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Describe Projectile Motion and Its Importance: List Key Facts

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Projectile motion is defined as an enhanced form of motion by an object or particle also known as a projectile. The object in that case is thrown near the surface of the Earth and within the gravitational power moves along the curved path. The effects in the resistance of air (in particular, the effects of air resistance are assumed to be negligible). This curved path was shown is further assumed to be negligible in nature which is proved by the greatest scientist Galileo were measurement was done in parabola. The motion study is referred to as the study of ballistics and contains a trajectory is Known as a ballistic trajectory. Gravity is a significant object with such an incredible force which pulls everything’s downwards and further damage it to downward acceleration. Due to the object's inertia, there lies no need of external horizontal force to maintain the components of horizontal velocity of an object. The other forces are also considered into action for example, friction from aerodynamic drag or internal propulsion such as in a rocket also requires more depth analysis. Ballistic missile is an incredibly powerful object which is used at the time of the flight and related significant courses are governed as per the laws of the classical mechanics.

Projectile is defined as the object which deals with the incredible force which acts on the gravity of the object. There are many serious examples of the projectile motion which are experimented and performed accordingly. Suppose when an object is dropped from rest is a projectile as it provides negligible change in the air resistance. Further when an object which is thrown upward at an angle to the horizontal then also projectile is formed which is quite negligible in nature. Hence projectile motion is an object which drops continuously due to the motion of inertia which is further influenced by the gravitational force.

Projectile acts upon a single force which is also referred to as the gravitational force or the force of gravity. At that time if any force acts upon the object then the object would not be the projectile. The free flow diagram of projectile represents a single force acting downwards and the consecutive forces of gravity which is acting upon it. Apart from whether a projectile is moving downwards, upwards, upwards and rightwards, or downwards and leftwards, the free-body diagram of the projectile is still as depicted in the diagram at the right. By definition, a projectile is any object upon which the only force is gravity.


Apart from that there are some of the significant examples of the Projectile Motion which are Football, A baseball, A cricket ball, or any other object. The projectile motion is segregated into two parts which is the horizontal motion of no acceleration and the other vertical motion of constant acceleration due to gravity. The projectile motion is represented in the form of a parabola which is shown below:

y = ax + bx2

The evaluation of the projectile motion by the process of neglecting the air resistance is evaluated accordingly in order to perform the simplification.  Projectile motion is calculated by a way of neglecting air resistance in order to simplify the calculations which is shown in the above diagram representing the influence of gravity within such object. It is an example of projectile motion which is a case of motion in a plane.

Importance of projectile motion are depicted bellow:

  • The linear momentum must be at its peak point which is mu cos Θ and the kinetic energy is (1/2)m(u cos Θ)2
  • After t seconds, the horizontal displacement of the projectile is x = (u cos Θ) t
  • After t seconds, the vertical displacement of the projectile is y = (u sin Θ) t – (1/2) gt2
  • The equation of the path of the projectile is y = x tan Θ – [g/(2(u2 cos Θ)2)]x2
  • The path of a projectile is parabolic.
  • At the lowest point, the kinetic energy is (1/2) mu2
  • At the lowest point, the linear momentum is = mu
  • Throughout the motion, the acceleration of projectile is constant and acts vertically downwards being equal to g.
  • The angular momentum of projectile = mu cos Θ × h where the value of h denotes the height.
  • The angle between the velocity and acceleration in the case of angular projection varies from 0 < Θ < 180 degrees.

The significant fact which is needed to be kept in mind while dealing with this case is that motions along perpendicular axes are independent in nature and separately detailed analysis can be performed. All the relevant facts were depicted in the Kinematics consisting two-fold dimensions where horizontal and vertical are interchange in nature of evaluation. The significant tool to analyse two-dimensional projectile motion is to break it and divide into two motion objects which are the horizontal axis and the other along the vertical. Due to this it is referred to as the horizontal axis the x-axis and the vertical axis the y-axis.

The description of motion deals with velocity and acceleration along with the displacement. Itis significant to find the other components along the x– and y-axes also. Suppose in this case the air resistance is negligible in nature. The components of acceleration are then very simple: ay = –g = –9.80 m/s2. Because gravity is vertical, ax=0. Both accelerations are constant, so the kinematic equations can be used.


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