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Plan Organise and Facilitate Learning in the Workplace Task Answers

The unit code TAEDEL402 indicates plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace. The knowledge and skills that are required to plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace. This unit course explains the learning phase in a structured way that will provide the consideration and the guidelines in a workplace for the setting up. All of these can be learnt in the workplace for an individual by utilizing various types of activities based on the learning modules. This unit course will apply to an individual who is working as a facilitator, employee, teacher, entry-level trainer, workplace supervisor, and team leader who is responsible for guiding all of the learning materials via work. Victoria University is associated with the course that is the plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace.

This assessment is designed to extend and reinforce the skill and knowledge competence within controlled and set parameters which are related to the learning outcome of this unit and the requirements of the performance criteria, including the practical application, which is work-based and project setting task that is design to provide the competence outcome with the evidence within the scheduled timelines and periodic timelines. Students are expected to demonstrate the skills that are required to facilitate and prepare the learning, which is work-based and provide a minimum of two examples to develop the learning pathways, which is also work based including the identification for the learning which is required allocating and organising the work schedule, work activities and work environment, practices to analyse the work in a way that can reflect the requirements of the learning materials and based on that it can also provide the opportunities for the learning in an effective way via the processes of the work. This will also help to conduct the relationship of the learning facilitation with the individuals that help to demonstrate the flexibility and communication skill with some techniques and processes that are identified. Students are expected to demonstrate the skills and knowledge, including practices, processes, and systems within an organisation in which learning can take place, which is work-based, and Systems will be identified with the skills that are required within a workplace. Various types of learning styles will be there to encourage the learning materials in which students can learn different types of things in various ways, the workplace safety and health-related work can be done in which everyone has the work role for the workplace safety and health, including some hazards that are related with the specific workplace and industrial workplace. In this case, requirements for some hazards will be reported with some incidents in which particular proceed yours has taken place for the work task, Maintenance and safe use will also be there for the relief and equipment with the sources of the information of WHS, and the procedures for the emergency purpose will also be there.

1.1.Explanation of the course code In this course, code TAEDEL402 refers to the unit study of planning, organise and facilitating learning in the workplace. Different types of topics are there in this unit course, and that will be completed by all the students at the end of the semester. The topics on this course study hour are to address the implication of the WHS, analyse the work routines and practices, and agree on the learning objectives in the workplace. The external assessment of the learning environment in the workplace is required to be very effective as this topic will explain the process in which students can understand the structured learning, which is provided with the consideration and guidelines in the workplace for setting up. The learning environment refers to the combination of the characteristics and location of the setting that can impact the experience of the learning materials and learning phase. The workplace training will also allow the learners for the knowledge and the skills for the practices, and students can apply all the settings in the workplace by creating the environment of a learning phase in the workplace in an effective way. Different types of learning objectives are required in the workplace because the learning which is work-based occurs in the setting of a work that is training and linked to the work which is being done and the job role. The learning covers different types of general tasks with the particular task from the operation of the administration with the machinery and plant. The objectives of the learning depend on various types of training that are required. Location: City KingIndustryWerribee Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE) Unit code: TAEDEL402

This course study is divided into different types of subsections, which carries different types of wastage for the semester. Students have to learn on the learning materials which is provided by the lecturer in this unit study, and they also have to attend all the learning courses with their topics for this unit study. This unit course is very important for all the students as it is related to facilitated learning, organised, and planning for the learning phase in the workplace. This course study has some training packages for this unit, including the graphics and printing arts, aviation training package, aero skill training package, the training package for paper and pulp manufacturing industry, a training package for the education and training, a training package for the national water, a training package for Financial Services, a training package for wood and forest products, a training package for the correctional services, a training package for defence, a training package for property services, a training package for public safety, a training package for business services, a training package for management and animal care, and the health. From this course study, students can take in e-Learning packages from this unit that are related to this course unit. The final examination will be taken regarding this course study, and students have to give the final examination to get the certificate on this course study in which they have to bring at least 50% of the allocated marks to get a pass mark.

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