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Implement Interventions with Older People at Risk Task Answers

This unit is related to the description of skills and knowledge required to work in partnership with elderly people and their caregivers who have the implement interventions in the context of an individualized plan to reduce the various risks associated with old age. The unit is applicable for all support workers in a residential or community context who are working with older adults. The work performed by the trained professionals requires a range of well-developed skills where confidentiality and discretion are necessary. The workers are accountable and responsible for the outcomes of their actions taken under direct or indirect supervision. NOTE: The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards, and industry codes of practice.

CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers conditions In the CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers , the candidate’s ability to demonstrate skills is outlined in the elements and performance criteria in an aging support workplace with the addition of simulations and hypothetical scenarios. This will be done in places where the full range of the real-life work situations and contexts cannot be provided relating to unplanned procedures and emergency circumstances that would be unsafe, impractical or threaten the safety of the older adults. The overall CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers will be made on the candidate’s ability to interact with older people, colleagues, families/carers, and the use of individualized plans. The candidate must use suitable facilities, equipment, and resources, including relevant CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers tools during the CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers . Performance evidence The candidate must be able to manage tasks, contingencies and demonstrate skills required to complete the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria. The candidate must evidently assist with the risk CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers , implementation of the risk minimization plan, and the evaluation of the same for at least 2 older people, 1 in a simulated environment and another in a real-life situation, in a respectful, dignified and confidential manner. Knowledge evidence The candidate must demonstrate the possession of the knowledge of: •The tension between the rights of the older individuals and the organization’s policies and procedures •Legal and ethical considerations for working with older adults including duty of care, human rights, confidentiality, disclosure, non-maleficence, privacy, work-role boundaries, work responsibilities, and limitations. •The major barriers, issues, and trends relating to the health and wellbeing of the older people •Standardization of risk CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers tools and the management and monitoring of risks •Some major risks associated with old age like continence, isolation, abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, financial, system), depression and anxiety, medication, dehydration and malnutrition, dysphagia, and falls.

Location Canberra Study level Vocational training Unit code CHCAGE004 Elements and performance criteria ELEMENTS ( learning outcomes) PERFORMANCE CRITERIA (performacnce needed to demonstrate achievement of the element) 1.Help prepare risk CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers plans 1.1Discuss and confirm CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers requirements with relevant health professionals or supervisors 1.2Motivate participation of the older adults and their carers in the risk CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers and the implementation of risk management palns 1.3Clarify and provide information to the older adults and their carers about the roles, reponsibilities and accountability of the oneself 1.4 Provide information to the older person and/or carer explaining the CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers process, including explanation of results 1.5Communicate in a supportive and encouraging manner that is respectful of the older person and carer’s, rights, level of understanding and cultural background 1.6 Take the permission of older adults and cooperation in the CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers process 2.Assist in the identification of relevant risks 2.1 Identify and evaluate factors related to the older adult’s lifestyle that might impact the level of risk posed to them 2.2 Use appropriate risk CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers tools and methodologies, within one’s scope of practice to determine risk based on physical indicators presented by the older person 2.3 Assist with risk CHCAGE004 Assessment Answers ensuring to minimise unnecessary discomfort to the older person and maximises their participation 2.4 Use the support of carers to identify risks 2.5 Recognise the older person’s risk factors based on medical history, measurements and findings, in collaboration with supervisor and/or relevant health professional 2.6 Recognise the older person’s needs, issues and concerns outside scope of own practice and refer to appropriate supervisor and/or health professional 3.Administer appropriate and effective risk minimization strategies 3.1identify and explore the options of risk minimization strategies and explain the same to the older adults and their carers 3.2Collaborate with the older people and their carers to identify risk minimization strategies that are in alignment with the older person’s safety needs, priorities and specific requirements 3.3Implement strategies in an effective and safe manner to minimize the older adults’ distress 3.4Support carers to help them implement the strategies where appropriate 4.Monitor and record risk minimization strategies 4.1Monitor and record the effects of the strategies on the older adults 4.2Identify any indicators of increased risk 4.3Identify when strategies are not having the desired result and possible reasons for this 4.4 Reassess and identify more appropriate strategies 4.5 Work with the older person and carer to assess the outcomes of risk minimisation strategies 4.6 Discuss feedback from the older person and carer with supervisor and/or or relevant health professional 4.7Complete, maintain and store all relevant documentation and reports according to organisation policy and protocols in a timely manner Foundation skills Foundation skills include skills like literacy, numeracy, language, oral, employment skills, and written skills which are essential for the performance of the elements and performance criteria outlined in this unit. Oral skills – The ability to orally present the risks associated with the older adults to colleagues in the workplace; orally communicate with the older adults and their carers to assess risk, develop risk minimization strategies, implement, monitor, and evaluate the same. Language skills – The ability to use proper grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure to appropriately communicate the risks to the older adults and their carers. Foundation skills essential for the performance are explicit to the unit of competency.


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