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What is the GRE Test?

UserMark time19 May,2020

What is the GRE? GRE is the standardised computer test for students who are planning to pursue higher studies. It is similar to the SATs and ACTs and helps evaluate a student's analytical writing skills, verbal, and quantitative reasoning.  

Most students who think of appearing for the GRE deal with a couple of challenging questions like when should you take the GRE test? Who can take the GRE? How to prepare for GRE? How to take the GRE test? So, before you start studying for the GRE, you must know the answers to all these questions:

What is GRE Test

What is the GRE?

The Graduate Record Examinations, commonly known as the GRE, is a computer-administered test used by a lot of graduate programs in the States and Canada to assess the credibility of the potential candidates. All primary business schools and universities accept the test score around the globe.

The GRE test takes roughly around 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete, and the fee is about 200 USD.

Who takes the GRE?

As mentioned before, students studying for the GRE are the people looking to advance in their careers with a graduate or a post-graduate program. Reports show more than 44% of the students appear for the test while they are in college below the age of 25, while others belong from a varied age group.  

Why is the GRE required?

GRE is the standard admission requirement for all students looking forward to pursuing graduation, masters or PhD programs. Most universities will consider your GRE test score along with the regular admission formalities to determine if you are eligible for the grad or post-grad course. Many applicants come from various educational and cultural backgrounds, and the GRE score allows the admission officers to evaluate the eligibility of a candidate on common ground.

When should you take the GRE test?

Figuring out when to take the test is a crucial decision. You must determine the schedule of GRE scores to take the tests before the admission deadline of the colleges you are planning to apply in.

Be careful with the dates, register early, and mark the essential deadlines. Also, remember:

  • If you are appearing for the GRE test for the first time, give yourself two to three months for studying for the GRE.
  • If you are reappearing for the test, you have to wait for 21 days between each GRE test you take.
  • Try to take a gap of a month so that you get sufficient time to figure out your mistakes and thoroughly master your GRE study guide to avoiding them.
  • Start with the preparation two months before the test so that you don’t struggle to study for the GRE at the last moment.

To stay on the safe side, take your test three to four months before you finish your school so that you receive your scores just in time.

Where can you take the GRE?

The GRE test is a computer-based test which is available online at more than 1500 study centres in more than 150 countries. In most of the countries, the test is open continuously throughout the year. While in some Asian countries, the online test is available three times a month.

For the areas where the online test is not yet available, students can opt for the paper delivered version of the test which is available twice in a year in the months of February and November.

To find the GRE centre near you, here is what you need to do:

  • log on to your ETS account
  • Check a page called ‘My GRE Home’
  • Click on the option ‘Register/Find Test Centers, Dates’
  • Begin your search for the best GRE test location

Note: Mention your detailed address instead of just your city to narrow down your search and get the centres closest to your location.

Always be careful with the dates and times of the test offered by the centre. If the nearby centre is giving you a limited choice, opt for something a little further.

Remember, you need to be thorough with your GRE study guidebooks and practice sets before you take the final test. So, don’t compromise and reschedule your study plan if convenient dates aren’t available at the centre near you.

How is the GRE taken, and how does it work?

GRE general is a computer-delivered test that all students appear for in the States before enrolling for degree courses. The test measures three primary parameters that are essential for students opting for an MBA or a master's degree and they are:

  • Verbal reasoning:

This section measures your ability to analyse various data, and draw a reasonable conclusion, identify and distinguish the significant points from the irrelevant points.

  • Quantitative reasoning:

Quantitative reasoning involves mostly mathematical problems. It helps measure your ability to understand and analyse quantitative information by applying various mathematical concepts.

  • Analytical writing:

The analytical writing section requires you to articulate complicated ideas clearly and concisely with relevant examples, data, and facts. It also measures your knowledge of the subject and proficiency in the English language.

Solve GRE exam-practice sets regularly to develop an extensive understanding of these sections. With thorough preparation, you will decode the tricky questions easily and score better.

How to study and prepare for the GRE? Useful Tips

Most students planning to take the test don’t know how to prepare and study for the GRE. Hence, we are going to share four tried and tested GRE study tips that give fruitful results:

  1. Draft a study plan and stick to it:

The best way to complete your study syllabus on time is to create a proper plan and stick to it. Consistency is crucial when you want to succeed in competitive tests. Regular studies will help you overcome mistakes and gain confidence. Make a weekly report to check your progress.

  1. Make an error log:

It is crucial to create an error log to keep track of all the errors that you make throughout the preparation period. Make a record of:

  • The type of mistakes you have made with proper question number, date, location, and time spent on it.
  • Describe the error in detail so that you don’t forget about it later on.
  • Note the reasons behind the errors and categorise them.

For instance, if you have made a careless mistake, add it to your log under the heading “careless mistakes.”

  • Try and figure out the solution and make a note so that you don’t repeat it in the future.

Make it a habit to review your log every week so that you can understand the pattern of your error and work on them.

  1. Brush up your vocabulary:

Text completion, Sentence Equivalence, and Reading Comprehension are the crucial sections of the verbal reasoning section. You are likely to struggle with Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence if your vocabulary is weak.

Review your GRE vocabulary from time to time until you have it embedded in your long-term memory. Whenever you encounter difficult words while solving your GRE exam-practice sets, write them down and learn them.

  1. Take the GRE mock test seriously:

The final tip for improving your performance at the GRE test is to take regular GRE practice tests. Practicing will help you get accustomed to the questions, pressure, and the structure of the test. Look for the best practice sets and try to complete the paper in one sitting. Also,

  • Set aside sufficient time to review your mistakes.
  • Make a note of the errors and try to understand the correct approach for answering them.
  • Once done, go back to the questions you couldn't answer or took a long time to respond.

Now that you know the GRE study tips, you no longer have to worry about how to prepare and study for the GRE. Start early, plan well and work dedicatedly to fetch high scores.

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