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Category: Letter Writing

Journal Submission Cover Letter – Structure, Template, Sample

UserHenry Lee time 27 November,2020

Writing a cover letter for journal submission allows the writer to explain to the editor why your work is perfect for the journal readers. It is the final chance to lobby on behalf of your work. Howe...

Tips for Writing a Thank You Letter

UserHenry Lee time 15 April,2020

A simple “thank you” is more powerful than realise. It not only shows your appreciation towards the other person but also creates a moment of connection and peace between you two. But is it enoug...

How to Write a Power Packed Formal Letter?

UserHenry Lee time 04 January,2020

Simon, just like any other student, ignored the basic rules and format of writing a formal letter. He thought it to be the same as writing other letters. The real trouble came on the next day he subm...

Ultimate Guide On Business Letter Format

UserHenry Lee time 16 October,2019

You have an essential business letter to compose, yet you are not aware of the format? Authentic business letter format not only increases the authenticity of content but, provides gravity to the mat...

How to write a claim; Ace the art of claim writing

UserHenry Lee time 04 October,2019

Are you interested in hitting the home run? There is no need to burn the candle at both ends to know how to write a claim. To provide a compelling thesis or essay, a claim is essential. However, ...

How To Write a Complaint Letter?

UserLachlan Nguyen time 17 September,2019

Now that every online service provider has its “Help” or “Contact Support” section, you can chat with its agents to raise a complaint and perhaps resolve the issue from the comfort of your ho...

A Step by Step Guide for Writing an Invoice

UserMark time 14 August,2019

There’s a huge difference between starting a company and getting things operational. If you are a student of finance and accounting or pursuing your higher studies in business administration, you m...

Guide on Writing a Character Reference Letter

UserMark time 07 August,2019

With writing a character letter comes great responsibility, as someone's scholarship, internship or job may depend on it. Apart from including the required background information, a character referen...

Write Your Way to Glory: All about Personal Letter Formats

UserSienna Kelly time 02 August,2019

Dear Reader, Let us take you back to the days when we wrote letters to each other, asking about how our friends and relatives were doing. Those were the times before each of us had a Smartphone to...

How to Write a Letter of Intent? Complete Guide with Examples

UserHenry Lee time 29 July,2019

A letter of intent is usually considered important while seeking a job or gaining admission in a grad school or university. Unless you have an appealing and well-written letter of intent to present b...

How to Write a Resignation Letter?

UserJacob Thompson time 11 July,2019

Quitting a job is easy, dropping a resignation letter is not. There are so many things to consider, aspects to meet and exit interviews to face. Unless the letter is compelling in tone, convincing by...

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