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Category: Education

Prohibition on Free Speech Activities on Australian University Campuses

UserLachlan Nguyen time 11 April,2018

As published in The Australian, according to the “Free Speech on Campus Audit, 2017”, conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs, it has been found that a large number of universities in Austra...

15 Brilliant DIY Ideas for Easter Egg Decorations

UserMark time 31 March,2018

Again, it’s that time of the year when people get their paint brushes and display their creativity by decorating eggs. It’s Easter! And if you are looking for some new ideas to decorate the Ea...

7 Expert Tips To Ace The Discussion Essay

UserElla Thompson time 14 August,2017

Critical discussion essays call upon students to use their intellect and discuss certain opinions, statements and arguments. Well-written college discussion essays showcase a writer’s intelle...

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Education System for the Better

UserMark time 07 July,2017

Education is the foundation any country is built upon. It is through education that our children can reach their full potential, both as principled, responsible citizens, and as being productive memb...

How Today’s Education System is Taking a Toll on Student’s Health?

UserMark time 11 July,2016

What is education? Education is the opportunity to learn and utilize that knowledge for shaping the future in a secure way and to bring positive and necessary changes in the society. The approache...

Students Need Online Dissertation Writing Help in Current Education System, Says Research

UserMark time 21 April,2016

We live in a world that is scheduled according to speed. Most of the working populace of the Anglophone (English-speaking nations) and Europe live their lives in the fast lane. This kind of life begi...

Talking to Your Professor: Do’s and Don’ts

UserMark time 16 February,2016

You have been told that you stand out in the crowd because of your unique attributes. But when you enter a classroom, you are just another student in the eye of the professors. The reason being they ...

25 Rules for Surviving First Few Week of Freshmen Year

UserMark time 15 February,2016

Move-in Day — the day when you first step into college — is nearing. You are excited, nervous, scared, thrilled – all at the same time. It is a commotion of emotions. Each student, who came bef...

11 Bad Study Methods to Avoid at College

UserMark time 12 February,2016

Your final grades decide your future. No matter how much effort you put in, if you are unable to secure high grades, your endeavor does not count, at least to your professors and prospective employer...

Time Management for College Students

UserMark time 11 February,2016

The schedule in college is quite different than that the students usually follow in high school. When you start your college life, it may seem a little odd to you when you get a break between two cla...

16 Best Presentation Software Alternatives to PowerPoint

UserMark time 05 February,2016

Whenever we talk about presentations, ‘PowerPoint’ is the first word that comes to mind. This is because most PCs and laptops come with pre-installed Windows Operating System that consists of Pow...

17 Scientific Study Techniques to Ace an Exam

UserMark time 04 February,2016

You have been turning over the pages of your course material for few hours now, the text is fast becoming blurred due to tiring eyes and your mind is asking for rest, but you still have one chapter t...

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