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Secret To Write Better Essays Lies In These 25 Online Resources

UserMark time04 October,2016

It is the season of creating multiple essays for your school/university assignments. And just when you get in the groove with one essay, pop comes another one you have to submit on the very same date.

Tips to Write Better Essays

While your teachers may give you every tip under the sun to help you out with finishing your essay, they will never be able to tell you how to submit six of them together within the strict deadline. Don’t panic. We’ve got your back. Plenty of online tools out there can turn you into an essay maverick from an essay novice. These time-saving tools make it much easier to breeze through your assignments rather than spend countless hours wracking your brain over how to write the perfect essay.

What are these Tools?

Here are 25 online resources at your disposal to give your essays that much needed boost.

1. Memonic

Scattered thoughts can be so hard to gather, especially when you have to divide your attention over several different topics for numerous essays. This is where Memonic can help you out. Memonic allows you to scribble your notes online and even attach links or paste web content in a much more organized fashion. You can get these notes printed or even share them with your friends and teachers to know you’re on the right track.

2. ReadWriteThink

This website is jam-packed with interactive tools that have been designed to help you improve your grammar, give structure to your thoughts and more. Tools on this site that have gained immense popularity among students include Persuasion Map, Acrostic Poems, Story Map, Word Family Sort, Comic Creator and Trading Card Generator. Besides, ReadWriteThink provides you with the option to choose the tool that suits you best on the basis of your themes, grade levels, learning objectives and capabilities, etc.

3. Hemingway Editor

Remember the times you got stuck expressing your ideas in a clear, concise manner? Hemingway Editor does the job for you. All you have to do is to copy and paste your essay on this online editor and watch it highlight parts that have issues such as long, complex sentences, phrases in a passive voice and misplaced adverbs, etc. Super-easy to use, this should be an always open tab while you’re working on your essay.

4. Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is your gal pal to good grammar. A section of the, Mignon Fogarty provides crisp tips to help students improve their grammar. You can get a lowdown on the basic grammar rules and learn how to choose the most apt and best words to make your sentences stand out. The memory exercises on this site make the task of remembering grammar rules much easier.

5. Oxford English Dictionary

The most basic addition to your kitty of online tools, and quite possibly the best online dictionary you can find, the Oxford English Dictionary has it all. Right from the etymology of a word to how to use it in a sentence and a built-in thesaurus, this dictionary is a must-have.

6. Time4Writing provides you with online writing courses to help improve your writing skills. The difference is that its 8-week courses touch on seven different aspects of writing. There are plenty of free resources available on this site to help teach someone how to write, develop personal writing skills, essay writing, paragraph writing, writing tests, sentence writing and the techniques of writing.

7. RefME

While writing an essay in itself is quite a task, what makes it worse are the complicated referencing rules you have to follow. Enter RefME. This mobile and desktop app works by scanning the barcode of the books you’ve taken the matter from and adding those references to the bibliography of your paper. You can pick any of the referencing formats such as APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. and it’ll type out the citations on its own.

8. Essay Punch

How great would it be if you could get an essay-writing tutorial online? Well, Essay Punch does just that. This site is a step-by-step guide that encompasses all the stages of essay writing. Featuring several exercises to help improve your writing skills, this site takes you through various levels such as organizing your matter, sketching a rough draft, writing the main article, editing it and finally, publishing it.

9. The Literary Machine

You’ve got all the ideas in your head, but they’re in a mess. This site helps you to manage all your ideas in one place. You can assemble various modules and create the initial draft of your essay by the information you’ve gathered. It helps you connect the dots to give you a concise whole, even generating new ideas out of the ones present, working just like your mind does.

10. Teen Ink

A renowned magazine, Teen Ink is for the student, by the student, and of the student. This magazine publishes essays (as well as other forms of write-ups) of top quality written by students to help students get an idea of what works. Moreover, reading well-written articles can help inspire you to write better.

11. Purdue Online Writing Lab

This one is a must-have if you want to work upon your style of writing. Purdue Online Writing Lab is enriched with over 200 resources that provide valuable information on how to enhance your writing skills, get better at grammar, how to research for your essay and even provides style guides to help you work your way through the technicalities of an essay.

12. Free online spell checkers

The problem with your system’s inbuilt spell checker is that it does not cover a wide variety of popular words or even words in other languages for that matter. Online spell checkers can offer a viable solution. You can try out Spelljax, Reverso, and JSpell, etc. to help you out with your spelling issues.

13. Thesis Builder

Coming up with a thesis statement that packs a punch is tough business. Thesis Builder is an effective tool that automatically generates statements on the basis of the information you provide, i.e., the topic of your essay, your opinions on it and the arguments you’ve used to support your view. Once that is done, you can go on to creating an outline for your essay.

14. English Practice

The importance of impeccable grammar in an essay cannot be stressed enough, which is why this list features quite a few tools to help develop your grammatical skills. English Practice is one of them. Even an essay that contains the brightest ideas can look washed out if the grammar is incorrect and this tool works to rectify that. It’s perfect for both – those who are native English Speakers and those who’re not and has a very simplified approach, making complex grammar seem easy. You even get to practice what you’ve learned through various exercises.

15. Novel Guide

This one’s for those who’ve been given the task of writing English literature essays. This site presents summaries of the plots as well as discussions on the themes of some of the most famous novels of all time. Although this can be a great referencing tool, keep in mind not to lift matter directly from the site. Plagiarism is still very much a sin in academic writing.

16. New Old Stock

A central image can greatly enhance the appeal of your essay, but you cannot just lift up any image you like from the internet. There are copyright issues that can land you in trouble. New Old Stock is a website that features a collection of beautiful images curated from public archives. The good thing about these photos is that they are free of copyright issues. You can even take a look at Unsplash for the same purpose although this site features contemporary pictures.

17. Readability Score

This tool enables you to test the readability of the matter you’ve written. It makes use of common indicators to determine how easy it is to read your work. You can use this as an editing tool and change the portions that lower your overall score. Enhancing the readability of your essay will reflect positively on your grades and will also show you where you go wrong and how you need to change your writing style.

18. Dropbox

Let’s just say that after breaking your back over your essay, you do not want to lose your hard work over a technical glitch and then panic and have a nervous breakdown. This is why we recommend you back up everything on cloud with the help of Dropbox. Your material will always be available online, linked to your account and will be completely secure and inaccessible to others till you share it with them. You can even make use of Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud for the same purpose.

19. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Stuck using the same repetitive words? OneLook can change that for you. All you need to do is enter a description or portion of your essay, and it’ll get back to you with a list of suggested phrases and words that are in sync with the subject matter you’ve entered. You can put in a couple of words or phrases or even big sentences to get suggestions for them.

20. WordCounter

Another great tool to help you out with repetitive words and phrases, WordCounter not only gives you the total word count of your essay but also shows you the number of times you’ve repeated the same terms throughout. This helps remove any redundancy or repetitiveness from your paper.

21. WordWeb

So where’s a thesaurus when you need it the most? It’s on WordWeb, your reliable Windows thesaurus that works even when you don’t have a working internet connection. It has a paid version too which offers an online mode as well as more features. The free version offers you a total of 120,000 sets of synonyms and 150,000 root words.

22. Citation Machine

The second instrument on our list to help you out with referencing, Citation Machine, too, supports all popular referencing styles. It churns out automatic citations on the basis of the parameters you provide. Simple and fuss-free!

23. Evernote

Ideas can strike you anytime, anywhere, uncalled. While you may not always have a pen and paper or even a laptop to jot down these ideas for your essay, you can make use of the smartphone app – Evernote. You can even upload pictures or draw sketches and flowcharts of your thoughts and have them all at one place when you need them.

24. Zotero

Research is an integral part of any essay, and Zotero will change the way you do your research. You can search anything on Zotero, and it’ll collect all your searches, even PDFs, images, videos, etc. in a single and easily accessible place so that you can look for it again by just pressing a few keys.

25. Strip Designer

Everybody needs a break from the boring job of writing an essay. You can take some time off and create your own comic of your essay escapades in the meantime with the help of Strip Designer. This’ll refresh your mind and help you focus. Alternatively, you can even play games on your phone or personal computer and cool off for a bit.

A combination of these resourceful tools will help you zoom through your essays like Batman on Batmobile! So don’t worry and take the assistance of these websites as a little help can go a long way in reaching your goal. – Your Fail-Safe Gateway to the Best Essay

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