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Category: Management Assignment Help

3 Crucial Principles to Successful Leadership and Management You Must Follow

UserMark time 19 September,2016

A good manager will tell you that the union of leadership and management is absolutely vital for the growth and productivity of the employees of the company as well as the company itself. While these...

Basics of Writing a Finance Proposal

UserMark time 12 December,2014

Financial proposal is a summary of cost or expenses for a project to be presented to a party of interest. It generally contains details of — The amount of money you need for the projectThe amoun...

Struggling When Writing an Essay? See These Time Management Tips

UserMark time 05 December,2014

Time management is perhaps the most vital technique that you need to master in order to achieve success in every sphere of life. In the present scenario of instant data sharing across the globe, stud...

A Complete Guide to Writing a Marketing Research Report

UserMark time 04 December,2014

A marketing research report is a written statement prepared by the marketing team of a company which uses both quantifiable and non-quantifiable information to analyze the present market conditions o...

What Factors May Prevent or Restrict Service Recovery?

UserMark time 03 December,2014

For any service sector enterprise, service recovery is extremely important. It may be loosely defined as the process by which actions are taken by the company to bring a customer from a level of diss...

How to develop yourself as a Human Resources Practitioner?

UserMark time 02 December,2014

Human resource professionals are the pillar of strength for any business. They are the mediators that work towards establishing a link between the company’s resources (employees) and the authoritie...

A Comparative Study of the Business Models and Strengths of Apple, Google and Microsoft

UserMark time 02 December,2014

Business and marketing students are well aware of telecommunications, internet and wireless technology and its effect on business. It is an obvious fact that the three internet giants — Google, App...

Understanding the Concept of Market Mix

UserMark time 01 December,2014

One of the most potent tools of analysis to understand a product or a brand is the idea of market mix. It includes four important marketing concepts such as price, product promotion and place. In 199...

Key Principles of Management: An Overview

UserMark time 28 November,2014

In the discipline of business management, some of the key principles include the practices which are typically adopted by managers for the success of a business venture. Henry Fayol (1841-1925) and F...

Indigenous Economic Development Strategy (2011-18): An Evaluation

UserMark time 26 November,2014

Despite several positive developments in recent years, the indigenous population of Australia continues to suffer from various social and economic maladies. Low levels of literacy among indigenous po...

4 ways for Managers to Ensure Team Effectiveness

UserMark time 24 November,2014

The most important responsibility of every manager is to make his/her team the most effective. The effectiveness and productivity of the employees are directly related to the goals of the company. Ho...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Social Responsibility

UserMark time 01 November,2014

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is a self-regulating business model that allows a company to be socially accountable not only to itself but also to its stakeholders and the public. If that def...

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