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Good Topics for Remarkable Research Essays

UserSophia Martin time 12 March,2018

“The common facts of today are the product of yesterday’s research.” -Duncan MacDonald (American academician) The innate quest for further knowledge drives humankind forward. While that i...

Topics for Personal Essays

UserRuby Walker time 08 March,2018

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” -Allen Ginsberg (American poet) Personal essays have the very same purpose: of pouring your inner self out on paper, whether for academic o...

104 Remarkable Topics for Your Essay

UserJacob Thompson time 06 March,2018

Literature essay writing is different from all other types of writing as more adherence to conventions and standards of writing has to be followed. The sentences are more replete with prose, similes, ...

150 Unbeatable Exploratory Essay Topics to Get You Started

UserHarrison Walker time 28 February,2018

Have you ever started any task without thinking about how it should end or what should be the end result of it? Well, if you have, then it will easier for you to understand what an exploratory essay ...

Writing a Descriptive Essay: Tips and Topics That Will Work without Fail

UserGeorgia Taylor time 26 February,2018

Unlike a narrative essay that conveys the meaning through a personal story, the focus of a descriptive essay is to describe a subject or a topic through detailed and sensory observation. In its true ...

Good Topics for Captivating Compare & Contrast Essays

UserElla Thompson time 23 February,2018

Now that you have been assigned to write a compare and contrast essay, you must at first learn the basics of what such an essay usually entails. A compare and contrast essay is one of the most common...

Interesting Comparative Essay Topics, Tips and Suggestions

UserAlice Anderson time 21 February,2018

As evident by the name, comparative essay refers to the comparisons made on the basis of certain research programs, self-analysis and thoughts on a particular topic. However, it is to be noted that m...

The A to Z of Informal Essays Along With 100 Best Topics

UserRuby Walker time 07 February,2018

Informal essays are mainly written in order to share ideas, knowledge and personal experiences with the potential readers. It goes without saying that the topics must be interesting enough for the rea...

A Response Essay Writing Guide with 100 Topics

UserThomas Taylor time 06 February,2018

Response essays allow students to present their point of view based on personal experience, research and learning. It is to be noted that the potential readers and target audience are interested in kn...

100 Inspiring Topics for Composing Cause & Effect Essays

UserJacob Thompson time 23 January,2018

“Every why hath a wherefore” - William Shakespeare in The Comedy of Errors Cause and effect essays explore precisely that – they look into the causes and carefully lay out the effects in ...

50+ Good Argumentative Essay Topics

UserRuby Walker time 22 January,2018

Although an ordeal, writing an argumentative essay can be quite an interesting task. Every human thinks that he or she knows the best. This is why it becomes a challenge to convince someone and make ...

Top 90 Deductive Essay topics; Elements of deductive essays

UserHarrison Walker time 20 January,2018

A deductive essay is a form of writing where you deduce some logical reasoning in the form of a deductive argument. Such essays are usually assigned to the students to make them learn the process of...

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