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Why is Online Education Gaining An Edge Over Classroom Education?

UserMark time20 June,2017

Education is one of those essential investments that we make to reap the fruits later which we generally term as salary. According to UNICEF, the youth literacy rates have increased from 83 to 91 percent over two decades and have steadily been increasing. With the development of technology, the education sector has gained much which resulted in the bifurcation of this section. Education is now branched into two main divisions. One is education through computers using the Internet and the other is the traditional method of attending classes to gain knowledge.

Advantage of Taking Online Classes

With the increasing number of students all over the world, the demand and crave for online education has increased by a huge percentage. In 2016, the e-learning business made a whopping $166.5 billion and by 2017 it is expected that it will rise to $255 billion. This clearly reflects that students are taking interest in online courses. More students are seeking online education today than attending regular classes at colleges and universities. Employees are upgrading their skills for there is a tough competition to grab a good job opportunity. Since change is the only constant process, reasons have accumulated as to why and how online education assistance is being preferred over classroom education.

Though not all courses can be taught and covered online like engineering courses or doctor courses especially where hands-on training is essential, still there is a growing interest among the students to give preference to online courses. With the passing of days, academic writing service providers are tying up with academic institutions for practical classes which are facilitating the students to choose the option of taking classes online.

And when the question is about using the Internet for education, there is also a rise in the demand of taking assistance for doing assignments that are a part of the course curriculum. A search on the Internet for this assignment writing service yields an exhaustive list that gives students help globally as well as country specific.

Let us have a look at the main aspects of classroom teaching.

  • This is the traditional educational method that is passing from one generation to another where you have to go to a college or university, attend classes each day and your attendance is counted etc. if you wish for a college experience you can go for the traditional method of attending classes each day.
  • Also if you want to interact with different students for exchange of ideas over a face-to-face conversation, the college and the classroom is the best place.
  • Another aspect is that class room education increases sportsmanship. For example, when a classroom is divided into four groups and a simple quiz is conducted by the teacher, it increases excitement, a will to prove oneself, learn new facts that you do not know or not aware about, etc.

However, for a student who is shy or do not prefer to attend classes or interact with people, it is better for him/her not to go for this traditional method.

So, why are students favoring the online classes whose demand is growing day by day?

The prime factor that decides many of our actions is time.

  • Doing courses online saves time and who does not want to do that. You do not have to attend regular classes Monday to Friday at a fixed point of time. You can do your studies at your own pace when you manage to find time after you complete your work. Basically you can study any time round the clock. This is very helpful for those students who have to work part-time and also do their studies. Not only students, there are people who have to work full-time to support his/her family and also complete higher studies to apply for better jobs and post. Hence time is the prime aspect that favors online classes over traditional education.
  • Most reputed universities today have come up with online courses which you can complete from the comfort of your home at your own flexibility. For example, suppose you want to learn a certain language. For that you have to go out and collect information from the different institutes that teach the language, attend regular class etc. Or you have the option to do it from home. You can simply search online, choose any course in that language and start with it. It is not necessary that you have to finish a lesson within a stipulated period of time. You can just take your time and complete it with different modules to choose from. Also if you want to learn the basics of the language for joining any certified course from any university, there are various sites which teach the language for free or give a premium service for a nominal charge.
  • Another aspect why students prefer to go for online course if they are available is the location. If an Internet connection is available and your choice of course is available, then you can do it from any part of the world. The facility of going online today has made the world a small place. It has brought people closer to one another. A student from the east end can connect to another student in the west. So practically anyone from any remote locations of the world having an Internet connection can do any online course.
  • As time flew by, new technologies came and opened many doors for education. Students became tech-savvy. There is a huge demand for various skills from a single person. The best thing is to starting improving and learning new skills which can be done again online. There are numerous certified short courses today that are available online which you can do and improve on your skills which in turn will be fruitful for your job where you can focus on your career.
  • Lastly, it can be said that online courses are comparatively priced at low rates. Short vocational courses are greatly affordable and easy on the pockets as you get the certificate while degree courses are little bit more. Though you can get in touch and interact with as many students and teachers you wish online, however the flavor of a face-to-face interaction by sitting in front of each other is not present in video chats.

The decision is totally yours what you want to choose. But always remember to choose wisely. First find out what are your needs, what do you really want to do. After that, look for the priorities that come in your way of study. Sort them out and see which are of greater importance and which ones can be resolved. And only after that you choose if you want to go for traditional classes or online classes.

There are just so many advantages in just a click of a mouse. Where education is concerned be it online or offline, the Internet always proves to be helpful for any educational need. Apart from doing online courses or studying online, there is again the facility to get assistance for these education courses.

To be specific a major part of a course is where the students have to do their assignments like homework, an essay, writing a thesis or dissertation etc most commonly. And again as stated above that time is the greatest factor; students today barely manage to find time for which they opt for online courses. And even if they attended regular classes, there is no time left after completing their daily studies.

The only fix for this is to get assistance for the assignment paper online. There are numerous sites listed in the Internet today that writes an essay paper, do their homework, research and do a thesis or dissertation with a handful other services. It is just that you tell them what you want and the paper is delivered to you within the time period that you give them.

How does online education help apart from saving time? Are there other aspects too?

Obviously. It is not only that you get your paper written and delivered on time; it is that that these academic essay writing service providers look after all your needs and requirements. You just have to instruct them what you need from them and what they need to do, they cater to all demands.

Citing an example, a common problem faced by students is the guidelines of the universities that they have to maintain. With this comes the complexity of understanding the topic, the instruction of the professor, what he expects from the student etc. So instead of feeling anxious and worrying, it is always better to forward the whole thing to these people and they will comprehend it for you.

The next obvious question is what price you have to pay? Different sites come with different price tags. From high to low, the rate cards are different based on what paper you want and how fast you want. Also the rates vary with the quality of the paper i.e. whether you want a first class paper, the 2:1 standard or the 2:2 standards.

All it can be said is to choose a site wisely to get the best assistance service.

However one thing is for sure. Though more and more students are taking online classes for the facilities that come with them, it won’t be able to take over classroom education completely.

Let the experts of help you in doing your assignments whether you are doing an online course or any classroom course

No matter what mode of education you choose to opt, we will help you in solving all your assignment troubles. We are as flexible as you want us to be so that you can study with ease. From having skilled writers to deliveries within the deadline, we do them all. You got an assignment to do, just give us a call for assignment help. Even if you have written a paper and want to make it better, call us. We provide editing, proofreading and paraphrasing services as well. Our charges are low to facilitate all students.

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