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Prove That 2+2 = 5

UserEthan Martin time15 June,2019

We’re onThat’s a nice way to start, JonnyAre you such a dreamerTo put the world to rights?I’ll stay home foreverWhere two and two always makes a five! Who hasn’t heard this amazing number from Radio head? The makers of this song were quite sure that two and two make a five.When did this become a … Read More


UserSienna Kelly time11 June,2019

Do you know that diamond is the solid form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal structure? The word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Greek word ‘adamao’ meaning ‘I tame’ or ‘I subdue’. It stands for the hardest steel or hardest substance. The rocks in which diamonds are found are a … Read More

Effective guidelines to solve Cartesian equations

UserEthan Martin time07 June,2019

Find the Cartesian equation for the curve, r=cos θ Do you recognise this equation? Of course, you do. It is the Cartesian equation. The very mention of the words “solve the Cartesian equation” evokes anxiety in nearly every student. Students who pursue maths have to write assignments on the Cartesian equation. The problem arises when they have vague or little idea about the fundamental theories of the Cartesian equation. Comprehending the … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Metals and Electricity

UserSophia Martin time03 June,2019

Most of the wires we use on a daily basis are made of copper. Have you ever wondered why? Well, copper is a metal and metals are good conductors of electricity. Metals consist of movable electrically charged particles known as electrons. When you apply an electric charge to it, the electrons move and allow electricity … Read More

How to Choose Interesting Biology Research Topics?

UserGrace Turner time01 June,2019

Biology, the world of Charles Darwin, David Baltimore and Erwin Chargaff is indeed fascinating. There are so many things to explore. From physical structures of the living organisms to molecular interactions and chemical processes, the subject encompasses extensive areas and scopes for conducting in-depth research. When it comes to research, one cannot overlook the importance … Read More

The Differences Between Breathing And Respiration

UserHenry Lee time30 May,2019

Raise your hand if you have enjoyed reading Sherlock Holmes. It is undeniably the most celebrated mystery series, which has ever been produced in the history of literature. Now you may love the high-functioning sociopath and his antics. But, you also can’t deny that, in reality, there are greater mysteries which are worth exploring. One … Read More

Reliability Vs. Validity- Everything You Need To Know

UserGrace Turner time28 May,2019

Reliability and validity are two essential parts of any successful research. Many research scholars have come up with insightful ways to shed light on reliability vs. validity. When you write a dissertation, the quality assessment of your research is based on two factors. According to the experts, the measurement procedure must be reliable for a … Read More

Homeostasis and Survival

UserEmma Jones time25 May,2019

When humans are in their healthy state, their body temperature is at 98.6 Fahrenheit and does not drop or rise suddenly. This is an example of homeostasis. It can be defined as the process that helps to maintain the physical and chemical conditions inside the internal environment of the body. If you are studying Biology … Read More

Prose vs. Verse: An Overview

UserMark time23 May,2019

Have you ever spent an entire night reading a novel you just couldn’t put down? We all have done that at some point in our lives, haven’t we? Any form of creative literature is marked by an arrangement of words and sentences in a specific form to impart in us certain emotions. The writers tweak … Read More

A-Z Guide For Your Biology Assignment On Plant Cell Vs Animal Cell

UserMark time21 May,2019

WHAT CAME FIRST? – the CHICKEN OR THE EGG? The question as silly as it may sound every time it is asked, is very much relevant. Well if the chicken did come first, where did it hatch from? And, if the egg came first, then who laid the egg? It is a labyrinthine concept, and … Read More

Lamarck vs. Darwin Theory of Evolution

UserMark time18 May,2019

Lamarck and Darwin both wanted to find out the evolution of human beings on earth with their theories. They had theories based on different ideas. However, they both had one notion in common that life has changed over the years and it is still evolving. They also believed that organisms have changed over the years … Read More

The Immune System: Active Vs Passive Immunity

UserJacob Thompson time16 May,2019

There is a saying “ One who has own the small wars will win the Battle Royale”. Same is the case of antibodies. Those armies in your bodies are better than any military in the world. They have strategies and tactics that inspires even the best warriors. Lets know in depth about these fighters in … Read More

The Structure and Properties of an Atom

UserAlexander Anderson time13 May,2019

What is the definition of atomic structure? Atoms form the foundation of chemistry and everything else that exists in the universe. Every matter is composed of densely packed atoms. Who discovered atoms? Who discovered electron, proton and neutrons? John Dalton proposed the first modern atomic model or can be said as discovered atoms. The physicist … Read More

Consequences of Posting Fake Reviews

UserEmma Jones time10 May,2019

Online Identity (IDs): Legit or Fake False identification documents, or fake IDs, have been around for long sometimes. Having the proper identification allows you any number of privileges, from obtaining alcohol, to renting an accomodation and for the online world, it means dropping reviews, chat comments and many more. With the widespread use of false … Read More

How to write your assignments?

UserMark time08 May,2019

(A) Before Creating the First Draft. Before creating the first draft after you have gone through various online and offline resources is to map how your ideas and the answer will be written. For this you can create a concept map or a flow chart. The best way is to highlight the relevant parts of … Read More

Doing an Assignment – The Experts Approach

UserGrace Turner time06 May,2019

Focus on the topic. Our tutors while working on student’s assignments have most of the times been unhappy over the way students treat the topic. The major problems that students face while handling topic is Not understanding the topic Working on a different topic than the one provided. Working on a part of the topic … Read More

What Are Enzymes: Functions, Type, Definition & Characteristics

UserMark time03 May,2019

What is enzyme? Enzymes are biological molecules (mainly proteins) produced by a living organism which act as catalysts in the body. It increases the rate of any chemical or biochemical reaction going on in any part of the body. The best part is that it takes part in allmost all biological reactions, but themselves does … Read More

Summation and Synaptic Potentials (An Overview)

UserGeorgia Taylor time01 May,2019

Did you know whenever we move any muscle of our body, thousands of electric impulses reach specific parts of our brain? These impulses are passed from one neuron to the next by a delicate sodium/potassium balance and synapses between neurons. This complex procedure of information exchange and their corresponding orders are carried out within seconds. … Read More

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