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Category: Study Abroad

How to Get Into Penn State: Admissions Stats, Tips and More

UserMark time 13 January,2022

Pennsylvania State University is a leading public research university in Pennsylvania, the United States. Reputed as the ‘Public Ivies’ and well-known for its flagship University Park campus, the...

UCLA Acceptance Rate: SAT, ACT Scores and GPA Requirements

UserMark time 02 July,2020

Do you dream about getting into University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)? While it is tough as the UCLA acceptance rate is 12.3% to 14%, but it does not necessarily mean you can't make it. Howe...

7 Expert Tips To Ace The Discussion Essay

UserElla Thompson time 14 August,2017

Critical discussion essays call upon students to use their intellect and discuss certain opinions, statements and arguments. Well-written college discussion essays showcase a writer’s intelle...

The Top 5 Mental Health Challenges for College Students and Their Remedies

UserMark time 28 February,2016

Mental health issues are common among college students, especially for freshers. With every passing year, college students and mental health issues are becoming a growing concern. Such problems have ...

15 Ways You Can Fight Senioritis

UserMark time 26 February,2016

If you are in your senior year and just can’t will yourself to attend daily classes, then what you are suffering from is a severe case of Senioritis. Senioritis is a colloquial term that describ...

10 Top Tips to Save Big on College Textbooks

UserMark time 25 February,2016

According to a recent report, the prices of college textbooks have gone up by 135% since 2001. If you look at the numbers provided by, college textbooks cost a student $1,200 on an...

A Concise Guide to College Freshman Orientation

UserMark time 19 February,2016

For most students, stepping into college or university is the start of an exciting and challenging phase in their lives. It's like branching out into the unknown territory all on your own. Although t...

16 Things That Can Spoil Your Freshman Year in College

UserMark time 09 February,2016

The freshman year of college can be just as scary as it can be exciting. Students from different backgrounds arrive in a college with great expectations. The college dorm becomes the students’ home...

18 Questions You Must Ask The Financial Aid Office

UserMark time 31 January,2016

You just received your acceptance letter. Congratulations! You have been accepted in the college of your dreams. But then the harsh reality dawns upon you. Tuition fees plus those extra expenses that ...

50 Unconventional Scholarships For Students in USA

UserMark time 06 January,2016

Over 44 million Americans hold more than $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. Out of 400 millions of students, only 54.8% of them graduate in six years. According to Bill Gates, “The U.S. has t...

12 Useful Tips for College Transfer Students

UserMark time 31 December,2015

Research has shown that one-third of students change institutions at least once a year. Transferring to a new institution is never an easy process for college transfer students as they have to face u...

8 Ways How Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

UserMark time 28 December,2015

As one’s career progresses, every student starts nurturing a dream of studying abroad. Students look forward to any opportunity that might fulfil this dream and not without good reason. Studying in...

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