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How Tertiary Education can help you?

UserSienna Kelly time06 February,2019

I would like to begin my post by sharing an eye-opening fact related to tertiary education. The annual family income of more than forty-seven percent of undergraduates (where UK,US and Australia) is less than $40,000. The figure ,which does not appear to be a promising one, marks the significance of higher education among students across the globe, as a prospect for earning high.

Many people around the world  choose to discontinue their academic degrees, due to several reasons. There are number of factors contributing to this scenario like financial stringencies, personal issues, poor performances leading to school/college dropouts.  However, giving up should and is never an option. Students need to figure out every possibility of pursuing higher eduaction so as to achieve expertise in their domains.

Tertiary Education

What is Tertiary Education?  A Brief Overview

Let’s understand what is tertiary education. Tertiary education, also known as third level or post secondary education is the level of education obtained after completing secondary education at a high school level.. This can include vocational courses, college degrees and higher education, associated with other scholarly studies. defines tertiary education as a distinct form of education as compared to the conventional academic courses. The history of higher education dates back to ages, with some of the oldest learning institutes and universities contributing to the phenomenon. During the Medieval Ages (from the 5th to the 15th century), most universities taught religious studies to the students.

The modern system of education is far-removed from the age-old ones. Today, higher education contributes to analytical understanding and self-knowledge regarding a plethora of subject matters.

Some common queries about tertiary education is raised by students now and then.

We have answered most of them? Get to clear your doubts with the Qand A that follows.

  1. Does Master degree fall under the category of tertiary education?

Any type of education afforded beyond high school secondary levels like undergraduates and graduates, diploma, certificates, masters and doctoral studies along with other scholastic education falls under the category of tertiary education.

  1. What falls under tertiary education in Australia?

The University education and technical and further education ( TAFE) falls under tertiary education in Australia.

  1. When is the skill building for employability or participation in knowledge economy done?

It is generally done at the tertiary level and not at secondary level

  1. Why three levels of education have been made (a) Primary (b) Secondary education and (c) tertiary education?

The three levels of education has been made taking the mental and physical capabilities of students and the load of subject knowledge, complexity and existent skills and knowledge of students.

Why Tertiary Education is Important?

While you always have the choice to discontinue your academic courses halfway, you can seldom get the academic time, back in your life.  Tertiary education gives you complete expertise over your subject, which helps in better chances of getting employed or growth in career.

Don’t consider academics as a bad boyfriend/girlfriend, whom you can break with, anytime.Later in your career, low income jobs will make you feel sorry for breaking off.” Moreover, you may not be able to patch up with academics later in life, because of increasing responsibilities and engagements . The many benefits of tertiary education has been given below.

Some other benefits:

(a) Better communication skills ( verbal and written):

The more time you associate with education, your writing skills and communication skills improve. So next time, you want to be a successfull communication specialist, don’t forget to get tertiary education.

(b) Realisation of passion:

Generally it takes time to know which field of study or domain you are made for. Post secondary or tertiary education gives you the time to realise your passion for any particular field.  Think if Steven Spielberg did not attend Universal Studios as an intern from California State University, could he have realised his dreams of becoming one of the best directors in the world?

(c) Greater discipline sense

The more time you spend in academics and specially higher education, the more disciplined you become meading to greater order and peace in your life.

An Empirical View of Tertiary Education and its Impact

Now that you have a fair idea about what is a tertiary course and what is a tertiary qualification. It is time to look at recent statistics.

  • Reportedly, there were 6 million tertiary education students in 2016 in Europe. Out of which 61% were pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Almost 1/3rd of tertiary education students pursue Social Science, Information Business, Law and Administration.

In addition to the stats mentioned above, here is a graphical representation of the gross enrollment ratio of tertiary education across the globe. Take a look.


Figure: Image portrays the enrollment graph covering 1970-2014

Government agencies and authoritarian bodies across the globe must come together with initiatives that encourage the youth to opt for tertiary education.

To Wrap It Up

No great country could ever move ahead without making the most of education.

Unless there is a change in the domain of education, potential learners will not feel motivated to pursue tertiary education.

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