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23 Websites and Apps to Make Your College Life Easier

UserMark time29 September,2016

Assignments, labs, extra classes, study groups, family, part-time jobs: it’s fascinating how you deal with all this humdrum everyday and still manage to get a couple hours of sleep every night! You are always fidgeting with your smart phone and reading blogs on “college survival guides.” Do you know that apart from reading these blogs, there is an alternate solution too? No, you will not be asked to sacrifice your smart phone. In fact, you will need it the most if you know how to use it in the appropriate way.

Top 23 Websites & Apps to Make Your College Life Easier

There are quite a few websites and apps geared towards making you smarter and more productive. And what more? It comes for free! Today we will not be giving you any survival guides that can help you cope with the academic pressure in college. Instead, we will give a categorized list of some of the coolest apps and websites that will make your college life a bit easier, right from day one!

Educational websites and apps:

1. BenchPrep

This is a capacious library which includes exam study material for graduate and professional courses. It provides hundreds of flashcards, practice questions and effective study lessons. This app is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

2. Babylon

It doesn’t matter if you are a French lit major or are just looking for general education requirements; Babylon is a dictionary tool that provides comprehensive results and translations for any language. You can have an access to more than 1500 glossaries in over 75 languages. With this tool, you will never have to struggle to find an accurate definition for your foreign language presentation.

3. SelfControl

Imagine it is the final examination week and you have a huge assignment to finish. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and other such social media sites can prove to be distracting at this point. You can use this unique tool to block certain websites for a set period of time by adding them to ‘blacklist.’ Even if you wrap up your work early, restarting your machine or uninstalling the app won’t undo the timer.

4. Coursera

This is one of the most useful learning resources available online. You can find free courses that are provided by renowned universities across the world. Some of the courses offered here include computer science, humanities, biology, mathematics and many more. This website will not only help you in expanding your knowledge on a subject but also find information for your college project.

Shopping, selling websites and apps:

5. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retailer where you can find almost anything except God! You can shop for clothing, e-books, text books, gadgets and anything and everything else. You can shop your necessities in a quick and convenient way with just one click.

6. Ebay

This is a well-established e-commerce site where you can buy, sell or auction off anything that you want. It can be clothing, accessories or even electronic devices. This can serve to be handy if your student budget needs a little tightening up or if you want to find cheap deals.

7. TheBookPond

This is a unique site that lets you sell your old academic books or buy from senior of pass-out students at cheap rates.

8. Freecycle

This is an online platform that lets you auction your things or buy things that other people are giving away. It is quite useful for furniture, especially for those students living alone and having a small budget.

9. Gumtree

This site advertises jobs, properties and second-hand articles for students around the UK. If you are living or studying in UK, you can hunt down part-time jobs here, search for accommodation and pass on things that are hardly required anymore.

Cooking websites and apps:

10. Recipepuppy

If you are a lazy student, it is time for you to rejoice! This site lets you search for recipes on the basis of the ingredients you have at home that very moment. You can check out the recipes and try them out immediately without having to go grocery-shopping.

11. Tastemade

With this app, you can easily find a restaurant in any specified area. You need to mention the location and browse through the options. For each restaurant, there is a small video clip, showing the ambience and food and providing a tip on the best thing to order. The app will also give you directions to the restaurant.

12. My Recipe Book

Now you no longer need to maintain that same old worn-out recipe book, thanks to My Recipe Book. You can store your recipes here and search for them anytime. Grocery checklist is one of the best features. You can either type out what you need or ‘add all ingredients’ in case you decide to cook a certain dish. The grocery list will be with you all the time now!

13. Instructables

This is a must-have resource for students who like making their own food and fixing their own things. This tool will help you learn to make spaghetti ice cream and fix a broken shelf, all at the same time.

14. BigOven

This tool has a special feature called the menu planner with the help of which you can save all the meals you want to make for the week ahead. This is effective if you are going to have a hectic week or what you need to buy during your weekly grocery shopping.

Health websites and apps:

15. WebMD

A unique feature of WebMD is that it allows you to check your current health status using ‘symptom checker’ option. However, it cannot replace the knowledge of a real doctor so if your condition is serious, visit your university health centre at once.

16. GymGoal ABC

This app is perfect for those students who prefer hitting the campus gym. This app will calculate your body’s fat percentage, BMI, BMR and target heart rate. It also features a body muscle map by which you can target a specific area. This will guide you about which exercise will be most beneficial.

17. Fast Food Calorie Counter

Students crave for fast food in college. You gain a lot of calories by eating all those burgers and pizzas and French fries. Now you can keep a tab on the calories you gain with the help of this awesome app. This app stores data for over 9,000 menu items from 72 different fast food joints.

18. Endomondo Sports Tracker

This is a free app for android users who are mostly cyclists, runners and walkers. You can use this app to track the distance you covered, the speed and time. It will also maintain a detailed history of your workouts. You can sync it up with Google Maps to know exactly where you have been. It will also incorporate your audio playlist.

Money-saving websites and apps:

19. Groupon

Groupon offers daily deals on everything from retailers to restaurants to spas to city breaks. You can redeem these deals and enjoy 50-90% off! You can search for deals that are closest to your location. The site offers diverse deals to treat yourself at the end of a stressful academic day.

20. BillTracker

With this app you will never miss a bill payment again! BillTracker is password protected, so nobody else will have access to it except for you. You can arrange your due dates and amount totals in one place. The app sends you notification for any approaching payment. The due dates are highlighted on the calendar for better understanding.

21. Grocery IQ

This detailed grocery shopping list platform helps you in avoiding impulse purchases. You can make your own grocery list by searching through the millions of products available in the app’s database and use barcode scanning too. It also has option for store locator and offers coupons. This is a must have app for you to keep your grocery budget under control.

22. DebtTracker Pro

For students working their way out of debt, this site can serve as your guide to financial recovery. You can choose your own strategy for overcoming debt. The app not only suggests payment strategies but also sends notifications when payments are due. You will also get a visual reminder of how close you are to your goal. Though overcoming debt is a difficult process, this app will help you stay organized.

23. Viggle

Did you ever think you can get awarded for watching TV? Through Viggle, you can ‘check in’ to whatever show you are watching and earn points. So, if you love watching Game of Thrones, you can check in through Viggle and earn points to be redeemed for great rewards from Starbucks and other brands. You can take part in TV IQ games to earn additional points.

Now that you know how to be smarter and productive, get hold of these cool websites and apps by sprinting your fingertips and make your college life simple as ABC! will make your Life as Easy as these Apps Do!

Just like the aforementioned apps and websites, too can make your life smooth and effortless. We are an academic writing service, offering top notch assistance to students to ensure they achieve academic success. And this is how we do it:

• 3000+ PhD experts

We boast an in-house team of 3000+ PhD experts from top universities across the world. We hire our academic experts based on the three essential parameters – knowledge, creativity and experience. They have an extensive subject knowledge and prior experience in the field of assignment writing. Our experts can offer assistance on any topic in more than hundred subjects at any level.

• Original and unique content

Our writers are professionally trained to prepare each assignment from scratch, centered on the specifications and preferences of a student. They collect meticulous data from reliable journals, articles and online resources and cite them appropriately. We never use the same assignment paper for another student. We believe in maintaining originality by providing tailor-made assignments to students.

• Unlimited revisions

Our professional writers are humble enough and always willing to accommodate. They take client satisfaction very seriously. Our writers provide unlimited revisions till the time your assignment requirements are not met. Each academic paper is checked thrice and delivered completely error-free.

• Plagiarism-free work

Plagiarism is a serious offence that can jeopardize your academic career. Our company maintains strict policies against it and takes several measures to rule out plagiarism issue. Our experts use reliable plagiarism checker software, Turnitin, to remove any plagiarized content from the assignment. Students can avail the plagiarism report on request.

• On-time delivery

We never compromise when it comes to delivery of assignment on time. Our writers make sure that each academic paper is delivered prior to the deadline, without compromising on the quality of the content. It gives you the scope to proofread your paper before handing it over to your professor.

• Secure payment options

We have secure payment options via online virtual bank PayPal, credit or debit card and bank transfer. We guarantee that the personal details provided by you will remain secure in our database. There is no question of fraudulence and deception.

• 24x7 availability

Our support team works round the clock at your convenience. They are available 24x7 in case you need any professional assistance. Don’t hesitate; feel free to contact our support team any time via live chat option, email or phone.

We have earned the leading position because of these exclusive features that make us stand out from others in this particular niche.

Place your order now, receive top-notch assistance from our professional academic writers and enjoy securing top grades in all your academic tasks. We believe in easing your academic pressure and making your college life as memorable as possible!

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