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Category: Academic Topics

How To Write a Business Plan Without Any Stress?

UserJacob Thompson time 15 February,2020

MBA students are often asked to write a solid business plan in any one of their semesters. Your professors want you to be familiar with writing a proper business plan since this task is quite common ...

How To Write An Editorial Efficiently

UserMark time 10 February,2020

Here’s a question for you, what is the one section of the newspaper that you think is the most impactful? If your answer is the front-page headline, then you couldn’t be more wrong. The right ans...

8 Smart Tips To Write a Stellar Scholarship Essay

UserMark time 20 January,2020

Writing a scholarship essay can be difficult at times. That’s the reason students look for online essay help. A scholarship essay explains why you should receive the scholarship. It helps the schol...

Save Your Game of Thrones Essay: Get Help Before It’s Too Late!

UserMark time 20 January,2020

Arguably the most entertaining television series of all time, Game of Thrones has got their audience hooked to every scene, all around the world. While we all gasped for air at Jon Snow’s ‘resurr...

Difference Between Compound & Complex Sentences

UserMark time 14 January,2020

While you are in school, you are supposed to prepare numerous essays and assignments throughout the semester. So, if you don’t know what is a compound-complex sentence, it may put you in a great di...

A Comprehensive Guide on Memoir Writing

UserHenry Lee time 10 January,2020

Want to take a trip down the memory lane? Well, you can always write memoirs. However, if you do not know how to write a memoir, you should first have an idea on the formatting structure. Once you kn...

How to Write an Obituary? – Write a Thoughtful Piece

UserHenry Lee time 07 January,2020

“How can the dead be truly dead when they live in the souls of those left behind?” Carson McCullers, author Death is inevitable, and the loss of a loved one is often the deepest sorrow on...

How to Write a Lab Report?

UserMark time 31 December,2019

Donna was doing masters on Chemistry and eventually she was asked to complete a lab report. In the beginning, she was both nervous and scared, thinking whether she will be able to finish it on t...

Netflix and Its Harmful Effects on Students These Days

UserMark time 27 December,2019

Did you just binge-watch an entire season of Breaking Bad last night, only to realise that you have an assignment to complete, as well? No wonder, you are now running around the house, frantically lo...

Topic Sentences: Definition, Examples and A Quick Guide

UserMark time 20 December,2019

Wouldn’t it be difficult for you to go down an unknown road, without any directions? Similarly, your professors may find it difficult to follow your write-up without any topic sentence. A topi...

How to Write a Critique

UserSienna Kelly time 09 December,2019

Many students are under the notion that critique writing is only about pointing out mistakes in other’s works. But, that’s not the case. It is a systematic analysis of a scholarly book or article...

Quick Tips To Write A Manifesto Along With Example & Template

UserSienna Kelly time 03 December,2019

“I love power. But it is as an artist that I love it. I love it as a musician loves his violin, to draw out its sounds and chords and harmonies.” - Napoleon Bonaparte. A manifesto reveals...

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