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Nursing leadership and management Solved

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The act of leading a team or guiding a group of people to move towards achieving a particular goal is termed as leadership. An effective and efficient leader has the capability to inspire an organisation for the production of better quality products, give the best services to the customers and at the same time make sure that the stakeholders get the best-rated profits (Alfa-Wali, 2011). It should be understood that leadership differs strictly from management. 

While there are leaders in every organisation, it is equally important that there should be someone to follow the leaders and the directions given out by the leaders. There come in the followers. By followership, it is simply meant the acts and conditions that are taken up by the followers to give shape to the directions of the leaders in any organisation (Travis, 2003). However, Jon Howell and Maris Mendez have given different traits of followership and different roles that can be taken up by followers (Thomas & Berg, 2014). Firstly, followership might be portrayed in the form of an interactive role in which the follower the follower thoroughly complements and supports the leader in his or her accomplishments within the framework of the organisation. Secondly, followers can also act independently thereby displaying an independent role. Lastly, the role of that of a follower can be a shifting role in which the follower shifts his functions as per the demands of the organisational framework (Riggio, Chaleff & Lipman-Blumen, 2008).


It is an often believed concept that leadership is something that is associated to seniority. But, it should be understood that leadership is not about how senior a person is. Rather it is the basic way in which a person behaves in any situation. The primary tasks associated with being a leader are first, to set proper directions in the way of missions, goals, purposes and visions. Secondly, it should have the instinct of commitment so that the leader remains motivated and thrives towards teamwork. Thirdly, the leader should be able to confront challenging situations and give solutions that are innovative and able to bring about a change or turbulence in the positive aspects (Riggio, Chaleff & Lipman-Blumen, 2008).

Just as there are leaders, at the same time, there are followers as well. Without followers, there will be no leaders and without leaders, there will be no followers. Just because a follower acts according to the directions given by the leader, it does not mean that followership is a passive and unthinking activity. On the other hand, followership is something that is in it a very skilled and self-directed act (, 2015). An effective follower should take part actively in setting the directions, and should invest his/her time to work for the benefit of the team. He should think critically and advocate for new ideas. To become a better follower, certain basic traits should be followed. A good follower should effectively communicate problems to the team leader and at the same time if possible, should give ideas to solve the problem (Brewer, 2015). He/she should give his/her full energy and devotion to the work and should give explanations when there is any kind of disagreement with the team. Listening carefully is another requirement of a follower and proper reflection on what the leader says is essential. The knowledge that is earned in the work process should be shared by a follower and at the same time, it should be communicated to the entire team.


To run an organisation efficiently, both leaders and followers are required. Without leaders, there will be no one in the organisation to give guidance to the members there and everyone will act according to their own wishes. There will be a haphazard situation, and all will blame each other. Hence, the presence of a proper leader to guide the people to sail through the difficult times and keep them organised is very essential (, 2015). Just like a leader is required for the effective running and management of an organisation, in the same way, a follower or rather a a number of followers is also required to keep a smooth running of the organisation. Without followers, there will be no one to give shape to the aspirations of the leader and it will also become difficult for the leader to execute his plans in a proper and coherent way. If followers stop following the directions of the leader, again there will be chaos in the organisation and the production will go to a standstill. Thus, it can be said that the leaders and followers are mutually dependent on each other. Hence, there is no doubt regarding the fact that leadership and followership are complementary and supplementary to each other (Giannantonio & Hurley-Hanson, 2013).

Not only the organisation but the clients also require that both leadership and followership should serve them hand in hand. For instance, if we go to a shop to but certain electronic items, we will never be satisfied if only the sales manager explains to us what is there in the shop and what is not there. There must be a proper and well-informed sales representative who can communicate with us, understand our requirements and then as per our necessity make suggestions on what we should buy and what we should not (Kupers & Weibler, 2008). Thus, it can be said that not only for the organisation but also for the client satisfaction, the leadership and followership should remain together with each other.


As far as healthcare is concerned, it is very difficult to guide and manage a healthcare institution because of the conflict between the professional logic and the administrative requirements. In healthcare, there are generally four different worlds with entirely different configurations. Hence, for a single leader to guide the entire organisation is not possible (JS, 2015). At the same time, for a single follower to manage and reciprocate the entire unit is difficult. The four different worlds in healthcare are the cure, care, control, and community. The cure is concerned with the doctors. Care is concerned with the workflow of the wards precisely the nurses. Control rests on the bureaucratic order and is related to the working of the administrators and managers of the healthcare unit. Lastly, the community is all about protecting the interest of the community that is in connection to the politicians or the government (Henwood, 2014).

In healthcare, leadership is mainly shown by managers of the healthcare centres and the medical leadership is shown by the doctors. To discuss leadership in this area, initially, the community logic will be taken into account. This logic ensures that the leaders guarantee care, waiting times, treatment times and localise the limitations on wards (, 2015). The management of the healthcare unit becomes the executive and the relation between the doctor/nurse, and the patient becomes intense. The followers, in this case, carry out the orders of the healthcare professionals and give assistance to the admitted patients in the course of their medicines and treatment. This is often associated with chronic diseases and how the management takes care in those situations. This can be well explained by an example from practical life. An instance will be when an accident; say a train derailment takes place. There are numerous casualties in these incidents. All the casualties are rushed to the nearest healthcare centres. The role of leaders in such centres is to ensure that within the limited resources available, all the casualties should get the maximum access to the benefits. At the same time, the leader should also ensure that the special requirements of the individual patients are given attendance. At the same time, in such a situation, the duty of the followers is to take care of the orders of the leader because in no way can the leader himself attend to all the casualties. The follower should take quick decisions and attend to the patients without delay (, 2015).

Coming to the control logic, as already discussed, it relates to the administrative standards. Here as well, the administrators and administrative leaders are forced to face an ethical dilemma in a variety of situations (Grossman & Valiga, 2005). The general rule of the healthcare centres is that in case of any road accidents, a police complaint should be made before attending the victims. This poses a dilemma before the administrators. While the law binds them with their duties to inform the police first, the ethics demand that the patient should be given first aid. Here as well, the leaders and followers need to display a relational role. While the leader can look after the legal formalities, the follower should make sure that all the necessary arrangements are made regarding giving medical assistance to the victim.

As far as the care logic is considered, a relational requirement lies there as well. The care logic requires that nurses and wardens should ensure that all the specific requirements of the patients are met with while they remain admitted in the hospitals. The leaders in these circumstances see that the patients are attended to and given proper medical help. But the duty of the followers here is more effective than the leaders. It is often observed that an emotional support of getting cured of the attendants makes the patient livelier, and the recovery rate increases manifold. The leaders simply give the guidelines in these circumstances while they are acted upon by the followers (Hurwitz & Hurwitz, 2014). Their expertise and their help in these circumstances help in the speedy recovery of the patients and thus the healthcare centre derives the benefits.

Finally, cure logic shall be discussed now. The cure in any illness in any healthcare centre is given by the medical experts. Here as well the medical leaders will never be able to work alone and give the best results if the followers are not there. If the medical officers wish to do all on their own, the success rate of a healthcare centre will go down manifold. Without the support of the supporting crew, the nurses, the health care associates and the office staff, a successful treatment can never be extended to the patients (, 2015). Of course, it is not denied that the medical experts or the leaders do not have any role to play. The principal role is played by them only. But, this principal role will not survive till the last breath if the supporting followers take a back step.


If a traditional aspect of leadership model were taken in this account, then, the probable outcome of this research would have been that the leaders are the indispensable characters in a health care centre. However, the discussion in the above section has clearly indicated that there is a strict relational approach in the healthcare centres as long as leadership and followership are in question. None of the two sections can act independently in any situation and both require the support of each other so that a healthcare centre can develop in its full zenith. However, while consideration is being given to the relational view of leadership, the focus is primarily on the leaders per se. Without the leaders, there cannot be a followership and without followers a leader cannot work on his own. There has to be a perfect harmony and coordination between the leader and the follower so that the health care centre can give the best results. In this context, it is also essential that the leaders should embrace the complexity of the situation and successfully give directions to the followers so that their orders can be carried on in accuracy. There are different positions and different strategies that influence the leadership in this aspect and hence, for the followers, it is essential that they should adhere to the directions of the leader because a slight or minor disagreement can lead to dangerous consequences. Thus, it is very evident from the above discussion that there is doubt regarding the fact that both leaders and followers have a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with each other. None of them can act on their own and hence, in a health care centre, it is very essential that there should be a relational leadership where both leaders and followers can exercise their individual influences.


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