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Lethargy Definition and Causes

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Lethargy is depicted as a symptom which primarily causes an individual to feel sleepy, sluggish and fatigue. This sluggishness may be depicted as physical or mental. People with this kind of symptoms are said to be affected with lethargy. This concept is related to an underlying mental or physical condition. This is said to be a state of tiredness, fatigue, weariness or lack of energy. This condition may be associated with depression, apathy or decrease in the motivation. This can be a normal response in regards to inadequate sleep, overworking, lack of exercise, boredom, stress as well as illness or disorder symptoms. This can also be said that it can occur as a side-effect caused due to meditation or interactions between the medication or medications as well as alcohol. The symptoms of lethargy can last from days or even months

The primary causes of lethargy is identified as overworking in regards to extended periods of time but it is not the only one cause. The causes of lethargy also lies in the fact of physical and psychological, vascular and heart as well as related diseases. Many kinds of acute illnesses can make an individual lethargic. This may include flu as well as stomach virus. The other medical or physical conditions that can lead an individual to get affected with lethargy are stated to be dehydration, fever, kidney failure, sleep apnea, stroke, traumatic brain injury and many more. The mental health condition regarding lethargy includes major depression, premenstrual syndrome and postpartum depression. This can also be caused due to the side effect caused due to the consumption of certain medications. For example consuming narcotic medications causes lethargy.

The primary symptoms that are identified with lethargy that ensures an individual to visit a doctor are stated below:

Chest pain
Inability to move the limbs present on either side of the body.
Fast rate of heartbeat
Paralysis of face
Losing consciousness
Rectal bleeding
Severe as well as distinct headache
Shortness in the rate of breath
Vomiting blood

Any noticeable or significant changes within the behaviour of an individual stated above that is accompanied by lethargy needs serious concern and the individual needs to seek for a physician help or advice. The most prominent points such as aches or pains in the overall body that does not leaves the body even after taking medicines, issue with sleeping. Moreover, if the individual faces difficulties in tolerating hot as well as cold temperatures, irritation in the eyes, feeling depressed, irritation as well as unexpected loss or gaining in the weight of the individual should be taken seriously by the individual and the individual may seek doctor help immediately. This can occur in any person of any age that is within babies, young children or aged personals.

The proper diagnosis procedure of this kind of disease is depicted as that the doctor will take a whole medical history of the individual and proceed with a physical exam for the diagnosis of lethargy. This will include the diagnosis of the heart, lungs as well as sounds or pain in different parts of the body also taking the mental awareness under consideration. The treatment for this type of disorder depends on the underlying cause. The healthy habits such as consumption of plenty fluids, maintaining a healthy diet, adhering adequate sleep as well as making a reduction in the levels of stress is depicted to be the significant steps which when adhered by an individual helps to restrict lethargy in an individual. Moreover, if the lethargy still remains even after maintaining this healthy habits then the individual should be prominently visit a doctor.

This disorder may be stated as the fact that an individual faces lack of energy as well as motivation which can be both physical as well as mental. This is primarily different than drowsiness but this term adheres the need for sleep within an individual. The fatigue or lethargy is depicted to be one of the common as well as significant symptoms within an individual.

The possible different disease that possess lethargy as a symptom are stated below:

CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: This syndrome is identified within an individual that are characterized by the conditions of extreme tiredness. Moreover no single cause is identified that may lead to this disease but lethargy is depicted as one of the important symptom that is identified when an individual is affected with CFS.

Stroke: This occurs when a single blood vessel within the brain is ruptured as well bleeds due to the cause of a blockage in regards to the blood supply within the veins of a brain. In this stage the person feels to be affected with lethargy.

Depression: This is depicted as a mood disorder which may put a significant impact within an individual’s daily life. This may be described when an individual feels sad, angry as well as loss. In this stage lethargy is also a symptom that is primarily identified within an individual.

Swine Flu: This disease is highly contagious and may spread very quickly from a person to person. The effect of this disease also results in the lethargy of an individual.
Septicaemia: This is depicted as a bacterial infection which relatively spreads throughout the entire vascular system of a body. If this is untreated then it may result to life threat. During this disease an individual is identified with lethargy.

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome: This is a condition that is depicted mainly in women in regards to their emotions, physical health as well as the behaviour during the certain days within the menstrual cycle. During this period, women feel a lot of lethargy that is to be shown to the doctor.

Dehydration: This takes place when an individual’s body lacks fluid due to excessive sweating. In this case the individuals feel a lot of lethargy due to the excess loss of water in the body.

Anorexia Nervosa: This is primarily an eating disorder which results in the severe weight loss. Within this disease the person feels a more lethargic than other times.
AIDS: This is an immunity disorder failure that is mainly depicted due to the damage of the immune system in regards to the HIV virus. During this period the person also feels lethargic all the time.

Subdural Hematoma: This is depicted as a disease that mainly occurs when blood is collected on the brain’s surface that is beneath the skull. In this time the individual also faces lethargic situations.

Hormonal Headaches: The failure in the hormone levels increases the chronic headache in the individuals. During this headache the body of an individual feels lethargic.
Botulism: This is depicted as a rare disease that is transmitted through food, contaminated soil as well as open wound. In this time the body of an individual feels too lethargic as well as food habit is not considered by the individual.

Thus, the above diseases are depicted as the important as well as significant disease that is associated with lethargy. In this time the individual must take serious precautions as well as visit the doctor if there is a chronic increase in the lethargic symptoms because in the long run it can hamper the life of an individual causing serious illness. This further relies on the fact that this disorder must be immediately removed for the sake of the individual that is affected by this condition.


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