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Negotiation Theory and Practic Solved

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MANDATE READINGS: Alfredson T., & Cungu A. 2008. Negotiation Theory and Practice; Please spend more time reviewing some of the YouTube videos. Mandatory Reading and Study: Alfredson T., &a.... Select to mark as complete. YouTube: Getting to YES URL Not completed: YouTube: Getting to YES. Select to mark as complete. YouTube: Popular Videos – Negotiation URL Not completed: YouTube: Popular Videos &ndash ...

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Network Segments

The network is divided into various segments. Firstly, the network is divided into three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Again the level 1 is further divided into segments. There are 4 classrooms in Level 1 and one computer lab in the level 1. The Lab is meant for the students and the teacher in the Lab. 

In addition to this, the level 2 is divided into a lounge and a library which consists of 5 computers each.

  The level 3 is divided into the IT department and the Accounts department. 

All the different layers are having a separate switch for each of the layers. All the switches are connected to the server. In addition to this the server is only accessible by the people at level 3 according to the requirement of the company. 

For all the segments a separate switch is assigned to the networks. The networks can be easily sub divided into three layers. And hence, the network is easily divided into three sub networks. 

Physical Environment 

The building in which the network is to be implemented is a new one and hence the layout of the building should be done in accordance with the structure of the building. It is all\so known that the network layout has to be started from scratch as there was no existence of a network in the building before. In addition to this there are number of requirements about the building for the company.



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