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Category: Study Abroad

7 Expert Tips To Ace The Discussion Essay

UserElla Thompson time 14 August,2017

Have you seen a coin? Of course, you have. You also know that the both the sides of a coin are quite different from each other yet they are a part of the one and the same whole. Well, discussion essa...

The Top 5 Mental Health Challenges for College Students and Their Remedies

UserMark time 28 February,2016

‘4 out of 5 college students either contemplate or attempt suicide’ ‘Suicide is the third leading cause of death among college students’ ‘1 out of every 4 students suffers from some f...

15 Ways You Can Fight Senioritis

UserMark time 26 February,2016

‘Senioritis’ – It is a state of vulnerability that students feel in their last semester. It is the time when they feel demotivated towards their studies and only think about getting out of scho...

10 Top Tips to Save Big on College Textbooks

UserMark time 25 February,2016

The new academic session is here! You are excited about attending a fresh set of classes at your college. But you have a reason to worry too. Along with new classes comes another round of ‘pocket-p...

A Concise Guide to College Freshman Orientation

UserMark time 19 February,2016

Freshman orientation is always a scary term for the students. These days, it is often regarded as the official inception point of the college education. All colleges have their individual freshman or...

16 Things That Can Spoil Your Freshman Year in College

UserMark time 09 February,2016

The freshman year of college can be just as scary as it can be exciting. Students from different backgrounds arrive in a college with great expectations. The college dorm becomes the students’ home...

18 Questions You Must Ask The Financial Aid Office

UserMark time 31 January,2016

You just received your acceptance letter. Congratulations! You have been accepted in the college of your dreams. But then the harsh reality dawns upon you. Tuition fees plus those extra expenses that ...

50 Unconventional Scholarships For Students in USA

UserMark time 06 January,2016

Students usually complain that the excitement of joining college subsides owing to worries and anxieties about fees. Student loans are a helpful medium. Still many students are apprehensive about the...

12 Useful Tips for College Transfer Students

UserMark time 31 December,2015

Hundreds of students transfer between colleges every year. Transferring is always good if you are confident that your new institution is better equipped to meet your academic and social expectations....

8 Ways How Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

UserMark time 28 December,2015

Thanks to globalization, the world is changing rapidly and so is the professional spectrum. These days, students with international experience are highly recognized and valued in the job market. Inte...

What to Do When You Don’t Get an Offer from Your Dream University/College

UserMark time 26 December,2015

It is always very hard to face rejection. Not receiving an offer from your first choice university, for which you have been waiting impatiently all these months, is obviously very disheartening. You ...

What Next After Completing Graduation in US

UserMark time 24 December,2015

You have been studying hard to obtain your degree in US. Well, Congratulations! You have graduated. You have earned yourself many options and avenues with their merits and demerits. After achieving t...

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