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BSBLDR501 Develop and use Emotional Intelligence

You need to intervene effectively to solve this performance issue. You will need to plan and conduct a coaching session with Pat to get both Pat’s and the team’s performance back on track.
In the session ensure you:
Introduce the session positively by establishing why the coaching is occurring and ask Pat for input:
Ask Pat to describe own performance, personal situation, obstacles to performance, feelings and job satisfaction.
Model emotional intelligence through empathy and listening skills.
Build Pat’s awareness of emotional intelligence weaknesses and strengths – make sure you focus on Pat’s strengths.
Using the GROW model, establish Pat’s goals and performance gaps (reality):
Build Pat’s awareness of performance shortcomings and how emotional self-awareness and empathy can help identify personal obstacles to success with Pat’s goals, peer relationships and help the whole team and organisation to succeed.
Continuing with the GROW model, establish and discuss reasonable options:
Allow Pat to provide most of the options for reaching personal, professional and team goals.
Continuing with the GROW model, establish Pat’s willingness to perform (and increase EI) in measurable and observable ways:
Establish a firm commitment from Pat to improve performance and help build a better team climate.



Australian Hardware (a simulated business) is a large and expanding hardware and homewares retailer with approximately 140 stores located across Australia. In its vision statement, Australian Hardware states that it intends to ‘lead the hardware and home-improvement market in Australia within five years’. In order to realise this vision, the organisation intends to:
?    build market share by focusing on the customer experience
?    control direct and indirect costs through efficient internal processes
?    establish the reputation of Australian Hardware as a socially and environmentally responsible company.
These strategic organisation-wide directions are implemented from senior management down, in the form of performance expectations for managers and employees at every level of the organisation.
Australian Hardware realises that the success of the business rests on its people. For this reason, the organisation insists that managers build effective teams by responding to the needs of employees. Such needs include safety and security, fairness, flexibility, skills development and self-actualisation. Satisfying such needs will allow employees to focus more effectively on work tasks and customer needs. In addition, Australian Hardware encourages managers to take a flexible approach to meeting performance targets and to set goals in close collaboration with employees.
To implement strategic directions and advance Australian Hardware’s values, managers are expected to lead employees by, first of all, modelling positive behaviours and attributes – those they expect their employees to emulate and embody in turn. To lead and inspire people, managers must demonstrate keen emotional awareness and promote positive team-building behaviours in others.


I was being appointed as a training coach and for the emotional guide for the employers for their training, quality and the development performances and to groom them when and wherever required. Coaching to the employers for their performance is one of the important part for the management of the company. The employees while performing towards their job who faces some traumatic situations, financial issues or any family disruption due to any or the other issues. I was being allowed to interrogate Pat, a super performer of the company for its deterioration from the performances.


Pat describes his performance in terms of high quality. He said he was very happy in his job. He was very much involved in his job. He maintained regularity, punctuatility and full attendance of the month without any delay or late comings. He was rater too punctual that he used to attend the office prior to the time than being late.


Pat explained his personal situation to be the disastrous ones, as he faced a huge loss in his family. He lost his wife and his child recently due to a car accident. He was very much dedicated towards his family as well. After the shift end, he nerve used to stay back at the office for any work, he was very scheduled in his daily work in his office as well as in his home. He loved his wife very much.






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