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TCP/IP networking model Solved

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Question 1 [3 Marks] Compare and contrast the OSI reference model with the TCP/IP networking model. Which one do you think is more useful when working with and describing networks and why? Question 2 [3.5 Marks] Complete the following Hands-On Projects from the prescribed textbook (Pyles, Carel & Tittel 2017) Hands-On Project 2-3 Hands-On Project 2-5 In order to complete this activity, students should insert screenshots in the assignment document along with a short description of each step t ...

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Introduction to Internet Working.

In computer technology, the computer network is one of the vital fields where it is used to transmit the data and allow internet access .However the network implementation relies on various conceptual models referred to as the OSI and the TCP/IP models.

These models uses various layers in the process of transmitting the data over the network where the OSI model is Logical model which is more of theoretical while the TCP/IP model is more physical and is used to implement the OSI model and enables the internet connectivity.

OSI and TCP/IP networking reference model

The computer network is a very essential tool which is highly used during the communication of network devices which assist in establishing the connection between the devices and enable transmission of data.

The computer network however uses two networking reference models which facilitates the connection and transmission of data over the models layers ,these two models are OSI and TCP/IP model and both has different function as below.

Open Systems Interconnection(OSI) model: This is a type of network model that was designed by International Organization for Standardization and it comprises of seven layers starting with physical layer and ends with applications layer, however this model describes the way the various software and hardware items that are involved in the networks communications shares the labor and are able to interact with each other.


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