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Top Digital Strategies to Help Students Conduct In-Depth Research for Assignment Writing

UserMark time15 March,2017

So, let us guess, you are scrolling through numbers of search results to find one of the easiest ways to complete pending tasks in the fastest way possible. And you land up here. If you are a student of a reputed university, you already know about the tough task of writing numerous assignments at the same time. Since these universities have a reputation to maintain, they try hard to uphold high standard in academics. They select the creamy layer of students. So if you are already in there, you are one step ahead of others. But getting admission and striving to score high while studying in there are unmatched ordeals for students. In order to score high, you need to perform equally well in every assignment paper. Without exceptional writing skill, it becomes next to impossible.

Digital Resources that will Help you in Writing Top Quality Assignment

Being a good student and writing excellent assignments doesn’t always go hand in hand. Developing a good writing style requires years of toils which includes dedication, constant practice, grip over the language and sound knowledge on the subject. If you are fed up with striving to learn how to write like a pro, then it is time you seek assistance. Luckily numerous digital strategies can help you in planning how to write a good quality assignment, project or essay which will help you to score higher marks.

For quite some time, technical innovations and digital strategies are making the herculean task of writing like a pro a child’s play. So if you are here to find out some new-age ways of writing top quality assignment, then you are at the right place.

Let’s start with some basic tips on extraordinary writing

• Create a hook which will grab the attention of readers and will bind audience to your writing

Attracting and binding attention is needed to make your points lucid to professors. Your professors are judging your writing from the perspective of a reader, but here your readers are more informed than you, so you are writing to impress them. To make an impression your writing needs to be catchy and informative.

• Never skip the research

Research work is something that will add value to your work. Without extensive research, you never expect to make a mark with your assignment. You must have extensive knowledge on the subject before you start writing your assignment. To attach more credibility to what you are saying and to back up facts that you are citing on our assignment, you need to include statistics and metrics. Remember statistic, facts and figures act like glue.

• Never forget to edit your work

After the completion of your project or assignment, never submit it without doing a thorough proofreading. After creating the first draft, go back and see how you can polish the rough edges and how you can make it shine which will dazzle the readers. In most cases only after the 3rd round of proofreading and making necessary changes, you can expect the writing to be in the best form.

Digital Resources that will Help you in Writing Top Quality Assignment

Although the internet is offering a broad range of search result, it might not be enough for you if you want to do deeper into a subject. The Internet is an open platform, and many people can write or edit content on it. So how are you going to decide which information is trustworthy and which is not? When you are writing an assignment, every bit of information must be original and authentic so the sources from where you are collecting information must be authentic as well.

The superior way of doing a fruitful research is taking help from books. If you don’t have enough time to visit libraries, then you can always take help of virtual libraries. From these libraries, you will get authentic electronic edition of books which will save your time of visiting a library. On these portals, you can do a customized search based on subjects, topics and related keywords which will bring forth the exact relevant information for your assignment.

Doing proper research can make all the differences between a poorly written project and a master quality assignment. Pro level researching requires multiple skill sets. The Internet is a vast ocean of information. From that immense vicinity, finding relevant information requires extensive researching skill. Luckily to help you in exploring, there are digital tools like Project Gutenberg, ManyBooks, Bartleby, BioMedical Central, Infomine and Sciyo. These helpful websites and online tools will give you the most relevant information which you are looking for. Read on to know some of the smart features of these tools.

1. Google Book

Google book is a service from Google Inc on which students can search through million of books for the piece of information that will add more value to their assignment.

2. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another important search tool that will be beneficial for you when you are working on a scholar level assignment. It is Google’s academic search tool which will cite all scholarly articles and research papers which will help you to organize valuable information in your assignment. Without authentic information, your assignment will be just full of gibberish textual matters.

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is actually a library of free e-books. It is one of the largest collectors of e-books correctly offering more than 53,000 free books, some of them are e-pub books and some others are free Kindle editions. All books featured on Project Gutenberg are copies of published books of bona fide publishers which ensure authentic information for proper completion of your assignment.

4. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is another online library with more than 29,000 free books and this website is compatible with several devices. On this site, you will get proper segmentation of books in different categories. This site also offers a broad range of book-genres. The most extensive feature of this website is it offers several formats to download from.

5. Bartleby

If you are doing a literary assignment, then this one is the best website that you can use to get authentic quotes from classic pieces of literature, helps on different questions and everything else related to poetry and Shakespeare are easily available on this tool.

6. BioMedical Central

This one is an online essay and article directory. As the name is suggesting, this one is an online tool to help you with science project.  More than 170 scientific journals in stock, it’s a great help for students. So if you are stuck with your science project or assignment, this is the website to click on. Experimental data are dynamic, so to make sure that readers get authentic and up to date information, the editors of this website keep changing the articles that have been published on the site. Information cited on this website is genuine and can be used as up-to-date reference materials.

7. Infomine

This one is a virtual library that incorporates some electronic version of journals, ebooks, directories, bulletin boards and much more which will render the perfect information for your assignment. It operates just like any other search engine, only difference is – it only deals with books and related information. But Infomine comes with a limited number of free resources. For deeper research on Infomine, you need to subscribe to the paid version of this tool.

8. Sciyo

This one is another authentic search tool for science students. This one functions as one of the top class online repositories of scientific books, journals and articles. On this tool, students can read and share more than 273 science related books. And everything is free on Sciyo. All books that are featured on Sciyo are free and are written by original authors. Sciyo is the online reading platform that operates under Intech Publishing Group which is a multidisciplinary, Open to All Publisher of scientific journals.

Digital Resources to do Expert Revision and Proofreading of Assignment

One of the biggest challenges that every student faces right after completing an assignment is the proofreading part. You can pay someone to review your work or you can reach out to your peers to check the writing for you. Also you can do it manually, or you can choose the best way possible which is taking help from various online editors. The advantage of using online editing tools is you just need to upload or copy paste your work on those tools or websites. Back end programs or algorithm will do all the hard work. After getting the review report from these tools, you will get valuable insights which will help you to improve your writing skills, and because of the professional guidance, you will end up with a top quality assignment.

Here in this blog post, you will get a concise list of online digital resources which will help you in shaping the best assignment of your life till date.

1. EditMinion

This one is a robotic copy editor which is free, user-friendly and strikingly fast. After copy-pasting your text and running the tool, you will get a comprehensive overview at a glance. The most impressive feature of this tool is you can always customize the editing function. Users can always toggle on or off those editing parameters at the upper portion of the EditMinion. It shows you the most frequently used words, repetitive use of a single word, weak words, clichés, passive voices and unusual long sentences. It will help you to progress with the assignment without worrying about the grammatical errors.

2. Hemingway App

This one is one of the top level online editors that can help you with not only grammatical mistakes but also with an improved style of writing. This one is widely popular online editing software which is easy to follow. It uses aesthetically pleasing layout which makes your errors colorful. You can also check the readability of your writing which denotes how readable you write up is. By making all the suggestive changes, you can increase the readability of your assignment. The higher readability indicates that your writing is of high quality. It incorporates higher level of linguistic proficiency. It uses different color codes to denote various issues with your writing. Mainly it indicates problematic areas like passive voice, long sentences, use of adverbs and difficulty in the smooth reading flow.

3. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a tool that aims to help users in improving the overall writing style and readability factor. The best thing about this tool is you can incorporate this in MS word, Scrivner, Chrome and Google Docs. While you are composing assembling information, it keeps suggesting edits which saves you the time of doing the proofreading and editing separately. ProWritinAid offers free as well as premium versions. It has two separate premium versions. With the free option, users can analyze up to almost 3000 words which make it easier to edit assignments of large volume.

5. Word Rake

To give you total confidence in the grammatical correctness and syntax of your writing Word Rake has extensive features. This software is proofreading software for MS Word which shows all the errors and suggestive changes in a user-friendly way. By clicking on the Rack button, you can activate this editor. It will scan your writing for cumbersome phrasing which might be muddling meaningful sentences with meaningless ones. This editing tool doesn’t correct your grammatical errors or spelling mistakes it only takes care of phrasing and proper syntax of phrasing. Word Rake helps you to remove phrases that make your writing mundane and assist you in incorporating more meaningful phrases for better quality writing.

The Best Digital Strategy for Profound Research is Trusting Digital Geniuses called Academic Writers

Having any of these editors handy is an excellent way to kick-start the overall editing process. Obviously, these will never come with the humane factor of manual editing, but these tools can successfully spot grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, redundancy and other technical issues with your writing and can help you in producing improved quality writing. But a simple rule that you must follow while using these online tools is, you need to check the write-up manually once after editing with these tools. You need to do this to get a more polished and precise writing.

If you are still reading then it’s time, you get some spot-on hacks for being a patient reader. So, if you are someone who just loves procrastinating about unfinished work and keep buying times then all that you just read, forget it. You don’t need to worry about your procrastinating nature, trust with your writing assignments, projects and dissertation.

How Can Help You Write Excellent Assignments? is a leading house of academic writing service which offers top class assistance with writing assignments. Experts from are helping millions of students across UK, Australia and USA. At, a group of high profile subject experts are offering top class assignments. Some of the exclusive features that are convincing enough for you to try out this top class assignment writing service are:

• Subject matter experts

At we have more than 3000 PhD holder subject experts who are continuously working to render top quality writing. They all have years of expertise in respective fields of study; they can curate the most informative and quality write-ups.

• Customized and quality content

The robust teams of experts are best in class academic writers who can create quality content from scratch and can develop customised content based on your suggestions and preferences. Through an extensive data collection and research session, they collect all the genuine and authentic information to make your assignment more valid and reliable.

• Original content is our commitment

Rendering quality content is our main motto at And we consider plagiarizing is a serious offence which can ruin your academic career. So our writers check every write-up through best in class plagiarism checker to make sure you never get any plagiarised content from our end.

• We don’t give you a grim face when it comes to revision

Our writers are always open to doing some editing or rework on a submitted work. We understand your requirements well, and we also understand that sometimes you might not be happy with the 1st draft. Our academic writers are always striving to render you the best in class work, and for that, we provide unlimited revision work till you get exactly what you are looking for.

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