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Category: Academic Topics

12 Awesome Reasons Why You’d Love To Keep A Diary

UserMark time 26 October,2016

A 1990s teen… Date: 22nd March 1995 Dear Diary, It was my 16th birthday today, and mom and dad threw me the most beautiful party ever. All my friends were there, and Aunt Rachel came too. ...

5 Minutes Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life For Better

UserMark time 20 October,2016

One glance at the glitterati and you see happy faces of celebrities who are living life king-size. Beyonce is the exuberant queen of pop; Mark Zuckerberg is the social media linchpin, and Leonardo Di...

Get in the Groove of Writing with These 11 Handy Tips

UserMark time 14 October,2016

Sitting with a blank paper on your desk and a pen in hand can be quite frustrating. Writing the opening sentence of your assignment is probably much difficult than writing the rest of it. In fact, th...

In Dire Need of Motivation? Here are 12 Ways to Get It Back!

UserMark time 06 October,2016

Starting a new project is always difficult. It can be a little petrifying too, if you can’t figure out where to start or if you are scared about failure. But sometimes you just feel really lazy and...

23 Websites and Apps to Make Your College Life Easier

UserMark time 29 September,2016

Assignments, labs, extra classes, study groups, family, part-time jobs: it’s fascinating how you deal with all this humdrum everyday and still manage to get a couple hours of sleep every night! You...

Impact of Brexit on UK Student Visa

UserMark time 27 September,2016

A referendum led UK to discontinue its membership with European Union (EU). A heated debate resulted in an outcome in the favor of ‘leave campaign’ led by Former Prime Minister David Cameron. Alt...

A Quick Guide to Understand MLA Referencing and Citation Style

UserMark time 21 September,2016

In academic writing, a student is always required to support his or her claims by referring to other people’s published work. Even if you are sure that your readers know the source of the reference...

3 Crucial Principles to Successful Leadership and Management You Must Follow

UserMark time 19 September,2016

A good manager will tell you that the union of leadership and management is absolutely vital for the growth and productivity of the employees of the company as well as the company itself. While these...

Traditional Media versus New Social Media: Differences, Impact and Outcome

UserMark time 14 September,2016

Did you know that out of the 7 hours of media presence, 35% goes for social media while television comprises only two hours? Social media has dramatically impacted our lives, and it's merged into our...

APA Referencing and Citation Guide: How to Write in APA Format?

UserMark time 01 September,2016

APA is a preferred referencing style for social sciences and several other disciplines like business, education and nursing. The APA style was first developed by American Psychological Association wa...

Top 30 Ways for Making Your Academic Writing Remarkable

UserMark time 23 August,2016

The process of gaining knowledge is what we call as education system. Academics and the educational system play a pivotal role for the development of the world by educating generations after generati...

Darwin Festival in Australia – The Show Must Go On!

UserMark time 09 August,2016

Darwin Festival was born from the ashes of destruction and devastation caused by natural disaster. It has been more than 40 years since Darwin City was torn apart by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Eve. I...

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