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How To Use The Online Plagiarism Checker Free?

The online plagiarism checker free tool is absolutely easy to use. It is designed in such a way that anyone with basic computer knowledge can use it as per their convenience. Follow these steps mentioned below to check the originality of your document.


Upload the document directly using the drag-and-drop technique or copy-paste the text.


Once you are done uploading the text, the tool starts scanning the text for comparison.


The tool compares the text against the billions of web pages and publications.


Finally, the tool provides you with the plagiarism check report of the document with details.

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Over the years, thousands of students have used our plagiarism checker tool, and have been benefitted by its features. No matter how complicated the plagiarism issue may seem to you, our tool can isolate the plagiarism traces in the paper with absolute ease. Here is what our happy customers have to say for this amazing tool.

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“I was greatly benefitted by the online plagiarism tool available at I knew I would lose some crucial marks on my paper if I had submitted it without confirming its originality. And after scanning my document with the tool, I discovered enough traces of plagiarism in it. This tool has saved me from a disaster.”

Steve Lehman, Australia

“There are very few online tools which are as effective as the plagiarism checker of This tool takes only a few seconds to scan the document and to disclose whether there are traces of plagiarism or not. I am using this tool for all my documents from now on.”

Laura Mendoza, US

“Last time, when one of my classmates submitted an essay with plagiarised content, the professor not only gave him a big zero for it but has also asked him to visit the principal's office. Thanks to's plagiarism checker, I never had to worry about the originality of my content. You should try it too.”

Arthur Kent, UK

“No matter how many times I say this, it will not be enough. is the best thing to happen in my academic career. I have used their assignment help several times before, but now I can check the plagiarism of a document using an in-built tool. I can also get a Turnitin report for my paper.”

Helen Beam, Canada

“I had a really short timeframe to finish my essay. So, I paraphrased an existing sample I found on the internet to meet the deadline. I wasn’t sure about submitting it since it could have traces of plagiarism in it. Thanks to the plagiarism checker, I could identify those traces and replace them before submission.”

Peter Ramirez, Singapore

“I never copied anything from any existing document while writing my academic papers, but I have heard that even after producing the content from scratch, one can have traces of unintended plagiarism in the paper. Thanks to plagiarism checker, I don’t need to speculate anything as the tool confirms the originality of the content.”

Yasir Rehman, UAE

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