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Deliver Care Services using a Palliative Approach Assessment Answers

The unit code CHCPAL001 indicates the delivery of care services using a palliative care approach. This unit course describes the key knowledge with the skills that are required to focus on a deliver care service using the approach with the palliative care. This unit course describes the knowledge and skills that are required to care for all the people with the live timing illness, life-threatening and the process of normal ageing within the approach of palliative care. This unit course applies to the workers in the community and residential context. Working performance is required with some judgement and discretion, which can be carried out under indirect supervision or direct supervision on a regular basis. With the help of this course study, skills are required to be applied in the legalisation of Territory or the state and Commonwealth in the practice of the industrial court with New Zealand Australian standards. Victoria University is associated with the course that delivers care services using a palliative care approach. Palliative care refers to the approach that helps to improve the life quality of all the patients with their family members who are facing health-related problems associated with the life-threatening illness. This can be relieved and prevented from suffering by identifying the treatment and assessment of physical pain or any health-related issues. Palliative care can be done when a patient is dying or on that stage in which their life tends to end for terminal illness.

The course, deliver care services using a palliative care approach is designed to extend and reinforce the team competence and knowledge competence within the control parameters that are set in accordance with the performance criteria and learning outcomes of this unit with all the requirements, including the settling for the work which is based on the practical application. This application is designed to provide all the competence outcomes with the evidence within the schedule timelines and periodic timelines. Students can expect the demonstration of the required skills, including the documented issues, reported issues and supported issues with all requirements for palliative care. Students are also expecting from this course study to demonstrate the knowledge regarding palliative care, benefits and scope for palliative care with the definition of palliative care, principles of the palliative care, and philosophy of palliative care, with all the requirements which are required for the people to dealing with the life-limiting illness and life-threatening. This is the stage to apply the strategies in a personal way to manage all the reactions of the patient with advanced care, ethical and legal consideration to work with the palliative care, hydration and nutritional requirements are required due to the approach of palliative care, comfort promotion and pain relief, advanced care with the strategies of end-of-life care, different types of practices, protocol, and policies that are followed within an organisation in the provided period of both the palliative care and palliative approaches. Palliative care is the responsibility for the colleagues and self-responsibility that has different types of signs of deterioration and imminent death with the communication strategies that are required to be built with trust. This can also show the family care, empower the patient, demonstrate support to the patient, and empathy in a significant way.

In this course, code CHCPAL001 refers to the delivery of care services using a palliative care approach. From this unit course, students will understand that palliative care provides relief to the patients from distressing symptoms and pain, affirms life and dying with the normal process, intent to postpone or hasten death, Integrates The Spiritual and psychological aspects of all the care for the patient, the support system that helps to leave the patient in an active way with all possible ways until death, offers the support system to help to the family of the patients to cope up with the illness of the patient with their bereavement, this care also used that approach of a team to address all the requirements from the families of the patient including counselling with the bereavement, can enhance the quality of life of the patient and the family of the patient which can influence the illness in a positive way, and this care is applicable for the illness in which therapies are provided for long life and investigation will also be taken for the better understanding and manage the complication of the distressing clinical emergency. As all families are different from each other, each family member is working with their relationships in various ways. The terminal illness can change the roles and responsibilities of all the family members with the patients, and they require help with personal care. Families are the support source for any kind of patient as the family members can reduce the stress from the patient. Because of this reason, this care provides some tips to the friends and families of the patients in which patients can recover in a fast way. Students can learn all of these tips from this course study. Location: Footscray Nicholson, Industry, St Albans, Sunshine, Werribee, Other Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE) Unit code: CHCPAL001

This course study is divided into different topics, including the application of the purpose and principles of the palliative approaches to support individuals, respect all the preferences of the people for the choice of quality life, following the advanced care directives of the client in the care plan, and respond to the signs of different symptoms and pain. From this course study, students will understand the recognition of the requirement for the services of palliative care for all people in which families and friends can support the preferences and requirements of the patient. Students will be provided with the assessment task based on the above discussion, and they have to submit their solution paper in the university portal in which they have to bring at least 50% to get the pass mark. The final exam will also be taken after completing the topics.

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