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How Has COVID-19 Impacted Higher Education in the US?

UserMark Hales time07 May,2020

Both educators and students are experiencing the ripple effect of the novel coronavirus. All schools, colleges and universities have had to close their gates to stop the spread of the virus. As a result, the COVID 19 pandemic has sent every student’s normal life topsy-turvy. 

COVID-19 Impact

To most overseas students studying in the USA, colleges and universities are their second home. With colleges and universities being shut down indefinitely, students are living in aworld of uncertainty and a constant state of panic and terror. With employment and graduation seeming like distant dreams, they are having to adapt to a new lifestyle, with online classes replacing regular classes. And to top that, there are loads of assignments adding on to the pressure.

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Kinds of Problems Students Deal During COVID 19

The death toll in the USA has surpassed 65,000 already, thus making it a panic-stricken affair for most students. While all pupils and educators are finding it hard to cope in these dismal times, it is the international students who are being affected the most. In that light, here are a few major problems that students in the US are facing:

  • VISA expiration dates

This is a top concern for a lot of students whose VISA is soon going to get expired. They are in constant stress at the uncertainty of whether they will be able to graduate from their college at all.

  • Presence of corona positive in the family

There are many cases where the family members of a student have been infected with the virus. While in a self-isolation camp, it can be challenging to concentrate on your studies. It’s even more stressful for international students staying in the USA whose family has been affected by the virus. The pain of not being there when the person you love is suffering is the worst.

  • Financial weakness

Many students rely on part-time jobs in café, restaurants, diner, call centers. Owing to the lockdown, they have lost their jobs. Even if they can continue in the job once things get better, they are not receiving any salary as of now. But now they are always scared of getting infected by the virus. They are not able to pay rent, tuition fees, etc.

  • Lack of social engagement

As the pandemic continues to rage on, students are getting more anxious as they have nobody to share their problems with and how they are feeling. This leaves a severe mental impact on them, which affects their academic performance.

The coronavirus’s impact on education cannot be measured. However, humans will continue what they do the best – adapt. And, we all know nothing lasts forever. To quote Edward Fitzgerald, “This too shall pass”.

The Impact of COVID 19 on USA Institutes

COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how USA institutes function, thus making the authorities take drastic measures to slow the spread of the virus.

The universities were quick to take on proactive plans to tackle the pandemic crisis. To start with, the authorities moved classes online and emptied the dorm rooms. But have these steps been enough?

The vice president for Public Affairs and Government Relations, and the CCO for Duke University says, “The pandemic has upended almost every aspect of our operations, from teaching and student life to research to athletics to admissions and recruitment to the financial model that sustains all of it…This is all happening in real-time, so it will be a while before we can fully assess the impact across the institution, and indeed across higher education. In the short term, we are evaluating a range of options with regard to the coming academic year, which will depend on both health and public policy considerations. We are also looking at the long-term effects and opportunities, which will be considered as well.”

On that note, here are the top concerns for educational institutes in the USA at the moment:

  • No meals for underprivileged students

There are thousands of underprivileged students who rely on school lunch programs for their daily meals. The shutting down of schools has increased the scarcity of food for these students. The institutes are still trying to think of alternate ways of reaching food to the students.

  • Cancellation of exams

While the annual state exams have been cancelled, the CMP exams (initially scheduled for May)have been put on hold too. As the novel coronavirus is bound to disrupt the entire higher education system, students are worried about their careers, VISA expiration and students loan reimbursement, to name a few. Clearly, the Board of education has a lot to decide.  

  • Economic impact

Out of the total population of international students in the States, 33.7% constitutes Chinese students. Although travel restriction to and from China was needed to slow down the spread of the virus, it is also affecting the economic condition. As per the COVID-10 Survey by the Institute of International Education (IIE), a total of 830 Chinese students were unable to return the US to continue their study programs.


The shutting down of schools, colleges and universities has brought drastic changes. But when such a deadly virus is on the loose, protecting our future generation’s lives should be a matter of utmost concern. So, while the quarantine makes it impossible for the higher education system to thrive, proper alternatives will help educators, as well as students, handle the situation better.

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