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Category: Academic Topics

A Student Guide to Eating Healthy for Exams

UserMark time 26 March,2016

Let’s start with an interesting statistic - a recent survey noted that about 32 percent of college students suffer from some sort of eating disorder. Most of the college students find it tough to m...

13 Tips to Improve Your Performance in Exams

UserMark time 26 March,2016

Even the brightest students of the class can underperform in exams! After studying throughout the year, they get nervous and do not score according to the expectations. The main reason for their unde...

7 Countries You Need To Visit to Get Free Education

UserMark time 22 March,2016

You may have never given a thought to studying in a foreign university because it is simply impossible for you to pay such high tuition fee. But what if we tell you that getting a recognized degree f...

How to Cope with Loneliness at University

UserMark time 18 March,2016

In psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung’s words – ‘Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.’ Jung is ...

8 Benefits of Studying During Holidays

UserMark time 14 March,2016

College education has changed radically over the past few years where your grades decide your career path. As the academic world is becoming more and more competitive, students can hardly afford any ...

5 Common Assignment Writing Problems for Students

UserMark time 11 March,2016

No matter whether you are a freshmen or sophomore, a shiver runs down your spine whenever you see an assignment writing task coming your way. And the jittery feeling does not leave even after you sub...

6 Things Millennials Can Do Instead of Starting a Professional Career

UserMark time 08 March,2016

Like many other soon-to-be-college-pass-outs, you are waiting for the moment to toss your graduation cap in the air. But you haven’t made up your mind as to what you are going to do after bidding a...

How to Participate Actively in the Class

UserMark time 04 March,2016

Classroom! If you are a tertiary level student, then you must have a gamut of experience associated with this one word. Every academic year, countless young and aspiring hearts enter their college cl...

10 Things to Do in First Week of College

UserMark time 03 March,2016

As the academic session begins, you must be quite nervous and at the same time excited about your college life too! The first week of college is always eventful, filled with lots of fun and frolic. ...

25 astonishing facts about plagiarism

UserMark time 19 December,2015

As a student, you must know that plagiarism is the arch-nemesis of your academic integrity. In fact, an apparently simple act of copy-pasting can tarnish your reputation in your academic institution...

17 Effective Resources to Avoid Plagiarism

UserMark time 19 December,2015

Merriam-Webster dictionary describes plagiarism as “the act of using another person’s ideas and works without giving credit to the respective person.” In simple words, it refers to the act of u...

15 Effective Tips for Nurses to Prevent Medication Errors

UserMark time 17 December,2015

Nursing is a daunting job, especially when you are new to it. First-year nurses often make mistakes that may prove to be painful for the patients. The most important point that nurses should remember...

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