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A Critical Study on the Differences between Master’s and Undergraduate Dissertations

UserMark time17 July,2017

Dissertation Writing is undoubtedly one of the most vital things to be considered when it comes to higher studies. Coming up with a proper dissertation requires utmost concentration. Good grip of the knowledge is required to cover the topic and a thorough understanding of the context the particular student will be dealing with. Without ensuring these points, one cannot expect to present a flawless dissertation work. However, it is to be noted that a dissertation is quite different from an academic essay dealing with regular subjects. In case of a dissertation, the student is required to follow the format and implement every necessary point with precision. A dissertation is not a school essay, but it is a different kind of explanative paper that the students are required to frame meticulously.
Well, there are students who would like to learn about the differences between a master’s dissertation and an undergraduate dissertation. You might think that dissertation is already a category and why should there be any differences further? To explain this matter, it is to be mentioned that differences tend to appear when the academic levels come into discussion. There are certain attributes and features of dissertation work that separates a master’s dissertation from undergraduate dissertation.

Differences between Master’s and Undergraduate Dissertations

It is to be noted that the proposal requirements for the master’s dissertation and undergraduate dissertations are different from each other. In case of an undergraduate dissertation, the proposals are not required at times. On the other hand, the proposal requirement for a master’s level dissertation is more factual, insightful and detailed. It goes without saying that a student pursuing master’s degree is certainly required to come up with an in-depth knowledge and other details that can be added in the dissertation in order to make the paper look perfect.

Do take note of the fact that the chapter requirements for both master’s level and undergraduate level dissertation are more or less the same. Both master level dissertation and undergraduate dissertation follow formats that include abstract introduction, data analysis and factual citation, literary review, methodological description and conclusion. Although the formats are same, the subject or the topic concerned won’t be the same for sure. A student pursuing an undergraduate degree might require preparing his/her dissertation on a subject or a topic that is completely different from the one that is required to be drafted by a student pursuing his/her master’ degree.

As far as the writing requirements are concerned, these are somewhat similar. However, it is to be noted that a dissertation meant for master’s level will require the student to include more in-depth data and relevant points of discussion. So, a slight differentiation might appear when the style of writing and other academic details will come into consideration. Nevertheless, the sincerity of the student should remain the same because writing a dissertation should be taken seriously, otherwise minute errors and technical loopholes might affect your academic grades in the long run.

Talking of the dissertation length, a master’s level dissertation is generally lengthy than that of an undergraduate dissertation work. Students pursuing higher studies are obviously required to make an in-depth research and include every necessary point.

Coming to the context of dissertation instructions and other academic guidelines, an undergraduate level dissertation will certainly consists of easier instructions as compared to that of a master level dissertation paper. The instructions in case of a master’s level dissertation demand more perfection, and the students are required to follow the given guidelines thoroughly. Although same goes for the undergraduate student, the instructions might seem to be less demanding.

You may also find a significant difference when it comes to the matter of word count for masters and undergraduate level dissertation matter. A master’s level dissertation will demand more word count as compared to that of an undergraduate level dissertation paper. As far as the originality of content is concerned, a master’s level dissertation paper demands more originality and a thorough research on the topic concerned. The postgraduate students should invest enough time in searching for every relevant and helpful detail required to draft the dissertation with exactness. If you are a student pursuing master’s degree, then consider being more cautious and technically accurate while writing dissertation paper. Even a slightest mistake can make things difficult for you to score a decent grade in your academics. However, the undergraduate students should also pay equal attention while writing a dissertation paper. Any kind of negligence is certainly not acceptable if you are writing dissertations.

However, irrespective of the level of dissertation you are drafting as per your academic requirement and standard, a student should always consider writing a dissertation carefully, by including every single detail and useful information that are asked for. Every academic project is important, and one should never neglect the importance of drafting those projects with utmost attention and sincerity.

Dissertation Elements Undergraduate Dissertation Master’s Dissertation
Proposal At times, proposal is not required for undergraduate dissertationProposal is certainly a crucial part, and this might include an in-depth detail
Research Careful analysis requiredMuch more in-depth analysis and research needed
Length Comparatively shorterLonger dissertation length
Instructions Less complex instructions and guidelinesInstructions are more demanding and strict.

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