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Category: Academic Topics

How to write a memorandum?

UserJack Williams time 03 July,2019

As a student, if you harbour the big 9-to-5 dream, then there is one skill that you absolutely have to master, and that is communication. In this case, a huge part of professional communication happe...

How to write a Reference Letter?

UserEmma Jones time 29 June,2019

In today’s age of emailing and instant messaging, we hardly write letters to our loved ones. In fact, a lot of us find it unnecessary to write a letter while a phone call can do the job of conveyin...

Know the Ins and Out of Descriptive Statistics

UserHarrison Walker time 27 June,2019

Have you been assigned the task to conduct a descriptive analysis or a research paper on descriptive statistics? If so, then you have nothing to worry, for we have come up with all the basic concepts...

How to write in Cursive?

UserLachlan Nguyen time 21 June,2019

Connecting every letter in a word together using looped or italicised handwriting style defines cursive writing. Unless you are aware of the cursive letters to be used in the draft coming up with the...

Prove That 2+2 = 5

UserEthan time 15 June,2019

We're onThat's a nice way to start, JonnyAre you such a dreamerTo put the world to rights?I'll stay home foreverWhere two and two always makes a five! Who hasn’t heard this amazing number from R...


UserSienna Kelly time 11 June,2019

Do you know that diamond is the solid form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal structure? The word ‘diamond' is derived from the Greek word ‘adamao' meaning ‘I tame' or ...

Effective guidelines to solve Cartesian equations

UserEthan time 07 June,2019

Find the Cartesian equation for the curve, r=cos θ Do you recognise this equation? Of course, you do. It is the Cartes...

Everything You Need to Know About Metals and Electricity

UserSophia Martin time 03 June,2019

Most of the wires we use on a daily basis are made of copper. Have you ever wondered why? Well, copper is a metal and metals are good conductors of electricity. Metals consist of movable electrically...

How to Choose Interesting Biology Research Topics?

UserGrace Turner time 01 June,2019

Biology, the world of Charles Darwin, David Baltimore and Erwin Chargaff is indeed fascinating. There are so many things to explore. From physical structures of the living organisms to molecular inte...

Differences Between Breathing And Respiration

UserHenry Lee time 30 May,2019

Raise your hand if you have enjoyed reading Sherlock Holmes. It is undeniably the most celebrated mystery series, which has ever been produced in the history of literature. Now you may love the h...

Reliability Vs. Validity- Everything You Need To Know

UserGrace Turner time 28 May,2019

Reliability and validity are two essential parts of any successful research. Many research scholars have come up with insightful ways to shed light on reliability vs. validity. When you write a disse...

Homeostasis and Survival

UserEmma Jones time 25 May,2019

When humans are in their healthy state, their body temperature is at 98.6 Fahrenheit and does not drop or rise suddenly. This is an example of homeostasis. It can be defined as the process that helps...

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