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How Much Does a Gallon Of Milk Weigh?

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Unit systems for Weight and Volume measurement

It can be pretty confusing for people having to deal with the brain boggling system of units. Examples of these units can be gallon, pound, pint, quart, liquid ounce and all this turns out very puzzling in the end. If one is using metric system for assuming specific gravity of water. It serves as direct translation from litres to kilograms, or from ml to grams. Now one gallon of water in terms of litres is 3.785 and hence the weight of water is 3.785 kilograms. This kilogram sometimes referred as kilogramme serves as to be the base unit of mass for the metric system which was officially formed by International System of Units or SI base units, which have its unit symbol of kg. This gets widely used for numerous measurements in the field of science and engineering as well as commerce throughout the world, and can therefore often called kilos. One unit of this kilogram weighs exactly the same as the mass of a single litre of water. The unit of pound that is pound-mass is the unit of mass which is used in imperial, United States (USA) customary systems of measurements. Different definitions are have been formed, the one that is commonly getting used nowadays is international avoirdupois pounds. This gets legally defined as 0.45359237 kilogram to be exact and gets divided among 16 avoirdupois ounces. The symbol for this international standard of avoirdupois pound is ‘lb’ while another alternative symbol happens to be ‘lbm’ which constant for majority of pound definitions, mostly used in U.S., and ℔ or that is specifically for apothecaries' pound). One gallon on the other hand, refers to measurements of volumes mainly being used in United States and still popularly in use by several countries where usage of the English language is prominent. Many countries are also using ‘litres’ which is the metric unit for measurement of volumes. The gallon definition used across United States (USA) equals exactly 231 cubic inches or 3.785 litres. Now since the specific gravity of milk is 1.033, one gallon of milk should weigh higher that is (3.785 x 1.033) = 3.909 kilograms. And if this needs to be measured in pounds the weight of one gallon of milk becomes (3.909 kg x 2.2) = 8.601 pounds.

Types of Milk and their effects 

Along with higher specific gravity, milk comes with additional nutritional values. Milk can also be available in various grades. Rich milk consists of additional nutrients like calcium as well as vitamin D added to milk to help the body in absorbing calcium. These additional nutrients thus end up affecting the specific gravity of milk that is increasing it and hence rich milk should weigh slightly more than regular milk. Now despite the benefits which calcium might be providing for bone health, excess amounts can end up being devastating for the kidneys. Higher calcium intakes can also lead to the milk alkali syndrome which changes acid-base balances inside the body and makes the environment further alkaline. Deposits of calcium inside kidneys can cause formation of kidney stones and in this way minimizes kidney functions as these tissues harden. Therefore, the type of milk being chosen for diet should match the activities people undertake and thus their nutritional needs. These different kinds of milk can mainly be regular milk, rich milk, whole milk skimmed milk. Weight of regular milk is 8.6 pounds, of rich milk is 8.8 pounds, of whole milk and skim milk also being 8.6 pounds. Another way drinking of milk can inversely affect health of individuals is by drinking a gallon of milk at once or chugging of milk. Here people attempt to drink a full gallon of milk in one hour and end up vomiting. There are several reasons behind this as the process is very dangerous and has the potential of causing brain damage or even death. Among the reasons is the involvement of lactose which counts as a milk sugar. Human individuals are only able to deal with a specific amount. Hence rapid consumption of one gallon of milk or 3.909 kg or 8.6 pounds of milk should be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, high calorie count in the diet can result in weight gain over time. By earning as little as 1 pound, one becomes able to consume additional 3500 calories. A gallon of fat free milk is able to contain around 1,450 calories, while gallons of whole milk contain 2,380 calories each. Thus, regular intake of a gallon of milk every day can result in very quick weight gain. Weight of individuals can increase by a pound in only three days through drinking of a gallon of skim milk on daily basis. Drinking whole milk can earn individuals a pound in weight even before two days.

Fat and cholesterol content in Milk types

For putting things in perspective, full gallons of whole milk can carry saturated fat of 73 grams and cholesterol of 390 milligrams. Similar amount of skim milk only contains about 6.5 grams in saturated fat along with cholesterol of 80 milligrams. Other than that there can also be cardiovascular problems of high sodium intake over maximum permissible limit of 2300 milligrams a day and this can result in increases in blood pressure. These cells get swollen and retains the fluids if too much sodium is seen to exist. As for the swollen tissues, the heart must be working even harder for circulating the required blood, as a result leading to increases in overall blood pressure. One or two glasses of milk adds substantial sodium to the diet. But when an individual ends up drinking one full gallon, he or she can get 1,680 milligrams in sodium from whole milk, and about 2,080 milligrams from skimmed milk. The values raise the sodium intake of human individuals by 75 % to 90% on a daily basis.


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