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Category: English Assignment Help

Top 10 Longest Words in the English Language

UserHarrison Walker time 18 April,2019

Ironically, some of the longest words in the Englishlanguage have the simplest meanings. For example, according to the Oxford dictionary, the longest non-technical word in the English language is “...

Everything you need to know about English Language features

UserJack Williams time 03 November,2018

Ever wondered about the secret of achieving high grades in your English language paper? The proper usage of language features is the untold secret. Wondering what language features are? Every word th...

Difference Between Affect And Effect – Easiest Way to Remember

UserMark time 25 October,2018

Similar words or homophones are always confusing. It has been found that even people with very good command over English also get perplexed about the usage of certain words. Two such words in the lis...

The Worst Writing Mistakes You Can Make at Work

UserMark time 16 May,2016

We all have accepted the fact that our work constitutes a major part of our lives. So much so that more than fifty percent of our time is taken by our work. Don’t worry.This isn’t going to be a l...

10 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

UserMark time 28 September,2015

Public speaking can be worrisome if you are insecure or an introvert by nature. Public speaking or effective communication skills are special abilities which decide the success and failure of a perso...

7 Easy Tricks to Learn English

UserMark time 24 April,2015

Every one of us cherish wonderful memories like when we first learnt to ride the bicycle. Learning something new is always exciting and fills our heart with enormous joy and exhilaration. Learning a ...

Ask for English help for assignment from a professional company

UserMark time 24 April,2014

English assignments can be quite challenging for students who are not native English speakers. Academic pressure and personal responsibilities can make it more difficult to finish the English assignm...

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