour11-01-2022
GSBS6060 Strategic Management11-01-2022
DBFN212 Database Fundamentals11-01-2022
PSYC6011 Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Psychological Research11-01-2022
NUR212 Contexts Of Practice Child Youth And Family11-01-2022
ENGL100 Reading And Composition11-01-2022
INRS7311 Introduction To Research11-01-2022
MGT3031 Globally Responsible Business11-01-2022
BIOH12008 Human Pathophysiology11-01-2022
BIOL 100 Introductory Biology11-01-2022
GPS1001 Foundation Psychology11-01-2022
BUSN688 Quantitative Business Analysis11-01-2022
ESOL 100 College Reading and Writing Skills11-01-2022
CO4512 Information Security Management11-01-2022
HRMM074 Work-Based Project11-01-2022
MGF 1106 Topics in Mathematics11-01-2022
BUS 2201 Principles of Marketing11-01-2022
MGMT8055 International Business Project11-01-2022
MSTM5000 Business Communication And Team Dynamics11-01-2022
3040MKT Digital and Social Media Marketing11-01-2022
COU208 Ethics in Counselling11-01-2022
SBM3302 Project Execution Planning and Management11-01-2022
ENGL210 Technical Writing11-01-2022
6348 Information Systems in Organisations11-01-2022
LING10002 Intercultural Communication11-01-2022
UNV-108 University Success in the College of Education11-01-2022
MD4100 Strategy and International Management11-01-2022
NURS4405 Nursing Leadership11-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing A Palliative Approach11-01-2022
ACCT2296 Wealth Creation and Estate Planning11-01-2022
SNPG950 Reflection For Practice 11-01-2022
ACT303 Principles Of Auditing11-01-2022
BUS303 International Business11-01-2022
EDUC3730 Literacy in a Multicultural Society11-01-2022
OPMT 2298 Business Process Improvement11-01-2022
200739 Reward and Performance Management11-01-2022
HI6005 Management and Organization in Global Environment11-01-2022
ICT303 Professional Ethics in Computing11-01-2022
ENGL1001 Literature and Composition 11-01-2022
7115IBA Managing Complex Projects11-01-2022
EDUC3143 Language And Cultural Diversity11-01-2022
ENG2D English11-01-2022
MGT312 Business Research Methods11-01-2022
DATA4000 Introduction to Business Analytics11-01-2022
MKT20025 Consumer Behaviour11-01-2022
EDEC106 Perspectives of Children and Childhood11-01-2022
ENGL 101 English Composition11-01-2022
1MRF1 Corporate Finance11-01-2022
HCM505 Research Methodology11-01-2022
MGMT20144 Management and Business Context11-01-2022
CJA314 Advanced Immunology11-01-2022
CHEM3810 Organic Chemistry Laboratory11-01-2022
ECON1086 International Trade11-01-2022
ENG101 English Comprehension11-01-2022
INFO6001 Information Security11-01-2022
EMM 300 Professional Development Plan11-01-2022
INT101 Introduction to International Relations11-01-2022
NUR329 Public Health11-01-2022
NURBN3034 Global Health Issues11-01-2022
MICROBIO310 General Microbiology11-01-2022
BSL4060 Team Building and Leadership11-01-2022
MKT5CRM Customer Relationship Management11-01-2022
CIV4ID Infrastructure Design11-01-2022
TH60099E Marketing Business11-01-2022
TLAW603 Taxation Law11-01-2022
NUR222 Health, Law and Ethics11-01-2022
SP 101 Introductory Spanish11-01-2022
PICT802 Terrorism11-01-2022
INF30004 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization11-01-2022
ECON234 International Trade11-01-2022
PUBH8004 Public Health Pests and Vector Borne Diseases11-01-2022
GEB 3213 Business Writing And Communications11-01-2022
BSBOPS502 Diploma of Business Management11-01-2022
ELEC6203 Microsensor Technologies11-01-2022
ENGL 0101 English Composition 111-01-2022
LAW 3521 Income Tax Law11-01-2022
ENGL1001 Integrated Language Support11-01-2022
EDU00353 Teaching the Gifted11-01-2022
PFA401 Person in First Autism11-01-2022
AES 498 Special Topics in American Ethnic Studies11-01-2022
NUR131 Research Foundations for Health Practice11-01-2022
CNA742 Foundations of Mental Health Nursing Practice11-01-2022
CSC 710 Structure and Design Programming Language11-01-2022
BUSI 429 Healthcare Economics11-01-2022
NURBN2000 Transition Into Nursing Studies11-01-2022
MBS 544 Accounting Processes11-01-2022
MBA 600 International Business Marketing11-01-2022
SITXHRM004 Recruit, Select and Induct Staff11-01-2022
HIM 1260 Health Insurance Billing11-01-2022
HLTINF001 Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures11-01-2022
ENGL001 English Composition11-01-2022
NUR 550 Evidence Based Nursing Research11-01-2022
COMP3620 Artificial Intelligence11-01-2022
ECON1010 Introductory Microeconomics11-01-2022
SOCI1003 Introduction to Sociology11-01-2022
C8552 Discovering Statistics11-01-2022
WELF 2009 Human Rights Human Services and The Law 11-01-2022
OENG1189 Topology Optimization and 3D Printing11-01-2022
STAT20029 Statistics for Managerial Decisions11-01-2022
SIT50316 Event Management11-01-2022
7030CCJ Interventions For Correctional Clients11-01-2022
MKMR303 Marketing Research 11-01-2022
IBM1003 Procurement, Competitive Bidding And Contract Management11-01-2022
COIS-1620 Intro Information Systems11-01-2022
COM501 Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution11-01-2022
7209MKT Integrated Marketing Communication11-01-2022
PSYCH 101 Introduction To Psychology11-01-2022
IRHR3035 Managing Diversity11-01-2022
BUS156 Challenges in Business and Management11-01-2022
BMAL770 Conflicts, Groups, and Ethical Deviations11-01-2022
BMA799 Strategic Management11-01-2022
BBP182 Applied Behaviour Analysis11-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing11-01-2022
FM 5001 Preparation for Financial Mathematics11-01-2022
NUR332 Aborignal and Torress Strait Islander Health11-01-2022
ABOR6004 Community Development11-01-2022
FREN1000 Introduction to French Language11-01-2022
MLL424 Administrative Law11-01-2022
UXB135 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution11-01-2022
NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing11-01-2022
3959 Planning for Bushfire Prone Areas11-01-2022
CID918 Tourism and Hospitality11-01-2022
EM 622 Data Analysis And Visualization Techniques For Decision Making11-01-2022
CHCCCS007 Develop and Implement Service Programs11-01-2022
DSC1520 Quantitative Modelling11-01-2022
TITP 105 The IT Professional 11-01-2022
FINM036 Financial Decision Making11-01-2022
CHEM101 General Chemistry11-01-2022
ENGL112 Introduction to Native American Literatures11-01-2022
PG24106 Digital Transversal Skills11-01-2022
NSG220420 Indigenous Culture and Health11-01-2022
CAN190 The Canadian Political System11-01-2022
PHE1SDH Social Determinants of Health11-01-2022
ACCT5220 Advanced Financial Accounting11-01-2022
PSPPCM027 Evaluate And Improve Strategic Procurement Performance11-01-2022
OMGT2243 Global Trade Operations11-01-2022
NURBN3033 Nursing People Living with Chronic Conditions11-01-2022
MGT530 International Business11-01-2022
BUSN3002 Sustainable Business Management12-01-2022
IRHR3510 Human Resource Development12-01-2022
1009GBS Grand Challenges For Business12-01-2022
FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking12-01-2022
BUSN4100 Business Research Methods12-01-2022
BCO3447 Information Systems Project12-01-2022
CRM 105 Introduction to Criminal Justice12-01-2022
BSBSTR801 Lead Innovative Thinking And Practice12-01-2022
3BM070 Strategic Corporate Finance12-01-2022
MMM279 Creating and Managing Social Enterprises12-01-2022
ICT50120 Information Technology 12-01-2022
BUIL1023 Introduction To Construction Business Management12-01-2022
LAWS6085 International Trade Law12-01-2022
NSB204 Mental Health Self And Others12-01-2022
GENG 220 Engineering Thermodynamics12-01-2022
STAT101 Introduction to Statistics12-01-2022
2213THS Culinary Tourism12-01-2022
ECO100 Introduction to Economics12-01-2022
BIO 101 Introductory Biology12-01-2022
REL 101 Western Religions12-01-2022
3820ICT Work Integrated Learning12-01-2022
HI6026 Audit Assurance and Compliance12-01-2022
STAT1070 Statistics for the Sciences12-01-2022
ICT60120 Diploma of Information Technology12-01-2022
ENG4U English12-01-2022
MN3365 Strategic Finance12-01-2022
NURS503 Managing Population Health12-01-2022
HC1072 Economics and International Trade12-01-2022
EPSY 201 Educational Psychology12-01-2022
700051 The Individual in Society12-01-2022
3807NRS Clinical Decision Making12-01-2022
RELI 101 Introduction to Religious Studies12-01-2022
INFSCI 310 Computation In Information Science 12-01-2022
BUMGT6973 Project Management12-01-2022
7COM1080 Legal and Ethical Practice Exercise12-01-2022
CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence12-01-2022
NURS610 - Evidence-Based Practice in Health Care 12-01-2022
MN7002 International Business Strategy with Simulation12-01-2022
ACC202 Management Accounting12-01-2022
BPD3100 Applied Business Challenge12-01-2022
HTM 424 Tourism Management12-01-2022
ACFI3009 Contemporary Accounting Issues12-01-2022
HIST 3030 Environmental History12-01-2022
MGTS1901D Management Principles12-01-2022
NURS 8100 Healthcare Policy and Advocacy12-01-2022
F330M Climate Change12-01-2022
BMA547 Organisational Behaviour 12-01-2022
BA62301G321 Integrated Marketing Communication12-01-2022
700254 Enterprise Law12-01-2022
IFT458 Middleware Programming12-01-2022
BUS020N503 Project Management12-01-2022
200018 Law of Associations12-01-2022
LSM124 Supply Chain Management12-01-2022
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care12-01-2022
SOC361 Sociology of Organizations12-01-2022
CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry12-01-2022
MGT6318 Strategic Management12-01-2022
ECE 2048 Policy, Advocacy and Legislation12-01-2022
FIN 959 Enterprise Risk Management12-01-2022
ICT103 System Analysis And Design12-01-2022
SIT282 Computer Crime and Digital Forensics12-01-2022
MGNT803 Organisational Behaviour and Management12-01-2022
PSY 240 Introduction to Learning12-01-2022
SIS30315 Fitness12-01-2022
POL 1101 Introduction to Political Science12-01-2022
XNB272 Biomechanics12-01-2022
NURS90120 Evidence in Practice 12-01-2022
MGSC 220 Foundations of Business Analytics12-01-2022
MAT3014 Time Series and Forecasting12-01-2022
UJGUPD-15-M International Environmental Law12-01-2022
SYS366 Requirements Gathering Using OO Models12-01-2022
MNGT6275 Managing People And Organisations12-01-2022
PSYL10004 Dissertation in Psychology12-01-2022
EDU10003 The World of Maths12-01-2022
BUS3035 Contemporary Issues in International and Comparative Business12-01-2022
MBA702 Financial Decision Making12-01-2022
MGMT 5305 Cross Cultural Management12-01-2022
BUS495 Business Policy12-01-2022
ECON61001 Econometric Methods12-01-2022
CIVL 3018 Hydrogeology12-01-2022
GFMA 3063 Cross Cultural Management12-01-2022
SS3711 Biological Psychology12-01-2022
ISSC341 Introduction to Networking12-01-2022
CHEM1010 Introductory Chemistry12-01-2022
BAFI1042 Investment12-01-2022
MPH 500 Introduction to Public Health12-01-2022
HHS4U Families in Canada12-01-2022
TCS4414 System Development Methods12-01-2022
CE 200 Civil Engineering Professional Writing12-01-2022
BUS301 Human Resource Management12-01-2022
D31PZ Contracts and Procurement12-01-2022
EGB123 Civil Engineering Systems 12-01-2022
AEK1203 Indigenous Health and Wellbeing12-01-2022
HGA280 Social Research 12-01-2022
RSMT 3501 Introduction to Research Methods12-01-2022
ETC1000 Business and Economic Statistics12-01-2022
LNG172 English II12-01-2022
7COM1024 Module Software Engineering Measures and Models12-01-2022
MMM 343 Business Ethics12-01-2022
NUR256 Research and Evidence Based Practice12-01-2022
SOCI1100 Intro to Sociology12-01-2022
CYP4212 Health and Social Care12-01-2022
CS976 Information Retrieval12-01-2022
PFA401 Person Centred Approach12-01-2022
CIS 312 Securing Access Control12-01-2022
PRM30001 Project Management Essentials12-01-2022
OCN 340 Geological Oceanography12-01-2022
BMO6624 Organisation Change Management12-01-2022
ISSC363 IT Security Risk Management12-01-2022
BSN214 Adult Medical Surgical Nursing 112-01-2022
CIQHC701 Healthcare Management and Leadership12-01-2022
HISTO1110 History12-01-2022
BUSI48957 Consultancy Experience Project12-01-2022
LDR 2001 Introduction to Leadership12-01-2022
GEOS1002 Introductory Geography12-01-2022
PLO352 Criminal Law12-01-2022
PHPH 7017 Fundamentals of Biostatistics12-01-2022
COMP1701 Introduction to Computer Applications12-01-2022
BUSN9077 Business Research Methods12-01-2022
ENG 687 Aerodynamics12-01-2022
ACCT6005 Company Accounting12-01-2022
BUAD 6305 The Effective Leader12-01-2022
ISYS30391 Advanced Topics in Cyber Security12-01-2022
MANM019 Applied Marketing Research12-01-2022
FIT5205 Data in society12-01-2022
ENGL0101 English Composition 112-01-2022
COMP 1833 Software Quality Management12-01-2022
H4018 Combatting Racism12-01-2022
CPCCPD3026A Apply Stains And Clear Timber Finishes12-01-2022
TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs 12-01-2022
NUR 510 Care of Adults Across the Lifespan12-01-2022
COMM 10027 Organizational Business Communication12-01-2022
FNCE201 Corporate Finance12-01-2022
SITXFIN005 Manage Physical Assets12-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing12-01-2022
FIN201 Investment Management12-01-2022
NUR256 Research and Evidence Based Practice12-01-2022
EC4505 Advanced Macroeconomics12-01-2022
ECON101 Introductory Microeconomics12-01-2022
MKT3001H Consumer and Buyer Behaviour12-01-2022
CSC445 Operations Research Linear Programming12-01-2022
UJGUPD-15-M International Environmental Law12-01-2022
MOD005916 Comparative Healthcare Systems12-01-2022
CHE158 Kinetics and Reactor Design12-01-2022
ANTH 130 Introduction To Archaeology12-01-2022
GEES515 Professional Practice in the Environmental Sector 12-01-2022
CMHR 841 Organization Theory and Design 12-01-2022
CSE2DCX Database Fundamentals on the Cloud12-01-2022
SACD H1016 Introduction to Psychology12-01-2022
P001780 Performance Auditing12-01-2022
LSC 20015 Molecular, Cellular and Structural Immunology12-01-2022
PSYCH4036 Social Psychology12-01-2022
ENGL1000 Academic Writing12-01-2022
MN7402 Business Economics12-01-2022
ES 101 Fundamentals of Environmental Science with Laboratory12-01-2022
PHI1301 Philosophy Ideas and Arguments12-01-2022
BUMGT3702 Strategic Management12-01-2022
HIST 225 History of the Second World War12-01-2022
CAWT003 Academic Writing Development12-01-2022
HLT 314V Health Care Systems12-01-2022
EBBA 103 Business Finance12-01-2022
MAR002-2 Marketing Planning12-01-2022
NURS3004 Mental Health12-01-2022
MAT2044 Mathematics12-01-2022
MGT610 Organisational Best Practice12-01-2022
REAL321 Real Estate Development12-01-2022
ENGL344 Business and Professional Writing12-01-2022
RWC716 Regulatory Writing And Communications12-01-2022
HIMT 2300 Healthcare Management12-01-2022
BUSN1001 Accounting Principles12-01-2022
MGT 425 Analytics For Business Strategy12-01-2022
FIN686 Applied Financial Risk Management and Policy12-01-2022
UNV-503 Introduction to Graduate Studies in the Liberal Arts12-01-2022
MOL4010 Basic Molecular Biology12-01-2022
FNCE280 Fintech12-01-2022
NURS 8100 Healthcare Policy and Advocacy12-01-2022
ENGR 203 Applied Engineering Statistics Project Paper12-01-2022
ACCG340 Auditing and Assurance Services12-01-2022
FP4010 Process Group and Knowledge Area in Project Management12-01-2022
H600 Electrical and Electronic Engineering12-01-2022
CS-642 Advanced Topics in Computer Networks12-01-2022
GNED130 Principles of Sociology12-01-2022
LAW 2504 Administrative Law12-01-2022
HUMA 1106 Egytian and the Romann Mediterainan12-01-2022
HI3304 Tissue Viability12-01-2022
21440 Management Skills12-01-2022
CPCCPD3025A Match Specified Paint Colour12-01-2022
MMN223822 Global Strategy Challenge And Choices12-01-2022
HS2061 Information Systems Project Management12-01-2022
FIN5IFM Exchange Rate Behavior12-01-2022
MOLG 601 Leadership and Corporate Governance12-01-2022
PACC6007 Economics12-01-2022
ITECH 3109 Data Structures and Algorithms12-01-2022
MGT502 Business Communication12-01-2022
MGMT3730 Human Capital Analytics12-01-2022
BUSS5221 Creative and Analytic Mindset12-01-2022
PHL369 Medical Ethics12-01-2022
GSBS6200 Financial and Management Accounting12-01-2022
CPE6260 Human Behaviour and Human Error12-01-2022
COMP6016 Advanced Networks12-01-2022
PSY10004 Psychology12-01-2022
COMMGMT3502 Human Resource Management12-01-2022
PACC6007 Economics 12-01-2022
IT526M1 Relational Database Management System12-01-2022
BUS106 Marketing Principles12-01-2022
CHCLEG001 Work Legally and Ethically12-01-2022
ACCT20081 Financial Data Analytics12-01-2022
EDEC103 Christian Foundations of Education12-01-2022
NR283 Pathophysiology12-01-2022
DWIN309 Developing Web Information Systems12-01-2022
MBA600 Capstone Strategy12-01-2022
SOCS2300 Ethical Debates in the Social Sciences12-01-2022
MKT 1003 Marketing12-01-2022
LAW-609-001 Trademark Law12-01-2022
ECUR301 Language and Literacy in the Early Years12-01-2022
BIO2106 Medical Microbiology and Immunology12-01-2022
200376 Managing And Developing Careers12-01-2022
ENG7MFF Multiphase Fluid Flow12-01-2022
NUM2409 Adult Health Care 212-01-2022
MBA506 Thinking Styles Negotiation And Conflict Management12-01-2022
CPCCBC4002A Manage Occupational Health and Safety12-01-2022
ISIT404 Enterprise Architecture Design and Systems Integration12-01-2022
MIS602 Data Modelling and Database Design12-01-2022
BIO2106 Medical Microbiology and Immunology12-01-2022
PHIL 1000 Introductory Philosophy12-01-2022
HLTH4011 Issues in Health Care12-01-2022
CT050-3-2 Web Applications12-01-2022
NETS1001 Web Communications12-01-2022
ACCT618 Managerial Accounting 12-01-2022
THL228 Pastoral Care12-01-2022
CHEE08015 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 212-01-2022
PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology12-01-2022
MOD004054 Healthcare Environment12-01-2022
2106AFE Company Law12-01-2022
PSYC1010 Psychology Introduction12-01-2022
COS10003 Computer and Logic Essentials12-01-2022
700210 Introduction to Academic Communication12-01-2022
BUSI4261 Entrepreneurship12-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing A Palliative Approach12-01-2022
MN2706K Human Resource Management12-01-2022
MGMT3050 Strategic Management12-01-2022
HC2091 Business Finance12-01-2022
NRS 433V Introduction to Nursing Research12-01-2022
BSBSUS201 cookery12-01-2022
79017 Taxation Law12-01-2022
NSB204 Mental Health- Nursing 12-01-2022
MGT 605 Benchmark-Self Assessment and Reflection12-01-2022
BIT363 E-Business Systems Report Assignment12-01-2022
31277 Routing and Switching Essentials12-01-2022
APT6016 Foundations of Counselling12-01-2022
LIN3CLD Child Language Development12-01-2022
3290 Critical Care Nursing12-01-2022
MGMT5904 Managing Organisational Change12-01-2022
FEAN1102 Introduction to First Nations Perspectives12-01-2022
HR7003 Managing Financial and Human Resources for Sustainable Business Success12-01-2022
POLSC101 Introduction to Political Science12-01-2022
BIO60007 Biotechnology12-01-2022
BUSN3001Project In Business12-01-2022
UFCFF6301 Programming C12-01-2022
ACCTING2501 Financial Accounting12-01-2022
NURS 415 Nursing of Adults12-01-2022
FIN2SEV Investment Securities12-01-2022
MOD003319 Business Finance12-01-2022
BMA534 International Business Management12-01-2022
BSBPEF501- Manage Personal and Professional Development12-01-2022
BCD802 Transformative Learning in Communities12-01-2022
3002100 Business 12-01-2022
BE01106 Business Statistics12-01-2022
MFA501 Mathematical Foundations of AI12-01-2022
SPS202 Working with Young People and their Families12-01-2022
BBAC501 Management Accounting12-01-2022
MATH 1160 Introduction to Statistics12-01-2022
ENG 101 English Assignments12-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing A Palliative Approach12-01-2022
ADV1002 Advertising as Engagement12-01-2022
CSMDM16 Data Analytics and Mining12-01-2022
PSY/225 Theories of Personality12-01-2022
HLTH1003 Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Health Care12-01-2022
BLAW280 Business Law12-01-2022
7COM1075 Data Science and Analytics Masters Project12-01-2022
ECON 1020 Prices and Market12-01-2022
MAT102 Introduction To Statistics12-01-2022
CID460 Health and Social Care12-01-2022
HC2091 Business Finance12-01-2022
BMS508 Entrepreneurship12-01-2022
MRK718 Presenting Complex Material12-01-2022
RUSS2005 Russian Society and Culture12-01-2022
EGM-323 Heat Transfer12-01-2022
BIOL121 Human Biological Science12-01-2022
COU202 Counselling Practice12-01-2022
2002FIN Principles of Finance12-01-2022
BFA522 Risk Management12-01-2022
PROF 3501 Professions Internship12-01-2022
POGO8093 Science, Innovation and Public Policy12-01-2022
INST5700 International Studies Practicum12-01-2022
CSM-733 Sustainable Practices12-01-2022
MAN6304 Project Management12-01-2022
EMDV8008 Research Proposal12-01-2022
AFNR5801 Climate Change12-01-2022
EDAD 8155 Seminar in Current Educational Issues 12-01-2022
NA503 Public Health in Action12-01-2022
PY0546 Advanced Qualitative And Survey And Lab Experience12-01-2022
101555 Ethics in the Social Sciences12-01-2022
CS544 Foundations of Analytics12-01-2022
DAD 220 Introduction to SQL12-01-2022
MLS283 Clinical Immunology12-01-2022
PFP2031 Mental Health in Law Enforcement12-01-2022
CHE3MBC Bioinorganic Chemistry12-01-2022
MKTG 480 Advanced Marketing Project12-01-2022
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care12-01-2022
MBA 6053 Economics for Managers12-01-2022
HI6007 Statistics and Research Methods For Business Decision Making12-01-2022
Wel201 Applied Social Science 12-01-2022
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology12-01-2022
BFA714 Australian Tax Law12-01-2022
BHS023-2 Measurement of Succinate Dehydrogenase Activity and Kinetics in isolated Mitochondria 12-01-2022
BSM084 Project Management Fundamentals12-01-2022
LONT041 Enterprise and Innovation12-01-2022
INFSCI 0310 Computation In Information Science12-01-2022
BSBPEF502 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence12-01-2022
GSBS6142 Derivatives and Risk Management12-01-2022
MGT2700Y Business Research Methods12-01-2022
BSBPEF502 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence12-01-2022
BUSS1040 Economics for Business Decision Making12-01-2022
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise12-01-2022
COMP2350 Database Programming and Implementation12-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing12-01-2022
COMP2271 Data Science12-01-2022
DATA6000 Industry Case Studies12-01-2022
MNGT5202 Entrepreneurship and Innovation12-01-2022
SITTTSL007 Process Reservations12-01-2022
BAFN306 Entrepreneurial Finance12-01-2022
FIN0505 Financial Management12-01-2022
PHIL312 Introduction To Philosophy Of Religion12-01-2022
SCMC870-2 Supply Chain Management12-01-2022
HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility12-01-2022
175201 Social Psychology 12-01-2022
NURSING3014 Safety and Quality Care in an Evidence Based Framework12-01-2022
CSM-732 Innovation in the Construction Industry12-01-2022
EDBED3029 Science Curriculum12-01-2022
TSN30105 Network Programming12-01-2022
PUR6934 Internal Communications12-01-2022
BCO7003 Analytics Project Management12-01-2022
HLTINF001 Comply With Infection Prevention And Control Policies And Procedures12-01-2022
LSBM303 Critical Issues In Business Management12-01-2022
INFR11102 Computational Complexity12-01-2022
AUR31116 Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology12-01-2022
NURBN2025 The Health and Cultural Diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People12-01-2022
MIT 2150 Media, Representation And Identity12-01-2022
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology I12-01-2022
102039 Crime Deviance and Society12-01-2022
ES91M Product Excellence Under Six Sigma12-01-2022
BC 5802 Chemical Safety and Toxicology 12-01-2022
AEK1203 Indigenous Health and Wellbeing12-01-2022
ICT206 Software Engineering12-01-2022
NIP 2801 Developing Professional Practice in Adult Nursing12-01-2022
ENG1066 Thermodynamics 1 12-01-2022
CHC40413 Certificate IV in Youth Work 12-01-2022
IT117 Web Application Development12-01-2022
MKTG301 Principles Of Marketing12-01-2022
ELEC3550 Wireless Communications12-01-2022
ECON 203 Principles of Macroeconomics12-01-2022
BSBMGT520 Plan and Manage the Flexible Workforce12-01-2022
MGT310 Operations Management12-01-2022
ECON1030 Business Statistics12-01-2022
CRM309 Working with Victims and Offenders12-01-2022
HLSC609 Facilitating Learning in Health Professional Setting 12-01-2022
MBA687 Report Analysis of Pestle Forces12-01-2022
BFA715 Accounting Perspectives and Research12-01-2022
PGBM115 IBM Dissertation12-01-2022
EMTH271 Mathematical Modelling and Computation12-01-2022
SOC2033 Race and Ethnic Relations12-01-2022
BMAL710 Reply to Changes of Organizations12-01-2022
BUSE605 Operations Management12-01-2022
POL101H The Real World of Politics12-01-2022
MATH 70095 Multivariate Statistical Methods12-01-2022
ACT304A Auditing and Assurance in Australia12-01-2022
PSYC344 Research Design and Methods12-01-2022
MATH 415 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics12-01-2022
C817 Forensic Psychology12-01-2022
2011IBA Export Management12-01-2022
CVEN90067 Port Structural Design12-01-2022
ICTNWK503 Install And Maintain Valid Authentication Processes12-01-2022
IT117 Web Application Development12-01-2022
ENS6126 Master of Engineering Project 113-01-2022
INGL 3212 Advanced English13-01-2022
BIO30008 Pathophysiology13-01-2022
HIST2331 History The Civil War and Reconstruction13-01-2022
INFT3100 Project Management13-01-2022
ENGL 209 Advanced Academic Writing13-01-2022
CHCECD001 Analyse And Apply Information That Supports Employment And Career Development13-01-2022
MKTG6002 Marketing13-01-2022
ITECH3002 Professionalism and Entrepreneurship13-01-2022
BUS 633 Project and Operation Management13-01-2022
STAT 101 Introduction to Statistics13-01-2022
CRM 210 Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System13-01-2022
COU304A Alcohol And Other Drugs 13-01-2022
FNS40815 Certificate IV In Finance And Mortgage Broking13-01-2022
ICTSAD610 Analyse Stakeholder Requirements13-01-2022
INFT1004 Introduction to Programming13-01-2022
MAN1107 Understanding The Travel And Tourism Industry13-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing13-01-2022
DYB114 Spatial Histories13-01-2022
SOEN 342 Software Requirements and Specifications13-01-2022
STA302H1 Methods of Data Analysis I13-01-2022
PHY1010U Physics13-01-2022
QSO 620 Six Sigma Quality Management13-01-2022
TMGT 458 Project Management13-01-2022
MD7097 Cardiovascular Disease13-01-2022
BUS301 Business Capstone Project13-01-2022
BUSI2025 International Business13-01-2022
FINA 301 Corporate Finance13-01-2022
ECON317 Managerial Economics13-01-2022
TVM4510 Water and Wastewater Engineering Specialization Project13-01-2022
101555 Ethics in the Social Sciences13-01-2022
RSM2127H Economic Environment of International Business13-01-2022
WD147 Pharmaceutical Science13-01-2022
LAWS2026 Employment Law13-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing13-01-2022
MAT186 Calculus13-01-2022
ENG4U Hamlet Quotation Analysis13-01-2022
BSBFIN601 Manage Organisational Finances13-01-2022
GNED126 Occupational Health and Safety13-01-2022
MKT 4710 Marketing Strategy13-01-2022
ENG 112 Writing and Research in the Disciplines13-01-2022
3009THS Tourism Future13-01-2022
ECE 509 Cyber Security13-01-2022
GEOM 100 Introduction to Maps and Navigation13-01-2022
5126LAW Domestic and Family Violence13-01-2022
ITECH5403 Comparative Programming Languages13-01-2022
BMA702 International and National Business Experience 13-01-2022
PSYC 3003 Methods in Psychological Inquiry13-01-2022
CHL5520H Indigenous Health13-01-2022
SOCI111 Introduction to Sociology13-01-2022
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology13-01-2022
ECON1102 Macroeconomics 113-01-2022
RMET6053 Research Methods13-01-2022
11169 Organisational Communications, Culture and Change13-01-2022
MGT3333 Procurement and Materials Management13-01-2022
INFS4887 Business Research Methods13-01-2022
SOE09701 Strategic Management In A Global Context13-01-2022
ECON600 Managerial Economics13-01-2022
NRS428 Nursing Community Health13-01-2022
CIVE 1003 Construction Materials13-01-2022
I2808ICT Information and Security Management13-01-2022
ANTH1100 Social And Cultural Anthropology13-01-2022
B740 Adult Nursing BSc13-01-2022
NURS 8310 Epidemiology and Population Health13-01-2022
ENGL 113 Writing and Communication13-01-2022
MATH121 Discrete Mathematics13-01-2022
MN2706K Human Resource Management13-01-2022
HIS 260 Canadian History13-01-2022
ACCT407 Corporate Financial Management13-01-2022
ES 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies13-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing13-01-2022
NURS3025 Nursing Research13-01-2022
ECM2IE Econometrics13-01-2022
IT 140 Interacting In A Digital World13-01-2022
NURS 330 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing13-01-2022
MKTG 1200 Marketing 113-01-2022
MKTG3004 Marketing13-01-2022
ELEC3540 Analog and Digital Communications13-01-2022
ENG101 English Composition13-01-2022
DBA905 Introduction to Business Research13-01-2022
EDUC7421 English Language Teaching Methodology13-01-2022
BUS2TBS Trends in Modern Business and Society13-01-2022
BAFI2081 Options Futures and Risk Management13-01-2022
CS 418 Project Milestone Reports13-01-2022
BC0115 Microeconomics13-01-2022
322AA Information Technology 13-01-2022
N101 International Business Management13-01-2022
9050PROJ Project13-01-2022
0401120 English I13-01-2022
BSBMGT616 Develop And Implement Strategic Plans13-01-2022
ACCT3041 Advanced Financial Accounting13-01-2022
INT101 Introduction to International Relations13-01-2022
2810ICT— Software Technologies13-01-2022
BFA312 Management Accounting13-01-2022
HISTORY 1152 American Civilization since 187713-01-2022
PSY360 Research Methods13-01-2022
STA5092Z Exploratory Data Analysis13-01-2022
BIOL3410 Plant Biology13-01-2022
CYB 200 Cybersecurity Foundations13-01-2022
GEN 499 General Education Capstone13-01-2022
ACCT2005 Annual Report Analysis and Interpretation13-01-2022
NURS 330 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing13-01-2022
PACC6007 Economics13-01-2022
SPO302A Sport Futures13-01-2022
ECCDD303A Music Movement And Drama13-01-2022
ENG233 Digital Electronics13-01-2022
BSBDIV501 Manage Diversity in the Workplace13-01-2022
PUBH2012 Public Health Capstone Project13-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing13-01-2022
PY4204 Human Development Across The Lifespan13-01-2022
HI5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design 13-01-2022
301004 Engineering And Related Technologies13-01-2022
AHCBUS607 Implement a Monitoring, Evaluation And Reporting Program13-01-2022
FNS50315 Diploma Of Finance And Mortgage Broking Management13-01-2022
BUSS 5404 Managing Complexity in Projects13-01-2022
PUBH6001 Health Policy And Advocacy13-01-2022
ENGL 1010 English Composition13-01-2022
OMGT 5993 Homeland Security for Operations Managers13-01-2022
MSWPG7201 Contemporary Social Work Theories and Practice13-01-2022
PROF3501 International Internship13-01-2022
MGT605 Business Capstone Project13-01-2022
HI6027 Business and Corporate Law13-01-2022
EC5615 Macro and Financial Econometrics13-01-2022
TOUR710 Tourism Hospitality and Events in the Digital Age13-01-2022
MDM50 Principles and Practice of Public Health13-01-2022
BUSI 0011 Dissertation13-01-2022
UZWS4V40M Dissertation13-01-2022
333MAE Finite Element Analysis13-01-2022
ITICT302A Secure Programming13-01-2022
NSB132 Integrated Nursing Practice 13-01-2022
MKT1MDP Fundamentals of Marketing13-01-2022
EG6024 Structural Engineering13-01-2022
HCM502 Appraisals for Performance Management13-01-2022
Q300 English Literature13-01-2022
NUR500 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice and Leadership13-01-2022
MGMT1020 Management Decision Making13-01-2022
BMA328 Leadership In Organisations13-01-2022
ABOR1110 Introduction to Aboriginal Studies 13-01-2022
301224 Contract Administration13-01-2022
BUS7048 Major Project 13-01-2022
BCO211 Strategic Marketing13-01-2022
BMA799 Strategic Management13-01-2022
MGMT6910 Special Problems13-01-2022
218103 Construction Design and Drawings13-01-2022
PSY353e Positive Psychology13-01-2022
UZTSVU203 Leadership and Innovation13-01-2022
MATH 219 Statistics and Probability13-01-2022
PS 3026 Social Psychology13-01-2022
BUSI3323 Human Resource Management13-01-2022
RD20120 Equine Grassland and Business Management13-01-2022
MGMT103 Work Ethics 13-01-2022
SG7001 Managing Strategy, Operations and Partnerships13-01-2022
SITXHRM002 Roster Staff13-01-2022
HLSC608 Theoretical Foundations of Health Professional Education13-01-2022
BUSS 5406 Project Management in Professional Practice13-01-2022
MATH440 Stochastic Processes13-01-2022
BUS684 Contemporary Management Issues13-01-2022
125211 The Financial Planning Process13-01-2022
LRM4801 Advanced Labour Relations Management13-01-2022
ENGL121 English Composition13-01-2022
BSS0453 Specialist Project13-01-2022
MGMT 490 Strategic Management13-01-2022
NURS30036 High Dependency Nursing 13-01-2022
MRKT 4547 Strategic Marketing Decision Making13-01-2022
COMP6350 Database Systems13-01-2022
UNCC100 Self and Community Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society13-01-2022
HNN227 Acute Illness and Supportive Care13-01-2022
401167 Applied Research in Health Care13-01-2022
FNCE100 Corporate Finance13-01-2022
N630M2 Human Resource Management13-01-2022
ASX1003 Foundations of Social Science13-01-2022
MNGT5202 Entrepreneurship and Innovation13-01-2022
GLB 457 Strategic Issues In Global Business13-01-2022
COHS 608 Hazard Recognition and Control13-01-2022
BUS304 Accounting Theory and Accountability13-01-2022
MOR492 Global Strategy13-01-2022
HIST 201 West Africa and Black America13-01-2022
NIT5083 Enterprise Security Management13-01-2022
HLSC 230 Health Issues in Aging13-01-2022
NUR133 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health13-01-2022
GWS101 Gender in Everyday Life13-01-2022
POLI 105 International Relations13-01-2022
BLO5606 Australian Visa System13-01-2022
MKT1MDP Marketing Defined Planned And Delivered13-01-2022
MGT 4205 Leadership And CSR13-01-2022
CBE6194 Managing People in Organisations13-01-2022
BUST08003 Principles of Finance13-01-2022
SOCI250 Sociological Theory13-01-2022
BIO122 Human Biological Science13-01-2022
THEFIN703 Revenue and Yield Management13-01-2022
200157 Organisational Learning and Development13-01-2022
NSG2NMR Nursing And Midwifery Research13-01-2022
PACC6009 Business Law13-01-2022
MRTY5139 Medical Imaging Science Capstone13-01-2022
PS3011 Psychological 13-01-2022
UMKDQQ-30-M Data Driven Marketing13-01-2022
PSYC5910M The Psychology of Ageing and Dementia13-01-2022
POLIS2140 Australia Foreign Policy in the Indo Pacific13-01-2022
INF80043 IS/IT Risk Management13-01-2022
SITHPAT006 Produce Desserts13-01-2022
ABOR1110 Introduction to Aboriginal Studies13-01-2022
BLEL43B Business Law and Ethics13-01-2022
JNB330 Supply Chain Management13-01-2022
HSP201 Human Systems And Pathophysiology 13-01-2022
PSYCH101 Introduction to Psychology13-01-2022
CMSE11338 Financial Statement Analysis13-01-2022
CUL 610 China And The World13-01-2022
PSY528 Psychotherapy: Theories and Techniques13-01-2022
CAP 5625 Introduction To Artificial Intelligence13-01-2022
COMP7240 Introduction to Database Concepts13-01-2022
ENGL 105 English and American Fiction13-01-2022
NURS3106 Leading Teaching Mentoring and Clinical13-01-2022
NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice13-01-2022
CISC215 Database Design and Application Development13-01-2022
7014ENG Project Management Practices13-01-2022
HLTH 1037 Mental Health13-01-2022
REAL321 Real Estate Development13-01-2022
SEC1004 Private Investigating13-01-2022
BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change13-01-2022
HLST261 Adult Nursing13-01-2022
COMP2140 Java Programming13-01-2022
MBA 605 Marketing Management13-01-2022
ICT80004 Internship Project13-01-2022
NUR5325 Clinical Leadership In Nursing13-01-2022
8006FMGT Financial Management13-01-2022
102737 Thinking Critically About Texts and Society13-01-2022
ABOR3440 Indigenous Health Around the World13-01-2022
CSRV 13672 Social Diversity in Contemporary Canada13-01-2022
BEO1106 Business Statistics13-01-2022
NR342 Complex Adult Health13-01-2022
B205B Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship13-01-2022
CBM822 Marketing Strategy13-01-2022
ENG105 English Assignments13-01-2022
B991 Health and Social Care13-01-2022
COMP10002 Foundations of Algorithms13-01-2022
BCOM 301 Business Communications13-01-2022
EPHUMA307 Philosophy13-01-2022
SPS304 Mental Health in the Community13-01-2022
159100 Introduction to Programming13-01-2022
8006FMGT Financial Management13-01-2022
HPS2007H History of Astronomy13-01-2022
HLST273 Nursing13-01-2022
NURS 1521 Health and Healing I13-01-2022
EDAS 1101 Introduction to The Education Assistant Profession13-01-2022
FATVM0010 Dissertation Practical and Written Element13-01-2022
25410 Applied Financial Decision Making13-01-2022
BANK3002 Band Lending13-01-2022
EEB437 Teaching Numeracy In Adult And Vocational Education13-01-2022
ENGL1302 Composition II 13-01-2022
MKTG3002 Digital and Social Media Marketing13-01-2022
125740 Advanced Investment Analysis13-01-2022
COM101 Communicating Across Contexts13-01-2022
ENGL 0101 English Composition13-01-2022
NR 705 Information Technology13-01-2022
BMO6625 Performance Management and Rewards13-01-2022
MGMT101 Intro To Management13-01-2022
BBM5BET Business Ethics Today13-01-2022
BUS501 Business Analytics and Statistics13-01-2022
BEHS380 End of Life Issues and Perspectives13-01-2022
7252THS Tourism And Hospitality Revenue Management13-01-2022
COMP2001 Network Management13-01-2022
ENG3036 Simulation of Engineering Systems13-01-2022
HIST 115 Issues in European History13-01-2022
BUSS604 Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability13-01-2022
BNURS20 Nursing Assignment13-01-2022
BSBLDR511 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence 13-01-2022
NSG3NRC Nursing: Reflection and Consolidation13-01-2022
BIOL 3610 Microbiology13-01-2022
MGT605 Business Capstone Project13-01-2022
HLT-362V Statistics13-01-2022
200864 Managing in the Global Environment13-01-2022
MAC004 Quantitative Methods13-01-2022
EDEC107 Child Observation13-01-2022
NUR 102 Development Of Self As Nurse13-01-2022
BU4113G3 Project Management13-01-2022
BMO2202 Purchasing And Supply Management13-01-2022
PHI180 Critical Thinking13-01-2022
FINC 1100 Financial Planning13-01-2022
200859 Human Resource Development13-01-2022
DEFM415 Acquisition Test and Evaluation13-01-2022
PROJ6004 Applied Research Project II 13-01-2022
ITECH 5403 Comparative Programming Languages13-01-2022
WELF2025 Informed Practice With Children13-01-2022
MIS608 Agile Project Management13-01-2022
COUN1271 Trauma Informed Counselling Practice13-01-2022
CINP 901 Effective Non profit Organizations13-01-2022
SOC 101 Principle of Sociology13-01-2022
HEALT6001 Research Methods For Health13-01-2022
NURS 5001 Health Care Policy13-01-2022
AGRI11003 Livestock Production Management13-01-2022
SWM101 Context for Social Work Practice13-01-2022
NURBN3035 Nursing13-01-2022
NURS6018 Acute Nursing13-01-2022
ACM5903 Accounting For Business13-01-2022
BUS304 Project Management13-01-2022
AS410 Biotechnology13-01-2022
NURBN3035 Research 2: Application of Evidence Based Practice and Research13-01-2022
MIS605 Systems Analysis and Design13-01-2022
LAW300 Taxation Law13-01-2022
CIA110 Introduction to Public Safety in Canada13-01-2022
POLS 1000 Political Science13-01-2022
TSM08720 Sport Event Tourism13-01-2022
CHEM X16 Introduction to Chemistry13-01-2022
300672 Mathematics13-01-2022
BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability13-01-2022
ACCT242 Accounting and Business Analysis13-01-2022
TSM09711 Hospitality Supervision And Training Skills 13-01-2022
HIMA600 Health Care Management 13-01-2022
NURS 5000 Population Focused Nursing13-01-2022
BUSA3015 Business Forecasting13-01-2022
ITC 4301 System Analysis and Design13-01-2022
NR411 Nursing13-01-2022
PSYC 6012 Social Psychology13-01-2022
NURS 4126 Nursing Care of Children and Families13-01-2022
BA400QA Individual Courswork13-01-2022
MGT552 Leading Through Digital Disruption 13-01-2022
CAM625 Introduction to Biostatistics13-01-2022
COUN2231 Lifespan Development13-01-2022
AC4052QA Financial Accounting13-01-2022
COMP2350 Database Systems13-01-2022
HGA246 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing13-01-2022
INT4801 International Business 13-01-2022
BUSN 3610 Managing Project Communications Stakeholders And Human Resources13-01-2022
MGT1OBE Organisational Behaviour13-01-2022
PHI2604 Critical Thinking Ethics13-01-2022
HRMT 386 Human Resource Management13-01-2022
HLTENN008 Apply Legal and Ethical Parameters to Nursing Practice13-01-2022
BIO 103 biology 13-01-2022
MAN-372 International Management13-01-2022
MATH08074 Engineering Mathematics13-01-2022
MKTG222 Retailing13-01-2022
BSBPEF502 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence13-01-2022
PHAR 3026 Therapeutics, Nutrition and Exercise13-01-2022
ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics13-01-2022
LAW2442 Commercial Law13-01-2022
BSBOPS502 Manage Business Operational Plans13-01-2022
NURBN3033 Nursing Assignment13-01-2022
BMA777 International Human Resource Management13-01-2022
FIN 615 Financial Analysis and Modeling13-01-2022
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing13-01-2022
MPA501 Accounting Principles13-01-2022
102061 Integrating Nursing Concepts13-01-2022
BSBWOR502 Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness13-01-2022
PROG2007 Programming II13-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing13-01-2022
ABOR3440 Indigenous Health Around the World13-01-2022
LAWS5061 Commercial Law13-01-2022
EECT046 Supply Chain Management and Logistics13-01-2022
ENGI 9855 Energy and the Environment13-01-2022
STAT100 Web Chat13-01-2022
SKI0001 Skills For Academic Study13-01-2022
NURSING302 Professional Nursing Practice13-01-2022
PY4207 Neuroscience and the Biological Bases of Behaviour13-01-2022
GSBS6481 International Business Strategy13-01-2022
NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing13-01-2022
ITC205 Professional Programming Practice13-01-2022
LAW1020 Law of Torts13-01-2022
SRM776 Introduction to Construction Management13-01-2022
ACC302 Auditing13-01-2022
NURBN 2027 Bachelor of Midwifery Program Structure13-01-2022
HUMA 1106 Egypt in the Greek and Roman Mediterranean13-01-2022
BSBCRT512 Originate And Develop Concepts13-01-2022
BIO 139 Human Anatomy and Physiology13-01-2022
PHIL102 Theories of Human Nature13-01-2022
PUBH 8004 Foundations for Doctoral Success In Public Health13-01-2022
301224 Contract Administration13-01-2022
BUS2PMX Project Management13-01-2022
ACC5215 Corporate Accounting13-01-2022
MGMT5602 Cross Cultural Management13-01-2022
ECON 472 Economics of Health Care13-01-2022
ALLH11006 Life Course Development for Health Professionals13-01-2022
PRJM6008 Project Quality Management13-01-2022
CHEM 1R03 General Chemistry13-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing13-01-2022
ACCT2003 Computerised Accounting Systems13-01-2022
ENGL001 English Composition13-01-2022
HGE401 Hotels and the Guest Experience13-01-2022
F900 Environmental Science13-01-2022
CPS59001 Linear and Integer Programming13-01-2022
ISYS1005 Systems Analysis and Design13-01-2022
PW511 Professional Writing and Communications13-01-2022
T411 Wireless Networking13-01-2022
ACC202 Accounting Statement Analysis13-01-2022
HRM 520 Staffing Organizations13-01-2022
BUSI2311 Principle Of Management13-01-2022
MKTG3040 Services Marketing13-01-2022
11372 Introduction to Data Science 13-01-2022
NURS 115 Nursing Health Teaching Project13-01-2022
MGMT311 Knowledge Management13-01-2022
OMGT 707 Transportation Systems and Logistics Processes13-01-2022
BHO3312 Revenue Management13-01-2022
NETW4010 Network Management13-01-2022
LML6004 Visa System13-01-2022
EDU20001 Developing Literacy13-01-2022
ST 371 Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory 13-01-2022
HI5020 Corporate Accounting13-01-2022
PGBM134 Finance and Project Management13-01-2022
NURBN2027 Nursing Context 7: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Applied to Person Centered Nursing Pra13-01-2022
CHEM101 General Chemistry13-01-2022
PY4207 Neuroscience And The Biological Bases Of Behaviour13-01-2022
BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management13-01-2022
NURSING493 Nursing Capstone13-01-2022
LEGL3111 Employment Law13-01-2022
INFM 109 Informatics Fundamentals13-01-2022
B207A Big Ideas in Organizations13-01-2022
7013EHR Performance and Reward Management13-01-2022
BSBWHS401 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requiremen13-01-2022
SOCS108 Contemporary Society and Change13-01-2022
PROJ5004 Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management13-01-2022
1020QBT Academic and Professional Skills Development13-01-2022
THS3DMM Destination Marketing And Management13-01-2022
JNB154 International Business Communication13-01-2022
ADMN-3750H Principles of Online Marketing 13-01-2022
PHAR2202 Drug Design And Analytical Methods13-01-2022
ECON1102 Macroeconomics Money and Finance13-01-2022
LAWS2030 Criminal Law and Procedure13-01-2022
SOCI332 Statistics for Social Science13-01-2022
BIOL100 Introductory Biology13-01-2022
MBA 540 Strategic financial Management13-01-2022
MAN6936 Enterprise Architecture13-01-2022
MGMT 203 Principles of Management 13-01-2022
KIT203 Ict Project Management and Modelling13-01-2022
BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability13-01-2022
NUR355 Children and Young People14-01-2022
LAW1507 Tort Law14-01-2022
CST4080 Legal Ethical and Security Aspects of Data Science14-01-2022
LAW 1507 Tort Law14-01-2022
NURSING 3004 Mental Health Nursing14-01-2022
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems14-01-2022
LLB302 Corporate Law14-01-2022
IFT 458 Middleware Programming14-01-2022
HRMT20025 International Human Resource Management14-01-2022
DSI-200 Interpretive Data Analysis14-01-2022
NURS3402 Nursing Research And Evidence-Based Practice14-01-2022
MG412 Principles of Marketing14-01-2022
LAWS6020 Environmental Law 14-01-2022
INFO334 Digital Business Innovation14-01-2022
ITECH2001 Game Development Fundamentals14-01-2022
GNED135 Social Psychology14-01-2022
NGR 7853 Translational Research14-01-2022
MBA504 Introduction to Data Analytics for Business14-01-2022
HRPR300 Strategic HR Planning14-01-2022
OLRN1395 Learning, Thinking and Problem Solving14-01-2022
CPC50210 Building and Construction14-01-2022
NURS 135 Contemporary Issues In Nursing14-01-2022
NUR135 Nursing and Midwifery14-01-2022
DBFN212 Database Fundamental14-01-2022
N2400 Family And Community Health14-01-2022
ECON 300 Fundamentals of Economics14-01-2022
BUS6300 Business Practices for Sustainability14-01-2022
HRPD 710 Alternative Dispute Resolution14-01-2022
CESD2996 Finance and Accounting in First Nation Communities14-01-2022
CSM80009 Procurement and Risk Management in Projects14-01-2022
GSPH5329 Issues In Rural Health14-01-2022
BSBPMG535 Manage Project Information and Communication14-01-2022
HSW1000 Foundations of the Human Services Disciplines14-01-2022
COMP2350 Computing14-01-2022
MGMT602 Business Management and Strategic Management14-01-2022
NURS1008 Indegineous Health And Cultural Safety14-01-2022
4691 Nursing14-01-2022
DBM509 Operations Management14-01-2022
BAO5534 Business Finance14-01-2022
NRSG817 Health Policy and Advancing Nursing Practice14-01-2022
MN2706K Human Resource Management14-01-2022
EDU10005 Indigenous Education and Perspectives14-01-2022
SOC356 Classical Sociological Theory14-01-2022
BIOL 3030 Cell Biology14-01-2022
ITECH2004 Data Modelling14-01-2022
FBLT041 Accounting and Financial Management14-01-2022
HLTH 320 Molecular Virology14-01-2022
HCS577 Financial Management In Health Care14-01-2022
ABORIG 1001 Indigenous People Country and Protocols14-01-2022
MMH349 Employment Relations14-01-2022
BSBWRT401 Write Complex Documents14-01-2022
MKTP103 Marketing Principles14-01-2022
MG6810 Project Management14-01-2022
CIV4ID Infrastructure Design14-01-2022
PSY 645 Psychopathology14-01-2022
BNURS20 Nursing Assignment14-01-2022
MARKETNG7104 Marketing Management14-01-2022
HLST234 Nursing14-01-2022
DEFM312 Defense Budget Development and Execution14-01-2022
INFT3100 Project Management14-01-2022
BBMK504 Brand Management14-01-2022
ACCG3015 Accountants in the Profession14-01-2022
PACC6002 Auditing and Assurance Services14-01-2022
BB108 Business Statistics14-01-2022
SITXCCS008 Develop And Manage Quality Customer Service Practice14-01-2022
N300PFININV Finance and Investment14-01-2022
MAR015-6 Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management14-01-2022
SOC205 Singapore Society14-01-2022
BUS301 Human Resource Management14-01-2022
CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health14-01-2022
BSBMKG506 Plan Market Research14-01-2022
21530 Master of Law, Policy and Government14-01-2022
MGMT3050 Strategic Management14-01-2022
BUS801 Production And Operations Management14-01-2022
EG5200 Advanced Asset Management14-01-2022
HOSP3000 Gaming and Casino Management14-01-2022
DECO6500 Advanced Human Computer Interaction14-01-2022
BFA504 Accounting Systems and Processes14-01-2022
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology14-01-2022
NRSG375 Clinical Leadership14-01-2022
CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people14-01-2022
HCS103 Fields of Practice14-01-2022
HURM1100 Human Resource Managment14-01-2022
BSBFIA401 Prepare Financial Reports14-01-2022
COS10009 Introduction to Programming14-01-2022
MARK 2010 Marketing Analytics14-01-2022
MGMT200 Organizational Behavior14-01-2022
SIT720 Machine Learning14-01-2022
MP222 Corporate Accounting and Reporting14-01-2022
PSY410 Abnormal Psychology14-01-2022
INFT2150 Business Analysis14-01-2022
CSE2DES System Design Engineering Fundamentals14-01-2022
SYC 321 Social Psychology14-01-2022
ZAC105 Health and Community Services in Australia14-01-2022
HR220-7 Human Resource Information Systems14-01-2022
PRM3701 Project Management14-01-2022
AIX290 Australia Today14-01-2022
TLAW610 Technology and Law14-01-2022
BISY3004 E Commerce And E Business Application14-01-2022
BUSI2301 Business Law14-01-2022
BSBPEF502 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence14-01-2022
COMM3010 Research and Reporting14-01-2022
LB5525 Conflict Analysis14-01-2022
BEP1103 Philosophy of Education14-01-2022
HC2022 Marketing Research14-01-2022
MGMT3001 Management Strategies14-01-2022
JEE489 Reliability Engineering14-01-2022
KHA734 Ethics And Professional Practice 14-01-2022
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology14-01-2022
200864 Managing in the Global Environment14-01-2022
ITECH3000 IT Professional Engagement14-01-2022
PSYL10004 Dissertation in Psychology14-01-2022
EVEN 4830 Engineering: Wind Energy14-01-2022
3807NRS Advanced Clinical Decision Making14-01-2022
NURS210 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan14-01-2022
NURS2202 Clinical Practice14-01-2022
BIOL202 Principles of Microbiology with Lab14-01-2022
CHCMGT005 Facilitate Workplace Debriefing And Support14-01-2022
ITECH7409 Software Testing14-01-2022
SITXHRM002 Roster staff14-01-2022
EDEC104 Children Spaces and Places14-01-2022
BSBMGT608 Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement 14-01-2022
BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management14-01-2022
6N4310 Business Management 14-01-2022
AC5011 Management Accounting14-01-2022
AC7236 Accounting and Finance for Managers14-01-2022
ITECH7407 Real Time Analytics14-01-2022
BTH3752 Molecular Biology And Biotechnology 14-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing14-01-2022
UED602: Understanding and Interpreting Education Data14-01-2022
EDUR5023 Introduction To Teaching And Learning14-01-2022
CMSE11401 Strategic Leadership14-01-2022
HRMT300 Organizational Behaviour14-01-2022
CAM617 Environmental Health14-01-2022
HAD100 Introduction to Disasters Humanitarian Aid and Development14-01-2022
HLTH SC 2104 Essential Understanding Of Disease And Treatment14-01-2022
BUSS604 Ethics, Responsibility And Sustainability14-01-2022
BSB50618 Human Resources Management14-01-2022
MARK2055 Service Marketing and Management14-01-2022
HRES9202 Talent Acquisition14-01-2022
BSBPEF502 Develop and use emotional intelligence14-01-2022
HLTH7002 Research for Healthcare Practice14-01-2022
MPM502 Project Evaluation and Management14-01-2022
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing14-01-2022
HLTH339 Marketing, a Healthcare Perspective14-01-2022
PHPH7011 Foundational Competencies14-01-2022
ITFP3349 Intermediate Java Programming14-01-2022
BSBWOR203 Work Effectively With Others14-01-2022
COUN 762 Drug and Alcohol Counseling14-01-2022
ENGL 106 Creative Writing 14-01-2022
BUSM4461 Building Sustainability14-01-2022
MSB 701 Quantitative Analysis for Managers14-01-2022
MN502 Overview of Network Security14-01-2022
BUS306 Contemporary Business Issues and Trends14-01-2022
COMMLAW 1004 Commercial Law14-01-2022
MKTG1203 Introduction To Marketing14-01-2022
SEJ103 Materials Engineering Project14-01-2022
INFO20003 Database Systems14-01-2022
CHC43315 Mental Health14-01-2022
HRM570 Human Resource Management14-01-2022
BSBOPS502 Manage Business Operational Plans14-01-2022
MKT 4710 Marketing Strategy14-01-2022
BIOL1131 Plant and Animal Biology14-01-2022
EDU10005 Indigenous Education and Perspectives14-01-2022
HND702 Management of Diabetes14-01-2022
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology B14-01-2022
ACC3GRM Governance Ethics and Risk Management14-01-2022
CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People14-01-2022
CMNS 112 Professional Writing14-01-2022
ECCDD202A Communication Language and Literacy14-01-2022
SPHS 504 Advanced Strength and Conditioning14-01-2022
CE 610 Construction Management14-01-2022
CAB432 Cloud Computing 14-01-2022
BIO101 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology14-01-2022
200535 Auditing and Assurance Services14-01-2022
BAO2001 Corporate Finance14-01-2022
POLSCI101 Political Science14-01-2022
MKT1705 Principles Of Marketing14-01-2022
PLSC471 Race and Political Theory14-01-2022
BCH210H Biochemistry14-01-2022
BUS211 International Logistics14-01-2022
BAC305 Bachelor of Business Accounting14-01-2022
ACCT 301 Cost Accounting14-01-2022
BUS1SBY Sustainability14-01-2022
MGT403 Decision Making in Organizations14-01-2022
TMGT458 Project Management14-01-2022
GSBS6008 Global Business Management14-01-2022
MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communications14-01-2022
101676 Human Learning14-01-2022
INFT3100 Project Management14-01-2022
3805NRS Health And Illness In Older People 14-01-2022
MGMT 203 Principles of Management14-01-2022
ACC304 Auditing and Assurance14-01-2022
BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management14-01-2022
401020 Professional Practice Experience14-01-2022
NUR 302 Concepts In Nursing14-01-2022
BSBPEF502 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence14-01-2022
SEC 591 Disaster Recovery Forensics14-01-2022
BUS101 Exploring Business Research14-01-2022
NRSG7065 Foundational Concepts of Professional Nursing14-01-2022
700254 Enterprise Law14-01-2022
101183 Psychology: Behavioural Science14-01-2022
BAC306 Corporate Governance and Ethics14-01-2022
CORPFIN 3006 Blockchain Crypto14-01-2022
HAT205 Gaming and Entertainment Management 14-01-2022
BN309 Computer Forensics14-01-2022
BBMK504 Brand Management14-01-2022
CS 7345 Advanced Application Programming14-01-2022
Nrsg265 Principles of Nursing: Medical14-01-2022
MN612 Enterprise Architecture14-01-2022
MAF302 Corporate Finance14-01-2022
ESEN1101 Essential University English14-01-2022
MNG81001 Management Communication14-01-2022
EEET1413 Sensors and Measurement Technologies14-01-2022
ENG204 Introduction to Creative Writing14-01-2022
AGRI11001 Soil and Irrigation Management14-01-2022
BACC3004 Tax Law14-01-2022
BSBRSK501 Manage Risk14-01-2022
COMMGMT7001 Business Communication14-01-2022
IFN700 Project Management14-01-2022
BBA-2000 Communication for Business14-01-2022
POLSCI 101 Introduction to Political Science14-01-2022
BTTM4810 Issues in Society, Environment, and Sustainability14-01-2022
BUSM4176 Introduction to Management14-01-2022
TMGT601 Strategic Management14-01-2022
THS1FBS Food and Beverage Supervision 14-01-2022
BIT362 Digital Forensics14-01-2022
BA4008QA Business Decision Making14-01-2022
NURS 6401 Informatics in Nursing and Healthcare14-01-2022
GDN3988 Eportfolio14-01-2022
ENVS3040 Complex Environmental Problems in Action14-01-2022
ACCY801 Accounting and Financial Management14-01-2022
CHCLEG003 Manage Legal And Ethical Compliance14-01-2022
NSB335 Integrated Nursing Practice 5 14-01-2022
3810ICT Information Systems Architecture14-01-2022
CSCI203 Algorithms and Data Structures14-01-2022
PHIL 2230 Moral Issues in Business14-01-2022
INF70005 Strategic Project Management14-01-2022
ISYS5001 Business Project Management14-01-2022
HNN301 Mental Health and Wellbeing14-01-2022
LLB130 Criminal Law and Procedure14-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing14-01-2022
1PURCOMM Purposive Communication14-01-2022
FINC 634 Commercial Credit Analysis14-01-2022
HUM 101 Culture and Civilization14-01-2022
FNCE 2004 Introduction to Business Financial 14-01-2022
ACCG3015 Accountants in the Profession14-01-2022
MET AD715 Quantitative and Qualitative Decision Making14-01-2022
METAD715 Quantitative and Qualitative Decision Making14-01-2022
CS301 Computer Architecture14-01-2022
HMGT 322 Healthcare Financial Management14-01-2022
10655NAT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Education14-01-2022
PHIL 1101 Critical Thinking14-01-2022
NEM1001 Algebra And Calculus14-01-2022
HS2061 Information Systems Project Management14-01-2022
EDCX313 Aboriginal Education14-01-2022
NRSG375 Clinical Leadership14-01-2022
FIN500 Principles of Finance14-01-2022
BSCM302 Introduction to Supply Chain Management14-01-2022
PGBM127 Marketing and Markets in a Digital World14-01-2022
MGT560 Leading Organisation14-01-2022
PGBM127 Marketing and Markets in a Digital World14-01-2022
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology14-01-2022
BUSN13004 Professional Practice and Experience14-01-2022
BMGT3001 Governance and Business Ethics14-01-2022
BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan14-01-2022
BUSN3003 Entrepreneurship And Innovation14-01-2022
HNN301 Mental Health and Wellbeing14-01-2022
MGT402 Strategic Management14-01-2022
ENGL 101 English Composition14-01-2022
MKTG2301 Small Business Management14-01-2022
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing14-01-2022
UUPSY702 Developing And Managing External Communications Module14-01-2022
BIOL122 Human Biological Science14-01-2022
SITXCCS008 Develop and Manage Quality Customer Service Practices14-01-2022
BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan14-01-2022
NURBN2026 Nursing Practice 514-01-2022
LAWS 509 Foundation of Ethical Practice14-01-2022
HLSC 220 Health Care Ethics14-01-2022
MBA611 International Strategy14-01-2022
HNN108 Evidence Based Practice14-01-2022
MBOC 702 Business Management14-01-2022
ITSA2006 Server Virtualization IT14-01-2022
401362 Health Services Financing14-01-2022
ANL252 Python for Data Analytics14-01-2022
MBA661 Quantitative Analysis for Management Decision Making 14-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing14-01-2022
GERO420 Ethics In Gerontology And Geriatrics14-01-2022
NUR 650 Advanced Pharmacology 14-01-2022
HMGT 322 Healthcare Financial Management14-01-2022
BIOL UN3799 Molecular Biology of Cancer14-01-2022
NURS 3046 Nursing Project14-01-2022
ICT 103 System Analysis And Design 14-01-2022
BUS2SMV Social Media and Visualisation14-01-2022
102738 Australian Politics and Active Citizenship14-01-2022
112491 Sociology of Technology And Work14-01-2022
BSBFIM601 Manage Finances14-01-2022
NURS6026 Youth and Young Adult Mental Health14-01-2022
IFB105 Database Management14-01-2022
EXSC118 Nutrition and Exercise14-01-2022
ACCT618 Managerial Accounting14-01-2022
ICT272 Web Design And Development 14-01-2022
SHBBFAS003 Provide Specialised Facial Treatments14-01-2022
ICT304 Enterprise Systems and Architecture14-01-2022
TACC612 Business Valuation14-01-2022
NRSG374: Principles of Nursing A Palliative Approach14-01-2022
ECO3002 Advanced Macroeconomics14-01-2022
YNENG1 Diploma of Network Engineering14-01-2022
PMO201 Project Management14-01-2022
TFIN301 International Business Finance14-01-2022
BUS306 Business Scenario Solutions14-01-2022
ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology14-01-2022
EGM-321 Thermodynamics14-01-2022
401007 Approaches To Professional Nursing Practice14-01-2022
MATHS3026 Cryptography14-01-2022
PSY5403 Psychology of Normal and Atypical Development14-01-2022
LAWS2026 Employment Law14-01-2022
CYB250 Module Two Short Response14-01-2022
HSA 501 Management In Healthcare14-01-2022
MIST 460 Information Systems Project Management14-01-2022
Gero 540 Social Policy and Aging14-01-2022
BUS304A Project Management14-01-2022
BUS101 Introduction to Business14-01-2022
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and Improve Own Professional Practice14-01-2022
ENGL0101 English Composition14-01-2022
MGT 501 Operations Management. 14-01-2022
DHP P255 International Energy Policy14-01-2022
QAC020N252H User Experience Design14-01-2022
700254 Enterprise Law14-01-2022
MTHM038 Project Dissertation14-01-2022
401210 Health Variations 14-01-2022
THT3111 Environmental and Cultural Tourism14-01-2022
EHR101 Work and Employability14-01-2022
ACC3009 Taxation In Accounting14-01-2022
BUS102 Introduction to Management14-01-2022
PGN50S Strategic Marketing14-01-2022
SNPG959: Theory and Processes of Practice Development14-01-2022
MPM 9211 Managing Complexity in Projects14-01-2022
MCPCDL616 Research Methods14-01-2022
HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting14-01-2022
10202 Concept in Pharmacology14-01-2022
NUR1362 Indigenous Students14-01-2022
OPMT 620 Operations Management14-01-2022
200292 Building Law14-01-2022
RES420 Fundamentals of Real Estate14-01-2022
BLAW204 Business Law14-01-2022
CSIT985 Strategic Network Design14-01-2022
ACCT1001 Accounting And Finance For Business14-01-2022
BLO1105 Business Law14-01-2022
COMP90038 Algorithms And Complexity14-01-2022
7012EHR Organizational Change14-01-2022
MGC1010 Introduction To Management14-01-2022
CNA741 Foundations of Mental Health Nursing Theory14-01-2022
BISB425 Strategic Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning 14-01-2022
42520 Master of Business Administration14-01-2022
SITXCCS008 Develop and Manage Quality Customer Service Practices14-01-2022
SG7001 Managing Strategy14-01-2022
HSA 505 Health Services Strategic Marketing14-01-2022
SENG 205 Software Engineering14-01-2022
CSA288 Evidence Based Health Care14-01-2022
BSL202 Workplace Law14-01-2022
HLT-317 Communication and Application of Research in Practice14-01-2022
401210 Health Variations 314-01-2022
LAW3404 Banking Finance and Insurance Law14-01-2022
MARK901 Digital Marketing14-01-2022
3006PSY Psychological Assessment14-01-2022
NUR2203 Acute Care Across the Lifespan14-01-2022
PHCM9441 Healthcare Economics and Financial Management14-01-2022
HLTINF001 Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures14-01-2022
T101 Living with Technology a Foundation Course14-01-2022
BUSI 2301 Business Law14-01-2022
TOUR1000 Principles of Tourism, Hospitality and Events14-01-2022
ICT304 Enterprise systems and Architecture14-01-2022
COMP5349 Cloud Computing14-01-2022
NURS 6050N Agenda Comparison Grid14-01-2022
ENGL1000 Reading English Literature14-01-2022
MGBBT0UBN Understanding Business Organisation 14-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing14-01-2022
HWB402 Working Within the Health and Well Being Sector14-01-2022
MGB105 Business Management14-01-2022
MADM 701 Organizational Behavior 14-01-2022
HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice and Law14-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing14-01-2022
MKT6044 Business Development 14-01-2022
ENS5251 Digital Signal Processing14-01-2022
NURS6061 Contemporary Mental Health14-01-2022
PSYC6210 Workplace Assessment and Interviewing14-01-2022
LLW1002 Criminal Investigation and Procedure14-01-2022
BIOL2150 Molecular Design and Dynamics14-01-2022
LC243 Quantity Surveying14-01-2022
STAT1008 Quantitative Research Methods14-01-2022
BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change14-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing14-01-2022
FNS40815 Finance And Mortgage Broking14-01-2022
MKT7045 Global Marketing Management14-01-2022
HI5029 IS Project Management14-01-2022
C04275 Engineering Management14-01-2022
BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership Across the Organisation14-01-2022
AYN458 Ethics and Professional Relationships14-01-2022
401077 Introduction to Biostatistics14-01-2022
BUSN20016 Research in Business14-01-2022
SIT728 Blockchain Technologies and Real14-01-2022
CRJU 2010 Universal Justice14-01-2022
COR167 Managing Your Personal Finances14-01-2022
INFO6030 Systems Analysis and Design14-01-2022
NRSG265 Nursing Practices14-01-2022
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy14-01-2022
NSB236 Integrated Nursing Practice 3 On Campus14-01-2022
BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness14-01-2022
HLTAAP001 Recognise Healthy Body Systems14-01-2022
FINA602 Investment and Portfolio Analysis14-01-2022
CLBE304 Cloud and Beyond14-01-2022
SIT773 Software Requirements Analysis and Modelling14-01-2022
MB650 Legal Issues of Employment14-01-2022
BSB50420 Leadership and Management14-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing14-01-2022
INTE2572 Blockchain Strategy14-01-2022
RELI211 Religions of the West14-01-2022
CSIT985 Strategic Network Design14-01-2022
EC116 Applied Economics and Policy14-01-2022
PSY305 Cognitive Psychology14-01-2022
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing14-01-2022
CVEN3502 Water And Wastewater Engineering14-01-2022
ECE 312 Embedded System Design14-01-2022
LIN5001 Teaching English Grammar14-01-2022
BUS301 Global Business Strategy14-01-2022
BSBOPS502 Manage Business Operational Plans14-01-2022
UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World14-01-2022
LIBS1910 Environmental Science15-01-2022
EGM-321 Thermodynamics15-01-2022
NURS3028 Transition to Practice 15-01-2022
CHCMHS001 Work With People With Mental Health Issues15-01-2022
MBA403 Financial and Economic Interpretation and Communication15-01-2022
MGT5000 Managing Organisational Behaviour15-01-2022
SIT50416 Diploma Of Hospitality Management15-01-2022
BULAW5916 Taxation Law and Practice15-01-2022
401213 Clinical Leadership And Professional Relationship15-01-2022
BUSN3003 Entrepreneurship and Innovation15-01-2022
41009 Renewable Energy Technology15-01-2022
SITHKOP002 Plan And Cost Basic Menus15-01-2022
BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness15-01-2022
NX0422 Business Dissertation Proposal15-01-2022
BIOL 100 Introductory Biology15-01-2022
NUR2204 Acute Care Across the Lifespan15-01-2022
NURS 8410 Best Practices In Nursing Specialties15-01-2022
COU101A Interpersonal Communication15-01-2022
CPSS/400 Institutional and Community based Programs15-01-2022
ICT303 Professional Ethics In Computing 15-01-2022
ITC354 Routing and Switching15-01-2022
BACC16 Accounting15-01-2022
ECO 204 Principles of Microeconomics15-01-2022
MGMT3050 Strategic Management15-01-2022
KIT501 ICT Systems Administration Fundamentals15-01-2022
MAN203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management15-01-2022
PSYC6825 Introduction to Mental Health15-01-2022
HRM318 Human Capital Measurement15-01-2022
CAD208 Dementia Policy and Care Coordination15-01-2022
CHC43215 Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs15-01-2022
ICTPMG501 Manage ICT Projects15-01-2022
BUS310 Strategic Management15-01-2022
EDU10005 Indigenous Education and Perspective15-01-2022
BSBCUS401 Coordinate Implementation Of Customer Service Strategies15-01-2022
CHCDIV001 Work With Diverse People15-01-2022
MGMT8004 International Business Strategy15-01-2022
PUB112 Public Health Foundations15-01-2022
B122 Retail Management and Marketing15-01-2022
N221 Business Management 15-01-2022
BUS310 National Competitive Advantage15-01-2022
HI5019 Strategic Information Systems15-01-2022
COU8022 Child and Youth Counselling15-01-2022
HLTINF001 Comply With Infection Prevention And Control Policies And Procedures15-01-2022
BUS 5111 Financial Management15-01-2022
NURS2004 Inquiry for Professional Practice15-01-2022
MX4086 Optimisation Theory15-01-2022
HLT42015 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy15-01-2022
NSB 236 Integrated Nursing Practice 15-01-2022
CHC53215 Alcohol And Other Drugs15-01-2022
BSBPMG536 Manage Project Risk15-01-2022
ACCG8078 Investigation Engagements15-01-2022
ECON418 Behavioural Economics15-01-2022
TACC608 Auditing and Assurance15-01-2022
BA1030 Business Analysis and Decision Making15-01-2022
218.106 Construction Health, Safety and Wellbeing15-01-2022
200909 Enterprise Law15-01-2022
NSB305 Leading and Learning Building Professional Capacity15-01-2022
SOCI 1003 Introduction to Sociology15-01-2022
ACG512 Data Analysis For Financial Decision Making15-01-2022
MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management15-01-2022
EDU540 Learning and Teaching Theory and Practice15-01-2022
ENG-31723 Multicultural Literature15-01-2022
ETP3703 Entrepreneurship Practice15-01-2022
AP0520 Neuroscience Case Studies15-01-2022
CHCPOL003 Research and Apply Evidence to Practice15-01-2022
HPS105 Foundations of Psychological Practice15-01-2022
ACCT3563 Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis15-01-2022
MGMT 340 Organizational Behavior15-01-2022
SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management15-01-2022
UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World15-01-2022
PSY305 Cognitive Psychology: Exploring the Mind15-01-2022
BNV6125 Professionalism and Citizenship15-01-2022
MARK5032 Buyer Behaviour Insights15-01-2022
PUBH6012 Applied Research Project in Public Health15-01-2022
ACC702 Managerial Accounting15-01-2022
MGMT5908 Strategic Human Resource Management15-01-2022
10191 Foundations for Professional Practice 215-01-2022
JYU0002 Introduction to Academic Writing15-01-2022
COMM 200 Communications Theory15-01-2022
GT101 Learning and Information Technology15-01-2022
700322 Decision Making For Business15-01-2022
FIN201 Investment Management15-01-2022
BSBMKG506 Marketing Communication 15-01-2022
MAN5901 Information Systems Challenges in Management15-01-2022
LAW250 Constitutional Law15-01-2022
ICT60615 Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering15-01-2022
NURS232 Nursing IV15-01-2022
MPP617 Research Methods for Public Policy15-01-2022
401013 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing15-01-2022
NURS 2023 Health of Adults15-01-2022
MECH ENG 4126 Topics in Welded Structures15-01-2022
7314MED Health Informatics15-01-2022
NSB305 Building Professional Capacity15-01-2022
EEE80017 Minor Project15-01-2022
ECON8047 Interntional Trade15-01-2022
NURS 8310 Epidemiology and Population Health15-01-2022
ICT40118 Information Technology15-01-2022
B207A Shaping Business Opportunities15-01-2022
MGMT 661 Strategic Management15-01-2022
PROJ5002 Project Management Principles15-01-2022
ACT301 Accounting Theory and contemporary issues15-01-2022
ITMG624 Information Technology Project Management15-01-2022
HLTH7002 Research for Healthcare Practice15-01-2022
3928NRS Clinical Teaching For Health Professionals15-01-2022
PUBH6150 Quality And Safety In Health Care15-01-2022
NUR3101 Primary Health Care in a Global Context 15-01-2022
200912 Enterprise Leadership15-01-2022
BHS-320 Ethics of Behavioral Health Science15-01-2022
MARKETNG7032 Strategic Marketing15-01-2022
MATH 1053 Quantitative Methods for Business15-01-2022
NURS434 Nursing15-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing15-01-2022
MATHS 1013 Mathematics IM15-01-2022
MBA401 People Culture and Contemporary Leadership15-01-2022
BULAW 5916 Taxation Law and Practice15-01-2022
CPRO306 Capstone Project 15-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing15-01-2022
ITECH2004 Data Modelling15-01-2022
3038IBA The Business of Changing the World15-01-2022
ACC706 Accounting Theory and Issues15-01-2022
BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work15-01-2022
MATH141 Calculus II15-01-2022
BUS104 Organisational Behaviour in the Technology Era15-01-2022
ICT304 Enterprise Systems and Architecture15-01-2022
MKT303A International Marketing15-01-2022
HSH202 Creating Sustainable Futures15-01-2022
CHCCCS007 Develop and Implement Service Programs15-01-2022
E304B Exploring English Grammar15-01-2022
HR7003 Managing Financial and Human Resources15-01-2022
49001 Judgment and Decision Making15-01-2022
NUR222 Health Law and Ethics15-01-2022
PSYC6825 Introduction to Mental Health15-01-2022
INFM109 Informatics Fundamentals15-01-2022
BSMAN3005 Project Management15-01-2022
EDUC90891 Becoming a Clinical Practitioner15-01-2022
MITS5505 Knowledge Management15-01-2022
NRSG374 Principles of Nursing15-01-2022
HEAL 13199 Fundamentals of Care15-01-2022
BUS105 Business Statistics15-01-2022
HLSC 220 Health Care ethics15-01-2022
7805ICT Principles of Software Engineering 15-01-2022
AGRC7050 Agribusiness Value Chain Management15-01-2022
10191 Foundations for Professional Practice15-01-2022
NURS 8410 Best Practices In Nursing Specialties15-01-2022
KSA702 Literature Review15-01-2022
HLTENN009 Implement and Monitor Care For a Person15-01-2022
INFS1609 Fundamentals of Business Programming15-01-2022
COSC2960 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence15-01-2022
SIT772 Database And Information Retrieval15-01-2022
NURSING 3004 Mental Health Nursing15-01-2022
NUR1202 Professional Identity15-01-2022
LSU100 Introduction To Legal Studies15-01-2022
ACG512 Data Analysis for Financial Decision Making15-01-2022
LAW011-1 Law for Business Managers15-01-2022
HLSC514 Human Body for Nursing15-01-2022
SITHIND002 Source and Use Information On The Hospitality Industry15-01-2022
BACT105 Business Accounting15-01-2022
IT7135 Seminar in IT15-01-2022
ACCG3015 Accountants in the Profession15-01-2022
NS3882 Nursing Practice15-01-2022
HC3141 International Strategic Management15-01-2022
MBA402 Governance Ethics and Sustainability15-01-2022
SPTH2101 Paediatric Speech15-01-2022
MGMT510 Business Strategy And Management Principles15-01-2022
BAD305 Management Science15-01-2022
BSBHRM613 Contribute to the Development of Learning and Development Strategies15-01-2022
B122 Supply Chain and Operations Management Program15-01-2022
NUM1205 Legal and Ethical Requirements in Nursing and Midwifery Practice15-01-2022
ICT167 Principle Of Computer Science15-01-2022
WRIT1000 Introduction to Academic Writing15-01-2022
BSB61315 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication15-01-2022
INFT6304 Project Planning and Management15-01-2022
MGT501 Contemporary Management15-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing15-01-2022
ECF2721 Economics15-01-2022
NS2015 Law and Ethics for Nursing and Midwifery15-01-2022
BIOL 110 Biology15-01-2022
71210 Corporate and Finance Law15-01-2022
SDM404 Service and Design Management15-01-2022
NURS 3620 Fundamentals Of Nursing Care15-01-2022
CL813 Employment Discrimination Law15-01-2022
HNN222 Mental Health and Illness15-01-2022
DAB203 Business Analytics And Decision Making15-01-2022
BUSM4738 Strategy15-01-2022
CAD209 Navigating the Aged Care System15-01-2022
TACC601 Risk and Financial Management15-01-2022
ENG101 Effective Essay Writing15-01-2022
BUS320 Business, Governance and Society15-01-2022
Contemporary Issues in Project Management15-01-2022
WEL101A Introduction to Community Services15-01-2022
MITS5505 Knowledge Management15-01-2022
125220 Financial Institutions and Markets15-01-2022
MGMT20148 Strategic Solutions for Sustainable Organisations15-01-2022
ACCTING 3500 Accounting Theory15-01-2022
MGT305 Organizational Behavior15-01-2022
ITECH 2250 IT Project Management15-01-2022
HST6333 Diversity, Culture and Health15-01-2022
BSBLED806 Plan And Implement A Coaching Strategy15-01-2022
1395 Bachelor of Pharmacy15-01-2022
HNN301 Mental Health Promotion15-01-2022
CHCCOM003 Community Service15-01-2022
CRIM1019 Introduction to Criminal Justice15-01-2022
ECO107 Economics and Modern Business Enterprise15-01-2022
WS2512 Organisational Practice15-01-2022
HLT 317V Communication and Application of Research in Practice15-01-2022
Law 101 Fundamentals of the Law15-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing15-01-2022
HC1062 Decision Making and Problem Solving15-01-2022
MKST304 Marketing Strategy15-01-2022
BSBLED801 Leadership Management15-01-2022
HLT-317 Health Care Field Research Draft 15-01-2022
BUMGT5980 Managerial Decision Making15-01-2022
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care15-01-2022
ECO202 Economic Ideas and Models for Business15-01-2022
IMCO211 Integrated Marketing Communication15-01-2022
ENGL001 English Composition15-01-2022
BN321 Advanced Network Design15-01-2022
NDB501 Introduction to Management15-01-2022
MN624 Digital Forensics15-01-2022
EDU4MLM Multimodal Literacies and Mathematics15-01-2022
FIN201 Corporate Finance15-01-2022
BUSN201 International Business15-01-2022
NURS 8400 Evidence Based Practice 15-01-2022
BSBLED801 Leadership Management15-01-2022
HLTAAP002 Confirm physical health status 15-01-2022
BUS020X606 Business Finance15-01-2022
NRS327 Essential Nursing Care Theory To Practice15-01-2022
ICT 201 Computer Organisation And Architecture15-01-2022
PYB110 Psychological Research Methods15-01-2022
ABS206 Design Thinking for Business15-01-2022
NRS173 Nursing Workplace Learning15-01-2022
ICT303 Professional Ethics in Computing15-01-2022
C1393 Business Management15-01-2022
GSB020 Leading for Innovation and Sustainability15-01-2022
WS3214 Developmental Approaches to Eco-Social Justice15-01-2022
B207-A Shaping Business Opportunities15-01-2022
VU21911 Apply Writing and Presentation skills Within a Justice Environment15-01-2022
HRES9201 Human Resources Management15-01-2022
MKT 210 Principles of Marketing15-01-2022
INFT3100 Project Management15-01-2022
ICT369 Information Technology15-01-2022
PACC6011 Accounting Information Systems15-01-2022
102711 Prisons, Punishment and Criminal Justice15-01-2022
PROG2005 Programming Mobile System15-01-2022
EDU5324 Trauma, Behaviour and Learning15-01-2022
EDU5TTP Trauma Theory And Practice15-01-2022
WCOM1011 Introduction To Video Games15-01-2022
EMS5AEE Australian Engineering Environment Sustainability And Practice15-01-2022
NRSG375 Clinical Leadership15-01-2022
HI5030 Systems Analysis and Design15-01-2022
ABS305 Organisational Change15-01-2022
NUR222 Health Law and Ethics15-01-2022
PSYU2201 Counselling Approaches and Principles 15-01-2022
SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology15-01-2022
NUR2204 Acute Care Across the Lifespan15-01-2022
LAWS4108 Foundations of Public Law15-01-2022
WACO1002 Academic Communication in Science15-01-2022
BSTA011 Business Statistics15-01-2022
ICT 201 Computer Organization and Architecture15-01-2022
NURS3317 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology15-01-2022
TLAW607 Business and Corporations Law15-01-2022
ABS207 Big Data15-01-2022
AA 100 Introduction to International Arts15-01-2022
HLTENN002 Apply Communication Skills In Nursing Practice15-01-2022
BUS115 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management15-01-2022
EDGS 5510 Introduction to Educational Research15-01-2022
22BAC-OM Operations Management15-01-2022
HC1052 Organisation Behaviour15-01-2022
NSB305 Leading and Learning Building Professional Capacity15-01-2022
FNSFPL504 Implement Financial Plan15-01-2022
JWI540 Strategy15-01-2022
LAW1510 Contract Law15-01-2022
NURS3103 Healthy Ageing Across Contexts And Communities15-01-2022
EC301 Agriculture and Resource Policy15-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing15-01-2022
COIT20249 Professional skills in Information And Communication Technology15-01-2022
MGMT 102 Strategy15-01-2022
BSB42415 Marketing and Communication15-01-2022
HI6006 Competitive Strategy15-01-2022
SWK202 Dynamics of Group Work15-01-2022
BMA 609 Sales Management and Personal Selling15-01-2022
COM101 Business Communication And ICT15-01-2022
NURS3005 Transition to Professional Nursing15-01-2022
FO623 Psychology of Law Enforcement15-01-2022
LAW6501 Principles of Contract and Corporate Law in Business15-01-2022
LSS312/05 Principles of Social Research 16-01-2022
U714 International Competitive Strategy16-01-2022
PAD 530 Public Personnel Management16-01-2022
MAA3013 Accounting Information System16-01-2022
BUS 610 Management16-01-2022
FE4051 Introduction to Financial Markets and Institutions16-01-2022
BUS1143 Global Business Planning16-01-2022
SOC101 Introductory Sociology16-01-2022
NUR272 Palliative Rehabilitation and Continuing Care16-01-2022
NURS 6521N Advanced Pharmacology16-01-2022
IA3 Biology16-01-2022
BLAW341 Business Law16-01-2022
EDUC 11503 Introduction to Higher Education for International Students16-01-2022
MGA C10 Audit and Assurance16-01-2022
BUSN3122 Management Information Systems16-01-2022
FSA205 Purchasing Storage and Handling16-01-2022
BUSN601 Global Management Perspective 16-01-2022
BSM823 Capstone16-01-2022
ACC 201 Financial Accounting16-01-2022
CSE 153 Introduction to C++ Programming16-01-2022
PHIL312 Introduction To Philosophy Of Religion16-01-2022
DBA905 Introduction to Business Research16-01-2022
MATH20025 Statistics for Health Sciences16-01-2022
MHW226260 Applied Intrumentation System16-01-2022
FNCE100 Corporate Finance16-01-2022
COMP308 Emerging Technologies16-01-2022
BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness16-01-2022
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care16-01-2022
GSBS6014 Digital Marketing16-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing16-01-2022
CPSS 405 Working With Sex Offenders16-01-2022
ART3477 Art in the World and Workplace16-01-2022
MUS 100 Composition Assignment16-01-2022
4691 Bachelor Of Nursing16-01-2022
HRMT300 Organizational Behaviour16-01-2022
HRMT308 Labour Relations16-01-2022
MGT600 Management, People and Team16-01-2022
ITC 6020 Information Systems Design and Development16-01-2022
1481 Food Manufacturing16-01-2022
MGMT 643 Change Management16-01-2022
HA499 Hypothetical Medical Facility16-01-2022
MGT-264 Industrial Relations16-01-2022
HLTH6001 Primary Health Care16-01-2022
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care16-01-2022
PSYCH101 Introduction to Psychology16-01-2022
EEET 5106 Requirements Engineering16-01-2022
ICT 616 Data Resources Management16-01-2022
BUS2120 Business Presentations and Communication16-01-2022
BSBLDR522 Manage People Performance16-01-2022
SOC3704 Group Dynamics16-01-2022
MIS 361 Management Information Systems16-01-2022
NUR231 Drug Therapy16-01-2022
MKT 310 Fundamentals of Sales Management16-01-2022
NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing16-01-2022
PRJM6004 Project Procurement Management16-01-2022
LAW2420 Equality and the Law16-01-2022
ACC 636 Accounting Information System16-01-2022
ELE8066 Intelligent Systems and Control16-01-2022
BMP4002 Business Law16-01-2022
LTIN 576 Technology and Innovation16-01-2022
CIS418 Foundations of Data Science16-01-2022
PHI475 Biomedical Ethics16-01-2022
CHCECE023 Analyse Information to Inform Learnings16-01-2022
700056 Academic English16-01-2022
BUSA271 Global Business Analysis16-01-2022
BNURS20 Bachelor of Nursing16-01-2022
MKT11903 Strategic Brand Management16-01-2022
BNNS 6263 Haemopoietic and Oncology Nursing16-01-2022
BUACC2613 Management Accounting16-01-2022
BMS2125 Cellular Sciences16-01-2022
SAFE823 Occupation Health and Safety16-01-2022
BHAT3002 Event Management16-01-2022
BCO115 Microeconomics16-01-2022
APT6016 Foundations of Counselling16-01-2022
PSY390 Research Methods16-01-2022
TL4010 Research Methodology Theory and Practice16-01-2022
WIL801 Work-integrated Learning16-01-2022
PSYC1010 Psychology Introduction16-01-2022
PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement16-01-2022
MN3365 Strategic Finance16-01-2022
NURS 6052 Evidence Based Nursing Research16-01-2022
BUS5910 Management Capstone16-01-2022
MGT1103 International Market Entry Strategies16-01-2022
ENGLISH 482S Studies in Contemporary Theory16-01-2022
MGMT155 Introduction To Entrepreneurship16-01-2022
MKTG90007 Customer Experience Management16-01-2022
UHM207 Understanding Mental Health16-01-2022
INFO8035 Network Infrastructure16-01-2022
NURS217 Legal and Ethical Concepts16-01-2022
BIS1002 Data and Information Management16-01-2022
PGTD6002 Critical Thinking Critical Theory16-01-2022
ACFI2011 Financial Accounting for Reporting Entities16-01-2022
SEC3024 Computer Ethical Hacking And Countermeasures16-01-2022
ENG 122 English Composition16-01-2022
MGT1IB Introduction To International Business16-01-2022
FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning16-01-2022
LM 502 Develop Maintain And Use Records And Reports16-01-2022
FNSPAY502 Process Superannuation Payments In Payroll16-01-2022
MGMT 479 Strategic Management16-01-2022
CXA309 Health Services and Health Informatics16-01-2022
BUSN9058 Warehousing and Global Transportation Management16-01-2022
TMGT458 Project Management16-01-2022
BBOA3010 Corporate Finance16-01-2022
COMM06061 Effectiveness And Employability16-01-2022
HLSS310 Homeland Security16-01-2022
BSBMGT803 Use Financial and Economic Information for Strategic Decision Making16-01-2022
ACCT105 Financial Accounting16-01-2022
PUBH6003 Health Systems and Economics16-01-2022
BIS2004 Object Oriented Programming16-01-2022
ACC695M Accounting and Auditing16-01-2022
AC60070E Personal and Corporate Taxation16-01-2022
CRIMJ 12 Criminology 16-01-2022
BBA3551 Information System Project Management16-01-2022
MKTG2033 Advertising16-01-2022
CS350 Computer Science16-01-2022
MOR 492 Global Strategy16-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing16-01-2022
MGT4206 International Project Management16-01-2022
BC0 214 Production Management16-01-2022
MMM132 Management16-01-2022
1020QBT Academic and Professional Skills Development for Science and Technology16-01-2022
APH102 Assessing Physical Health Status16-01-2022
BSBMGT803 Use Financial and Economic Information16-01-2022
LAWS3281 Advanced Statutory Interpretation16-01-2022
BUSS 2040 Small Business for Professionals16-01-2022
ENG2D English16-01-2022
INT204 Introduction to Management in Community Services16-01-2022
BUSN6011 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility16-01-2022
MIS604 Requirement Engineering16-01-2022
SOUD2448 Sport and Exercise Psychology16-01-2022
NEF1204 Introduction to Engineering Design16-01-2022
GNED172 World Religions16-01-2022
BIS 2001 It Infrastructure And Networking16-01-2022
ENTREP 7022 Creativity and Innovation16-01-2022
POL298 International Political Economy16-01-2022
CEAD 126 Professional Practice16-01-2022
FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning16-01-2022
MA5840 Data Science and Strategic Decision Making for Business16-01-2022
CHEM101 General Chemistry I16-01-2022
CJUS 285 Criminology16-01-2022
MECH60379 Systems Engineering16-01-2022
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology16-01-2022
CO4512 Information Security Management16-01-2022
BSBOPS505 Manage organisational customer service16-01-2022
COMP1589 Computer Systems and Internet Technologies16-01-2022
BSBLDR805 Lead And Influence Change16-01-2022
P-N1N3 Business Analytics16-01-2022
FIN 100 Introduction to Finance16-01-2022
BSBLDR511 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence16-01-2022
HSERV 581 Strategies of Health Promotion 16-01-2022
HIST 1510 Introduction to Western Civilization16-01-2022
SOC810 Developing Social Policy16-01-2022
FILM 153 American Independent Cinema16-01-2022
UMMDPS15M International Project Management16-01-2022
HUBS1109 Anatomy for Biomedical Science16-01-2022
LAW6001 Taxation Law16-01-2022
NURBN3030 Management of Deteriorating Patient16-01-2022
MIS603 Microservices Architecture16-01-2022
ECO190 World Food Supply Population and Environment16-01-2022
MACE60061 Management of Projects16-01-2022
MK7040 Marketing in a Digital Age and Corporate Social Responsibility16-01-2022
CPCCBC4010B Apply Structural Principles to Residential Low Rise Constructions16-01-2022
MBAUC700 Socio Economic and Legal Environment16-01-2022
COMR2010 Cultural Diversity A Personal Perspective16-01-2022
BIZ202 The Business Environment17-01-2022
PROJ6009 Business Process Analytical Plan17-01-2022
ENGL 0101 English Composition17-01-2022
FO621 Trauma and Crisis Intervention17-01-2022
HLTH 6246 Introduction to Research in Health Education and Health Promotion17-01-2022
UNCC100 Self and Community17-01-2022
HRPR 309 Advanced Topics in Professional Practice17-01-2022
BAF4209 Financial Modelling And Forecasting17-01-2022
ENV00012I Geographical Information Systems17-01-2022
MRK 101 Introduction to Marketing17-01-2022
COIT20263 Information Security Management17-01-2022
EDU 5380 Elementary Social Studies Methods17-01-2022
BUS403 Negotiations and Conflict Management17-01-2022
BSBINN801 Lead Innovative Thinking and Practice 17-01-2022
FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning17-01-2022
AURTTA018 Carry out Diagnostic Procedures17-01-2022
COMM160 Communications and Media Fundamentals17-01-2022
ENGL 2326 American Literature17-01-2022
ENGL 1011 Literature and Composition II17-01-2022
NS2015 Law and Ethics for Nursing and Midwifery17-01-2022
FIN301 Financial Instruments Institutions and Markets17-01-2022
SMM283 Introduction to Python17-01-2022
EAC594 Business Communication for the Digital Workplace17-01-2022
BUSN119 Fundamental of Business17-01-2022
CYT-200 Communication Skills for Cybersecurity Professionals17-01-2022
BSBLDR511 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence17-01-2022
GART 1510 English17-01-2022
MIS610 Advanced Professional Practice17-01-2022
7042MAA Advanced Propulsion System17-01-2022
TCHR3004 Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood17-01-2022
HPTG135 Introduction to Weddings17-01-2022
3007244 Bachelor of Psychological Science17-01-2022
PLS345 Religion and World Politics17-01-2022
AURAEA004 Manage Environmental And Sustainability Best Practice In An Automotive Workplace17-01-2022
MATH105 Technical Mathematics17-01-2022
BIS2005 Enterprise Architecture17-01-2022
PSYCH101 Introduction To Psychology17-01-2022
MECH9000 Advanced Dynamics With Applied Computer Modelling17-01-2022
ACFI3004 Taxation17-01-2022
MADS6602 Human Resource Management17-01-2022
BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness17-01-2022
PHI3PCM Philosophical Controversies And Methods17-01-2022
HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing17-01-2022
BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management17-01-2022
MFPC121 Mathematics For Early Childhood Education And Development17-01-2022
MKT11445 Building and Marketing High Performing Organisations17-01-2022
LE306 Creative Writing Portfolio17-01-2022
BISY2005 Enterprise Systems17-01-2022
COMP40311 Major Project17-01-2022
MKT B469 International Marketing and Strategy17-01-2022
AURAFA003 Communicate Effectively in an Automotive Workplace17-01-2022
BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management17-01-2022
MARKETNG7032 Strategic Marketing17-01-2022
INFT3100 Project Management17-01-2022
MGT4023 Strategic Management17-01-2022
BIAE2003 Innovation and Creativity17-01-2022
BM562 Consulting in Practice17-01-2022
HPTG143 Planning a Wedding17-01-2022
101ECN Principles of Economics17-01-2022
MBA-603 Management17-01-2022
NUR3101 Primary Health Care in a Global Context17-01-2022
BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management17-01-2022
11739 Counselling Theory and Approaches17-01-2022
BUSN072 Business Statistics17-01-2022
55702441 Logistics And Enterprise Information Systems17-01-2022
NRSG138 Transition Into Nursing17-01-2022
BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service17-01-2022
HRMT-300 Organizational Behaviour17-01-2022
ENG 328 Language and Gender17-01-2022
BUCI006H4 Problem-Solving for Programming17-01-2022
UBGMSR15M Advanced Construction Materials and Technology17-01-2022
CS50 Introduction to Computer Science17-01-2022
ACCT19061 Advance Financial Accounting17-01-2022
CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care17-01-2022
SKW1101 Social Work17-01-2022
SECV 2113 Human Computer Interaction17-01-2022
IFP3701 Inclusive Education In the Foundation 17-01-2022
BNNS 6244 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Nursing17-01-2022
BUS707 Applied Business Research17-01-2022
SH5000 Ethics and Research in Professional Contexts17-01-2022
IMAT5262 Research Ethics and Professionalism in Computing17-01-2022
PSCI 100 Introduction to Political Science17-01-2022
BUS101 Introduction to Business17-01-2022
TMM525 Sustainability Health Safety And Environmental Issues17-01-2022
NURS 501 Health Policy and Ethics17-01-2022
SOC3108 Art Culture and Society17-01-2022
PNUR 4601 Nursing Leadership And Management17-01-2022
LITT10918G World Mythology17-01-2022
BIOH12012 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology17-01-2022
NRS328 Professional Nursing17-01-2022
XGEN201 Principles And Practices Of Gene Therapy 17-01-2022
MGMT120 Business Mathematics17-01-2022
MGT 307 Operations Management17-01-2022
BCO313 Negotiation17-01-2022
SIT50416 Hospitality Management17-01-2022
NET1014 Networking Principles17-01-2022
5N2706 Care of the Older Person17-01-2022
MIS201 Database Fundamentals17-01-2022
IND301B Industry Project17-01-2022
MGMT 205 Principles of Management17-01-2022
TEE314 Microelectronics17-01-2022
HUG1144 Social Policy for Health and Wellbeing17-01-2022
CS498 Strategic Decision Making for Health Care Managers17-01-2022
AURETR006 Solder Electrical Wiring and Circuits 17-01-2022
10192 Narratives of Illness and Well Being 17-01-2022
ACCT2007 Financial Accounting Regulation and Theory17-01-2022
BUSN221 Organizational Behaviour 17-01-2022
GPM426 Terrorist Financing And Resourcing17-01-2022
MGT330 Business Strategy17-01-2022
CN7023 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision17-01-2022
CJA314 Advanced Immunology17-01-2022
CRJ 461 Domestic Violence17-01-2022
ARTH 100 Introduction to Art History17-01-2022
N100 Business And Management17-01-2022
ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology17-01-2022
B940 Biomedical Science17-01-2022
MM340 International Human Resource Management 17-01-2022
LBBN 3206 Science in Nursing17-01-2022
BAAFH3 International Corporate Reporting17-01-2022
ACCA5029 Network Programmability17-01-2022
MIS609 Data Management and Analytics17-01-2022
BUS020N521 Business Planning17-01-2022
PROG1815 Programming Concepts II17-01-2022
ISY205 Enterprise Systems17-01-2022
ACTG 2P40 Commercial Law17-01-2022
KGG539 Introduction To Geographic Information Systems17-01-2022
IT409 IT Security And policies17-01-2022
BM054 Company Law17-01-2022
ECON 1004 Principles of Microeconomics17-01-2022
TPB503TA Contract and Consumer Law17-01-2022
BCO213 Human Resource Management17-01-2022
SOWK 678 Child Abuse and Neglect: Intervention and Treatment17-01-2022
BCO313 Negotiation17-01-2022
BIOL 1001 Understanding Biology17-01-2022
TPB505TA Property Law17-01-2022
CHCCCS019 Recognise And Respond To Crisis Situations17-01-2022
MGMT3037 International Business Management17-01-2022
AC4052 Financial Accounting17-01-2022
MNGT6275 Managing People and Organisations17-01-2022
INFT3100 Project Management17-01-2022
OLRN1250 English 117-01-2022
11739 Counselling Theory and Approaches17-01-2022
COMM 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting17-01-2022
BAS311 Sport data and Analysis17-01-2022
COU208 Ethics in Counselling17-01-2022
CHCDIS003 Support Community Participation And Social Inclusion17-01-2022
ENC 1101 English Composition17-01-2022
LLW3002 Alternative Dispute Resolution17-01-2022
HIST 2501 A History of Canada17-01-2022
MBA6203 Project Management17-01-2022
TWL604 Tech Work Integrated Learning17-01-2022
MKTG3060 International Marketing17-01-2022
ACCT12 203 Taxation Practice for Accountants17-01-2022
MKTG611 Marketing Management17-01-2022
BSBWHS401 Monitor Work Health And Safety Policies17-01-2022
NURSING 7203 Introducing Professional Nursing17-01-2022
ECO2002 Advanced Microeconomics17-01-2022
WELF3005 Reflective Writing: Journal Template and Guidance17-01-2022
MCR006 Financial Management17-01-2022
CAPS 265 Career D