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Go From Dabbling to Doing Assignments With These 6 Online Tools

UserMark time20 March,2017

Our common sense says and studies also support the claim that assignments specially pending ones cause stress and mood disorder in students. Nod your head if this scenario seems familiar to you – your brain is screaming for a little rest, but your mind can’t stop thinking about the pending assignment. As you are working on an assignment, you realize you are neck deep in trouble; the fear of deadline is slowly creeping in. Somehow you manage to proceed with the assignment, but the jittery feeling inside won’t let you get a peaceful goodnight sleep. It’s almost morning, you finally sink in bed, but your brain is still clutched to that unfinished work. You put your computer to sleep but how to restrict your mind from thinking about the unfinished work? You don’t have a clue. The next morning you wake up tired, exhausted.

Go From Dabbling to Doing Assignments With These 6 Online Tools

A terrible series of events – isn’t it? And we salute your patience as you have survived this hellish situation multiple times. But have you ever tried to think about a way out? We guess you are clueless about the answer. You may have decided that next time you are going to start working on an assignment as soon as you get it. Well but that also turned out to be a petite help, and you ended up burning the midnight oil, and looking like a tired owl, and obviously not a wise one.

So, how to get rid of this misery?

Well, they say life is filled with unanswered questions. But this one should not be one of them. So what you can do to save yourself next time? You can use some tools. Yes, you heard it right there are some digital tools which can help you with the proper structuring of an assignment. Read on to know about some top-notch tools that will make writing assignment a lot easier.

But before we proceed with these hacks, let us explain why writing seems a bad idea to you. Writing is a form of communication that involves a great deal of aesthetics and artistry especially when you are writing for getting marks and impressing your professors. When you neither have impressive writing skill nor you have a high functional imagination to create that hook in your writing that will bind your audience to your write-up, apparently you need to take help from others who are a wizard of words in this rookie world.

But, why take help from others?

Well, let’s face it. To develop a sound writing skill, you need to do a lot of practice which will require time. And we understand you don’t have time. So when writing a top quality assignment and completing the task before deadline seems to be a herculean task like climbing Everest, it’s time you seriously start considering working in a smart way by using certain tools and if that also fails, consider hiring someone to do the work for you.

There are multiple technical tools that will make the process of writing assignment more fun for you. So let’s get started.

1. Parapal

Parapal is one of the best tools that will shape your assignment writing in a better way. Now, why it deserves to be the first one on our list? Well because it includes humongous varieties of free English lessons and vocabulary that will help you to improve your writing skill. It can be the best one for your overall knowledge improvement in English.

This one can be the best tool if you want to learn formal English. The formal way of writing correct English is mandatory when it comes to writing an assignment. This tool will help you with proper spelling, vocabulary card and alphabet jigsaw. The most striking feature of this tool is it’s free software and it solves the common problems regarding language learning.

2. Freedom

Some believe that writing is 70% procrastination and 30% panic and we believe your bad habit of procrastination leads you towards a panic attack. So save your heart the trouble, try to avoid getting into procrastination. As a student, this one is the worst habit you can pick. The reason that you are lagging behind others is the fact that you can’t stop procrastinating about your unfinished works and you keep spending time on a social network or on sites that destruct you. To block these sites and to improve your attention, you can try using Freedom.

It’s so easy to get completely lost on social media even when you are working on a major project or assignment. Social media function is based on human psychology. It initiates the same reaction in our brain that gets initiated after receiving a reward. It titillates the reward centre of the brain and a chain reaction starts which increase the level of dopamine in our blood to makes us feel happy. Other than this as per Dr Pamela Rutledge, eminent media Psychologist, social media boosts ego and provides social validation and most of us crave for validation from others. And that is why people get addicted to social media.

So, if you really want to complete your assignment without compromising your sleep, then it’s time you start ditching social media while writing an assignment. Now it’s easier said than done. With Freedom, you will be able to finish your work and be more productive. This software will help you to keep you on the right track by blocking websites that you choose or that are causing you distraction.

This one is a top notch social media and app blocker which works on multiple platforms. If you start using it, you will see that all your distractions are managed. As it’s totally customised and user-friendly, you can create unlimited lists of websites and apps that you want to get blocked.

3. Internet Public Library and Mnemonic

Writing assignment requires knowledge which is apparently impossible if you don’t know where to look for information. To make things simpler, you can start researching on virtual libraries. Numerous virtual libraries can help you with acquiring knowledge to compile a quality assignment.

When you start researching on your assignment, you need to follow, some particular guidelines to make things work in a smooth way. So what to do to add that extra kick in your research? Some pro-level strategies will help you to plan things ahead and will let you proceed with a functional and well research theory. Here are some research-based tactics that you need to follow in order to continue with quality content.

• Start with scheduling

The first step towards writing a well-researched and well-referenced paper is to start with scheduling the research. Write down a detailed plan on how to achieve a series of milestones to accomplish within a speculated time. And if you correctly follow that guideline, completing a thorough research within that expected time will not be a tough job at all.

• Don’t get stuck with only Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great place to gather information. But if you want to form an assignment that is going to stand apart really then you must go for an in-depth research which should not only be restricted to Wikipedia. You should start browsing the keywords related to your assignment on Wikipedia and gather related information. Then move on with browsing the links that are mentioned in the content. Then follow the reference or citation portion on each page. And like this, you will be able to get to the root of the information, and you will get to know what pages or links to mention on the citation portion of your assignment.

• Dig for Bibliography

Researching doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend day and night looking for relevant information. But you must keep an eye for relevant and valuable information related to your topic. When you find any related topic, make sure you enlist that source in your draft bibliography. When you get hands on a book, research paper or article on your topic, you can skim through the bibliography and then note down anything that seems relevant to your topic and research. While checking this information, make sure you make a note of the authors’ names too.

• Follow a Question that Guide you with your Research

If you don’t follow a question, then your research will be aimless. After some time you will lose track of your progress and will get distracted which will cost you your time and energy. So before you start researching on any given topic, you must frame a question that will be your guiding star. Technically the question and its answer should emerge from your research, but to make things easier, you can start with the idea that what is the question for which you are finding the answer. The question will help you in keeping your research on track and will save a lot of your time.

Once you are done with the proper implementation of these tactics, now you need to start with looking for tools that will make your research a lot easier.

The Internet Public Library is a one-stop library that has been set up as the pool of books, research papers and other online resources. This virtual pool of books exhibits the features of a standard library service and which includes cataloguing system, reference and proper documentation, newspaper articles, research journals and special archives which will help you with your assignment research

Memonic, on the other hand, is one of the main tools for comprehensive research. Taking notes will be a lot easier with this tool. Suppose you are going through an article and you find something relevant to your topic, with this tool you can instantly clip that web content. It’s so user-friendly that the thing you are clipping on can instantly be shared with your friends. Installing it is also very easy. After installing, you just need to drag the mnemonic button up to the bookmark toolbar. A link will appear in the bookmark toolbar; then you can visit the website. After that, you need to click the mnemonic link on your toolbar to start clipping.

After research work you need to move on to the next part which is proper orientation of words and proper syntax of sentences that can bind the attention of readers to the assignment. Teachers and professors are dealing with multiple assignments at the same time so if you present a low quality assignment which is full of jargons and grammatical errors then you won’t be able to secure good marks. So to ensure that your assignment isn’t a boring read and has the required stickiness, don’t allow any grammatical or syntax related errors.

4. Cliché finder

Cliché finder is tool to find out over-use of clichés that will make the composition seem disoriented and unoriginal. Using multiple cliché will definitely reduce the standard of writing and will make it a boring read. Using cliché can definitely make your assignment catchy, but when you end up using too many, it becomes something which doesn’t sound good to ears. This tool will identify all the clichés that you have used unnecessarily and reduce them to give you a fresh writing.

5. Readability-score

Readability is a factor that determines how nicely composed your content is. This tool focuses on this most overlooked aspect of writing and composition. This tool measures the readability score based on five elements of good writing.

6. MindMup

Organizing ideas in a proper way is one of the pitfalls for students. Ideas poke in your mind randomly. You can’t expect to bind your thought process, but while writing, proper organization of those ideas is mandatory. If you jumble up all the ideas then the execution of ideas will be restricted and the communication will be faulty. This MindMup tool can help students to lead the writing to the right direction. This tool provides a framework to students so that they can start working based on the framework and the proper organization of ideas. This tool will help students to organize the writing in a proper way.

With these six tools, students will be able to create top class assignment and a professional write-up. Technology has provided numerous tools that are helping students to learn effectively and efficiently way of writing. Writing like a pro will be easy for students with these tools. But what to do when you are stuck in a situation when you are in urgent need to submit the assignment in few days. In that case, you can take help from writing services that can rescue you from this mess.

How can assist you in writing quality content?

When you are facing a time crunch and multiple assignments are stressing you out, as the last resource you can take our assistance. We have an array of specialized academic writer as well as experienced dissertation editors who are striving to provide your quality assignment help online. Our writers are well informed and have years of expertise with writing academic papers. Our customer care is at your service round the clock and you can definitely get in touch with us to know more about our academic writing services.

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