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The Ethnically Diverse Educational Institutions Worldwide

UserMark time27 July,2016

The notion of ethnic diversity is implicitly associated with multiculturalism. The concept of multiculturalism has witnessed several controversies in the past few decades. Due to the globalization, this notion has become a major concern among the educationists and eminent personalities. Defining the term multiculturalism is quite difficult as it is considered to be a subjective concept. But from a generalized perspective, this term can be defined as the existence of multiple traditions and cultures within a particular jurisdiction. The concept of culture should be explained in this context. Culture is a complex set of tradition, religion, social practices, habits, cuisine, art and music.

The Ethnically Diverse Educational Institutions Worldwide

Ethnicity means the state of being a member of a specific group which has some common characteristics. Ethnicity of a group of people can be determined in terms of certain cultural traits they have in common. Sometimes a particular ethnic group is identified in respect of language too. Language can be considered as a cultural trait.

Trend to Study Abroad- an Influencing Factor that gives Rise to Ethnic Diversity

Globalization has encouraged the people to cross the national boundary for various purposes. This trend has created a major impact on the education sector as well. Majority of the students wish to go abroad for pursuing higher degrees. This can be considered as one of the main influencing factors that give rise to ethnic diversity. Ethnic diversity refers to a situation when multiple ethnic groups inhabit within a single administrative territory.

Ethnic Conflicts and its Analysis with Examples

In this context, we can refer to the issue of ethnic conflict which gives birth to violence. We come across numerous cases of ethnic conflicts in the newspapers daily. Ethnic conflict basically refers to the conflict between two contending groups of different ethnicity. This issue can be interpreted from a Marxist point of view. In such a conflict, the dominated or oppressed group is considered as the marked group whereas the dominating group is recognized as unmarked group. Let us explain this issue with an instance. US has witnessed several cases of harassment of black students by the whites. Here, black students can be identified as marked ethnic group.

Education Hubs and their Characteristics

Certain countries have been labeled as education hubs due to the developing education sector. Some of the mostly preferred study destinations are – US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Several advanced and innovative study techniques have been introduced in those countries. Some other factors that have also contributed in the advancement of the education industries of these education hubs are enlisted below.

• Quality education

• World ranking of the universities

• Modern education aids

• Good academic record of the students

• Prospect in research field

• Adequate study resources

Educational Institutions well-known for Ethnic Diversity

As the main concern of this blog is to throw light on the educational institutions renowned for ethnic diversity, let us look at the country-wise statistics of the international students studying abroad. Most interestingly, the educational institutions that are renowned for ethnic diversity are situated in the above-mentioned education destinations. As majority of the students prefer to pursue their academic degrees from the universities situated in US, the US Universities are considered to be the most diverse in terms of ethnicity. This blog will mainly focus on the universities which are situated in US and are renowned for ethnic diversity. A detailed data of the international students studying in US universities is given below. It is based on the migration of the students according to various countries.

RankName of the country( place of origin)Percentage of the students
1.China31.2% (2014 – 2015)
2India13.6% (2014 – 2015)
3South Korea6.5 % (2014 – 2015)
4Saudi Arabia6.1% (2014 – 2015)
5Canada2.8% (2014 – 2015)
6Brazil2.4% (2014 – 2015)
7Chinese Taipei2.2%(2014 – 2015)
8Japan2.0% (2014 – 2015)
9Viet Nam1.9% (2014 – 2015)
10Mexico1.7% (2014 – 2015)

List of Top 10 US Universities in Terms of Ethnical Diversity

top 10 universities in terms of ethnical diversity

This section will focus on the top 10 universities from the perspective of cultural diversity of the students.

Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College holds the first position in terms of ethnic diversity.  The Black cultural Centre of Swarthmore College has been protecting black community of Swarthmore for more than 60 years. This community aims to develop multicultural education and ensure that students belonging to minority group get all the facilities. This college has an Intercultural center as well. This center aims to promote a change toward building a multicultural aspect across the university and fosters collaboration and community-building among several ethnic groups.

University of Hawaii

This university is well-known for its diverse groups of students. This university can be recognized as a home to the students belonging to different ethnic groups. A data on the percentage of the students of different ethnicities is given below.

• 17 % Asian students

• 7 % Latino or Hispanic students

• 11 % Native Hawaiian students

• 8 % whites.

The University Of Hawaii at Manoa

This university resides amidst the Pacific Ocean and this location attracts ethnically diverse international students every year. Over 20,000 students are pursuing their academic courses from this university. More than 200 ethnically diverse student clubs are there in this university. This university offers the students countless scopes to get involved in cultural or ethnic groups and activities.

Harvey Mudd College

This college is considered to be one of the top moderate arts colleges of science, mathematics, engineering. The founder’s main aim was to establish an unbiased environment where each and every intellect, no matter where they are from are able to get ample opportunities to utilize their expertise and excel in their academic career. Here, the diversity of the entire campus of the university is so well maintained that knowledge is not only limited to teachers but also to the students. In other words, one can understand through this proverb: “A candle does not lose its fire when it lights up another candle.”

CUNY- City College

The establisher of this institution envisions to educate the children of rich and poor people in unison. It is recognized as a public university as this Institution is prospering with cultural and ethnic diversity.  Several student clubs that mainly have a cultural or ethnic focus have been established in the campus of this university itself.  Some of the most active clubs are:

• Caribbean student association,

• National society of black engineers,

• Muslim students organization,

• The Middle Eastern music and dance club

• Society of Hispanic engineers

• Asian cultural union.

University of Houston

Another university, which is known for its ethnically diverse ambience, is the University of Houston. A data on the ethnical diversity of this institution is discussed below.

• 6 % Asian students

• 8 % African- American or black students

• 7 % Hispanic students

• 7 % whites

Several clubs and associations situated in the university campus can be regarded as the evidences of the fact that the college authority is unbiased regarding the ethnicity of the students. Some of those clubs and associations are-

• Albanian coogs,

• Association for Afghan students,

• Association for Bangladeshi students,

• Russian Coogs,

• Chinese student association.

Cambridge College

More than 65 % of the total students studying in Cambridge College belong to minority groups. Students belonging to different ethnic backgrounds get enough scope to flourish and that is only because of the inclusive culture of this college. The international student office assists the students from more than 50 countries.

Nova Southeastern University

This university encourages the students belonging to different ethnic groups to attain academic excellence. The administrative board offers several multicultural events, programs, and training in order to create an environment that is favorable for any race and cultural.

San Jose State University

According to the president of this university’s president, “this is basically a learning community which is committed for preparing the pupils with knowledge and adaptive skills for 21st century. The diversity of the university’s campus is considered to be an essential asset that helps in enriching the pupils’ learning experience”. This is a home to a diverse and large student body.

California State Polytechnic University

Another university, which is renowned for its ethnic diversity, is California State Polytechnic University. More than 20,000 staffs, students, and faculties coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds are staying and co-operating with each other peacefully. Names of some cultural centers of this university are mentioned below.

• Center for African- American students

• Center for Hispanic students

• Center for Native- Americans

• Center for Asian students

Ethnically Diverse Educational Institutions situated in UK, Australia, Singapore  

This section of this blog will throw light on the ethnical diversity of the colleges and universities situated in other countries.

Culturally Diverse Universities situated in UK

Many universities renowned for ethnical diversity are situated in UK. A table is given below. By referring to this table, you will be able to keenly analyze the ethnical diversity of the students in terms of statistical results.

 Institutions or Universities Percentage of the students belonging to different ethnic groups
University College London34.8 %
University for the creative arts12.3 %
University of the Arts, London39.3 %

Culturally Diverse Universities situated in Australia

From the following table, one can have an idea about the percentage of international students or the students coming from different ethnic backgrounds studying in Australian universities.

UniversitiesPercentage of the students belonging to different ethnic groups
RMIT University46.3 %
Monash University34.3 %
University of Melbourne27.1 %
University of Sydney22.6 %

Culturally Diverse Universities situated in Singapore

You will get an idea about the number of international students studying in Singapore from the below given table.  

University Number of the foreign students
National University of Singapore40,000 approx
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