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How to Deal With Tons of Homework?

UserMark time21 August,2014

School and college would be twice the fun had it not been for homework. Homework has been around longer than any of us. And it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere soon either. Yeah sure, it can be a real bummer if you had plans for the weekend with your friends. Too bad you would have to get a rain check on that one. All thanks to mounds of homework that are calling out to you in despair, waiting to be done away with.

If you are no fan of homework, then we totally get you. Unless you are Hermione or Sheldon, homework has very little to excite. But that does not mean you will procrastinate the term away, right? For at the end of the day, turning in error-free homework on time is going to get you those credits you have slogged so hard for. In fact, studies show that devoting more time for homework can actually help you hone your study skills to no end! Do not let a few days (or maybe weeks) of procrastination take that away from you.

Deal with Tonnes of Homework

Instead, focus on how you can salvage the situation and turn in all the homework in time! Read on, and you will find some of the cleverest tips on how to deal with too much homework without breaking a sweat.

How to summit the mountain of homework like a pro

Sometimes, a task seems insurmountable for we don’t know the right way to tackle it. The same goes for homework. If you have too much homework piled up, then you need to divide it into manageable portions. Deal with the portions separately rather than perceiving it as a larger whole, and the task will seem much less intimidating. Here are a few tips on how to deal with homework at each stage, right until you turn it in.

Preparing for a homework barrage

  • Prepare a list of things to do

From drawing out a schedule to the subjects you need to study, make a list of everything. This homework checklist will help you go over the essentials of the task, like getting reference books and collecting class notes. Build your schedule on this one, and surge ahead with the plan!

  • Draw out a homework schedule

Prepare a schedule for finishing homework on time. If you want to submit them before the deadlines, try sticking to the schedule as much as you can. Leave out time for entertainment and daily chores, and you will be good to go.

  • Map out all resources you need

Chalk out a plan of all the resources you would be needing, and how to collect them. Be it a specific issue of an academic journal or a particular book, make sure that you collect it BEFORE writing your homework.

  • Manage resources efficiently

Try digital tools like EverNote or Trello to manage all bookmarked links and journals. Keep class notes organised using binders and digital organising tools. This way, you will find the resources handy right when you need them!

Managing homework like a champion

  • Stick to the schedule

No matter what, try sticking to the schedule you have prepared. Procrastination won’t make that homework finish itself. Chop-chop, and go as per the schedule to complete all college homework tasks in time!

  • Pick a favoured homework spot

Choose a spot to finish your homework. Make sure it is airy, and has a great source of ambient or natural light. A well-lit and bright study space will help you to achieve results faster and more efficiently.

  • Go for walks or snack breaks

Take frequent breaks to rejuvenate your brain and keep it running. Try healthy snacking with almonds and granola. Walk around the favourite part of the campus to get the creative juices flowing in your brain!

  • Try the Pomodoro technique

Divide the schedule into, say, fifteen-minute-long portions. The Pomodoro technique requires you to devote yourself entirely to the task at hand for that time. So stick to writing for fifteen minutes at a stretch without doing anything else.

Going over last-minute homework checklists

  • Revise and edit with a refreshed mind

Take a well-deserved break after you finish your homework. Come back to it the morning after or a few days later. This will help you to edit and revise your homework with a fresh mind.

  • Watch out for common mistakes

Comma splices, sentence fragments, and punctuation errors are the commonest forms of mistakes in homework. Go over your homework carefully and do not forget to watch out for these when you are editing your homework!

Summing it up,

Even though we would be better off without piles of homework bothering us at every turn, we must finish them anyway. Studies show that it has a direct correlation to improving how we fare in exams. So, we might as well swallow the bitter pill since there are no two ways about it. However, as this post suggests, you can learn how to tackle homework in clever ways.

Tricks discussed in this post will help you plan and execute your homework assignments in a much better way than before. If you are still stressed over the deadlines or merely have more homework than you can possibly finish, consult a reliable online assignment writing service. No matter which way you choose, here’s wishing that you battle homework blues successfully! Good luck!

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