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Category: Essay Help

ABCs of Opinion Essay Writing

UserMark time 22 January,2021

An opinion essay is self-explanatory. When you are given a topic, you have to provide your opinion on the subject matter, based on facts and figures. However, most students struggle to write it as t...

Learn All About Essay Titles in Under 10 Minutes

UserMark time 15 January,2021

When the teachers sit down to check your essays, they first observe the essay title. As you can imagine, a good college essay help create a first-hand good impression. However, if you are not awar...

The A to Z of Essay Starters – A Comprehensive Overview

UserMark time 04 January,2021

Do you know what the primary purpose of drafting an essay is? It is basically a form of storytelling where the essay writer involves in placing his/her opinion regarding a particular topic or subject...

A Comprehensive Guide to MLA Essay Header and Heading

UserMark time 21 December,2020

As per the Modern Language Association, each page of an essay, including the first page, should include the writer's last name and the page number inserted as an essay header. And it should be p...

A Brief Peel Essay Paragraph Definition

UserSophia Martin time 03 November,2020

If despite putting all your efforts, your essay is not up to the mark, PEEL paragraph writing approach is something you should try. Students sometimes have a hard time expressing their thoughts or gi...

Informative Guide On How To Write a Character Analysis Essay

UserLachlan Nguyen time 31 October,2020

Learning how to prepare a character analysis essay involves a complete understanding of the literary work. You’re also required to pay proper attention to what the author discloses about the chara...

A Comprehensive Guide on Quotation in the Introduction of an Essay

UserAlice Anderson time 09 October,2020

There exist various ways to draw the attention of the readers, and one needs to work out the tactic in the hook of the essay. In this blog, we will see how to quote in an essay. In fact, it is a grea...

50+ Ideas to Consider for Your Next Problem Solution Essay

UserEthan time 15 June,2020

Problem-solution essays are generally given to the candidates in the IELTS test and other competitive exams. Your professor at school/college may also ask you to deliver a problem solution essay in t...

A Guide To Crafting A Grade Social Media Essays

UserLucy Wilson time 05 June,2020

Social media is a product of the digital age and has now become a key influencer of human society. Technological advancements of the 21st century led to the rise of this phenomenon that took the...

A Comprehensive Guide To Writing a Winning Welcome Speech Essay

UserGrace Turner time 18 July,2019

Have you been asked to submit a welcome speech essay to host an upcoming event at your school or college? If you love to host events, then you are in luck for we have brought you all the essentials o...

Top 10 Longest Words in the English Language

UserHarrison Walker time 18 April,2019

Ironically, some of the longest words in the Englishlanguage have the simplest meanings. For example, according to the Oxford dictionary, the longest non-technical word in the English language is “...

5 Language Features for excellent persuasive essays

UserMark time 02 April,2019

Writing a persuasive essay can be fun if you master the tricks and tips of drafting one. Persuasive writing can also be termed as a type of argumentative writing. It goes without saying that when you...

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