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Learn How to Avoid Top 10 Mistakes That Freelancer Writers Make

UserMark time01 August,2016

The era has gone when people preferred to choose conventional career options such as engineering, law, medicine, teaching and so on. With the advent of the modern technological aids, many tend to pursue their professional career in creative fields. Writing has become an attractive career option for many. Several writers are working as freelancers. Freelancing industry has undergone a drastic change and become one of the booming industries. Freelancing can be anything such as freelance photographers, freelance illustrators, freelance web designers and many more. But this blog will only focus on freelance writing. Most of the established writers prefer to work as freelance writers as this career option allows one to work freely. Do you want to become a freelance writer? You should know that starting a career in freelance writing is not very easy. Many freelancers fail to build a successful career due to lack of adequate knowledge about this field. In the upcoming section, you will come across all the mistakes that freelance writers commit and tips how to avoid them.

10 Top Mistakes All Freelancers Should Avoid

Mistake No. 1 – Inadequate Knowledge About the Market

The general tendency of many freelance writers is that they start taking projects and assignments without doing an adequate research on the contemporary market. Here they commit a major mistake. If one does not have enough idea about the price range, he or she may come across two kinds of outcomes.

First Outcome– Some clients use the common phrase, “though we pay less for per word, we will give you projects in bulk round the year” to exploit the freshers. If you do not have any idea about the price range, you can be fooled. .

Second Outcome– Another thing that can happen is that the freelancer can charge high rate for a particular project as he or she does not have any idea. In such scenario, the freelance writer may lose a client.

So, this mistake can ruin your freelancing career. You have to take some essential steps to avoid this mistake.

Solution: Have a clear idea about the contemporary industry

Before taking projects, you need to have a clear idea about the contemporary trends of the freelancing sector. First, do a wide research on the price and ranges so that you can avoid the above mentioned situations. You can take suggestions from experienced freelance writers. Consult established writers before finalizing any projects.

Mistake No. 2 – Rushing to Complete the Assignments

Many freelance writers do not read all the instructions and requirements mentioned for a specific assignment or project and rush to complete the assignments as early as possible. It can lead to several consequences. Some of them are mentioned below.

• They can end up with an irrelevant content

• Projects may get rejected by the clients due to the lack of required information

• Sometimes clients do not pay if they are not satisfied with the content.

• You can miss out major points that have been asked to include. In such cases, clients can ask the writers to do rework.

Solution: Read the instructions and requirements carefully

The best way to avoid this mistake is to read all the instructions and requirements provided by the clients twice. Point out the major requirements and make sure that your content should meet all the requirements of the client. Do not rush to complete the project. Understand all the instructions and requirements and then start writing the content.

Mistake No. 3 – Take more Projects

Sometimes freelance writers take more projects compared to their capability for monetary gain. This is one of the most common mistakes, which the freelancers commit. They fail to complete all the projects within the given deadlines. This can affect one’s career as if one does not deliver the task within the give date, client become very disgusted and in future he or she may not assign any project to that freelance writer.

Solution: Take projects according to your capacity

Do not set an unrealistic goal. It can only create a negative impact on your writing career. First, know your capacity and then take assignments or projects according to your capability. If you want to see yourself as a successful freelance writer, you have to act smart. Do not expect too much from yourself. If you are taking projects then make sure that you can complete all the assignments within the deadline.

Mistake No. 4 – Inadequate Research Work

Sometimes freelance writers take several projects and complete the assignments in rush. Naturally, in such cases, the writer does get enough scope to do adequate research work for each task. They fail to compose quality content. This can be dangerous for a fresher or beginner. The tag of an average writer can get associated with his or her name. Clients do not prefer to get their task done by an average writer.

Solution: Do a good research              

It is recommended to do a good research before start writing the content for a particular assignment. The only way to avoid the above mentioned mistake is that a writer should take limited numbers of projects so that he or she can dedicate some time for research work. The success of a content depends on the quality of the research work. One should not start writing without doing adequate research work.

Mistake No. 5 – Choose Inappropriate Topics

Some topics or assignments appear to be very interesting at the beginning but when it comes to facing the reality such topics or assignments seem very tedious and complicated. Most of the beginners choose topic randomly and they face several difficulties or issues. Some of them are mentioned below.

• They lose their interest as the topics are very tedious

• They find difficulty in acquiring relevant information when they have to deal with complicated topics.

• Sometimes it becomes really tough to understand a topic

Solution: Choose assignments carefully

The only best option for avoiding this mistake is to be very cautious while selecting the assignments or topics. It is suggested to choose the topics, which you are comfortable with. One thing you should know that dealing with certain topics is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to understand your comfort zone especially when you are at the initial stages of your career. If you want to be an established freelance writer then choose your assignments and projects wisely.

Mistake No. 6 – Unprofessionalism

Many fail to build a bright career in freelance writing due to their unprofessional behavior. Unprofessionalism is considered to be the main obstacle. Sometimes writers behave very rudely and sarcastically with the clients and they have to pay for their behavior. A client does not want to deal with such writers.

Solution: Learn how to behave professionally

Professionalism is very much required for creating a successful career in freelance writing career. If you want to attain success, you have to learn how to behave professionally. Companies that offer jobs to freelance writers always prefer to recruit writers who know how to act professionally. It is suggested to stay away from procrastination. The way a writer communicates through phone, email or face-to-face conversation reflects how professional he or she is. Before dealing with the clients learn some work ethics in order to be recognized as a professional individual.

Mistake No. 7 – Rigid about the Work Schedule

Most of the freelancers think that they can work according to their convenience as they working as freelance writers. This is the main reason why big business houses avoid hiring freelancers. You may be assigned some urgent assignments, which need to be submitted as early as possible. If you work according to your convenience, how you will impress your clients. Remember that in this industry a writer must have good relationship with the clients. Otherwise, it is difficult to get orders.

Solution: Remodel the work schedule

You have to remodel your work schedule according to the convenience of your clients if you want to avoid the mentioned mistake. The more you become popular among the clients the more projects or assignments you will be assigned. You can flourish if you can create the image of a reliable writer. If you are not reliable enough, how clients can believe that you will not let them down.

Mistake No. 8 – Missing Deadlines and Submission Dates

Many freelance writers miss deadlines and submission dates due to either casualness or their inability to understand how much time it can take to complete an assignment. Punctuality matters a lot in the freelance writing sector as deadlines and submission dates are recognized to be very important factors. Some freelancers fail to understand this fact and that is why they cannot work with a particular client for a long time.

Solution: Be punctual about the deadlines

The most recommended way to avoid this mistake is to be punctual. Always try to deliver the tasks within the deadlines. Yeah, sometimes a writer fails to complete an assignment within the deadlines due to some emergencies. But do not make excuses all the time. When you are taking the responsibility of accomplishing a project or assignment, it is your duty to complete the project within the given time. Punctuality is the only key to success.

Mistake No. 9 – Inconsistency

At the initial stages, writers compose impeccable content in order to impress the clients. But with the passage of time they start losing interest and they start delivering average or sub-standard content. This is not the right behavior. This inconsistency can ruin their freelance witting career.

Solution: Always maintain a consistency

You have to maintain a consistency trough out your freelance career if you are serious about this profession. No one wants to hire an inconsistent writer. Follow the below mentioned guidelines on how to be a consistent writer.

• Do not show your best at the initial stages

• Try to be consistent when it comes to the quality of the content

• Attain growth gradually

• Some days, people feel highly energetic and they compose outstanding writing pieces and some days they find difficulty even in writing a single sentence. Control your energy. Do not be overenthusiastic as this is the main factor which gives rise to inconsistency.

Mistake No. 10 – Avoid Proofreading

Many writers submit the tasks without editing and proofreading the content. Clients expect the writers to submit completely error-free content. But it is impossible to draft a perfect writing piece without editing and proofreading it. Here the freelance writers commit another major mistake.

Solution – Proofread and edit the content

It is recommended to edit and proofread the content before submitting the final copy if you want to create a positive impact on your clients. Editing helps a writer to compose a well structured and well organized text. It also enables one to point out and omit the irrelevant aspects whereas proofreading makes a writing piece grammatical and punctuation error-free. Therefore, if it has been your dream to become a famous freelance writer, proofread and edit all the contents before the final submission.

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