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What Is a Hemiacetal? Describe Its Structure: How One Can Identify The Hemiacetal

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A hemiacetal is also known as hemiketal. It is a compound, which is formed from the adjunct of alcohol to a ketone or an aldehyde respectively. In Greek word, hemi means half or semi. It refers to the aspect of a single alcohol is added to a group of carbonyl. It is in contrast to ketals or acetals. These are formed during the alkoxy groups adds to the structure second time. Sugar has OH groups, which is oriented in a perfect way for interacting with the OH group the part of an orientation is known as hemiacetal. Sugar glucose is also known as hemiacetal.  Hemiacetal is connected with carbon with the two oxygen atoms. In this one oxygen is alcohol, which is Oh and another one oxygen is ether, which I OR.


A hemiacetal compound

R is the short hand for denoting the carbon chain. A carbon chain can be as long as hundred carbon atoms joined or short as one single carbon atom. This chain of carbon can have the hydrogen atoms, which are attached with the carbon chain or it can have individual functional chain like alcohol.

The most simple hemiacetal example is 1- mithoxyethen-1-ol. In this group, methane (CH3) is denoted by R group.

In this formation, the  glucose is the hemiacetal and it is in a cyclical format. When the glucose is in straight format, no ether group will be hemiacetal for it.

Structure of Hemiacetal

When the aldehyde reacts with the alcohol, hemiacetal forms. There are two ways of formation of hemiacetal. One may occur, as the catalyzed with acid or other way can be neutral reaction.



Formation of hemiacetal by Neutral reaction

In the neutral reaction, it only evolves the aldehyde and the alcohol. The carbon is attacked by the alcohol. The extra electrons are pushed on to oxygen. Therefore, there can be a positive charge can be there over an ether and a negative charge over the oxygen. The extra hydrogen or the proton over the ether can transfer on the oxygen while the formation of the hemiacetal.  The reaction always happens slowly. Extra electrons over the oxygen can return to the carbon instead of hydrogen transfer to the oxygen from the ether. Then it removes the ether and finishes the reaction with the genuine reactants. The reaction occurs very slowly and it can return backwards frequently.


Formation of hemiacetal by acid catalyzed reaction

The reaction of acid catalyzed always occurs fast. Hydrogen is put by the acid catalyzed reaction over the oxygen aldehyde for starting the reaction. As the oxygen does not have the positive charge, the reaction prefers to start with a positive charge. The carbon can be reacted quickly with the alcohol. The electrons do not keep the positive charge no longer once it is pushed over the oxygen. Still the ether keeps the positive charge. Therefor the consequential base of the previous acid can decrease the hemiacetal and the hydrogen when it is formed.

In case of the glucose hemiacetal formation, the aldehyde and the alcohol are on the similar molecule. Therefore, there is a reaction called intra-molecule. In this reaction, the molecule reacts by itself. Each glucose is in a cyclic form. In a straight chain, it is the seldom.

Hemiketals and hemiacetals are generally unstable compounds. The stable hemiketals and cyclic hemiacetals are called lactols. This lactol can be formed rapidly with five and six number rings. The intra-molecular group of OH reacts with the group of carbonyl. Glucose and various aldoses present as cyclic hemiacetals where the fructose and same ketoses present as cyclic hemiketals.

Between the reaction of aldehydes and the alcohols, hemiketals and hemiacetals are present as intermediates.  The final product comes with being a ketal or an acetal.

-C=O + ROH ⇌ -C(OH)(OR) + ROH ⇌ -C(OR)2 + H2O

For formation of acetal, hemiacetal reacts with the alcohol under an acidic condition. The hemiacetal can dissociate for forming the alcohol and the aldehyde.

Water + acetal ↔ hemiacetal + acid (catalyst) + alcohol (excess)

The aldehyde mix with the water, which is exists in equilibrium with a low concentration of the hydrate, R-CH(OH)2. In the excessive alcohol, aldehyde, acetal and its hemiacetal all are present in the solution.  The group of alcohol hydroxyl over the carbon attacks the nucleophilic, which results hemiacetal. The carbon bond is C=O. Acid catalyzed the substitution products of the acetal. The acid improves the capacity of hydroxyl group and it enables the substitution with the alkoxyl group, which is –OR group. The conversion from hemiacetal to the acetal is reaction known as SN1 reaction. Ketones provide ketals and hemiketals. It does not form acetals and hemiacetals readily. For maximizing the yields of acetals and ketals, water is formed during the removal of the reaction.

In simple form, by combining two functional groups hemiacetal is made. Ether and alcohol is attached with the same carbon in hemiacetal. The fourth position of bonding is possessed by hydrogen. An aldehyde derives the hemiacetal. Ether and alcohol is attached with the same carbon in hemiketal. It consists of two carbons. A ketone derives the hemiketal. Two ether groups are an acetal, which is attached with the same carbon. Hemiacetal derives the acetal and the second group of ether is made by alcohol.

The alcohol and the aldehyde accesses to each other because they attract the opposite charges. C=O is partly negative and positive respectively and the O-H group is partly negative and positive respectively. The reaction is known as the equilibrium as the hemiacetal is variable and it returns back to the original alcohol and aldehyde.

With the hemiacetal, a ketone or an aldehyde adds an alcohol, which can exist in the equilibrium. The formation the hemiacetal is in the simple form:

Alcohol + Aldehyde ⇌ hemiacetal

By finding the carbon with ether and the alcohol functional group, hemiacetal can be identified, which is attached to the alcohol and the ether group.


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