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Promote and provide healthy food and drinks CHCECE004 Assessment Answers

This code is associated with A Joint Initiative of the Australian and State and Territory Governments ( CHCECE004 assessment Answers explanation Children often engage in unhealthy eating, which gradually develops into unhealthy eating habits, contributing to severe adverse consequences like obesity, increased chances of diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases in the future, etc. This CHCECE004 assessment Answers outlines the skills and knowledge required to support, promote and maintain healthy eating in children in educational and other relevant child care settings and ensure that food and drinks provided to them are nutritious, appropriate for each child, and are prepared in a safe and hygienic manner. Therefore, this code applies to educators across Australia who are working with children throughout a range of educational and care services. It is also maintained that the skills applied in this CHCECE004 assessment Answers are in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards, and industry codes of practice.

Elements and performance criteria Elements refer to the learning outcomes and the performance criteria refer to the level of performance required to demonstrate the achievement of the elements outlined. ELEMENTS ( learning outcomes) PERFORMANCE CRITERIA (performacnce needed to demonstrate achievement of the element) Get the samples CHCECE004 Assessment Answers, CHCECE004 Assignment Answers, CHCECE004 Task Answers, CHCECE004 Answers and CHCECE004Solutions 1.Promote healthy eating in children 1.1 Engage children in habits, conversations and routines that promote relaxed and enjoyable mealtimes and promote healthy lifestyles and good nutrition 1.2 Model, demonstrate, reinforce and implement healthy eating and nutrition practices with children during mealtimes.Get the samples CHCECE004 Assessment Answers, CHCECE004 Assignment Answers, CHCECE004 Task Answers, CHCECE004 Answers and CHCECE004Solutions 1.3 Provide support and guidance to children to eat healthy food 1.4 Ensure that children have easy access to clean water and are offered healthy food and drinks regularly throughout the day 1.5 Assist in ensuring that furniture and utensils are suitable to encourage children to be positively involved in and enjoy mealtimes 2.Develop individualised plans to provide children with nutritious food and drinks for each child 2.1 Withinthe scope of practice, ensure children are provided with food and drink in alignment with the healty eating guidelines for children 2.2 Assist in ensuring that the diretary requirement advice provided by the children’s family is consistent with the children’s individual needs, likes, dislikes and any cultural or other requirements families have regarding their child’s nutrition 2.3 Read and interpret food labels and other information about food contents before including the food in the child’s diet 2.4 Assist in providing education and support to families around healthy eating 2.5 Assist to develop and display a cycle of written menus detailing the food that is provided to children Get the samples CHCECE004 Assessment Answers, CHCECE004 Assignment Answers, CHCECE004 Task Answers, CHCECE004 Answers and CHCECE004Solutions 3.Maintain and ensure food safety while carrying out appropriate food-handling activities 3.1 Assist the organisation in developing and maintaining food safety procedures according to relevant guidelines 3.2Within one’s own job role, carry out food-handling, preparation and storage according to service policies and procedures and regulatory requirements. 3.3 Prepare food following food safety procedures adnd policies Foundation skills The foundation skills include those skills like literacy, numeracy, language, and employment skills that are essential to complete the performance criteria outlined in the code. Reading skills – the candidate must possess the literacy and reading skills to accurately read food labels and dietary requirements Get the samples CHCECE004 Assessment Answers, CHCECE004 Assignment Answers, CHCECE004 Task Answers, CHCECE004 Answers and CHCECE004Solutions The candidate should also possess the essential knowledge about nutritional components, food nutrition, knowledge about calories, and food labels to complete the learning outcomes.

Assessment conditions The performance skills must be demonstrated in a regulated education and care service setting. Where the full range of real-life context and situation cannot be provided, simulations and hypothetical scenarios must be used for assessing the skill level of the candidate. These situations include unplanned procedures and emergency circumstances where it is unsafe or impractical to assess the skills. The assessment ensures the use of the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care and the relevant approved learning framework under the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care. NOTE: The assessor must fulfill the mandatory competency requirements for assessors outlined in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015/AQTF. Evidence of performance The candidate must show the ability to complete the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and contingencies within the scope of their job role. The candidate must complete the following tasks: 1. Plan and provide food and drinks to children on at least three different occasions, which should include: • Identifying and responding to requirements related to food allergies, medical conditions, and cultural and religious requirements • Role model healthy eating habits for children • Ensuring the safe preparation, handling, and storage of foods and drinks • Create a positive, relaxed environment during the mealtime 2. Engage children by involving them in menu planning and making them assist in food preparation 3. Read food labels and interpret them on the basis of ingredients of concern and nutritional content Evidence of knowledge The candidate must demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively complete the tasks that are outlined in the performance criteria, manage contingencies and tasks within one’s scope of work. The knowledge body includes: 1. Ability to access the National Quality Framework, the National Quality Standards, and the relevant approved learning framework 2. Ability to navigate through the framework and standards document to find and apply areas in work relevant to this unit of competency 3. Knowledge of united nations convention on the Rights of the child, code of ethics, food allergies, f food intolerances, contamination and/or allergic reactions in the meal preparation and possible reactions, including anaphylaxis, infant feeding requirements, and guidelines. 4. Knowledge of resources that are related to healthy eating like Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, including Get Up and Grow: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood resources. 5. Signs of poor diet include tooth decay, deficiencies, changes in behaviour and poor concentration 6. Organisational standards, policies, and procedures 7. Knowledge of food handling requirements, microorganism contamination prevention, and allergic reactions Location Canberrra, Australia Unit code CHCECE004 Study level Vocational training


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Referencing Related to CHCECE004 promote and provide healthy food and drinks


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Your Bibliography: Reynolds, A. J., Temple, J. A., Ou, S. R., Arteaga, I. A., & White, B. A. (2011). School-based early childhood education and age-28 well-being: Effects by timing, dosage, and subgroups. Science, 1203618.

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