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Define Strong Acids And Bases.:State The Examples

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A strong is a kind of acid, which ionized or dissociated completely with the aqueous solution. For losing a proton H+, it is the species of chemical, which is in high capacity. The strong acid releases one proton in the water. Then the water captures the proton to form hydronium ion.

The conversion of Hydronium ion HA(aq) + H2O → A-(aq) + H3O+(aq)

Polyprotic acid and diprotic acids can lose many protons. Only the strong acid reaction and the pKa value make the acid to lose its first proton. pKa is the constant of small logarithm, which includes in the strong acid. The constant of large logarithm of large acid dissociation is Ka. A strong base or a strong acid dissociates or ionizes in a water solution. One mole HA ionizes and it yields one mole H+. It forms hydronium ion H3O+. A- is thee conjugate base of the mole of strong acid. After that HA does not remain any non-ionized acid.  

Strong acid: H2O + HA → H3O+(aq) + A-(aq)

Strong base: H2O + BOH → OH-(aq) + B+(aq) 

Acid is a compound of ion, which reacts with the water solution for producing the hydrogen ions. The more convenient process of describing the acid is that it donates the proton readily. The hydrogen atom is an atom without electron and it is a proton of the acid. The bases in the spectrum accept the proton readily. If the acid is weak acid, it hesitates to participate in the reaction. When it passes the parcel it, start donates the proton. In other way, it donates proton, when it is highly efficient. Most of the strong acids are corrosive. There are some super acids, which are not corrosive but many weak acids such as hydrofluoric can be corrosive highly. When the concentration of the acid increases, the ability of the dissociation of the acid decreases. In the normal water, the strong acid ionizes completely. In any extreme concentrated solution the acid does not ionizes or dissociate. Since there are several weak acids, some example of the common strong acids are as follows:

  • Hydrochloric acid HCl
  • Nitric acid HNO3
  • Sulfuric acid H2SO4
  • Hydrobromic acid HBr
  • Hydroiodic acid HI
  • A liquid strong acid is methane sulfonic acid
  • A soluble strong acid is p-toluene sulfonic acid

All the following acids dissociate or ionize with the water completely. Therefore, they are considered as strong acid as they dissociate with the water. They are not much acidic than hydronium ion H3O+.

The nitric acid HNO3 and the chloric acid HCLO3 are the example of the non-acidic ion. Some of the chemists consider the bromic acid, perbromic acid, periodic acid and hydronium acid to be the strong acids.

If the donation of the proton in the water solution is used for the primary criterion of the strength of the acids, the strongest to weakest acids will be:

  • Magic acid FSO3HSbF5
  • Fluoroantimonic acid H[SbF6
  • Triflic acid CF3SO3H
  • Carborane super acid H(CHB11Cl11
  • Fluorosulfuric acid FSO3H

These all mentioned acids are the super acids. These are defined as acid. These are much acidic the 100 percent sulfuric acid. The super acids pronate the water permanently. The aspects that determine the strength of the acids are as follows:

Acidity increases when then atomic radius increases. HCL is less strong acid than the HI ion. Chlorine is smaller atom than the iodine. The conjugate bases are the electronegative base in the periodic table of same period. This is more acidic than others are. When the atoms are more positively charged, the acidity increases highly. In the other way, it can be said that it is very easy to take the proton from a strong acid with a negative charge. When the strong acid ionizes or dissociate, the equilibrium is reaching to the conjugate base. In this type of case of the strong acid, the equilibrium favors with the right chemical equation strongly. The conjugate base is very weak than the water in the acid and water solution. In the most applications, the acid with strong strength reacts as a solvent with the water. The non-aqueous solvents are in the acidity and the basicity. The strong may catalyze the chemical reactions. The strong acids can be inorganic or organic in nature. This handle the chemical burns very carefully. These acids are very crucial to catalyze the reaction, which includes hydrolysis and synthesis of the carbonyl compounds. pKa defines the strong acids. The acids are stronger than the other acid in the water solution. The hydronium is less acidic in nature. pKa is lower than hydronium ion. Therefore, the Strong acids can have a pKa of less than -174.

The chemical process of the hydrolysis of decomposition involves in the splitting bond and then it adds the hydrogen in the hydroxide ion in the water. A condensing alcohol forms the estera compound and the acid eliminates the water. The functional group of the carbon oxygen is consisting in the compound. The group is joined with the carbon and the oxygen atom by double bond joining. Amides, ketones, esters, carbonyl halides, aldehydes, carboxylic acids have the characteristics in the carbonyla divalent group.

The straightforward example includes the bases of the strength of the acids and the bases of the acids. The straightforward acids always deal with the strong acids and the strong acid base. The strong acids such as HNO3 or the HCL, are the good donor of the protons. After that, none of its molecule left in the solution. All the molecules of HCL transfer the protons to the molecule of H2O. There is only Cl(aq) and H3O+(aq) ions in the aqueous solution. In the same way, the strong acid bases such as NaH or BaO are good acceptors of the protons. They are not able to stay in the solution. The entire oxygen ion converted into OH ions and they accept the protons from the water molecules. The water molecules are converted into OH ion. BaO solution contains the OH(aq) and Ba2+(aq) ions.


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