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The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs Across the World!

UserMark time16 December,2016

Getting up early in the morning, having breakfast and then rushing towards office: that’s the common routine. It’s quite boring indeed! Well, if you do not want to get trapped in this humdrum schedule, then you need to turn your passion into your profession. Only choosing those career options which you have interest in is not enough. Another two factors that you should consider are money and professional growth. Let us look at the top 10 jobs that will never get outdated. Go through the blog and opt for any one of these. Hurry since these jobs are in demand, you never know when the vacancies get filled!

10 Most In-Demand Jobs Across the World

1. Nurses

Nursing is a good career option. Due to the advancement of medical technology, sudden rise of fatal ailments and necessity of preventive care, the demand of registered nurses has increased. The minimum requirement to become a professional nurse is to hold a two-year diploma degree in nursing. Nowadays, majority of the students pursue four-year Bachelor’s degree in nursing.


Growth rate (next 10 years) – 26 %

Salary (annually) – $53,000 to $80,000 (approximately)

Approximately 296,631 nursing jobs get posted on several portals per month. Around 97,549 nurses get hired per month. If you are good at taking care of sick people, then you can opt for the noble profession.

2. Translators and Interpreters

Nowadays, translators and interpreters are in good demand. Globalization is the prime reason behind this. Translators deal with written communication whereas interpreters deal with spoken communication. They basically facilitate communication between individuals who are linguistically unintelligible. If you have command over more than two languages, then you can opt for this career option.


Growth rate – 46% (approximately)

Salary (annually) – $45,430 (approximately)

Per month, around 63,600 translating and interpreting jobs get posted on multiple sites. It is required to pursue professional language courses for becoming a translator or interpreter. Skills required for this profession are enlisted below:

• Business skills

• Cultural sensitivity

• Concentration

• Interpersonal skills.

3. Software Developer

In the contemporary world, every task is accomplished with the aid of computer technology. Computer runs on several softwares and applications. Therefore, the demand of software developers is predicted to be strong. The minimum requirement for becoming a software developer is to hold a Bachelor’s degree in programming or software engineering or computer science. Software developing is considered as one of the highest paying jobs.


Growth rate- 32%

Salary (annually) – $78,000 to $121,000 (approximately)

It is not easy to become a software developer. But if you are a tech savvy, then you can opt for this profession.

4. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts basically study the present trends of the local, national and regional market in order to develop effective strategies. The minimum educational requirement for becoming a marketing research analyst is to hold a Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or communication. But candidates holding MBA degree are preferred.


Growth rate – 41%

Salary (annually) – $60,000 to $80,000

If you want to become a market research analyst, you need to develop your analytical skills.

5. Dentists

The demand for dentists is growing day by day. It is required to hold an associate’s degree in dental hygiene for becoming a dentist. If you have interest in this field, then you should not think twice before choosing this profession.


Growth rate – 38%

Salary (annually) – $57,000 to $83,000 (approximately)

Skills required for becoming a dentist are mentioned below:

• Compassion

• Dexterity

• Detail oriented

• Interpersonal skills

It is required to have a license to practice as a dentist.

6. Event Planners

If you are good at organizing events, then you can become an event planner. Nowadays, big corporate houses hire event planners for organizing official seminars and meetings.


Growth rate – 33%

Salary (annually) – $45,810 (approximately)

Approximately 94,200 event-planning jobs get posted per month on several portals. If you want to become an established event planner, then you should pursue a professional degree in the relevant field. The following skills are required for becoming an event planner.

• Composure

• Communication skills

• Organizational skills.

7. Teaching and Online Tutoring

Teaching is a noble profession. The demand of teachers is growing faster. The online academic assistance industry has undergone a drastic change in the past few years. It is considered as one of the booming industries. This is the major reason behind the increased demand of online tutors.


Growth rate – 26%

Salary (annually) – $57,200

The minimum educational requirement for becoming a teacher or online tutor is to hold a postgraduate degree.

8. Nutritionists and Dieticians

It has been found that every one in four people are conscious about their health. That is why nutritionists and dieticians are in high demand nowadays. They provide diet charts to their clients depending on the health condition.


Growth rate- 21%

Salary (annually) – $55,240 (approximately)

The minimum requirement to become a professional dietician or nutritionist is to hold a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition. It is required to have a license to practice as a dietician or nutritionist.

9. Civil Engineers

The demand of civil engineers is increasing day by day. They construct, design, maintain, and operate bridges, tunnels, buildings, flyovers etc.


Growth rate – 20%

Salary (annually) – $79,347 (approximately)

Around 272,900 civil engineering jobs get posted per month on multiple sites.

10. Biomedical Engineers

The rapid advancement of medical science is the major reason behind the increasing demand of biomedical engineers. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering is the minimum educational requirement for becoming a biomedical engineer.


Growth rate – 27%

Salary (annually) – $86,960 (approximately)

Skills required to become a biomedical engineer are mentioned below.

• Math skills

• Analytical skills

• Listening skills

• Communication skills

Now it depends on you which profession you will choose. You have to identify your strengths and choose a profession accordingly. Go for the job that interests you the most. All the best!

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