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Category: Education

Editing vs Proofreading-How are they Different?

UserHenry Lee time 03 August,2018

You must have heard about proofreading and editing several times, but do you really know whether they are the same or different? If you also believe these two tasks are the same, then, you need to ch...

Law of Conservation of Energy: An Overview

UserLucy Wilson time 01 August,2018

Have you ever wondered why do we start to rub our hands together the moment we start to feel a bit cold? You know the answer, don’t you? That action heats up your hands and gives you a little bit o...

9 Meticulous Ways to Write an A-Grade Academic Paper

UserLachlan Nguyen time 27 July,2018

Writing an academic paper for your university or college or high school seems almost like a compulsion to the students. While it’s true that writing academic papers can be exhausting and an utterly...

Quintessential Guide to Drafting Flawless College Papers

UserAlice Anderson time 22 June,2018

So, how often do you wish to adopt a process that can make drafting a college assignment paper less complicated and horrifying? Well, everyone does that and for numerous times. No one would really li...

A Complete Guide on How to Write a Literature Review Outline

UserAlice Anderson time 18 June,2018

Having difficulty in framing an impressive literature review outline? Here you can find a definite way to draft the outline and the elements associated with a literature review paper. Make certain th...

An Illustration On How to Write A Critical Analysis

UserMark time 11 June,2018

“How to write a critical analysis?” – A confusion that almost every student faces! Learning the exact template is essential to compose a perfectly framed critical analysis essay.  Here...

Tell Your Story- How to Write an Autobiography with Helpful Examples

UserRuby Walker time 08 June,2018

Nothing can be more exciting than writing your own autobiography. The autobiography example available online can show you how much interesting this piece of writing can be. If you think that nothing ...

How to Cite a Poem- The Best Guide Ever

UserJack Williams time 05 June,2018

“How to cite a poem?”- This one question takes away the night’s sleep of many students. There are so many types of referencing styles that it becomes too overwhelming for students. Among them, ...

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: An A-Z Guide

UserHarrison Walker time 04 June,2018

Have you seen the critically acclaimed movie “Inception”, where the protagonists explore a dream within a dream? Well, that’s another great piece of work by the maestro – Christopher Nolan. Bu...

Ground-Rules for Framing Persuasive Speech Outline

UserAlice Anderson time 30 May,2018

Delivering a speech and convincing the audience about your point of view at the same time need a lot of included tricks. Your listeners accept your expressed view once they find it logical and argume...

Top 50 Compelling Debate Topics

UserMark time 24 May,2018

From a politician to a business leader, presenting a persuasive debate or argument is very important for everyone. Debate is the means of portraying one’s ideas or viewpoint to a bigger audience in...

Top 210+ Unique Topics for Informative Speech

UserHenry Lee time 23 May,2018

Have you got into a situation where you were staring at a blank sheet of paper, with stomach churning and anxiety hitting you hard? That’s probably because you got stage fright due to a loosely pre...

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