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Category: Academic Topics

Incredibly Affordable Master’s Programs in 8 Expensive Cities/States

UserElla Thompson time 03 November,2017

The thought of joining an international college has crossed all our minds at least once. And why wouldn't it? The thought itself is so fascinating; so imagine, how the real experience can be. Well, e...

The Typical Answers That Students Give (and what they really mean) When Asked About Exam Preparations

UserRuby Walker time 30 October,2017

There’s only one war that matters to students – Exams. And it is here! Are you going to fall on your knees or defeat your enemy on the battleground? This is yet to be known. But your bigger conce...

Reflective Writing – How It Promotes Quality Learning

UserLucy Wilson time 24 October,2017

Every day we are learning something new and adding them to our experiences. Perhaps it doesn’t cross our mind until and unless it’s a major issue, but the process of learning does not stop for on...

15 Ridiculously Simple Tips for Students to Stay Motivated While Writing A Book Report

UserMark time 16 October,2017

Motivation is like a key that you often tend to lose. Sadly, you cannot find it under the bed or table. You need to make one for yourself every time you lose it. Things become worse when you are aske...

‘Grow with Google’ – Software Giant Pledges $1b for Tech Education & Job Training

UserMark time 13 October,2017

Google has announced a path-breaking initiative to enable the American workers and jobseekers with the ability to strengthen their technical skills with the ‘Grow with Google' program. The organiza...

The War Of Referencing: Manual Referencing Or Referencing Tools – Which Is The Best?

UserMark time 10 October,2017

This has been the great debate for a really long time in academic circles. Not only are students divided about how they should reference their papers, but even professors haven’t been able to pick ...

Ivanka Trump’s Push for Computer Science Education in Kindergarten

UserGrace Turner time 07 October,2017

President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has launched a White House initiative to end a glaring mismatch between job vacancies and the skills of US workers. In an op-ed published in New York ...

Digital Flagship University – A partnership between Ohio State University and Apple

UserLachlan Nguyen time 05 October,2017

“I’m a very big believer in equal opportunity as opposed to equal outcome. Equal opportunity to me, more than anything, means a great education... We could make sure that every young child in thi...

Will Oxford University’s Gender-Neutral Pronoun Work?

UserRuby Walker time 28 September,2017

Language has always been considered as the most potent tool to bring about a change. But ever heard this: it can be tweaked a bit to bring about gender equality! There is a famous saying by a cele...

5 Technologies That Changed Nursing Education Forever

UserLachlan Nguyen time 25 September,2017

Doctors no more use leeches to bleed illness out of the people. Yes, believe or not, more than 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, this ugly looking creature used to play a big role as a medicine. But t...

How Students Can Stop Themselves from Falling Prey to Fake Degrees

UserRuby Walker time 22 September,2017

Let’s start today’s blog with a snippet from a rather shocking news story that was broadcast on ABC News in the year 2014: A Connecticut (USA) man was convicted of churning out fake college de...

The SAMR Model: The New Age Way To Make Classroom Learning Fun and Interactive

UserThomas Taylor time 20 September,2017

‘Learning is fun’ is something you’ll probably never hear any student say. But with the advent of technology into the education system, we can safely say in true Bob Dylan-style that ‘the tim...

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