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What Is The Maximum Value That a Marginal Relative Frequency Can Be? Explain

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An event occurs when the frequency count the measurement of the number of times. For computing relative frequency, one holds the count for the frequency for the overall population and the other frequency count holds data for the subgroups of population. Therefore, the subgroup’s relative frequency is:

Relative frequency = Count of subgroup / total count

The probability of the theory of relative frequency holds that if any experiment is reiterated, the large number of particular outcomes occurs in the percentage of time. Then the particular percentage of time will be close to the particular probability of the possible outcome. Frequency is the entire number of the times in which a result comes in an experiment of an event or the practical study. It observes the maximum number of the times an event is taking to be completed. It means that the frequency means that the occurrence rate. In relative frequency, the term is used for estimating the fraction of the times and the number of times in which the results are coming. It can be conducted by simple experiment and it includes simple equations and calculations.

The equation describes the relative frequency as proportion. It is sometimes described as percentage. In this way, relative frequency of the 0.50 is approximately equal to the percentage of 50%. Relative frequency of event is described as number of the times. The event happens during an experimental trial. The total number of the trails divides the experimental trial. The possible outcomes always divide the relative frequency. Therefore, the relative frequency for the experimental trail is:

Relative frequency = successful trial numbers / total trial number

For one example, if A plays a computer or video game 100 times with his or her friend, B. A won for 30 times and B won for 60 times and A has drawn the game for 10 times. Therefore, B has won the game 60 times out of 100 times games. So this can be written as 60/100 = 3/5. Therefore, the relative frequency of B’s winning game is 3/5. The relative frequency can be estimate as the probability of the winning of B.  The probability of wining game of B is 3/5.

Relative frequency may assume the result after the total outcome divides the relative frequency. It is an experimental concept not a theoretical concept. In case of big trail number, the concept of relative frequency is used. It is done practically. In theoretical way, this cannot be possible. As the concept is practical, it is possible to get various relative frequencies every time the task is repeating. Relative frequencies are not in a theoretical quantity. They are in experimental quantity. The experiments need to repeat many times to count the outcomes of the trails in the set of event. Since it is experimental, it is easy to get various relative frequencies each time the experiment is repeated.  Relative frequencies are used conducted for the ratio of an outcome to observe the frequency and the overall frequency of unusual experiments. Let us assume any unusual experiment is repeated N times and the observation of the outcome is f. Therefore, the ratio of f/N is known as relative frequency. In this frequency, the outcome is observed f times.

Some examples are:

Certain numbers of bulbs are picked for examine whether they are good or defective. 300 bulbs are taken for examine. In these bulbs, 120 bulbs are defective. The symbol N is used for 300. The symbol f is used for the observation frequency, which came out as 120. Therefore, the relative frequency is:

Relative frequency = f/N = 120/300 = 0.4

It is always interesting to know about a coin whether it is biased or unbiased. The coin is tossed 100 times. The times of heads are noted. In 100 tosses, heads came 40 times.  The relative frequency of heads in the toss will be 40/100, which is not equal to 1/2 but usually the probability of heads is written as 1/2. It is only an assumption. It can be said that it is a big assumption. If the experiment is repeated for sometimes more, the number of heads may be equal to 50, more than 50, or less than 50. In this way an unusual experiment occurs.

It is interesting in the ace when the die is thrown. The die is thrown 100 times. The ace is viewed 25 times. In this way, the relative frequency will be 25/100 = 1/5. For the ideal die probability, the ace would be 100/10 = 10. In the next stages, the ratio may be 25/100 because the ratio is not fixed. In the next experiment, the ace may give any different result.

Relative frequency is a simple statistical process. For calculating the relative cumulative frequencies, a chart is needed to create. In the chart, specific data ranges will be there.  Then it needs tally to set the data in the data range for number of times. The tally needs to be added with the cumulative relative frequencies. It needs statistician to calculate the data and the technique to observe the time of occurrence in the data group. Then it helps the statistics as probability does.

There are many advantages for using the relative frequencies. It can compare the data sets that does not consist any equal number of observation. When the experiment times divide the overall number of frequencies then the relative frequency occurs as result. It occurs each time, when the experiment is repeated. The frequencies can be determined easily. It conducts a basic experiment for the event. No calculations are needed for the event. By simple division, relative frequencies can be determined with an ease.

It is needed to realize the differences between theoretical probability in an event and observed frequency in the same event but in the experimental trails. The probability of theoretical experiment is the number that can be computed with the relevant information about the event experiment.  If in sample space the possible outcomes are likely to be same, it can be counted the number of every outcome in the experiment, it set an event for the experiment, and it computes the outcomes of the theoretical probability of the sample space of the experiment. Relative frequencies are dependable on sequential outcomes of the statistical experiment that is observed in the experiment. Relative frequencies can vary every time when the experiment is done. Many times, it is tried in an experiment; the chances of the relative frequencies can be closer of the experiment. Then the relative frequencies will move to the probability of theoretical experiment. That is why statistical experiment is needed in the theoretical probabilities. Like any soccer experiment, to calculate the probability of theoretical event is impossible or difficult as it cannot be known how much goals any team will score against the another team. In this case, the theoretical probability cannot be calculated easily. In this case, relative frequencies can estimate or evaluate the probability of theoretical event or the experiment. It happens by counting the outcomes number and running the experiment for a positive result.

Therefore, it can be said that the maximum value that a marginal relative frequency can be 100% of the experiment. The result may be high at the time when only one single class is there in the table of frequency distribution. There can be only a single column or row in the table, which are variable but the other times the frequency will be less. In the most cases, the maximum frequency stays 100% in the marginal relative frequency.


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