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15 Hacks To Beat The Pre-Examination Blues

UserMark time24 April,2017

It’s that time of the year when many aspiring doctors, engineers and lawyers overcrowd their bedroom’s walls with revision diagrams and post-it notes while others switch to new technological aids that can put them one step ahead from their competitors. Yes, it’s the “horrifying examination period”. Thoughts of not being able to complete the paper on time, forgetting important points or formulas and most importantly the scary look of the examination hall make this period more miserable. Isn’t it?

15 Hacks To Beat The Pre-Examination Blues

But do you know taking too much stress can hamper your performance? Though according to many people, a bit of stress is good, science suggests otherwise. So, here we have come up with some suggestions – in consultation with eminent psychologists – that can help you reduce your stress level.

Follow these rules and ace the examination.

1. Adopt a Positive Attitude and Get Motivated

Do not let negative thoughts de-motivate you. Otherwise, you will find it really difficult to succeed. If you want to perform well and get higher grades, you should stay “positive” and think “positive”. Always tell yourself “Yes, I can”. Self-belief is the only mantra to success. Remember, only you can motivate yourself. Do not think about your competitors. Just think about yourself and your strengths. Read motivational quotes to uplift your spirit.

2. Get Organized to Perform more Proficiently

Getting yourself in order can make you feel more confident. Arrange all your notes according to their priority and keep them in files so that you can find them whenever you need. It’s not easy to find out the required one from a bundle of unorganized notes. Moreover, it can increase your stress level. On the other hand, you can feel relaxed if you have everything at your reach. It can save you from last minute panic attacks.

3. Set up a Routine and Stick to it

Prioritize your time and set up a routine according to your own feasibility. Make sure you follow that routine thoroughly. Many students prepare unrealistic and rigorous study schedule. This is a strictly no-no. Do not force yourself. It will make you feel more stressed. If you cannot study 4 hours long at a stretch, then it’s absolutely okay to take break after every two hours. Prepare a timetable that provides you the scope to breathe.

4. Get Enough Sleep to stay Active

Make sure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. This advice may seem redundant to you. But this is the most important tip. Sleep allows your brain to work properly and assimilate new knowledge. It has been found that students who prefer to do late night studies fail to secure high grades. So, stop poring over your books and get some sleep. Adequate hours of sleep can increase your concentration level and productivity. It can also reduce your stress.

5. Eat Well to Stay Healthy

You may have cravings to eat junk foods. You have to resist yourself. Quick calories of oily and processed foods will make you feel exhausted. Staying healthy is very much required. If you are not physically fit, then you cannot perform your level best. Fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits, fish, nuts, meat and eggs should be there in your meals. Drink water as much as possible. It will flush out toxins from your body and make you feel lighter and fresh.

6. Take a Break and Just Chill Out

Whenever you feel frustrated, just take a break from your study. Do not push yourself to memorize the formulas or solve an equation. It will make you feel more stressed-out. Go for a walk, listen to your favorite track, dance or do whatever you like. You will definitely feel re-energized. If you do have a pet, then spend some time with it. This is a great stress buster.

7. Do some Work Out

Do not sit in one place for long. Instead of watching TV, you can do some work out. Exercise helps in boosting the blood flow to the brain. Do two sets of crunches or go for swimming. You can go for cycling too. It will surely improve your mood.

8. Take Mock Tests

You can take mock tests to prepare yourself for the upcoming exams. You can get several benefits from this. You can overcome the fear of examination. Most importantly, you can assess yourself.

9. Do not Mug-Up

Avoid mugging-up. You may forget mugged-up things in the examination hall due to nervousness. Try to understand the concepts, theories or formulas so that you can perform well.

10. Do not Expect too much

Expecting too much from yourself can increase your stress level. Therefore, keep your expectation level low and just focus on your preparation. Try to give your 100 percent. You will definitely get positive outcomes.

11. Avoid Cramming

Last-minute cram sessions can make you more nervous. You may forget what you have studied due to anxiety. So, avoid cramming. Just revise the chapters quickly. Try to appear in the exam with a clear and fresh mind.

12. Deal with One Thing at a Time

Do not study multiple subjects at the same time. Focus on a particular subject or topic at a time. Most importantly, try to avoid multi-tasking.

13. Do Meditation

You can do some meditation. It will help you slow down your mind. This is the most effective way to alleviate stress.

14. Say “NO” to Social Media while Studying

Snooping on your Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter during revision period is strictly no-no. This is the worst type of procrastination. So, switch off your mobile before you start revising the remaining chapters.

15. Eat Dark Chocolate

Yes, you have read it correct. Eating dark chocolate can reduce your stress. It contains cocoa, which fights the stress hormone cortisol. Moreover, it releases endorphins that act as natural stress fighter.

Bonus Tips: You can also talk to a person you trust. Share your problems. He/she will definitely help you calm down. Most importantly, you have to be consistent. Try to complete the syllabus at least a month before the exam. The last few weeks should be dedicated for revision. Keep on practicing as much as you can. It will help you feel more confident.

All the best and happy studying!

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