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9 Things to ask About Your Assignment Before You Start Doing it

UserMark time03 November,2011

The most common mistake that prevents a student from scoring better grades in an assignment is doing it without getting it clearly. Writing an assignment is surely the toughest part, but the tedious task becomes a lot easier when understanding the topic thoroughly. Having a misconception and still proceeding with it will end up in you presenting a detailed assignment that is inaccurate and out of place. Now would you really want all your efforts to go down the drain by running the risk of not understanding the details of the assignment?

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Instead, disregarding the fear of making a fool out of yourself and getting your queries cleared from the teacher who has assigned you the work would be a lot wiser. Now if you are wondering what questions must you ask and how to frame them smartly, then here is a curated list just for you. Here are the general students’ queries on assignments that you get clarified from the teacher so that you can deliver a paper that is perfect and foolproof in all its aspects.

  1. The purpose of the assignment

In order to write an excellent assignment, you first need to understand what the purpose of the topic given to you is. If you find it difficult to understand, then visit the teacher and ask the purpose. For example, if it is a social study assignment on a topic like political scenario, then you must understand whether the topic is in respect to the world politics or just your country’s political scene. If you think that the topic is vague and too generic, then buck up your courage and go to the teacher to get a better insight into the assignment.

  1. The format to be followed

The format for different kind of assignments vary. The format for a dissertation is bound to be different as compared to an essay or a regular coursework paper. The writing style followed for each and every paper is different. But there are certain assignments like essays where the format may differ from one type to another. The structure for a reflective is going to be different from a persuasive essay. So it would be a wise step to ask the instructor about the specific format that is to be followed. However rich may your paper be in information, presenting it in the wrong format can make you lose valuable marks.

  1. Format for the referencing list

Other than a plagiarism report, you may also have to provide a reference list with the details of all the sources that you have used in your assignment. Now there are several types of formats that can be used while creating a reference or citations list. Using the wrong format for the list may end up in you losing essential marks. So before creating the list, ask the instructor which format to follow – the MLA or the Chicago or the Harvard way? That way, you would be able to draft your citation list the exact way as told by the teacher.

  1. The word count for the paper

The length of the paper has a key role to play. If you have assigned a word count for your assignment, writing less than the limit or extending your paper by a lot beyond the set limit can end up in you being marked negatively. So it becomes important that you get the word count confirmed. That way you will also be able to plan the entire paper properly. You will know how much to write under each section, and you will know when you should include material and when you should omit some. And even if you have crossed the limit, make sure that you ask the teacher how much is allowed.

  1. The marking scheme followed by the teacher

The marking pattern that a teacher follows may differ from assignment to assignment. For an essay, the basis for marking should be the body. However, in case of a thesis or a research paper, the outline and the abstract summary may be marked as necessary by the teacher. It may even vary subject to subject. For a science paper, more marks would be given to a paper that is more detailed. However, for a literature paper, the quality and creativity would matter. So ask the teacher to share the marking pattern to craft the paper accordingly. This way you would be able to give importance to areas that carry the maximum marks.

  1. Types of evidence that can be used

A big mistake that most students make while gathering information for their assignments is using Wikipedia for evidence. Since Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, most teachers do not consider it as a reliable source. Teachers often disqualify a paper when they see that the student has used information from the wrong sources. They generally prefer data collected from in-class texts or external sources like journals, scientific studies, or government websites. So before you start gathering data for your paper ask your teacher about the approved sources and accordingly get at it. Many teachers prefer an assignment based on data collected from textbooks and library books at the most. This will help you present a well-researched paper.

  1. The audience for your paper

The assignment you write is generally meant for the teacher who has assigned you the paper. But at times that may not be the case. Like in case of a research paper, the paper would be read by fellow researchers and other junior students as well. This makes it imperative to know who the assignment is being written. Knowing the target will help you understand what kind of tone should you follow.If your teacher or professor is your audience, then it would be best to write the assignment in a formal tone. And if your audience is bigger, then you can write it in a blend of formal as well as the colloquial language that your audience will resonate with more.

  1. Associating reports that need to be submitted

This is one of the most general student’s queries on assignments considering how serious problem plagiarism is these days. At times, teachers need proof that there are no traces of a second copy in the assignment that you have submitted. To make sure that your paper does not have any information that has been used elsewhere, the teacher may ask you to submit a report as evidence of anti-plagiarism. You may be asked to use tools like Turnitin or Grammarly to generate a report missing which can lead to the assumption that you have used content from elsewhere. So make sure that you ask the teacher about the reports that you will have to submit.

  1. Are you allowed to take external help?

Written assignments can be daunting especially when you lack the penchant of writing. Even if you have the flair of writing, many of you may run short on the patience that is required to draft a perfect paper. But things can seem a lot easier if you take help from someone. It could be a senior, a mentor at school or a professional assignment help company. But that would only be possible if you are allowed to take external assistance. So before you seek help from someone, it would be wise of you to pose a query to your teacher and make sure whether you are allowed or not instead of suffering later on.

If you have any doubts regarding your assignment, then instead of bottling your queries up approach your teacher with the above sensible questions and get the accurate answers to them from the right person. And while asking the questions, try to be as specific as possible. Going up to the teacher without any inhibitions to get your queries clarified might even impress him or her as they would think that you are serious about the given assignment.

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