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Definition of the Visible Spectrum

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Definition of the Visible Spectrum

It is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum ray which is fully visible to human eye. The electromagnetic radiation is the range of wave length which is called as the visible light or simply light. However it is found that a human eye could respond to wavelength of 380 to 740 nanometre in the term of frequency. Hence in this case the corresponding band vicinity of 430 to 770 vicinity. Hence the spectrum does not always contain the colour which the human eyes and brains can distinguish. Thus the un unsatisfied colours like pink, purple variations like e magenta for example are absent and can only be procured with the help of different multiple wave lengths. The colour containing part could have only one type of Wavelength and thus they are called as pure colours or special colours. Apart from this the visible wavelength have passed thoroughly and largely attenuated through the earth atmosphere via the optical window region of electromagnetic group. Hence an example can be considered in this case can be of  when clean air scatters the blue light and red light together. Hence this is the only reason why the midway sky appears blue. Furthermore the optical sky is also known as the visible window since it overlaps the human visible response system. Apart from this the near infrared window is also out from the human visions.  As well as the medium rated infrared window, and a long wave length or far infrared window, almost although other animals may experience the same.

Colour perception across species:

Many species can see the light without other frequencies outside the visible human spectrum. Hence the bees and many other insects can detect the ultraviolet lights and it helps them to search for nuclear in flowers. The plant species have depend upon the pollination may reproduce success over the appearance in the ultraviolet lights which in turn helps the bees to collect nectars in the flowers. However the ultraviolet rays are been highly effective to the insects other than human. Many animal can see the rays but cannot see the red lights or any other wavelengths. Hence the same could not be affected to that of the human light. Considering an example of goldfish who can see only the infrared and ultraviolet rays. Hence the gold fish cannot see any infrared light. Thus the statement is fully incorrect. Other than dogs though are fully colour blind but they are very much shown to be sensitive to colours as many as humans. Apart from this the snakes can also see the wave length radiant heat between 5 to 30 nanometres to the degree of such accuracy to the extent that a rattlesnake can target major vulnerable body parts of the prey it strikes. However to the other snakes the major body parts of the organ may detect warm bodies a metre away. It is known as thermoregulation or predator detection.

Wavelengths of Visible Light

Every species say human, animal or reptiles look very different when it is referred to dealing with visible lights. Here it is fully referred to the frequency and wavelength which the human eyes can perceive. Hence these wavelengths and frequencies correspond to have different colours which could detect every things like green chalkboard and the blue car. Anything outside the range of the wavelengths or frequencies that is not visible to the human beings. The visible light are align to the human beings and these are basically one of a kind of electromagnetic wave which are very similar to the water wave and can travel  thorough the emptiness of deep space. The waves are been categorised by all the wave lengths and the distance travel basically by complete wave cycles completed in every second. Thus the sun is the major electromagnetic source of waves and are constantly bombing around the earth in order to generate different wave lengths and frequencies. However the ultraviolet rays of which sunrays protect the human beings is also another electromagnetic ray which have different range of wavelengths and frequencies which have certain visible lights. However the visible lights are the small parts of the complete spectrum. Hence the electromagnetic spectrum has been made spread up of wavelength and frequencies which are not visible to human beings. Hence the entire value is a tiny part of spectrum. The colour range and different parts are visible through it.

Colours of Visible Light

Lights can be moved in the way of waves or particles, but the light can be explained in the term of waves. The wave size vary the wavelengths. A wave length is a distance from one point to corresponding point of the subsequent wave. Hence from one peak point to another peak point or from trough to trough. Hence the only wavelength which fall between the range of 400 to 600 billionths of a metre. All the colours which could fall between the wavelengths. Despite all the rights and obligations the waves are much longer like radio waves and much smaller like gamma rays. Hence the visible lights spectrum is a small part of the overall wave spectrum. On the other hand light waves are also been measured as per the frequency. Hence one question can be considered in this case are how many waves are passing through the process within the given point of time. The whole frequency is measured by hertz or Hz. But in order to calculate the visible light spectrum, the human eyes have high quality picture resolution and hence can take up to lights from anything to 430 trillion hertz. Hence in the way to calculate the net value of colours this process could be considered. Thus for red colour it comes to 750 trillion Hz.  And human being see that as violet. Apart from this there are other areas to consider also.


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