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Enjoy 10% Discounts on Assignment Help and Writing Service throughout the Ramadan Kareem Season

UserRuby Walker time19 May,2018

Ramadan Kareem season is indeed a very auspicious month for Muslims all over the world.  We know that this is the festive month for you when you want to get rid of all the extra burdens of your academic works. It would be really painful for you to accomplish your assignments during this time of the year.

assignment help and writing service

Ramadan Kareem is regarded as the 9th month according to the Islamic lunar calendar. In this whole month, all the Muslims fast according to the moon’s cycle. In this very month, they need to be clam, composed and totally dedicated to their prayers. Muslims follow this ritual whole heartedly. They have to follow a lot of things that is associated with Ramadan Kareem. In this month, it is not possible for the students to think about the academic aspects. Some very important things that need to be followed are:

  • Performing the Swam for the month; fasting means swam which is fifth pillar of Islam.
  • Prohibiting from smoking, food, drinking or alcohol consumption during fasting.
  • Controlling self from any kind of bad behaviour.
  • Open the door for mercy and reading Quran
  • Maintaining the fast breaking time

As they have to follow these norms throughout the Ramadan Kareem season, it can be very tiresome for them to put attention in academic works. However, the time is also of peak season where the burden of semester cannot be ignored. Therefore, has come up with 10% discounts on any type of assignment help and other writing services.

How Ramadan Kareem has different interesting facts?

Not only Muslims, but people all over the world must know that how Ramadan Kareem has different facts.

  • In Egypt, clocks are pushed back to make the days shorten.
  • Muslims are obliged to do as much charity they can in this period.
  • In some Muslim countries, breaking fast in public is a crime and there are penalties for the same.
  • The date of Ramadan Kareem changes every year.

Apart from these points, there are also something indeed very interesting about Ramadan Kareem. In this total auspicious month, there are many things that have certain inner meanings.

  • The word Ramadan means scorching heat. It significantly describes the condition of the Muslims who fast the entire month without even drinking a sip of water.
  • Fasting is not only eating or drinking. It is like the emancipation of the soul to get closer to their lord or ‘Allah’.
  • They involve themselves in extra devotional prayers in the last 10 days of Ramadan
  • This is the month of showing kindness and love

With all these factors during this holy month, meeting the deadline with academic burden can be troublesome. provides the best academic help service

 Our academic help service is the best in the market in terms of price as well as quality. We have a team of top-notch experts of various fields who can nail with your work. In this auspicious month, has come up with the solution by providing the best online assignment help service at a real low price along with 10% discount.

We wish everyone a happy Ramadan Kareem. May god shower his blessings to you and you can fill your life with sheer happiness. gifts you 10% discounts on academic papers. Do not forget to choose us if you are in a need of this help.

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