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At the outset, let’s get to know what CDR is all about. CDR report writing refers to Competency Demonstration Report which are technical reports required by Australian organizations from the prospective applicants who are aiming to make a career in engineering domain in the nation. Australia is utilizing CDR Reports as an appraisal method for evaluating the competency and education level of overseas Engineering students and professionals who desire to work in Australia. The main rationale of CDR is a demonstration of your skills and knowledge at a professional level be it, in the capacity of associate, engineer or for that matter technologist. When you vie for immigrations in Australia, you would need CDR to file for your applications to be measured which are a statutory requirement of the nation.

Remember, CDR is not about the following aspects:

  • What the organization you had worked with has done
  • The market and proportion of the company
  • All your technical detailing about the project you have done
  • Your status and how well you were respected or so.

English Language Standard:

  • CDR is mainly controlled by Engineers Australia, which assesses the requisite qualifications and knowledge as a means of the evaluation process. The applicants should score a minimum of 6.0 in various English language modules, the likes of English Writing, glibness in listening and speaking.
  • The grade sheet or test marks should not supersede two years from the date of an application made.
  • The applicants should qualify the cut-offs in IELTS.

The major shortcomings in CDR applications on the end of applicants are mainly, inability to relate professional development process concerning CDR reports. Furthermore, aspirants are unaware of the basic principles of the normal report. They fail to summarize their career progression in consonance to the desired criteria of the CDR. The factual reality is that they do not include noteworthy achievements and episodes in the report. Provides Exclusive CDR Writing Services

You must be in disarray as to what CDR is all about in entirety. You need not be in a spot of bother. At, we have professional CDR writers who would see you through CDR report writing. The CDR writing services are available at at ease and cost effective. To fulfill your CDR requirements, our CDR report writers need the following:

  • How have you applied your engineering aptitude and skills; along with the background and career projects you have accomplished.
  • If such application justifies the competency standards of the appropriate category; hence, mention your target where you are applying.
  • State the area of concern which you encountered in the workplace that may have had a negative impact on the efficiency in your organization.
  • The key role you portrayed while dealing with such predicament.
  • How did you perform the project as a team?
  • What rewards or accomplishments did you achieve in the process?

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Application Category recognized by Engineers Australia:

There are four categories of engineering occupation that prevail in Australia as accredited by the complying body of Engineers Australia. The different types of career are enumerated below.

  • Professional Engineer

The academic qualification required in this scheme of the profession is the completion of twelve years of schooling along with four years of Australian Qualification in Bachelors of Engineering. The professional engineers are accountable for a host of functional areas, namely, assessment of engineering system, leadership and management style in controlling of human capital, problem solving measures relating to applications and systems etc.

  • Engineering Associate

The academic qualifications necessary in this regard are Australian Diploma the in advanced engineering of two years and completion of twelve years of formal schooling or equivalent. The main responsibilities include programming and supervision of specific engineering systems.

  • Engineer Manager

The academic qualification required for such role is Masters or bachelors in the discipline. The duties and responsibilities of engineering manager cover, administration of overall engineering practices and strategic planning and others. Supervision of entire operations also is construed as a role of engineer manager.

  • Technologists

This calls for twelve years of formal schooling adding to those two years of Australian degree in Bachelors of Technology. The engineering technologists bring to the fray important activities, mainly, designing of programming language codes, modification, and establishment of latest engineering techniques and application or implementation of the same.

There are certain elementary basics that need to be considered while drafting Competency Demonstration and Career Episode Reports. The style of writing CDRs is listed below:

  • Understanding of the core purpose of CDR

To put it simply, it is a presentation of your competencies to Engineers Australia while applying for the positions of Technologists, Associates, or Managers. You must communicate the knowledge and skills you have acquired thereby fitting to the discipline in the best possible manner. Highlight the core competencies that the Engineers Australia demands and link those with your personal skills.

  • Conform to the Guidelines

Engineers Australia essentially requires the following details. Those are mainly, details of academic testimonials, competency details, and relevant evidence of the claimed competencies which validates your key areas of skills.

  • Language should be in style as prescribed by Engineers Australia

CDR is essentially a representation of personal report which means that the write-up should be in ‘ the first person.' Avoid mentioning jargons in the application which should be in the clear and precise language. It is noteworthy that all of acquired competencies should be in relation to engineering background. Try not to go overboard that is writing in unwanted flowery language or so. In other words, it should be neat and accurate detailing your skills and competencies by and large.

  • Turnoffs

You should remember the imperatives while filling out the CDR. Do not mention your previous engagements records and testimonials. You are advised to not state unconfirmed skills and knowledge. Also, you should not try to outsmart the authorized body which would only cause you a higher percentage of disqualification.

Overall, a CDR should be succinctly written so that it gets approved by Engineers Australia for achieving migration. The following account deals with features of a CDR. You need to have at least three career episodes which will enumerate your roles and responsibility on a particular project. All the career experiences should be exceptional amongst each other encompassing specific occupation. The CDR estimation is based mainly on the undergraduate qualification and demonstrated core skills and competencies which further add value to the report. You must be diligent while compiling your CDR application for work permit migration in Australia. The CDR must be your work and devoid of any copy from other sources. It is advised that you keep a copy of the same for future purposes. The CDR covers mainly three career Episodes, CPD, Resume, Summary Statement. As per the latest rules of Engineers Australia, a career episode should contain around 1000 to 2500 words. Hence, it is clear that it is irrelevant to include unnecessary words in the career episode segment. A career episode entails over the following:

  • The task or project was undertaken by the personnel as a part of the educational program.
  • The ensuing project on which the engineer is working on.
  • The particular work accountabilities and occupation and the roles of the engineer.
  • The specific work-related issues and concerns resolved by the concerned engineer in the course of their work experience.

The career episode contains the following facets:

  • Introduction

The Introduction speaks about engineering activity being performed by the respective engineer in his work tenure. It comprises of chronology, duration, organization name and geographical territory where the activity was performed. In further the introduction should contain the title of the position assumed by the engineer.

  • Background

The background segment should be around 200-250 words and must incorporate the information like, overall nature of the engineering project, proper description of the work and service rendered. You must state the hierarchy or the organizational chart which highlights the position of the engineer. Finally, include the job description of the concerned engineer in the particular project.

  • Personal Engineering Activity

This by far is the main segment of the career episode and should be contained within 500-1000 words. It should aim to explain the role of the engineer from a personal perspective rather teamwork. This segment should include his application skills in problem-solving of engineering activity, any technical snags or difficulties that the engineer may have encountered in the process and resolved the crisis. The engineer ought to include the strategies conceived by the engineer during the ensuing project which aims to improve the project, by and large. Lastly, the performance of the engineer in the participation of meetings and involvement in the teamwork.

  • Summary

In this unit of the career episode, the entire engineering activity should be summarized, say within 50-10 words. The summary encompasses an overview of the engineering assignment, requirement and goals achieved in the project and finally, personal contribution and achievement in the entire project.

  • Summary Statement

This segment bears the crucial part of the entire CDR and demands utmost attention while formulating the career episode. In a summary statement, you should explore all the competency elements for the mentioned engineering activities in the career. You must provide references and valuable inputs in the summary statement based on the sections and information rendered in the earlier three segments of career episode. has the Best CDR Report Writers Under its Fold is of great assistance for the students who are stressed in the quest of making their immigration assignment successful. Our in-house professional CDR writers are more than capable of drafting CDR and career episode documents complying with the set standards of Engineers Australia. Our team comprises of Ph.D. experts who hail from multifarious engineering disciplinary backgrounds and esteemed universities from across the world. Our pool of CDR report writers is striving for evaluation of tasks and assessment of competency of the applicants while performing their tasks. As far as EA handbook is concerned, a substantial portion of CDR gets rejected on a yearly basis owing to various factors like non-compliance with the mandatory criterion and execute the report quite effectively and efficiently. In, our main focus is to provide you with best quality CDR writing services, thereby helping them in their career progression.

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