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Strategic Analysis on Sheng Siong Solved

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You are required to submit an individual report of 3,000 ± 10% words, on the Business Strategy of a  major publicly listed organization in Singapore. The strategic analysis should focus on a strategic  business unit (SBU). This usually means one SBU in a publicly listed corporation. Undertake the  following tasks: • Describe briefly the background information of the organization selected. This information  should be relevant to the discussion of your assignme ...

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Nice Job!!! The job was done in a written way to be understand and detail. Thanks for taking your time on this post discussion.

While taking initiative to do a research, it is essential to fix the instruments that should be employed prior to executing the research work. It is evident that there is a list of survey instrument employed among which questionnaire is being the most favorable one. There are two types of questionnaire being used such as open ended questionnaire and closed ended questionnaire (Christensen, Johnson & Turner, 2014). The closed ended questionnaire includes questions with pre identified options to answer the specific question. Here, the respondents only need to select the best alternatives among the provided options (Gavin, 2008).  Now, there are several questions whose answers depend on level of preferences. In such case a specific procedure normally followed to construct the answers options. This procedure is termed as the Likert scale.

A “Likert scale” is in point of fact the computation of responses to a number of Likert items. All the Likert items are commonly demonstrated with the help of illustration, taken for example, an array of radio buttons, a horizontal bar with a simple scale, circle with number, etc (Hair, 2008).

However, in this context it can be found that a Likert scale is considered as the effective one, if an only if the scale is balanced from both sides. That means, the Likert scale includes a neutral option. Therefore, such kind of Likert scale will provide comparatively less prejudiced measurement. Again, in this context one thing needs to be taking care of that the concrete scale labels, may varies in line with the numeric scale.

So, from this point of view, it becomes apparent that the “Likert Item” is a declaration that the participant is requested to weigh up (Kemple, Hutchins, Adamo, Boger & Crowson, 2002)

In order to prepare a question which will employ the Likert scale, first of all there is requiring identifying the scale on which the preference will be measured. Reviewing several works using Likert scale, it is noted that in most cases Likert scale is used the level of agree regarding a particular aspect like, “strongly agree”, “agree”, “indifferent”, “disagree” and “strongly disagree” (McDaniel & Gates, 2012). Likewise, several research works also utilized Likert scale like, “very satisfied”, “satisfied”, “undecided”, “dissatisfied” and “very dissatisfied”, when other used “very good”, “good”, “undecided”, “bad” and “very bad” (Plocher, 2008). In certain cases, simply, the numbers like 1 to 5 is used as Likert scale, where 1 means lowest, whereas 5 mean highest.

It is noted that the conventional method of reporting with employing a Likert scale is to add the responses of each chosen alternative and subsequently generate a score for each participant. Now, such score generated for each of the participant is next utilized to symbolize a specific attribute (for the most part while utilized for sociological or psychological research) (Wilson, 2013).

While measuring the benefits of use of Likert scale, it is noted that such Likert scale is quite constructive for assessing a participant’s judgment in terms of any aspects like purchasing decision, preference of product, even the level of satisfaction about a service provided by any specific institution. Here, all these scores will be utilized with the intention of constructing a chart of the allotment of judgements from corner to corner the target population. However, in this context, such scores will also be cross tabulated to employ the data for future analysis.

Here, one potential limitation of using Likert scale is that each item explored through this Likert scale should to be intimately associated with the identical area of measurement. Otherwise, the data will give biased result (Wilson, 2013).



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